The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 88
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 88

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 88
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20 - Gift Guide. Thursday, Nov. 28, 1968 Pet-Pourri Guide For Family's Dog 'Care to shop for a little adventure this Christmas? Adventure and fun? Both can be found in combination if you decide you are tired of buying leather bones or squeaky toys for Kido, can't afford a $400 camel's hair coat with matching boots, but are willing to K a little further afield. Kay, as far as a kitten ? Or a rabbit? How about a budgie ? There is nothing like a little pet-pourri for a Christmas morning floor show, (and for every day thereafter), advises Felicia Ames, Consultant at Kriskics Research Center. Fido may have his heart set on a psychedelic raincoat, but he will forget all about it when he meets his new friend. If you think that such pairings-off are against nature, you don't know wha( goes on in the animal world. True, many dogs 'ike to chase kittens and rabbits LAY-A-WA1 NOW tefcy fan HOURS OF MUSIC - Enjoyment comes in a compact kit. With this micro cassette tape deck, virtually any stereo system can be equipped for cassette recording and playback for under $60. Cassettes also provide a wide assortment of recorded music and produce good stereo sound. in the wild, but let one ot introduced to him properly in a home environment, and all is kibble and cream. As a matter of fact, there seem to be few traditional enemies among small animals if one is to judge the reports. Dogs adopt skunks, raccoons, ducks, jackrabbits, cats even robins and parakeets. Cats make friends with dogs, rabbits, mice, canaries, skunks, chickens, foxes and sometimes cows and horses. If this is a new idea to your Fido, and your home will accommodate two pets, why not make it a happy holiday for both? The trick is to bring them together before Christmas, and with care. After you have made your selection of a kitten, for example, keep it separate from the dog for at least a couple of days. Let it sleep and eat in its own room. Fido will know it is there by the scent, and vice versa. After about 48 hours, bring the two together in an enclosed room. It is essential that two people be present one for each animal. I'ut the smaller animal on the floor in this case, the kitten and let the dog see him from the security of your lap. Hang onto him until he is over the shock. When he shows signs of wanting to sniff the intruder, lower him gently to the floor, keeping a firm hand on his collar. Talk to him in encouraging, gentle tones. Unless he exhibits signs of hostility (unlikely if the new animal is his inferior in size), let him approach and examine his new friend. SAMSON ITE SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OITEK YOU SAVE s5 'LOOK, NO HANDS' - Nothing reaches the heart of a youngster like a Christmas bike, and more than a million "kids" of all ages will receive them this Yule. Never before have bikes come in so many styles, colors and sizes from mini-bikes to ones that come apart for carrying in elevators and easy closet storage. Bicycling, nationally, has never been more popular. More Than A Million Bikes On Santa s List Year 'Round Enjoyment In Cassette Cassettes have arrived. The newest idea in music entertainment, stereo cassette player recorders, are now just about everywhere ... in the home, on the beach, at picnics, in cars and even in the office. They come in just the right size and price range to fit festively under the Christmas tree as up-to-the-minute, on-the-go gifts. The cassette, a plastic case about the size of a cigarette pack and half as thick, holds up to 120 minutes of sound, half on each side. Cassettes are the latest twist in tape, which first became popular when the stereo tape recorder appeared in 1959. With a cassette, there's no tape handling, no record to scratch. You push it into a slot in the machine, press a button, and there's music. Stereo music on cassettes is available from many firms in a wide variety, ranging from classical through comedy and rock to pop. Cassettes are versatile, too. The tapes can be wound back and forth at high speed to find favorite selections, a feature that also makes it possible for the user to record his own voice or music. And cassette recorders come in variety, from monaural playback-only units like Ampex's Micro 1 to decks that plug into hi fi systems, even full stereo systems. Prices begin at less than $30 and go on up, depending on the complexity of the system. Other cassette recorders even come built into portable radios to give the delightful option of picking your own music on cassettes or listening to AM or FM programming of your choice. Changers that provide several hours of continuous listening are also available. Since Ampex first helped to bring quality sound into the home in 1940's with the first professional recorders for mastering high fidelity phonograph records, tape recorders have become more convenient to use, more compact and cheaper. Cassettes and casette recorder players are the best combination of these virtues available today. New micro cassettes, selling for less than $2.00 make these machines even more attractive to teen agers. Each one holds four to six selections of the hottest popular music and plays up to six minutes. The Micro Series represents , convenience packaged econom jurat SALfS BIKES "fvici 17 95 PRICE COKS HACK TO 22 t5 ON JN. I, 19 PRICE COKS RCkT0 2l.)5 ON JN. I. 19 LAMES HANOMOTI SAMSOMTE HAMM-TOTi; IS A GOOD WAY TO GET ORGANIZED. EASY TO KEEP CLEAN. WHITE, GKEY, BLUE, GHEEN AND BED. WH SELECTION IONO.R MMKI) FHK.E OK CIIAHCE Gold bracelets li daintily matched to the art of Gay 9()'s, will find its way under the tree, too. The Bicycle Institute advised Mrs. Claus on the best kind of bicycles for her request list. The heavyweight with one speed, say they, is the workhorse of the bicycle family. The niediumweight with three speeds, has raised handlebars, sturdy tires, steel fenders and weighs about 4(1 pounds. It has lots of gadgets and safety devices children love and it conies in boys' and girls' models. It is the bicycle for the utility cyclist, for errands and short trips. The multi-geared bike, or lightweight, has narrow saddle, light tires, no fenders, and a weight less than HO pounds. It comes almost exclusively in boys' models and is the perfect bicycle for the pleasure cyclist. Some new American bicycles fold up or take apart for convenient storage and are the answer to the apartment-dwellers' prayer. The unicycle challenges the skill of youngsters, and the double, or tandem, bicycle is the favorite for grandpa and grandma. For the youngster on your list who already has a bicycle, the new and wild bike accessories and gadgets make welcome "stocking stuffers." The availability of way-out paints on bicycles, 19(18, transform the familiar two-wheeler into a psychedelic dream for this generation's color-conscious set. Shades like fuchsia, mauve, beige, harvest gold and sports car green have replaced that hitherto favorite, red. All of which is to say.whoni-ever you want to please this Christmas morning, chances are you can do it with a bike. There's an American-made bike to delight the fancy of any youngster (whatever his age) on your list. P II d EST PALM ItEACII STORE OPEN Mil. MUI T TIL ) :!2) Clematis West I'lilm Iteaeh K.'t2-().il. 31. J Worth Ave. I'ulin llru. h H.'12-7')10 8 8 the Swiss watchmaker. III ically for the greatest portability. This package, and others like it, are bringing enjoyable music and the ability to record into more and more homes daily. FOR HIS FROM A MAN'S STORE m ii iiiii A. 14K yellow gold; interwoven bracelet. ..$375. B. 14K yellow gold; interwoven bracelet. ..$295. C. 14K yellow gold; interwoven bracelet. ..$235. D. 14K yellow gold; frosted finish mesh bracelet.. .$195. Splendor Have you noticed that the nicest things about Christmas never change the warm fellowship, the decorated tree, groaning sideboards, flickering candles, friends from afar ? When the wrappings and ribbons and cider glasses are cleared away after Christmas morning this year, chances are the perenially-popular Yule gift a shiny bicycle will be more in evidence than ever before on living room carpets from Maine to Maui, says the Bicycle Institute of America after scanning the request list from Mrs. Santa Claus. Clara Claus noted that more and more requests for Christmas bicycles are coming from big kids, too. And it looks like the Christmas bicycle will be the heritage of dads, moms and kids for a spring and summer of bike fun. More than a million will be sold this season. Yes, the nicest things about Christinas never change. They only get bigger and better. The bicycle has always been a favorite with the younger set, and many a small eye lias filled with tears of joy over the first two-wheeler. Sociologists point out that the bicycle represents a "coming of age" to the youngster. He has instant acceptance from his peer groups, an outlet for his natural spirit of curiosity and adventure, and a new sense of independence to go where and when he chooses, without needing Mom to drive him. Grown up kids are asking for bicycles to regain good physical fitness, and perhaps a last chance to share the good life with junior. Just recently in his best-selling book "Aerobics", U.S. Air Force doctor Kenneth H. Cooper credited cycling as one of the three best ways for adults to stay fit. Collegians, too, will be heading back for the Spring semester on Christmas bicyles. Hook-learners have found bikes the most economical and efficient method of getting around the campus and a good date. The tandem bike, more popular this year than ever before since the NYLON SLIPS to i o Help Is Here For Christmas Shoppers' Feet How you treat your tootsies during the active holiday season has a lot to do with overall appearance and attitude. It's well-known that "over-walked" feet can show up in a facial frown - and awkward stance - two things to avoid during the holidays. Tips to keep feet happy for Christmas include: While shopping, wear comfortable, sturdy footgear with a heel no higher than 1 or 1 inches to give feet a firm foundation without extensive muscle strain. Surveys show a Christmas shopper walks an average 11 miles per day. That's 2 'i miles more than the average housewife walks on other days of the year, and 3 miles more than the salesgirls who wait on you! Dust absorbent foot powder on feet and inside shoes before you leave home, to keep feet comfortably dry. Shop carefully for holiday dancing slippers. Try shoes on with the same type stockings you'll be wearing for dancing, and don't buy the shoes unless they feel completely comfortable in the store. Keep your feet in a happy holiday mood with a refreshing foot bath. Soap 'n Soak, from Dr. Scholl's, is meant especially to relax and invigorate fecit and lessen fatigue. It even softens corns and callouses, and is a great way to begin a pedicure. For quick holiday clean-ups, keep an extra bottle of pine cleaner and a sponge in your kitchen closet. Triple-duty pine cleaner cleans, disinfects and deodorizes all at once. 8 8 8 8 CONCERT J350 00 BEACH 8 8 '8 Beach Palm llvd. Indialontic 111 Ilh . TV 7114111 Fort Pittc 4IS Av. A B Ml 44-1 tOt ,VAN HEUS FASHION FLAIRJr PLUS EASY -CARE! MIMKH AMERICAN GEM SOCIf tY I'hone 8.'I2-8.-2 ur H.I.I-B.. 17 j?! .... HAHHV HUM,. W. I'tl.ll I1KCH 2 r4-r -i jj 8 I 5 Baldwin's new HT-2R Theatre Organ has one. There's 2 v a Bass Drum, a Snare Drum, a Tom-Tom, Cymbal, Clave, ? J Temple Blocks and Brushes. Play'cm on the pedals or on a cither manual, change from one to another at the flick of jj 8 a finger . . . and the rhythm follows you, you don't have 9 to scurry to keep up with it n u m - TtTrtni rtft .! . .1. Baldwin's new HT-2R Theatre Organ has one. There's a Bass Drum, a Snare Drum, a Tom-Tom, Cymbal, Clave, Temple Blocks and Brushes. Play'cm on the pedals or on cither manual, change from one to another at the flick of l finger . . . and the rhythm to scurry to keep up with it. follows you, you don't have DOWNTOWN 300 Clematis CHRISTMAS V. I of h.mlman kttdak (.' N if i wtk fj i tana 1 SHOPS B i ALL OCCASION SWEATERS 3.99 to 11.99 The HT-2R has more ... 32 individual authentic theatre organ voices, couplers, presets and all the features you expect in a fine organ. The handsomely styled horseshoe console in Walnut or Antique White and Cold is the best looking piece of furniture you've ever heard. And if you haven't heard a Baldwin lately you've got a treat coming. Stop in today ... be our guest. BALDWIN PIAiNOS AM) ORGANS FROM! $695 (ABOVE MODEL HTZR S4.563.00) SEE OUR LARGE STOCK OF 26 USED ORGANS ... ALL PRICED TO SELL ine ni-iii nas more , . . m individual auincnnc mc- II T ou reasure A Film Story Of Holidays Begin taking photos at the first of the season, making up a list of likely subject matters well in advanrn. Start with the first appearance of Santa, cover a shopping stint, and carry right on through Christmas Day activities. It's all there for the taking ... the expressions of anticipation and excitement, the story-telling action, the colorful holiday setting. The trick is to catch it early and completely, and in color, if possible! Shoot more than one picture of each situation, particularly those involving children, and in picture - story sequence. Shooting in sequence is a wonderful way to record the antics of youngsters. When you're photographing a child, it's a good idea to come in as close as your camera will allow, including only that background which is important to the meaning of the picture. If you think the youngster may suddenly move toward you, step back an extra foot or two to allow a safety zone. Group shots of children can really tell a story, especially during the holidays. Photographing four or five children instead of one may pose a problem but the solution is simple. Stay on the sidelines and snap when the youngsters are so absorbed in their own activities that they won't notice you. Opportunities like this abound at Christmas. Your best angle in such a situation is a high one ... a foot or two above the children's heads. Aim down so that you look into the group. In this way, none of the children will block your view of the others and all will be nearly the same distance from the camera. mm COLORFUL QUILTED ROBES 3.99 to 10.99 PERMANENTLY PRESSED VANOPRESS ,M 50 KODEL 50 COTTON BROADCLOTH A New Stay Clean fabric keeps this shirt looking fresh and wrinkle-free all day. And new Van Heusen styling keeps you looking fashion-right in every way because Splendor is tailored to suit every look. Features the new convertible cuffs, (ort collar and the neat "Contour-Crafted" look. Colors, stripes, checks, white. $6.50 1.99 to 5.99 ,:- RUFFLED AND LACE BLOUSES 4.99 to 6.99 8 NYLON NIGHT GOWNS 1.99 to 5.99 ' Kinirt is a rrn'nlptvd tratlrmark EXAMPLE 32 PEDAL HAMMOND WEST PALM HOSTESS LOUNGE CULOTTES 5.99 to 10.99 COKGEOIS SLACK SETS 2 and 3 piece 8.99 to 14.99 522 CLEMATIS ST., W.P.B. 833-0344 g THERE'S A FRIENDLY LEGGETT STORE NEAR YOU ft BEADED GOLD SILVER EVENING BAGS 1.99 to 2.99 Great Bu! THE STORE FOR MEN DOWNTOWN WEST PALM BEACH Sou Raton 17t W Com. ft) 39S-4 709 Vtre St I.T.I Fotmin Market 1700 i. CinfrHl .6S-4IS. 301 t. Ml Oketchobe f arratt 761411 JUST SAY CHARGE IMMMMMIMIMMMIIMM

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