Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 21, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1936
Page 7
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si THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1936 . THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN. THOUSANDS CAN LEARN OF YOUR VACANCY THROUGH WANT ADS. 1 6 Miscellanccus Classified 6 For Sale Used Cars !22 NEW TODAY PHR QAI F " 200 HOLLYWOOD Tun OMLL Wh,.. Leghorn pullets. 12 wks. old, 6oc each. C A. Itault, Tangent. ml'l-S broilers, I to 1J lbs., 17-lSr.. Ihj dg 1 lbs up. 17-18e II,; colored sprlnfrs, lbs and up. 20-21c lb; roosters, 8-0o Pekln ducks, ymittg, 14-17u lb; neese. ll-12o lb. Live poultry Selling price by wholesabrH: Llftht hens, ltika lb; - no Trades A .AND N. W. I llnu L .. .. Wyoming, will Kfow po tatoes, alfalfa, KUKiir brels nttd seed house pi'otluets, for Oregon properly, St) to 80 acres. A. 11. Plnkal, Sweet Hume, lit. 2. ml-SI-R 21 For Rent FOR RENT- LIS E. "Ih St. UNKUISN1SHED ni!-plex. AilultK only. inl'J-21' PAOTIIRp FOIl KENT ltlVEIt 1 AO I V II l i.ottom. cows, horses or heifers. J. II. ISIakely, ( ml. So. Sanderson's HridKO. nilt-21 FOR RENT- 647-lt. 6 I'.OOM UN-npts. Phone n21-tf ELLSWORTH APTS HEAT' LLLOIIUIl I I I overstuffed furniture. Ph. 35, 80!i Ellsworth, nti-tf WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO trade? Try a "Swap" nd. 10 Help Wanted 1 HAND W ANTED ON i FARM dairy farm, married. House! fnti.uli.,rl I,. 1,1. I' 'Porhiimi ferson. Ore. Ph. 47-F-14. mHt'fil-S 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WOOL WANTED . WW PAY highest market value. M. Senders & Co. iu7-30 pAOpARA BARK WANTED WE nn unlimited quantity of dry or green Cascara Bark. Will pay highest cash prices. Albany Bar-gain House, 2nd jand Bnkor, Phone 76, nl6-tf OLD I J NIT K D ST A T KS COl N S bought at iawsou's Ding Store. tnnrltf 24 Personal OTflyApU ULCER, GAS PAINS, O I UlVinui I tmiigenutin .victims, why suffer? For quick relief get a free sauiiiln of Udgn, a doctor's 'prescription at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. . ni5-J5 By HAROLD GRAY 15- THRIFTY BUYERS SEE ! ALEXANDER'S USED CARS Franklin late tnodet trade-in on a new Lincoln-Zephyr, spotless throughout r75 tires, cost now $2400. A real buy at $4H5, '2! Chev Coupe, good tires, original pui'il, low -mileage. Rumble seat. This is really a dandy. '30 Ford Model A Coupe. 30 Ford Model A Fordor. '30 Chev. 4-Door Sedan. '20 Chev 2-Door Sedan. :ll Ford A Roadster. Late niodol long wheel trucks. 20 other real bargains! Take advantage' of our low down SUNDAYS Alexander Motor Co. 121 Lyon St. Albany, Ore. in20-21-S VETERANS YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAR NOW V PAY WHEN YOU GET BON-US '29 '30 '31 UP TO '35 NOW IN STOCK FORD'S, CHEVS, BUICK'S DODGE'S AND MANY OTHERS ALL CLEAN CARS-GUARANTEED- OPEN SCNHAYS Alexander Motor Co. 121 Lyon St. Albany. Ore. Your Kord IX'nler. Automobiles Wanted PAOU FOlt YOL'lt CAIt Ol! -"-" 1 eciulty. Warden's Car Mar ket, Lebanon, Phone l:!3l. ni5-J5 Hay, Grain, Feed SUDAN llltASS SEKIl EOU SALE. John lliirklinrt, lit. 1, Al- . bnny 4 nil. out on Lebanon Hwy. . 11120-22 91 I n A N liKEO von SAI'' OULynn M.O (ternilmitloli, (i. Cook, 4larrisbu,'K, 17-l'"-24. r f . . TEST c 111. K. Phnne ni2U-22 FANCY OH . LOOKIE . Y1!S. OLD. ncral Imnse- VJInl-l niiitctl for i work. IU.f. required. Phone fi5:l-Li. HOUSE FOK nEN"r' ti-osn in. Biod condition. Inquire lrvln's iar;it?e. ni2l-2;i cw.JWk,w JERSEY Hale with heifer. Also I sow witli 7 plus. Phone -l-F-4. 1 W. Krb. ni21-22 EASTBURN unlay, 11 a. m. Horses, 3 head Rood .cows, heifers, 2 Jersey bulls 18 mo. old. 1 Guernsey bull, short year-Jit, g, calves, pigs, shoals, 3 sows, ehi. -kens, Osterlop & White Giant chicks 5 weeks old, cockerels, farm machinery, furniture, beds : complete, dressers, tables, chairs, rockers, heater, davenport, rut?, dishes, cooking utensils, tools, spuds, plants, vegetables and lots f other merchandise, Bring In what yon have to sell. Watch for the list on A. 1. Say-:lr Stile of mechanical tools, Inn it. Itotli, Auctioneer. i21-S WRECKING i. Bill SCHOOLS All kinds of lumber for mile til price. Also briek, lath. Can deliver. 3rd & .Montgomery. 1121-2T-S' ARFnYDII FIND1NU A LOCAL Mill. market for your live stock? A little Want-ad will help you. ATTENTION DEALEris IX "VE n i i u it l ium stock. Buy the Llnu County Fair tirounds with all hulldiims and SO acres of laud for holding stock while waiting to loiul, nt the price of arm land, and very easy terms. 50 At" I IKS ON HIGHWAY near Lebanon Improved for only $2150. C. M. Uollarhide Co. mUtf QTf)p EQUU7A1KNT - FUttNI-tare. 31 acres located on Brush Creek, all bottom land, crop all In, very pood buildings, a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 cows, all equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only 5H7T.O move rirht in. IHVINK L. HOOD, Phone :t00 ' aaotf Little Orphan Anne . And Other Comics Wood and Coal 1fi" Mill WtiOl., .IllEEN :l.r.o per cord; pari dry ,4,1 Tine for cook stoves, sawdust shaviiiKS. Albany Ktlel Co., Hlli Calapouin St., Phone 62 . tn2l'lf 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs HOGS POU. SALE- S HE1 HOliS, F. Eyre, Kern lu20-22 (i mo. t,ll. T JIIiIkk, llolley. Ore. JERSEY ,;.JT; Struuk, Albany. Rt. Snnderson Bridge. ml. So. m2G-22" WANTED - BEEF sirtnger C A T T L E, cows and Albany. nilU-Sl heifers. Walt Nelson, PAQM OLD AND WORTH- vnOn i,,.(iu ,,, ,..- n,lv. old cnlves. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany Cecil Montgomery. in 14 -t I' DFAD ASV WolT1,I'KHS DORSES '-"'and C(ws picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone colled 14-F-l 4, Albany. J f s no nnswei Plone ll-F-4, Corvallls. mH-lf WANTED . FOR CASH O L D and wnrthless hn'sef and oowp Dead animals picked up free of charge anywhere. Cale &. Montgomery, Phone collect 33-F-12, Corvallis. mltf 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous iiopn ICE BOXES UOL-L up. Pick youi ilS ONLY $1 AND up. Pick yours now, a targe stork to select from. lawn mowers trade In your old mower on one of our new light running, high wheel, ball bearing mowers. Garden hose We have a number of pieces of good used garden hose, new hose 50 ft. lengths. $1.05. Sprinklers, garden tools, etc. Albany Bargain House, Second and Baker Sts. m 110 -22 9-WHFFI TRAILER (DUALS) . VVI1LL.U wtn mnkH" for logs, lumber. Chenp for cash. J. W. Shortrldge, 310 Cahipoolo St. Ph. 52. m20ef USED IAS RANGES, ELECTRIC ranges, oil stoves, electric & gas plates, lowest possible prlcest Rebuilt used ranges, large stock only $H.75 & up, Best possl-VnltK'K at Albany Bargain House, 2nd & I taker. ml0-2l SANDY- WHEW YOU REACM TME GONE . Oil ' L-'v-'- extra fine larwe ran Hons, all colors, $1 duz. for Me- Shop. 1)a-v- "' 1''U"'U FOR SALE good tires. 127 IS. 2nd. 27 CUHV SEDAN, A dandy. New rings, Purgoyne Motor Co., St. m'Jl-K HOLLYWOOD . WHITE LEG horn chickens for sale, $7 per 100 May 22 & 25. Phone 5 - F- 3. Oa k w iod Pou 1 1 ry , Fa nil Tangent, Ore. m21-23 AIIPTION SAT- NKXT AT sl'- rvuvi iuh tvM'm Auction Market. Athany, 12:30 sharp. 85 black face ewes and 1 buck, horses, 2 yr. old Jersey heifer, heavy springer, Jersey cow just fresh, Jersey cow milking, 2 yr. old Jersey heifer, calves, pigs, chickens, feed cutter, 8 steel drums, 2 horse cultivator, set of work harness. 2 2-wheel cement wheelbarrows with rubber tires, big lot of good tools, 2 l.x)2 rugs, (lining table, range, chairs, bed spring & mattress, dresser, range, davenport, seed corn, rape seed, and lots of goods not listed. Big sale. Just about like last Sat. which was a dainty. Bring in what you have to sell. Lots of buvers at Ben T. Sudtell's Auction Market. m21-S 1928 CHKV.. SEDAN FOR SALE, new tires & tubes, new top. new Viiiut, low mileage. The best in economical transportation. Unrgoyne Motor Co., 127 E. 2nd. m21-S For Sale Real Estate ALL KINDS W.K W"i Stewart. 1132 W. 12th. ni7-.17-S GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT Delivered in any length. Lester Chilcotc, JG0C San I lain Rd. Phone 734-R. . . J20-tf 4712 ACRE FARM FOK KAU'- miles out: new 5 room house, new chicken house- all other outbuildings fair; on main power lint-. Crops all In. A JtARGAlN. ' See owner. Wni. MclClnlcy lit." I, Albany. Or ' a22-ml!2 PASSING ARMBA HAS A I I BEEN t0IN' HONEST WORK FOR TH' PEOPLE VEARS- THEY WONT QUIT HIM COLD FOR. Iff I UFVI UlUiT I H - mm ,0 WHAT DID I TELL YOHV THERE GOES MRS. FROTH BRIN6IN' HER WHOLE FAMILY'S SHOES TO BE FIXED- TH---?' SHE'S RIGHT BY r INTO THAT CHISELOPOLIS ' T I RJ W ONE O "UNCLE JACK'S BEST CUSTOMERS i-u - , gi'lrK latin. under cultivation fair lm Ml tigs, ri.uuiy. 1S0 total pru-e. Why lltVINE L. IIUUP, Phone 300 a;iotf OlIBVHObBT VWl'K Kolt'' sale, lira nt Wniunisun, lit. 4, I '30 Albany ni21-22' FRESH 'f X. $50. B. M. Al-in21-22 hers, -Shedd. I ADrjr-YKAULIXG VIZMC KKOHKIION young Jersey cow to freshen soon, $."; young white boar, $15. Cecil Kerr, Scio, Ore. m2l-23-s TIIRKFY" I'lKKIlS WANTED I U 1 1 1 Apply nt Swift & Co. . 11121-23 FIVE ACRES VEItY NICE LOCA-tion near Albany and nil un der cultivation with good small house at a sacrafice price. Because f sickness. ISt acre real farm buy; all lays level n nd good farming laud in cultivation except small amount along creek. For quick sale only $25 per acre. Tripp Si .Murphy, Realtors. ni21 tf WF HAVF KKVEltAL VERY FINE VV l I In V L rnnKl, specials in addition to the ones mentioned in our : regular ads. Mountain States Power Co. m!i MR. & MRS. NEW CAR BUY ER does the car you contemplate buying have a seamless, welded one piece body. Investigate the Nash & Lafayette before you buy. Unrgoyne Motor Co. 127 E 2nd. m21-S FOR SALE" -A ROl'T fiOO M A M-moth Bronze Turkey poults to hatch June S and 20. Wesley Lochuer, Phone 14-F-4. ni21-23 BOATS" -SHVIOIIAL IIOATS 12 TO 1 5 ft. Alsu Heveral radios. 117 Lyon St., Albany, ore. 11121-2:1' MR, & MRS. NEW CAR BUYER, if it's spectacular performance you desire, will the car you contemplate buying do 70 miles per hour in second gear? Investigate the Nash & UiFnyette cars. Blir-goyne Motor Co., 127 E. 2nd. ni21-S GEORGE CHISELOP0LI5 BRfcGGIN' HE'LL GET ALL "UMCLE" JACK'S BUSIrJES5i,.,. PHOOEY- I CW4T BELIEVE tTr - mm MM WE CUT, AMD TUB EMEMV? BI6 C4MPAI6M IS OVER!5PLEWPID CDLOWELi FRIENDS OUR TROUBLES OUT, FOOZy AM' I THlNKW ABOUT AXE -'VE $1800-A,T ' JTTar GOOD OLD POODLES! I I GEE. IT'S GOOD TO '' YoJ SEE HIM AGAW ' tswTutsuY ,fT I rs rM ii i i ). V y 1. REMEMBEE U5IMO ARE JACK TME TBOOP5 HI, 6RA& VOJR CASH mile." II r, . PA1" rolt I'SED FPHNI-t'tie. ete. "Look In your chas. iioht-botiKh Sou. . First St Jl-lf ourrn sufaiiivo caii iiohin SH E E P-n'J.t; Vm,,,,;. o?oan nl 1315 K. 2nd. mS-JI CASH FOU OLD OOLD. crowns. bridges. niiinE ete. F. . old jewelry, wnteh enseB. M. Freneh A Son. Jewelers. d30tf PAINTING- WALL PAPERING. Interior decornthiR thal8 differenl. Phone 42 or -M3-U Wilbur Dnwson & C-lalre Snyder. m30-tf Upl D THE NEEDY. 1'IIH SALVA-Hon Army needs fruits, vegetables, clothing, etc., to help needy people In pmeritency cases. Monv too. if you wnnt to contribute. We have nn. telephone but bring In what you have to Annate or drop us a enrd and we'll call for it. Capt. Bert Bailey, 101 west aru Kt.. Albany. ' .. . TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Trlrel Quoted below sre thoie pre-vnlUns nl 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and arc subject to chansc at any huur thereafter. I.OCAI. iiltAIN II. Senders A . Whent: No. 1 white, 77e; red and mixed 75c bushel. BAULKY: Hansen, (31.00 ton. OATS: White, No. I, I1S.00; Bray No. 1, ns.00: Brny feed .20.00 toll. wooi. Woo), per pound 30e Mohair, per pound . ,40c . . . JIKATH (II. 1'.. Neberitall Mrnl Co.) ItAT'l'I.K Sleera ,. ..t5.eOV7.00 . . 4.60lfie.50 . . 2.505.00 . . 3.00'oS.OO . . 1. 50 J. 00 . . 17.00 e1.'60 . . 7.50 Q 8.60 .. 7 00b'8.00 ,, 7.000 7.25 llelfiirs . . . . , Mulls t'nws, beef . , CoaVs, cutters noil!) 140 In 1(10 pounds I ISO In 210 pounds 210 to E50 pounds 250 to 250 pounds 250 pounds up ....... 6. 25 'n 6.00 Sowh 4.25 $j 5.75 IIKKP Lambs .., .17.50ft 8.50 l:we 2.00S4.00 YearllllKS 6.006.00 VKA1, Live .., ll'0SHcd , . .7e .10e IMU I.THV iMwin rumiwiir) No. 1 Ih'Iih. tn 6 Urn 17c Sa. lit'iin, over 6 IIih 17o Net. 1 nwilitim Ihmih, over a J IIih. He Ni. 1 lnt'dlum honn, uuCvr :iA IbH. He In red aprluua 17n No. I hrnllorH, 11 to 2 Hm 15c ItimBlers 7r StRHH ..10c All Irl-f4 Arr Ih'llvrrmI AllniiiT OiiHrN Iir1urnia KxtniH ...i. , 19c .HIumlurdH .- 17c 10x1 ru medium . . . , 1 tic Hutndurd nicdlum 13c MrowiiH rxlriiH lVc IMrly ex trim '10c Uittlci'irnulcH lac Pullet 12c l'Ct WVCIH ltlc YHAI, Live . .7Jc .10ju Dressed HU'ITKHFAT A Kfnilo y, .Stic it iradn , 25c C Krudo 22c HiiKi.r Lambs $H.25'9.00 POII'-1,AM MAIIKKT Portland, Ore, May 21. .Market lor butter was steady as a rule, with a onc-hulf cent advance In prime first cubes. llutterl'at was uuchnnKcd. The ckk market was steady. Went her conditions arc utcalnst the Krowth of asparaKUS with re-sultitiK HertouM HhorlUKu in supplies here. Prices are hftcher. First offurliiKs of California red onions sold $1. 15-1. 25 for 50s. Cantaloupes about steady. (iood (iiiallty tomatoes arc holding well. Dalles peas am about unchaiiRcd at yesterday's low point. Lettuce deal Is fairly steady with an lncralnK supply. I'dllTI.AM) I.IVK.ITflCK rnrtlittul, urn., nitty 21,-Hok: 400. 171 direct, Antlvr. StruiiK-lt IiIkIi.t. t)ii,i(l--liiilcB IlKlitwi'lKlit tlrivulns :ir,-u.i(i. Htvi 8..85. I.IkIu MkIiIs $11.75-11. I'ui ktliK huws 17-7.00 .'(.,.ilr ii7s Qtiotuhln !l-li.70. CuLtlt.: 100. t'ulvus I!:,. 2& (lirni't. Active. KtiiiKly-slrnttir. odd lu-ad fod ' steers $i.riO-7.7&. Oruss stevra ttuut-iililc 7 lltiwn. Fed heifers 10.5(1-7. Ijow cuttur and cutter cows $3-4.50. Nititiiion-mcdliiiii i. 75-15. 50. Oood lieef cows HuUiabln ubnve $6. Bulls 15-0,25. Ale cllum-K'JOtl veiilerH 17-H. . Klleen: 500. 821 direct. Ktctidy. Hind trttfkcd In spriiiK lambs $10. lntiinuiii-iiicdllllil .$H-0.25. . Mcdluiu-Kti'id nhurn ewes $2.50-3.50. pitom to Kxni wriK The following prices were named to ht effective Monday: ; Kulter- Cubo extras, 27c; standards, it 6a; .prime firsts, 26c; first, Cheese Oregon triplets, 15c; Ore-1 HTon loaf, Jlftrt brokers will pay c below iiotations. - tJ v Kkk Produce excite. nK quota-' tlons between dealers: Kxtra largo, lc; standards, large, 1 8c; extras, medium, 18c; standards, medium, 13 c Jobbing prices 2c higher. PORTLAND WtlAI.KMAMQ PHICKN These are 1he prlifes retailers pay wholesalers, except whero otherwise stated; 1 imttt-r Vrlnts, A grade, 29c. lb in parchment wrapper, 30c lb In cartons; ft jfrade, parchment wrapper, 2sc lb cartons, feOc lb. .. Hut t erf ut( Portland delivery) A grnde, delivered at least twice a week. 28c lb; country, routes, .26c 1U; It grade, 27c lb; C grude at market, ut market. It grade cream for market -buying price, butterfat basis, S.ljc lb, Cheese Helling price to Portland retailers; Tillamook triplets, 20a lb: loaf. 21c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, 18c lb; loaf, lc lb. Kggs Buying price of wholesalers: Kxtrns, 19c dos; standards, 17c dnx; extra mediums, lftc dot; do medium firsts, 15c dos; under grade, 10c dos; pullets, 15c dos. f . Milk A grade, Portland delivery, r.Hjc per 100 lbs. Butterfat Basis for 4 per cent. Live poultry Porjltinfl delivery, buying price: colored hens, over l$ lh lit- 20c 11,; under 4) lbs, 18-11 lb: I.euhorn hens, over ::j lbs. 16-I7c umler 3 lbs U-lOc lb, leghurii 2 lb; I to ''n"tim hens, 17-I80 lb; colored hens, '.:; l-22c lb; Pckln diickH. young 21-22c lb; do colored. 12- 17c lb; capons, over 7 lbs, 24-25u lb; culnea hens. r0c each. UabbitH Fancy dressed, 20-21c lb. Turkeys (drcHsed) Helling price retailers: No. 1 hens, 19-20c lb; toms, 18-20c lb. Fit K Mil 'Pill' IT Anplen ttelicimiN. extra tncy. $1.85-2 box; do fancy, ll.C5-l.C0 box; New towns, extra fancy. $1.70 box; do fancy, $1.45 box; do face and fill. Taney H5c box; do face and fill, choice, 6'ic box; Spltzenberflr. extra fancy, $1.40 box; do combination, $1.25 box; Home Ileauty, Jumble, 2o lb; wlnsaps, extra fancy, $i.tia box; do fancy, $1.40 box; do jumble, extra fancy, 3c lb. Cantaloupes California standard, $4; jumbo :iti, $4.25 era re; Jumbo 45, 4.50. Hnnanas Bunch, 5$c lb; hands, 6-GJc lb. 8tra wherries Canity, $3-3.25 per 24-tmsket crate; Florin, $1.40-1.46; , local $2-2.7.p; Kcniiewlck $2-2,25 ; UoseburK $1.75-2,50. Pears D'AuJou, $ box. Oranges California nnvela, fancy $3.15-t:t.30; choice, $2.7G-2.05; standards, $2.05 case. , tirapefruit ArUonu, $1.80-2.40 case; Florida, $4-4.25 case. Lemons California, fancy $6.G0-7.30 case; choice $6.25-6.75. FHKNII VKtJKTA II LBS Potatoes Uicnl, $2-2.10 per cental; Klamath, $2.35 cental; Scapposo Netted Ccms, $2-2.15 cental; Deschutes Netted Hems, $2.35-3 cental, cental. Celery California, $3-3.50 crate; hearts, $2 do bunches.-. Pcas-r-The lnlles 7.8c lb; California, $2.60 per 60-lb sack. Spinach 40-50e omnRe box. Onions Oregon, $1.10-1.31 per 400 lbs. Tomatoes Indlo, $3-2.50 -luff. liettuce Local, $1-1.25 crate. Swoet potutoes California, $2 nr 50-lb, crate; southern yams, $1.05 erute. , j . -, , ... ; .- f-.- . Cauliflower Local, $1.50 crate; California, $1.75-1.80 crate. ithubarb Field grown, 3G-40O Apple 'box.. - - . -t ' cuiumiHTs Liocni, notnouso, i- 1.00 das. . " Now potatoesShutter, $3-3.50 per cental. , - AspuraKliH Mid -Columbia, $1.90-2.00 per 30 b. pyraipld; Hermlstoti, 7c lb; Yakima, ILCG-Lff per Sb-lb pyramid. , i Now onions California Befmuda, 76c per Jit MEATS AM FIIUVISIUAS Country meats Selling price to retailers: Country killed hoirs, best butchers, under 150 lbs. 12-13c lb; venters, No. 1, 12-12Jlo lb; Jlght and thin. 9-llc lb: heavy, 9-1 lc lb; cutter cows, R-lOc lb; lambs, old, 18o lb; spriiiK' lambs, 18-10u lb;, owett, 5-flc lb. i - Hacon 20-2RJc lb. ' ;i Lard Tleree basis, lljc lb. .. . - IIOPN AND WOOL Vnol 11(30 contracts', nonflhttli Wlllaif ettn VaHvx.k:i8UUtmu30c .lb;, coarse and braid, 2,Sc . lb: . easlera (treKOii, Jn-23c lb; southern Idaho, 2S-2Dc lb. . . v- GROCERY OPERATED 11 YEAR Toledo. For 77 years a neighborhood grocery has thrived under the samp management. It is operated by John and William Rail, 79 and 77, who inherited it from their father. NOTICE OF HEARING OF . FINAL ACCOUNT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, as the administratrix of the estate erf W. I. Christy, deceased, has filed .-with the County Clerk of Linn County, Oregon, her final account Of the administration of said estate, and the County Court has, by order, fixed Monday, June 22, 1936, at the hour of ten (10) o'clock.A. NL, of said day, and the place at the County Court room in' Albany, Oregon, for the final hearing of said account and settlement of said estate. Any and all persons having objections thereto arc hereby notified to be present nt said time and place and present the same. -; .Dated tlus.2Jst day of .May;l936. Jennie Christy, Administratrix.- j Weathcrford & Wyatt, , Attorneys for administratrix. I Mnv E1-2B June 4-11-18 . ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY;) The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw "their ad. in the Democrat-Herald, .-. ATTdRNirrt ' MARKS Se McMAHAN Ailni-nnua of T.aur 1st Nnfl Bank Bldg. Phone 29 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL IOTOR Freight Daily service: to and. from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st 8t Montgomery Bts., Phone 371. Y:: . . - ' CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. . . Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established .1411 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan. Farm Security ' mtODTTCK' SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.-Maytag, Easy, Thor, Wailiera JOB ON HIS HANDS MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse WEW-TME EMEWi ALL OLD EOUIPMEW1 -VOU BETTER ARMED' WE CAMF? I VVASJT MOU TO KEEP AW EVE OPEW FOR A CERTAIM BLOUP NURSE - YOU KNOW PURIMO THE OUTBURST OF EMTMUSIASM WMICH GREETS Hie PLAM OF ACTIOeJ, JACK 5EEKgOUT OWE OF THE (,' EIWPEfaOR'S MOST TRUSTED SEROEANlTS TUMUEL AMD 50, VOUE JACK . UASTEMe TO TME EMPEROI2 WITH LEW WEW'5 STAETLIMG AAJESTV ALL HAVE TO DO ! OFF TMEIK AT THE OTHER. EMC r 5 HER-W4 AOg7V- SHE null III 'i , i I i V i i r .IJt By Thompson and Coll EMEMVl TRUST ARMBA, COLONEL - HE iAVE YOUR. PRETTY LADY.' BY BLOSSER v AND TME EMPEBDR INSP;" 1 FEOM THE BALCONJV HE MEANS IT THE MOTE IS f tu E ' . . , 11' IF YOU DON'T WANT HIM, FDR MR DORGAWj SUUAT A '"THIS MUTT EATS R1crnrr5 PETE'S SAKE, TELL HIM I'VE ?'MrH DOES Vr A HORSE THREE WNDOWS Ml hMFOR'MTIOU ABOUT AW EWEMV ATTACK THRU THE SEC GET TUMMEL o FRECKLES AND HIS IT'S POODLES! AMD yp. HAS A NOTE PIK1KJED 10 HIS , ca CULLR . . 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