The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on August 28, 1924 · Page 4
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 4

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1924
Page 4
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FOUR THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY. AUGUST 28, 192-1. I : ....e . ..son r 1 leairue of nations in proposal toward out Labor Day "A Good Paper in a Good Town" Evc-ry Thursday by THE ENQUIRER PUBLISHING CO. 1: kdji d- S. M. GorreTI, Owner James K. GorrelL Publisher Subscription, $2 a Year In Advance, Entered at the post office at Bremen, Indiana, as second class mail matter. V 'l Pr ti,:. ML-,-,,. , " - I T - 't . . ! ' - I ii" - - II II II II m III! T ' 1 - -I'S H t V. -CT . I L.f. s I f Jill gssam Regardless of the car you buy or the price you pay, there is no greater value than a Buick. Buick s past and present success proves that. FLOYD W. BYRER BXJICIi SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 22, BOURBON, 1KB. MS0 W" btf r miBmofclHi in built. Buick will build tb (CopyHirtit, W, LIVE AND LEARN. If we as a people can leran from experience, without having to be hit on the brad with a panic and bard times, the recent slight depression in this country should have taught its lesion. t When industry slowed up, jobs became scarcer just enough scarcer so that no one was really hurt but enough to make a sensible man think and realize that any movement or any agitation which interferes with normal industrial activity strikes lu st and hardest at the Nvorking man. As farm prosperity returns more me i have jobs not only on the farms but in all lines of industry. A man who works in a sawmill or a mine should realize that bis job depends on prosperity in other lines of business which use the product he produces. The brakeman or engineer on a freight train should realize that his job depends on "the other fellow" who makes an article for transportation. If we pull together as a nation success awaits tis. If we fight among oi selves we court hard times and failure. The work of the commitee of experts to formulate a business-like program for settlement of the allied reparations tangle, further emphasizes the value of team work a-lor.g constructive lines. This committee figured out such a practical plan that it will be adopted, on account of its sanity and simplicity. After five years of European intrigue and jealousy, plain every day business sense and honesty had to win out over political inefficiency. The people of Europe have suffered five long years to learn their lesson namely that one nation cannot profit at the expense of another. Thus do we see intelligence finally conouering ignorance. How long individuals or nations sufter during the "process of edueatiorr" depends upon their abiity to learn from observation and escape the severe lessons which experience gives to those who refuse to learn otherwise. The American people have only a bright future before them if they stand for the sqiare deal policy which will assure continued agricultural and industrial activitv. lawing war and resulted not only in halting an orgy of battleship construction which presaged greater war, but it turned the world-mind from thoughts of war to thouehts of peace. It was an accomplishment when rightly appraised that will illumine the pages of history for all time, for it set inerTaceably the seal of condemnation on the adjudication of national differences by military arbitrament and turned the dynamic thought of the world from war to peace. What an inspiring thought that War, the most destructive of all monsters, is itself to be destroyed! WAGES COMING IN AND GOING OUT. Today the hourly earnings of building labor are by far the highest in any industry in the United States. The hourly wages in seventeen of the building crafts are 100 per cent higher than in 1014. The cost of building, of course, reflects the cost of homes and the cost of living generally. This opens up a field of inquiry that reveals almost startling facts. Cashington figure sharks tells us that 8(3 per cent of the persons gainfully employed in the United States receive incomes of 2,000 a year or less a great many of them less. The same figure experts then point out that rents for moderate-priced accommodations such as are used by the average wage-earner, are So per cent higher than they w ere in 1914. Followed to its logical result this means more skimping on the part of the housewife, more limitation to the comfort of children, less pleasure, fewer clothes, and a general tightening up all around. Of course, the shortage of labor plays its part in this condition, which in turn is aggravated by our immigration laws. On the surface the condition appears to be a splendid one for the American worker, but even he is coming to learn that natural law is inexorable and that he must pay the piper. ii i - ii POLITICAL REASONING o' M'LADY. Political leaders in all sections of the country ' are exhibiting growing alarm over the trend of our women voters toward independence. The story is told in the formation of thousands of clubs and leagues of women voters. The fair sex proposes to strike out for independent thought and action. She believes that the natural Warfare of the sexes makes it imperative for her to weld herself into a political factor along lines entirely separate from those that govern the men. Most of these women's clubs are in more or less embryo state, dealing for the most part with the thousand and one sideshows that decorate the political arena, but as the politicians see it the greatest present danger lies in their inclination to support candidates rather than parties or principles. The general character of candidates has a marked bearing on any appeal to the feminine vote. The split ticket split often into the finest splinters is the final result. Here and there the more experienced women are influnced by avowed inn Some of our best men have come from an obscure parentage, which does not change the fact that people resemble plants whose vital qualities are underground . Our first question when some one achieves fame is, to whom does he belong? The old proverb that "blood tells" is a matter of obseiwation that the characteristics of forefathers are reproduced in their descendants. The tie of blood relationship is a close and vital one. THURSDAY, AUGUST 28 "THE U. P. TRAIL," one of Zane Grey's great out of door stories. ALSO COMEDY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 29-3G Gloria Swanson in "ZAZA" supported by H. B. Warner and Mary Thurman. ALSO COMEDY. CLEAR UP. Motorists leave impressions of SUNDAY, AUGUST 31 Buck Jones in "WHEN ODDS ARE EVEN." This is Buck's latest Western for William Fox. ALSO COMEDY. themselves at their last camping i grounds. ! complete stop before proceeding to cross over such street crossing. And provided further, that every person operating or driving a motor vehicle or motorcycle on Plymouth street, Center street, North street, Jackson street and Mill street of said town, at the following street crossings in said town, to-wit: Mill and Center streets, North and Center streets, Jackson and Plymouth streets, Plymouth and Center streets, shall while so operating or driving such vehicle or motorcycle on said Mill street upon approaching Center street, and on North street upon approaching said Center street, and on Jackson street upon approaching said Plymouth street, and on Plymouth street on approaching said Center street crossing, and before attempting to cross over said respective crossings, slow down such motor vehicle or motorcycle and pass over and across any or all of said mentioned crossings with caution. Whereas an emergency exists for the immediate taking effect of this ordinance as amended, therefore the same shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. Passed by the Boad of Trustees, of the Town of Bremen, Indiana this 13th day of August, 1924. Attest: F. V. Annis, Town Clerk. S3t3 John Senff, President of Board of Trustees. If they don't care for anyone else following them, they leave the grounds with rubbish scattered a-bout and campfire smoldering. But they should be as considerate for others as they would want others to be for them. Rubbish should be cleared up, burned or buried in a ditch which should be covered over. And the last smoking ash of a campfire shoud be deadened to avoid fire. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 PARAMOUNT WEEK One day only No Adance in Admission with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in "STEPHEN STEPS OUT" supported by a great cast including Theodore Roberts. ALSO COMEDY. tiTursIda One Day Only "HOLLYWOOD," based on the story of the same name. You will see more real .stars in this picture than ever were shown in any one picture. ALSO COiMEDY. FRIDAY ANDATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5-G "THIS LIGHT THAT FAILED" with Percy Marmont, Sigrid Holrn-quist, David Torrence and Jacqueline Logan taken from Rud-yard Kipling's famous novel of romance and adventure. ALSO COMEDY. ing lots in said town, to-wit: Lot No. nine (9) of Dietrich's Addition, Pomeroy Lot, Lots No. One (1) and thirteen (13), of Heim's Addition, lots No. thirteen (13), twenty-four (24) and twenty-five (25), of the Original Tlat, all of the said town of Bremen, except such vehicle be parked or left standing parallel to the curb and as near said curb line of said street as possible and on the right hand side of said street. And provided further, that no vehicle shall be parked or left standing by the owner, driver or operator thereof on any street in said town within ten (10) feet of any fire plug or hydrant. And provided further, that no vehicle shall be parked or left standing by the owner, driver oi operator thereof, on that part or portion of any street in said town, where said part, parcel or portion of said street is designated or marked by said town as and for a place and portion of said street where no parking of vehicles will be permitted; such portion io designated to be marked by the words "no parking" on that portion of the street so excluded from parking privileges. Sec. 10. The traffic officers of said town shall enfoce all the rules and regulations and ordinances of said town in regard to travel over and along the streets, alleys and highways of said town, and the person owning, driving or operating any vehicle on said streets or highways, shall observe and promptly comply with all orders and directions of the said traffic officers, and no person shall drive or operate any vehicle of any kind on said streets, alleys or highways of said town in a careless, dangerous or reckless manner, or so operate or drive such vehicle as to interfere or effect the rights of other persons using such highways. And provided further, that every person operating or driving a motor vehicle or motorcycle on South street in said town on approaching the crossing of said South street and Center street shall before attempting to cross over or enter such place of intersection, bring such motor vehicle or motorcycle to a AMENDMENT TO ORDINANCE NO. XX SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 Pola Negri in "THE SPANISH DANCER," with Antonio Moreno, Kathlyn Williams and Wallace Beerv. One of the best pictures this star ever made. ALSO COMEDY. PERMANENT PROSPERITY. Altogether it looks as though the farmer and his family were about to have their innings, with lower prices for what they buy and fair prices for what they sell. This evening up process already has gone further than seemed possible a few-months ago. It may be that fall or winter will find our industry and agriculture closer to a parity than at any time during the past ten vears. That will be the solid basis upon which to build up permanent prosperity for all workers. Trustee's Notice. As Trustee of German township I will transact official business at my office, in the Union State Bank, Bremen, each Saturday. Remainder of time at my residence on W. Plymouth st., Bremen. Wm. A. Engel ) V 0ZvUh th RED BAND WUSaVn (AGFPACLCO. NWYORKU.SA. WUfLU Be it ordained by the Board of Trustees, of the town of Bremen, Indiana that section No. Six (6) and section No. Ten (10) of Ordinance No. XX, be ammended to read as follows: Sec. 6. All vehicles shall stop on the right hand side of the street or highway for unloading and on the same side of the street or highway for parking and at an angle of 4J degrees, and it shall be unlawful for the owner, driver or operator of any vehicle to park or leave the same standing on the west side of Center street in sakl tow n, on that 'portion of said Center street where said street abuts on Lot No. thirty-six (36) of the Original Tlat of said town. And provided further, that no vehicle shall be , parked or left standing by the owner, driver or operator thereof on said Center street on that portion of said Center street where the same abuts on the follow principles and platforms and standi US Royal Cords BALLOON- BALLOON-TYPE HI CH PRESSURE Built of Latex-treated Cords ready to vote for men they do not approve, if the principles for which they stand are considered sound. The younger sister, however, reasons in her own peculiar way. Platforms may be all right, but quite unsafe to step on unless the candidate is of a haracter that commands implicit confidence. Where the women are going to stand in the coming election is a question that is giving many u politician sleepless nights. DESTROYING WAR. It is assuring ami gratifying that in the general movement throughout the civilized world to outlaw and abolish war. there is rone more earnestly outspoken in support of this movement than resident Cool-idge or tire Democratic presidential nominee, Mr. Davis. Both have made it clear that this gn.rd movement has their unqualified support. Both agree with the vast number of right-t making people that war is a c real v re of savagery, passed down Held O ver FAMILY REUNIONS. .Many Bremen families have a happy custom of observing t he annual familv reunion, and as a moans of ESTMJ B In response to popular demand the famous comedian is being held over at BLACKSTONE, So. Bend for the week! Ihrouch the ages from the time of i keor,;nff families united, preserving primitive man, and no longer toler-; their traditions, and fostering rela- anio among civilized people. tjoriS based on a common descent it has a sentimental and practical valu? Until the nations and peoples of the world come to a like realization OSCO ("Fatty") and join in ihi movement it would ! ryiRE building took a big step for-JL ward when the makers of United StatesTires invented the Latex Process. The added strength and wearing quality given by Latex-treated cords is something that the user of Royal Cords can tell you about from his own experience. Royal Cords are the standard of value in cord tire equipment even more certainly today than ever before. And this holds good whether you are considering a High-Pressure Tire, a Balloon-TypeTire to fityour present wheels and rims, or a Balloon Tire for a 20 or 2 1 inch wheeL United StatesTires are Good Tires of course be most unsafe and un The Time To Think wise for the United States to des-1 AJR. IBUCICLE troy its armaments or fail to keep .. . .. . , , e 4U , . .ii rt- .i The time to think of fire insurance them at a standard sufhciently . , , ,, 4l , , . . . - . is before you smell the smoke. st. .vng to safeguard against foreign, TT . Have vou gone over your property airirression. ... ..... . , . B tell I CTMil Item. I lately wun me view oi nmnng out But the United States, now th- whether you are carrying enougii lire insurance on your home and house-bold goods? We would be glad to go over the matter of property values with you rnd if under-insured will write addi- in PERSON AND ON THE SCREEN Rodolph Valentino IN HIS SENSATIONAL RETURN "Monsieur Beaucair" Blackstone 27 premier of nations, constituted of people devoted to peace and abhorrent of war, is obligated by the standing among nations it has attained and its influence in world affairs, to lead the movement for universal disarmament. Wherever and whenever the question of disarmament arises, the strong voice of this government should speak up in its lehalf. President Cool id ge and Mr. Hughes, his secretary of state, took a long step in the right direction when they called a conference to consider the question of disarmament. That was ) tional insurance to fully protect you iin case of loss. We are agents for the American, ?orth Western National and Agricul- Itural, three good insurance companies with millions of dollars of re- Mark Trade Buy U.S. Tirei from MAST & KUNTZ BREMEN, INDIANA. CHAS. L. BERG INSURANCE

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