The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 97
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 97

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 97
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Mall Section, Thursday, Nov. 28, 1968 -7 Timbuktu Saturdays Swing f fiOUNTIFUlrl KINNEY SHOES PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE!! 600 PAIR LADIES DRESS & CASUAL SHOES mm 197 00 (C) New York Tlmts Newt Service TIMBUKTU, Mali - There is no sleep for tired tourists in Timbuktu on Saturday night. The same spirit that shakes the young and the restless on Saturday night in Brooklyn or Beverly Hills also stirs them here. Outside the Campment, the town's only hotel, there is a concrete platform where guests eat al fresco during the day and frogs leap at night. But on Saturday night, the platform becomes a dance floor and tired travelers toss in their beds until 2 a.m. listening to a saxophone, an electric guitar and a drum drag out the old song "Siboney ." The tourists don't have too much to offer in the way of defense. The Timbuktu band is a local amateur group with a beat that is both relentless and wrong and is played loudly into amplifiers. Timbuktu, a place of uncertain population that may be as much as 7,000, is not really a town. It is the name of the ancient center of the caravan trade across the Sahara where slaves and salt were once j FROM ALSO VALUES from 5.33 to 7.00 even appear to notice, them. "Sometimes, in Africa, it is as though white jeojle were invisible," one of the visitors remarked. The girls at the dance looked under 20 years of age. No one would say whether they were Tuareg or Songhai, a tribal difference of some significance. The Tuareg men, often described as the original nomadic Libyans, who were the caravan drivers of the Sahara, marry only once. The Songhai, a people who once ruled an empire and have long lived in Timbuktu, marry several times. Most of the young women came to the dance carrying the big basins full of food that West African women never seem to put down for long. They did not drink; except for the solemn moments when they danced, they giggled and talked to each other. Even the little port of Kaba-ra, about four and a half miles from Timbuktu, has a Saturday night shake. The dance there brings women and men in from the island of Janglya, about nine miles away. They arrive in boats, clapping and singing as they come across the water. "We have our own dance here, too," said a market woman in the port. "The girls love them." view about American women. "No good," "he insisted. "They say, 'Hey, Blackie, do this, boy.' But the girls in Europe, if they fall in love with me, it doesn't make a difference what color I am. "The French have more culture, more class, than the Am-ericans. "Larabi concluded faithfully. Mali was a French colony until 1960. At the dance, the women sit on one side of the platform talking among themselves while the men keep their distance until 10 p.m. Then the men dart over to ask for a dance. But when the music stops, the girls return to their seats alone. There is not much switching of partners. "Oh, I am so glad that we are going to see the dance now," said Miss Elizabeth Ra-spolic of Phoenix, Ariz. She was visiting Timbuktu with Miss Betty Meyer. The two American girls are with the Peace Corps in Tunisia. But the moment Miss Ra-spolic was waiting for never arrived. There was no rock, no roll, no soul dancing. Couples moved around the floor in a tight little fox trot, holding eachotherstifflv. West Africa is full of such disconcerting moments. The dancers there were about 80 of them did not speak to, or SEVEN SUMPTUOUS COURSES. Choice of Soup or Fresh Fruit Cup. Crisp Relish Tray. ROAST MARYLAND TOM TURKEY, GIBLET GRAVY, APPLE DRESSING, CRANBERRY SAUCE. Asparagus and Candied Yams. Mixed Green Salad. Choice of Pumpkin, Mince or Apple Pie, Ice Cream or Sherbet. Kumeit 9 SHOES unoice or Beverage. WHERE THE FAMILY COMES FIRST PALM BEACH MALL Q95 Va par aersea $2.50 for childrta CROWNING TOUCH With our ! compliments . . . i an after-diner . sold. There are no shops, no stores, no hairdressers, no jukeboxes. There are more camels than there are doctors, more goats than sinks and the mud huts are many. But on Saturday night the place swings. The men come first, at 6:30, to talk to each other. Most of them ignore the stiff rows of chairs edging the platform and escape the mosquitoes lured by the bare electric lights strung up on wires and stay in the hotel's small bar, drinking beer. It's neither surprising nor rare to find their conversation turning to women. The girls in Timbuktu have astonishingly long, slender necks and pretty shoulders. They never seem to slouch. Very often their hair is hidden by high wrap turbans that would bring pleasure to a New York milliner. At the Saturday night dance, the contrast in appearance between the men and women can be somewhat startling. All the men wear Western clothes trousers and open shirts and sandals. The women prefer long print skirts and blouses with tiny, loose shoulder straps or no straps at all. The women of modern Mali are considered among the most attractive in West Africa and the girls who turn out for the Saturday night dances look like silhouettes from Harper's Bazaar. The young women also have very firm defenders among the males. For instance, there is Issa Doucoure, a young Malian working in Timbuktu as a hydraulic technician who said he had studied in Minsk in the Soviet Union and had visited Moscow and Leningrad. Comparing Russian women with Malians, Doucoure averred : "The girls in the Soviet Union well, they are nice. But they have nothing. No lipstick. No nail polish. No clothes. Nothing." Touri Larabi, who works at the hotel and has visited the United States, has a similar Miami I Cointreau cordial 78th I eiscayni Blvd. l Miami leack 30th t Collins Ave. lunn, Islet 11 lBjra i coiiins Avi. Wtil Point loach USE YOUR E.S.A. Norman's great idea that lets you shop in November . pay conveniently next year . . with no carrying charges ! W RESTAURANTS W Point loicli Moll 12rk St. t lutirstott 95 Snake Shortage bON'T MISS OUR SPECTACULAR AFTER THANKSGIVING CLEARANCE . . . BOUNTIFUL SAVINGS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT f ALL THREE STORES ! HONG KONG (AP) - Hong Kong gourmets are short on snakes these days, and a Red Chinese speedup is blamed. Hong Kong's supply of snakes, a delicacy for many Chinese, comes from Canton. A woman arriving from there reported Thursday that the snake catchers are on strike because the Communist government had ordered them to catch at least 10 snakes a day for export. "There are some 300 snake catchers in Canton," she said, "and there are just not enough snakes for each one. 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