Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 16, 1936 · Page 15
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 15

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, May 16, 1936
Page 15
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HINTS for the KITCHEN Eyes For The Story The Dark Of A Dog Our Old Style Kitchens Are Being Replaced By Gay Livable Rooms Convenient Electric Toasters And Devices for Buffet Snacks Are Aid to Unprepared Hostess Here Are Several Delightful Sandwich Recipes Selected for Variety and Dainty Appearance By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor LAND1S the food chopper and mix with cream. Add lemon juice with a little mayonnaise to make the paste smooth enough to spread on thinly buttered bread. Put crisp lettuce leaf between. Cut in triangles. BEET AND HORSERADISH SANDWICH 2 slices buttered bread By JHAN FOR lunchoon or afternoon tea servico, tho following suggests a dainty biscuit. Make the ordinary baking-powder biscuit dough and roll it to one-quarter Inch thickness. Cut with a medium-sized biscuit cutter and spread each biscuit thickly with a deviled-ham mixture. Roll up and bake as usual. As in the Colonial days the home-maker is beginning to regard the kitchen as a livable and important part of the home. Tho old picturesque kitchen with wide open hearth and much drudgery, has been replaced by the bright, attractive, apd convenient room. Heretofore very little planning or forethought was given to the most important room to the housewife. Today much thought is given to careful planning and step-saving. The modern kitchen is gay to the nth degree, with color com-binations never before dreamed of, let alone used. Daring black and red combination with gay cellophane curtains fluttering at the windows and modern chrome finish kitchen and breakfast furniture is the dream we all would love to have come true. If you are not satisfied with your kitchen, and are not able to spend much for improving, you can still make some very desirable changes. Be sure that the sink and work table are not too WITH the shops showing all all sorts of alluring electric toasters and devices for the making of toasted sandwiches, this type of sandwich is brought into the culinary limelight. Easy to make and to serve, versatile in their uses, they often prove a boon to the unprepared hostess. Spread Chinese preserved gin- A n :tinrt:i11v atrriirf tvp drvirp iBsassss. .. . . , .,,...-.-;.:- ... . 11 II 1 illlilit MM By Paula This is the story of Hilda, a Seeing-Eye dog. Hilda tells her own story. So jar she has passed from her puppy days to long months of training in the work that is to he a very valuable job indeed . . . guiding the blind. When this beautiful shepherd was a graduate pupil she was gi ven over to a 10-year-old blind girl. Clare. Clare is one of three children in a middle - class American home. She hits one young brother, a mother and dud, and an older brother, who, Clare tells Hilda, "is seldom at home." Chapter HOW well I remember that trip in the bus. It was my first journey away from the Foundation and my first close look at people other than Clare and the affectionate folk who had charge of my youth and my education. I looked around the crowded bus. They were a strange assortment. Some of them I trusted at once. That young man across the aisle with his rumpled hat shoved down over his sleepy eyes was not one to frighten me. Just the way he spoke to the fat woman with the bird cage when she objected to "a dog riding with people," I knew he was all right. Whenever the bus stopped, 1 peeked out of the door to try and see what kind of country we were traveling through. Once the bus stopped tor a long time, and the driver said wo could all get out and walk around. Clare hesitated, but I knew we'd be all right; so I hopped up and led her down the steps. We walked back and forth in a little park. I looked at everything and really felt proud that I was traveling. When the driver said, "Fair- ville, end of the line," Clare got up and said, "We're home, Hilda." And she looked glad. Naturally, I was curious about where we wore going and just what sort of people I would live with. When we walked into the little stage depot, a gray-haired little man hurried through the front door and rushed up to Clare. "Hello, honey," he cried, and wiches at your impromptu party, a real asset to the modern hostess. or more, or making your kitchen a more comfortable workshop, give thought not only to the style of the present, but also to the trend in taste, so that the purchases of today will not be outmoded tomorrow. , Don't try adding chocolate to your favorite butter-cake recipe to turn it into a chocolate cake. Chocolate contains a good deal of starch and thickens any mixture to which it Is added. So, to keep your recipe In the right balance, you'd not only have to increase the liquid, but you might have to change the amounts of the othci ingredients. Start with a recipe that has been developed with chocolate in the first place. An excellent dessert is quickly prepared if one has ripe, mealy apples on hand. Peel and core the apples, then chop them rather coarsely. Serve at once in sherbet glasses with plenty of powdered sugar and thick cream, either plain or whipped. Lemon juice may be sprinkled over the apples if one favors such an addition. I used to have sad times preparing my hubbard squash for the kettle or oven, often being obliged to call on the ax to help mo. Now, Immediately after breakfast, I just wash the squash and place it in the range oven. By dinnertime It is baked; then I open it with any common knifo, remove the seeds, scrape out the squash, and with the addition of a little cream and seasoning, I have the most delicious squash imaginable, for all Its sweet juices have been retained and so has my temper! ' the Week Andrews 1 IH'PI Wt for male inn and wrvino sand 1 tablespoon horseradish, chopped 2 tablespoons cooked red beets, chopped Mix horseradish with the chopped beets. Spread on both buttered slices of bread. LOBSTER AND PEANUT SANDWICH 2 slices buttered bread 2 tablespoons canned lobster, chopped 1 tablespoon peanut butter 1 teaspoon vincijar Cream the peanut butter and fold in the chopped lobster. Add the vinegar and mix well. Spread on both slices of bread with lettuce leaf between. TAKE. CADE. M0UPET An attractive picture of hospitality has heen arranged by the charming hostess who enjoys treating her friends to a cup of tea when they drop in for an afternoon of gossip or knitting. Norton kissed her. I knew this must be her father. I liked him at once. "Dad, this is Hilda," and when the man leaned down and put his worn hand on my head, I bowed I was pleased to know him. Then we hurried out to the little ar and all climbed in. "How's Mom," Clare asked, as soon as we were settled. "She's pretty well, honey, and mighty anxious to have you home." "How's Buddy?" I knew by her smile that she meant her little brother. "That rascal? Oh. he's always the same," her father answered as we got under way. "No worse and no better." We rambled through the busy streets of the little town. I was interested taking in the sights and as we got out into the district of little homes, Clark asked "How's Al, Dad?" Worry and anxiety passed ovci the little man's face like a shadow. "Oh, he's all right," he said. Clare felt the brave falsehood in his voice. She slipped her arm through his and let her thin hand rest on his rough one. "I know, dad," was all she said. I thought a lot about that brother Al now. I felt I wasn't going to like him much not so long as he was capable of worrying Clare and those dear to her. Then, while I was deep in the wonder of my actually disliking anyone, most of all someone I'd never seen, we whirled into the driveway beside a little yellow house. The car had barely come to a stop when the door of the house flew open, and a plump little woman ran down the steps and threw her arms around Clare. After her a freckle-faced boy, about eight years old, came shouting and leaping around the car. Then he noticed me, and stopped still. He looked at me. I looked right back. I wanted him to know I did not expect to belong to anyone but Clare. "Gee, Sis," he said, "that's some pooch you got there." (Continued next week) a jolly good fellow. Sam was a brewer and ready for any excitement that might furnish a boisterous show. These two Adamses were, al heart. Englishmen, and they felt sure that if the powers-that-were in England knew all the facts about the colonial situation they would do something that would bring about an understanding. They planned a Continental Congress made up of people from each colony. This congress was held in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774. These representatives of each onlonv were to keep their people informed of the acts for and against them passed by England. England was to be informed about the goings on in America. This way, the rights of the Americans would be fully understood ind appreciated, THIS congress also adopted . resolution that no English goods rould be imported to the colonies, and that all merchants be forbidden to sell English goods. Many of these merchants were Htill loyal to the Mother Country and insisted on selling what and when they pleased. It didn't get them much- ex-: cpt a tar and feathering. But this hue and cry was nothing to the howls that emanated from the manufacturers in England. The echo from England made the official bodies In the colonies realize that now England might "start something." These committees started to buy up powder, list the number of flintlocks and look for strong, dark cellars where they could be hidden. clouds were In the DON'T serve left-over muffins cold make them as good as new by reheating them. To reheat muffins without drying them out, place them for 20 minutes or so in the top of a double boiler over boiling water. A delicious way to serve left-over muffins is to split and toast them and serve buttered with jam or marmalade. Did you know that muffins baked in iron pans are particularly attractive in shape and have a delicious, crisp brown crust? Iron muffin pans must be thoroughly heated before they are used. They should "sizzle" when you grease them but don't let them get too hot. For raisin spice muffins use recipe for muffins, sifting teaspoon cinnamon with flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Add cup chopped raisins to the sifted flour mixture. ; For surprise muffins use recipe for muffins. Drop a scant teaspoon of currant jelly on each muffin before baking. A little rubber batter scraper is Just the thing to use to coax melted chocolate out of the bowl. It gets every bit of the chocolate into the cake and leaves a bowl that's slick as a whistle. To fix toasted almonds, shell them, cover them first with boiling water and let them stand for several minutes. Next rinse them in cold water, and slip the skins off. Chop or slice them while they're still damp, and put them in a shallow pan in a moderate oven, stirring them frequently until they're a delicate brown. The almonds may be left whole, if you wish. I extend the shortcake season through the whole year. When strawberries have gone, I use cherries, raspberries, or peaches, and in the wintertime, canned or cooked dried fruits. A little lemon Juice sprinkled over whole strnwberries, when you're serving them as a first course, gives a pleasant tartness. Some people advise a few grains of salt to bring out the flavor of crushed fruits. To prevent peaches discoloring after they arc sliced, slice them directly into a large bowl. Then sprinkle them with a tablespoon of lemon juice and spread over them all the sugar you intend to use, so that it forms a thick, nearly air-tight blanket. If you use fresh cherries for shortcake, sweeten them, heat until boiling and then let cool be-fore you use them. Blueberries, too, should be heated with sugar, a little water, and sliced lemon. Give a novel "jam-cupboard shower" for a bride-to-be! With each glass enclose a card with the recipe, or one for using that particular jam or jelly in some unusual way. A square yard of canton flannel makes the most satisfactory Jelly bag. Use it with the fuzzy side inside. A doubled square of cheese cloth can be used with more fibrous fruits, such as currants or rhubarb. Always wring the Jelly cloth out in cold water before using it. INSTINCT THE dictionary tells us that the word "instinct" means "Moved by an inward impulse." So, you spc when you duck your head as a blow is directed toward you . . . that Is instinct. In other words an inner impulse' to save your head from a smashing. It is also instinct that makes a father toad drag the eggs that will later tie his family, into a warm pond, because otherwise they would not hatch. The Insect world is filled with interesting "inner impulses " SHORTEST DISTANCE The distance between Charleston. South Carolina, and San Diego, California, Is 2.152 miles, the shortest distance from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the United States. TWO-HOUR DAY Punta Arenas, the southernmost city In the world, has only two hours of daylight in the winter time. FATHER OF HISTORY The title of the Father of History was given to Herodotus, fireek historian, by Cicero, more than four hundred years before the birth of Christ. low; that there la plenty of drain board for food preparation and soiled dishes. We humans are quite largely under the domination of styles, and styles are constantly changing. So, if you arc planning a new home, refurnishing one room Menu of By Joan ger chopped with the same quantity of pecan nuts and Philadelphia cream cheese moistened with 1 tablespoon of cream and 2 salt-spoons of salt between slices of white bread. Mix a Philadelphia cream or Neufchatel cheese with 3 large tablespoons of gooseberry preserve and 'fc teaspoon of salt. Spread between slices of white bread. Bar-le-Duc currants may be used in the same way, but need a tiny dash of lime Juice. DELUXE SANDWICH Put Vz cup blanched almonds and k cup breast of chicken through food chopper. Moisten with thick cream. Season with salt and pepper. Spread between slices of white bread. RAISIN AND NUT SANDWICHES 1 cup Enulish walnut meats cup seeded raisins 2 tablespoons Heavy cream J4 teaspoon salt. 1 tablespoon lemon juice Put nuts and raisins through L ISTEN YOUTH! WHAT IS SMOKE? BITS of carbon which have not been burned in a Are are given oil in the form of smoke when combustion is not- completed. If the combustion were complete, as in very hot fires, no smoke would be given off. TITLES FOR LEARNING In China, education is so very important that titles are often given to those who have acquired a great amount of knowledge. FIRST THIMBLE Long ago, 200 years at least, a man named John Luffing in vented a device helpful for everyone who sewed. It was shaped like a bell and was made to fit over the thumb; so it was named the "thumb bell." However, it soon was shortened to thimble. Later on it was discovered that it would be more useful on another linger, and so thimbles were made according to the size of a person's finger. THISTLE HONORED The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. It is said that it received this high station In a plant's life because it once saved a Scottish army. It seems that a group of Danish soldiers one night were going to attack a Scotch encampment One of the Danes, however, stepped upon a thistle with his bare feet. He cried " out, awakening the Scotch sol dicrs, who defeated the Danes FIRST SANDWICH long ago In England there lived a man who was such a great gambler that he would even eat his food at the gaming table. He used to slap a piece of meat between two slices of bread and gobble It down while playing. His name was the Karl of Sandwich, and thus the name of sandwich came from this gambler's strange mode of eating. FROZEN STIFF Most living things, when frozen, die, but butterflies, moths, bacteria and snakes don't seem to be harmed at all after being frozen stiff. ill SAY It's spinach and I say It's swell I" If you would like to have a dish of spinach received by your family with some such remark, try dramatizing it. A simple trick can turn an ordinary dish of spinach into something exciting. For Instance, serve cream of spinach soup with cheese popcorn. The cheese popcorn may be purchased at your grocer's ready to serve. Here is the menu : Cream of spinach soup with cheese popcorn Liver en brochettc drilled tomatoes Baked, stuffed potatoes Crisp carrot sticks and celery Rhubaib meringue pudding Rub 1 ',4 cups of cooked spinach through a sieve. Scald a quart of milk with 1 slice of onion and 1 stulk of celery. Melt cup butter, stir In 4 cup flour, 2 teaspoons salt, a dash of pepper and the scalded milk. Bring to boiling point and combine with spinach puree. Serve with chopped pimlento and cheese popcorn. For liver en brochette, place alternate 1 Inch squares of liver and bacon on skewers, place on greased rack of broiler and cook under a preheated broiler for 12 to 15 minutes. A delicious rhubarb pudding is made by washing and cutting rhubarb Into small pieces. Cover the bottom of a baking dish with slices of buttered bread, cover with rhubarb, sprinkle with sugar. Fill the dish with alternate layers of bread and rhubarb. Cover and bake in a moderate oven until rhubarb Is done. Then cover with a meringue and bake in a slow oven IS to 20 minutes. Serve hot. COACH DOG WE ARE still trying to decide just which dog you wilf choose for your own special pet. How about a coach dog? The real name of this breed is the Dalmatian. He was called coach dog because he used to be the running companion of our four-footed friend, the horse. Perhaps, since horses are so scarce, the coach dog, too, is not so easy to find. This type of dog is hardy, vcr clean in his habits and a super-watchdog. He is a native of Dal-matia. formerly a province of Austria. He is a hound, and many believe he originated from the same family as the pointer HUNTING DOG Perhaps you have a big yard your new pet may enjoy, or maybe you are fortunate enough to live on a ranch. If so. consider ihe pointer. The pointer is a noble creature, quiet and dignified. He has another quality- brains This dog is of English development, a cross between a Spanish hunting dog and an English fox-hn-md, and he is famous for his ability to "point" birds for wing-shooters. ENGLISH SETTER Speaking of setters, there are Unee more we must mention, the (.onion setter, the English setter and the Irish setter. All are beautiful, all lovable and appealing. These three are clever in the I eld. and loved by every man who hunts. Likewise, they make wonderful pets, for they are gentle and affectionate. The Engliah settrmis a 'k scend-fnt of the English spaniel and a Spanish pointer. The Gordon setter is part Feotrh spaniH and part Irish sot-tnr. The Irish setter is tl 'ht by some to be the original of the setter family. He is, as far f i ran be traced. Irish through and through. o vr-7- 7 SAM AND JOHN THE colonists in the New World had not forgotten the oppression thrv suffered in England. They had no patience with orders about their ways and attitude toward the taxes levied upon r'ici hf the Mother Country. The Old World, feeling of oppression was lifted by the hold they had in the free fields of their new homes, and they were going to defend that freedom, regardless! These pioneers of a new country did not think themselves a great people who were to be looked up to by all the world. They wanted only to live their own lives in their own way. and, most of all. they wanted all others to leave them alone. The other world would not leave them alone: so the builders of a v new nation said, "All right, we'll see." They armed themselves as best they could and waited for the attack. : Don't think that there was perfect harmonv between the colon: ists themselves. There were money lenders in the cities and borrower-farmers in the country They quarreled with each other. But, these same quarreling American had one common cause that held them from an opci, break they both loathed any interference from Enpland. It was well for the Revolution that was to follow, that this was so. SAM and John Adams were cousins. John was A lawyer, a man of force and determination He had been a student at Harvard in 1755. Sam was different in many ways, older and. though of the same highborn English family, a friend of everyone, and - "SLjJ - With a high iimlity ten, such as Upton's, a little porn a long way. Be-cause it in mi full Ixxlird you need uso less to get I lie required strength. With its unmatched flavor and low cost er pnrkngc I rould not afford to use anything else hut Upton's Tea. HUI'I.'UI Viuow lAMl OtANOi PfKOI MKOI ALSO OtltN JAPAN PAGE SEVEN-B G o o

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