The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 61
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 61

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 61
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Page 61 article text (OCR)

Palm Beacb Post. Thursday. Nov. 28. 1SE5 1 (OKAX PET-) I rzz fi OH, I ALMOST FORGOT, FLQ iTELLS ME 71 I c V tAUFkl ADC PUZZLE CORNER BALL JERSEY FOR ME - i i i EK TOMORROW Your Birthday NO RUSH, JUST WHEMYER'VE 11 I tTC nJav f n I By STELLA ' t DAILY CROSSWORD mm (T'A'DTa notice of others will not get by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28 the alert Capricorn. Use your - Born today, you are one who knowledge to further your ends. needs very close friends who 11. Said 15. Whirlwind or tornado 18. Cabbie's 19. Cheer for have infinite amounts of AQUARIUS (Jaa 21-Feb. 19) ANDYCAPPt The more originality you BRAWMSKI display today, the better are your chances of being recognized. Advancement beckons. YOU MUST LEARN patience. You do not find it easy to take others into your confidence; those who would be companions, aids, true friends of yours must be willing to spend time drawing you out to the point where the trust TO SAY Us V 42. Seed vessels DOWN LSuzette to flip over 2. Two words for a tomato 3. Symbol of doom in the office 4. English river 5. Junta or clique 6. Like a desert .7. Reading matter, for short 8. Distribute .Fall suddenly gw wgaaL U MAKE IT PAY WE'LL MAKE OUT JVST BUT MY COMPANY HAS YOU SEE, 1 -UM- FINE, BRAWNSKI-U$IN6 ) BEEN RUNNING IN THE HAVE CERTAIN NONUNION LABOR AND RED, GENOA.' THAT'S ADVANTAGES' THIRD-RATE MATERIALS, V WHY BORROWED A ywcii UNDERCUT -r -'A FROM YOU TarZSS U YOUR COMPETITORS I I r in th5 jftlXiT&S '"EVEN xn fjl PIRST "SSi5r THEM OUT OP ("A PISCES (Feb. 20-March 21) between you and them can be If chosen for a position of leadership, do not hesitate to accept. You can do much good if given the chance. mutual rather than a one Esca-millo 20. Like soma dresses, shirts, etc. 22. Slip, loop or square 23. Moat seasoned 24. Newspapermen 25. Time in history 29. Beauty's admirer YMtetdty's Aaiwet 30. Teutonic characters 31. There are seven S3. Variety of cotton 36. Exclamation of disgust 37. Hair style 38. In the past sided affair. Know that those ARIES (March 22-April 20) - who appear to be prying into Learn from your own rather your business may really just JTiii LAS THIS PLAmS j SHOWS A PROFIT, I RUM , j IT.'-IF IT C-OES UNDER. cXTrZ .YOU CAN HAVE IT BACK Srg' than others' experience. be trying to get close to you. You have a great deal of self- Personal knowledge is worth a great deal to your future. control perhaps too much. You Llll-itflll I LrBWSdul I fOUlLPUTMEOUT STEVE ROPER- ... - lmJn,.m..y--'- SlJ fi. - J TAURUS (April 21-May 21) - so seldom respond outwardly ' ACROSS 1. Talon i.Counietor'a bailiwick .Substitute of a tort 30. Sandarae trees 12. Embankment 13. Racist 14. Cockney's dream 15. Little child 16. Nut's son 17. Male or female of a family 30. Butter serving; 2L Buddhist language 32. Musical ' heroin 33. Depleted 26. Run the motor with out taking off 37. Fox or turkey 38. Slapstick prop 39. Threshers 32. Latin connective 33. Via 34. dela Faix JS. Capital of Bulgaria ' 37. Food from heaven 39. Prunes 40. Architectural moldings 41. Stock exchange asset Listen carefully to what goes on around you. You may well with demonstrations of anger, joy, fear, etc., that many, especially at first, think of you hear advice worth much profit to you in the immediate future a person of little warmth. I INTO THE WATER.' I IJWN AFTER THEWSTOPTH-J GEMINI (May 22-June 21) The business at hand must be seen to regardless of your fondness for leisure. Don't begin the weekend too early. CANCER (June 22-July 23) - WTi 4 WvTYW zwLZmzzz MA I "fe The accuracy of your business The "real" you, however, is deeply responsive, easily hurt, often elated, and, in general, more likely than many to feel imaginary slights. Except in the latter case, you should try to be more outgoing. It may be difficult even for your own immediate family to know just how you feel about things. Basically a good parent, a loving spouse, you may nevertheless be only too successful judgment may well be on the firing line today. Try to live fed- M up to an old reputation. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) - Follow a middle course and you should be able to lead yourself ar- ysr 1 1-26 in hiding this best part of I and others to a satisfactory end of difficulties. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) - yourself. If you are wise, you will begin at once to make every effort for honest contact I L3 fiV Hr w ., he claims V Me and Poo V If Wal V Up'; whni if th rihf y It's a deeo dark A'Woudhfc an old 1 1 b,e Jasper I are working on thinks so and he has credentials, J If you are inexperienced in 11-29 what is demanded -of you, let with those you hold dear. the fact be known. This is no To find what is in store for you tomorrow, select your time to hide your shortcomings, DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE Here's how to work It: AXTDLBAAXR Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos-trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different A Cryptogram Quotation birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily LIBRA (Sept, 24-Oct. 23) -The situation on the home front could well reach explosive levels at this time. Yesterday only put off the fireworks. guide. Friday, November 29 SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) Don't be oversolicitous. RIT WZUIR KTUZHC OZKIZH SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov, 22) -J OITK E FEH'C OTFRI CYPT- IZPCTDW, If you would find the solution to your problems quickly, avoid involving yourself in it This is not the time to be so KFYOHZHU RIZHU.-FYKTFR emotionally. concerned about others that you have no care for yourself. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) Much that escapes the (Copyright, 19(8, by United Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THE ONLY WAY TO AMUSE SOME PEOPLE IS TO SLIP AND FALL ON AN ICY PAVEMENT. HOWE C 1961, Kins Features Syndicate, Ine.) Feature Syndicate, Inc.) 50..? ANPALSO JA...JA ONE W HER NATURLI5CHE,HEKR SHE WEARS7HESE... PtMffiKOFFSwex mv car- rT 5S FACE..TTHI6 FKAULEIN 0'HAKE,..ANPVANy OTHERS IN A MAKE-UP ERSATZ-MOLES? DOWN wirn lock FDgA'AAAN KPrMN...rrid IMITATION IT AFHERES SPKIALCLUE. UKEAPHESVE y-VOU SAV THAT BEAUTY MARK WAS CIVEN TO YOU 1 ByANAMERIKANISCHE frAulein? IT IS NOT.. kiA-ri icai i WITH A MOLE'... MED0UH5 BOX i n P&51WUU&T0MV cmtXWHEO J ATM FULL ; A DIPLOMATIC mSOti GURCARr eMlUS-VBIGHT ANPHEPAS5ESIT F0REI6MEP5.7 l eeimiAusnxms $m M,v u.s. i TO A WOMAN yr sr JOHNNY IIAZARDtlitSNxl ROBIN M ALONE 'PULL THE TRIGGER W-WHAT'RE YOU fllMlN" V DO WtTH THAT COWWWyU rr SlOWflHD EAST- f LEflPIM'UZflRDS?.' 1 YOU SURE'VE GOT A MUTTJT SENSE C HUMOR. I WILLY BEEBttT . Y WA'SMT THAT RATHER WATCH THE FACE GUM YOU'RE POIIITItl' SMACK IMTA MY HEAP, rC UMSPORSrAWlUKE? GO PALE AND QUEASY IMwci i no vJi it v 111 I i SECOMD M, OR WILLY TUk fk M ' II I BEEBEE OR. WHATEVER YOUR MAME IS-? n I I t-kll. 'J P FXCUSE ME R5R. I 'SKOMD M IS WHAT THET CWIL ME, K flGKIri; BUT ARE J BUT 111 TRUTH I'M WllY BEfSEE" Jt ORPHAN ANMF, 0 Sim II-1B BORN LOSER 1 ""IfHUkTXKUhLW WE'PESTILlV EVEN TyEAH, FKCVW CHEEB UP PV- ) THANKFUL lTEPMITE'5 1 GIVIN' TOO I Wi'S COMING ' FOP WHAT A 8USTEP f AMJCH CPAZVl WE'LL TAE CAPE iNOTHewioRp I 7 AND r WA6NT kHPPING " L-v AEOUT NEEDING SOME I BOY MP VALAIS WASN Y MP- I'M PEALLY LOW THIS DlhG WHEN HE TOLD US NEVER ) MONTH AND A BIG TO TOJC THE MONEY IN6UVENT'S L AW' CAN VOW 6AV peCgMggR I WAS TRyiNTlO Tgl-U VOU 1HAT IDPAy e EXACTLY mm it met r TV J MUUHM UMV UJUAr H 1 1 WA5 TRVIN' HO Till M5U. THIRTY? VMtfiaVMi 2 WELL, IF HE 1 HAO BEEN HERE BEETLE COULDN'T HAVE PON6 IT. HE'S BEEM IN TOWN FOR LOOK vVtlAT BEETLE PIP TOwyp5.' ME VVOULP HAVE BEEN THE TWO DAYS ONE WHO PIP IT VATCH IT,TrlERE,Y C?g 9 rr vnfl ZA ARUEVVITH HER WHEN ( RESTFO. ) ' ' y-s l "z-f 2 never y herpp '!' iinx THREE DAVSN SPRflINT f OVER My ' J -- rl W BEETLE BAILEY BUT THAT DREAM MS VUHKAl! ITMAVBB BUT THAT DKCAM msT W I WAV Kf All IT MAY IE J JACK INQUIRES y AM SORRY, SENOR.. ABOUT THE FU6HT THAT FLIGHT HAVE THAT DOVCe IS -7 ALREADY TAKE Off. THINK IM NUTS TO STEW ON. fTwts mjst not rumy ntGHT k ( HY TODAY-BUT r OPERATIONS AT I -( 7WfJ VO AHSNEft. )V AffO C7V t ir TA I II (TTf I I I 1 BARNEY GOOGLE .MiTNMAffi THAT THE IteT FAUM I TRY TO BORROW ARE WB WP UP, YOU CHAP! THPV'RIi HEY, WHAT l THIS? WOT CHEEK! YOU FROM, iASyi we CAN CATCH THOSf BABE? WE WANT TO REPORT) TERRORIZE W "EL SLAP TO I ANP POW'T TRY WO REPORTED SEC YOUiS-, TRICKS r--f PANSER0U5, OFFICER I 0RWIM! PUT QUICKER ON FOOT- r-mrmr L1&TEM: OUR CAR MlfJIWSiy LEM OIRL4...9TEAL 1 -me ( -rue iu Line 9 . A POLICE THEIR CAR-THEN AVB i CAR! IT'LL BRACELET TH' ACID TO REPORT V MV PLATE 7 TAKF IK Til L s V L TIGER iCAPJAJN.EASIkl

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