The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on August 7, 1924 · Page 6
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 6

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1924
Page 6
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1924. near each other that the parents de cided to make one big surprise party one ankle is badly broken and the of great sport to fishermen. This other seriously sprained and it will be j makes the third shpment within the some days before Mr. Slough is able past three weeks. to do much work. Immediately after . the accident he was hurried to town Origin of the Lyre "SEEING STARS." W hen Your Eyes Make You Imagine You see Myriads of Tiny Stars Floating in the Air Look Out. That's a Danger Signal. Have Them Examined at Once. of it, in honor of all three children. The Rassi family moved to Bremen from Milford about two years ago, the children mentioned being born near Milford and are well NEIGHBORHOOD UEVS NOTES F R O M Nappanee Advance-News, Bourbon News-Mirror, Culver Citizen, t Milford Mail, Argos Reflector. As Legend Tells It known here. made in the Middle ages, when some-instrument, but a step forward was one invented the psaltry, which was followed a short time later by the dulcimer. Both of these instruments were little more than boxes with strings across them, but they are of interest to music lovers because they represent the first attempt to make a sounding board. A small piece of quill was used to play them. The first keyboard made its appearance in the Eleventh century. Small pieces of quill were attached to the end of the keys in a manner so they Jacob Beck, past 84 years of age, was considerably bruised early Friday afternoon, when he was struck u IP 1 contractors of the road the gravel Wtf ' being prepared for, Alfred Worsham, WJalter Border, Fred Bearss and others. In the meantime Dr. Radiliffe had been summoned and met the party enroute to town. Mr. Slough was taken home quickly, an examination made and it was determined to wait a day or two before taking an X-ray pictures of the broken limb or limbs, Tradition and mythology tell us that Hermes, messenger and herald of the gods, was walking along the banks of the Nile after it had overflowed and subsided, when he stiuck his foot against a heavy object. Looking down, he found it to be an old tortoise shell, with the dried sinews still stretched $7.50 and $8.50 Shell Glasses Complete, Examination included, by an automobile as he was crossing Henry street, near the .McLaughlin home. He was taken to his home immediately and a physician called, who found him bruised, but no broken bones. Mr. Beck states that he was largely to blame for the accident, and that the driver had his car well under control at the time. Everett Fippenger. on of Mr. and struck the strings when the key was touched, thus enabling the player to use both hands. The instrument itself was a box with a cover and strings of catgut arranged to form a half triangle, and it was known by NAPPANEE NEWS (Apartment better known as the , Oberlin Apartment, Monday after-About S00 loyal base ball fans ac- noon Thg fire broke out at about con pamed the Timers to South Bend ! three odock but by qukk WQrk Qn Su- day and saw them put up one of the part of the volunteer fire depart-the best games of the season. The ment -t wag extinguished before it South Beni Tribune in speaking of , ffained enough headway to consume th contest said: Nappanee may be the entire buiIdinff The third storv but a mere dot on the map, but it . of the building. which is imme-jiate-bo: ts a ball club that bows to none. , y under thfi roof was badlv dam Th s fact was conclusively brought affeti Thg southwest cornerj where out at Springbrook park Sunday, , the Waze startedt was a mass of wh.n the athletes wearing Nappanee j charred The other rooms on re, alia said it with base hits to the , same floor werg feadly ,jamaged extent of a one-sided victory over the j on account of the terrific heat from loc il prides, the final count being 10 to , the bazej the gm'oke anJ n Tiv- ami his snee-.i proved! $5- so that the extent of the injury is not across it. He picked it up, like any exactly known. Since being at home other curious boy, and upon touching he has suffered much. Mr. Slough ; the sinews was amazed to hear mu-weighs 240 pounds and there is every sical sounds. Then, so the story runs, reason to feel a measure of satisfac- he sat down and constructed the first tion at the outcome, for falling that 5 lyre! And tortoise shell to this day far and he being of such weight, it is 1 is the favored decoration of stringed miraculous he was not killed. His j instruments. body is bruised considerably. j Whether or not we believe this fan- A torrent of rain fell Sunday even- j ciful story, it is quite certain that the the awesome name of clavicytherium. Egyptians owned and played musical D It. J. BURKE Over 20 years in the same location. 230 South Michigan street SOUTH BEND, IND. Burke's Glasses Fit the Eye. DR. S. B. SHONKWILER PAINLESS EXTRACTION with Block Anesthesia or Nitrous Oxid-Oxygen. Dental X-Ray and Oral Surgery Phone 86 Shonkwiler Bldg. W. Plymouth rt. alt cether too much to the visitors! After a delay of twenty-four hours lik--, the sluecinic Tirers slamming S W account of the big Sunday night hii for 11 wallops, two going for ! rain the western Unnis tournament i T- . i , i t ior oovs anu juniors on me Acaaemv hii -if nim Psw nan a terrible time ! - J . i, -t;in i ! courts got under wav on Tuesdav Mrs. Milo Fippenger of Goshen and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Becknell of Milford, sustained a fractured right leg above the ankle, Friday forenoon, while working for the Interstate Public Service Co., at Topeka. A spike pole used in hoisting the line poles, slipped leaving the pole fall, striking him on the leg. Mr. Fippenger is a student of Purdue and is employed by the Interstate Company during his vacation. William Baer, who was stricken with paralysis on Wednesday of last week, at the North Manchester fair grounds, where he was caretaker and driver of race horses, seems to-be slightly improved. He was taken instruments centuries before the birth of Christ, or before Greece achieved her period of glory. Egyptian tombs have disclosed harps with strings of catgut which are in excellent condition despite their 1 three thousand years' sleep. The harp and lyre passed through Bible days as the only known musical That dav saw the first trc both DR. R. C. DENISON PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Shonkwiler Bldg. Phones: Office, 81; Residence 21 Bremen, Indiana. THE WYATT GARAGE Clayton G. Enders, Prop. sexenth, with eif ieht runs having clat- j roun'!s of sinSles PIa in "Swede" Edgren, who ! divisions with som- beautiful exhi terxl across. ha , been releeate-i to the role of re- I Ho -ui, T' .Uiti. i youngsters who represent the tenuis Overhauling and Repairing-GIVE US A TRIAL tf rpftie-.i him. two manure l cnautauqua tickets have been sold and forty mbre have been promised, according to the local 3 Cs)) R. H. DRAPER. M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office in Listenberger Building . West Plymouth St. Phones: Office, 35; Res 80., Bremen. CAL. L. STUCKMAN AUCTIONEER PHONE 535. NAPPANEE. IND. chautauqua chairman, Rev. J. F, Tapy. He reports, also, that there to the McDonald hospital at Warsaw for medical treatment. Mr. Baer farmed the Chilcote farm south of town for a number of years. is a much keener interest in h Why do we chauauoua for this year than was manifested iti the communitv last ( ( vote with Arrivals of new winter wheat in Nappanee, which is bringing around Sl.'-ll per bushel, have been increasing steadily since last Thursday when the first load was brought in to the Nappanee Milling Company by J. E. Hershberger. Harvey Buss brought the second load on Saturday. While not an excessive amount has be-?n harvested in this vicinity it is yielding from to 40 bushels to the acre which is very good, and the wheat is of a very fine grade, weighing about 60 pounds to the bushel, wl ;ch is considerably above the aver ge for this locality. The fire department was called out tvce Sundav evening during: the Ray Fleishauer, a farmer residing three miles south of Milford who was injured by a falling hay fork, July 19, returned to his home last Saturday from the Warsaw hospital. BREMEN MEAT MARKET Wm. E. Walter, Proprietor year. The Burr Oak and Ft. Wayne Federal baseball teams fought bitterly for nine innings last Sunday at Burr Oak and were forced to call the game at the end of the ninth frame to allow the visitors to catch a train. The score then stood 3 3. ing in this locality, that spread an even inch of the fluid over the ground. It was accompanied by a vivid display of lightning and plenty of deep bass thunder. The demonstration lasted for perhaps an hour or more and proved a wonderful thing for the growing corn, much of which has begun to tassel. It also helped potatoes and other crops, though it delayed for a short time the threshing of wheat. But it was scheduled by the Almighty to reach us in good time, and at an acceptable moment, and farmers and all of us are elated. Corn has never made more marvelous growth than it has the past two weeks. It fairly leaped from tha ground and where the crop looked very discouraging a few weeks ago, it now has caused farmers to take ho lie and believe that, with a propitious fall, there will be much corn in this localty, at least. Win. Tayne came to town last Saturday evening bearing all the evidence needed to show he had come out second best in an encounter with some person or subject, for his nose was split along the bridge, in a vertical direction and one eye needed a poultice. Inquiry developed the information that he was mowing some hay, brought to his barn loft by a sling, when one of the slings broke and a piece of it hit him right in his face. It was most painful, but despite this, and the flow of the red, he continued atw ork and finished the job before he sought the services of his family physician. The Bourbon Fish and Game Protective Association was consigned another shipment of big mouth bass minnows for the Tippecanoe river, last week, the fish arriving last Saturday. There were three cans of them about 1500 in all and they were put in the river by Harry Eby, last Saturday, at the bridge south of this place. They were from 1 and V2 inches to two and one-half inches long lusty fellows that will in time prove MILFORD NOTES ir nching rain, when1 lightning struck ! it has been learned that Florida th- homes of Darwood Freed on Indi- j and Indianapolis parties are ckmsi-ana avenue, and Simon Hepler on N. ; Bering the purchase of the Wawasee A Sanitary, Up-To-Date Shop where you can get the very best quality of FRESH and CURED MEATS at all times. T'V jlefome roasts, juicy st?f' u, tender young poultry, t sld meats for the hot days everything in our line is here for you. Nappanee street. .No damage ot any i i,m sjtej for the purpose of con- consequence was done at either home and it was not necessary for the fire- structing a lake hotel. The prop-ertv has been in the hands of J. T. because formerly men made a cross to pledge themselves by their Christian faith to the truth of the matter which they "signed." For similar reasons we mark a cross on our ballots. The Puretest mark on BOURBON BRIEFS A few days ago it was the privelege of four sisters. Mrs. Bert Dillingham, Mrs. E. Ginter, Mrs. Minor Vining and Mrs. Abbott, to get together for a good time at the Dillingham home, and they did. It was one of those rare occasions that reminded them of their youthful days at the old home, and the table groaned with the good things to eat, but did not compare to the extraordinary social time they had. Miss Lou Borton was a guest of honor at the time, as she and Mrs. Abbott live together and have many good times there. Mrs. Dillingham certainly entertained all of them well. While in the act of pounding a screen, wth a stick, that is used to screen gravel at the Wallace pit, northeast of this place, Tuesday shortly after dinner time, the stick caught in the screen that was revolving to ward him, and striking Omar Slough, of this place, in the abdomen, knocked him lose from his position and precipitated him 20 feet below, he alighting on both feet. The result was that GOOD MEATHonest Weight FAIR PRICES r- RUBBING ALCOHOL men to throw water. At the Freed ! shepard and J. F. Feterson for some-he :e the lightning struck the roof time through a deal made by them ar ran down the wail into a basket and Fort . Wayne Masons, at which of ?lothes which was destroyed. The . time the latter purchased the Tippe-eb trie light installation was burned j canoe Country Club propery. Step-cut at the Hepier home. j hen Fremen and Joseph Dolan of Rev. D. A. Martens, pastor of the Syraeuie obtained an option on the Presbyterian church will have a vaca- i Wawasee site, of the Milford men, tion during the month of August and , which expires August 15, and nego-in company with Mrs Martens and ' tiations now under way, may result their little daughter Margaret, left j in a sale of this property within . the Monday morning on a motor trip to j next ten days. The Inn site covers is a pledge that this is the most refreshing rubdown science can produce. Puretest Rubbing Alcohol takes the soreness out of stiff joints and tired, aching muscles. A cooling, soothing bath to allay fever. A splendid deodorant and a rose-fragrant balm after shaving. One of 200 Puretest preparations for health and hygiene. Every item the best that skill and care can produce. KOONTZ BROTHERS FlUworth. Minn., where they will j approximately id acres oi iana ana Juzihthe RED BAND t has about 500 feet of frontage along the lake. The new $30,000 Christian church, at Etna Green was dedicated Sunday, with impressive ceremonies. True Kintzel, baritone player of the local band, was on the program for special musical numbers. Numerous visitors from neighboring towns were present. Mr .and Mrs. Edwar-I Rassi of near Bremen, were hosts to about 200 guests at their home recently, when they gave a birthday party in honor of their daughters, Elsa and Mildred anil their son Lester. Six targe birthday cakes were baked for the pleasant occasion. The birthdays of the three children are so visit with Mr. Martens' parents. Sunday Mr. Martens will preach at Ru-sell, Minn., his first charge. They we-e accompanied to Chicago by Mrs. Mr tens' mother, Mrs. Mary Geise-ms l , who will visit relatives in Du-buuiie, Iowa. Mrs. Hannar (Duker) Douma has in her possession a feather bed Kn ght in Holland in 1S49 when her father and mother were married which has been in use ever since and though the feathers have been renovated several times it still has the same "tick" bought in Holland and though bleached 'is still in good shape and bids fair to outlast the present owners. Several automobile loads of Luther I.eacuers from St. John's Lutheran Church motored to Syracuse Tuesday-evening where they enjoyed a picnic suy per on the banks of the lake. Later 'n the evening a devotional and so-cia' procram was held at the Lutheran Here is a clean-up of Summer Goods. All through the store you will find startling reductions on Hot Weather Merchandise, priced to move it quickly. Buy now. A complete pavsonace in Syracuse and a splendi I r.:"iciencv of "eats tir e is reported. A number of Nappanee people are exv.-ctre to attend the Oakwood Fa'.k Assembly, a school of methods of the Evangelical church, of the, at Wawasee lake. V Nv BATHING SUITS j AUGUST SALE j i All our Bathing Suits, for ladies, men j and children, going during our August j Sale at 20 per cent discount. ! STRAW HATS All men's straw hats will be closed out at One-Half Regular Prices AUGUST CLEARANCE SALE OF Shoes and Slippers All of our broken lines will go at this salo in order to make room for new fall lines. to 10. in its ' r r S tractive, Ind., Aur. 4 1"v.? a.-semb!y is convening :":h vear. Men's Athletic Union Suits Fine Cloth, all sizes 36 to 46 During Avigvist Sale at 79c Men's Khaki Pants All sizes, good weight Going', August Sale at $1.49 Patents, Satins and Kid Leathers in Straps and Oxfords. Air$5 shoes, August Sale '. . . . $3.85 All $6 sh oes, August Sale .... $4.85 One lot ladies' slippers, Jttn at $2.48 One lot misses slippers, n S.2eto2 at $1-69 Strong Nerves You can't be healthy, happy or even good when you're nervous and irritable. Every organ of the body is controlled by the nerves. When they're out of order you're liable to have a nervous or phy-sicial break down. Dr. Miles9 Nervine soothes irritated nerves and gives nature a chance to restore them to their normal functions. Sold at pre-war prices $1.00 per bottle. CULVER CLIPPINGS It seems that the picnic grounds or the lake front by the Pennsyb va.ia station is at least holding its own if not growing in popularity. The months of the summer that have already passed, have seen good crowds 'of out-of-town visitors dur-rz the week and more especially on Su .days. Last Saturday and Sunday were no exceptin' to the rule. It has been estimated that there were between ore thousand and twelve hundred visitors here on Saturday. The occasion w as a picnic of the Bail-road Employees Association of Chicago. They came in special trains, hr'H.cht their nwn mu.-ie and other 0' teitaimrer.t as ll a conce-.-ion 0 thousan d dollars is the e.-ti-nv..ted damace t th- Wi':liam' MEN'S PURE THREAD SILK HOSE in Hue. Palm Beach, brown, black and gray, sub-standards, a real value at 75c. Going at August Sale at 50c August Shirt Sale SILKS MADRAS PERCALES All our shirts will be included in this sale such brands as Wilson Bros., Arrow, and others. Collars attached or band. All sizes, 14 to 1 7. Going August Sale 20 per cent off. M Big Discount in Men's & Boys' Suits Fhe-'DIETRICH COMP SOS

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