Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 23, 1936 · Page 10
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 10

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1936
Page 10
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Butterfly Farm Sells Rare Specimens To World 2& j&e s- . . . . .1. t r .i it r i I n ..a., n - . ci w . i 5rii3 -wk-"-,?, lcii; mrs. carter at ine uuur 01 inc niiitop numc wvcnooKing Duuemy rami. vcnicr; onuwinu jus. "f J-jti. ' 'V llitNO' v X-iV ' V'JFs Left: Mrs. Carter at the Door of the Hilltop Home Overlooking Butterfly Farm. Center: Showing Mrs. Carter Inspecting a Specimen to be Described in Detail and Mailed to japan. Here is the Rare Owl's Head Butterfly From Colombia, South America. Right: With a Special Net, the Butterfly Expert Starts on a Big Game Expedition. . Novel Club Boasts Over 1000 Members Whose Hobby Is to Collect Rare Types By Gcruld B. Burtnctt THAT burlesque line, "there's (old In them thar hills," strikes the casual visitor at Butterfly Park as an aptnumminjr up of the possibilities of going out Into the foothills with an Idea and some enthusiasm. For Albert Carter and his wife found gold "In them thar hills" near Roscoe, California. And butterflies brought it I Fragile creatures of the air, with scintillating, multi-colored wings, what connection have they with gold and the marts of commerce ? Four years ago, the Carters decided that the call of the hills must be answered. Securing six acres in the Verdugos, two and a half miles north of Roscoe, they built a hilltop home. Their backyard stretched down into a tiny canyon densely covered with shrubs and plants. Carter had been riding a hobby for many years, the collection of butterflies. From his windows he could see hundreds of them perfectly at home on his canyon hillside. Ho knew that scattered throughout every village and metropolis In this country and mnny others were fellow butterfly collectors who, like himself, longed for some central clearing house where they might buy, sell or exchange specimens and swap talk. 80 ho reasoned, "I will be the clearing house manager. And to meet tho demand for specimens I'll ralso my own." 80 he erected a slx-foot-hlgh board fence around a half aero and stretched line mesh window screening over the top. Within the enclosure the native shrubs and plants remained undisturbed and were fortified with cultivated cousins. THEN began forays into the hills and valleys for butterflies to stock the farm. Armed with net and trap the Carters roamed the Verdugos catching live butterflies and caterpillars, gathering chrysalises and eggs. These they transported to the enclosure and awaited developments. Fortunately, the life cycle of the butterfly 1b relatively short. In a few weeks' time, chrysalises were turning into butterflies, butterflies were laying eggs, eggs were hatching into caterpillars, caterpillars were turning Into chrysalises and the circle, or cycle, went on its merry round. The manufacturing end of the business being well outlined, Carter gave thought to distribution. From his own extensive collection he had plenty of specimens to soil or exchange. From ing number, and it increases constantly, go to artists, professional designers of textiles, manufacturers and Jewelers. The latter make serving trays, wall plagues, bookends, lockets, mirror and picture frames and a host of decorative jects with the delicate butterfly wings as the central motif. The prices of the unmounted butterflies range from five cents to what have you. Those who have the collecting mania and the means will pay any price to secure the rarity they desire. Some specimens have brought as much as $500. MOUNTED, in a glass faced box, the prices range upwards from 75 cents. Complete facilities for processing the specimens are maintained at the farm. Shipments from abroad are thoroughly fumigated to destroy possible pests before packages are opened. Then the individual specimens are gently lifted from their triangular paper envelopes and placed in a moistener, their wings spread and mounted. At first, the Carters handled the volume of business quite satisfactorily alone. Carter is an official of the California State Medical Board and could only give his attention on weekends. Now two assistants are necessary to aid in caring for the culture of tho living specimens and processing the others shipped in from distant countries. Customers In Japan, England and India Pay As High As $500 For Desired Insects his crop on the farm more would soon be ready. Now to get customers. He formed a Butterfly Park Nature club and prepared a monthly bulletin to go to members. This was mailed to every collector, Importer, student, teacher and others that he could And an address for. COLLECTORS are notoriously active in spreading the word among themselves of a new source of supply. The club grew. Today It numbers over a thousand members, living In all parts of the world. The postman at Roscoe carries envelopes postmarked in India, Japan, England, anv country you can think of, to the butterfly farm and takes away letters and shipments with the same romantic addresses. Most of these shipments go to butterfly collectors, amateurs or professionals. But a surpris Glub Sends Doll Diplomats To Foreign Lands Sandblasting Studio Creates New Art Of "Sketching In The Sand" Skilled Artisans U se Artif icial Sandstorm For Decorative Effect In Intricate Designs In China and the Far East few children hat e ever seen a doll, which is a part of every American girl's life, but a luxury almost unheard of across the Pacific. Miss Covell's idea is to start an endless parade of dolls, gay, colorful and friendly to reach youngsters in homes too poor to afford one. Representatives of governments have done little but cause misunderstanding and wars for many years but Mary Co-veil's traveling ambassadors of good-will will portray the costumes of different countries to girls and boys all over the world, and make them familiar with strange races of every land. Important branch of the sandblasting business. Color is occasionally used. It is added to the glass after blasting. Sometimes colored glass, such as dinnerware, is original. Sandblasting of bottles for doctors, hospitals and drug stores is a recent development. APPLICATION of sandblasted decorations to woods has opened new and interesting fields. Sandblasted doors, wood moldings, beam ceilings and all trims, as well as the antiquing of furniture has resulted in astonishingly artistic achievements. Other sidelines Include the decoration of advertising novelties and commercial A SCREAMING whirlwind of sand bombards a sheet of plate glass and before your eyes a portrait of Greta Garbo Is bitten deep Into the shiny surface. The sandblast operator doffs his helmet, strips a rubbery cushion from the surface of the glass sheet and hands you the completed portrait.-From the smooth side, beautiful gradations of light and color are plainly discernible. The reverse side, where sand ate away the glass, reveals different depths of processing. A Southern California sandblasting studio is now creating processed glasses which rival in every respect the hitherto exclusive artistry of Parisian craftsmen. Materials used for general building work, decorative or novelty purposes and thousands of gift objects are processed in these California studios. Although sandblasting is principally done on glass, marble or wood, many other compositions are used with equal success. Artistic objects created by sandblast operators are used for many purposes, such as the home, lighting fixtures, bathroom walls and windows, table and dresser tops, mirrors, art windows, entrance and conservatory doors, in stores, office buildings, show windows, valances, counter screens, partitions, show cases, mirrors, clock dials, skylights, desk tops and wall lighting screens. In the gift line, ash trays, smoker sets, vases, dresser sets, bottles, desk sets and dlnnerware, Including plates, glasses and serving dishes, are furnished in hundreds of intricate and pleasing designs by sandblasting. After the design for a desired object has been determined, skilled artisans build up a resistant layer of a specially compounded elastic substance on the side of the material to be processed. Against this substance the artificial sandstorm is directed from a gun operated by a skilled artisan. Only the portion to be cut away is touched. Sometimes as many as Ave cuttings are made in deep glass, the thickees ranging from a quarter ic to one Inch. 1 " children, all gully garbed in costumes typical of their own land. One day Mary decided to "play house" and collected around her a doll which had belonged to her great grandmother, another that was her mother's, ami her own But this wasn't exactly satisfying, and thinking of other little girls in other lands, she persuaded her father to write letters to mtssion- i1f In different countries and aak for dolls 9 ttgr adopted lands. Back came dolls and Operator Wears Helmet to Protect Eyes From . Flying Sand. letters describing the pitiful substitutes used by many native children, bits of bone and wood wrapped In rags. Mary's heart was touched, so she organised a doll club, with each member chtr(d ith th responsibility of furnishing tnd drestSinti a dull. Two shipmen' of yod-vdl dol hats io abrd. one to Korea and one to 3moana. "while a third is soon to go to Sout Africa. T4; movement Is growing and little Mary is about to be prime minister of the Kingdom c&Dolfe) D O STARTING a trek of dolls around the world to serve as bisque diplomats In foreign lands is little Mary Ransome Covell's idea of something to do in spare time. It's an international Job of fantastic pattern this young 14-year-old girl of Pasadena has set herself, but she has found 20 other girls to help, and now little misses In 60 dlffereat foreign countries have Joined In the par1 l "n1 are contributing and exchaiyttM Mas PAGE TWO-B o The different depths for cutting giws startla ejects, especially when a finished obct i lighted by an electric light bulb. This is usually done hen making signs, which Is another and ndblting of castas and porceianaji A Hollywood vogue of the moment tk thai sandblasting of favorite bottles with the ri-er s initials or a special det(s (ajt in 'vllQQ o o o GQ o O

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