The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on September 4, 1924 · Page 7
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 7

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1924
Page 7
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SEVEN Switzerland or the United States. If such a congress succeeds in taking action before 1928, the nearest year in which January 1 falls on a Sunday under our present system, the change can be instituted without inconvenience. 'Ox-Back" Riding In India DR. R. C. DENISON PHYSIOAN AND SURGEON Office in Shonkwiler Bldg. Phones: Office, 81; Residence 21 Bremen, Indiana. JONAS A. MILLER AUCTIONEER NAPPANEE, INDIANA Phone R 154 Call At My Expense i 4 y rf THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1924. ii i y as -mam A PUREBRED H f ( I ttle S 8il 1 oog V SIMPLE CRYSTAL RECEIVER RENEWED TESTIMONY No one in Bremen who suffers headaches or distressing urinary ills, can afford to ignore this Bremen man's twice-told story. It is confirmed testimony that no Bremen resident can doubt. S. Ranstead, retired farmer, North St., gave the following statement February 5, 1919: "I have always done hard work in my time, and being exposed to bad weather I blame that for putting my kidneys out of order. I had pains across the back and it put me past going, I would get so lame. I had blinding dizzy spells Select a piece of drv cardboard tub 5 - if ing for the coil about 32 inches in diameter and five inches long and give it a thin coat of shellac J Wind the wire evenly on the tube ping at the 64th turn. Next give r V :::-::v: yP Saturday, Sept. 6 1 mile north and 2 miles west of Plymouth , at 12.30. Free Delivery, 3 hogs in one locality. Sale under shelter. 40 Big Type Poland Chinas 40 1 Fall Boar, 9 Spring Boars. Sows with pigs, Bred sows and gilts. I will sell foundation sows from Wisconsin and Illinois, that have cost me over $100 My herd have won scores of ribbons in the local Fairs also at the International and State Fair. You will find the prolific, growth y type. Pigs from my herd have weighed over 500 pounds at 6 months. 10-Pure Bred Polled Shorthorns-10 Dr. C. A. Brown will sell 4 good young cows, 2 yearling heifers and 1 yearling bull, all recorded. 3 spring calves, 2 bulls and a heifer, pedigrees given. All T. B. tested and from the leading blood lines. Cows are pasture bred. C. 0. Goodrich, Plymouth, Ind. By Ii. M. SIIERRILL, Radio Engineer "While the radio receiver using" a crystal detector, will not give very great volume, the quality of the voice and the music received cannot be excelled by the best tube") sets made. For this reason the crystal receiver is again becoming popular. It is the ideal receiver for the novice to construct as most of the parts employed may be used over again if the builder should decide to construct a larger outfit. Also there are several ways, which will be described later, in which a tube amplifier may be added to the present crystal set. The following is a description of the winding a thin coat of shellac and allow it to dry thoroughly. Starting from the left end of the winding, raise up with a knife or screw driver, a hump in every eighth turn. Do this for 56 turns. Next start at the rig-ht end and do the same thing for eight turns. These last eight humps should be slightly straggeed to allow more working room. The insulation may then be scraped off of these humps and wire mm and felt mean all over until I began using Doan's Pills, which I bought at Koontz Bros.' Drug store. I used three boxes of Doan's in all and they cured me of the attack in good shape." On April 14, 1923, Mr. Ranstead: "I still use and recommend Doan's Pills. They are the best remedy I have ever found for kidney complaint." 60c, at all dealers. Foster-Milburn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. adv. -ID "'Tlli fl-"-- pi in i V 6- Turns m rs i ,i r. i i i n mmmmm i y M Oxen still play an important part in the life and customs of natives in the ancient city of Gwalior, India. Not only for plowing and hauling" purposes but equestrian activities, too. The photograph here shows an Indian with his son astride a docile ox. Of course, it's cot what you would call "rapid transit" but then the people over there have all kinds of time and they get there just the same. One consolation, at least, in this method of transportation. It may be slow, but you're save from reckless drivers in crossing the streets. Then too, there's no "high cost of gasolene." w 1J S2 TRL Li i i V iSHYDERSSAIinAKfDAIRyFoODSft i Dptcc'cr I Stums apart X i- Phono j I!- i 1-310 rlan Levels for every turn EVERYBODY READS ENQUIRER WANT ADS. y0AGLFPNCL CO. NEWYORKaSAX A Good Crystal Receiver DESIRABLE MILK S Caution and care are us-, 1 1 ed in the production of Snyder's Sanitary Dairy J AH an efficient but inexpensive crystal receiving set, which anyone with -a small outlay of tools can build in a few hours. Such a receiver, with a fair antenna, will under favorable conditions give good reeeption on stations up to 50 miles distant. The total costs of the parts should rot exceed seven or eight dollars. Parts Needed. The parts needed, and the approximate costs are given below: 4 Binding Posts $ .40 2 Switch Levers 70 16 Switch Points .48 1 Crystal Detector 1.25 1 Pair Hpnd Phones 3.00 J milk. It is as it should be, 5 pure and sweet and clean , f& and it belongs in your leads about six inches long soldered on. These leads go to the switch points as shown in the diagram. The crystal detector is mounted on the front of the panel but the connections to the circuit are made in the rear. How To Operate Set. In using the set for the first time, connect the aerial and ground wires and listen in while slowly moving the left switch lever back and forth over the taps. Also adjust the contact 'on the crystal detector occasionally. As soon as any signals at all are heard, leave everything else alone while the detector is adjusted to give the loudest response in the head phones. Then go back to the switch levers for tuning. In tuning the left switch constitutes a coarse adjustment, and the right switch a fine adjustment. Turning either of the switch knobs outward from the center raises the wave length. jj home. fiffi'sSANnMYDAIRri 1 .001: Mtd. Condenser ... .4U (Fixed Thone Condenser) 1 Rubber Tanel (7x9) ... .90 Ya lb. No. 22 DCC Copper Wire 40 The rubber panel may safely be replaced by a piece of thin dry wood with a consequent reduction in the cost of the set. aro 5SnrEGF , KrriaAe JL Fix'd I M CofKjeri:ier Y Condenser , sailor's 1 W ft Aerials l TV I 1 f 4 V L Grid Condenser Werner O trousers legs so wide? T4- with 6rid leak n Fixed inductance '4SJ&!$!3r inductance X7 variable 9 by Taps b t x all I Sr Radio Frequency Transformer Audio Frpaupnev Variable Coupling Your Advertising Will i'fi rrrrrr irw inductances Inductance via variable by Transformer raps or 'ontinuoustv slider r . A Ism TV7- ru 4 rfr, - inductance Be Read If Wires connoted iamtrr) Wires crossing L Cry st Battery peteci ystaf 1 y or put nor conn fc fed because their looseness permits the wearer to pull them up quickly and easily when he scrubs deck or wades in the water. The quick and easy action of 'Head Phones Jack 3L Russian Type Mineral Oil Baneleol 11 3 MIAVVVWW hxed .stesitfaKe Variable Resistance Vcrtcble Resistance (Potentiometer) Copyright, 1924, by The Bonnet-Brown Corporation, Chicago accounts for its wide -use in the treatment of constipation. Puretest Mineral Oil is a gentle lubricant that cleanses the intestinal tract without the unpleasant effects of some cathartics. Colorless, odorless easy to take, and absolutely pure. One of 200 Puretest preparations. Every item the best that skill and conscience can produce. KOONTZ BROTHERS Would Add Month To Present Year If it appears in an attractive, easily read form. You may not have the experience or the time to spend in planning your advertisements so that they will appear easy to read. That's just where we can help you to great advantage. We have secured, at no small cost to us, an Advertising Service which provides ready written, attractively illustrat9d ads for practically every line of business in this vicinity. What this Service means to you in building up your business, how much we can help you in the preparation of strong, business-pulling advertisements, can only be learned by using it. Phone us (No. 51) to call and talk over your advertising problems. We will bring along samples of the helps we have to offer you. t During the past two years belief in the desirability of simplifying the present calendar has progressed to a point where efforts are being made to bring about an international congress to consider the best way to do this. Prof. C. F. Marvin, chief of the weather bureau of the United States Department of Agriculture, is greatly interested in this movement and advocates that form of simplification which would result in a year based on our present seven-day week as a unit. The year would consist of 13 months of 28 days or exactly four weeks each, and an extra day. The suggestion fa midsummer, between June and July. "Leap year day," by whatever name it may be known, would be acceptable as a midsummer holiday every four years. A slight change in the system of establishing century leap years is also recommended. The division of the year into months, which are exact multiples of a seven-day week without a fractional remainder, will greatly simplify the assembling of meteorological data, accounting and paying in business and industry generally, computing interest and making many financial and other reckonings based on the calendar. Business men are in favor of an exact-number of weeks in a quarter, and school terms and recesses could be arranged with much less disturbance to the curriculum than at present. It is believed that there will be no insuperable difficulty in arranging a consideration of the matter by representatives of the Roman, Angelican 1 - ! 5 iPfl vored by Doctor Marvin is that this 365th or extra day be given a special name, such as "New Year's Eve" or other equivalent designation, made a world-wide holiday and placed between December 28 and January 1. The extra month, for which a new name must also be invented, would be least likely to upset our present way of calculating, if introduced in The mp .A remen tnquirer ! and Greek and other churches, and leading astronomers, if an interna- tional congress or council is called, j either through the League of Nations ' or some independent nation, such as PENCILC0ICNY duii inn ouii 11 i i 1552225

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