Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 19, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY IS BROUGHT TO YOU EVERY DAY BY THESE CLASSIFIED ADS. 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous Dressed lOK'j IU ITLIIFAT " j A grade 26c NEW TODAY rnp OA) p coon iiorsK and llalsey. SSOO. Half down, balance on easy terms. Pete Tnuitman, Shedd. Ore. ml9 WANTED F"" ASII o!.l itohiul alll worthless horses and cowf Dead animals pleked up ; free of eharRe anywhere, fnle & MontKomery. I'hone eolleet t'orvalllH. mltf Weil-Known American TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted below are those pre-vailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, an( mrv ubjcrt to change at any hour thereafter. homage. Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1, 6 Man In political limelight. 10 Persia. 11 Rowing device. , louTHsI pAIsJTeuIr , M L A TacME E0B- I L& I N KPB UV pBD O V EOT L OPR HDD PS I T EIIhIA K gOE C O PTATTiE. SDClAjR leiAJsJTJi RIEISOHIOlrnlE TTtHH AffR A LOUIS E T DACTFID OL E S" rfW O LB TpP A U S E LOCAL fill A I SI. KeiMlem A Co, Wheat: No. 1 white, 77c; red nnd mixed 75c bushel. PAULEY; Hansen, J21.00 ton. OATS: White. No. I, $1 S.ftO; gray No. I. $23.00; gray focd $20.00 ton... WOOL Won, per pound ...30p Mohair, per pound , ,..40c MKATtt I. i:. Nel.erunll lent Ct.) citi.i: . Steers $5. 504? 7.00 Iti-ifers 4.ROVR.50 Bulls 3. 60(i, 1. 00 Cows, beef 3.O0 i fi.00 Cows, cutters l.&0$?3.00 HOfi.K .140 tn itiO pounds JT.OOfi 7.Ti0 Din in 210 pounds 7.&0SH S.SO 210 n 2T.0 poillltls 7.00 it s.oo 2T.O in 3iil pounds 7.001ft 7. 2.i 350 pounds up 5.2fi-ii fi.on Sows ; ; 4.25 5.75 si!i:i:i Lambs $7.f0ff $ So Kwes 2.00(1 4.00 Yeat liiiKS It. Oil VKAI, Live 7c Dressed lie IMI I.TIIV Siri A Company) No. I hens, 4 J to lbs i.., .l"c No. I hens, over li lbs 17c No. 1 medium bens, over 3A lbs. 14c No, 1 medium hens, under lbs. 14c Colored springs .1 7c N. 1 broilers, 1$ to 2 lbs, ......15c Ittioslers 7e Slags . . . . I0e VAHiS All Prleen Are Delivered Alltnny t'nMeH Iteturned ICxlruH 19c Standards 17c Kxtra medium ......Hie Standard medium 13c ! It row us extras lHc! I irty extras Ittc ! Pndergradea .13e! Pullets 12c! Pee wees 10c j VKAI, Live 7Ac WANTFD l"SKh' A T T 1. K, fin i u springer i-mvs uml heifers. Wall Nelson, Alliany. ml'J.'L'l FARM 1,ANn w A N T K ON I nillVI rtuiry riir(lli m:,rriMt. HoiiH.' furnished. John C. Terhune, Jef-ferftn, He. Ph. 47-F-14. nI!-21-S pAOTIIDp FOIL 11KNT K1VKU I no I UML bottom, tows. horHfH or heifers. J. H. Blakely, J mi. S. Sanderson's UridBf. m 1 0-21 TDAnp 240 A. LAND N. W. I IinUL Wyoming-, will grow potatoes, alfalfa, uuur beets and eed house products, for Oregon property, 30 to SO aeres. A. 11. I'inkal, Sivot't Home, lit. 2. nil -S eipnn act quick moo. so 4 1 OWU acres of prairie land all under cultivation fair huihlintfH. the best buy ever offered in Linn county. $1S00 total price. Why rent. 1HVINI2 U HOOD, Phone 300 aXOtf I I Op p CAS It AN. 138, KLIOt'THIC' UOLL; raiiKts, oil stoves. tltMtric & kus plates, lowest possible prices. Rebuilt used muff's, larie tnek only jy.75 & up. Hewi possl-vnliies at Alluiny Bai-Rain House. 2nd & Huker. nil!)-:M ATTENTION "KAI-EIls 1X UVK n i i im i lun tRtu(,k, Huy the Linn County Fair Crounds with all hulldiiiKK and 30 acres of land fur ludditiK stuck while wnltinK to load, at the price of arm land, and very ensy terms. 50 Al'ItKS ON IIHiH'VAY near Leb-ation Improved for only 12150. M. Dotlarhide to. inHtf O I JjPi tii re. 31 acrcH located on 'HruKli Creek, all bottom land. j rrop all in, very grood' buildings, a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 cows, nil equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only $:t7ft0 move right in. IKV1NK I. HQOD, Jhone 300 a30tf F-0R RFNT lTNFlJKN,sl,Kn 1HT 1 U1' llLI'1 nlex. Adults on I v. 138 K. 7th St. , ml 11-21 Little Orphan Anne And Other Comics .f" 7 1 I I6 17 My ftf" 1 iif) "Hnml.llHII! f'l n & r BUT. GEE WHITJoTr ITheTOMeTnGO V I I THEY'VE GOT A "F L.. I I NONE OF 'EM EVER LASTS NOPE- A I I SWELL SPOT. AND T(!7 S 1 I LONG- I JUST PLUG ALONG- r,.cv. li I LOADS O' NEW 1 i"T cSSFj I I BEEN HERE NOW OVER JS.-8 II MACHINERY- I GADGETS AND THIRTY YEARS- GUESS I'LL . Zb- M EVEN WORRIED? S ' Ikf WOOL WANTED - WBhl, market value. M. Senders & Co. m7-30 pACpARA 1'AHK WAN'I'KK VK OMOOrtnrtnri, hl lhl, ,rkM ror an tmlimiteil tiunntity of dry nr creen I'asearii Hark. Will pay highest eash pri-es. Albany Bar-Bain House, 2nd and Kaker, Phone TJtfi. al5-tf OLD I' X 1 T R I ST A T K S C t I N S bouglu at Dawson's Drg Store. niarltf 24 Personal TDMAPH iAS pai,ns. OIUIVIMUn jndiKestion vlethns. why suffer? Ktr quick relief Ret a free sample of I'dga, a dootor'a prescription at Fred Duwson's Drug Store. m-j.ri 8 Lost, Strayed, or Stolen I D9T "KTWKKN HHOWNSVILLW LUO I it iJ(.banon- Mlack suitcase con t a ing lady's apparel. John Pit-ret'. Plainview, Phone 21-F-3L Ueward tn 1 S-20 16 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING- WAIX rAPKmx,:- i nin i itiu inl,.rl(r decorating that's different. Phone 42 or 513-L. Wilbur Dawson (k Claire Snyder. ni30-tf pAOU PAID FOlt OLD HOLD, UnON ,itu titt crowns, bridges, fillings, old Jewelry, watch cases, ele. F. M. French Son, Jewelers. d::utf OUppp SHF.AUIN:, CALL ItoHlN OlILLI 'i rimx i'hone 2JI-F-4 or eall at 1.-115 F. 2nd. ni8-jl pAOU PAD roK CSKD FDUNI- att Ic" Cliiiti. Uohr bough & Son. 415 W. First St. Jl-tf Up p THH NKKDV. I'll K SALVA-n LLI (rmv needs fruits, vegetables, clothing, etc., to help needy people in emm-geney cases. Money too. if you want to contribute. We have no telephone but bring in what yoir have to donate or drop us a card and we'll call for It. Capt. Pert Unlley, 104 West 3rd St., Albany. THE LAST WEN TURNS UP FREEDOM VHEN tXJ'RE FREE, YOU CAN ROAM VHEPE YOU WILL..t3U OWN THE SKY, THE TREES AND THE RIVERS ! THEY'RE YOURS TO ENJOY '! P Automobiles Wanted CASH von Yol'u CAK ou unon (jijj. Warden's t'nr Market. I.ehanon. Vhone ni5-J. For Sale, Miscellaneous FOR sAI P -'ATF-UPHd.AU "2 Ji onil ,r.u.,nr wlln Iokkii 20" okkiuk: equipment, $SMi. Consider ear in trade. Can arrange some terms. K. 1, Mahrke, lit. 3, Corvallis. Ore. nilS-20 HAYINH TIMK ls ooMiNt;. xkw nnillMU rope Bppciai. 4, s 3 new rope lSr per lb. Also vomc gooil used hay rope. Fork carriers for both wood & steel track, carrier forks, hay forks & fork handles. Save money on your hay-fng; needs at Albany Bargain House, 2nd & linker Sts. mlS-20 FOR Al F OH THADK HUZ-I Ull OHLL 7,irti jisUaKe, bay cutter & idpe; ! mowers: 7-ft. binder; 2 iron wheel wagons: gas engines; garden tractor; 3 riding cultivators at Kastburn & Uoth Auetion Mkt. mlS-20 BEE HIVES Mrs. t Jray, 704 Thuistim, Phone 30C-Y. nlli-l 4 per M.. planks for barns. briilges, timber. lxtt and lxtl sneeiing, i louring, ceiling, sitt ing. Can deliver. 3rd & .Madison. Albany. mH-20-S For Rent OUppp PASTl'Ki: 30 Al'UKS TO ILL I rt,)t fwr H,nnnu.r t w. Case. Albany It t. 2. niLS-2o FOR RENT" S HOO.M f.N-apt... IMtnne u21-lf ELLSWORTH APn-s "KAT- l-lloJll I II nvermufrwl rurnl-ture. Ph. 35. 805 Kllsworth. nti-tf u at" voriZrr'Y(iiTLi k k to VVIIrt I t rude ? Try a "Swap" ml. STICKING TO LEW PRECIOUS wo ibu boNT-.bu CAN'T ! IT'S WCT UNTIL YOU GET "ibURSELF IW A JAM AMD FEEL THAT tiU'LL KIEVER have Your freedom, THAT "ibU REALLY KMOW WHAT IT MEANS HW-MiEti I YOU EVEN GOIN' 1 S I TO COME UP AND J f TAKE A LOOK I I T AT TH' SHOP I R AlTo'uV0 U 1 H grade , 26c C grade , 22r SHKI'.I Lambs $S.2fitfl.00 I'OKTI.AMI MAHKirr Portland. Ore., May It. flutter and ckks were uiuhaugrd today. Lest local strawberries are still around $2.75-3 with Kenuewlcks selling $2.25-2.0, Hood llivcr Clarks $3.00 generally with a few higher and California!! at any old price for the bulk, (.rants Pass stock is showing a wide spread, due to difference in quality. Firm loin Is showing for asparagus with an acute shortage. All poultry prices are firm. Further general advances in citrus fruits. (iooseberries are nominally 9-10c lb. Tomatoes 'continue fairly steady for ludio slock. Imperials weak. Hothouse held steady. Continued strength for old potatoes. First carload of watermelons is being offered out of California at $su a ton. Crabs are scarce again. IMIItTI.AM I.IVKNTIM'K Portland, Ore., May 1!". Hogs: 300. Steady with Monday's weak close. Load good -choice light butchers $:t.50. Hulk drivehieN $;i.2.r.-.3.V Heavies ami light lights $S.75-!. Packing sows $7. Feeder pigs $!.5o. Cattle; 50. Calves 10. Steady wlih Monday's strong close. No good fed steers offered, tUotah" to 8. Few common grass si eers held around $t;-6.5o. Few common heifers $5.5o-5.75. Fed heifers saleable to $7 and above. Low cutter and cutter cows $3-4.50. Common -medium $4.75-5.50. liood beef eows to $t and above. Hulls $5.75. Vealers turntable to $K.M). Sheep: 700. Steady on spring lambs, weak on older classun. (.lood trucked In springers $10. Medium down to $;. Few good shorn old crop lambs and yearlings $7. Two-year-old wethers $li. Fat owea up to $4, l'lionrci: kv iia;i: The following prices were named to be effective Monday: Hutter Cube extras, 27c; standards, 2 tic; prime firsts, 251c; first, 254e. Cheese Orcgmi triplets, 15c; Oregon loaf, $lti. Itrokets will pay below (piotal lonu. By HAROLD GRAY BY BLOSSER if WELL .THAT'S WHAT L A REFORM SCHOC . WOULD DO BY HAMLIN 13 To recede. 15 Toward. 16 Honey gatherer. 18 Father. 19 Greek letter. 20 Alleged force. 22 Northwest. 23 Pressing. 25 Walks through water. 27 Species of geese. 28 Corded cloth. 31 Tax seal. 32 Mouth parts. 33 Tiresome people. 35 Melody. 36 Froien water. 37 Men of learning. 39 Fiber knots. 40 Company. 41 Doves' home. 42 To warble. 44 Southeast. 45 Sanskrit dialect. 46 Portion. 48 Next. 61 Says again. 63 Carriage. 54 Eagle's claw. lsXKK I'rochiro ixliniift;e (im(n-tlntiH lie! wi-i'M tlcali'l'M; I'lxlril lartcf, 1 it-: HtumluriiH, Inrjff, 1 s : fxintM. nu illtiiii, 1 Sc; HliutiliinlK, iiu'illmn, I tie JoI.IiImk prlct'H 2i' IiIkIht. lOHTI.AM WIIOI.KKAI.K l'HICl'.S ThcHM ftr tlit' iH'Iri'H roliilliTM pay wtiuh'Hiilt'rH, except whtTo illnrwlHt Htatcil: Hut t it Prints. A fcrmlr, 2!U Hi In piiri'hinHiit wrupiior, aoc ll In cnr-toiiN; II Kruilf, pttrchineiit wrapper, :'Hf li cnrloiiH, 2ll: 111. Iimt.-rfiit (IN.rlluiul dWlvpryi A Kruilt 4lHvortMl at lcaKt twii- n U, 2H-21I4T Hi; niuntry rfHitt H, 20-lli; II Kiilt. 2H'Z'.tv. Hi; C uvail at luarltcL It ktiuIc crt'iun fm- ninrkct-lmyltiK prle huttt-t-riit I)(ihIh, lb. I'lH'OHt' SfllliiK pl'lr to 1'urtluml ntalltM-s: 'I'llhuiMMik trlpli-tH, 2(h lb: loaf, 21c lb. Villain. ..,k Ht llliiK Pi'l.'.' tn wliult'Halri'rt: trlpb'tH, 1 Xc Hi; loaf, lb. I-'kk" lltiy I ii ic price of wlmlrnnt-h: (OxtriiH, In i- iloz; Htam1arlH( 17c lnz; extra iim'4Iiiiiih, Hie Iok; tin medium TfrstK, llir ti'.: miller Kriule, I fir1 ilox; itlllletM, Lie iln. .Milk A Kimle, Corllaiul (lei I very t "ic per 100 )hn, Hulterlat HhhIm for I per tont. Live potillry I'ort hind delivery, buying irle: ntlured Im-iih, over 4 II.h IH-1'.U- lb; under 4A llm, IS-l!lc. lb; Leh(irn benn, over :ik Mm. Hl-lTc; under lb Ifi-Ittc lb; LeKhorii brollerH, 1 to 1) Hh. 10-17.- lb; do 1) Ibx lip, lC-17c lb; colnred HprliiK. 2 IIh and up. 2U-21c lb; roiiHterH, K-'n- lb; IVklti (Iih'Uh, yotiiiK, H-lic lb; .'., 11-12.- lb. Live poultry SeMlnjf price by WholMnalvrH; Unlit Ikiih, H1-I7c b; lueilluni lieiiH, 1 7-1 Hv lb; colored Iw-iih, IH-IHc lb; brollerM, 1(1- lb; HprhitfM. H-22r lb; P.-kill dtli k, yoiiliK 2l-2c lb; do colored. 12-17c lb; upinn, over 7 lliM. 24-25c lb; Knitted Iiciih, ille en.h. ItabbltH l-'am-y dreHried, 20-2lc lb. YnrUeyH (dreHNed ,S. MIik price to relalliTH: No. I Iiciih, l'.i-2h' lb; touiH, lN-20c lb. rilHNIf I II I I T A ppleH I lellcloiiH, extra fiuiey, II.X5-2 box; do fniiry, $ I .fifi-1 .110 box; NewlowtiK, 1 extra fancy, $1.70 box; do fancy, $.4fi box: do hire mill fill, fancy Sfii: box ; do face and fill, cbolce, H5r box; SpltxenbeiK, extra fancy, 1.4f) box ; do cmnbliuit bill, l.2.ri box; Koine Iteauly, jumble, 2Jc lb; whimipH, extra fancy, Jl.ti,, box; do fancy, l,4u box; do Jumble, extra fancy, 3c lb. fan talon pen California Ktaudard, $4.50; jumbo :tii, y.2:, nat. ItailanaN Hiinrli, lb; IiiuhIm, 0 (ijc lb. ' : SI rawberrb-K Canby, $:t-:i.2r per 21-bnnket i:ratn; l-'lorlu, $ I . -I r i -1 . -I ; local $2.75-3; Keniiewlck $2..r)0-2.iiO. s penr IVAuJuu, $1.1;' btix. OraiiK' Hi:tlfuriila navels, faiti y $.1.15-$:!. 30; choice, $2.75-2.'i.'i ; xlitfltl-itnln, $'J.ti5 cane. (irapefrult Arizona, $l.SO-2.40 (ane; Klorida, $4-L2.r cave. LeinoiiK California, fancy Jfi.GO-7.&0 t'UHe; choice $ll.2fi-0.7fi. l'HKHH i;(;i: r ini,r,M i'olatiies Ijoeal, $2-2.10 per cental; Klamath, $2.35 cental; Mcappoite Netted lie tun, $2-2.15 cental; )es-chlltcH Netted tieniH, $2.35-2.50 cental. L E Amp O p ee7BPs p i sTnPH AH S TOP 0 6 OPS THH Y P O B ABE L gjEfTD F AROjriWA I FlQlAlNlciE.I'lclHElMlr1gT5 I IS i 1 5 H I I'5 ( I 5 If 35 A7 '. ONE OF MNN l'NTY'S FINE u yi farms, pood share bottom land and most now under cultivation. A real ranch with only fair improvements. Price to sell only $40. 20 arret near . Albany with Home improvements and nb-e grove. 1 5 under cultivation. J sua. Several houses and one farm to rent. Tripp Murphy, Kealtors. nilStf WF HAVE SKVKllAL VERY FINE HL 1 "v1- range specials in addition to the ones mentioned In our regular ads. Mountain States Power Co. m2 l For Sale Real Estate 47 V? AHRF FAUM FOU "Ai.K- -ii . rjL. on SiU,,am Ilwy.. 5 mill's int: nrw 5 room hoime, nrw rhi.-ken house all other out-luiihUliKS fair; on main power line. Ciops nil In. A HAKHAI.V - See owner. Wm. MeKinley, HI. 1. Alhnny; r n21!-iii22 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS X T"Z Slewart. Ii:.2 W. 1 2th. m7-17-S nnOD w,,,,1 imuckh kiciit uuuu Itelivereil in any lenulh. Lester t'hlliole, 1 liOt! Kantl.'inl ltd. lJh.)tie 7:H-li. J2"-lf Hay, Grain, Feed Al F A I FA hay 5 tons, is i-i:it nii nii rt (on v w Cnse, lit. 2. near DeVer. ml8-2ct 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs . white i:ti:;kuzx Phone li-K-31, Tangent, Ore. .leiiks' Hatchery, ml 5-20 CASH KOU UU AND.WOUTH-OnOI l jPHK ,ors(,s illu enws. Day-old ual ves. Ph. 1 4 - P-1 4 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-tf DEAD AND WOUT,n,'ws IIOUSKS L''Land cows picked up free of charge anywhere. I'hone collect 14-F-H, Albany. If no answer, Phone ll-F-4, ("orvailia. ml4-tf IT'S A SWELL LAV-CUT-RlGHT OH TH' MMN STREET. TOO- LIGHT AND CLEA.M -BRANS NEW MACHINERY- IT'S NOT GOIN' TO HELP "0NCLE" JACKS BUSINESS, ONE BlT- FRIENDS OH, HE WELL. TUAT h I THIMK.. wtl' : : !V 7 I I 21 Ol ui 7 North America 8 Eye. 9 His political party. 12 He Is also publisher of 14 Keg.' 17 Foes. 19 X symbols. 21 Ana. 24 To yawn. 26 To mend. 28 To wander. 29 Epoch. 30 Writing tools. 33 Fine cotton. 34 Wage. 37 Shoe bottom. 65 Constellation. 66 His military title. 67 He Is an pl.. VERTICAL 2 Chest bone. 3 Measure of area. 4 Floating. 6 Flogging whip. 6 Kneels ln 38 Dress fastener. 41 Freight. 43 Eminent. 45 Bucket 47 Rootstock. 49 Self. 50 Hindu cymbals 61 Eggs of flBhes. 52 Sailor. . Cwlery California, $3-3.50 orate beurtH, $2 tloa bunch ch. 1','UH 'Die lUllleH Hi,- lb. Callforn la, $2.5o per 5()-lb Hack. Spinach 40-oOc nrmiKi! box. OulotiM OreKnn, $1,IUL35 pr 100, IbH. Tomatoes Indlo, $2-2. TiO Iur. Lettuce Local, $1-1.25 rrat. Hweet potatoes Californiu. $2 nor 60-lb. crate; aotithrn yams, $1.95l crate. Cauliflower Loral, $1.50 crate California. $1.50-1.75 crate. Itlntbarb Klelil khiwii, 35--I0c np pie lox. CucuinbiTH Local, hot house, $1 i .no KIZ. New potatoes Hlmftor, $3-3.50 per ceniai. AsparaKus Mid-Columbia, $1.75 Iter ,'Hi-l b pyramid; llermlHtou, Cc lb; Vnkhnn. $1 no per 30. lb pyramid. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the. undersigned has been duly an- pointed by the County Court of the Mute of Oregon for Linn County, administrator of the estate of Maey Harrison, deceased, and has quali-. nea. All persons having claims against the estate of said deced ert are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six months from the dale of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administrator at the office of M;u k 6 & McMnhan, in the First National Bunk Building in the City of Albany, Linn County, Stale of Oregon. Dated and first published this 28th day of April, 1936. I ED S. BOWERS, ! Administrator of the Estate of Macy Harrison, Deceased, j CLARK S. KENDALL and MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, j Attorneys for Administrator. Apr 2fl May 5-12-lfl-2fl ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nafl Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to nnd from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CAKI'ET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY ! Opposite P. O. Established 1911. WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, j Money to Loan. Farm Security I PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Muytag, busy, 'I nor, Washers. MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse " By Thompson and Coll MEAMWHILE, AT A SPOT NOT FAR FROM ! THE PESERT EMD OF THE TUNNELTUt-STILL.-UMCOM5CIOUS MVRA REACHED THE END OF HER MYSTERIOUS JDURNEV, OKAV, WHOEVER KEEP 'EM Ur? AMP MO TRICKS ..QgM WHAT TW--HOIV TM' ? J YES, MR HZx! WI-IILE Ip VOU ARE - BETTER t... VVr-tV, IT'S LEW WEMf V&1 TALK FAX LEW- YOU'VE LANE -BAEPOM- SEATEP COME ALL THE X ffSSfftiiJ --v QOT ME NOW CDLOMELJ AMONG MlvlKg) 1 WAY OUT I I -f - W V7Lih5TUTTER- I SEE- FA3T II THE rMwKrSTWAVE VOUJt ,-SC" PTg- IM6 ACTIOM MECESl HOSPITAL A'lEgEPf TpTr ISAVE TAEGETlt QOOP WORK,, PEVRIESKEEP HER WELL h 6UAEPEP LJi,. nature that you can see with Your eyes belongs iu You .' HAVE YOU EVER HAD RICH VEGETABLE SOUR YEP... AN THE SIEVE TOOK AWAY ALL THE GOOD SOLID AFTER IT WAS PUT FLAVOR ? THRU A r-"l SIEVE FRECKLES AND HIS li fa r! ( GOSH, I'M FREE, FRECK.. V 1 ALLEY OOP FOOZY. HOLDS HIS JOB WOULD, WOULD HE '? I'LL HAVE YO'J KNOW P.CIM- A . f lV ' WHY, SURE ..I'M TH' WIZER-ll (hmm -YEH -THA'S ) TWEKJ I'M TH'MAKJ, 1 i WHAT'S THAT? WAS APPOIWTED BY EIGHT.' I GOTTA ) VER PROBLEMS TO f GRAKJD WIZER? OOP.' WHY klOT. SlKJCE HAVE A GRAJUD FACE I'LL DO TH V WHO YOLI ? VOU'VE JAILE15 WlZER THAT'S f GRAKJD WIZlM, ALL WELL. I'LL BE - '-J OH.00P5 A QUtER GUY SAV, COCZV-HOW V. .HE'S CUMMV TMAT WAY COME ALLEY OOP ME D RATmER HAVE ClNNJV AASKJT MAO 'CAUSE V, THAN A CEOVAkJ. y ' I TOOK MY CPOWM t ANY DAY ' KINO IS Akj YEH, I KkJOW, . MOMORW I THINK SO, TOO- V is But bein grand J " WI2ERS TH BEST . ; V I can do' NOTICE TO CREDITOHS Notice is hereby given that the undersitfned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County as administrator of . the estate of Edgar A. Trulovc, deceased, and has qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administrator at the office of Marks & McMnhan, in the First National Bank Huilding. in the Cily of Albany, Linn County, State of Oregon. Dated nnd first published this 2th day of April, 1930. ELMER MILLER. Administrator of the Estate of Edgar A. Trulovc. Deceased. CLARK S. KENDALL nW MARKS & McMAHAN, Aliy, Oregon, O Attuiiieys for Administrator. Aur. May 5-12-18-26 BACK ?' 1 - ' . r ::.. Q " cr ' o 1 0 o

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