Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 20, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

f PAGE FOUR i THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HE R A L D , ALBANY, OREGON Wednesday, may 20, 1936 mits, it outrages both camps, CRITICISM OF THE LEAGUE Like any business, it depends upon its earnings for its existence. Yet it is criticized for being "all KnUrxl at Albanj, Urtton, poatofflw mm - nrafl rlf mail. Mmmbmt Uaitt Prwm , mat NBA Nm Bfrict. aatabliahai 1SU. BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON full of advertising" and for at 102O tempting to give the kind of news LEGION POST WILL SPONSOR BIG ROUNDUP that interests all kinds of readers Editor and Publlihm L. Jackson and R. R. Cronka, BY RODNEY DUTC HE re The intelligentsia sneer at lowbrow stories, the "man on the THE LEAGUE IS TOO STRONG WE DON'T WANT TO JOM AN INTERNATIONAL. ORGANIZATION THAT MIGHT CAU ON OS TO SEND OUR BOYS 'OVER THERE AGAIN u V' street" is bored by reports of aca SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BY CARRIES demic lectures, the liberal wants more spice, the conservative de : Oh Wi 111 advanea .a It. 10 fcllc Booths, la advanea 1.75 plores the low moral tone. And each believes that somehow the VM aBUL la aavanee .au paper could, if it wished, conform to his standards and still appeal to BT MAIL Una, Bcotoa, Marion, Lana and Lincoln aooatlaa, LOna war, B advanea II. 00 IHx anntha, in advance ...a..;..., KThree months, ia advance 1.2S rOna month, la advanea v,'. 50 Br Mall Blstwharaln U. 8. A. fOne year, la advanea 11.00 "fa month, la advanea 1.71 Oma moata, la advaaea ,0 efr aopy, on train and ntwastande ,. .06 i la ordarlaii ahanaai of addreao enbeerir are aaonld aWaro arre old wall as new that heterogeneous buyer, the public. It is a man-run Institution, subject to the limitations of the flesh. If there s an unusual mass of news to be handled, the individual item gets short shrift. If the day is dull, better play can be given the material at hand. Necessity, not prejudice nor bribery usually Crawfordsville. (Special) At a meeting Sunday of the directors of the Calapooia Round-up association, it was announced that this year's show was to be sponsored by the American Legion. Ralph Hargett and Ray Downing of Lebanon, representing Santiam Post No. 51," American Legion of Lebanon, were the legion representatives who met with the association directors Sunday. It has been decided that the queen of the round-up and her attendants will be chosen by vote. A series of four dances will be given, two at Lebanon and two at the Round-up hall near Crawfords I . Paallsasd Oalla Burnt Sundaja Ike Democrat-Herald PoblUblnr Co., It - 4a Independent Afternoon M lies back of a newspapers shortcomings. These necessities are often technical and cannot be understood by the public any more easily than those of the electrician M. a afoteneon ft Co., National Adver- taunt; Bepreientatlvei. ville, ticket for which will carry or manufacturer, but their exist votes ior tne lavored candidate. Dates for the dances will be an ence should be considered when criticisms of the press are being '-'i If YOU WERE THE BOSS 1056 nounced later. broadcasted. O. W. Frum and George Cross Specifically, the problems in . When the individual errs but I1Y RODNEY DITCHER a tax on undivided ' corporation mm sinit c'urrrMioiidrnt ! surpluses, but the .way the bill WASHINGTON Don't strain' stands now each would hate to be V any brain muscles trying to found dead with it. understand the tax bill in its pies- j ent form. The measure is virtu- TJMMY MOFFETT, the oil mil-ally certain to be revamped ex- J iionaire who created much tcnsively i comment of one kind or another. Meanwhile, it appears that the hjs career as head of the administration has reached a new Foderai Housing Administration, low in its occasional fumbles with js candidate for the "little cab-legislation not, however, without jnej , active co-operation, from some' . friends 'seek' to obtain for members of Congress. L. h assjstant secretaryship of A. slightly ironical note in the , f t b ath SESS'H-rr? r LTTr v, f Henry Roosevelt. Most active f?n , thPl .-Lin" ong those friends is White ?'L? nPii L, L ,?aiL House Secretary Marvin H. Mc-business man, in that he attacks . , . . . the tax bill passed by the House "'J'1' , vhom MofIett entertains as one which would let a long list 1 frequently. of the biggest corporations off i Current betting is against the with no taxation or very little. appointment. The navy is Roose- Bvrd has been an anti-New belt's pet and since the assistant Dealer and the Roosevelt forces ' secretary will do most of the work, nlwavs have considered him the j because of Secretary Swanson's reactionary type of politician who illness, the president is expected would almost automatically asso-to choose carefully, ciate himself with the big corpo-1 ration point of view. j THREATENED strike in the an- Now, however, he taken the ; thracite coal fields was averted same position privately held by ! by an agreement less favorable to most New Dealers who pretend to miners than ordinarily would have understand the bill that it dis-' been expected. There was no im-criminaies dangerously against mediate wage increase in the small corporations. agreement, although heretofore Any layman can see that the: the United Mine Workers always measure creates a new paradise ; insisted on a boost for the an-for lawyers, even if he can't tell j thracite men when they had ob-whether the bill is better or worse ! tained one for bituminous miners since the House Ways and Means and earlier the bituminous oper-committee operated on the original J ators had signed a new agreement proposals of Secretary Morgen-jfor increases averaging 10 per thau and Treasury Counsel Her-icent. 4 man Oliphant, the bill's best and j The miners won a seven-hour almost only friends. day and five-day week for the The number of loopholes in it is second of the two years covered anybody's guess. j by the agreement, with subse- And don't blame it on Felix qUent adjustments in pay. But Frankfurter. Rexford Tugwell, or , there's no change in hours or basic David Cushman Coyle. Each of ', wage rate for the present, those three brain-trusters favors i (Coi-rislit,(i036, NBA Btrvice.'Inc.) THE LEACUe IS A FLOP! IT SHOULP HAVE USEP FORCE IN DEALING WITH GERMANY ANP ITALY AND JAPAN IT WAS TOO WEAK few know .it. His shortcoming is will have charge of the Halsev and Brownsville district, Ralph Hargett and Jay Curtis the Leba volved in handling "social and economic facts", accurately and rapidly should be recognized in (seldom bandied before the public, non district. Milton Farlev and any discussion of the topic an nounced by the Labor Forum. and even If It is, the error, if only I spoken, may be soon forgotten. When a newspaper makes a mistake Claud Edwards the Crawfordsville and Sweet Home district and Walter Frum the Harrisburg district. If everyone would consider thes things there would be less Work is being started on the Jthe world knows it. The misstep is there on the printed page, in black round-UD grounds, where a nnm- hpr nf rnnriirn nnH imnrntrnmnnlc ! "panning" of the press. apod white, undeniable, inerasable, are being planned. ja permanent and publicized blun Officers of the association are: O. THE RIGHT APPEAL W. Frum, Halsey, president; L. D. der so recorded that all may see. rorter, cprvallrs, vice-president: ' V Likewise with policies. What the D. F. McKerchcr, Crawfordsville. Probably the most effective pub private citizen thinks he communi licity that has ever gone out of secretary; George Cross, Halsey, treasurer. Directors are Emme'tt Campbell, Corvallis; Jay Curtis, Lebanon; Roy Frum, Brownsville; : cates as a .rule only to a limited number. of his fellow-men. What a Oregon is being disseminated throughout the east and middle waiter Frum, Harrisburg, Claud Jiewspapor publisher thinks, if he chooses to express himself, be- west by the Oregon State highway commission in the form of folders, tldwards and Arthur Wiele. Craw fordsville: and Henry and Robert jcomes known afar. and through the medium of high ennstenson, Eugene. . beldom does the newspaper class magazines and of newspapers The commission, guided by the starting Blamed record showing that in California For Engine Wear is the greatest potential source of Oregon tourists, is emphasizing reaches moving parts at once, is the sole heir at law. According- Visitors Welcome At Hudson Plant The dream of car owners long its appeal In the southern state, protects them with an oily film ly, she alleges, she is entitled to KOAC Radio Program tnat cuts down on wear.' which may account, In part, for the appointment as administratrix. er life for engines, fewer repair bills and lower operating costs now is a reality, according to H. E. Van Bevers, local manager for fact that according to recent cen When anyone visits Detroit, he usually wants to know how auto sus bureau estimates ,- Oregon is among the states whose population Wednesday, May 20 5:00 p. m.. On the Campuses: Ouster Petitioned In Murphy Estate mobiles are made. He has heard ade; 1:45, Music; 2:30 Lesson in Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30, The Life of Thomas A. Edison; 3, The Club Women's Half Hour "Discovering New Meanings in Everyday Art" Professor Bernard Hin-shaw; 3:30, Music; 3:45, The Monitor Views the News; 4, Musical Slories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. 5 p. m. On the Campuses; 5:30. Music; 5:45, Vespers Led by E. W. Warrington: 6, The Dinner Concert; 6:15, Swindles to Suit--Portland Belter Business Bureau; 5:30, music: 5:45, The Vespers: has increased during the last six STEAMER SINKS TWICE Napa, Cal. (U.R) The river steamer Neptune has the distinction of having twice sunk. The last time 105 barrels of whiskey had to be taken iff before it could be floated. all sorts of stories about the marvelous processes of speed and pre reader think pf this. When he is jdlspleased with something or other ihe reads he forgets that the newspaper selects Its contents with the (interests of its readers as a whole in view, and not those of one or khe other of therrt alone. '.'This must be so, or else compe-Hltion will step in and inaugurate such a policy, for experience has proven that only this method can "succeed. Sooner or later the news-Jbjper that caters tov a clique or climlted group will' fln3 its patronage restricted if it is, not forced entirely out of business. A newspaper's Insistence upon giving an equal break is bound to irk: those inevitable few who feel that their hobbies .should be avowed by the publisher. As a re- years while California's has de 6:00, Dinner Concert; 6:15, Oregon Grange; 6:30, Evening Farm cision, and naturally he wants to clined. see for himself. Hour B:3u, Things Seen and Done Floyd Mullen: 6:45. Mar This publicity Is being so con Probate Judge J. J. Barrett has issued a citation to Eva G. Allphin to show cause between now arid May 26 why she should not be evicted as administratrix of the estate of Francis Murphy, to Shell Oil company. "Months of testing in the laboratory and on the road proved conclusively," Van Bevers said, "that the proper grade of new Golden Shell motor oil can odd a year to the life of an automobile engine, cut down engine repair bills, and save a gallon in every tankful of gasoline. "Shell discovered that about three-fourths of engine wear is caused by starting the engine Recoginzing the interest of the visitors, the Hudson Motor Car ket and crop reports and weothcr structcd land distributed that it forecast; 7:00, H. R. Sinard , company maintains a special will attract for the most part a Clean Up, Paint Up;" 7: 15, J. course lor its guides so that thev 6:30. Evening Farm Hour 6:30; wnicn ottice she had previously D. Mickle "Cream Grading and j APPRAISERS NAMED . I Probate Judge J. J. Barrett to-j day appointed J. C. Irvine, Allen iSiellmacher and P.' A. Young as appraisers for the estate of the late Flora A. Mason. Leading the 4-H'ers; 6:44, Weather i may be continually up to date on desirable class of people. It is stressing scenery, climate and Its importance to the Farmer; the latest improvements that are constantly being made and thus playground attractions of Oregon, forecast; 6:45 Market and crop reports; 7, Farm Act Information: 7:15, Hop Program: 7:30. Music; be able to give the visitors an ac which would not uppcul to the 7:30, Music from the Strings' Clara Chapmon, Catherine Jor-don and Curol Yokum; 7:45, Municipal Affairs League of Oregon Cities; 8:05, music; 8:15, We Write curate and interesting picture of more shiftless and unconstructivc what they see on a tour of in 7:45, Trends in Industrial Chemistry George W. Gleeson, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, O. S. C; B, The Oregon spection. oeen appointed. The citation was asked by Hazel Murphy, who represented to the court that Eva Allphin's petition and appointment were all without her knowledge, though she is the widow of the deceased. Mrs. Murphy states in her petition that her husband, who died May 6 from the result of injuries he received while working in the Dollar company logging camp, left type of immigrant. Here Is an example of the ma UFRE S RELIEF 1 1 lf Sore, Irritated Skin Wherever it Is however broken the Story Alexander Hull: 8:30. With an average of more than Pucific College; 9:00-9:15, United only about one-fourth comes from running the car. Shell scientists then set about developing a motor oil that would flow instantly when the driver stepped on the starter, instoad of leaving vital parts comparatively dr.y for several seconds with serious wear being caused by metal-td-metal contact. Golden Shell motor oil State System ot Higher Education 12 million persons visiting Detroit annually, with some 500 con Press news. terial that is being used. Framed by ah attractively sketched border F. L. Ballard, Vice-Director of surfaco-freely apply soothing surfaco-freely apply soothing Federal Cooperative Extension; Resinol 6:15. The KOAC Drama Guild- ventions being conducted in ., the city during 1936, drawing an attendance of half a million, a large Thursday. May 21 8 a. m., Homemukers' Hour: 9:30. Wayne and June"; 10. Music. Dusky Singing": 8:45. Music; an estate of $3,000, to whicn she of a towering Oregon mountain being admired from its base by an automobile party Is the heading: "I stood in the meadows under 9-9:15, United Press News. numoer or these visitors find their way eventually to the motor 10:15, Guarding Your Health: 10:30, Music: 10:45, KOAC School car plants ond a large proportion of them go to the Hudson plant. AUTOMOBILES COLLIDE Automobiles driven by Alfred of the Air 10:45, German; 11, The Story of Oregon; 11:15, The Ro towering snow-capped peaks." Beneath the descriptive matter recites:" There's no greater thrill mance of Words; 11:30, The Story W. Burgoyne and J. H. Mulligan collided on Second street between ot Music; 11:45, Music; 12, Noon no greater happiness, than a vaca TWO CARS MEET Collision of cars driven by Lester Horton, Albany and Howard Searing, Corvallis, at Second and Farm Hour 12:05. United Press Baker and Montgomery streets tion in the mountains of Oregon. News; 12:15, Foresters in Action: 12:40, Market and crop reports and Monday when Mulligan essayed to turn, according to a report on file at the police station. No serious You may fish in sparkling streams, Lyon streets added one mishap to weather lorecust. the toll of minor week end cas climb snow-cupped pcuks, picnic in mountain meadows, take hiking 1 p. m.. Music; 1:15. The World damage resulted, the rcnort stat- unities. No one was injured and Book Man: 1:30. Programs on Par-led. damage was not material. or horseback trips down forest trails, or spent lazy healthful days isult we find some ' persons who know all about how a newspaper Ssi'hould be run, particulurjy among those who have had the least ex- perjence with the publishing busl- " " ness.' A recent Issue of the Palo Alto, Cal., Times contains a discussion of this point which adequately presents the situation of the average newspaper. It says: Since the Palo Alto Labor Forum is to discuss the "Need of Social and Economic Facts IN the Dully Press' at its meeting tomorrow night, it is to be hoped that the speakers will also present facts ABOUT the daily press instead of mere assumptions. The newspaper is among the most familiar and most misunderstood features of modern life. In general, it appears to be considered a public service which could be perfect from all standpoints if it wished to, but whose flaws are due to "influences" from whatever bogey the particular critic most abhors. It is expected to print everything that everybody wants printed and nothing that nnybodv doesn't want printed, and yet lo be Interesting to all readers. If it prints anything on one side of a controversial matter, the other side sees the slimy hand of corruption at work. If It stroddles the fence, it Is spineless. If it presents all the facts as Impartially as spare per in camp or fine fine resorts." Then some of the points where such al lurements uro available are listed. . The beauty of It all is that there is not one misstatement, no exaggeration in these advertisements. No one who heeds them will be disappointed. They promise nothing which cannot be delivered the goods will be even bettor than the label claims. Such appeal will make friends for Oregon, and friends will make Oregon an even better state. Democrat-Herald Want Ads. Brine Results You want POWER STEPPING ON THE STARTER puts over loo metal parts inside your motor into immediate action. This means serious wear unlos your oil flows imlantly! SPEED requires a "TOUGH" oil for high heat. Kithcr "tough" or Jast-flowing oils are easy to make. The problem is to combine both qualities in the same oil. You want ECONOMY You also want LOW PRICE -BARLEY., Nowhere ore they combined so perfectly as in Chevrolet trucks jbr jiner flan Be ITiscmEconnmizemBuy Chevrolet! 3 Miles a Minute can cause Less wear than starting your engine fust once! POWER -to pull your loads! 'First choice Chevrolet! It has roi tcommcAL m ',c Prea,,'st pulling power of any " truck in the entire low-price range! TlutromTi - NEW HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE with inrrraftrd horsepower, increased torque, greater economy in gas and oil NEW PERFECTED HTDRAULIC BRAKES always equalized for quick, unswrrring. "atraight liue" stops More expensive to use, yes. Here's a new fast-flowing oil that reduces engine repair bills up to 50 ... ECONOMY to save you money! First choire CJievroIrt! It's the most economical truck in the world for all-round duty! LOW PRICE to conserve your capital! First choice Chevrolet! It sells at the lowest prire at which you can buy any high-powered truck! All the qualities which make a truck a monev-maker all the qualities which make truck operation profitable are yours in the highest degree in these big. powerful Chcvrolets. See your nearest Chevrolet dealer todav for full information. And then . . . Uc wise economize buy Chevrolet trucks! CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT. MtCniCAX F.RRiric motor heat at 1S0 miles an NEW rULL-TREMMED OB LUXE CAB with clrar-viion instrument panrl fur ft ft control TOLL-FLOATING REAR AXLE with, barrel type wheel bearing! on 1 h-lon models hour ... is hard cnouizh on an en- are unoiled for a few moments. No wonder 2-tths of engine wear is caused by starting! To cut this excessive wear, Shell, at a cost of f 1,000,000, has perfected a new type of oil. Golden Shell 's FAST-FLOWING and yet TOl'GII. F.ngineers and oil technicians call xhe process behind it the biggest advance in oil refining in the last 25 years. Drive into your neighborhood Shell station today and learn how Golden Shell no other grain can be substituted for choice hurley and yet retain that rich, taste-satisfying flavor an J full body of Rnhrmian Club Bottle Beer. That is why every glass of Bohemian Club you drink seems to have not only FINER flavor, but MORE flavor. SOLO IN EVI Y CONVENIENT SlR GLASS CONTAIN! It gine! But starting your engine just once can be a lot more damaging. When you step on your starter, over loo moving parts are rubbing together. That calls for plenty of oil on every part. If it isn't Jast-Jlouing, some parts can cut your engine repair costs 50!?. GENERAL MOTORS INSTALLMENT PLAN MONTHLY PAYMENTS TO BUTT YOUR PURSE CHEVROLET TRUCKS ALBANY AUTO COMPANY Lloyd TempleonO G. T. Hockensmith Second and Ellsworth Sts., Albany, Oregon. Telephone 200 Xager Beer. cn Choice, qf Bur Drinkers CytrywJiert' Golden Shell "S? O Q

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