The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on January 1, 1977 · Page 16
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 16

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1977
Page 16
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B6 Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, January 1, 1977 HOROSCOPE f 1 : CAPRICORN V J y SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Take time to have a long talk with associates and make the future brighter thereby. Try not to offend anyone. Evening can be particularly happy for you. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Daytime is not good for having a good time, but evening is just fine. Take annoyances in stride, during day. Make sure you are with congenials only in the evening. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Don't let a small argument get out of hand so that it leads to arguments at home. Show devotion to kin. PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20) Make sure you are cheerful with those you are in daily contact and start new year properly. Evening is fine for entertaining. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Mingle socially and make this a happy day and evening. Meet interesting personalities who can help you in the new year. Know what your personal desires are and how to gain them easily. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Think about what you want to accomplish this coming year and start making plans for such. Make this a productive and interesting day. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Your mind is buzzing with new ideas and ventures so start gathering information to make them work properly. Go out socially and make fine new contacts. Be active, happy. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Determine where you stand in your present position of life and plan how to increase abundance by eliminating the unwanted. Come to a mutual understanding with loved one. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Gather data you need that will help to make a new year far more affluent than it was last year. You have a good plan that should be discussed with allies. Make this a productive day. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Meet, with an expert and discuss your new ideas that can assist you to become more affluent in the future. Study how to improve property so it is more valuable, charming. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) An adviser can help you to get rid of financial problems, so consult with this person today. Don't get into a confrontation with your mate. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Get that plan working that will bring powerful persons to your way of thinking and gain their favors. Get busy and clear up small tasks that are annoying. Clear the slate for a more prosperous new year. CARROLL RIGHTER' BLONDIE HERMAN WIZARD OF ID what CAK sou ewe m HP'S ABOUT 5'&'....HA5 gLACK AHP Ft?l)P TEETH I I Al OMHl C Bl CACC 1 jh"1 J 111 I mt ir""H fiwY 1 HAfTBUtP. IN HI KNUCKLE. '" - - THROW MY r-y MY 'pWl HEAR SLIPPERS J ( I CAN'T SLIPPERS Jg ( VOU f-Y , "7. - m TUG J L ui MiTy l ttkyi . s B.C. f YfcU a?IBBeD I WVE FWAOX. ERTMNED WHERE THE UTXE N flO l y jt ttf r"JinnE7 JJ WHYDIDyOUWAKIT me "Memorize this, ifs your New Year resolutions." E TUMBLEWEEDS INSIDE WOODY ALLEN X'pLAC. exCEPTIOMALLC -r ...JUST A VERV 3LACK.?. k SPOONFUL Mow po you take VOUfc? COFFEE "THESE PAys,MOA? yvci-' yl NO WATfc... y - W rvwiE. v 1 tyiincy HI AND LOIS FUNKY WINKERBEAN IIIUIIII I IMIIIII Tml llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll j mmi i i i i m if irni v Hiju r i ur i ii i i I III nk I GU rfT E:3 n I V"- . ... II V I II IllllilUllIlUUU If I IJLP AND NOO) 00rVlM& INTO LET3 STRAI6HTEM UP THOSE UNES V l TT : INN'"" 11 VIEW IS ONE OF THE MAW AMn yiM nsS BANDS IN TODAVS PARADE -a 1 u i i Frt I - MARY WORTH kca iilLZ II I MV I a4& W- VgTW' I J I ANNE 5TANPS V5 AC 1 vj r I "V ff nvP5 br,d8e i sr.s IJfclFm p-jr- AT HER REFLECTION- S ( t?7 ) WJ . , i ijji w ft - 1 A yA WAKE UP ANP SWELL THE ( f 1 I ' ' ' . . COFFEE, AS THE YOUNG PfOPlE iTl PI ' . SAY, ANNE.' FLATTER IS f k 4 HUJ V AUTOMATIC WITH MEN VTV 1 I I gJ ' ' Jm iHnn ' (rssword A Crucial Decision 22 Reside 23 Chatter 25 Likely 26 Lobster eees East dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH A 8 V, 4 Q J 7 3 K J 10 9 7 CATFISH 50 Conspire 51 Shark of the tropics 54 French priest 55 Wrath 56 Legendary Roman king 57 European coal basin 58 Game of marbles 59 Uncles (Sp.) DOWN 1 Surrounds 2 Grandparental 3 Siberian river 4 Worthless 5 Spanish hurrah 6 Gratuity 7 Firmly fixed 8 Balance 9 Armed naval vessel 10 Tranquil 11 Moistens 16 Definite article 20 British princess WEST 10 5 4 VK 10 8 6 5 3 K 6 2 4 EAST 6J9632 AJ 984 862 ACROSS 1 Lame J Start for hand or ice 8 Merganser 12 Always 13 Meadow 14 Hollow out 15 Sea cows 17 Herb dill 18 Whip viciously 19 Eagles' claws 21 Alleviate 24 Ship clock 25 Navy's rival 28 curtain 30 Network 33 Bluegrass 34 Elude 35 Top pilot 36 Roman X 37 Plexus of nerves 38 Authentic 39 Charged particle 41 Make out 43 Small sofa 48 Goddess of peace SOUTH KQ7 VQ92 A 10 5 A Q & 3 Avg. solution time: 22 mins. 27 Its capital ', is Winnipeg 29 Horace wrote them 31 Old French coin 32 Spelling match 34 Sea eagle -38 Nero, for one 40 Aquatic " animal 42 Political graft 43 Health resorts 44 Napoleon's.. first exile 1 45 Give vent to 47 Case for yt small ..... articles 48 Jules Verne hero (. 49 Epochs 52 Parseghian 53 Different n PiOlUiRflMlAlP RAG Mo, RfeiRlEllAUAIlRt Klip AlPllM I I II N'EWjP N A The bidding: LE4T. AGAlR rvpli 1 1 h e )i-jMd the queen, the contract goes down two; if he plays the nine, he makes the contract. The question is how declarer can tell which play is correct. The answer is quite simple if you know the Rule of Eleven. Declarer's main problem is to determine East's heart holding. If East started with four hearts, South makes the contract whatever he plays all he loses is four heart tricks. If East started with A-J-x, South goes down whatever he does because the defense scores the first five tricks. The plain fact is that the only two situations that matter are the one where East has the A-J doubleton (in which case South must duck to make the contract), and the one where East has the A-J-10 tripleton (in which case South must cover to stop the suit from being run). According to the Rule of Eleven, declarer can tell by subtracting six (the card led) from eleven, that the North, East and South hands contain five cards higher than the six. Since those five cards dummy's seven, South's Q-9 and East's A-J are all accounted for at trick two, it follows that East could not have started with A-J-10 and that the only chance of blocking the suit is to duck and hope that East was dealt the A-J doubleton. a 1 L AT it C OiM'E f.r. West Pass North 3 NT South 1 NT East Pass LAlS:SOLEIDllAj STEVE CANYON W f'E .f I kNOW THE 6L0RY ISNt THEKES SHAKY FUNNY HE T COULPNt IMPOKIANT-WUWtKt IHt OKAV, I'M SELFISH ...SUT I'M A I COUIMJT EVEN MAkf 600PC0MM! THE FIRST TEAM WHEN WITH YOU, I I WAS IN COLLEGE... COULD WAVE 5L0PP,L00KIN6 NEVER STAND OVER WE NEW CROP MARRIED TALK I Mo 1 it ;MH" 1 1 I it ' 6BB, STALKY, ITS FIR6T WOMAN iN A VAR6ITY OF FRESHMAN TO THE TOfS WJT5AU TEAM.1 rv A WINNER. WOMEN An . -A Of fiiRi' TE I SIT U rlRlY II lI A SiT 1 HEAD5 1 C0M.U Of W0MEN5 RASkET' BALL AT MAUMEE m HEA& COACH Of S -" -1 W0MEN5 RA5kT- rw p 1 IBALL AT MAlWEEJUyft JpV 1 -1 Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Opening lead six of hearts. The outcome of a contract frequently hinges on the play of one card. Consequently, when declarer is faced with a situation where his decision on which card to play at a particular point may make or break the contract, he should direct his entire energy to solving that one problem. Consider this deal where West leads a heart. East wins with the ace and returns the jack, and now South must decide whether to play the nine or the queen. As it happens, if he plays 1 HAGAR THE HORRIBLE VAMVAYOU I couldmt Hit me kvJTA CRYPT0QUIPS i 33 y 35 15 w 1 JB15" j11 1 j j 43 4?" 45 lip lis 46 41 48 49 -Ull 50 51 52 S3 r. Ti llsT IF I I I I M I I Bill Yesterday's Cryptoquip MOTHER IN WINE IS NOT WINE'S MOTHER. LNNLSOZTN INOZLDD ORUHERO UK DLFK ID FIDO TSELSHL Today's Cryptoquip clue: H equals U Radio Notes HEY KIDS! Meet "Frecklii tht Clown" Today and Tomorrow 12 Noon lo 4 P.M. Watoh Contlnuoui Oartooni, Fraa Balloons, Spoolal Chlldrant Manu AduKi mutt bi aoompanlod by a ohlldl 582-2W3 and Lowe's "Brlgadoon," Kachaturlan Concerto for Piano and Orchettre and many mora. 7 p.m. Year End. A comprehensive review of the top events of 1976 compiled and discussed by editors of Time magailne. WIRK-1M FM ( a.m. Country K Gospel Time with many gospel favorites. :30 a.m. - Canversatlen. Bill Reker will talk with a gambler from Gambler's Anonymous. iu p.m. lountry k Artist spotugnt. Featured will be Joe Stampley and his latest LP, Berry SATURDAY WP6R1344) AM 11:05 p.m. - Surtild Symphony. Thtlmi Ntw-mtn It holt of I two-hour progrim of rtquttttd clonlcol Thli wtek'i hlghllohti Include Wagntr'i Prtludt to "Dlt Molittrtlngor," Schu-borf'i Wndertr Fintoiy, Op. 15, Hydn'i Symphony No. 104 In O "London'' ond Moiirt'l Plino Concerto 17 In O malor. 4:51 p.m. - Rom Bowl Foothill Gimt. Tht Michigan Wolvorlnoi will moot tht Southorn California Trolani In Paiadana, Calif. 7:55 p.m. - Tho Orang Bowl Football Cama. Ohio Stat will meat Colorado In Miami. WHRS-91.7 FM Noon Tha Carman Hour with Jotaph Geahi-ling. Gorman marchai, tongi and danca. I p.m. - Tha Clavaland Orchestra with Larln Maaial conducting. Highlight. Include: Gluck't "Pari, and Helen7' Overture, Prokofiev'. Violin Concerto No. I and Brueckner'i Symphony No. I. 10 p.m. Muilcal Montage with AJelf Rug-glare. Selections Include: Tartlnl'i Concerto In O minor for Violin and Orchestra, Mot art's Concerto NO. 21 In C malor. SUNDAY WPBR-1J40 AM 1:05 p.m. turfslde Symphony. Tholma Newman Is host of a four-hour program of classical music. This week's selections Include: Lerner the Post discuss the upcoming visit of the EnglBh ' Chamber Orchestra to the West Palm Beech Auditorium. :M a.m. - Consultation. Gwen Yount, director of public Information tor the Heert Association of Palm Beach County, and Cheryl Elder, public heelth nurse supervisor, discuss dengers of high blood pressure and the county's nigh blood pressure screening program. 10 a.m. - Forum 1. Consumer Affair Director, Alice Skaggs and Steve Gomborg, chief of the economic crime division of the Palm Beech County Stete Attorney's Office, discuss with producer Bob Fort some of the swindles operating in the Pelm Beaches and what to do If vie-tlmlitd. WMRS-fl.7 FM Noon The German Heur with Joseph Goehs-Mng. Selections Include: Tchaikovsky's Finale from Swen Lake, F. Von Suppe's the Beautiful " Geletea Overture and A. Rubinstein's Romance. ' I p.m. - The Philadelphia Orchettre with Eu gene Ormandy conducting. Highlights Include:" Prokofiev's Classical Symphony In D, Op. 15 and" Tchaikovsky's Concerto No. I In B flat minor to, piano and orchestra, Op. 23. Grant will Interview Stampley. WIRK-im AM 10 a.m. National Album Countdown. Review of the top 30 albums In the country. WGMW-94.J FM a.m. Paint of view. Mark Daman talks with Victor DeAraulo, representetlve to the Battel International Community to the United Notions about how mankind Is now ready for a world government. 4:30 e.m. - City Council Report. Riviera Beech Mayor Bobble Brooks talks about recent developments and Improvements In the city. (Also at 11 p.m.) VYWRN-tl FM a.m. - Callage ef Arts. Naomi Goldstein, administrative assistant for Regional Arts Production, and Alan Jenkins, entertainment writer at 01 Lake Ave. Lake Worth

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