The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 52
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 52

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 52
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Page 52 article text (OCR)

;D8-Phn Bexa Pert, Ttanfay, So, g, IMS 'NotAMan'sSoul&A Woman's Tears' What Is It AlJout Hair That i Awakes Hidden Human Passions? ted to wear Long Haire, Locks, Foretops, Curlings, Crispings, Partings, or Powdering of Ye Haire." More than 300 years later, in 1968, the headmaster at the exclusive Horace Mann School of New York City took another tack. In a prep school where mandatory conservatism was the rule in deportment, he took note of the world around him, and canceled a long-standing rule: "Long or extreme styles of haircuts are unacceptable. Students must be clean shaven." Said the headmaster: "We have beards among the faculty, and moustaches; and if our boys, whom I believe to be perfectly normal adolescents, wish to try beards or moustaches more power to them!" Dr. Frank S. Caprio and Frank B. Caprio, in their book, "Parents and Teenagers," tell parents to cool it when disturbed by the hair styles of their offspring. "The paradox of fads and fashions is especially marked among teen-agers," they write. "Teen-agers change the way they look and dress in order to look different and the same, to be conspicuous and fade into the crowd. It Is their parents, the square world, that they want to shock. They want to look like each other." initiate youth. In some African tribes when a child comes to the age in which he may bear arms, his hair and nails are trimmed and offered to his guardian spirits. Just the opposite occurs when men grieve. Most often the sign of mourning among all peoples is long, dissheveled hair. And in the spasms of grief it is sometimes the custom to tear the hair by the handfuls. Otherwise, a man distracted, by love or pain, maybe noted by his long and careless hair. Reaction shows itself in hair. The roundheads of Oliver Cromwell clipped their hair to the contour of their heads to show defiance to the throne and their Puritan Intent. No frivolity for them. They gave the long-haired Royalists a trimming in battle, and succeeded in removing the ruling head of Charles I, hair and all. Englishmen, In typically stubborn style, persisted in wearing longish hair until a tax on wigs helped make them uneconomical, and hence unfashionable. Massachusetts, then a struggling colony in North America, apparently saw all of this coming. A 1634 law was passed against long hair. And, writes Richard Corson in his book, "Fashions In Hair," the boys at Harvard were not "permit Kg II Afy:: h'?Vl I .. i . Jgif-. A:. I ' -r -Mm.. ,1 if? f.f , I'll "t-t t HIV if b !!?. Iv( ' Jl : ' ? H - ft 'itlirliri iwi MiiViihWiTiiiiMiii -rnraiin, ' I AP Photo White Hope," had to shave his head to play the part of a boxing champion. No clear pattern has emerged except that change in hair styles signals a change in mores and manners. Our psychologists are speechless, our historians hold their breath. What's next? man desire and prejudice, worked its way into law, religion, culture. Greek children m the early days wore long hair until they reached the age o 18, the status of an ephebe. Then they cut their hair short and curled It In small ringlets. The shorn tresses were sacrificed to Apollo or another of their gods. The Spartans, who tried to be different from the Greeks in many ways, wore short hair in youth, and let it grow long in adulthood. Coloring, perfuming and adorning the hair with jewelry dates to the early Assyrians, Pprsians and Egyptians. The Romans wore long hair until about three centuries before Christ when the first barber was brought to Rome from Sicily. As it was, the Romans became hair conscious. The men wore their perfumed hair in piles of curls during Cicero's time, and the women did likewise, adding extra lengths of false hair. The hair they liked best next to their own was blonde hair taken from the conquered Germanic tribes to the north. It was this kind of exploitation that gave imperialism a bad name. Since the Germanic tribes and the Celts and Franks felt that long hair was a sign of honor, and short hair a sign of submission, the Roman shearing had two effects. It kept Roman wives happy at home, braiding their new hair, and It reminded the conquered tribes who was boss. Ultimately, the peoples of northern Europe recovered the stolen hair and brought down the Roman Empire as a result. Hair has always had a sexual meaning that has never been carefully examined, and perhaps for good reason. Japanese women used to remove their eyebrows and blacken their teeth to discourage male attentions. American women blacken their eyebrows and whiten their teeth, presumably with the opposite Intent. The Germanic notion of hair as a symbol of dignity, and the removal of it as a sign of disgrace or a penalty for breaking the law, also had its sexual connotations. Custom decreed that a woman conceal her hair after marriage as a token of her submission to her husband. She did this by wearing NEW YORK (AP) It's enly hair after alL Not a man's soul. Not a woman's tears. Not- a child's psyche. ,Kot really. It's really only hair. Just plain ordinary hair. A barber in Phoenix, Ariz., wipes his brow of the difficulties of the day and begins cutting a father's hair. On the floor lay the shorn locks of the nan's son. The son has stalk-. cd away in anger. The barber says, "Yessir, it's a pleasure to see someone lay the law down." But both of them look pained. What is it about hair that awakens passions? A father born with a crew cut and a sense of responsibility breaks Into a cold sweat when his , tern-ape son lets his hair grow 'long. A daughter sobs when her mother insists she cut her hair because summer's coming on. A bunch of young people strip their bodies and ruffle their plumes and step nnstage in a wild show called "Haii-." A man has secret wondor-ings when his wife changes her hair style, or dons a wig. He senses a strange, exciting illicitness to kissing her again. Yet it's only hair. Plain ordinary hair. Isn't it? Scientifically, hair stems from a thickening of the middle layer of skin cells, in which a plug forms, and a follicle, blood vessels congregate, and hair grows. But from that point on scientists are just as mystified by hair' as everyone else. Poets know more about hair than zoologists, psychologists and anthropologists. Poe dreamed of Helen's hyacinth hairy . . Browing saw Porphyria' long yellow tress-ps wound three times around her little throat . . . Kipling toasted the Fuzzy Wuzzy at his home in the Sudan, a poor benighted heathen but a first class fighting man . . . Kilmer j,aw a tree with a nest of rob-Ins in her hair . . . Eliot portrayed an aging, balding Pru-frock and wondered if he should -part his hair behind And from poetry to legend is a small step. Jason sought Medusa, whose writhing coiffure they said could turn a man to stone. Only her herpetologist knew for sure. Hair, the ultimate adornment, has always been every man's crown and every worn-ian's glory. It has also, by hu a sort of eoff or bunting in which she bound np all of her hair. As time prqgressed, the custom was to wear an inner coif and an outer coif. This found its way into the law. Should a. man, other than the lady's husband, disturb the outer coif, he was subject to a fine. If he disturbed the inner coif too, the fine was doubled; as was naturally the outrage of the husband. Hair is history. But it is difficult to find any pattern to it. About all that seems certain is that an abrupt change in hair usually means an abrupt change in something else status, age or government. One charming show tone for the 1950s tells of a young Scottish girl and proclaims, "Today is Nanty"s birthdary. Today she's 17. The sweetest, sol-emnest birthday our Nanty's ever seen. . .Today she letting down her skirt, amd put-tin' up her hair." In . America today, a girl achieves womanhood sometime after her 12th birthday by taking up her skirts, and letting down her hair. But often hair is sacrificed, man's offering of his magical mane to his magical gods. In early Egypt, boys wore a lock on the side, and Its sheiaring made a rich ceremony. Buddhists make hair sacrifices to i Ancient Burjial Ground Found RECIFE. Brazil tUPI-An archaeologist Tuesday reported discovery of a 3.000-year-old human burial ground in the interior of Pernamtuco State near the town of Blrejo deMadredeDeus. Marcos Albuquerque. 1 ar-chaeologpst at the Federal University of Pernambiuco. said he believed the sitewas first used by Stone Ages humans as a living area befojre it became a cemetery. He said excavation of ajcav-ern showed the walls cowered by sketches of animals. He said several stone implements were also found in the cavern along with many bagman bon?s. Albuquerque said bone measurements showed the dwellers were of short to medium-height, by present standards. HAIR IS HISTORY - Through the ages hair seems to have had personal and public, sexual and political significance, variously. The Beatles' ebullient self-expression embraces uncoventional ber-bering and teen-age fans go even further out. Yet actor James Earl Jones, lower left, starring in Broadway's "The Great rr f AST d a U i FDQ5ST mmus. C3LV "02 97 I .', ' y.xj ' f , " ' - - V I V rr 'j C'AtONO vrn-nN75 Atemc GORDON'S The Love Bug has that Santa Spirit... Ih . . ' .ill- w. m REDUCES PIES OH DIAMOND WATCHES 1T lix c Elgin Elgin Elgin wf ll ! &m if w'r SAVE v it SAVE I SAVE 1 V 50 80 V100 10 DIAMONDS 4 18 DIAMONDS 28 DIAMONDS V 14-karatgold. V 14-karatgold 14 karat gold $ with 17jevtfVs- with 17 jewels. with 17 jewels. 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