The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 58
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 58

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 58
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Page 58 article text (OCR)

P - lal m Reaeh feat . Ttrnmiiajr , N(, 21, 13M Hitler Purge Victim's Daughter Recalls 1938, early evening fog that smelled few months had somehow Later in the evening I woke turned out to be a Hungarian they let everybody go. lines of prisoners and struck That night my father dectd of fallen leaves. come to an end. up. The lights were on and my citizen. Nazi officials appar- I had rarely seen my father them In the face. He said no- ed to leave Hitler's Germanv. I felt relieved. I packed my school books father was back. ently had orders to stay away so upset. bodv had touched him and that Up to then he had been will It was as if the drama of the for the next day and went to One of the many Jews taken from foreigners and the inci- The storm troopers, he said, he would have struck back if Ing to wait at home for the day and the terror of the last "ed- to our district jail that day dent unnerved them so that had walked up and down the they had. collapse of the Third Reich. mma I G XWWW 7. . W , . nil- V By LOiTE SEIDLER MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. ILPI) When Hitler came to Austria in March, 1938, my father, a physician and an as-limilated Jew, thought he rould survive. Eight months iaterheknew better. I was 11 and more puzzlod than frightened. On Nov. 9, 19.(8, Herschcl Tirinzpan, a Jew, shot and killed a member of the German Legation in Paris. The same evening Joseph fioebbels, German minister of propaganda, told a group of party leaders in Munich that riots had started against Jews in some parts of Germany. If the riots spread spontaneously, Goebbels said, they were not to be discouraged. The party leaders understood. On the surface, they wore not to start demonstrations. But they were to encourage what the Nazi press called "the people's wrath." When the riots were over, 3(1,000 Jews had been put in concentration camps and the .Ipws of Germany had been ordered to pay 1 billion marks in penalties to the German government. At the official exchange rate, that was $400 mil-linn. The "people's wrath" arrived In Vienna Nov. 10. There were rumors that it was so well organized that, in some places, fire engines arrived at the synagogues before the Nazi brigades set them on fire. We lived in a workers' district where my father, Fritz Seidler, had been a general practitioner until the Nazis ruled he could no longer treat Gentiles. They stamped his M.D. degree "invalid" and gave him the title of "Jewish quack." Nov. 10 was a gray, 'calm day. For a change there were no boys throwing rocks at me on my way home from school and shouting, "You swine, you Jewess," and I was grateful for that. My father, once so busy, but now idle, was not home. "Your father is out looking for your Uncle Ernst," my mother said. "On a day like this madness." There was nothing very unusual about that. As far back as I could remember Uncle Krnst got lost every once in a while. My father, always the one to go looking for him, would find him in his apartment taking a nap or on a bench in the Vienna woods where he sat absorbed in nature, oblivious of time. Rut this was different, mv II ; 1 ;7vA' m mii root taiii wcwoio 3 Y V yvrv I Q II y f f ui Detarerer salecree' Liriaa; Umm the will ajve Yw I T1 T1 I " ri TlfZm-ml 'l If ITr 1 1 ' i fv Ntwair Stvte ia Mfcvtle Nylea Cetar. ami laiary I PVI , IW J 1 11 - ' Vfa,wrJlL: t Jt Ml f 13 II -...l-.:. ' - . u.k.. ah mi ll. '- . "ii-Z"r""S'V ii rmwm .milium; iw 11 - mr , A15V or EVtKf muni WI lcla all m I Fc. Suite, Safe and Ulna Chair Cecktail Table a Stta Table a Table Lama J rillawt ACT NOW! $10 will hold for Christmas Delivery! Choice of Colors: Beige, Gold, Turquoise Free Pool Table m pj 'needed 1 Included! 2 HARDWOOD CUI STICKS. THIANSLI, 111X11 ATTACHMENT, 14 IALLS. 2 CHALK CUIES, INSTRUCTIOKS LIVE RUIII CUSHIONS! HI AVY-DUTY IIUIADD ClOTHI OFFICIAL STTLI AUTOMATIC IND SAIL DITUINI pail RtTuwni I W A Cl :A Ki V DAVC i orjiv m urn mother said. The Nazis were out to get the Jews. It turned out later that the Nazis already had gotten Unfile Ernst. They kept him in a Gestapo Jail- for four weeks and made him do calisthenics-until he dropped. Miraculously he survived ii spite of his weak heart He got out of jail and out or Austria and spent .the war ears underground in Yugosla ia. Aftet the war he returns to Vienna and lived there for many yraj-s. Back on that grey November day my mother did the dishes and 1 my homework for .school. Before long the bell at the gate rang. Through the win- rfnw f i-niilH vnn fnnr ninn UP 9 to 9 SATURDAY 9fo6 SUNDAY LAST DAY 12 to 6 '" " -tr, . Entire Outfit , mof be purchased I " ' ' ' separately for . . . : Included FREE with this Bedroom (or bet it rrtt) Q ssux urn mt m m n. i ' Marching 4 4-Draww :! CHEST t in,, r - iau Avoilablt Act Now! Thh Sensational Bonui Offer Available 1 for 3 Days Only! $10 Holds For Christmas Delivery at only r I all ... La 1 nr n ll Mm II a. . VT' If I I Li !Jr7cLUDELl J with this Itdroontr They wore ski jackets over their heavy, worn suits and caps on their heads and looked like the patients who used to flock to my father's office. When my mother came to the gate, the men took off their caps and looked a the ground. "Frau .Doktor," their spokesman said quietly in a heavy Viennese dialect, "we have come to pick up the Herr Doktor." My mother told them he wasn't home. When they made io move to leave, she unlocked the gate and let them in. ' Without lifting their eyes, the four shuffled through the kitchen and opened the door to the bathroom. Then we all sat down in the living room and wailed. i tried to concentrate on my homework without much success. The others just sat. After a while my mother served coffee. There was the usual offerings of sugar and a little more hot milk and the embarrassed "thank yous" of the men. Then, once again, the only sound in the room was the ticking of our antique clock. F'lnally the phone rang. One of the men moved toward It but my mother got there first. "Wrong number," she spoke Into the phone, and put down thereciver. The men looked uneasy. The phone rang again. This time one of the men answered. "We arc wailing for you, Heir Doktor," he said. "Yes, we have orders to take you to the district jail. All right, if you are there by seven." They left without saving goodbye. "Sometimes our father is beyond help," my mother said after she had locked the gate behind them. "I thought he'd catch on when I said 'wrong number.' " It was not a question of Lathing on, my father said when he came home. It was a question of complying and of getting the men out of our house as quickly as possible. He changed Into some old clothes, took along some sardines and bread "Just in case" and went out into the Innerspring Mattress and Box Spring Included! 1 Complete Modern 9 pc. Triple Dresser BEDROOM OUTFIT CHOICE of WALNUT or FAWN FINISH $ Free Pool Table Included Tavr ltrm Will Lack Clamaraui with this smart MadVm Styla Suit. Softly sfcaeaa' fiitiih with tha Ivttra af tlafanc, Kittfully trimmad in brou ploiti-ciiarf finish ti raiist barns, stains, scratches . . . SOLID Croftmonfiip can. strnctian. WI iatl.a-a ALL THIS: laakcasa ltd a TUTU Dressar Innmarinfl Mattrau a Laraa Mirrar Matchina lat Jaritx) a 2 Vanity Lamps a 2 ltd t illaws For EVERYTHING i-Z Credit Illustrations similar to furniture FREE DELIVERY Key West to Ft. Pierce on items $50 or more! I0ITN PALM IEACH JELIIT tCACIf WEST PALM BEACH: 2821S.Di0Hm. ?7":?..i?h':L, 20 Horth Federol JVil nuKin wr lme rAe., I! nhuinv II I OF SEARS ON U.S. 1 NEXT TO FOOD FAIR IlignWOy U.J.I ONE BLOCK NORTH

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