The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on January 1, 1977 · Page 17
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 17

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1977
Page 17
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PEANUTS r7- 1 x Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, January 1, 1977-B7 BEETLE BAILEY THATAW5T I I IT UJA5 A TEUfrBLE PARTw... I f ANMAY liY I THINK ill 60 VI i t Didn't pai i in trwe t ' tmpccx h Bar in f r SflBFlMw 7 PRANK TOO MUCH MOT PEER 4 r rv-xl W f c? ' UVEKa" a ANPI FEELTHll?TVAK50LPRj . J WER sleeping A 1 V- r 5 J , (ww A Allow. J vA C .'. k V S .,U ' ( 1 ANDY CAPP ffir "TY SXSttT.SE5Sf. . r THERE'S SQMETWIN' WRONG "ERE. J?W N. !( "' i TMEM FUPPtN BIROS XVE BEEN ' r X . ,u... AIL OVER EUROPt. MC-I&eT ITS A LOVELYV CL , yf I Tr AS par AS THE CORNER PUB.T f EVENIN'.PEf. I J! SORRY. Klt. Vf H T. .. j - . IF I'M! IHTY J I "OW ABOUT Ox ( I NO CAN DO Y H 1 ff?A APARTMENT 3 G PCTTK gjf soRf?v-l Kit would set a dangerous ! ('"now, that i cm do in P"1-""-! t a CAN'T DO J PRECEDENT ALL MY PATIENTS X THE BEST ANTISEPTIC WHY DON'T Xlffir-, ZSK EW'-n- WOULD EXPECT IT y 'lydimTT TRADJI'?NX YOU START THE JKfH "M!! 7T7 V VCATCH IT' w NEW YEAR $LLJ AW5f WELL.THE LEAST YOU A yW.ji' .. -Jr) J right - by XffiW IO yvICAN do is give me a J Wfflf CJ V s TIGER WXAT UK6 r-N vVSU., PONT JUST jvr, jUoot HAPPENED VJ SOMEONE ; STANp-TWBfrE. &T KAV & TO THE VP -BROKE THE KJCtA . ANOTHEfS BALL . -; tPtf STEVE ROPER - P- "T ' ""Tl I V W I Y m other hano, i v -4 SOOP THING BlfitLOW IT IS AN UGLY X W ' WONDER IP THIS COULD ) f COULD SING, 'WEEVIL M BITOF WORK, l5w!v BE THE MAP WE'RE "y - -he sure couLDN"Tv2?ar isnTit.' t-js ft lTrs L0kN 'nW , lk ' -rH VERA VALIANT . - ( WHO CAN THEy B&7 I I VOU'LL HAVE TOUR WVOU MEAN-- I I NO.' THEY--THEVRE YrrffN v. V. WHAT CAN THEy J ANSWER IN A '.I VDU'RE 450IN COMIN& IN H6R! J g J notwith mose y ll "j i ijr"!S L3!kI Ti SOi GUNMEN OUT &frj sJ M. I IWpJ JUvl IV T 1 ere--waTtin6; j Jjf I If P3 irvUfTOj I f'f I rt?:tJ( k - txr52 11 WiP- FAce-To-FAcer IjTl" fTmmity wriotAy nTi-nn J ( Vilr J f tMAf fl I ,jy j - t GASOLINE ALLEY " ' fT , n f WherewhereYAnd he tells uou Y Papa sau,now 1 finish I dont have) do you m' po' : "to come to Miss Ira' stew I kin have pie! J )ICK TRACY - ; ':wr'i-YcoWp nisi, wwru wmnv, this CAN BE THE CAUSER .X r'C HAPPY NEW YEAR, aaakeita S that refreshes f grMK m TIGHTWAD FIVE -SPOT? JKTA HELP THE LITTLE fO$3k S MOON MULLINS . L -T th7 blindfolded sirus wiu pick i lueKy,? rO.K.,Boys - MOW THRoW ) A KEY AMt QET ESCORTED HOME - STSf VouR KEYS INTO V BY THE HUSBAND WHO OWNS ( C tfigL ftWi wzeimxevro ' oapi0 have the A j aw house go? a ze?f&&MtffeRi&r?) jiou concede ihai 10 leave y BARNEY GOOGLE tu DPurMnoPDcX AN TH' VARMINTS VE KNOW WHAT THEV Wfg vV?i TH REUENOOERS NEVER EVEN GIVE SAY, SNUFFY slbk:Z$ N SHORE DID A JOB J bJ S AXIN'S SPEAK f fe-2-Y HEATHCLIFF ' MARMADUKE V HAZEL -III , YOUtOO?' A .... Bridge Slieinwold Your Sfars c 3 rules rmes Anagram Add the letters in the first column to the letters in the second column and rearrange the letters to form a new word. EXAMPLE: EARN plus CENT equals??? Answer: ENTRANCE Can you solve the following anagrams? (1) MAIL Plus MORE Equals (2) NEET Plus GEAR Equals (3) AMEN Plus GRIT Equals (4) LORD Plus PENS Equals (5 BEAN Plus PILE Equals Solutions to today's anagrams will be printed Monday. Here are the answers to Friday's anagrams. (1) FRESHMAN ,'(4) RENOUNCE (2) INTERIOR (5) ABNORMAL (3) OBSOLETE SEEK & FIND HAPPY NEW YEAR nine of spades and East took the rest of the tricks to defeat the contract. If South had diagnosed the hand properly he would see that the contract depended on getting a ninth trick without allowing West to gain the lead. This would be impossible if West had the ace of hearts. Even if East could win an early diamond trick, he would surely return a heart to get his partner in for another spade lead. - In short, the contract could be made only if East had the ace of hearts. The diamonds were irrelevant. South should lead the queen of hearts at the second trick to assure the contract. DAILY QUESTION As dealer, you hold: SK4 HKQ853 DJ84 CK84. What do you say? ANSWER: Most experts would pass, although some would bid one heart. It is a borderline hand, and most experts prefer to pass an aceless borderline hand. The hand would be slightly more biddable if there were five hearts headed by K-Q-J and three low diamonds instead of the actual layout. A jack is more valuable when accompanied by a higher card in the same suit. Medicine isn't my field, but when there's something wrong with my back I have' an uneasy feeling about a , doctor who applies ointment to my wrist. Show your doc-.' tor today's hand and see if he doesn't agree. North dealer Nnrth South vulnerable North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4 Q62 V None 0 A1092 AQJ1095 WEST EAST 1093 AJ875 ; ? 109742 ?AJ6 OKQ76 0 53 6 4732 SOUTH 4 K4 S7KQ853 0 J84 K84 North East South West 1 1 2 v Pass 3 Pass 3 NT All Pass Opening lead 10 South won the first trick with the king of spades and led a diamond in search of the ninth trick. West stepped up with the queen of diamonds, and the contract was doomed. South ran all of the clubs, discarding three hearts, but East comfortably threw two hearts and a spade. When declarer eventually led diamonds, West returned the knowledge of which direction is best for you is all you need to go on today. A wise move at evening pays off. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) A newcomer in the neighborhood may cause you some concern early in the day. Take care not to bite off more than you can chew late in the day. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - The fact that you are feeling somewhat under the weather this morning does not relieve you of the responsibility for those in your care. Guide another toward his goals. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) , Morning worship brings you the kind of strength you need to face an unpleasantness during afternoon hours. Seek a child's confidence. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Don't reject a goal unless or until you fail to see in it any possibility for personal growth. This is a character-building day. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) - If you rely upon others for your own peace of mind, you may remain unsettled. Turn inward for a review of your own personal assets. Sunday, January 2 CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You should be able to attain the backing of a good friend where your new ideas are concerned. Projects on the home front progress. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fel. 18) Ingenuity is essential to the furtherance of your plans for a new project on the home frorit. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Unless you can gain the advice of a loved one with your best interests at heaft, you may well be in for disappointment. ARIES (March 21-April 19) J- A new idea must be sheltered for a while. If youfimmediately try your vietfs out on another, you ma fail to think things through enough. TfURUS (April 20-May 20) - Plan goals now before! the year is a day old. ThisJ is an excellent time to develop new ideas. Employ! talent wisely and welt GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - At the earliest pos-sibl moment, you must put in practice those ideas that) seem destined to bring you gains, whether material or spiritual. CANCER June 21-July 22) Your own intuitive FGUTESNEUESJAHROHAD E I L A M I DSAN PACBI ORE N E W Y E A R gOV E A Y 0 H W Y E A S NIH A P P YWrsftNf R A T 0 L N S E H Y A H A U Q S R fNTOT D N R W E 0 R ASCTUDC0TT0ITONOMLA NGFOLSSWJBMESSBBEUU ANI6TEYDA0RSRLLRMTQ TARHBT0RNNEUIE0AHIS 0LSOAR0KA0MGFNWGE0S VDWINARNRUAANDIUVNE ALARGPGEBBrfHINNSASM S U E S 0 L U T I 0 N A D I G E H R I HATIMASQUEWIJR0HT0T EENNAENN0BMLHAU0LIN by THOMAS JOSEPH B E A UfWj Al. I AjytMRI lgAICjHjEL Bl LqggfaBtE Ljgf pjpjgT i NGaTflElTi BuyUETinygN eIrnKn itfvERE ACROSS I Dolt J Complained II Robust 12 Gorge 13 Give off 14 Prophet 15 Rotate 17 Dickens hero 18 Silk weight unit 19 been had! 20 Completely 21 Milwaukee export 22 Native 2 Disabled 3 Edible oil source 4 Explode 5 Truckle 6 Less frequent 7 Yellow bugle 8 More selective 9 Invigorate 10 More complex 16 Symbol of purity 21 Ump's cry (2 wds.) 22 Sea cow Yesterday's Answer Initructiom: Hidden word below appear forward, backward, up, down or diagonally. Find each and box it In, January Cotton Bowl Auld Lang Syne '-' Midnight First Day New Year's Eve Parties Horn Blowing Resolutions Rose Bowl Sugar Bowl ,"; Times Square Monday ?????? 28 Burn 29 Expunge 30 Arkansas or Missouri 33 Bare JSStoolie 23 Well-known AFB 24 Electrical term 25 Loathe 26 Facing; covering A POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE written by Altrtd Shtlnwold li ivcll-iblt. Gtt your copy by Mnding 11.35 (Including pottagt 4 handling) to: Shtlnwold On Brldg, P.O. Box 154, Port Wathlngton, n!Y. 11050. 41 Dennis Lazar - "Florida Newsman, KCO 6466 out every Thursday in the Leisure Section Indian servant 24 Caution 25 Victor Borge, for one 26 Cistern 27 Terminate 28 Hunter's dog 31 Seaman 32 Temporary 34 Perpetual (poet.) 36 Talk wildly 37 Beach pollution 38 Consumer 39 Bed canopy 40 Father (FY) DOWN t Bono's ex DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE -i Here's how to work It: AXYDLBAAXR U LONGFELLOW ' Ont letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES WNZ QOU IUX ZUNJ GJSIT ZBM LMYYSFSUIQ PBCU NIA PNMTOQUJ QB LDJUNA N J B M I A QOU X B J P A NIA J U -QMJI QB ZBM.-ZBMJ DMRRPU U A S Q B J L Yesterday's Cryptoquote: HE WHO DRINKS BOILERMAKERS TONIGHT WILL HEAR THE NOISE OF THE CONSTRUCTION WORK IN THE MORNING. - JOHN KISELA ma in CALL 659-1450 to start your subscription to the Palm Beach Times. r,fes :0

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