The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on August 14, 1924 · Page 5
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 5

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1924
Page 5
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FIVE THE BREMEN ENQUIRE It, THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1924 THE LOCAL NEWS Mrs. Eva Knoblock was a South Bend visitor Saturday. Patronize a home industry. Heat by American radiators. V. T. Weather-head. , 10tf Ervin P. Leeper was at Wawasee from Monday evening until Wednesday morning. Ladies summer dresses worth up Come in and hear the new Edison records at Gerber & Zimmer. Ernest Berger and famiy of Elkhart visited Bremen relatives Sunday evening. Auto Insurance Policies issued by Claude Weiss protect your extra equipment, as well as the entire car. tf Our $35 suits for men and young men, including hard finished worsteds, tweeds and casimeres, many with two pairs of pants, have been reduced to $29.75. M. Lowenstine & Son. BIr. and Mrs. Walter Hoople entertained four tables at Five Hundred at their home Friday evening. Mrs. Harold Newgent and Harland Richardson won the favors for high scores and Mr. and Mrs. W L. Dietrich won the consolation prizes. M. Lowenstine of South Bend was a Bemen visitor Saturday. F. E. Bowlby and family attended the Bowlby family reunion at Christiana Lake Sunday. Miss Bertha Schilt is visiting her brother, Dr. T. S. Schilt, and family at Pierceton this week. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Holderman and daughter Sue Alice went to Rome City for several days' vacation. Edward and Frank Martin made an automobile trip to Fort Wayne last week for a visit of several days with relatives there. Mr. and Mrs. George Bondurant and son Harry of Milwaukee, Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kuhn of Mishawaka -are guests of John Bondurant and family today. Don't forget to order your chestnut coal at once of Chris. Knoepfle. t2 .Men's and young men's two-pants suits, worth up to $22.50, for $16.45 at Lowenstine'. J. M. Shafer, Chiropractor, at Wm. Kimes residence each Wednesday and Saturday. 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m. tf Harl Walter and family returned to South Bend Monday after spending ing several weeks with relatives in this community. Mrs. Harmon Carbiener entertained the Gleaners Sundav school class of the First Evangelical church at her home Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Kirkpat-rick of South Bend were here last Thursday to visit Mrs. William Troup and other Bremen friends. In a business letter to the Enquirer this week Henry Peacock, who recently moved from his place west of the lake to Mishawaka, says that both he and Mrs. Peacock are enjoying good health. Walter Kimble and Dewey Arch returned home Sunday evening from a fishing and camping trip to Trav-ers City and Karlin, Mich. They had good luck in their fishing getting a nice sting of pickerel and bass. Armond Edel, who has ben working in Detroit, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Edel, Sunday. From here he went on with Mr. and Mrs. Grover Walter were in South Bend yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Juday and Walter Bauer were South Bend visitors Monday evening. You can get a straw hat so cheap at Lowenstine's now that you can't afford to be without one. Clr. and Mrs. Cleo Juday and daughter, Miss Avonel, and Forest Green were at Indian Lake Sunday. For the best steel reinforced concrete burial vaults, call on Lewis Cox. Quality and workmanship guaranteed. " 30t5 Some of your buildings need a new-roof . Chris. Knoepfle has what you need and you will be surprised how cheap you can have it done. 32t2 Felt hats, velour and velvet combination hats at Bates Millinery. Good selection, good quality and reasonable prices. Bates Millinery, pi Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ponader and daughter Venus returned home Sunday evening from Indian Lake, where they had spent a vacation of a week. Mrs. Cornelia Vinnedge entertained the Friday afternoon club at her home last FridayT afternoon. Mrs. John Violette and Mrs. Carl Haab won the favors. Mrs. Herbert Sloan and Mrs. Edward F. Ponader visited Mrs. William Helmlinger and children and Miss Iva tMattem is a new clerk at the Gift Shop this week. - Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Knoblock were South Bend visitors Tuesday morning. "Miss Catherine Becker went to Indianapolis Wednesday for a vacation of a week. C. N. Hiester and family spent Sunday at Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, Mich. Yon can get Edison phonographs, records, repairs and service at Ger-be & Zimmer's. The Ladies' Aid of Grace United Brethren church had a picnic at the park last Thursday afternoon Theodore Bauer and Ulys Hecka-man were Chicago business visitors Monday and Tuesday. A. E. Foster, of Atlanta, Ga., visited J. K. Gorrell and family Friday evening and Saturday. Mrs. Philip Schlarb of South Bend, accompanied by her daughter and her niece, visited Bremen relatives Sunday. Plumbing and heating, well work and everything in the pipe industry. Vollmer & Fore, phone 1 on 227K, Bremen. SOtf Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Dietrich and Mr. and Mrs. Harland Richardson were South Bend visitors yesterday afternoon. A daughter, Mable Geneviee, who lived only a few hours, was born last evening to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hanshaw. Charles Hoi-em returned to Tiis work at Mishawaka Friday after a Just 16 More Days To Take Advantage of Our Factory to You Sale You 6annot afford to miss the splendid bargains we are offering on this sale. Do Drop In and Look Them Over KOONTZ BROS. Items Concerning You and Your Neighbors. - Mrs. Lloyd Dietrich was a South Bend visitor Tuesday. Edison machines and the newest records at Gerber & Zimmer's. Secure your 1924 auto and truck licenses from Dewey E. Arch, Notary Public. 49tf B. F. Poison and family are spending- a vacation of a week in Michigan. Mrs. Edward R. Hans of Bluffton is visiting Bremen relatives and friends for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. George Berkheiser of Mishawaka spent Sunday with 'William Berkheiser and family. Miss Willie Gorrell of Tensacola, Fla., is visiting her brother, S. M. Gorrell, and wife this" week, Edison mazda lamps, genuine G. E. product, for sale at Haenes Grocery and Bremen Electric Co. 21tf C. G .Enders, at the Wyatt Garage has a few used cars in execellent condition for sale at bargain prices, pi Ladies' silk hose, ail colors, excellent values at 79c, marked down to o?c for Saturday at Lowenstine's. Rev. D. A. , Kaley and daughters, Zelma and Leona, visited Rev. Mr. j Kaley's brother, who is ill, at Kouts, I nd. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kiefer and Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Ponader visited the gladiola farm near Goshen Sunday. For spouting, mint condensers, repair work and anything in the tinning business call on Chas. Arch. Phone 133, Bremen. 31p4 Mrs. R. H. Draper entertaine-d a few friends at dinner Monday evening in celebration of Dr. Draper's birthday anniversary. Miss Ernestine Wagner, Edith Knoblock and Hillis Knoblock visited Miss Venus Ponader at Indian Lake Saturday and Sunday. Rev. A. F. Knepp and family returned home Friday from Coldwa-ter, Mich., where they attended the er.nual reunion of the YanXuys families. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Dietrich vis- ited Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Holderman j at Rome Citv Sunday and Monday. - Mr. and Mrs. Holderman are spending a vacation of several days at that place. When your present insurance policy expires,, see me before you renew. I have something to offer you in the insurance of your buildings or car. There will be no assessments. Chas. L. Berg. I Miss Hilda Kiefer at Lake Manitou I yesterday and today. William J. Johnson and family of Detroit spent Tuesday night and Wednesday with Kenneth Gorrell and family. They will return to their home in Detroit Friday morning. The Junior Christian Endeavor of the United Brethren church held their reg-ular monthly business meeting and social at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Knepp Monday evening. Mrs. Henry Breunlin and children returned to their home at Sycamore, 111., Wednesday after a visit of two weeks with her mother, Mrs. J. B. Snyder, and other Bremen relative? nml fn'pnHe j to $10.95 for $1.95 to $4.95. M. Lowenstine & Son. Rev. W. T. Vogel conducted mission services at the Woodland Lutheran church Sundya afternoon. Dir. and Mrs. Edward S. Kitch of Plymouth were in Bremen for the band concert last Thursday night. You can get a used car at almost any price you want to pay. Bremen Motcr Sales has Fords as low as $25. 17tf Mrs. Pavrick Dolan and Mrs. Walter Borque of Chicago are visiting Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Denison for two weeks. Dr. and Mrs. Fred Morse and son James of Waterbury, Conn., visited Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Denison Tuesday and Wednesday. Insure with the Home Insurance Co., largest company in America, against financial loss by fire and wind. Claude Weiss, agent. 31tf Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Draper, Mrs. William Kline and Miss Emma Grose visited Theodore Tonader and family at Indian Lake Sunday Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Dietrich and Bertha (May Richardson were dinner guests of Mr .and Mrs Wallace Lape at Mishawaka Sunday. Mrs. Rose Blatt returned to her home in Chicago Monday after a visit of a week with her mother and sister, Mrs. Carrie Feist and Mrs. Herman Rakaff. Mrs. J. J. Tordello and son Charles Louis of Gary are visiting Mrs. Toi'-dello's mother, Mrs. C. J. Hoople, and other Bremen relatives and friends for two weeks. Frank Biehl, Sr., Frank Biehl, Jr., Louis Biehl and Mr. Streiden of Louisville visited Mrs. C. J. Hoople Saturday night and Sunday. Frank Biehl, Sr., was a former Bremen resident. Blaine Stahl and family of South Bend visited Mrs. Carrie Flace Sunday Mr. Stahl returned to South Bend Sunday evening and Mrs. Stahl and the children remained for a vis- it of. a week. Mrs. Fred Droege and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Droege and sons, Howard and Paul, and Orville Droege of Chicago are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vollmer this week. 3Irs. Fred Droege and Mrs. Vollmer the sisters. j Harold Dietrich and family, Mrs. J. j R. Dietrich and daughter, Edith, ; Jeanette Darr, Mrs. U. 3L Dietrich 'VW S 'Ji ' -" r.-if- v'f'.l F.iL.1 f -j: j ne Cooling Food some friends to Kenosha and Mil-i waukee, Wis., for a couple of weeks. Mrs. John Marburger and daughter and granddaughter, Verna and Ruth, went to Circleville, Ohio, last week to attend the wedling of a niece of Mrs. Marburger's. They will also visit relatives at Columbus and expect to be gone two weeks. Recently a car belonging to one of my customers was wrecked. He notified me at 8.00 a. m. and before 11.00 a. m. the adjuster was on the gi'ound and made a perfectly satis factory adjustment, all without as- sessments. The companies I repre- sent are on the job when losses oc- Cur ! Chas. L. Berg. Mrs. Philip Moore, at Bunker Hill Tuesday, who was kiled by a street car at Peru Saturday. Mrs. Moore was sixty-four years old and was a sister-in-law of Mrs. George Kiefer. Results Talk. Wte cannot deny that Chiropractic is curing and has already, cured thousands of people, that Osteopathy goes even further in curing and preventing disease, nor that electrical treatments quickly and permanently cure diseases considered incurable a j few years ago. So why suffer ? Is t it not logical that combining the Gerber and Zimmer have taken thr- Insure your car with the largest ; agency for the Edison phonograph Insurance Company in America, "The ; avA now have a fine selection of ma-Home". Rates are reasonable and no ' chines on their floor. Also a full assessments. Settlements always I line of Edison records, including the satisfactory and Prompt. Claude latest numbers. All Edison owners Weiss, Agent. 31tf ; are invited to call at the store and let Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Frambach ! us Put them on our list to receive visited relatives at Jeff, Illinois, from j Edison service. Gerber & Zimmer. Wednesday until Sunday. They were j Mr Qnd Mrg George" Kiefer, Al-accompamed home by their aunt, Mrs. j Kiefer Mrs Clara mefer and 'Mehnda Pearson, of -Jeff, 111., who daUfrhter Marguerite and Edward will visit in Bremen for several j Reyser of Bremen and Mr. and airs. s" j Henry Kiefer and Edward Kiefer of Insure vour car in thp American ! South Bend attended the funeral of Northwestern . National, Agricultural or the Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. No assessments. No quibbling over adjustments. They pay losses at once . Service is their motto. Chas. L. Berg. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Laudeman returned home Tuesday evening from Canton, Ohio. Mrs. Laudeman had been visiting relatives at Buffalo for the past three weeks and stopped at Canton for a visit on her return home. Mr. Laudeman motored to Canton Friday morning returning with her Tuesday evening. JVs the thermometer commences to climb and the days become warmer your family will enjoy better health and be able to withstand the heat much better, as well as enjoy their meals more, if you serve .them cold foods. We have an ample assortment of 'picnic suggestions, too. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Wine and i and -daughters, Betty Lou and 3Iiss their guests, Mrs. John N. Brown : Ruth, and Mr. and Mrs. Llovd Diet-and Eileen Brown of Ladoga and Mr. rich spent Sunday at St. . Joseph, and Mrs. V. B. Sharritts of India- "Mich, napolifc, were South Bend visitors ; Sunday aftemon. j 1 have no wa" of SettJng advance Information when a new car is sold Miss Gertrude Klopfenstine and ! ajnd have no club to use on a pro-Mrs. Frank J. Miller spent Satur-1 speet, but I get a car to insure once day night and Sunday with William ' in a while and what I do insure are McKinley and family at Chesteron. j certain to get service in case of They all spent Sunday at Waverly loss. My companies include this tn Beach, a Lake Michigan resort near ! their policies. No assessments. Chas, Chesterton. v L. Berg. visit of a week with relatives and old friends in Bremen. Mrs. Matilda Tyler returned Sunday to her heme in Ligonier after a visit of two weeks with her son, Ray Tyler, and wife. Mrs. Earl Workman of Akron, Ohio, arrived in Bremen this morning to see her brother, Welcome Thompson, who is ill. L. A. Morrison, Chiropractor, at E. G. Fisher's residence Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday mornings. Eight years successful practice. 23tf Mrs. Lena Weiss and children, Mrs. Cai-oline Kettering and Miss Elizabeth Kettering were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schlem-mer. Mrs Lillie Gillmore of Omaha, Neb., and Mrs. Sarah Chapman of Plymouth visited Mr. and Mrs. William H. Huff and daughter Miss Ruth, Tuesday afternoon. How about your coal for threshing? How about your coal for mint distilling? The place to get it at the right price for good ' coal is at Chris. Knoepfle,s. 32t2 The Eastern Star gave a, surprise party for the Worthy Matron, Mrs. Harvey Sheller, at her home Mon day evening. The occasion was in remembrance of Mrs. Shelter's birth day anniversary. Mrs. John H. Violette and daugh tes, Misses Ethel and Wilma Violette, and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Castetter and daughter, Mildred, of Goshen were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Violette. Miss Ellen Holderman, Miss iMary sCatherine Koontz, Miss Lillian Sin- r.inger, Miss Ruth Huff, Miss Marguerite Grise, Mrs. Melvin Ringle and Dudley Legner heard the Galii-Curci recital at Winona Wednesday evening. Mrs. John N. Brown of Ladoga and Dir. and Mrs. V. B. Sharritts of Indianapolis visited Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Wine over the week end. Mrs. Brown is Mrs. Wine's mother. They returned home Monday morning and took Eileen Brown, who had been visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Wine for the past month, home with them. Mr. and .Mrs S. M. Gorrell and grandson and granddaughter, Bobbie and Jane Gorrell, and their guest, Miss Willie Gorrell, of Pen-sacols Fla., were at Goshen Monday to attend the Redpath chautauqua program. Their niece, Miss Mary Gorrell, of Knox, was one of the entertainers on Monday's pi-ogram. Chris Knoepfle, Arnold Knoepfle and family, Mrs. Ray Armstrong and children and Mrs. William Schumacher made an automobile trip to Saginaw, Mich., Sunday and visited Otto Knoepfle and family until Tuesday. Miss Dora Knoepfle, w-ho had been in Saginaw for the past three weeks, returned home with them. Gerber and Zimmer have taken the agency for the Edison phonograph and now have a fine selection of ma-chinest on their floor. Also a full line of Edison records, including the latest numbers All Edison owners are invited to call at the store and let us put them on our list to receive Edison service. Gerber & The Haenes Grocery i.t'Crt Store for' Hot Days 12 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m. to 9 p. m. State Ociilk Although I will be away from Bre- three sciences which are all in ac-men for several weeks, I have ar- 1 cord with nature's laws with the fa-ranged for my patrons to get any ac- j mous Radio Electronic treatment, I commodation they may need. Har- ' can also cure ycu ? Come tc the vey Schneider will be in charge of , Wisler Bldg., in Nappanee, "where the sales and service during my ab- i they come to get well," or phone 195 sence, and will be at my store on j for appointment. Consultation and Thursday and Saturday evenings, j examination free. Dr. Arthur B. Leave any orders with him. H. L. j Smith, "Nappanee's Drugless Physi-Ki"zie. 33tfician." 32tf V- v V ? VJ - tn m ;t l s- . f H il l. The increase We Marshall Pi . M ' : '-b'jS a Ik To INVESTORS just at this time increasing optimism and a growing confidence suggest a firmer tone is just ahead. Yet with the railway situation - undetermined, and many peace adjustments still to make you hesitate to commit yourself logical to place idle funds at liberal, interest here, under the conditions that exist for you can arrange to get your money practically when you need it We pay 4 percent on Time Deposits SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT Bremen State Bank favors i.ry action that tends to production or belter conditions on the farm. want every farmer in county to feel free to take advantage of our facilities for helping him in this connection. Our expert advice and experience is yours to command. Prompt action will result to your entire satisfaction. FRESH VEGETABLES You and your family will enjoy better . health if you will serve them liberal portions of fresh Vegetables with each meal. Here are the market's choice offerings of all that are seasonable, at prices which will prove the extra economy of coming here to do your shopping. Speedy Delivery Service THE S. O. S. GROCERY ; - - , The Union Banking Hours: 8 to Saturdays, 7 STORE OF Ed. F. Ponader SERVICE & Son, Props. W. Plymouth St. Ladies' Rest Room Open For Your Convenience Phone 41

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