Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 20, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
Page 7
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mm WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBAWV, OREGON PAGE SEVEN OPPORTUNITY STARES YOU IN THE FACE FROM THESE ADS.---READ, HEEPfAND SUCCEED! l S.-.-2 I, ox; do fumy, l.ji-l.60 box! Automobiles Wanted cash ;, NEW TODAY PATHRF 1''t"1 "ENT UIVEIt rnOIUnL l.ottom. eows, horses or heifers. J, II. Illakely, ) mi. So. Sandetion'H ttrldtce. mll-21 OllpiAM GRASS SKK1 FOR SAUK. ouuttn Jwhn Burkluirt ltt , Al bany, 4 ml. out in lbnnou Hwy. n.20-22 TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS PrltH'i quntfi) btilow are thoic pre vftillnir at 11 o'clock . m. on day of (titbit rat Ion, and are lubjrcX to chanitv i any hour thereafter. ONE OF IINN colNTVS '1NK . farms, Rood share bot tom' land and most now under 'ill Ivnt Inn. A ral ranch wtth only fair improvements. Price to sell niify 20 acres - near Albany , with some improvements and nice Knne. 1 under cultivation. jsiui. Several houses and one farm to rent. Tripp fc Murphy, llealtors. ' tnlStf THRIFTY BUYERS SEE ALEXANDER'S USED CARS Frank 1 in lite model trade-in on a new l.incolnZfphyr, spotless t hroiiKhout 75 tires, cost new 24iiO. A real buy at Mt!i. "2!t 'hev Coupe, good tires, original paint, low mileage. Humble seat. This Is really a dandy. 'SO Konl Model A Coupe. ::o Kurd Model A Ford or. ':til Chev. 4-loor Sedan. L'(i chev 2-Uoor Sedan. 'SI Ford A Hoadster. LiUt model long wheel trucks. . 20 other real bargain! Take advantage of our low down payment. OPICN SUNDAYS ' Alexander Motor Co. 121 Lyon St. Albany, Ore. U120-21-S ( rt 1 i'(i l ' .nul . "T lU'l Koli (till. Ii. el-oWIIS. lil-lllKe- filltnRs. ohl Jewelry, waleh eases ete. K. M. Krelleh A Son. Jewelers ' . dltotf PAiMTiMr;. WAI.l. I'AI'KIHNli. Mill I I . I,,,.i,riit iiiD that's ilfrfereut, I'hone 42 or RU-U Wilbur Oawson A Claire Snyder Ui30-tf up j piTi T;"m::khy. tiTiTsa! . vX- t. L r (on Army needs fruits, venetnliles, clotbluK, eti., to help needy people in emeraeney cases. Money ton, if yi.ff want to rontrlb-Hte. We h e HO telephone but bring In what ym have in donate or drop us a card and we'll call for tt. Capt. Hert Hailey. lot West 3rd St.. A Ibntiy. SHERIFF'S NOTICE OF SALE By virtue of ati order issued out of the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, on the 4th dny of May 1930, 1 will on Saturday the 6th day of June, 1MU, at tho hour of :00 o'clock in the afternoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House in the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, all tho right, title and interest acquired by Linn County through foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property formerly owned by Thurston P. Hacklemun, and described as follows, to-wit: Lots 3, 4, 5 and 0, in Illock 8, Hacklemun's 4th Addition to the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon. The said County Court has set minimum price for which said property shall be sold at $50.00, plus the cost of advertising said sale, said purchase price to be paid in cash, or not less than 20';i. of tho purchase price to be paid in cash and the remainder to be paid according to written agreement to be made between said Linn County, Oregon, and the purchaser, in equal annual installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, all deferred pay ments to bear interest from the date of sale at the rate of 6 per annum, payable annually. HERBERT SHELTON, ' Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon, May 0 13,20 27 By HAROLD GRAY ,0H - BUSINESS 9-WHFFI '''"Aiu:n (DUALS) . YVIIL.L-U wth Lunks for logs, . lumber. Cheap for cash. J. W. Shortridge, 310 1'ahipoole St. Ph. 52. iu?uef irpCpY HULL AND JKltSlOY JLhOLI cow for sate. V. L. St r u iik. Albany, ltt. 1. I ml. So. Sanderson Hridge. - ni20-22 CASH FOll YOl'U CAlt Oil intiy. Wmden'R Car Mar- t. Lebanon. Phone trtSl. m5-jr 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous norn has lUNtms, Ki.Ktruic UOLU riinKl.s oil stoves, electric t gas plates, lowest possible prices. Hebuilt used rniiKes, large : slock only (!t.T5 & up. Hest possi-vahies at Albany ItavRain House, 2nd linker. mP.i-21 FDR AI F UATKItPll.LAU "20" eiiulpiuent, $Sf0. Consider car In trade. Can arrange some termn. K. It. Haltrke. Kt. 3. Corvallis, Ore. inlS-20 new rope 1 Xe per lb. Also some good used hay rope. Fork carriers for both wood & steel track, carrier forks, hay forks & fork : handles. Save money on your liny-inn needs at Albany ltargain House, 2nd & (taker Sts. nil 8-20 FOR 9AI F OU 'I'ltAUK IILIZ-cutter & pip)-; 1 mowers; 7-f t. -.binder; 2 Inm wheel wagons: gas engines; garilen lract)ir; 3 riding - eiiltivators ut Kastburu A ll)th Auction Mkt. m IS -20 j WRECKING,;,,,,"1.';,' SCIIt.OLS- up. itrlcks $1 pT M.. planks for barns, bridges, timber. lxS anil IxG sheeting, flooring, celling, aid lug. Can deliver. 3rd & Madison, Albany. ml4-20-S 15 Trades TD A np 210 ; A." LAND N. W. ta Wyonilntr. '111 (fl'iiw potatoes, alfalfa, suttar heets ami seeil house proiluets, for OreBon properly, 30 to SO aeres. A. 11. I'inkal, Sweet Home, lit. 2. lulli-21-S 21 For Rent FOR RFNT-l'vl''1'"N,s,":" I Ull I1L.M I Alll,H Illy U E. 7lh SI. nilil-21' currp PAsri'iti: :to aches to U"LLI renl for suiinoer V. w fuse. All. any ltt. 2. . inlS-2n' TAKE ALL 7 THIS IS 1936 fifO MY SHOP IS UP-TO-DATE-NEW METHODS-SNAPPY SERVICE-ME. 1 AM . MODERN- n M.f- ' j M HUUCKN" MM I woon. mtr.KN s.r 1U IVMUL. m.r vurX, .mr, iU.y J4 fine for rook stoves, sawdust shavings. Albany Fuel Co,, SHI Calnpooia St., Phone 53 . in20tf For Sale Real Estate 47 Vi ACRE PAKM po,! UK miles out: new 5 room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair; on main now-time, i Tops nil in. A HA It) ! A I X See owner. Win. McKinley. ltt. 1. Albany, Or n22-n2' 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS T"r. Stewart. 1I52 W. 12lh. RDDD w,'ol) l'ltll'KD KUlll'l owu Delivered In any length l.e.ter I'liil.-nle. IdOiI Slttlt llttll ltd Phone 7:H-lt. J2l-tf Hay, Grain, Feed Al FAI FA "A TONS. $S I'Eli nii nii n lon v w ,.HS(, ,tl 2. near Pever. in IS-: 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs WANTFD nEEP ' att i.e. if nil i spriiiK'r e.tws anil heifers. Walt Nelson, Alhany. tnl:l-21 AHITF l.KunoiiN ciiu-KS Kent II I n I i B11t, M. ,n ft j, S(, rn,,n Phone fi-K-:U. Jenlis Halehery, Tanuent, Ore. inir.-L'O PAQH '"'" ANP HI11ITH UMUn less horses nml rows, llay- olrt ealves. I'h. U-K-U Alhany, Ceeil Montgomery. niH-tf nFAn AND WOIITIII.EKS llllltSEl- L"-nuuil .ini up fi of ehnrKe nnywhere. IMionp eolleet 14-K-H, Alhnny. If no nnsw Phone ll-K-4. Corvnllln. niH-tf WANTED KO" CAK"" ILU and worthless -O 1. I) horses and t-ows TVad nniinals pieked up free of charge nnywhnre. (ale & Montgomery, Phone eolleet S:l-r-J2, Corvallis. inllf WINNER YOO GOT VER NERVE-CAN'T VOH . SEE THERE'S A SHOE REPAIR SHOP HERE HA! WHY THIS OLD VETERANS YOU CAN HAVE , YOUR CAR NOW-PAY WHEN YOU GET BON-US '29 '30 '31 UP TO '35 NOW IN STOCK FORD'S, CHEV'S, BUICK'S DODGE'S AND MANY OTHERS ALL CLEAN CARS GUARANTEED- OPEN SCNDAYS Alexander .Motor Co. 121 l.ymi St. Allmny. Ore. Your Ford Dealer. M120-21-S arLblrtL aef-es nnl mostly In mill villi. .M with large farm house, burn nnii running wnti-r tltruugli Hid place, nice shade, fnnilly orchard ftr. Special price in order to settle an estate only 1:17.511 per aere. Terms within reason. Tripp ti Murphy. m20tf $1800" ACT QricK $1S00. so aires of prniric Inntl all tint it cultivation fuir ImllriiiiK. Ihe lt-jt ?v-r ofl'tTfil in I. inn ou illy. JiSiMl total ..rite. Why rent ? IKVINI? U IIOOO, Phone son ; a.iotf ATTENTION r&,AZ Urn. County Fair Oroiiiula with all buildiiiKH nml 30 aores of land for holding stock wliflu waiting to load, at the price of.. Turin luml. and vrry easy terms. 50 ACllKK ON MKiH'A'AY nonr unon Improved for only $21. 10. f C. M. Dollarhldc Co.; m14tf STDPK EQUIPMENT - KlMtXI-jiwuia Ulrp 3l acpM insert on Brush Crek. all bottom land, crop all In, very- (rood htiUrtingH, a very ffnn little place. 2 horses. 2 cows, all equipment needed, all . furniture needed. Total prtre only .$.'1750 move right in. JllVINIS U HOQD, Phone 300 nitoir ' Little Orphan And Other. Comics FOR RENT-"' .1 ItDOM UN-npls. Phone a2l-tf FI I "sWORTH apts heat. tLLOHUn I 11 ovl.sltiffed furniture. Ph. 25, 805 V:lls'orlh. nll-tf WHAT wopijO yoi; like to VV I l."A I ,,.,!,.. Try n -Swap" ail. 10 Help Wanted FARM "AN1 w A N T : " ,,N' I rlilvl dii-v farm, marrletl. House furulsheil. John f. Terhuue, Jefferson, (ire. I'h. 47-F-H. m ! 9-21 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WOOL WANTED wllt market value. M. Senders & Co. inT-SO PAQPARA HAHK WANTKO WK an unlimited quantity nf dry or green Cascara Hark. Will pay hlubest cash prices. Albany Har- galn House, 2nd and Haker, Phone 7f ti. - nlfi-tf OLD UN1TKD STATUS COINS hougbt at Paws)inH I Hug St)re. marltf 24 Personal QTOMAPH uu'Eit, ias pains O I UlVlttUn Indifrcsllun vletllns A INS, indiffesllon vietluiH, why suffer? Kor (lulek relief Ret a free sample of I'dun, a doetor's " preserlptlon nt Fred iiawson's liruir Store. ni5JA. 8 Lost, Strayed, or Stolen I D9T I'ETWEION llltoVNSVII,l,E I & lllnek sultense eontalni; lady's npparel, .lohtl Pierce, Plaluview, Phono 2l-F-:tl. lteward. . mls-2li 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified cash OK USED KUItNl-te. "Look In your nttle." f'hns. KohrhoUKll A Son, 415 W. First St. Jl-tf CUppp SIIKAllINd, C'Al.l. KOI1IN Ol ILLI TrXi phone 2H-F- or call ut UK, E. 2nd. inK-Jl fa la BUT THERE'S SURE ONLY BUSINESS ENOUGH IN THIS TOWN FOR ONE HM IT MIGHT HAVE COME ALONG, BY 5NEAKlrJ6 &RIGAPE STARTER 1 1 a FOR OUT By USED UK BoXKS oXI'Y AND up. Pick yours now, a large stock to select from. 1-awn mowers trade in your old mower on one uf our new light running, high wheel, ball bearing mowers. iur-ilen hose We have n number of pieces of good used garden hose, new hose 50 ft. lengths. $l.!ift. . Sprinklers, garden tools, etc. Albany Hargaln House, Second and linker Sts. m20-22 unnc foii sai.k s rti-:n ikhss. I IUUO 5 mn ,,, T p Kyrei j.Vrll ItldKV. Holley, Ore. ni20-22- Q I I n A M 8KEI1 KOH SALE. TEST UULnM 93.0 Berminatlon, :ie 111. ti. I'ooK, Marrislinrs, 7-.'-24. I'hone 11120-22 GEORGE CWSELOPOL1S, EH r SO THftT S TH NAME O' THIS BIRD WHO FICGERS. ON MOSCLIN' IN ON "UNCLE" JACKS BUSINESS" SHOP-JACK BOOT OUST O LUCK, EH? HA! YES-1 SEE- THAT'S I OPENED 5HOP-JACK BOOT-HES FOSSIL- shop- ; SHOP- ALREADY? . XV XI I , if nr: I Tj - .,.!.! .,-ri -MlS ...1., !( i-,MI L'lO '.'toll ..iVl'i'l !' In i. )fi .U'.V i!U)3 '05 .ir fl I. id ...iiT .. .1 1 1 ;.i.!l'i it.v; ,'I.U.d ..1 ! ftl e-ti ewtowns extra fnnev. 11.70 box; do fancy. $1.45 box: do fne and flit.- fancy K5e box: do face and fill. choice, 05c Ihix: Spltxenherir. Ixtrn fancy. $1.40 box: do i-omhlnatlon, $1.25 box: Itome Hi-mity, Jumble, 2o Hi; wlnsaps, fancy, $I.H5 box; do fancy, $1.40 15ox; do Jumble., extra ' fancy, 3c lb. Cantaloupes California Rtuudard, $4: Jumbo 3IE, $4.25 crate: Juiulio 45, $4.50. Bananas Hunch, 51c Ih; hands, 0-lijc lb. KH-uwherrles Canby, $3-3.25 per 24-baskct crate: Klorlu, tl. 40-1. 45: .ul $2.50-2.75; Kcnncwlck $2-2.2.1. Tears D'AnJou, $1.15 box. uruuiccs California iiuvmIh, funiry $3.l6-$:l.30; choice, $2. 75-2.115 ; standards, $2.05 case. (Irap-frult Arlxona. II.HO-140 case; Plnrldit, $4-4.26 case. Lemons California, fancy $A,60-7.60 case: choice $0.25-0.76. I'llKNII VKI1KTAUI.KN Potatoes Local, $2-2.10 per cental; Klamath, $2.35 cental; HcappoHd Netted (Inns, $3-2.15 cental: lrn- hutes Netted Hems. $3.35-3 cental, elltal. Celery Ciillfornla. $3-3.50 crate; hearts, $2 dux hum-hes. I'ens The Dulles 7-c lb; Califor nia, $2.60 per 60-lb sack. Spinach 40-50c ornnirn box. ' onions (ireKon. $1.10-1.36 per 100 lbs. Tomatoes Indlo. $2-3.60 luv.-Ijettucc Local, $1-1.25 crate. Hweet potatoes California, i tier 6o-lb. crate; southern yamri, $1.95 rate. Cauliflower l.oi-ul, $t.60 rratu: California. $1.50-1.75 crate. Hhubarb r'leld Kown, 36-40c ap ple box. Cucumbers Local, hothouse, $1- 1.60 ilo. New potatoes Shafter, $3-3.60 pr Mini. NOTICE 1O CREDITORS Notice Is hereby given Hint the unclei'slgned has been appointed executor of the lust will and testa ment and estate of Kntherina Vana deceased, by the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, una has duly qualified. AH persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same to the undersigned at tho office of Swan & Swan, in Albany, Oregon, duly verified and with . proper vouchers as by law required .within six months from the date of this notice. Dated and first published Muy 20th, 1036. ; GEORGE VANA, Executor of the last will i nil testa ment and cstute of Kathertna Vana, deceased. SWAN & SWAN, I Attorneys for bxecutor. May 20 27 June 3 10 17 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S. : SALE By virtue of un order Issued out of the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, on the 25th day of April ,1030, I will, on Saturday the 6th day of June, 1936, at the hour of 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House in the City Of Albany, Linn County, Ore- " gon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, all the right, title and interest acquired by Linn County through the foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property formerly owned by Hamilton Company and by Alien Fox, and described as follows, to-wit: SV, of S of Section 18, Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, Also W'A of Section 23, SEV of Section 33, and SWV4 of Section 34, all in Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, in Linn County, Oregon, The said County Court has set . a minimum price for which said property shall be sold ut $3,021.55 plus the cost of advertising said sale, suld purchase price to be paid in cush, or not less than 20 of the purchase price in cash and the remainder to be paid according to written agreement to be made between said Linn County Court and the purchaser, in equal annual installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, all deferred payments to bear interest from the date of sale at the rate of 6 per annum, payable annually. HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. April 21) Mny 6 13 20 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. - Please mention that you saw their ad. In tho Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS Sc McMAHAN ' Attorneys at Law I 1st Nat'l Bank Bid Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Frelfht Dally service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CABPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan. Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS. AMES HDWE. Maytug, Easy, Thor, Washer LANE PLANS A COUP MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse l.(l( At. (ill l l. Sender. Co. Wheut: No. 1 white. 77e: red and mixed i.le liushel. HA11I.RY: Hansen. Mi nn ion. OATH: While. No. I. I1S.0O: urn No. 1. in. 00; array feed 20.00 ton. wool. Wool, per pound .Ifle .Mohair, per pound 40c MKATK (II, K. Mrbrriinll Heal t'.i.l ' CATTI.K Sleera 5.60i7.(10 Heifers .MMi 11.60 Kulla S.504fS.OO Cows, heef 3.00 l 6.00 Cows, cutters I.50j3.00 no; uo to mo pounds 7.i)iiu? r.n 100 to 210 pounds 7.500 K. 50 210 to 250 pounds .' 7.004J .(ill 250 to 1150 pounds 7.00417.25 :i50 pounds up 5.25410.00 Sows ; 4.2541 6.76 NIIIOKI1 l.ntnhs . . , K W MS .... YelirllUKH Live I n esseil . . ,7.608.60 . 2 00(1 4.110 . 5 00 4 G OO 7c 10c POI'l.TIIV (Nnirt CompnuT) No. 1 hens, 1J to 0 llm 17c No. 1 hens, over 0 llm 17c No. 1 medium hens, over 3 Ihs. 14c No. 1 medium hciiH, under 3& Ihs. 14c Colorcil sprluKs 17c No. 1 hrolliMS, H to 2 llM 16c Itoostel'H ,7c Staffs 11' ,',ilil All 1'rlees Arr liellvereil Alknnr 4'nar llrlurunl Kxtrns i StnlidurdH Kxtru medium Sluudurd medium Brown extrus tiirty extru L'mlortrrudoM I'ullvtn . .19c ..17c . .He ..13c . . 19c . ,10c ..13c . .!.' ..10c I've wees VKAL l.lvci Ilresseil ..T,c . 1114. A grndo 2'c B Kt'itda 26c C grade zr Ijimhn IH.S6O9.00 flllt'l'LAMI MAIIKKT Port Ik ml. tire., ilay 20. Consider. able slretiKlh has been Imparted to the butter market sltuutloll here and thrnuicb the country ircnerally as result of Koverninent buyluir for re- I la r purposes. No cliatiKu In prices. There wue no chatiKe lb tho kcp- eral i.)t$ market situation. Firm tone Is Knowing for liotatoce, both old and new crop locally with sales (if Il:i5s tin to $2.76-3 per cental. Kiirlher upwurd mwIiir nf astmra- kum lirlces hue been forced na a re. suit of the scarcity of offering l- aetlil-r with continued good demand. Males of best up to $1.S6 pyramid. Tomatoes are steady to firm with best ludlos around $2.26 and Imper ial from $1 to $1.16 lub. Naval oraiiKeH are up to $4. further carload arrivals ..sende 'iintalouiies lower with new offer ings of Jumbo 46s around $4.60 mid :llls $4.26 with ataudurd 46s $4. Lemon prices firm. Dulles pens are down to around . Ih. Local strawberries are chiefly $2.60-2.76 crate with Callfornlan $1- 1.25, the latter for 12s while Mouth-cm llrigou 24s are around $2.40-2.50. nilTI.AM) I.IVKNT4M K Portland, (ire., May 20. Hogs: 200. Aboul steady. (iood-chnlce drlvelus $0,25-11. 36. Heavies $11.60- H.76. Light lights $11.76. I'll. Ill Nil sows $7-7.25. Keedcr pigs $9-9.50. ratlin: 200, enlvcs 26. No early sales , stilem. tleuerally msking steady, !w fed steers held about $7.25. Thin light grass st -s down $5. Kid heifers around $11.60-7 or above, other classes steady. I.UW utler and cutter cows $3-4.60. Com- luoii-niedllllii $4.76-5.60. (lood beef cows to $0. Hulls $5-5. (16. No choice veulers sidd, asking up to $H.60. Common slaughter calves $3.75-4. Sheep: 50(1. Itather slow, mostly steady, flood spring Iambs lo $10. Common down to $M.75. Common-medium old crop lambs $0.60-7. Kat ewes lo $4. Illllll t It KXI HANUK The following prices were nuined to lie effective .Monday: Butter Cube oxlras, 27c; standards, 2(ic; prime firsts, 261c: first, 26jc. 1 Cheese Oregon triplets, 16c; Ore-t gon loaf, $18, Brokers will pay $c below quotations. 1 KggM Produce exchange (imitations between dealers: Kxtrg large, 19c; standards, large, life; extras, medium, Iftc; standards, medium, lfic Jobbing prices 2 higher. lOH'II.AM WHOI.KNAI.K I'KIIUI These are the prices retailers pay wholesalers, except where otherwise stated : Butter I'rlnls, A grade, 29e lb In parchment wrapper, 30c 11, In cartons; U grade, parchment wrapper, 2Ho lb cartons, 29c. lb. Butter fat- I Portland delivery, A grade, delivered al least twice a week, 2K-29C lb; country routes, 26-2Xc lb: II grade, 2S-29o lb; -' grade at market. H grade cream for market-buying price, bulterfat haste, 63 Jo lb. Cheese Helling price tu Portland retailers: Tillamook triplets, 20s lb; loaf. 21c Ih. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, 18c lb; loaf, 19c lb. Kgge Buying price of wholesalers: Kxtras, 19c dos: standards, 17c dox; extra mediums, 16c dox; do medium firsts, 15c doz; under grade. 16r dox; pullets. 16c dos. Milk A grade, Portland delivery, SSc per loo lbs. lluilerfal Basis for 4 per cent. Live poultry Portland delivery, buying price: colored hens, over 4B lbs 19- 20c lb: under 4) lbs, IS.lii lb; Leghorn hens, over 31 lbs. 10-17r; under 3 lbs 16-ltc lb; !eghorn broilers, I to I) lbs. I7-1H.- II.; do 1! lbs up. 17-IXc lb; colored springs, 2 lbs and up. 20-2lc lb; roosters. H-Oc lb; Pekln dncks, young, 14-I7c lb; geese. ll-12c III. Live poultry Helling price by wholeulers: Light hens. P:4- lb: medium hens. 17-lRc lb; colored hens, I-I9c lb; broilers. I: lb; springs, IS-22c 1. Pekln dm ks, young 21-22c lb; do colored. 12-17c lb; cainins, over 7 lbs, 24-25u III; guinea hens, 50c each. - Babbits Fancy dressed, 20-Jlc lb. Turkeys (dressed, Helling price lo retailers: No. 1 liens-. III-20C lb; tome, II-20C lb. W' I IIHSII PHI IT Apples Delicious, extra fncy, I., ISAV YOU NAEAM THEY'RE Flfjl lClMfl OU rAPTLIElMG WHAT PO VOL) MEAM.LEVVf IV, 130IMS TO PUCK POWKJ THIS MOLE AMD BRING YOUE PEPUCTIVE POWERS ASAA'ZB THI5 HUMBLE PERSOM, TOO LA-.-. MV FRIEND-HOLE NOvV FlLLEP WITH &ACK, PROMTO, ENEMy TCOOP 7 I TO CUT THEM OFF AT THE OTHER EKJD OF TH THAT BIRD COLONEL-BUT, HA5TE-M-SOUWD TO ARMS urk in tui; lWAYfl TUNNEL. -THIS "... RATHER CLEVER' cIHE CiTY '" TK TUClD V HK! HM Thompson and Coll BEEN, IF VOU MAPN'T1 LEW WEN-I'LL GET All rS COIMGTO BE FUW.'I . QUITE MUMOROUSj VES?f 'A BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN MATTED WUITW YOU. V) l . '' f- 1S()Y NtA SEHVlCr, INC. MISERY LOVES COMPANY ssg&aBas&ssjsw f ; , p 1 GET IT, NOW, LEW WEU-luiS 15 THE WAVPEVRIES hCn AWAV WITH MYCA. r4 - FRECKLES AND HIS ALLEY OOP WELF EVEBYTHING is cosy.' I'VE GOT MV THCOWe BACK IWITHOUT A LOT OP TROUBLE . SO I GUESS I'LL GO SIT ON IT FOR A SPELL C MON , GRAND WI2ER .jiBinii iiiiiiwiwwMiii mi i mi ii , -n,.-e ev , GOSH.THAT DOG SURE 15 I HOWLING ! I VOIDER J WHAT'S WRONG j-Y L WITH HIM -S M V ? f ' wm CALL f HUH.... HtT. rVK.-WLl MJM T "7 ? Wfc.Ll,jaSH, TOU ALL Wtk't AbLfcEP, AND ; , --: FRECK-.WAkE .PLHUGH... Some DOG IS MAKING W0W.VHAr IW E Y l SURELY W DONT THINK I WAMTED TX up-THERE'S PLMGF . . 12 OArtTT J MAME OF GOODNESS, fl J Tl J A DOS GRlIgH... AN SvT" WAS W j) Z - J MoWLIrJG huh? OUTSlDEv WAKING US ALL 7 BY MYSELF? -T L outside .'! p'ss'- 7? i up?? s- i-yIlC J-- FRIENDS EH 7 L IT SAYS.YER MAJESTY. WHATS THAT ITS LADIES "THIS DAY-AND AS YOUR GRAND WIZEP.I AD VISE YOU STAY AWAY I ... IN AND OUT SAY. WHASSA YA BIG PADDLE-FOOTED PELICAN, Fooey . i guess im th' KING AROUND HERE - AN' WHEN I NEED ANY ADVICE FROM YOU, I'LL ASK FOR IT- NOW, WATCH ME -I'LL SHOW V'SUMPIN CAKITCHA r r 4t tfii t?Rfffctiet. mi. t m me, u. t, t art. , READ? A&',,' mwlm 0

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