Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 18, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 18, 1936 THE ALBANY DEM O C RAT - HERALD, ALBANY. OREGON ' . PAGE' FIVE YOU CANT GO WRONG IF YOU STRING ALONG WITH DEMOCRAT-HERALD WANT ADS.' Oressed 10ic! DEMOCRAT-HERALD WANT ADS HANDLE YOUR PROBLEMS WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE UIO I UUl st Albiiny, Ore. mlS NEWTODAYi I WANTFD FOU -ash old nnn 1 Lw and worthless horses nnd cows lead animals picked up free of charge nnywhere. t'ale & .Molilgoinery, Phone collect S3-P-I2. forviillis. mllf MAN KO,t ""''EE MOliTK. 45-, IVIrAlt , a.w,,0, opportunity. Automobile Rlvett as bonus. Prompt st rvice from western warehouse, j ' Write Albert Mills. 168 Monmouth.1 . Cincinnati, O. ntl8j TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted below ere tho prevailing; at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are subject to change at any hour thereafter. jN V YOU'RE. .v( fiDDD cl'EAN WOMAN COOK KB-twee jo 45 ycnrs. Restaurant exp. not necessary. Apply In person after 2 p. m. Depot Cafe. 924 Lyon St. .-m!2-lS 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WOOL WANTED : highest market value. M. Senders & Co". ' , m7-30 pAOpARA BAHK WANTE1 WB UMOUrtnrtare In tho market for nn unlimited quantity of dry or green Cascara Bark. Will pay highest ca)i prices. Albany Bar-gniu House, Jiml and Baker, Phone . 736., " . - ' a!5-tf OLD l?N!Tl:i STATKS COINS bought at DnwKou'H Prug Store. marltf 24 : Personal "sTOMAPH I'l't'EH, 'CIAS PAINS. OIUIVIMWn Itidiirestloll victims, why suffer? For quick relief Ret n free sample of Crtga, a doctor' prescription at Fred , Dawson's Drus Store. IH5-J5 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING' PAPK1UNO. decorating that s different. Phone 42 or Til3-U Wilbur Dawson A Cluiro 'Snvder. CASH j" FOU OLD ClOLD, crowns, bridges, fillhifrs, old Jewelry, walch case's, etc. F, M. French & Son, Jewelers. d30W CUrpp KIIEAUINO. CALL U0H1N OnLL.1 Tl.ux, 2'J-F-1 or cn(l . lit 1315 E. 2nd. v IP8-J1 pAOU l'AIIi Kilt '7SED FUUNI-. OMOn tur(! ..,( your attic." Chris. ItnhrhoiiKh & Son. 415 W. Firsl St. - Jl-lf MANY ''i:01JLE AUE WATOHlNtl IVinil I ,,,,, ,VMl.a,H for calves. IF you have auv to luarkct,-a want-' ad will (In. It for you. TFAM J'EKCHEKON .MAKES, ONE 1 rnlvl hniJ coJt) wtll malehed. wt. 3500 lbs. It. Fitch, Harrishurir. Ore. nilS-lS pACU KOIl OLD AND WOP.TH-WrAOl I e8B horses and cows. Day- old calves. Ph. U-K-H Albany. niH-tf Cecil Montgomery. nrAQ AND WOItTIIl.ESM HOUSES -"nnd cows picked up free of charire anywhere. Phone collect 14-F-14. Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-K-1. t'orvnllis. inll-tf Automobiles Wanted pjCU FOU VOUIt CAH OH onon eUity. Warden's Car Market, Lebanon, Phone 1331. m!i-J5 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous RFF HIVF SALE HOOP, ULL - II1VLO clean, used hives Airs, liray, 306-Y. 704 Thurston,' Phone ml0-PJ WRECKING 8 w" s",0,-s- IV ULllMlU .umher 4 up. Hrlck cks $4 per M.t . planks for barns, bridges. timber. 1x8 and Ixti sheeting. flooriUK. celling, sld-! lnpr. Can deliver. 3rd & Madison. Albany. ml4-20-S 21 For Rent TUprr JtOOM Fl'HN. AIT. FOlt rent, bath. Salem Apts.. 21S Ferry St. iulG-18 FOR RENT-4 5 ROOM UN 'hone 547-It. aiii-tr ELLSWORTH Al"ra - ,I1MT' lll0y J I I I OVer.,turfed furniture. Ph. 35. 805 Ellsworth. af.-tf 10 Help Wanted STEADY ?r HOOD PAY reliable man wanted to call on -farmers In Linn bounty. No experience or capital needed. Write today. Furst & THOMAS. 420 Third St. Oakland, Calif, mis' I.OCAI. KHAIN SI. Sritdera A Vo, Wheat: No. 1 white, 77c; red and mixed "lie bushel: ' BARLEY: HauNen, $21.00 ton. OATS: White... No. 1, 1 8.00; gray No, 1, $23.00; gray feed $20.00 ton. ' , WOOL Wool, per pound ... ,.30c Mohuir, per pound .,40c MKATS (111 K. N'rbrricnll Mrot Co.) " CATTLE Steers .$G.50'fr7.0O Holfera 4.50-6.110 Bulla .... S.BOiifS.OO i'ows, beef ............... 3.00$VG.OO Cowb, cutlet'H 1.504J3.OO , lio;s HO to liiO Doiitidu .$7.2&fi 7.7ft lii'l to 210 pounds 7.75SI 8.7S 210 to 2iO pounds ,7.2ft W S.Efi J.0 to 350 pounU 7..ri4i 7.TiO J.'id pouililH up v 5..riU4i'6.L,ft Sows r -1.50ftG.0O . , SIIKKI 1. u nil's . . . .i $7.r,OjT8.50 Kwes . . , e.OOfl 4.00 Yoartingn . . , , M0eiifl,00 ; H - vie All Live : : 7e iJrenwii . r i .," . v : ....... . .'.Hit v - rorlrnr ' Slft A 4 miiinr ' No.l hen 8, -1J to 0 lbs , 17o Norl hens, over 6 .Jba. .'.17-No. 1 medium hens, over 3 J lbs. Mr No. 1 medium hens, under'ij lbs. I4r Colored KprlngH .. t I7e No. a brollerH, 1J to 2 lbs: 16e Honsters ...... 7c UagR 1. 1 . ; .... . .,0u KUUH ' -' All Prler Are llellveml Allinnr ; 'nnrn Krlurncil If as f. , i . . tt . i-.'. . . . 1 9c Standards 17o fajxt,ra piedlum ICc Standard medium Ho Drowns extras 19c Hirty extras 16c 'rud'ergrndes . 13c 'Pullet t. . . . . .12c Pofl woe . . . J . . i . t ,i v. . 10c Live .j . ... . . . . t . .7J lJO I & jej,iinon Black Kuilcate con tu Ins lady's apparel. John llrte, Plain view, Phone I2I-K-31. He ward. mlS-20 A I FA I FA HAY TONS, $S PKIt 2. near Dever. mlU-20 FDR 9AI F OU .TKADE BLIZ-I Ul. OALL aiinj ensaprL,( nay i-ntti-p & pipe; 2 mower); 7-ft. binder: 2 iron wheel wugmia: Kas engines; garden trnetor; 3 rhling cultivators at Eastburn & Hoth Auction Mkt. mlS-20 SI 800 ACT QUICK ls0- so V JJJ acri'S of prairie land all iimlcr cultivation fair ImiUlitiKs, the best buy ever offered hi I Ann rutin ty. $1SOO total price. Why rent ? lit VINE U HOOn, Phono 300 a30lf DO PFOPI F KNOW WllEltE TO UKJ I LUI fjlHl y(JU aiul yoi,r partleulur type of service? Tell them! A Want-ad costs very little. AIIPTIDN! SALK UF THK HAUUl- njj i ivjih Bon Kstate W(M be heM 1 Slay 28 Instead uf May 22 as announced in another paper. Watch for the Ml) later In these, columns. ml 8 ATTENTION DKALEUS ,N Lm iU1 stock. Huy the Linn County Fair Grounds with all buildings and 30 acres of land for holding stock while waiting to load, at the price of farm land, and very easy termn. 50 AtMtlOS ON H 1(5 H WAY near Lebanon improved for only $2150. C. SI. Dollarhlde Co. ml4tf oHElP ASTIjBK 30 ACKES TO Case, Albany ml8-20 CTf)P EQUIPMENT - Ffl'.NI-iuuf ture 3l ncres i,.l0,i on Brush Creek, nil hottnm land, crop all In. very (rood liuittlintrs, a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 cows, till equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only $::750 move right In. : III VINE J HOOD, Phono .too a:sotr. Little Orphan Anne Othef Comics You can run an 18 word advertisement in the Democrat-Herald three times for 72c nnd reach 4,000 homes. And for another 18c the same advertisement will be run in the Weekly Democrat-Herald on Thursday and get your mcsssage in 4,000 more homes. Think of it 18 words sent to 8,000 homes for only 90c And they'll be read. COMES THE COMPETITION thin. 9-1 lc In; heavy, 9-1 lc lb: cutter cowh, 8-lnc lb; lambs, old, ISc lb; tnrlng lambs, 18-l'J.- lb; (', ( WHEW- WHAT f i uEm' ( KT O C WELL WE : ''T'virTTx I -.fl.r LOT O- SHINY . IT S TO BE J WHAT? , J. , CAN , sW rA0R6.-.- I BE--r'- NO GUV CAN ' Tf JMi kM. 'i ll g j 111 ITKIir'AT A grade 26c 11 grade '-'Sc C grade - 22v Mir.r.l Uimlm i $S.l!6 4i9.00 Portland, Ore.. .May IS. The price on standard butter was cut u again In the cube trade on the exchange, making n differential of lc lb instead of jc the normal change from extras. Uutterfat Is unchanged. Add va neo of lc doa. In several grades and tlxes of eggs was shown lor the week's opening with 10c now being quoted for largo extras. KxcHlcnt homo grown strawberries wero shown with sales mostly $.1-3.25 per 24 box crate to retailers. First peas of the. seoson from The Dallas offered In tho wholesale trade were priced at 10c lb. - i Old potatoes are firmer and higher; up to $2-50 cental. . New potatoes are also firm. oranges uml lemons continue advance. Fancy liidlo tomatoes arc flVm: up to $2.50 for crates. Clood - demand and maintained prices conthiun for hothouse tomatoes. ' focul 'cauliflower Is selling up to $1.50 crate. 1 poit'i t,i i.ivi:sto K Portland. Ore.. May IS. Hogs, 3(100; 4S2 direct. Few opening sales' 25 cents lower, later bids and sales around 50 cents lower. l'Yy loads. 170-210 lbs. !) 60-0.75. Later bids $'.1.30 ihnvn with drivelns bid down $0.25. 2301260 fit IS.75-ll.2G. Few packing sows $7. No feeder pigs Bold. Best held around $0.75, Cattle, l!10i. 213 direct. Calves 250, Opening eales around steady. Some bids 15-25 cents lower. Few loads Oregon ami Idaho steers $7.75-8.25. Ioad heifers $7.50. Seven loads California grass cnttln offered. Not sold early, liest commercially fed steers $8. Hulk fed cattle around $7-7.75. Common grades down to $5.50. Fed heifers $6.75-7.25. Cutters $2.75-4.60. Common to medium $4.50-5.50. Cood beefs above $6. Hulls $5-5.75. Veal-ers 5o cents lower around $8.50 down. Sheep, 2750. 828 through and direct. Openings-steady. (Jood trucked in lambs moHtly $10. One load above $10.25. Common to medium tirades $8.50-9.50. Shorn oh) crop lambs $7-8. Oond ewes $3.50-4, Common grades down to $2. - By HAROLD GRAY By Thompson and Coll FROM BY BLOSSER UO NOT UPHOLU HIS Mfc. IH ODSj BUT I DO UNDERSTAND, THEM ! NATURE ENDOWS US VITH TvvO HANDS,TWO FEET AND TWO EYES j BUT UN FORTUNATELY GIVES US ONLY BY" HAMLIN HAYINH T1MB IS COMING. NEW IIMimvJ rope special. J, & , new rupe 1 Se per lb. Also some good used hay rope. Fork carriers for both wood & steel track, carrier forks, hay forks & fork handles. Save money on your haying needs 'at Albany Bargain House. 2nd & Baker Sts. nUS-gH FOR 9AI F CATEHPIL-UAll 20" I Wll CALL tractor with logging equipment, $S50. Consider car in trade. Can arrange some terms. E. 1. Bahrke, lit. 3, Corvallis, Ore. mt8-S0 0NF OF SASS VOUXTVS FINE Ulil Ul flirmSt Sood share bottom land and most now under cultivation. A real ranch with only fair improvements. Price to sell only $40. 20 acres near Albany with some improvements and nice grove. 15 under cultivation. $$00. Several houses and one farm to r-ut. Tripp & Murphy, Uealtors. mlStf 1 For Sale Real Estate 47 ia AHRF KAUM von sa le z n"'- on Santiam llwy., 5 miles out: nt-w S room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair; on main power line. Crops all in. A BAHC.A1N. See owner. Win. .MeKInley, Itt. 1, Albany, -Or a22-m22 FDR 9AI FMOI,):itN NEWLY I J OMUL. ,(.(.)rat,Mi home, H lot well located at 10!M W. 8Mi St.", Albany. Write M. D. Powers, S05 W. 1st Ave. Kitgene. Ore. m!2-lS i 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS -?THZ Stewart, 1158 W. 12th, In"-,I7-.S Rfinn wOlJ y PltlC'EU . ltlGHT UUVJLV n,,!!,.,.,.,.,, nny ienirlh. t.esler f'hllcote, 1CO0 Sun tin in ltd. Phone 734-U. J20-tf I1IUIII pru-e. Claude WriKht. phone 28-.I, l!3S E. Cth St. m20-tf 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs IMU TC LElllluKN CHlUKa IVIt sale May 20 'ji 21. 8c e.-M'll. Phone 5-F-ni, Jenlts' 1 laU'hury. Tangent, Ore." ml5-2a SEE. WHO'LL SHOW FROM PESERT FRIENDS ch ate?? . y-M ill. A r- . . A vumiwi Tl MK. IWIUUfc.. OL' CHJ7 SOkkt THE OOPS WA rrrOMP OF THE rjSEE- LpOK AT &,Wf S-RnS WIM IMC . '. . . 7 VI. t Utl f-J 17. MA AN' ME - 1 OW TOO uty MIND, r- A f THERE 15 A 1 . 1 1 . rw ANP.SO.THE HIS fiACK,AND OF THE TUMMEL, TENSE MOMENTS MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse HELLO THAT EVQ STONE IT SEEMi TO BE MOVINa.' IT'S BEING PUSHED UP REFUSING TO RUM W&,SU4LL RUM TWI'e. I AWAY FEOM NOW OU, POCTOgl LIFTS TWE UW-CON3Cr6jUS .FORM OF MVRA ACROSS HEAPS FOR THE EWP WHICH LEAPS TO THE A FINE PETECTIVE' t TURNED .CJUt. JO BE I TRAIL,- THAT ' PHONY POCTOR STONE PILE ANC? SUDDENLY LITTLE LADY.' WARUMJW THE FACE OF A THREAT- ENEP EWEMy ATTACK., MyRA,lWDR PEVRlEe.' SEfCCET TUMK4EL, MEET50PPCH 5TIOM IW THE FOCfA OKAPPUS FRECKLES AND HIS AND. WHAT BECOME OF HCWEVER.IN THIS CASE THE DEFENDANT'S MOTHER WAS GRAVELY ILL, AND MAN SMARTER MEN HAVE LOST THEIR HEADS UNDER; UKE CONDITIONS .'I I I'ltOIM'CK KXC'HANRB Tho rollojvlnic prlcea wero named to be effective Mondny: Itnttcr Cube extrnH, 27c; Rtnnd-nrrih, 26c; prime flrots, 25c; flrat, -'H-- 'theee-("tre(ron' trljtletw, 15e: Ore Ron loaf, J10. Uroltcra will iiay: Jo belov onotatlona.' KkKH. I'rodnce exchnnirn riuotft-tlona botween dealora: Extra larfro, 19c; Htnnrinrda, larKe, lflc; extrna, medium, 1 8.: ; atandarda, medium, 16c Jobbing 0rlcea 2c hlKbcr. IMHITI.ANII WIIOl.KSAl.K FRICHf Theae aro tho prlcea retnllera pay wholesalcra, except where otherwlao stated: ' Hut lor Prints, A (trade, 29c Hi In pnrehment wrapper, -30c lb In crir- tona: It erndo. narc huicnt W'rftDDor, 2Sc Hi i iirtonii, 29c lb. Uutterfat (Portland delivery) A frrado, delivered nt least twice a veek, 28-29c lb; country route, 26-c 1li; D irrndc, 2H-29C lb; C grado at innrket. II RTadn cream for ntnrket-bnylnfr prli-e, liutterfat baaia, 53)c lb. Cheese. HelllnK price to Portland retnllera! Tillamook trlpleta, 20a lb; loaf,. 21c lb. Tillamook acllinff price to wlwileaulura: trlplela, 18c lb; loaf, 19c lb. " " KuKs Ituyiiifr price of wholeaal- era: Kxtraa, 19c dox; atandarda, ,c dox; extra tm-tllumu, 16c dox; do me dium rlratfc, K,c dox; under Kitide, Uic doz; pulleta, luc dox. ' Milk A uraile. Portlanil delivery, r.Klc per 100 lbs. nutterrnt Daala for 4 per cent. Live poultry Portland delivery, huylhK price: colored hena, over 4 Iba IS-lllc lb: under 4) lha, IS-I'.H' lb: I.eKliorn lii na, over lit Ilia. I6-Uc; under .11 Iba I5-I6c lli; IjfKhorn broilera, 1 to I) Iba. I6-I7c lb: do 1 Iba up, 16-17c lb; colored aprliiira, 2 Ibn nud up, 20-21o lb: rooatera. 8-9c lb; Pekln dtlcka, yoiiiiK, N-17c' In; K. ..... 11 -12c lb. Live poultry HelllllK prli-e by wholeaalera; LIkIU Iioiih, 16-17c Ih; nirrlluin liena, 17-18c lb: colored hens, Ix-I9c lb; broilera, 164c lb; aprltiKH, U-22C lb; Pekln ducka, youilK 21-22i lb; do coloreii, 12-I7c lb; capona, over 7 Iba, 21-2Gc Ibf guinea' heua, 60c each. 11 Itiibbltn Knucy dreaaed. 20-21o lb. ' Tnrkeya (dreaaed ) tiellllilt price to retnllera: No. 1 hi-ha, 19-20c lb; toma, I8-2O0 lb. . .. PIIKSII I'ltl I T ' ' Applea P.MIclnua, extra ' Taney, f 1 . Rr, -2 box; do fancy, l.fi6-l.60 box;i Nitwtowna, -xtra fancy, JI.70 box; do fanry, 9 1,45 box; llo race and fill, fancy 85c box: do face and fill,' choice, box; Hpltxcnberir, extru raucy, $1.40 box: do combination, 11.25 box; Itome Jlcauty, -jumble, 2i: lb; wlnaapa, extra fancy, $1.65 box; do fancy, $1.40 box: do Jumble, extru fancy, 3c lb. Cautuloupefl Cullfornln aland nrd, 11.10; Jumbo St. r,.25 trat. Itananna lluurli, 5jc lb; lianda, 6-OJe lb. "Htrawberrlea Canby, IS-3.25. per 21-baaket crute; Florin, $1.40-1.45. J'eara Ij'AiiJoii, $1.15 box. OraiiKen t'allfornla nnvela, fancy,-s.3: choice, $2.75-2.95; atiind-arda, $2.65 caae. (irapefrult Arlxonn, $1.80-2.40 caae; Florida, $4-4.25 caae. Leinona (California, fancy $6.50-7.50 cnae; eh ilce $6.25-6.75. riiKan vi:ii:TAin.Ka I'otatoea Local, $2-2.10 per cental; Klamath, $2. R cental; Scappono Netted Ueinai $2-2.15 cental; Deschutes Netted Oema, I2.S5-3.50 cental. Celery California, $a-a.50 crata; hearts, $2 dox bunches. ' Peas The Dalle 10c lb. California, $2.50 per (0-lb sack. Spinach 40.50c orantru box. Onlona UrARon, $1.10-1.3$ per 100 lbs. I t-. : Tomatoes lndlo, $2-2.50 lua;. Lettuce Local, $1-1.15 crate. Hweet potatoes 'allforuta, $2 per 50-lb. crato: southern - yams, $1.95 crate. Cauliflower laical, '$1.50 crate; California. $1.60-1.75 crnte. ' . Ithubarb Kleld grown, 3$-40o apple box. Cucumbers Local, hothouse,.' $1-1.50 tins. 1 New potatoes Kliafter, $3-3.50 per cental. . : . - A rtmra hub Mid. Columbia. $1.50-I.eS per 3i)-lb pyramid; Hermlatonj 6c Ih; Vaklmn, $1.15 per 30.1b pyramid. New onions California Bermudas, 75c per lug. MKATJt AMI PROVISIONS Country ineats HelllhK price to retailers: Country killed hoars, o'"1 butchers, under 150 lbs. 12J-13C lb; v.ulers, No. 1, 13,-I4c lb; light and S-9c lb. naciin 20-26 Jc lb. r.nrd Tlon e lintOH, '1 1- "' . llnPH ANI wool. Wool mad contractu, nontlnal: WlllamiJtB vallny, medium, 30c lb; conrno and braid, 28c lb: vaatern Oregon, 1B-23C lb; aouthern Idaho, 25c lb. . ' . Program . Is Planned . For Maple PTA Meat The Maple school P.-T, A. will meoLtonight nt 7:30 o'clock in the Central school building. The program will include: songs by the third grade; 41 health play by sixth graders; musical selections by Jack and Donald NebCT-gall; a talk by Elma Wilkinson on teaching children the Value of monev: and selections by a string quartet composed ot Will Bacon, Bud Smith, Miidrca Aya ana num Shelby,' all pupils of Martha Veal. EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE NOTICE Is hereby given that the undersigned has been by the County Court of Linn County, Oregon ,duly appointed executrix of the estate of Emma M. Watts, late of said County, deceased. All persons having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby required to present the same, with the proper vouchers, to the undersigned executrix at the office of her attorney EDWARD E. SOX in the First National Bank Building, In the city -of Albany, Oregon, within six months from the date of this notice. Duted and first published this 4th day of May, 1930. . ERMA M. TENNISON, , Executrix. EDWARD E, SOX, ; : Albany, Oregon, ' ' . Attorney for Executrix. May 4 1 1 18 25 Jne 1 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald.' ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN ,. . Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from, all points. Gasco Briquettes end coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service. - . FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. ' Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE . OWEN BEAM AGENCY v Opposite P. O. .. Established 1811 ' WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, . Money to Loan, Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. -J ALWAYS IN the market for egg, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maying, Easy, Thor, Washer . MEANWHILE BACK. AT THE HOSPITAL RUINS, HE VANISHES .1 NOT TEN FEET FROM THE SECRET ENTRANCE TO THE TUNNEL CLOSED IT WAS FDRTUNATE FOR HIM "THAT HE REMEMBERED THE DATE OKI THE COIN HE LEFT, OR THIS CASE MIGHT HAVE HAD. A ,' cm CLiniLIrt FIGHT TODAY s Your honor , do you uphold OUTSIDE THE CITY CASE Sfl.VE:?IER CDOK HAS ESTABLISHED AM ALIBI ! HE HAS GIVEN PROOF THAT- ENTERING THE DRUG SIDRE WAS NOT DONE WITH MALICE AFORE THOUGHT. ' n. YES, WE WON'T Vmikir: KiPkJ wo putct 1 ' rn nt iciliccc TUOU ALLEY OOP OH, OH! NOWTH') YEH-AN' IS FUN'S GONNA r GONNA Bfe BEGiN-OOPy HE GRABBED IS HEADIN' J CROWN OFF M FOR TH' y HEAD WHILE Hfc KNOCKED OUT 1 i-ui auvaits; -rue rw i . 77T PALACE.' KNOCKED OUT XTyV i : . . ; :. -: - ! ' ' i ; s -i , v r .... ., a r n UTDt T AU-raUWV VFH. SAV. t W i V UBl .IMJUTDC IT ' 1 Vtf.TUAS P C5UT. A MI 1 . S V ls V GUESS I'M JUS' ( SO 1 SEE! YOU'RE VAEARINj 'SMY CROWN,AINT hT( DINNY, OLtJOYOL' I I OO Jjv. 'I TOUGH TGir K SO I YER CROWN f TT? THAT WAS OUR. I I BOVOL'BOy.WELL, SQ .' ( CtPJ 1 1 KILLED' ( wHAI f AGAIN.'VOU BARGAIN -WHEN IOU LONG, GUZ-ILL BE J - ,VJL-U. - v s V ' I I LUStlWJI YfcK Ulr4-I3A.U I' 3COM 'UH,' - I ffjyjZJ) I r I CUBeU: imi u 1 . V , t . . . rvnju-i nrvic 1 dav-k, im i.kuw a K- : r y- 1 SAYS THERE'S . V GiTTINIT ) WAS TBE MINE . " lW jk fAT 2 - M c. mi, m 1 .1 a I v hi t vtrrn ' VII f 1 m lt -y. 1 " u FIRST MEETING Ut- ALLfcy UUK AMU uui, SINCE OUZ RECLAIMED HIS CROWN -?.''

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