Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 16, 1936 · Page 13
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 13

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1936
Page 13
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If Spans of Steel to Unite 400 -Mile Pacific Coast Section This bridge over Coos Bay at - , ( sfF" "K"";'v- Marshfield is more than a , A xS. I w-n.- u u mile long, measuring 5337 feet, , ' ,, - j Xut'T W ' First of the bridges to open for traffic was that over the Siuslaw Bay at Florence. Beyond the bridge are seen miles of white sand dunes and the ocean. Five Deep Harbors Are Linked By Project Costing $5,000,000 Beautifying Northern Territory By MARIAN LOWRY Spanning the Alsea Bay at Waldport, this bridge affords a sight of the ocean on one side, and a varied valley ana mountain region on the other. brtdgo at Marshfield. This Is the longest of tho five, stretching for more than a mile. Marshfield is one of the largest porta of the state, being exceeded In Importance only by Portland and A-toria. The bridge extends over tide flats and sweeps upward over Coos Bay. of green timber in mountains to the east. THE Umpqua River bridge will be the third opened for use. This bridge is situated in one of the most beautiful settings on the coast. The Umpqua River, one of the larger rivers of the state, flows from a wide gorge, and the Smith River, coming from a mountainous region, both empty Second Longest of the Five Coast Highway Bridges Is That at Newport Which Arches Over the Yaquina Bay, for a Distance of 3260 I'ect. bay. Bolon Island is jnto a larg centered w converge, and through this Island Is built the fine bridge which spans a long stretch of water. Farthest south Is the Coos Bay here the two streams ONE fRBSH V ANOTHER OREGON'S "land of lakes," and a rugged shoreline which has been likened to the Riviera, are opened to the wonder-seeking public this summer with the completion of Oregon's five big "Coast Bridges." Uniting its nearly 400-milo-long coast section for modern travel. Oregon will dedicate these bridges costing' $5,000,000 and spanning five deep harbors. The huge concrete and steel structures are erected over Yaquina Bay at Newport, Alsea Bay at Waldport, Siuslaw Bay at Florence, the Umpqua River at Reedsport, and Coos Bav at Marshfield. Completion of the bridges, under construction for nearly two and one-half years, is the final link in the building of the Coast Highway, which extends the length of the state to make for one of the most scenic routes in America. For miles the highway follows massive rock cliffs over-looking the Pacific Ocean; then winds back a few miles to pass fresh- ployment for hundreds of men during the depression years. The average payroll on the five bridge jobs totaled $21,500 weekly, varying from $2500 to $7000 on each job, during more than two years of work.' These bridges are toll free. This summer will be marked by five celebrations for the Oregon Coast section, as each of the communities dedicates its bridge. Starling from the north, the Yaquina Bay bridge conies first. Newport and its adjacent beaches have long been one of Oregon's main beach resorts, due to fine highways froiy the interior. Waldport, the next bridge town, was the first to dedicate its bridge, holding the event early In May. The bridge extends over the Alsea River. To the west lies the Pacific Ocean; to the east, a pan orama of the Alsea River valley Florence dedicates the Siuslaw bridge May 23, In conjunction with its annual "Rhododendron Day," a festival that yearly drawn A This view taken from Bolon Island, looking toward Reedsport and showing the bridge as it extends over the Umpqua. This bridge measures 2213 feet long. visitors from all sections of the coast. The Siuslaw bridge already is open for traffic. That bridge affords a view of sand dunes and the ocean, and ridge after ridge All Cigarettes are not FRESH! LISTEN, PEOPLE! . . . Are fresh eggs better than stale eggs? Everybody says "Yes"! Are fresh cigarettes better than stale cigarettes? Everybody says "Yes"! Two jackets of Cellophane . . . not one but TWO . . . stand guard over the freshness of Double-Mellow Old Golds. Two jackets, double Cellophane, make the package air-tight. Two jackets, double Cellophane, keep out dampness, dryness and every other foe of cigarette goodness. Two jackets, double Cellophane, give you FACTORY-FRESH cigarettes; as fresh as the egg the hen lays in the nest. water lakes, and the forests of the Coast Range. The highway opens up an immense natural playground and makes accessible the last bit of : wilderness in,the Far West. Some sections of Western Oregon exist today in the same wild state as in the early days. . Not until two years ago was that last rugged line of the coast west of Eugene in bane County pierced by this highway, which had h-en building from no-th and south for 20 years. Th" road which crosses the face of frowning Cape Heceta and Cape Per-petua. high above the boiling surf, is a masterpiece of ingenuity. Until it was built, this colorful region was known only to the more venturesome travelers who dared to drive the cliffs and beaches, and ferry their cars across the streams. Opening of these five bridges marks the passing of the pioneer Institution of ferry boating in Western Oregon. Before the white man came, ferry service of one sort or another had existed the Indians using canoes, the white men, row boats, barges, and in more recent years motor boats. Ferries were in use until March 31 of this year, when the first bridge over the Siuslaw River was opened. Ferry service will discontinue as each of the bridges onns for traffic THE bridges were financed through PWA funds and their construction provided direct em- Temperments Of Squirrels Vary Greatly By March Hare THE ground squirrel or gray digger doesn't worry about laying up a store of food for the winter. When summer ends he just crawls Into his hole and sleeps away the winter until spring brings a new supply of food. But the pine or red squirrel is on his toes every minute of the year, whether it is fair or stormy weather. At the beginning of the rainy season, I saw him tearing off the bark of a dead apple limb gathering the under fibres and carrying them into a bird house where he made his winter bed. All during the fall he was harvesting a crop of chestnuts from the trees down the hillside. One at a time they were carried away. His roads were not along the ground, but up the trees and over the house. The bird house Just outside my window had been the summer home of a pair of violet-green swallows. It was now turned into Established 1760 0 P. l-rftlM fie.. OUTER "CELLOPHANE" JACKET Opens from the Bottom P. S. Double Your MoneyBack, if you're not pleased Smoke half a pack of Double-Mellow Old Golds. If, then, you don't say it's the finest smoke you ever tasted, mail us the remaining ten cigarettes and the wrapper at any time within 30 days from date, and we'll send you double the price you paid for the full package, plus postage. Address, 119 West 40th St., New York. One Clever Woman SHE LOST 20 POUNDS OF FAT INNER "CELLOPHANE" JACKET Opens from tho Top a winter storehouse by Piney, and level full to the round doorway. No one could have counted the number of trips up the tree and over the long roof without being on the watch from daylight till dark. But there was another system of bookkeeping. I counted the nuts and found a hundred and forty-six, which meant that many trips. Two or three nuts had been sampled and partly eaten as a test of their quality. The question is. will the house be emptied by about March 10, when the swallows return? I noticed during the fall that Piney waa feeding on the seeds from Feel full of pep and possess the slender form you crave you can't If you listen to gosptpers. To take off excess fat po Heht on fatty meats, butter, cream and sugary sweets eat more fruit and vegetables. Take a half teaspoonful of KruBchen Salts in a glass of hot water every morning to eliminate excess waste (tastes fine with juice of half Irmon added). Mrs. Elma Verille of Havre de Grace, Md.. writes: "I took off 20 lbs, my clothes fit me fine now." No drastic cathartics no constipation but blissful dally bowel action when you take your little daily dose of Kruschen and follow our suggestions with respect to diet. Adv. O V) Si tli ft i the maple trees that had been swirled into the eaves and gut-; ters. On account of the moisture, ; these would not last during the I winter weather. o- PAGE FIVE-B Q

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