The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on August 14, 1924 · Page 3
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 3

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1924
Page 3
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THREE THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1924 Severe Storm Kills Eight SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES G. M. BUCK, Ph. C M. D. Office In Nusbaum Block A TRIP TO $ Combination of Fun, and Foolosophy given to the management for expense and profit. The balance all of it is used to pay off the winners. It is the only fair and mechanical method of betting and gives the patron a chance (and a sky limit for his money.) A visit to Cuba is certainly worth while. The comparisons to be made with home conditions are always entertaining. There are some really wonderful sights to see and the Cubans welcome you. There are so many tourists that the people become accustomed to the wierd efforts to talk to them. They smile and point. You will have no trouble getting into or out of the country. By all means GO TO CUBA. Mrs. Hallie Ringgenberg Downing. Persons in Wisconsin Milwaukee. Wisconsin's most severe storm In years has taken a terrific toll In property and life, according to surveys. Property loss will run Into millions of dollars and eight deaths are traceable to the storm. Blasting of large, expensive concrete bridges near Westbend, Wis., to permit a faster flow of flood waters, as a necessary measure, was accomplished under the direction of engineers and members of the American Legion. East Peoria Bank Closed, Cashier Speer Arrested reorla. 111. John M, Speer, cashier of the Fond du Lac State bank in East Peoria, was arrested after J. L. Northup, state bank examiner, announced he had found funds had been misappropriated. Northup said it would be several days before the -books condition could be determined. Sheriff Neuhaus of Pekln, said the examiner told him the discrepancy was $123,000. Notice of Final Settlement. No. 3111 Estate of Noah E. Senff By direction of Wesley Knepp, Ad ministrator of the estate of Noah E. Senff, late of Marshall County, State of Indiana, deceased. Notice is hereby given to the heirs, legatees, and devisees of said de cedent and all other persons inter ested in said estate that said Wesley Knepp, Administrator has filed in this Court, his account and vouch ers for the final settlement of said estate and they are hereby required to be and appear in said Court on the 15th day of September 1924, when the same will be heard and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate, and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be ap proved. Witness, the Clerk and seal of the Marshall Circuit Court at Plymouth, Indiana, 5th day of August 1924. 2t3 Glen L Underwood, Clerk Kitch and Eidson, Attorneys. JONAS A. MILLER AUCTIONEER NAPPANEE, INDIANA Phone R 154 Call At My Expense GRACE UNITED BRETHREN Rev. A. F. Knepp, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30. I. Oliver Pfeiffer, Supt. Preaching services, 10.30. Junior Y. P. C. U. 10.30 a. m. Senior Y. P. C. E. at 6:00 p. m. Preaching Services at 7:00 p. m. Mid-week Prayer Service on Wednes day, at 7:30 p. m. Official Board Meeting, first Monday each month, 7:30 p. m. Invitations extended to all to attend these services. SALEM EVANGELICAL "A Prosperous Church in a Prosperous Community." D. Alfred Kaley, Pastor Sunday Services: 9.30 Bible School Claude E. Weiss, Supt. 10.30 Morning Worship. 6.30 Christian Endeavor. 7.30 Evening Sermon. Week Day Services: Wednesday, Thursday. Monthly Services: 1st Monday Evening, Official Board Meeting 2nd Monday Evening, League Business Meeting 1st Thursday Afternoon, W. M. S. Meeting 2nd Wednesday Afternoon, Aid Meeting. 4th Wednesday Evening, Y. P. M. CMeeting. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Chas. C. Cripe, Pastor -Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Milo Weaver, Supt. Sermon, 10.45. Teacher Training, 6.00 p. n. Christian Workers, 7 p. m., Mrs. Chas. Cripe, President. Sermon, 7.45 p. m. Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, Wed. evening 7.30 p. m- Aid Society each alternate Thursday. All are cordially invited. If you have no regular church home, come and worship with us. ST. PAUL'S EVAN. LUTHERAN Rev. W. T. Vogel, Pastor. Services every Sunday morning at 10 oclock, alternating in German and English. English Sunday school at 11 oclock every Sunday morning. Services every Sunday evening at 7 oclock, alternating in German and English. Everybody is cordially invited. FIRST EVANGELICAL Rev. H. H. Senne, Pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Preaching Service, 10.30 a. m. Teacher Training class meets every Wednesday at 7.00 p. m. Women's Missionary Society meets every last Thursday in the month at 2.30 p. m. Official Board Meeting of the church every first Tuesday of the month at 7.30 p. m. Everybody reads Enquirer want ads. ft now it pays. t - BUCKSMITHIHG I now have help in my blacksmith shop for heavy work, such as tire setting, and can jrive you good service and the het work in this line. First class horse shoeing- is our specialty. Prompt service. H. RAKAFF W. Plvmouth St. l North Center St. Phones: Office 38; Res. 25. Bremen DR. It. C. DENISON PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Shonkwiler BIdg. Phones: Office, 81; Residence 21 Bremen, Indiana. U. H. DRAPER. M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office in Listenberger Building West Plymouth St. Phones: Office. 35; Res.. 80., Bremen. da. pre scriptions bear this mark? D because the "R" is the first letter in the Latin w-ord Recipe, which means "take". Doctors the country over prescribe CASTOR OIL as a gentle laxative to keep the body internally clean and functioning regularly. Pure test Castor Oil is a clear, bright oil from recently harvested beans and is made absolutely pure by a new process. Not nauseating like old-fashioned castor oil, but mild, sweet nutty and easy to take. One of 200 Puretest preparations for health and hygiene. Every item the best that skill and care can produce. KOONTZ BROTHERS with it year in and year It pays from a ser vice standpoint to have good furniture. It pays, also, to have beautiful, harmonious furniture the kind that you don't tire of; for it MAKES your home. A Sanitary, Up-To-Date Shop where you can get the very best quality of FRESH and CURED MEATS all times. Wholesome roasts, juicy steaks, tender young poultry, cold meats for the hot days everything in our line is here for you. Weight FAIR PRICES Whv y Mid POME. He stood on the bridge at midnight Beneath high heaven's great dome. The fellow was married The jag that he carried Made him afraid to go home. flr More Work For The Alienists. A Nappanee girl recently received an offer of marriage. She asked a week to consider the matter, then or ganized herself into an investigating committee and commenced taking testimony from the married ladies of ler acquaintance. The first one she visited used to be a belle and the most admhed girl in the town before she was married six years ago. The examination brought out the fact that she had three children, did all her own work, including ler washing and ironing, and hadn't been down town for four weeks, and that her husband had given her but ?2 since she v as married, and that he had borrow edand forgot to payback $10 which her brother once gave her for a Christmas present. Another woman whom she visited quit teaching school three years ago to marry "the handsomest and best- dressed man in town," and she is now- supporting him. A third didn't dare say her soul was her own w hen her husband was j aound, though she used to write some lovely essays when she was at school on "The Emancipation of Woman." The fourth woman she visited was divorced. After visiting them and summing up the evidence she went home and wrote to the young man. She will be married to him next month. "Souls Burning in Hades" was the subject recently taken by a Winona evangelist, after which we are informed by one of the papers the quartet sang "Tell Mother I'll Be There." x x We're waiting now to read that some producer has filmed "The Merchant of Venice" and changed the title to "Portia's Bargain, or a Pound of Flesh," or renamed "Hamlet," "The Princely Nut," or produced ' Rider Haggard's "She" as "The Eter-1 nal Feminine" or modernized Marie Correlli's "Wormwood" as 'Moonshine." So little respect have the movie magnates for our intelligence or the old masters. When friend wife gives friend hub a present he gallantly lies "it's just what I wanted," but when hub gets her a present he always hands it to her with the remark "they said you could exchange it for whatever you want," ' fl t fr THRILLING. When is a bar of iron like a bad note ? When it is forged. Why are fowls the most profit- I able of live stock? Because for j every grain they jrive a peck. J What does a stone become in the j water? Wet. Why is a locomotive like a belle? She scatters the sparks and trans- ports the mails. j Why is wit like a Chinese lady's i foot? Because brevity is the soul : of it. i It's Wonderful Dairy Country Down There. ' (North Judson News) j Mr. A. T. Palmer, farm products agent for the Erie railroad, held a j meeting here last Wednesday night j for the purpose of having a bull i train stop here about October 30th I to stimulate interest among milk j cow owners. I j After listening patiently to a thor- ough explanation of reincarnation, I Doc Shonkwiler remarks that if he i is ever reincarnated he wants to be either a darkey or a Jew; for the darkey never wants anything much and the Jew always has everything he wants. 9 9 9 Overheard two smart ones at the band conceit . One .-ays: "Say, if that fat woman fell down would safety razor?" And the other one came bark: "No, but dynamite." A Facts to to a I I THE TROPICS i t : LAST INSTALLMENT. The Oriental Race Track at Havana is operated by the Cuban-American Jockey Club and is situated in Marianoa,' a suburb, 16 miles from the center of the Capitol. Some street car systems are complicated but that of Havana is positively wierd. So many winding streets, avenues and drives some narrow and some broad 1 It is very confusing. Auto hire is limited to rates in certain zones but the race track seems to offer a field for individual speculation. Some drivers ask $5.00 for the trip. Others 40 cents! It's a matter of argument and bargaining. The traveller soon learns to take advantage of the street cars. By transferring two times and losing forty minutes one certain car line" will land you at the track for fifteen cents fare. The only trouble is to dope out that one car. It is one in about twenty lines and when you consider that the directions are written in Spanish, the conductor talks Spanish and the cops cannot understand English you are hunting for the proverbial needle. The Oriental track is a thing of beauty and a joy to the eye. It is like a park in dimensions and gardening. The rich come here to rest and enjoy the sport of kings. The normlaritv of the. trark does not de- pend upon the rude herd and peas antry. No hawkers or side shows annoy the senses of sight and hearing. Two large buildings, one the club rooms and the other the grand stand and betting floor stand between the track and a large plaza. Flowers, hedges and decorative shrubbery make the approach beautiful in color. Broad walks lead to the paddock and various points of vantage. Two orchestras entertain the guests between races. A floor is provided for dancing. Lunch rooms are handy. Over all is an atmosphere of calm elegance. Very unlike the old fairgrounds racing that thrilled us in the bygone days. ffl There is no race distinction in Cuba such as we have at home. But those people who are in the grand suiiiu are xn wen uresaeu aim well behaved. Women are there in wonderful gowns such as we expect to see at tea parties. There are fine looking aristocratic men in white nannels, army or navy regalia, and iisn tailoring. Those of us who were s fortunate as to be pres- ent on the opening day were given the opportunity to see His Excel lency, The President of the Cuban Republic. He entered the grand stand to the tunes of the Cuban na tional air. Every one stood until the president entered his private box. Surrounded by a bevy of Spanish beauties and grand looking dignitar-' ies of the state he became a fellow j onlooker at the field of chance. The races start at z.du and one heat is the race. The purses range f rem $500.00 to $1200.00 and the dis- tance from five to nine furlongs. All running races. Out of a tumult of conversation, music and dancing a bugle sounds. ! It is the signal that the jockeys and their mounts are leaving the paddock, where they have been on exhibition for the benefit of the pro- spective betting patron. The entries ) for each race parade past the grand stand before going to the barrier. I . . - . ., j At the barrier they start trom a dead standstill. The crowd surges , to the lawn, front steps and balcon ; ies of the grandstand. The audi ! ence rises to its feet to watch the i ence j g-et-away. The horses leap forward, a bell m the gambling room sounds the end of betting on that particu lar race and all eyes are focused on the flying ponies and their riders. It is the grand sight of Havana. A summer landscape the gay col ors ' of dress flags the holiday crowd excitement cheers ap plause music. All this in the dead of winter! According to the cal endar the skies over Chicago are gray and melancholy. The people in Chicago are hurrying about the irksome business life clad in over coats and goloshes. The betting may be done in three ways all honorably and legitmately. 1st. Bets among friends. 2nd. The bookmakers offer odds and you put your wisdom against tnat ot tne proiessionai, to win or lose the total and certain amount of the wager. 3rd. The mutual or machine bet where the odds remain unknown until ail bets are down and the race over. Bets on the mutual system i are made in units of two, five or ten i dollars and as many multiples there of as vou please. When all bets ; are male a percentage of the total 'amount ot ail wagers ot tne race is Furniture and ithe home Nothing else you buy is quite as important as the furniture in your Conducted, Concocted and T "l X Confiscated " V. THEY FOUND OUT. A farmer and his wife recently lost their last hog. They agreed not say anything and they would know the first person who mentioned their loss was the "thief. Sunday they attended church and the preacher read as his text: "I have meat eat that ye know not of." Nudging his wife, the old farmer whispered: "And we never suspected him, did we, Mary?" V SOLEMN JOKE. "This is a grave affair," said the undertaker as he shoveled dirt in the face of the corpse. 3 B WATER VS. AIR. "A man in swimming has one advantage over the aviator," remarked guest at the Timekillers' Club. "Howzat?" asked a member. Well, if anything happens, the swimmer can go down three times, but an aviator goes down just once." 3fr 3fc 5 Tins beauty mud may be a great beautifier, but we can't see that it's done much for crawfish. WHY EDITORS ARE WEALTHY One of our customers smiles knowingly and passes along this bit of consolation: A child is born in the neighborhood; the attending physician gets $10. The editor gives the loud mouthed baby and the happy parents !a send-off and gets $0. When it is christened the minister gets $10, the editors gets $00. It grows up and marries. The editor j publishes another long-winded article, j auu lens a uozen ues aDouc tne Deau tiful and accomplished bride minister gets $10 and a piece n cake, and the editor gets $000. In the course of time it dies. The doctor gets from $25 to $100, the under taker from $50 to $300. the editor i publishes a notice of the death and obituary" two columns long, lodge and societv resolutions. , lot poetry and a free card of thanks and gets $0000. No editors are rich. wonder so many 5 TALKIN TO 'EM. A friend of our from Atlanta tells how they chant down there when the game gets close. Here's a sam ple: Swing low, sweet dices, carry mah bacon home. Don't do yo' pa no wrong. Roll sugar! Roll dem eyes. Lawd, Lawdy! guide dem chillun's footsteps. Don't let dem stray. ...Turn! Turn! honey, turn dat other check. ...Dat's eight. Yo' can eight, dice I knows yo gwine eight. Las' time yo' eight, yo' daddy et Mah roll am faded, bones, don't fade mah smile. . .Mah baby's toes is stickin' out. ..Little marbles, shoe dat chile Rattle! rattle yo' tremblin' bones, en ef dat winter comes don't let mah old 1 - 111. J TT uunes, lattie wii nere yo goes little messengers, I'se sendin' yo' out agm. Bear de good news on yo' lips Make eight! Lawd, help 'em eights ... Lit' up on yo' lips. ... Make eight! Lawd hep 'em eight!. . . nos Whoa! lay down en wallow! Hey! Watch dat spotted kangru jump! Dah's nine. Jes miss dat eight one pint. ..Dat come so clos' de money start ter feel mah pulse. Nex' time, little sweet 'arts jes close dat other eye. ..Now, we gwine sweep dis fio'. ...Us gonna clean dis game so clean de soap hafta jine de army of de unemployed. . .Ashes to ashes an' dus' to dus' gwine dress dat brow n gal up when de dice stop roll-in' dis game be bus, Git me two pints er nubbin juice. Hang a red tie round my neck en a high brown on my arm Gonna pu fo' bits in chuch Dat parson got to be paid.. ..Lawd, make dese bones behave Iet em roll ez straight ter de mark ez dat rock David throw'd Littla dices, I'se er sendin yo' ter a place caried eight, en don't yo' lose dat j dah address I'se startin' vo off wid eight spots on top. . ..Now be yo' daddy's little leopards. Don't change yo' spots Dat's eight! Dem little black eyes don't lie.... Come to yo' papa, babies, yo' duty is did. ... gotta cradle in my vos' for yo'! Jes take yo' res' on dat roil er bills, ea n i aai me spot oe yo piuer. j ' : ! I home. Vou live out. Illinois Ex-Dry Agent Is Held as Grafter Waukegan, 111. Ira Blackwell, for several years a member of the Lake county prohibition enforcement squad, but lately an Investigator for the state's attorney of McHenry county, was held to the grand jury at Woodstock charged with "shaking down" beer runners and obtaining money under false pretenses. He la accused of assisting beer runners through the county, charging two dollars a barrel for "safe conduct," Candidate for Governor Is Gored to Death by Bull Vermillion, S. D. A. S. Anderson, Democratic candidate for governor of South Dakota, was gored to death by a bull on his stock farm 15 miles northeast of Vermillion, He had gone to the pasture to drive in ihe milch cows when he was attacked. His bad ly mutilated body was found half an hour later by a farm hand. Anderson had served three terms in the state senate. Air Cruiser Shenandoah Is Coming Out West Washington. The naval air cruiser Shenandoah will be sent on an extended tour of the West beginning about August 26, Secretary Wilbur announced. While the itinerary has not been approved. It has been decided that the cruiser will be at the Des Moines state fair and will go as far as Denver. Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis also are planned In the Itinerary. 5 Bandits Raid Illinois Bank and Seize $7,500 Madison, 111. Five bandits held up the Trl-CIty State bank here at noon and escaped in a motor car with a proximately $7,500. They were fired upon by bank officials. ' Police said the burglar alarm frightened the men away before they had finished lootlrur. Everybody reads Enquirer want ads. It now it pays. B. & O. TIME TABLE West Bound No. 45 Chicago train 5.57 AM No. 31 Local West 7.17 AM No. 7 Chicago train 12.09 PM East Bound No. 10 Wash-New York .. 12.26 PM No. 32 Garrett Local 5.42 PM No. 46 Wil Lard-Wheeling . 12.27 AM No. 16 Baltimore-New York 12.42 AJr! Trains 10 and 46 stop at Bremen to discharge passengers from Chicago or South Chicago and pick up pas sengers for Toledo, Detroit, Dayton and Cincinnati and all points east of Willard. Train 16 stops to receive passengers for points east of Wil lard. , .M.rSi : 'in' . f- S I' l i'llhlll t 4 Stop that pain 2 It's spoiling your enjoyment and ruining your health. When youre suffering from headache, neuralgia, sciatica, earache, toothache, rheumatism or any other pain Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain PuT bring relief without unpleasant after effects. Your druggist sells them at pre-war prices 25 doses 25 cents. Economy package, 125 doses $1.00. v MERSMAN DINING AND LIBRARY TABLES are thoroughly good in quality They help build just the kind of home atmosphere we speak of. Come in and let us show you these tables. HUFF'S "THE HOME OF UNUSUAL FURNITURE" I l PENCIL " '"'"wJ'Mapn Ji Jvkf;e RED BAND vaSfmfJ BREMEN MEAT MARKET Wm. E. Walter, Proprietor Nt3 --tj'oJ yfS GOOD MEAT Honest

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