Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 22, 1936 · Page 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1936
Page 3
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON! PAGE THREE J1 FRIDAY, MAY 22 1 936 LEGAL NOTICE Paul Roner, $52.80; John Shclton, $2.00; A. L. Downing, $26.92; Dave School Supt. Elsa Butts $60.00; J. K. Gill Co. gCHURCH ESI ger, $5.00; John Welch, $3.98;'Hugri Kizcr, $32.00. . .- " w - . Market Road Fund ' Albany Sand & Gravel, $23.58; Cabinet Box Fact. $34.00; J..-W. Copeland, $1.40; Eugene Concrete nell & Sherrill. $22.06; Mountain States, $23.60; Montgomery Wards, $.32, Magneto Electric, $12.35; C. R. Nokes, Agt. $8.05; Oregon Auto Wrecking $13.75; Pacific Eastman Service, $44.92; Peorin Garage, $.25; Pnrkway Motor, $31.94; Pacific Tel. & Tel. $29.35; C. F. er Oregon $20.75; Rufus Holman $58.00; National Reemployment $90.00; Recorder's office ' $4.00; Leo Reuland $83.35; R. B. Thompson $12.98; Annette Tindell $39.-00; J. K. Weatherford $7.35; J. W. Hamlin $15.00; Ben B. Roth $7.50; Sam Staller $15.00; Henry lb Evangelical Church First and Pine Sts. E. C. Hicks, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Oscar Swander, superintendent. Classes for all ages, with good teachers for all. Preaching at 11 a. m. Sermon by Leland Wilkinson. Seniors, intermediates and juniors at 7 p. m. Preaching at 8 o'clock by Leland Wilkinson. Specials at both meetings and a good rousing song service before the evening sermon. Our pastor is at conference but has left a good man to preach for him. Fitzwater, $2.39; General Road Fund, $553.20; Merle Morris, $4.78; Arthur Phillips, $2.39; W. R. Rob- inett. 537.CH: Art Slavens $19.12; Everett Smith. $1.19: C. B. Ware, $21.54: Everett Wntters, $22.03; Elmer Walters. $3.58; Burl Watters, $4.48; J. R. Workman, $1.75; Zim- brick Service St. $1.00; LeRoy Anderson. $35.55: Charles Adams, $4.78; R. R. Davis. $3.88; Max Ed ward, $13.96: Charlie Fuller. $9.5B; General Road Fund. $531.61; Roy Hildrcth. $2.39: Robert Irvin, $13.96; Pete Johnson, $4.78; John Lowe, $7.17: W. H. MoElroy. S2.39; A. R. Murphy, $11.97; William R. Menley. $3.60; B. Nutting. $2.39; G. Paddock, $2.39; W. R. Robinett, $16.60; R. R. Robinett, $54.28; Jam?s Robinett. $7.17; C. G. Rice. $1.08; Roy Robinett. $7.17; Fred Taylor. $2.39; Winkler's Repair, $6.12; Bnssetts Garage, $5.13: En- cahl Service. $4.85; General Koafl Fund, $291.80; Amos Hiatt, $66.99; J. E. Juncwirth, $82.57: Hugh Johnson, $83.89; Ed. Jungwirth, 54.23: Clarence Jungwirth, $199.78; Martin Kulken, $6.86; Linn Lumber, Co. $2.86; Mill City v'..irM r-e eo, n. r? r i.inrr. Pipe Co. $837.99; Ben Fisher Planing Mill. $140.95; Froman' Barton. $29.50; Kilhams Printing, $1.28: A. Lletz Co. $1.25; Paq. Tel. & Tel. $5.00; Rawlings $.30! Shell Oil, $86.55; F. L. Snyder &"Co. $1.00; Standard Stations, $943; Tedlock & Forester, $42.53; Torfs Auto Shop. $.75; Henry Tymer, Co. $1.55; Zimbricks Service, $8.88; J. E. Cooper, $39.49; F. A. Ointher, $83.79; A. L. Haley. $98.94; W. W. Larson. $172.78: L. Pitman, $86,16; Ray Rich, $89.75; D. Sliger. $74.17: F. Urhammer. $88.18; Bernard Bault, $2.39; E. L. Boggie, $13.46; Merle S. BoRgie, $6.33; Bert Bvers, $11.92; James Cochran, $41.47; Frank Cnvev $21.54; Harr Dlnkle. $26.34; Earl Elliott, $1.00; Earl Lowden. $21.54: B. . S. McCJum, $26 34: Chas. Ware, $119.80; General Bridge Fund. $68.55; : Gen. Road Fund; $1647.28. : . v't ' ft ' Democrnt-Herald Want Ads. '? riHnp- HecnltQ ' 'i CAR! rlon't want to miss this ... Comt inl ' "CK THE 0EAUR FIRST - THEN. PICK :"'! ma iviiU i 7 $3.20; G. T. Hockensmith $10.00; Caroline Martin $3.00; Pacific Tel. & Tel. $5.30; A. E. Simmons $11.00. Health Officer G. E. Fortmiller $25.00. Indigent Soldiers Ralph L. Banton $70.91. Widow's Pension Selma Alexander S20.00; Lura Alexander $15.00; Mary J. Bennett $12.00; Florence Bland $20.-00; Lura Blatchley $20.00; Gert rude Brunson $20.00; Hazel Bur-, ress $20.00; Dorothy Cox $20.00; Dow $20.00; Katie Edwards $15.- 00; Gertrude Farmer $15.00; Rhoda Gentry $20.00; Etta Mac Gallea $35.00; Lela Green $30.00; Pearl Hobson $20.00; Eva T. Henderson $25.00; Verda Hess $30.00; Freda Hvder $15.00; Crystal Keebler $30.00; Mary W. Lovett $20.00; Dora McHugh $25.00; Pearl Miller $25.00; Flora Murphy $15.-00; Goldie McNeil $15.00; Constance Odenborg $16.00; Mary Packard $15.00; Alice Parks $16.-00; Martha Parson $20.00; Amy Peregoy $25.00; Dove Phillips $15.00; Wilhelmaina Plaat $20.00; Lillian Powell $30.00; Clara Preston $35.00; Lilly A. Rathman $15.-00; Maude L. Rhinewault $15.00; Alice I. Roberts $35.00; Rachel Ross $20.00; Alice Rogers $15.00; Aleta Sandner $25.00; Margaret Schultz $15.00; Eva Scott $15.00; Mary M. Sitter $20.00; Cora Bell Stubbs $15.00; Anna M. Swift $32.00; Elsie Torgcson $15.00; Parthene Turpin $15.00; Alida E. Thomas $30.00; Helen C. Thomp son $15.00; Ethel Wallace $15.00; Una May White $25.00; Pearl Whitaker $25.00; Emma Whitney $20.00: Martha Whitney $22.50 Esther Perry $25.00; Mabel Schultz $35.00; Ida Smith $30.00. Care of Poor Albany General Hospital $62.00; Albany Bargain House $3.30; Barrett Bros. $1.15; Clevcnger's Shoe Store $2.75; Dawson Drug $7.05; Exide Battery $.90; Foshay & Mason $5.51; Gi-O'-ervcteria $73.40; Lee's Bakery $21.20; L. F. Ramboz $135.00; Leo Reuland $218.15; Shell Oil $45.43; M. Sanders & Son $28.60; Willis Carter $20.00; Childrens Farm Home $175.00; Dawson Drug $8.00; Finkcnhngen's $10.00; General Road Fund $9.36: Groeeivetcria $15.00: General Road Fund $24.75; Anna Hutchenson $2.50; Red Cross $100.00; Pay & Save $12.00; J. C. Penney $6.-24; A. F. Sperling $4.00. Jail Albany General Hospital $2.00; Albany Planing Mill $1.25; Cum-mings $24.00: Doolev Bros. $.40; Frager Furniture $4.50; Grill Cafe $130.20; Hooker Elcc. $.90; N. E. Irvine $3.00; Ludwig Plumbing $.10; Mt. States $18.66; Owl Drug $7.07; Pacific Tel. & Tel. $3.65. Bridges Ben Fisher Planing Mill $62.64; Commercial Credit $110.19; Fred Hart $2.00; Froman & Barton $45.-90; General Road Fund $593.33; Lardon and Hodge '$654.89; War ner Hdwe. $3.50; Sam Brock $57.44; Frank Covey $55.64; Harry Dinkel $87.80; Elmer Hoist $150.-94; F. H. Kizcr $93.34; Earl Lowt den $50.26; B. S. McClun $87.-80; Elmer Sheek $93.34; J. Schrunk $114.14;' E. R. ,Bass ,$74.- 98; Ben Keebler $33.uu. Ferries B. F. Howard $49.69; Standard Oil $10.63. :. , Miscellaneous Democrat-Herald $20.75; Great- Rauch, $1.50; Paul Roncr, $4.50; Dick Roblnctt. $.50: Rnwlincs $22.55; Roner Bros. $1.00; John A. -Roeblins Sons. Co. $28.12; Slate Const. $147.60; Silver Motor Freight. $18 43; Z. T. Sticncipher. $5.50; F. L. Snyder, $2.00: W. W. Stunrt, $4.22: Tedlock and Forstcr. $18.78; Western Auto. $16.27; Woodbury Co. $140.00: Winkler's Repair. $4.55; Warner Hdw. $2.20; Shell Oil Co. $1150.49; Standard Oil Co. $52.83: Texaco. $136.39: Union Oil Co. $62.45; Newman's Electric. $12.25: Frank Snvder and Son $2.00: C. Sagert, $16.30; Ed. Boggie, $19.95; A. R. Conwav. $15 00; J. E. Cooner, $10.77: F. T. Ointher, $19.95: W. W. Larsen. $34.96: Georee Price. $25.00: Rnv Wick, $3.59; Straits Electric, $15.00; E. L. Konzelman, $9.42. Road District Fund All Market Road, $22.00: L. Pitman, $7.18; Ray Rich, $7.18: D. Sliger. $9.97: F. Urhnmvner. $7.18; Albany Sand & Gravel, $3.75; Gen eral Road Fund, $222.10; Rnv As Dinwall. $20.10: Albany Planing Mil. $.75; Albanv Brick & Tile. $2.55; George Bennett, $37.04: Ravmnnd Duncan, $42.41: General Road Fund. $294.00: W. H. Gillett. $42.12; Holleman Garage. $11.70 Lnmar & Lamar, $2:!5: McDonald Bros, $4.25: Peoria Garage, $6.15; Henry S-hullz, $93.34; Harvey Thnro $31.35: M. E. Burnett, $41.86: J. N. Burnett. $21.54; General Rond Fund $299.00: Tom George. $7.17; Holleman Garage, $2.50; Linn Brown. $2.39; Lawer-ence Dawson, $15 44; Andv Elswick. : $7.17: William Filkins, $10.75; General Road Fund, $1613.80: Jnck Hill, $1.75: Hugh Kizcr, $304.00; Ernest Putman, $4.39; 0. M. -Rankin, $93.34; A. L. Wallers, , $7.86; George Cnnoy. $15.00; General Rond Fund $155.00; J. B. Kibbler. $93.00: B. I. Arnold, $5.87; General Rond Fund. $957.30;. Kenneth Mcnonald. $80.46; W. F. Proper.1 $4.39: N. I. Morrison, $4.70: Russell McDonald, $1 50- R. W. Monlunroorv. $03.34: USED CAR SPECIALS 1935 Plymouth De Luxe Coupe run less than 1 5,-000 miles, entire car like new. Priced right. 1934 Special Plymouth 4-Door Sedan Motor in ' excellent condition a real buy $595 at Several other good buys in used cars. Also 1928 Chevrolet truck priced to sell. Hodges Garage I'honc 769 Chrysler-Plymouth Willys 77 THE FOR .rnriinini r -r ron Roth $15.00; H. B. Jackinson $7.-1 50; A. Hornische $7.50; W . B. Miller $37.50; Carl Seefeld $42.-50; R. L. Smith $7.50; W. B. Kate $17.50; J. M. Powers $15.00; Hai-lcy Baker $7.50: L. B. Croft $7.50; Otto Strader $22.50; O. M. Bishop j $15.00; C. Victor Yates $60.00; J. B. Fleming $7.50; Geo. Langdon $7.50. General Road Fund R. Blanchard $119.80; R. W. Barr $85.44; Tom Brinson $140.54; R;y Bowman $112.24; Kyle Beard $89.75; ' Frank Barker $114.14; Merle Boggie $12.74; James Cochran $41.47; C. Carlson $25.11; D. C. Cook $12.76; E. L. Davis $69.10; A. L. Downing $66.41; John Don-ring $39.06. A. P. Elswick $75.39; Elmer Findlev $47.43; W. H. Gil-lett $7.46; Dale Gronso $93.34; H. A. Gnmbill $93.34; Sam Gund?r-son $47.43; C. E. Galbraith $13.01; Geo. Hayes $98.94; Fred Howard $65.96; C. W. Hall $43.24; Geo. Harrison $8.71; F. E. Ingram; $19.14; Aaron Ingram $47.43; Bert James $8.37; Geo. V. Kendig $18.97; R. J. Kendig $150.94; E. C. Lehu $10.76; C. L. Lcffler $98.94; Dan Morris $12.90: Lee Nash $5.58: John Olson $39.06; Carl Porter $88.54; A. L. Palmer $98.94; Tom Quigley $12.76; J. C. Pcterman $2.79; Woodrow Peterman S39.06; J. C. Robertson $149.39; Ernest Rice $21.71; Paul Robertson $30.89; Walter Rice $13.01; Ross Ray $12.76; Melvin Sweet $08.94; Henry Schulte $70.18; L. E. Soderstrom $98.94; Arthur Slater $23.94; John Suytar $86.16: Joe C. Stockton $47.43: N. P. Vipond $21.73: W. R. Robnett $13.46: Roy Hildrcth $14.39: Willis Slavens $53 85; C. Walker $93.34; Albany Planing Mill $2.70; Albany Sand & Gravel $61.20; Albany Paint &' Body Works $3.75; Albany Auto - Co. $18.31; Albany Bargain $95.01; Al bany Magnolia $1.00; Albany Iron Works $8.1.25; Albany Auto Wrecking $16.00: Alexander Motor Co. $153.67; J. H. Allison $157.05; Air Reduction $53.53; Owen Bean Agency $7.38; Bean Trucker $14.22; Owen Beam Agency $42.00: Baltimore Gun Works $.70; Barrett, Bros. $10.10; Bain Agency $18.00; I Boone's Book Store $3.50: Barde: Steel Co. $117.00: Real Pipe &i Tank $52.79; W. F.. Burns $32.93: 1 Ballou & Wright $62.49; Chain Belt! Co. $182.11; Clyde Equipment Co.l S5.8:i; Cabinet .& Box $1.35: Ben ICl?!rn $45.00; Doolittle Service :$8.00; F. C. Dannals $1.00; Geo. j Evans Hdwe. $5.30; Eugene Con-l crcte Pipe Co. $14.85; Express! Fund $7.36; Froman & Barton $13.95: Feenauehty Machinery Co. $108.39; W. P. Fuller Co. $57.75; Foshay & Mason $1.25; Jack F.mtWI $60: General Tool Co. $29.99; Clvde Grnvo $2.00; A. C." Hang Co. $26.25: Honeymoon llriw. $40.21; J. E. Haseltine Co., $122.59; R. W. Tripp, $100.00; Hut-ley Plumbing Shop. $4.23; Hammond Lumbi-r Co. '$10.15;' JV'F. -Huf ford," $52.57: Howard Cooper Corp. $19.31; I.psslle Hufford, $7.17; Jacobs & Gile Inc. $25.17; L. H. Jon"s. $10.00; J. N. Johnson, $20.25; Ed. Kellenberger. $3.00; Kirkpatiick Molor Co. $48.26; E. L. Konrelmnn. $10.14: Ed Kclienberger. $.55: Lar-den and Hodge, $5.29; Lebanon Hdw. $.20; George Lawercncc Co. $3.03; Loggers & Contractors, $130.?! : J. H. Matnev. $7.50; Mnn- V Li LnUfluLt 1 I We'r. celebrating the rrival of Spring'. . i u,i,h th criiteHt selection of used cars DHnAlUC ' and used trucks you nave ever seen. And '.'.J DnltUninO we are pricing them at real low prlceal :. Nothing but Dargains in mis emm oh1"' ., Value Salei Every car has been carefully ' y reconditioned by our expert mechanics and. every car is priced to save you many ; dollara. But . . . hurryl Bargains like then can't last many daysl ,. This week's SPRING CARNIVAL specars t County Court proceedings for the month of May 1936, compiled by R. M. Russell, County Clerk and published pursuant to section 27-510, Oregon Laws, bills allowed. Registration and Elections John J. Cramer $2.60; Samuel S: Barry 80c; Fred W. Brewster, $1.00; W. J. Bird, $2.90; Bert S. Clark $3.00 ;Geo. L. Corner 90c; L. R. Chrisman $2.20; Clara Daugh-erty 30c; Clarence Eagy 60c; Inez Fort 80c; G. M. Geisendorfer $1.60; Geo. C. Hume $3.40; J. P. Har-rang $2.20; J. E. Jenks Jr., 90c; M.J. Knerr $428; J. W. Lamar, 20c; E. E. McClun $4.10; Florence McKerchcr $3.00; Bess Ransom, $1.00: Riley Shclton $6.40; C. J. Shedd $2.40; Ernest L. Scholl, $5.30; Clinton B. Surry $1.00; Homer Specr $1.60; F. E. Sheek 60c: F. ffie Stimpson 20c; Aubrey S. Tussing $2.50; Geo. J. Wilhelm 50c; C. J. Witman $24.10; L. E. Walton $5.30; Foshay & Mason 35c; Greater Oregon $144.60; G. T. Hocken-smlth $9.60; Moody Howe $1.05; Rawlings $32.35; Frank Taylor, $443.15; Annette Tindell $39.00. Sheriff's Office Shell Oil Co. $43.86; H. A. Southard $124.70; Amy M. Ross $124.70; Thelma Clem $85.00; Inez Eddy, $85.00; Leona Zeh $78.00; Joan Burnett $72.00; Mary Goeman, $78.00; Neta McClain $30.00; Anna Bender $78.00; Herbert Shelton, $5.58; R. Oldham $25.40; Herbert Shelton $4.15; H. A. Southard 65c; Albany Auto Co. 50c; Albany Paint & Body $2.00; Groves Hardware, 75c; Irvins Garage $5.80; Koke Chapman $15.07; Sigurd Landstrom $2.48; Pacific Tel & Tel $10.70; Rawlings $1.65; Squeed & Lee, $1.25; Western Union $4.38; Woods Bros. $1.75. Clerk's Office E. G. Arnold $125.00; Lela Hoffman $90.00; Lurlene Arnold, $85; G. T. Hockensmith $127.30; Pacific Tel & Tel $13.85; Pacific Coast Stamp Works $5.70; Rawlings, $7.75. Recorder's Office Paulene Wilson $90.00; G. T. Hockensmith $5.00; Pacific Tel & Tel $4.95; Rawlings 70c; Frank Taylor & Son $12.00. Treasurer's Office Baltimore Gun Works, $1.00; Mary Ingram $1.50; Mclva Mitchell $1.50; Lenore Powell $7.50; Pacific Coast Stamp 50c; Pacific Tel & Tel $4.00; Rawlings $2.70. Surveyor's Office : Glen A. Peck $131.88; James Burson $3.19; James Cooper $2.39; Wm. Cooper $12.76; A. Leizt Co. $7.48; Leslie Meinert $19.98; Pacific Tel & Tel $4.40; D. S. Smith $7.98. Assessor's Office Lilla O. McCoy $110.00; Earl Elliott $85.00; Earl Elliott (ownership record) $20.00; G. A. Gilbert $60.00; W. R. Kirk $50.00; J. S. JNicewood $75.00; J. N. McNeil, $60.00; Leslie Cade $50.00; A. L. Geddes $35.00; Claire Powell, $75.00; A. J. Snortsman S7(l.nn. James O'Hara $100.00; Pacific Tel & lei $4.UU; Rawlings 60c. Court House A. L. Shelton $89.70: Mt.. Rlntpa $44.97; J. P. Hcddy $14.18; Cura-mings $43.88; Dick Wagy $3.00; General Road Fund $5.50; J. W. Hutchenson $4.40; Hurley Plumbing $1.50; Murphy Seed Co. $1.23; Portland Gas & Coke 95c; Ralston Electric 75c. Circuit Court Kathleen K. Miller $6.00. Co. Court & Commissioners Frank Taylor & Son $7.75; J. J. Barrett $5.55; H. A. Renninger $120.65; H. F. Warren $120.40; Pacific Tel. & Tel. $13.40. Justice Court ' Ben Clelen $6.60; S. M. Garland $5.00; Harvey A. Wight $14.00; Victor Olliver $81.15. Coroner B. R. Wallace $10.00; Warren Hunter $32.70; L. M. Bain $5.00; E. C. Fisher $20.00. Insane N. E. Irvine $ 1 0.00. "Wings of the Morning, my dear!" If Schilling Coffee doesn't improve his morning manners, your money back. But you've got to do your part too. Buy the correct Schilling Coffee for your coffee pot. That's the delicious secret! Schilling prepares two kinds. One for drip. One for percolator. Schilling, Coffee 1929 FORD fUUKE Itupoer upholstery, in fine shape. Nef SylT $195 1934 DODGE SEDAN Very low mileage, Runs as good as new. Dual equipment throughout. 4-door De fliCin Luxe Model ,fOO ( ; 1934 PLYMOUTH 5-PA88. 8-DAN Black with red wheels. Motor good as new. Genuine Hydraulic brakes. (AQB Only 'a? . 1933 DODGE COUPE Dark blue finish with cream wheels, tires, upholstery and motor in A-l condition. CCT For 30 1930 PLYMOUTH COUPE Low mileage, new paint job. New seat covers. New car looks and perfor- t7 57 mnnec YiJ ' 1929 rONTIAC 4-DOOR SEDAN 6 wheels, trunk rack, perfect rubber, tip tt A top shape. Only .. A Ralston Seventh and S. Lyon Streets DEPENDABLE USED CARS o Wednesday evening 6:45 choir practice; 8 o'clock prayer, praise and Bible study. Friday evening the young folks will hold their monthly business and social time. This meeting will be in the nature of a lawn party at the country home of Ed Reeser. Further announcement will be made at church Sunday. Christian Science Society Sunday morning services at 11. Subject of lesson sermon, "Soul and Body." Wednesday, 8 p. m., testimonial meetings. Sunday school for pupils up to the age of 20, 9:45 a. m. The reading room which is in the church building is open Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 4 p. m. All are welcome. First Presbyterian Church M. M. Stocker, Minister Sunday school at 10 a. m. Classes for all ages. Mrs. Daniel Freeman, supt. Morning worship at 11. The patriotic organizations of the city will be our guests. Sermon: "World Peace." The choir, directed by Mrs. Roy Worley, and Fred Neal, organist, will sing "The Rc- 'cessional" (DeKoven). Junior Hi and Senior Hi societies will meet at 6:30. Evening worship at 7:30. Sermon: "The Gospel and Progress." The college girls' trio will sing "God Is Love", (Shelley). The Women's association will meet at 3:30 at the church immediately after the Women's Albany College League meeting at the college on Wednesday. A short program and business meeting will be held in charge of the May group, Mrs. George Crowell, chairman. The "Class of '36" will have a picnic at Eleanor Park Monday evening at 6:30. If stormy it will be held in the church. Immanuel Lutheran Church R. Heins, Pastor Services will be held Sunday at 11 a. m. by the pastor. A German service will be held at 10 a. m. Sunday school meets at 10 a. m. Rev. Wizneken of Travancore, India, will lecture tonight at 8 o'flpck on his work in India. He has a very fine exhibit of interesting curios gathered from the natives among whom he worked. The Walther league will nave its annual fellowship dinner at 7:30 p. m. 100..000 candles will be lighted simultaneously commemorating the birthday of the league. W W w W lllamette United Presbyterian Church Oakvllle E. J. Clark, Minister 10:30 a. m., Bible school; M. S. Coon, supt. 11:30. Morning worship. The choir under the direction of Vis- tor Yates will sing the anthem, "Mv God. My Father", by Frank Wrigley. Sermon: "A Model Church Service." 8 p. m., Y. P. C. E.. Subject: "The Ministry of the Church;" leader, Robert Cale. . - Free Methodist Church Eighth and Sherman Sts. V. M. Abbott, Pastor A missionary convention, Salom district, will be held at the church May 22 to 24. Miss Mattie Peterson, guest speaker, missionary to China now on furlough. Friday evening Rev. R. J. Milton, district elder, will lead the song service at 7:30. Address by Miss Mattie Peterson. Saturday afternoon, May 23 1:30, junior missionary meeting; 2:15, special song by Bowerman Milton quartet; 3:00, missionary demonstration. Miss Mattie Peterson; 7:30, sermon by Rev. R. J. Milton. Sunday, May 24.-9:45 a. m., Sunday school; 11, morning worship; Rev. R. J. Milton will preach. 2:30 p. m., song service led by Rev. William McCormick; 2:4a, special song by Bowerman Milton quartet; 3:00, address by Miss Mat-tie Peterson; 6:30, young people's hour: 7:30, evangelistic service. Rev. R. J. Milton will bring the closing message. You are cordially invited to attend these services. FOR FULL Market Prices Sell your Eggs, PoultryCream Veal, Live Calves Lambs, Wool, Turkeys, TO-SWIFT t COMPANY Albany Phone 234 Pencetostal Assembly of Cod 223 East Second Street. Alan H. Banks, Pastor Friday, 7:45 p.m. Praise service, Mrs. Banks will speak Sunday 9:45 a.m., Sunday school John Nelson, supt; A happy' healthy school. 11 a.m., wprship service, message "Crowns"; 6:45 p.m. Children's Sand Table -Hour, Christ's Ambassadors, Adult Hour of Prayer at the home of J. H. Angstead, 2nd and Calapooia. 7:45 p.m. rousing evangelistic service, special music. Gopsel message "What About SIN".. . , Wednesday, 1 p.m. prayer meeting. 7:45 p.m. Bible Study, 'Fear the Paralyzer of Faith." Friday, 7:45 p.m. praise service. V , 1 .' Church of Christ ; Broadalbih and Fourth Sts. Vifgil F. Halbig, pastor Order of services for Sunday, May 24. 'We will observe May 31 as "Memorial Sunday." The services we " have arranged for this Sunday will help to make "Memorial Day" mean- more to us. The morning .subject' 'The High Cost of Loving." and evening, "The Five Greatest Days in Your Life." Special music at all services. We were delighted with the fine turnout of .the new members and their families .last: Sunday night and with the splendid spirit and interest "these, new members are showing ! as they enter into the church life and fellowship of servers j j : Bible-School 9:45, classes for cvetjf age: Earle Horning, supt. Mary -MagerS platform supt. You wiljjenjojf this study period. They . are helpful. . . ' sMorning worship and communion ;servibe 11:00 Sermon "The High Cost of Loving." . All four Christian Endeavor groups will meet at 7:00. Junior; intermedial high! school, and college ages are cordially -invited to attend. Eve-ning .praise and worship 8:00 p.m. Orchestra. by Mr. Kleffman, Cor-vallis. Congregational singing and special music led by Linden Laun-cr. Sermon ' ."The Five Greatest Days m Your Life." Everyone welcome. Wednesday night, 8:00 midweek prayer and devotional service.' A study of Peter's epistles. Thursday night 7:30 choir practice. Plan to attend some place of worship every Sunday. . LUnited Presbyterian Church J' Fifth and Washington Sts. i J. B. Patterson, minister Bilbe school 10 a.m. B. H. Pharis, superintendent. Classes fro all. Prof. Clarence Slocum of Albany college will' preach both morning and evening. - , , Morning worship 11 a.m. Pipe , organ prelude and offertory. Spe-' ciai music. Sermon "The' Fact of God." . xoung, reopies, societies .6:45- p m. including junior, high school and advanced groups. - Evening worship 8 p.m. Special mtsic: Sermon "The Essence of Religion." - . - , - Mid-week service, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m .for prayer and Bible study. Choir rehearsals Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday 8:30 p.m. .. . . Grace Mennonlte Church : Fourth and Main Streets W. R. Augsburger, pastor 10:00 a.m. Sundav school. Mr. A. H. Boise, superintendent. 11:00 a.m. morning worship. "The Obligations of the Living Hope Upward" will be the theme of the pastor's discourse in the Epistle of Peter. The choir will sing the anthem "Oh, Worship the King." by Haydn-Heyward. 7:00 p.m. Christian Endeavor. 8:00 p.m. Song service and evening worship. The Pastor will bring a message on the theme "What Shall I do During the Summer?" Special music. All young people are , urged, to be present at this special S young people's service. Thursday 7:30 p.m. prayer service and Bible Study. 8:30 p.m. choir rehearsal. Tangent Methodist Church t Dr. Jouett P. Bray, Pastor Sunday school at 20 a. m. Mr. Pierce. Jenks, superintendent. Preaching at 11 a. m. Rev. F. S. Wheeler, of Roscburg will deliver the sermon at that hour, at the close of the preaching hour Mr. Wheyler will hold the 3rd Quarterly Conference of the church. Young people's meeting at 7 p. m. Mr. Marlow Jenks, president. Preaching at 8 p. m. This service conducted by the pastor. All are cordially invited to attend the services. First Baptist Church A special service honoring the graduates of our schools, and of interest, to all young people, is to be conducted at the Baptist church next Sunday evening, when the pastor, Rev. Elmer Junker, speaks onthe them: "A Purposefui Life or , The Tragedy of the Drifter." Spec-) ial music will feature the service. All young people of the community are given a special invitation to participate in this inspiring ser vice, which begins at 8 o'clock. The B. Y. P. U. service will be at 7 o'clock. This is a wonderful training for leadership in life as well as training in character which no young person of the church should miss. At 9 a. m. the Bible school will be in session. Children's Day will soon be here. Let us build each Sunday for a record attendance on Children s Day. t At tht morning worship and service will center about the theme rrf the sermon; "The Wonder of fcriTn." Do you believe in ' he fecf ivs of sin? Be sure to tikis mtwtyc on one of the mat frfcious doctrines of our AMI. . 4nfJr good attendance at riry(r mcetinyylast WcWifiay. Wtte you thercThe topic for next I fciHMlrV evening is: "What1 (SWjjr5 for Us." MotorCo. PhoM 170 DEPENDABLE USED THUCXS OPENING SATURDAY, MAY 23rd Ryals Feed and Produce Co. FOOT OF FERRY STREETS FEATURING TRIANGLE POULTRY AND DAIRY FEEDS Thompson's Egg Mash SEED POTATOES, Netted Gems and Burbanks. Buying Eggs, Dressed Veal and Live Poultry. Come in and get acquainted GORDON RYALS, Prop. vrf& ofzmzfy Xj . ... -. ... . ' "r; .-... ;v , : '.., ,; ) o o 0 o to)

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