The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on August 7, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY. AUGUST 7, 1924. & WYMAN CO. South Bend, Indiana Store Open 8:30 to 5:30 Store Closed Saturday Night 6 P. M. 64m Dresses Winter Coats Saturday, August 9th to Saturday, August 23rd 64 $16 $64 Every road leads to Wy man's during the 64th Anniversary Sales, and many loads of Bargains will make the return trip to many homes around South Bend. For this is Wyman's greatest Selling Event of the year, with special selling prices on new Fatt things and radically cut prices on Summer things. Blocked Milosham dresses in women's sizes 36 to 50, tailored lines, navy, black and brown with hairline check $22.50 values. Black and brown satin in straight line models for Misses only, sizes 14 to 20. Lace collars and cuffs, some with jabots. $19.75 values. Anniversary. Sale Bargains That Will Mean Great Savings To You " (Values $79 50, $125) Just ' twenty-five sample winter coats bought from one of the finest New York manufacturers of high class garments. New dull and semi-pile fabrics in straight line models. Jrimmed with beaver, squirrel, wolf, Jap mink, seal. Some with collars and cuffs of fur, others with collars only. Values $79.50 to $125. & .64 21 &2rt!. New Fall dresses of satin crepe, Faille and Bengaline. Straight line and beltless models. Canton crepe and Poiret Twill dresses, beaded, embroidered and tailored straight line models. Values $25.00 to $39.50 64 $21 64 D resses $31 Canton crepe, Poiret Twill, satin and georgette dresses in Misses and Women's styles. Beaded, embroidered and tailored. Values $39.50 to $49.50. $25-64, $3i64, $41-64 New Fall and Winter sample 'Sport Coats of plaids and wide stripes. Most of them' with fur collars. Values $39.50 to $49.50. Every Spring Coat - Reduced as Follows: 20 Coats formerly from $35 to $49.50, $21.64. 20 Coats formerly from $49.50 to $69.50, $31.64. 20 Coats formerly from $69.50 to $110, $41.64. Sub Standards House Dresses .64 $1 All Silk One hundred fine quality gingham-chambray, g i n g -ham-percale, printed cretonne house dresses. Some are hand made and hand embroidered. Sizes 36 to 54, values to $5.95. Printed Dresses 64 $1 pair 64 $i MMw ' jl Hosiery 4 J I Over a thousand pairs of all silk hosiery with the Ruby ring non-ravel top. All silk foot reinforced heel and toe, all silk top. Sizes 9 to 102. Slight Imperfections in hose that sell regularly at $2.50 and $2.75. 240 pairs of chiffon in this offer, same sizes and colors. Eighty-four printed dimity and voile dresses, .-costly light colorings. I.leal for porch and afternoon frocks, sizes 36 to 46. $2.50 value at $1.64. Hosiery, silk, chiffon, Italian silk, and out sizes, $1.64 Handkerchiefs. Women's linen and lawn, 4 for 64c. Handkerchiefs. Men's, all line, 2 for 64c. Handkerchiefs. Men's, novelty stripes, 3 for 64c. Handkerchiefs. Women's lawns, ginghams, 9 for 64c. Handkerchiefs. Women's linen, lawn, 5 for 64c. Handkerchiefs. Women's, linen, voile, crepe, 3 for 64c Collar and cuff sets, filet, val, 64c. Rufflings, circular and straight, val, 50c yard. Gloves, silk, 2 clasp, gauntlet, white, black, 64c. Gloves, chamoisette, 2 clasp, gauntlet, white, 64c. Vests, Rayon (fiber silk) 64c. Vests, glove silk, $2.00 value, $1.64. Chemise, step-ins, vests, radium, crepe, $2.64. Chemise, gowrns, bloomers, step-ins, vests, silk, $3.64. Chemise, gowns, silk, lace and tailored, $4.64. Costume slips, sateen, white and dark, $1.64. Philippine hand embroidered gowns, chemise, $1.64. Bloomers, step-ins, nainsook, crepe, 64c. Union suits, women's, knit, 64c. Brassieres, front ad back fastenings, 64c, $1.64. Corsets, front andSfcack lace, 64c to $3.64. Princess slips, nainsook, 2 to 14 yrs., $2.64. Knit capes, 4 to 6 years, $2.64. Kimonos, Jap, embroidered, 8 to 14 years, $2.64. .Petticoats, gingham, girls', 64c. Wool dresses, navy, 6 to 14 years, $4.75 to $7.95. Sweaters, Kid Boots, sleeveless, jl. 64. Sweaters, Kid Boots, sleeveless, Tuxedo, $2.64. Hats, street and sport, also children's, 64c. Hats, sport, straw and crepe, $1.64. Hats, dress, formerly $12.50 to $25, $3.64. Suits, Spring and Fall, Twills, tweeds, $21.64. Suits, Charmeen, twill, tweed, imported fabrics, $69.50. Skirts, silk, wool, $1.64, $3.64, $7.64, $10.64. Scarfs, fiber, many colors, $1.95 value, 64c. Scarfs, hand loom wool, plaids, $1.64. Children's gingham dresses, $2.64. Children's sweaters, $2.95 to $4.95 values, $2.64. Blouses, silk, overblouse and jacquette, $2.64. Bathrobes, Beacon Blanket, corduroy, $4.64 . Kimonos, cotton crepe, $1.64. Fur scarfs, Thibetine, $8.64. Fur Scarfs, fox and wolf, $29.64. Umbrellas, tape edge, 8 rib, $1.64. Umbrellas, cotton taffeta, $2.34. Umbrellas, men's fine Gloria, crook handles, $2.64. Umbrellas, imported Gloria, stub handles, $3.64. Umbrellas, pure silk, $4.64. Umbrellas, sample line, splendid assortment $5.64. Umbrellas, children's, black, navy, red, $1.64. Parasols, children's, Brite Eyes, 64c. All over embroidery, Irish and filet laces, 64c. Embroidery insertion, 4'2 to 5 yd lengths, 64c length. Embroidered gown and lingerie tops, cambric, 64c. Lace bands, Venice, cream, copper, 64c yard. Val laces, white, to 1 inch, 12 yards, 48c. Irish crochet lace, 2'2 inch, $1.64. Lace and insertion, val, Irish crochet, filet, 12c. A. B. C. cars for children, $1.64. Mamma dolls, walk and talk, $2.64 to $5.64. Coaster wagons, $6.40 and $6.64. Mechanical train outfit, Ives, $4.64. Scooters, $1.89 value, $1.64. Fire Chief autos, $13.64. Phonographs, shop-worn, $6.40. Dolls, jointed, 74c, 94c, $2.64. Coasters, Bear Cat, rubber tires, $7.64. Linoleum mats, inlaid, 18 x 27 inch, 64c. Congoleum mats, 18 x 27 inch, 2 for 64c. Smyrna Rugs, all wool, 26 x 50 inches, $2.64. Rubber stair treads, 9x18 inches, 16 for $2.64. Cocoa mats, 14 x 25 inches, 64c. Pongee, 12 momme, 69c. Marquisette curtains, ruffled, $1.64 pair. Lamps, floor and bridge, with shades, $10.64, $14.64, $17.64. . Irish point curtains , imported, $5.64, $7.64, $11.64, $14.64. Necklaces, wool, 60 inches long, 34c. Bag frames, silver finish, 64c. Bar pins, sterling silver, 64c. Wrist watch ribbons and bracelets, 34c. Traveling bags, cow hide, leather lined, $6.64, $8.64. Suit cases, cowhide, with straps, $8.64. Pullman cases, fitted, cowhide, silk lined, $16.64. Hat boxes, enameled duck, round, $4.64. Traveling bags, walrus, leather lined, $13.64. Mallinson's Chim-Ring Silk, $2.94. Mallinson's printed Chim-Ring, Butterfly voile, $3.94. Waverly silk crepe, $1.98. Washable Radium, 36 inch, $1.54. Chiffon velvet, imported, 40 inch, Black, $3.44. Ratine, pure silk, heather mixtures, $1.44. Satin de Paris, 36 inch, black, $1.4. Satin canton, 40 inch, black, colors, $2.44, $2.84. Charmeuse, 36 and 40 inch, black only, $1.34, $1.64. Canton crepe, pure silk', black, colors, $1.94, $2.24. Junior French crepe, $1.94. Jacquard Crepe Faille, 36 inch, $1.64. Silk and wool golf crepe, 40 inch, white, $1.94. Muslin, unbleached, 40 inch, 10c. Outing flannel, checks and plaids, 36 inch, 19c. Pillow cases, lace edged, "45 x 36 inches, 50c. Wear-Well Sheets, unbleached, $1.15. Krinkle Bed Spreads, with bolster -cover, $3.64. Terry cloth, double faced, for draperies, 64c. Cambric percales, Nile Novelty, 36 inch, 13J2C. Blankets, Kenwood, all wool, $10.64, $11.64. Necklaces, imported crystal, 64c. Compacts, double, gilt .case, 44c. Compacts, gunmetal, handpainted, double, 64c. Toilet water, Garwood's, 34c. Quinine Hair Tonic, Garwood's, 34c. Napkin rings of silver, mirrors, rattles, 44c. Serving pieces, pearl handle, 44c. Cheese and cracker dish, $1.64. Compotes, bright silver, Dutch silver, $1.64. Pearls, graduated, 64c, $1.64, $2.64, $4.64. Axminster, velvet, tapestry, 9 x 12 ft. $36.40, $53.64. Tapestry rugs, 11 x 12 ft. $36.64, $47.64. Velvet, Wiltons, Axminsters, 8 x 10 ft. 6 in. $36.40, $49.64, $86.64, $93.64. Axminster, velvet, rugs, 6 x 9 ft. $16.40, $29.64. Hartford Saxony, Axminsters, Wiltons, 36 x 63 in. $10.64, $16.40. Hartford Saxony, 27 x 36 in. $6.40. Hartford Saxony Wiltons, Velvets, Axminsters, 27 x 54 in $6.40, $10.64. , Patt ern cloth, pure Irish linen, $2.94. Lunch cloths, Moravian linen, $1.94, $2.94, $3.44. Pattern cloths, pure Irish linen, oblong, $6.94. Lunch cloth, linen, hemstitched, 36 inch, $1.64. Lunch cloth, damask, Scotch linen, 36 inch, $1.64. Lunch cloth, linen art crash, hemstitched, $1.64. Linen crash, unbleached, 16 inch, 12J2C yd. Crash, bleached, 17 inch, 12J2C. Turkish towels, double thread, 24c. Turkish towels, extra large size, heavy, 44c. Glenmore Chiffon voile, 40 inch, 29c. Imported ratine, 36 and 40 inch, 64c. ButyChyne Satinette, 36 inch, 49c. Zephyr Gingham 32 'inch, 24c. Punjab Percales, 36 inch, 24c. Imported Tissue Gingham 32 inch, 29c. Imported embroidered voile 40 inch, 64c, $1.64. Japanese crepe, imported, 30 inch, 24c. Colors Sombrero Lariai Grey Black White Nude Sand Airdale Tan Wash Frocks $2.64 Twenty printed and embroidered voiles, mostly dark colors, sizes 16 to 46. $7.95 values. Summer Dresses $9.64 Seventy-five Milosham, hand - embroidered linens, prints, crepes and tub silks. Values to $19.75. 2420 Square Yards Wild's Printed Linoleum 64c Sq. Yard This is genuine linoleum made of ground cork and linseed oil pressed- on a burlap back and made by the oldest makers of linoleum in America. The surface is coated with moist proof paint. Fine choice of patterns in blue, tan and brown, suitable for almost any room where linoleum is used. Blua and white tile pattern especially desirable for bathroom. Wardrobe Trunks $36-64 ($48.00 value) Genuine Indestructo Insured Wardrobe Trunks in full size with all the conveniences of high priced trunks, including : 1 & .i I I i i 1 ; ! i Swinging dust door that locks. All drawer locking bar device. Four convenient drawers including hat box with invert-ible tray. Electric iron holder; Open dome top. Nine assorted clothes hangers. Shoe pockets. Laundry bag. Other Indestructo Insured Wardrobe Trunks reduced for the Anniversary salet $38 to $75 values at $29.64 to $64. Ready cut and sold in lengths. Bring your room measurements with you because during this sale at this special price, these linoleums are sold only by the piece of 6 ft. to 25 ft. by 6 ft. wide. You will find it a great saving to buy linoleum at this sale. Celebrating 64 Years of Successful Business with Worthwhile Bargains

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