The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on September 4, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1924
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1924. TWO Nappanee baseball fans had the of indentification if mixed with Irk. Then, in the guise of an inspector of electric wiring, the chemist gained access to the houses of all suspects. in a few days she was trapped in the act of sending off another one. That ended the case in a regular Sher-ock Holmes style. Whenever he found an open ink-well he dropped a pellet in it. The next anonymous letter led him to the woman responsible for it. And privilege of witnessing the fastest ball game of the season on Sunday when the Tigers defeated the Gary eMborhodd naval district. Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Logansport finished in the order named. The chippy crews furnished the closest race of the afternoon with Culver and Great Lakes keeping- even bows until the last quarter when Culver cmickened its Firemen by score of 3 to 1 . The Gary Firemen were the best team to visit the East Side park this season and the spectators were funished with i stroke and went over the line winner many thrills as the big ex-leaguers on J by a length. GEORGE W CO. both teams pulled oil one sensational play after another. A. L. Shafer, formerly manager of the Nappanee branch of the Smith This morning the 850 cadets of the summer schools met for their final formation, heard the closing words from Gen. Gignilliat, Admiral Ross and Chief Wallace; watched the award of medals and then formed for the last time in the session on the parade field for the impressive Auld Lang Syne ceremony that pecedes the command " Dismissed." For the award of medals a replica of a bat SOUTH BEND, INDIANA COME AND SEE US Store Hours: 8:30 to 5:30. Saturday Evenings close 6 p. m. The September Sale of Rugs and Draperies NOW ON Motor company, has, been appointed factory representative of the Chicago branch of the Ford Motor company. Mr. Shafer's many friends will be pleased to learn of his appointment to this position. The employes of the Vitreous Steel Products company will hold a picnic next Monday, Labor Day. The place has not been definitely decided on, but it is thought that Dewart lake will be selected. place represented the press anl the municipalities of Marshall county uesday when as guests of the Central Indiana Power Company they were members of a personally conducted tour to Dresser, the mammoth plant of that company being built on the Wabash near Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Alleman and children wei-e LaFayette visitors tleship had been erected on the lake front and the awaid took place from MILFORD NOTES From The Milford Mail. Terhaps one of the most interesting meetings ever held by the Good Fellowship Club, was that one held Tueslay evening. At 6.S0 p. m. fifty-five members and guests assembled at the C. V. Hammond room, where a real country dinner, with chicken and all the "trimmin" was served by Mrs. Joseph Tusing and members of her Sunday School class. Following the dinner and brief business session the club went to the Comus theatre building, where they vere favored by the deck of this vessel. The summer scnools nave been in session since July 1st and the boys have repre Thursday. While there they looked after rooming quarters for Roy New-comb, who will soon enter upon a course at Purdue. Enroute home they tarried in Monticello to call upon the D. J. Wickizers and L. O. Corey a vocal solo, by Mrs. Gladys Ogden, Lawrence and Donald publish the White County Democrat, which is one of the leadine newspapers of that section. Mrs. J. B. Middleton and son Junior came home Saturday from Fort Worth, Texas, where they have been at home this summer to husband and anl by special vocal numbers, by V. P. Brock of Winona Lake. At the close of the musical program, Judge F. E. Bowser and Judge L. W. Eoyse of Warsaw gave two splendid talks pertaining to the service, duty and purpose of such organizations, which were well received and very much appreciated by those present. The yearly meeting of the Christian churches of Kosciusko, the Mil-ford, Etna Green, Palestine and Warsaw, was held at the latter place on dad Baseball Jimmy. Tire latter will close a successful season some time next month and drive home in his Nash, accompanied by one of his baseball pals. Prof. Hogue and our quartet of BOURBON BRIEFS From The Bourbon News-Mirror. E. G. Giggy, 2004 North Barr St., Ft. Wayne, and R. V. Miller of 601 West Jefferson St., same city, were in an auto accident west of this place near the home of Anson Jordan and wife, yesterday morning about 7.30 and Mr. Miller was dangerously hurt, while Mr. Giggy was only shocked. They were going east at a good speed. The car skidded to the north side of the roal, in lose stone ,and struck the edge of the ditch where the ground is soft, slid into the 4-foot ditch, and turned over on its side. It slid on his side about 30 feet, grinding against a barbed wire fence. Mr. Miller sus-stained a deep gash from the left corner of his mouth to back under the ear, that cut almost entirely through. He also hurt two fingers of his left hand and one finger of the right, as well as injured the left leg from the ankle almost to the knee. This deep cut was done by the barbed wire as the car slid along the same. Mr. Giggy was driving. They had lost much sleep the past two days, being out on the business of promoting some sales and they believed Mr. Giggy dozed a little as he drove, thus causing them to hit the soft stone just as he did. Mr. Giggy is a New York life insur-rance man. An embarrasing moment came to Charles Stackhouse, last week. Also September presents a great opportunity to buy your Fall Rugs now. House renovating time is almost here and now is the time to realize your plans for new Rugs and Draperies: First, BECAUSE Some specially purchased (slightly imperfect) Axminster Rugs will sell at one-fourth to one-third less than firsts of the same, quality. Second, BECAUSE Forey-eight room size Rugs from five of the best Rug Mills are greatly reduced because their patterns have been dropped from regular lines. . Third, BECAUSE Complete stocks of all regular, first quality floor coverings such as Hartford Saxony, Whittall's Anglo-Persian Rugs and Bigelow's Carpets are here for wider selection. Fourth, BECAUSE Every customer purchasing $50.00 worth of Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums or Window Shades will be given a mahogany finish folding Card Table without extra charge. Fifth, BECAUSE Many specials are here in draperies, fabrics and curtains together with the new and beautiful first showings of new Orinoka sunfast fabrics. stock-judging junveniles, Oris Coplen, Paud White, Carl Wallace and Elton Bodey, Went to LaFayette Monday to spend a couple of days in the live sented practically every part of this, country and included a delegation i of twenty-one from Cuba. C. W. Newman & Sons will on Friday of this week, load a car load of cattle which are being shipped to the Indiana State Fair. The group will consist of ten females and two males. In addition, the yearling heifers of the Culver Calf Club will be shipped in the same car The Newmans are standing the expense of shipping these calves to the fair. M. Stuprich will also take one cow in the car load. In this car will be some of the state's finest Holstein cattle and it is expected that some pizes will be captured at the fair. Trustee Glenn Snapp has announced the final plaecment of the teachers for the schools located over the township. It was practically known before this just where the different teachers would go, but definite announcement has just been made. The places will be filled as follows: Rutland, M. Adamson; Maxinkuckee, Nellie Shively; Kaley, Ellen Wicki-zer; Burr Oak, Hilda Busart and Lee Beehler; Hibbard, Zella Albert and Mary Jones. O n August 16th, Woodcrafter Thomas S. Joseph of Akron, Ohio, was awarded his twelfth merit badge, the Printing Merit Badge, which he worked out in The Culver Citizen office. This is Joseph's last year in the Academy summer school and during the summers that he has attended school here, he has gained every honor that was possible for him to achieve. Ida E. Walker, wife of L. G. Walker, died at her home last Wednesday evening at the age of fifty-nine years. stock department, gleaning pointers Folding Table Given with a $50 Purchase An ideal card or sewing table will be iven to those who purchase $50 or more in nigs, carpets, linoleums and window shades during September. The folding table, as pictured above, is well made, rigidly braced and covered with moire grain imitation leather top. Size 30 x 30 inches, and ordinarily sells for $530. Only one to a family. in stock-judging. NAPPANEE NEWS From the Nappanee Advance-News. Activities the past week on the part of representatives of the Pennsyl vania Oil Co., indicate that Middle Sunday. A large crowd attended; and the local church was represented by about 50 people. There was exceptionally fine talent on the platform at all of these sessions. Eleven ministers from outside the county, and the states of Ky., Tenn., Okla., and O., were represented by ministers who were in attendance at the Winona Bible Conference which has been in session for some time. Miss Esther Tusing returned Saturday evening from a trip through the East. During the week's time spent, she visited many points of interest including Niagara Falls, several Inlian reservation, schools and orphanages at Iroquois, New York; botanical gardens at Panama, and between Lackawanna and Buffalo, was privileged to view many tropical plants. Hers was not only a pleasure trip, but for educational purposes as well, and was especially beneficial to her as an instructor in our school. Rev. V. P. Brock a singing evan bury will be the scene of considerable oil prospecting within the next few months. Frank Mimmis of White Pigeon and E. S. Kepple of Pittsburg, representing this company, have leas ed 2,000 acres of land in the vicinity of Stone Lake, seven miles northeast of Middlebury, starting the work here it "was an expensive moment for Special Purchase of Slightly Imperfect Heavy Weight Axminster Rugs Charles Bertsch, due to a comedy of errors, if you might call it a comedy at all. Last spring Charles Bertsch was invited to store his No. 7 Radiant home with one of Ed. Stoffer's, in Friday, and finishing the job Wednesday. These men state that it is the intention of the company to sink five test wells, and that work will probably start within three months. Work on the laying of conci'ete on the Nappanee street improve a building belonging to Mr. Stack gelist, and his wife who have been spending the summer months at Wi The immediate cause ot death was heart disease. Funeral services were held at the residence on the southwest side of Lake Maxinkuckee on Saturday morning at 10.30 and interment vas made in the Richland Center cemetery. Slight imperfections such as yarn catches, small pattern mistakes, etc., which do not take from the long wearing quality of the rugs. See them and note the savings. - - - $3.97 9 ft. x 12 ft. - - - - - $6.35 9 ft. x 15 ft. - - - - - $21.32 11 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft. - - - $28.43 11 ft. 3 in. x 12 ft. lA to l3 Less - - - $34,44 - - - $47,38 - - - $59.21 - - - $47.38 Less 27 in. x 60 in. 36 in. x 72 in. 6 ft. 9 in. x 9 ft. 9 ft. x 9 ft. - - HOW TO STRENGTHEN EYES. In a surprising short time simple 8 ft. 3 in. x 10 ft. 6 in. $32.73 camphor, witchhazel, hydrastis etc., as mixed in Lavoptik eye wash, strengthens eyes so you can read or ments was commenced last Thursday by the Plummer Construuction company of Elkhart and almost a block per day is being finished. The new Kohring paving machine, purchased by this firm especially for this job, is working to perfection and hundreds stop every day to see the huge machine in operation. Nine trucks are engaged in hauling material from the cars to the mixer, which at present is consuming five and one-half cars per day 2 cars of sand, 2 cars of pebbles, 1 car of cement and a half a car of granite. On Tuesday, August 19th at 3.00 o'clock P. M. in the home of the bride's parents at Warsaw occurred the marriage of Dewey H. Miner, nona Lake, and who have been serv-; ing the Milford Christian church for three months, will close their work here Sunday. They will enter the evangelistic work on the first Sunday in September, their field being the eastern part ' of Indiana. During their stay in Milford the church and community felt a spiritual uplift. A very pretty wedding took place at the Ernest Williams cottage, at Lake Webster, Wednesday, August 20, at which time Miss E. Carol Gumm, of Chicago, a graduate of the University of Illinois, "was united in marriage to C. C. Walters, of Inlianapolis ; a high school coach and teacher of agriculture, at that city. A Kosciusko County farmer in- work more. One small bottle shows results. Aluminum eye cup free. (Fisher Bros., druggists.) adv 48 Discontinued-Pattern Rugs Greatly Reduced These are first quality rugs from five of the best rug mills, reduced for this sale because the maker has discontinued these patterns, making it impractical f to keep them in regular stock. Trustee's Notice. As Trustee of German township I will transact official business at my office, in the Union State Bank, Bremen, each Saturday. Re , son of Rev. C. J. Miner, Pastor of the mainder of time at my residence on forms the editor that this talk about Nappanee U. B. church, and Virginia agricultural prosperity sounds good R. Scott, daughter of J. W. Scott, W. Plymouth st., Bremen. Wm. A. Engel house and occupied by Stoffer & Co. in days past, as a chicken house. Mr. Stoffer had other things stored there and when he went to Elkhart took all he wanted and left the stove of Mr. Bertsch therein. Charles took a notion to clean up the place last week. The Radiant home had been divested of all its trimmings, and movable parts, so that it would be easy to handle. It looked to Mr. Stackhouse as if it was a derelict, so he sold it to Nathan Oppenheim for junk, and Nate reduced it to chuncks. Charles has his coal already bought, the .trimmings for the body of the stove but that is all except the profuse ap-pologies of Mr Stackhouse and the assurance that he will gladly pay for another as good as this one, if Charles can find it. Mrs. Elmer Doty, remembered as the widow of Omar Senour, died at her home in Milford, where she had lived several years, and the funeral services were held at the home in Milford Sunday at one oclock. The body was then brought to the Mt. Pleasant cemetery, northwest of this place, remembered as the Dunkard cemetery, vhere they were laid to rest. Mrs. Doty had been ill for several months. She leaves two children, beside the husband, to mourn her demise. These are Claude Senour, of South Bend, and Mrs. Blanch Parks, of Milford. Newton and Mrs. Elkins, who conduct the little lunch stand just west of the John Yager place, went into the ditch over near South Bend, the first of last week ,and the result was a badly battered up "Lizzie", and Newton and wife were battered up, as they were buried under the car. Charles Elkins went after it and brought it home last Thursday even-in. Newt tried to pass a truck on the narrow pavement over that way and lost control of the car. , general manager of the telephone , company at Warsaw. A very beauti to him, but when he looks at his bank account he still wonders who is getting these millions that better price are bringing to farmers. Hartford Saxony Loom Tufted Rugs Unusually deep in pile, made of selected woolen yarns that are exceptionally soft and resilient, and with ful wedding program was arranged ' and carried out, the father of the Good Detective Work On Part of Chemist i groom officiating. They left War ' saw the same evening for Chicago, ARGOS ITEMS From The Argos Reflector. thence to Kewanee, 111., and finally to Kansas City, Mo., where Mr. Min- rich soft colorings. An epidemic of abusive anonymous letters broke out in a small suburban town near Albany recently. The town's chief of police finding he was making no progress in his investi , x t j er will be employed in teachmg in and a Ford piloted by Jas. voreis, Jr. . , , ,. , . , , , collided Tuesday evening just below; j. w. l-iesn ana son naroia ana gations, enlisted the aid of consulting Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Hershberger and . $5.50 $13.00 $15.00 $22.50 $46.50 $85.00 $87.50 SJ4xlOJ2- ft. $120 9x9 ft. . . . $120.00 9x12 ft. . . $125.00 9x15 ft. . . $175.00 1V4x12 ft. $175 11 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft. at $215.00 27x36 in. . . 36x36 in. . . 27x54 in. . , 36x63 in. . . 4'2x7i2 6x9 ft 694x9 f t . . . two children of North Canton, O., vis a chemist interested in curious problems of crime suspectible to scientific detection. ited at the cottage of Frank Coppes at Lake Wawasee from Monday till Scrutiny of a hundred or more of Friday. They also were the guests of Mrs3Irs. Elizabeth Zook in, Nappanee on Friday night, when they went to South Fend for a visit with relatives the letters convinced the scientist the unknown writer was a middle-aged woman, says Capper's Weekly. All kinds of writing paper were used, but always a sharp-pointed steel pen and the same kind of ink. Dust in the ink indicated an open ink-well was used by the writer. At on the journey home. Harold Lesh Ruffled Marquisette Curtains $1.95 The vogue for Ruffled Curtains continues because they are dainty as well as economical. These are made of fine mercerized marquisette, sheer in quality and dotted in pattern. Tie backs come with every pair. . A new assortment purchased for this September Sale $1.95 a pair. Others at $2J9, $2.59, $3.85 Curtain Materials 48c yd. Your choice of .many fine filet nets, open mesh nets, bordered scrims and marquisettes. They are remarkable values in the fast selling colors white, cream and ecru. Their sheer quality recommends them to any fine home. September Special 48c yd. Others at 25c, 39c, 59c and 69c yard Rayon Drapery Fabrics $1.19 -$2.89 Many new colors are here in this beautiful economical Rayon fabric, formerly called artificial silk. Soft colorings in an assortment to permit the fulfillment of the color scheme you desire. 36 and 50 inch widths, $1.19 and $2.89 special. and many other specials. is an employe of the North Canton the South street crossing. The former was south-bound, the latter north. Both cars were swerved half-round and stopped at right angles to the street and roughly parallel to each other by the impact. The Buick had the left runboard ruined and the fenders crumpled and may have been otherwise damaged. The Ford was crushed on the left front, the light, fender, spring -and wheel sharing the ruin and the engine seemed much put out about something. As to responsibility for the accident there was marked disparity of agreement. Sunday afternoon the South Bend Independent horseshoe pitchers defeated the local pitchers on our ground by the score of 760 to 636. The South Bend team brought 16 pitchers along but we could only use Whittall's Rugs Anglo -Persian Wilton The soft, fine texture of Anglo-Persian Rugs permits beautiful and delicate patterns, following closely the historic art rugs of the Orient. Sun, and made the Advance-News a pleasant call while here. He is a bright lad, 15 years of age, Vrho is this point the chemist made up a lot of pellets, using a different chemical destined to become a good printer. for each, but every chemical capable Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and (Mrs. L. V. Mullet had her hand injured in a clothes wringer Monday August 25. Ed. Engle was kicked above the right eye by a horse Monday, the 22'$x36 in. $10.00 36x36 in. . .$13.50 36x36 in. . .$15.00 36x63 in. . .$23.50 6x9 ft. ... $89.75 8xl0ft. $127.50 9x12 ft... $138.75 9x15 ft. ..$199.50 CULVER CLIPPINGS From The Culevr Citizen. The Illinois Valley Yacht and Canoe Club shell crew from Peoria, The Great Lakes Naval Taining Sta CAL. L. STOCKMAN AUCTIONEER PHONE 535. NAPPANEE, IND. six so they picked out their six best ; wound required several stitches to tion heavy cutter crew, the Culver OSTEOPATHIC CHIROPRACTIC Body Brussels Rugs With all Worsted Face for Hard Wear 224x36 in. $4.75 36x63 in. .. $11.00 27x54 in. . . $7.00 sy4xl02 ft $59.50 9 ft. x 12 ft. $64.75 men. This is only our second pame of the season. At the close of the game a 50-point game was staged between Rollo Underwood and Nykos of South Bend. It was a real game and ended in a score of 47 to 50 in favor of Underwood. Fifty-one ringers were thrown in this game. M. M. Geer and G. B. Harris of Bourbon and A. C. Yearick of this close it. The Nappanee schools wilt open on Monday, Sept. 1. School will be in session about one hour. The object will be to enroll the children and explain what books each grade will need. Monday will be Labor. Day, but it is hoped every parent who possibly can will cooperate by sending his children to school for the brief time requested. Radio Electronic and Electrical Treatments DR. ARTHUR B. SMITH DRUGLESS PHYSICIAN Wisler Bldg. Nappanee, Ind "Where They Come to Get Well" Summer Naval Chippy crew and the Naval Reserve crew from Green Bay, Wisconsin, were winners in the various races held in the Naval Regatta under Culver auspices on Lake Maxinkuckee Monday afternoon. The Green Bay lads were winners by four lengths in the cutter race for naval reserve championship of the 9th Consultation and Examination Free Phones 195 and 2 on 195

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