Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 22, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1936
Page 6
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FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1936 start at 3 o'clock. Ribbons will be By WILLIAMS awarded first, second and third place winners. The winning effort SOFTBALL SKED OF FIRST HALF SEASON READY ST. LOUIS CUTS WIN STREAK 0? GIANTS BY 4-2 T2IS7N VOU llil,IT l'3 WOT Yi WE'LL BE IM , .1 POM'T-Xll ME VOL) AllTW' PITCH IMA V i; ;; WHEW. V I DOWT. PULL. Ml MUTE, IP VOL) Vkxij'. PULL 111! WHEM I GIVE ,, PELLERS PONT :t.W PA&b I TMlf SAILIM' 1 WORK T'GETWER ! pViii',1,' LOWQ WIRE HAUMT 5 WWV PIDN'T VOL) '.',''.''' 1 EMOUGW ( . LOMQ EMOU6H GIT THAT WIMP- . QITT'M' Mli I E'THER-MOW l SHIELD. WIPER WET0tU Vpullamd FIVED while V Ml ENDS SATURDAY Veal's, champion of the Softball ; league, will clash with Jenks-. White Seed next Monday night under the Central field lights at 8 o'clock in one of the feature games of the .yearv - "The factory team captured the , title last year with one of the strongest squads ever seen here, and this season present virtually ...A million dollars worth of spectacle and stars! SONG! SPLENDOR! 'OUT OUR WAY" 6v It) IV NFA KRVICC, INC. T. M REO. ACHIU, CASTILLO SLATED TO OFFER FINE EXHIBITION Cleverness will be the call of the minute when Herb Owpn's popular Chinese wrestler, Walter Acniu, faces the courtly Spaniard t ascual Ca.'itillo, in the main event tonight nt the urmory. ine two are featured in what expected to be one of the best matches of the venr. Until itrnn. piers are clean and fnst. mrl m the one who flashes thi r-Wnnxii uuucK pruuaoiy will go the victory. Achiu combines all the holds or tne Orient and the Occident. ;Vl W' 'M i H i'l! W TS nil 1 MiMl H" W VOL) iti'l"; ir iVV ( tV'-V l1 GIVE '' ' ItiiTa'AlVV'W UP ' 1 I uU UVlV it 11 ' i ; V 'I ' TMEeE VUuVu vV'MHUil AIKJT M WW V V 'Vy V W m k WWW Hn rvARM SUNDAY'S DOUBLE BILL U. 8. PAT. OFF. New York, May 22. St. Louis' swaggering Cardinals stopped off ai fiitsourgn for just one more tilt today before going home to make a 23-game stand in defense of their National league leadership. The Cardinals successfully withstood all onslaughts for the lead by winning seevn of their 10 lead by winning seven of their 10 Pirates today is not a scheduled one and is being ployed to make up a game postponed because of , cold weather. However, it will give the New York . Giants a chance to regain the lead that they held only one day against the Cards. If Pitts-! burgh whips St. Louis and New York licks Philadelphia, thej Giants will be out in front by j half a game, just where they were ; before Paul Dean pitched the , Cards to a 4 to 2 win yesterday and snapped the Giants winning streak at nine tsraight. ! A six-run scoring burst in the ninth gave the Pirates a 7 to 4 decision over the Phillies. The Chicago Cubs overtook fourth position again by nailing the Brooklyn Dodgers, 4to 0. Boston's Bees triumphed 3 to 2 i over the Cincinnati Reds. In the American, Detroit made it two straight over the leading New York Yankees, 10 to 9. A virtual tie existed for first place between the Yanks and the Boston Red Sox, who won 6 to 2 from the St. Louis Browns. Washington halted a' ninth inning rally and handed Cleveland Indians their fourth straight defeat, 7 to 4. SIZE 39 SHOES "TOO SMALL" Findley,' O. A pair of size 39 1 shoes, costing $81 was made here j for Robert Wadlow, the 18-year- old giant of Alton, 111. The shoes urobablv the lareest ever made. were reiurnea, However, oecause. winsiow sum, luey piucnea 111s feet. WRESTLING TONIGHT 8:30 p. m. Albany Armory Main Event, Best 2 out of 3 falls 2 hour limit. Sneeze Achiu vs. Pascual Castello Semi-final: Best 2 out of 3 falls 1 hour limit. Abdul Kahn vs Buck Lawson GOOD CURTAIN RAISER in eacn oi tne events will be re garded as records to serve marks for contestants in future years. Events to be included in the meet are: 100 yard dash; 75 yard aasn; javelin tnrow, shot put shuttle relay; high jump: pole vault; oroad Jump: and 50 vard low nuraies. OAKLAND DEFEATS MISSIONS; DUCKS TRIM SEALS 11- The league-leading Oakland Oaks added a game to their lend in Thursday's play, by beating the mission Kens z to l. Walter Beck for the Missions, and "Wee Willie" Ludolph serv ing them up for the Oaks nut on a buttle, with Ludolph getting the Detter or it, due to two costly errors, each counting in the run- niaking for the Oaks. Clyde Beck threw wild in the second inning. and Bolyard scored, in the sixth Joost's bad peg put Glynn in scoring position and he reached home on Bell s single. The Mission's lone tally came in tne cignth when Joost singled, stole second, and reached home on Max West's hit. Tom Flynn of Portland allow ed San Francisco's Seals nine hits, and won going away, 11 to 5. The Beavers big innings were the fourth and seventh; They scored four runs in each. San Diego turned tables on Sac ramento, winning 9 to 6. Los Angeles beat Seattle 2-1 with Dick Barrett and Art Mc- Dougal of the Indians and Fay Thomas of the Angels putting on a hurling duel. LEAGUE STANDINGS : Coast League Standings W. Pet. .007 .519 .500 Oakland ..... Seattle Portland . . . Missions .... . San Francisco San. Diego . . . 30 28 25 20 20 20 22 21 18 20 25 20 20 28 29 31 .500 .500 'ahh Sacramento . . Los Angeles . . 'iiw National League Standings W. I,. Pet. St. Louis 10 10 New York 1H 11 Pittsburgh 10 13 Chicago 15 15 Cincinnati 15 17 Boston 14 10 .407 .387 Rrnnklvn 19 1(1 Philadelphia .12 21 .304 ' American tcague Standings W. L. Pot. .807 .057 .503 .548 .500 .480 .333 Nrw York . 22 23 18 17 14 17 10 11 12 14 14 14 18 20 Boston Detroit Cleveland . . . Chicago Washington . Philadelphia Beavers Trouce . , Vandals by 11-6 Moscow, Idaho, Muy 22. Ore gon State handed University of Idaho another walloping Thurs day, 1 1-6, and headed for home nftnr n Kiv.immn ,,n nt-n,..i the northern division baseball cir-l cuit. I : Idaho jumped into a threo-run ,ood 11,0 flrst' lnen Oregon IStute started hitting and run awuy with the game in the sec- ond anA ""'I b' scoring nine -u"s- . I-; Oregon State got an even .500 for the games of the lour, tak- ing ooi n games iroin Itlnlio, losing both to' ! Wushinuton Stutn and I I .655 .552 1 .5001 1 ,,e recently subdued Den Sher-.0.13 man with the use of tlie shoulder ljutt, and can, on occasion, utilize jiu-jitsu tricks to the best advan-.409 tage. . NOTE: These Shows Are Big Enough to Play Separately! You get Both For One Fare! , EVEN TrlO'-i Suitcases ... JBw, EVEN TH0' F tf HE'D RATHER CROON TnftH T:S FIGHT! ACE HIT I Herbert Micitnn, siivrirr. m itninh : Hinn.imnl, 40 A. Stc. la Tp. ia s. Herbert Rhollon. Sheriff. In Arthltr Tower, 9 A. Ti. 14 S. It. 2 W. Herbert Hheltnn, Sheriff, to Alvern M. llnrRett, l'roperty In I.ehnnon. O. Rverett IlelsliiBer. et ux, to Kl-mer .Miller, et ux, 1x1. Tp. 11 S. It. 3 V. lella P. Lane, et at, to S. P. Maeh TniHlee, 60.37 A. T. 14 S. II. 2 W. Frank t.'roHH, et ux, to Killth E. Keller. 3.87 A. Ti. 13 S. It. 1 K. Klorem-e M. Hefferliti Shearl to Aleri-hantH Hank, l.lvinKton, Ld. Tl). 10 S. H. 3 V. Herbert Shelton, Sheriff, to (leo. Taylor, et ux, unillv S. It. 3 W. 1-7 int. Tp. 14. I-'rank II. Johnson. Supt. Bks.. to II. I . V JVIIIKl 1.. IIUIIlllUU, 1.11. ip IU S. It. :l W. llorliprt Shpllon, Shpriff, to Tpll-Inh Zustrow, IA. Til. l:l S. It. 1 W. Ilorlii'it .Shi'ltou, Hhi-rirr, to Mlnnlp lUnrli'lm, prniiprty In 1-: tnli 1 1 n Ailil, Altnny. LoiiIrp M. n.ihi'opk, ot vlr, to Mlnnlp HiurlckH, lirntiprty in Ktuiulinp Ailil, Allulny. I!. A. llnlili Ililwp. To. to Louis A. Kunoir, IaI. Tp. II S. lb.S 10 Jpshpp i Ki'lspy. pt ux 10 John C. IftiTp. 15..S. It. i W. "'unnliiirliiini. to'W. I:. From Ik. 11. Ilulsoy. .'uif niXiuf. Pti ux, to John Knlspy, I. i:. j. I.I. .1. Illk. 11. Ilulsoy. Tom I'uif initi0. pti ux, lo John K pmimiiii'.' ins,' t 'ux. II. I'll 11 S. It. I-nrmcr, of lit, to Roy JI. 2 n: c Kiirmpr. ' To. Kl S. It. II W. 1 Apex Washing Uemonstrator 1 BRINGS IN Gopak, Mussorgsky Dorothy Bohle.and Ellamae Pitzing. . OSC Commencement Scheduled June Approximately 400 students attending O. S. C. will receive de- !K''cps at the sixty-seventh com- iiieiiceineiii ai vjiegon aiaie college Monday, June 1. Commencement this year is on the same day al both the state college and the state university. Chancellor M. Hunter will par Frederick ticipate in both ceremonies. Chancellor emeritus W. J. Kerr will take part in the Oregon State college ceremonies it being the twenty-eighth consecutive year for him. A feature at Oregon State this year is to be the silver jubilee reunion and dinner for the class of 1911 the evening of May 29. Dr. J. Hudson Ballard, pastor j of tl,e First Presbyterian church of Portland is to deliver the bac-calmiteate 1 address at 11 o'clock Sunday morning, May 31. Real Estate Transfers Vuyn H. hmvnlni?. ttfuux, i Ktutp of OIVK'HI, IjI. Tp. II H.-lt. 1 Mt. All'ri'il Mllcil, ft ill. tn I!. V. (Iropll. 1.1. ti. Illk. 2. ..Ml, Vliw Ailil, Ulmiuiii. lliTliiTt Slifltnu, Shcrifr. tr, flnroM Stfvcnoii, - IlikrrlMbiii-fl .proitcrty. J. M. lHrry Himn Mny Utirry, unillv. 4 Int. I't. 1 tl K. M .Muiitollh So. Ailil. Allmtiy. I. Inn t'ounly ti Mrtt. P. I'. IMt-liulll, I. ts. S. 3. o. ?, nil, 1:1 lvorl.i. J. (I. Ilniwn in AlWert t:. Si'liui-fer. ot ux. I't. Ill K . 1 Huliruille .KfUli-uni'fi Ailil. Alliany. 'I'hfO. Ilnhrtiv In Klvil I. PnvlilMon. et ul, pi-upi.rty in Ituitr's Ailil, MVI-luiuy. hlii II. Swift to Kukoiio K. lirrK-nry. Mill C'Uy pruperty. Itiilili llilwi'. i'.ii. to Artie K. Ituila.. i't us. .1.3 A. Mill City. W. -W. Kill.,, to Klliort Ktntt ll.itip, Pt ux. .45 A. lli-nlviiiivilti'. A. it. llnruiUK. pt tix, to t.iiomiril II. Ilntullig. i't ux, in A. T. U S. It. ;i v. l.uHiiilu sniltli to Jumps l-;. Ji.hKh Jr.. '1'rUNtt'i'. Tuiifcpnl ,i-o,irty, llorlivrt Shi'ltou, MiiTlir, to JnntPtt Jt-nlCM, Jr., Triistpp, ;lli.rtil A. Tp. 1 1 M. II. W. Annil lliilp, pi vlr, to Jariili J. Knc-liri'i lit. Pt ux. 10 A. Tp. II S. It. I W. Mprlyn Mi'HHimm, pt ux. to l-Mna P. Dyer. I.07 A. l:i. II S. It. S W. Hi'i'licrt Shi'ltou, Mhprltr, to M, l. Pin In. l.ts. S, 7,' lllk. 5 Siiiitlrx Ailil. I.iiiannli. i.n-u V. Pnwpil, ot ux. to It. I'ow-II. Ill A. Tp. 1 1 S. It. 1 V. Wurri'ii II. Iiuvlif, pt ux, to Iloyil Mi-l.'oy, Pt ux; Ktt-pi'l lloinii iroiu'rty. M. iV .M. Woiul Wnrkinir 'o. to hVonliltp i'ii.,- T. Ill H. II. (I 10. Aliulil I'i'rry to lli'ot-Ki luiKiluii, tit ux, Harrl.itiirM proiiiTty. John r. Iliiwnwpll . to W. Mc- r.iirpn, pt ux. i't. Mlk. :u Mont's So. Ailil. Alliany. II. Thru Shplton. shpriff. to Julius Vo, pt ux. . property in . Wright's ino. Aliiilliy, mmm-. vJPECTACLE! Warner Bros.-First National Hit . ; . with RUBY HEELER DICK POWELL JOAN BLONDELL JACK OAKIE DDI . . 99c so $ -Regular $7.95 "QUALITY ; OR LESS" BETRAYERS VtW AVENCEDIfv. ( the same lineup. They were off to an impressive start last Monday, i walloping an alert Brownsville . sauad. 14 to 8. - , ' A- combination of many of last season's stars are gathered on the Jenks club. Ed Dooley, the long armed pitching ace, hurled a no hit. no-run game over Scio Mon ' day to prove he has lost none of r nis erieciiveness. uiner stars in elude .. Tuffy . Ellingsen, Bosco ' Reeves, and Jimmy Jenks. Though sluggers abound on both squads, the pitching duel between Dooley and Glen White of Veal's . will probably be the high spot of the evening. - : The schedule for the first half ' was released today . with the ap proval of President Al Trimble. Games between Miller's Butcher Boys and Mountain States Power, . and Knight's of Pythias and War-: ner's Hardware, originally slated for last night, will be played at a date later in the season. All contests arc scheduled for i Mondays and Thursdays with ex ception of one. night on Wednes day, June 10, when the Thursday : tilts will be put up a day in de ference to the donkey-ball games ( coming June 11 and 12. .. Teams listed last in the games , will be the home squads. First Half . Moo., May 25 Scio vs. Browns-; vllle; Veal's vs. Jenks. TMufj.; May 28 Miller's vs. K Pi; M. S. P. vs..-Warner's. ' Mdn., June It Jenks vs. Brownsville; ; Veal's vs. Scio. Thurs.,. June Warner s vs. Miller's; M S.P. vs. K.P. "Mon., June B 'Brownsville vs. Miller's; Veal's vs. M S P. Wed., June, 10 K.P. vs. Scio; Warner's vs. Jenks. . -. ,- M6h., June 19 Brownsville vs. M.S.P.; Miller's vs, Veal's. . ..'Thurs Juneltf Scio vs. Warner's; Jenks vs. K.P. : '- Mon.. June 22rK.P. vs. Brownsville; ' Warner's v. Veal's. v'i'hurv , June '25 Miller's vs. Scid,' M.S.P. vs. Jenks; Mon., June . 29 Warner's vs. Brownsville; Veal's vs. K. P. .. .Thurs.i July 2-r-M.S.P. vs. Scio; Jenks vs, Miller's.. ; SCHOEL OFFERS ; CUI; AS -TROPHY : ; FOR TRACK MEET ' A llver loving cup donated by School's jewelry . store will be J i re scnted the team winning the unior high school . track .meet scheduled for next Friday after-n&on on the Central school field. The cup wil become the pcrman-'. ent property of . the school winning it three years in a row, ac- . fArHlrttr In .Inunnh Rvnn utitrl.irtt '.teacher bundling the meet under the direction of Couch Carl Kl- llligsen. 'learns made up of the best ath - . lete .p the seventh, olghth and ninth grades at 'the Madison and ; Cehtral junior Wglis are being choivir for the meet which will i 1 i .u . i . i i ajMcDirs V:V'5noiB Store 1'hc Home rl Nationally Advertised ' '., Shoes. ' i tTM.MBR STRFF1XU go In for frilly A 'ticks'. 'jfVtrtct,ly )ort ttlre, fiay til wulu'r,d fanhlon-V tt':lt4r. Crow f ho . to go .'U','IUi'any 6oturrm. in variety Ing ' easy:, Prlca now only 10.60. npss $6.85 "' S-'i ' -' ; gam I , , Castillo, who lias been forced from the ring by a long siege of illness, is just starting on the re- lurn iron, ionignt sliould prove whether or not he still retains his old time skill. ' Before his retirement he cluim-ed quite a following. His gentlemanly actions both outside and inside the ring attracted the favor of a number of fans. In the semi-wlndup Buck Law-son and Abdul Kuhn meet in a return match. Several weeks ago Kuhn took a ciose decision over Liuvson here and Buck will receive his chance to eveu the score tonight. Advanced Students Appear in Recital Lebanon. (Special) Miss Jessie Skinner presented three of her 'advanced piano students, Dorothy Bohle, Ellamae Pitzing and Marie Hunt In recital at the Methodist church on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Heed Clark, violinist and the high school boys quartet assisted in the program. Mlirche Militaire, Saint Saons, Miuie Hunt. Jessie Skinner. Allegro form Simula op. 17, No. Scherzo, , Schubert and Dusk Bound, Hunt Ellamae Pitzhig. . From the Land of the Sky Blue Water. Cadmim and The Green Eyed Dragon, Charles Dick Siver, Bruce Sjacey, Hill Skinner and Dean Stephens. ' Pomponette, Durand; Scarf Dance, Chaminade,' and April Showers, Lenient Marie Hunt. Valse, op 64. No. 1, Chopin; Folk Solg, Torjussen,- and Hungary, Koelllng Dorothy Buhlc. Levee Dance, While, and From the Canebrnke, Gardner Mrs. lteed Clark. . . : , Lure of the Sea, Mason Ella-mac Pitzing. Cap and Bells, Morrey Dorothy Rohle. YOU MONEY SAVING BARGAINS EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THE STORE!!! splitting a pair with University ofj3, C. Bach Dorothy Bohle. Dlack or Ilrown, Regular All luggage iviluivd for sale - Occasional Chairs . . . $8.59 Spring Seals, choice of cover. Regular $11.95 Poster or Spool Beds . . $9.95 Walnut or maple finish twin or full size, regular $12.50 Spinet Desks . . . . . .$9.75 Reg. $14.50; Walnut secretaries, drop-lid and flat tops, all reduced Bigelow Axminster Rugs 0x12 Size, Regular $34.50 Inlaid Lineoleum . . . Limited Slock Regular $1.25 Full Enamel Range . . 16-inch Oven Regular $64.95 Machines $49.50 Models Reg. S59.3a $23.50 . .89c $49.50 Q Spring- EXTRA OVER 200 COILS. Limited Stock, Reg. $19.75 Maple Dinette Sets . . $19.75 . : Table ond four chairs Regular $24.50 Bookcases . . . . . . $18.95 Walnut, glass door, fine quahtv, regular $22.50 Modern Dining Suite . $49.75 lUiffet, table, 5 side chairs, one arm chair Reg. $65.00 Occasional Tables . . . .$2.95 Walnut finish, regular $3.95 Breakfast Sets . .... $8.95 Table and 4 Chairs Regular si i:50 : Buffet Mirrors ... . .$1.95 Limited Stork Rgular $3.95 Bridge Reflector Lamps . $4.99 Choice ot Shades Regular $5.75 Kitchen Stools . . . . . $2.25 Ivory or Green Finish Regular $2.95 w !'' Washington. , , ' Score: OreKoti filalo . Idaho : Kalibuk uuil R. 11. E. .11 114 , ; ti 7 is lleigsti'oni; llull- berg, and Cuoio. Lebanon on List For New Armory Leoanon. (Sneclal On Mav 1 w works progress administration Ui Washington listed 32 armory projects iis eligible for funds totaling $1,466,060. Of particular Interest to Lebanon and vicinity is the fact that $46,370 of this money was allotted to Lebanon for the construction of a new armorv if approved by the state Wl'A. In this case the funds available me restricted to the actual building and may not be applied to the grounds upon w hich the construction is made. A number of business men who are interested in gaining the building for a community center have made some investigation of suitable sites and it is probable that, should the ap-i proval of the slate works progress administration tn- gained, a suitable .location .will be made available. MME OLCMMOrll OltTILLIRICS CO., In. ICNKIIOIIO, HI. STRAIGHT BOURBON EXTRA Q LANG CEDAR CHESTS THREE-PIECE VANITr icT FREE WITH EACH CHEST SPECIALo Regular $24. do WHISKEY Crealer ;ag ; means finer quality you will marvel at the taste, of this fine Kentucky whiskey. ' ; 1 1 Si i! w w li Kroehler Daven. & Chairs $59.00 Dependable construction, choice of covers Reg. $74 50 Lamp Shades . .... . 59c For Junior or Bridge Lamps Regular 75e. Hassocks ... .... 99c Choice of colors Regular $1.50 Wool Blankets .... $5 95 High Chairs ..... $1.95 Golden Finish, regular $2.75 Dressers . . . . . . $12.95 Walnut finish, regular $19.50 Studio Couch .... .$27.50 Heavy cover, bedding compartment below reg. $35.00 Foldinq Lawn Chairs ... 98c Reg. $1.35 Porch and Lawn Furniture of all kinds s 2 YEARS OLD ILDJ 90 PROOF NOW tooNroafWj' ' locoMonvc aoTTti V,... ,X.l '; Y';'-&-. oi.w,- o ..edage: Fuftaiture Company CO FIRST AND L$)N STREET o iAWlt CUAKK DltTIULIxr CQx. o. UV CITY. W. I

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