The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 94
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 94

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 94
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i - Mall Section, Thursday, Nov. 28, 1968 Pomp Prompts Conflicts OverP rince's Investiture about the 200.000 pounds $480 .000 the government has allotted for the investiture, a sum considered pitifully inadequate by loyal Royalists and a ludicrous waste of money by rigorous Republicans. But the most interesting investiture conflict is subterranean. It is between traditionalists and modernists about how the ceremonies should be organized and decorated. The traditionalists feel thM there Ditpitch tht Tim, London LONDON - Controversy buzzes around great state pomps like wasps around a jam pot. The investiture of the Prince of Wales at Caernarvon Castle next July 1, although more than seven months away, has already attracted an adequate ration of discord from Welsh nationalists nostalgic for 1282 who threaten to boycott the occasion (if not worsei . to protests W HOLIDAY GIFT BOOK $ kti II ORIGINALLY unww ORIGINALLY unuj ! Av7 PUBLISHED PUBLISHED DW m W&l at ONLY W at ONLY KNtI ANTIQUE BOOK $ 6.00 S 3.95 I CATS. CATS. CATS SPEC. J 98 I ANTIQUE BOOK CATS, CATS, CATS are certain rules from the past about dress and ceremonial which have to be obeyed if they are going to be true to the historic occasion. Modernists, less interested in precedent and the past, would like to use the occasion for a display of modern design. The sort of area wITere secret battle could be joined is over whether the Prince of Wales should wear for his investiture glorious robes redolent of the middle ages, or a 20th century lounge suit. A tip of this conflict, so far wrapped in costly protocol, has. emerged from the taciturn committee rooms where the investiture is being organized. It is about the official souvenirs. As always happens for coronations and similar events, for 19 the Queen has relaxed the rules that forbid the reproduction of the royal arms, emblems, and portraits of items for sale. Just for the year of the investiture, manufacturers will be able to produce and purvey ashtrays with a picture of a smiling Prince Charles, Announcing . . . NEW HOURS! 8:30 TO 6:00 P.M. MONDAY thru SATURDAY I Complete book on cats; Over 300 illus. TO Complete book on cats; Over 300 illus. By the Staff of Antique Magazine. Many illustrations with text. DIRECTORY OF ANTIQUE FURNITURE jd in color. 36 in color. HORSES, HORSES, HORSES 4.95 2.98 6.95 2.98 3.95 2.98 1100 illustrations with text. HANDBOOK OF POPULAR ANTIQUES SPEC. Text, 230 items, illustrated in 27 different groups. BRITTEN'S OLD CLOCKS AND WATCHES 25.00 7th ed. 183 plates and 40 diagrams, lists 14,000 makers. ANTIQUE COLLECTING FOR EVERYONE 5.00 How to determine authenticity, over 200 photos. AMERICAN ANTIQUES 1800-1900 7.95 A Collector's History and Guide, with 177 illus. THE COUNTRY LIFE BOOK OF CLOCKS SPfC. A concise history of European and English clock-making. PH. 683-8071 2.98 6.95 3.95 3.95 6.95 7.95 PALM BEACH MALL Over 300 illustrations', 32 color pages. NATURAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN BIRDS 15.00 Over 500 species illus. in color. WAITER CHANDOHA'S BOOK OF 8.50 KITTENS AND CATS Text, plus 240 superb photos Wz x 11. THE WORLD OF CATS 9.95 225 superb photos of cats and kittens, 44 in brilliant color. At! breeds of cats are presented, with advice on how to raise a healthy cat. THE TREASURY OF HORSES 14.95 A pictorial history of every breed of racing, riding and working horse from earliest times to the present. BIRDS OF THE WORLD 15.00 More than 700 birds, one of each bird family of the world, are shown accurately in 300 full color paintings. TREASURY OF DOGS 9.95 115 recognized breeds are expertly described in full color illustrations. iSffifflff " GIVE A GIFT 0F' or tea towels infested with angry royal red dragons. The College of Arms has produced a brochure of the approved versions of the assorted insignia: the ostrich feathers badge, the Prince's ine-scutcheon of the principality of Wales, and so on, with such scholarly advice as the fact that the Prince"s dragon badge is distinguished from the Queen's in being "gorged with a label." (This means that the beast is wearing a color. I The brochure includes a price list for approved designs with a license to reproduce them ranging from 5 to 52 pounds ($12 to $124.80) depending on their complexity and whether they are hand-coloured. The most expensive is the Royal Achievement, that cornucopia of nine lions, the Scottish Unicorn, a grassy compartment and assorted heraldic wild life. At the same time the Council of Industrial Design, distressed by what it described as the "ugly, shoddy, and utterly worthless" tourist souvenirs available in Wales, has organized a souvenirs competition for the investiture. More than 500 items have so far been submitted, including the customary views of Caernarvon Castle, a piggy-bank with a red dragon incongruously emblazoned on the pig's side and heraldic jewelry worth 900 pounds ($2,160) presumably for royal or at least American visitors. A number of souvenir makers have written to the council complaining about the size of the fees charged by the College of Arms. The College of Arms retorts that it has never been compulsory for manufacturers to buy its investiture drawings. But anyone who designs his own version of the royal insignia would be wise to consult the college, for a modest consultation fee, to be sure that he has got the heraldry right. Several souvenir makers have done this and have been advised that they have got their vert and their gules muddled up, or that dragons have claws. To reproduce the royal arms in an armorially incorrect manner is not only "very discourteous to the Sovereign and very stupid", it could also in theory, although probably not in practice, lead to the offending souvenir being suppressed by the Lord Chamberlain. At coronations in the past, mugs featuring excruciatingly bad pictures of the Sovereign have been banned. (C ) N.V. Times Newsservice DELECTABLE FOODS 5.95 9, I lift to from mmmtb WW M' fill BOOKS OF SPECIAL INTEREST 3 ofOHIO TRAINS, PLANES, CARS & SHIPS See our complete selection of gift paks including these favorites. Take them with you or we will mail! r"T"i -i in r " ; THOSE WONDERFUL OLD AUTOMOBILES 5.95 2.98 Over 500 photos of unforgettable early years. HIGHBALL, by Lucius Beebe 6.oo 3.49 230 of the finest shots of railroading. . HISTORY OF AMERICAN SAILING NAVY 12.50 4.95 '00 illustrations and plans with text. THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN 18.50 4.95 AILING SHIPS t.ith more than 200 plans. A complete history. TREASURY OF AUTOMOBILES 12.95 6.95 The ultimate book on great and classic autos. THE COLLECTOR'S BOOK OF THE 15.00 4.95 LOCOMOTIVE Over 150 black & white illus. and 44 in full color. YONDER COMES THE TRAIN 25.00 12.98 by Lance Phillips 450 photos & drawings an entire history of high iron, its heroes, and villains. HIGHLINERS: A Railroad Album. 5.oo 3.49 by Lucius Beebe 100 action photographs of trains, freights, flyers, yards and terminals. CLEAR FOR ACTION 12.50 4.95 Modern Naval combat 1808-1964, with 400 superb photos. HENRY'S WONDERFUL MODEL T 5.95 2.98 500 photos. Fond album of jokes, cartoons, etc. $3.59 THE PLAYERS, Football NFL I AFL 15.00 4.98 The Great Pros I How They Play by Tex Maule 135 action photos, 33 in full color. TRAVELLER'S BOOK OF 20.00 9.95 COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY 400 photos in color. An international scenic treasure. ORIENTAL CARPETS SPEC. 3.98 70 full color reproductions. (import) EARLY ADVERTISING SPEC. 1.49 The best and worst of 500 ads of many famous and some defunct firms. A picture history of advertising often funny and truly nostalgic. WILD FLOWERS OF AMERICA 15.00 6.95 Fully illustrated with 400 color plates. THE BOOK OF THE HAN0 10.00 4,95 History of Palmistry. Profusely illustrated with more than 200 reproductions from old books and documents. A TREASURY OF MOTORCYCLES S93 1.9 500 photograph! cowing vary potti-bkt otpact of motorcycling. LAROUSSE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 17.50 7 95 ASTRONOMY Over 800 pictures. Over 500 double-size, double-column pages. Covers everything from planets and stars to the distant galaxies, from meteors and novas to radio-astronomy and earth satellites. GHOSTS IN IRISH HOUSES 12.50 4.95 lavish volume of eerie legends. IMMORTALS OF THE SCREEN 7.50 2.98 Over 600 memorable photographs, with brief biographies of Hollywood's most glamorous stars. HOW SWEET IT WAS 12.50 4.95 Television A Pictorial History, 1,435 photos and commentary of the personalities, comedians, music, quiz shows. DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION 9.95 4.95 Over 360 illus. Atlas history of man vs. the unknown. LAROUSSE ENCY. OF THE EARTH 17.50 9.95 500 photos & diagrams, mostly in color. Comprehensive, authoritative account of anatomy and history of our planet. I BOOKS ON GUN COLLECTING TREASURY OF GUNS 17.50 7.95 Gorgeous volume with hundreds of prints, ' rawings and full color photos. THE FlINTLOa 30.00 MS It's origin and dtvtlopmtnt with 134 full pag illustrations. ANTIQUE FIREARMS: THEIR CARE, 4 95 2 98 REPAIR I RESTORATION 61 photos and 22 illustrations. Describes methods of stripping, cleaning, and re FAMILY FAVORITE $6.98 PARTY PAIR Vh lb. BEEF STICK, Mustard, Smoky This pak features two fondues Swiss (Smoked Cheese Bar), half-pound Gouda, Fondue and Pizza Fondue. Both fully pre- Bulie Flenr Cheese, Horseradish Sauce plus pared just heat and serve. An unusual, imported candies. appreciated gift. BOOKS ON ART Actors' Mundane Pastimes 12.50 5.95 9.00 3.95 12.50 5.95 8 50 3.M 4 95 1.98 6.95 J4 35.00 I4.W AMERICAN PAINTING Over 100 plates. Best history on the subject. HISTORY OF ART From Prehistoric to the present. 668 illustrations. NEW TENDENCIES IN ART Pop Art, New Abstraction, Programmed Art, Happenings. ARTIST'S SKETCHBOOK AND ITS USES Ttchniqutl, colon, pigments, and inki ar covirtd in detail. PAINTING PORTRAITS 105 pictures, 15 in color. How to capture likeness and personality. MASTERY OF OIL PAINTING A procticol ond comprthonsiv guidt to technique! ol Hi molten. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE ARTS Completely illustrated in both block and white $12.98 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL $5.98 DELUXE BARN IV lb. MF.F.F STICK, Mild Midgut Unshorn This pak conn's in our of our popular "barn Belle Flcur Cheese, Smoky (Smoked Cheese boxes." Ideal for those with children. Inside liar) and imported candies to add sparkle, tin; barn are 17 popular food specialties. asserting firearms as well as making tools no longer available. GUNS ON THE EARLY FRONTIERS 8.50 2.98 With 58 illustrations. A history of firearms from Colonial times through the years of I me nesiern rur irane. REFERENCE ! J L-J m f COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE 6.00 1.98 Every word of Shakespeare all in one volume. LIVING PAST IN AMERICA 5.95 2.98 Hundreds of photos of American history with text. TESTAMENT 12.50 5.95 Autobiography of Frank tloyd Wright. ASTRONOMY 12.95 4.95 A history of Man's investigation of the Universe. WISDOM OF THE WEST by Bertrand Russell 12.50 4.95 A unique study of European thought. THE STORY OF THE IRISH RACE lO.oo 3.95 Saga of the Irish from earliest times to the present. GEORGE CATLINE I THE OLD FRONTIER 18.50 4.95 167 illus. A great American artist. PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN INDIAN 7 50 3.95 350 illustrations, many full color plates. DGHTING INDIANS OF THE WEST 10.00 5.95 HOLLYWOOD (NEA) -Time hangs heavy on the heroic hands of movie stars when they have to wait for the technicians to set up the next scene. Exhibit A on the set of Mark Robson's thriller, "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting," things were at a standstill. The only people working were the crew, setting up the lights. I found Carol White, the English girl who zipped to the top on the back of "Poor Cow," and Paul Burke in her dressing room. What were they doing? Playing ticktacktoe. "She beats me all the time," Paul complained. "I'm good at chess, but I just can't play ticktacktoe." Carol laughed. And she tried to get comfortable on the uncomfortable couch in her dressing room. It was hard, because she was pregnant in the scene, and the stuffing made her a bit ungainly. Carol and her children are staying in California for awhile at least. She has another film due to start in January, and she is thinking of buying a house here and making this her home. Her two young sons like it here. "I asked my 6-year-old," she said, "if he liked school in Los Angeles better than London, and he said he did. I asked him why, and he said, 'Because there are girls in the school here.' Just like a man, isn't it?" The third star of "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting" is Scott Hy-lands, and he has a starring role in his very first film. Producer-director Robson is excited about Hylands. "He is a new star," Robson says, without beating around the verbiage. "It's very exciting to see it happen maybe it happens only once or twice in a director's lifetime. 4.95 GUNS AND AMMO FOR HUNTING BIG GAME 12.50 179 illus. Experience of an expert. PENNSYLVANIA KENTUCKY RIFLE 293 illus. Account of guns in history. MUZZLE LOADING CAP LOCK RIFLE 200 illus. Story of this fine rifle. THE POWDER FLASK BOOK History pictures of 1600 flasks and fifty $7.98 NEW PLEASURE PAK $7.98 DELUXE SNAK PAK 12.50 4.95 10.00 3.95 M 40.00 9.95 I 270 illus. Picture history of the Indian wars. Mild Midget l.onghorn, Edam Bar, four imported Cheese Spreads, Conda. Smoky (Smoked Cheese Dal, Belle I'leiir Cheese, i raekers, oval wafers. Musi. nil anil imported randies. l'A lb. BEEF STICK, Couda, Horseradish Sauce, Mild Midget I.onnhorn, Smoky (Smoked Cheese Bar), two Imported Cheese Spreads, Belle Fleer Cheese plus Imported Candies. MAY WE SUGGEST YOU PURCHASE A WALDEN GIFT CERTIFICATE I AVAILABLE AT v OF OHIO HAPPY IS THE HOME WITH BOOKS WALDEN BOOK STORE AMERICA'S LEADINB CHEESE ST0EES PALM BEACH MALI Ph. 683-2807 PALM BEACH MALL Ph. 683-8663

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