The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 60
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 60

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 60
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El-Palm Heart Pt,Thndajr.Nw. tt. V MO f VOU DONT ' THE UTTU WOMAN THAT'S TOSIVEVOU ) Cil .SOME INCENTIY6 Of A ONg-POLLAft) " CMkOMOOavCULLPMOj . a Lrrn.c sometwms r xTftAUYOua. jr I I, BAY ENVELOPS lkJJ . HE LOOK6 LIK rili THE MERCIFUL- I . I WOULDN'r TELU Ai THAT fa TH NEXT (jfl GUM WMO'S CCmHCr ylY NOT ? VOH'XSHOOTI A I'VE OTAWIFt , jdtf ANPfvENlYKiPs.' RFPEYE "I'm no hippie, madam! I'm an old-faahioned BUM!" ... iinnAOfinnri rnn tatv a ir n J .5? HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY Amur f rafwtH t unit MORI D,A1TA Society ot America (ab.) 6 Celebrated (ab.) 7 Mrs. Johnson 28 American portraitist 31 Embellishes 32 Exist 33 Myotic medicine i'Bhtly grasses 9Cmmand 35 Italian city lnTry 37 Cause of joy 12 Holds in high 38 Small piece regard of wood 13 Low sand hill 41 Sea eaglet 18 Onager 43 Entangle 2 1 Italian 44 Follower sculptor 46 Figure 23 Quiet (comb, form 25 Children var.) 26 Fork prong 47 Dined Inltrprii Am.) EEEsl 1203 IiIlMtMmi ( ARE YOU NUTS RNISH HIM , VI nw I nra. mm I 1 n7"8"r"io 13 Il9 P I " 28 30 T36" 37 " 140 41 Ui 46 47 fcg 151 LVTIENCE ABOVE. UWAWARBJESS BELOW! i PICK TRACY HE WANTS HEV. CtYDE THAT LOCK DON'T WANTS THE DOOR SET TOO 1 WE TO A CTIII THCOCf s! Tl ON BRIDGE BULLS-EVE! TO MAKE SURE HE PUT ( 15 PEBBLES.? FOR, BEPy . lREASOM IS -SHE'S 8 JSUFFERIN FUM SENESCENCE.-" . WHICH NOBOLW 1NEVAH RECOVERS PRETT 6O0P "n m i a!) ' m l MAS MISS A MY KJftTWe NEXT SOC MONTHS. YOOVLC6T , THE OTHER , ' HOORAY FOR COPING TILE? .era OH. CHEER UP THERE'S ANOTHER DAY COMINS.' IK. i UNIT IN OUT OUR WAY ; Vr. I mm i t i 1111 DC3C3U 1UO TRUE- ( NArCHERLJf) J VO'KIN CHuCkleI-I H PROVE VO' LINGER J ISA LEGAL 7O0R6O , RESIDENT . YAS-)JO' DOGPATCH? IF I TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP I CAM 6ET ELM CIT, BRADFORD, AND MY FATHER FROM THE T U(y I SIX-CARP BESTWf IN A A SIXTH r VEAH. BUT! f NOW I'LL NEVER i V KNOW WHICH 1 I DENTURE CREAfA I . CLEANS BEST... Artistic ACROSS 30 Collection of 1 French ..S.v 6 French 32 Mountain landscapist 1 1 Reluctant 13 Covet 14 Fleet African equines 15 African antelope 18 Boundary (comb, form) 17 Light brown 34 Bustle 35 Work unit 36 East (Fr.) 38 Commander Victorian Order (b.) 39 Observe 40 Before 42 Anchorite 45 Closer ll?lis 49 Venetian 48 Inborn nS? J . ,t 50 Sticky stuff 51 Depressions DOWN 1 Breast ' (comb, form) 2 Turn aside 3 The Prophets (Hebrew Bible) 4 Stray 5 Theological 32 Mariner's direction 23 Weight of India ?4 Arachnids 26 Scatter, as hay 27 Houston 28 Masculine nickname 29 Paid notices (Ntwtpaptr JACOBY South's Loser NORTH AKJ1076 VK43 532 Q2 28 WEST V AQJ10 KJ10 KJ874 EAST 432 2 Q987G4 10365 SOUTH (D) A AQ985 98765 A A3 Both vulnerable North Fust South 1A 3 4 rass 4 4 Pass Pass West Hble Pass Opening lead V A Here is a hand played some years ago by Charles Solomon of Philadelphia. During the course of a long and distinguished bridge career, Charley has won just about every tournament and in addition has been president of both the American Contract Bridge League and the World Bridge Federation. North's jump to three spades was a deliberate overbid. It effectively kept East out of the bidding and Charley decided that his hand was worth a game try. West opened the ace of hearts and continued with the 10. Most players would have gone up with dummy's king whereupon East would have trumped. Then East would have decided that his partner's 10 spot lead was a suit preference signal calling for the lowest suit and returned a club. There would be no way to avoid losing a club and another heart. Charley found a simple way to make sure of his contract. He just let the 10 of hearts hold. He would have looked sort of silly had East produced the queen or jack and continued by giving West a heart ruff, but he would look silly on his way o the bank since all he would have given away would have been an over-trick. After Charley ducked the best East could do was to give his partner a ruff with jFERD'NANP VOU MEAN YOU'RE STILL INTERESTED IN WWW WE'VE SOT HERE r iT"3"45n 11 lT 16 l7 18 124 25 IT 29 34 p 35 38 3T 42 43 144 I I 50 Ji 1 YES... BUT I BU51NfcS5... Kim & ui NATURALLY.'.' HERE'S THE ClOSEy TAKEA WE'LL REAL SMASH .'nOSE LOOK! :OAAE OM, IT'S TIME J) 'A THEFL1NTSTONES FAWttT.T L'lL ABNER Dili AND LOIS Mr 14 1 A. iuat DDirr MA1 Ikl TU' JUA W0W5THE RECEPTION OM ) YOUR LITTLE TRANSISTOR? Gets Winner a third heart lead. East returned a club but the defense was through taking tricks. Charley rose with his ace, drew trumps, led out a fourth heart and ruffed it in dummy. He returned to his hand with the ace of diamonds, discarded dummy's queen of clubs on the fifth and last heart and made the vest, of the tricks with a cross ruff. (Newspoptr Inltrpritt Ann.) IS Q The bidding has been: West North East South 14 Dbl Pass 14 Pass 4 4 Pass ? You, South, hold: 4Q 10854 VAN) 53 47(54 What do you do now? A Bid five hearts. Your partner has bid game all by himself. You must make some slam try. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid five hearts and partner bids five spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Ratio's r wow VAS-- I writing activity. You overcome emotional blocks, gain greater feeling of freedom. Important to get facts on the record.' Leave nothing to chance. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Money situation affecting home, family should be open for discussion. Avoid know-it-all attitude. Dkplomacy gains, arrogance loses today. Know this and act accordingly. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): If you don't know, do nothing. Best today to play waiting game. Premature action could result in delay, loss. Let others assert their views. Listen and observe. Take conservative course. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Necessary to handle practical matters. If you skip essentials, you are forced to repeat. Realize this and apply yourself. Accent on work, pacing, steady approach. If you concentrate, vou succeed. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Finish what you start. Your views, desires gain wider attention, acceptance. More people find you appealing. You attract those who want your aid. Give it to the deserving. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Outlook is brighter on domestic front through revision of plans. Aim toward greater future security. Some who express views are merely being stubborn. Be a shrewd observer. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Avoid disputes with relatives. Some ideas are subject to change. Best to permit one close to you to set policy. You win on important matters if you make some concessions. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Check assets. Be versatile. Give full play to curiosity. Ask questions obtain answers. Take nothing for granted where money is concerned. Definite gain possible if you are alert. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are a go-getter. When something has to be accomplished you are there with fresh ideas. You have completed a' project. A new enterprise is favored. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for ARIES, TAURUS. Special word to LIBRA: be realistic in appraisal of current situation. Time The new sports car arrives an? so does greetings from UNCLE SAM. R. A. PLeTCHEK. CLEVELAND, OHIO. V TO i THAT MAKES J BILL OF SALE.? November 28, 1968 BY SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny. . . Astrology points thewav." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Despite apparent opposition, you get what you need. Those who try to block you ind that your allies prevent obstruction. Your own original approach wins the day. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Guard health by maintaining program of moderation. Avoid extremes. Fine evening for attending lecture, theater. Know difference between illusion and actuality. Review your own motives. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Social activity is increased. Not too easy to concentrate today. But you can win friends, influence people. Don't scatter forces. Key is creative relaxation.' Go with the tide. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Boost in morale indicated. Meaningful eorrtpliment by one in authority does the trick. Check details. Adhere to routine. Realize patience today is your great ally. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Good lunar aspect highlights CARMICHAEL Ot4- I GKE An Hours Work for An HOURS pay LESS PEPUCTIOnS, Op C0URS& They'll Do It Every cross COPLEY.'.' IT'S FOR VOU" DIFFERENT UH'" FROAA SELECTIVE THE irrr J J tMr to Anon II 'Mil 2 T I r i w , run SHI f-EXCEPT BOUGHT THE HONKS FAMILY NAME.1.' t'.l .,llrT ) I CUIbl i S V. ; "T" !, FIGURE 1 FOUR ON I'll prive it THE FLOOR.' COUNTRY-- A WHILE IN WORK. FOR. TOWNS- - MAVBE GO fTSE-YOOTA ft l-FUL" SAAH IS CAUEO THAT BECAUSE HE HWTK LATER. .."YiraSTHE BOUSHT A MLLI v SCALE WINTER SNOW- Y AMAZIN5 COUNTRY, MOBILE CAMPINS U SIX-CARP I SAW RIS AND SUPPLIES .' aAKIP NAMED HIYUV-HEmiPn MOKY AM0N6 THE GAMBLERS IN ALASKA... FIVE-CARP GAME HE IS SAIP TO ALWAYS HOLD CARP BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHERE EVERY yMi jjMWKaiMif HEK NAAAt It HIVUZ T7 O'BKIEN... I NEVtR. A 'il AhEI0CASHFOR 5AW M BEFORE, BUT 2S 7 AfNOWMOBILE I I ICNOW ALL THE GENTS , TRAIN AND RI6? I WHOJE PICTURES ARE jSlECANYONf-SWfeSS SOUTH FOR WINTER" titH ti 1 i THE PECK IS LYIN6... AND NOW- ByNejj Cmhran OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooole YJOULD Y IT NOT Sf . AND r-THE. CCtfPltVEVJ FINArlCE fereEN) a'K LOUD, ol o EATIW4 AbAMi X V6AH,Y ALL Rl(SMT--ALU VHILL HlAx;- ''( SOV)f,K,TER (WE'LL RlftHT.'I6ETIT-j:3C7 - A BlcSTHAWKS.- Bfe I A PLOT TP Oil MS-f HE'S RAVIWO A A GIVIkJGPIMMER? LATS AWAY FROM THF. SHACK, BOY3.. ) W6LL,L6T'540, FOR ( TABLE.' IT SO HAI-V ,, ., WOfU-WE THE P&kJftI'MHUKJ6R'i; I I WOW T HAVE MOVIE') AWPTHFRE'S I TIME TO 7 PLEUTVOF TIMF WAIT.' y I FOR THE SHOW, PRAT'rOUIjareHAVEA A FULL BUBBLE SAFETy HEL MET MIGHT BE TOO HEAVV7 J 6UT ro55l6LyALI6MTXLl WaRD COMPANIES .THE AUTO WAKE LIGHT, COMPANIES LOAMS TO HAVE BEEN" , PAYBACK 6ELLIN6 LOAMSj BUMPER 6UARD5- VJITH A PROTECTIVE SCREEN JhEAWj IM FKOT WOULD DO THE TRICK r rTTTTTTn NOT THE L-1 WHAT I'VE I HIilUKIC-hTiCJIO WfcLL BbfcN IKYlNfal ...I WANT THIS ( OOOLA, DO OUt7TH' ANSWER ) VOUNQ LADY'S V, WANT TO BE T"' 1 IS NOi J CONTRACT! NAME f A TEE-VEE V i 7 ?, YOUR FIGURE.' STAWyf-p )J ' 'jX T II-WV1SI WHftI 1L ItU. XAJ I is- I njnj9 &i i ai (tic I rrm v. 7-r , Aft 5 15k JSiM wll fLLEYOOr I HI Uitumitf,

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