The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on January 1, 1977 · Page 9
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 9

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1977
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, January 1, 1977 A9 1 1 63 JAGARANDA 8r TREES '0 R$e29t Thousands T.loro PlantsTroes At Glosoout Pricos! 3 Days! " COMPARE ANYWHERE. SOME 70 OFF! - BEAUTIFUL MINIMUM-CARE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLANTS J- V? y EVERYTHING TAGGED, SOME EXAMPLES I I W ' - . - WE GUARANTEE EVERY PLANT HEALTHY Ig95 tgis Mmt - 4' ta S fhn InjamiM Till, hntrwt rM rt(. tl Mtr 4" Anita IUhwIIwi Ml, stately, 4Mtiv - rag. $20. Mr 1' wMt SprNl Saga Dark gram grtctM palms rtg. $15 ' maaar IV wfcJa Spraoa Fhilc Dai, grtoa tig split loovts rtg. $15 ' ta V Dwarl Royal Palms $Q9S Htavy Trenk with "Waoa" rtg. $20. 9 T ta 3' Varioatod ligustram $ f IS Umnual Instant Htagt - rtg. $1.50 I Flowtrifig Purplt Htothtr $111 llaams all ytar - 1 gal. - rtg. $.4f .... I Htwtring 1 gal. Hibiscus $148 Multi Coitn lucfa rtg. $2.It I Attica Guards Criticize Carey For Clemency ATTICA, N.Y. (UPI) Representatives of prison guards and policemen yesterday bitterly criticized Gov. Hugh L. Carey's clemency for all persons involved in the September 1971 Attica prison rebellion which resulted in 43 deaths. - The hafthest words came from the president of the union which represents guards at the Attica Correctional Facility. ; Ronald E. Wert, president of Council 82, AFL-CIO, said the clemency gives inmates "an open license to do or cause any harm without retributions anywhere." Wert was particularly angered over Carey's clem-. ency grant, tn the case of John B. Hill of Buffalo. Hill was convicted of murder in the death of Attica guard William Quinn and was serving a 20-year-to-life sentence. - . "if he wants to play God," Wert said of Carey, "I'd like to see him bring back Billy Quinn." Quinn was beaten by rioting inmates on the first day of the uprising.. ::v , . Al Sgaglidne, president of the Police Conference of New York, which represents 206 local police unions, declared, "What the governor has done is said to the criminal element 'you have a friend in the executive mansion.' " ' Patrick Carroll, president of the Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Police, said Carey's announcement "reinforces the belief in his lack of support for law and order and police officers in general." Carey announced Thursday he had granted clemency in, the Cases of eight men who were inmates at the time of the riot and that no disciplinary action will be taken against 20 guards and state policemen who hat been named by a special prosecutor. MEMS $045 ' K n $9M 171s Shaaa Giant tool Btahont Ears $1Q a' ta T Hack Oliva Trtts $ 12 WMtt ana grata, Vtry Kara - rag. Hi... I W arnamtntal, shadt - rtg. 20....... Ctpatr Itof Clusttrs $1 79 T Ft. PALM itvfal TREES V $3M Inaaar Fancy $pachma Yacca Dark vargraan, Unaswal rag. $7 Rich Ctlar Ttnt rtg. $2.15 ... o Dig Full Indoor Sohoffloras 'Q $12.85 Reg. $18 60,000 SQ. FT. OUTDOOR PLANTS 12,000 SQ. FT. INDOOR PLANTS . 1 Phona mm km mm H OMa amakltmVMVtllM HUki n 783-3322 1 X.IICDGES 0 7 FOR $10 Just Witt of THE. HIM. Opt SaL-Sun. IV iu mm UPI Tttaphoto REFUSED - Superior Court Judge Jack E. Goertzen yesterday refused to reduce bail for former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten who has been granted a new trial. The Los Angeles judge conceded that Miss Van ' Houten had made progress in prison, but he said the gravity of the charges required bail to remain at $200,000. She faces a second trial next month for murder and conspiracy in the 1969 deaths of Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary. A 4 A kkkkk kkkk TT m M M K K km Km irkirkirkiKicfrkirk A 3 ff hrif?rim twit raw Mia n 1200 SOUTH CONGRESS, West Palm Bch. mil YL0R,DA r w'ib Jri!!" ) v wuenro) . HAllfXobL! .'. VIRGIN Jamaica . ' : 1 j CAlltKAN it - 1 ' State Idea Surprises Congress ' WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Ford's proposal , to make Puerto Rico a state, took official Washington by surprise, especially since Capitol Hill has felt no strong signal from Puerto Rico that it wants statehood. The surprise extended to Republicans as well as Democrats. Rep. Thomas P. O'Neill (D-Mass.) who will become House speaker in .1&S WE WILL GIVE OUR FAMILY A 2 DAY REST. 1 t r rr! m, Ford From Page 1- a tafia? our Friends & customers t (klT . i Ol lSBa' For shopping the . . . NEW NEW FARMERS MARKET .mJlE TO OUI CUSTOMERS: W matt vry eHtwt f Kova tuffi-citmt t)wanN'iM of ctvtwtiMd itxrcKondiM avaitabl fet wr cuttmrt. Howtrvaw, if you or unafct la find any tMfovrttMd fottdt within th trM littod in thtt rfvrttt-tntint, MMitoct the rmmogar (or hr dcugrtM) and n th will btt Itojtd ta offtii you a tubititvtton or raincnach. the new Congress, said he was "shocked" by Ford's announcement, f "It came to me as a complete shock," O'Neill said from his Cambridge, Mass. home. "I don't know what brings it about at this time. "I talked to some businessmen .from (Puerto Rico) recently. They complained about high unemploy-' ment...but they never said a word "about statehood," he said. . House GOP Whip Robert Michel, 111., said in Peoria he was "a bit . surprised'' - especially because such a move could put more Demo-, crats in Congress. Michel said Puerto Rico's admission "would mean eventually, with their population, five additional congressmen and two United States senators. ' "That's one of the things that disturbs me because we (Republicans) ' are 2-1 down now and I suspect that the Democratic party has a better hold down in Puerto Rico vote-wise ' than Republicans," Michel said. "That could just mire us down all the more." Administration sources said sources said Ford encountered oppo--, sition to Puerto Rican statehood and support for it both within his ad-' ministration 'and from outside advisers. The President's ad hoc advisory group was against the idea. The sources said Ford finally decided to propose statehood because he felt anything less would be unjust for Puerto Ricans. Rep. Herman Badillo (D-N.Y.) the only voting Puerto Rican in Congress, said the best response to Ford's proposal would be for Congress to mandate a three-way referendum on statehood, independence or continued commonwealth status for Puerto Rico. "If the people of Puerto Rico choose statehood, then and only then should the Congress pass legislation making Puerto Rico the 51st state," Badillo said. Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R-N.Y.) said be receiving compensatory pay ffotn the treasury because their incomes are so low. ..'' The Socialist party has pushed in the United Nations to have the decolonization committee 'declare Puerto Rico a U.S. colony. Romero .said if the United Nations were to call for a plebiscite between independence and statehood, "I'm In a very comfortable position. I have no doubt who would win." ; As a commonwealth, Puerto Rico has its own constitution and a nonvoting delegate in Congress. ' .The Spanish-speaking islanders ' have been U.S. citizens since 1917 but , they cannot vote for U.S. president and do not pay income taxes.' They receive a large share of federal aid. A special advisory group appointed by former President Nixon and the governor of Puerto Rico has been studying a proposed new "compact of permanent union" for Puerto Rico for the past 14 months. But Ford turned down their proposal, saying "it does not advance as rapidly as it might freedom and opportunity for the American citizens of Puerto Rico. I believe that the appropriate status for Puerto Rico Is statehood." . " Ford told reporters he felt It was "an apropos time" to propose statehood "so no one could accuse me of any political motives." - . Asked why he had not left the issue for Carter, Ford replied, "Because I'm president until Jan. 20." Ford plans to propose Puerto Rican statehood legislation to the new 95th Congress before he leaves office. Once Congress passed such a measure, Puerto Ricans would have to adopt a new constitution and hold an election to approve their statehood status. Ford spoke cautiously about whether Congress will pass his statehood proposal, telling reporters: "We'll have to wait and see." But administration sources said the President really believes the proposal will pass. Sources also said Ford ran into both strong opposition and strong support, within his administration and without, when considering the flan. They said, for example, the resident's ad hoc advisory group was against the idea. ; The President finally decided to make the statehood proposal Just before leaving office because he felt anything less would be unjust for Puerto Ricans, since they are American citizens, sources said. '. vestments and a low economic growth rate. Outgoing Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon said Ford's proposal "does not represent the will of the Puerto Rican people." In a short statement he said "the people of Puerto Rico favor a commonwealth. "Only the Puerto Rican people can make a decision about status or our political condition. The people of Puerto Rico have not given and will not give that privilege to President Ford or anyone." Ford, he said, "has confused his obligations as President with political promises made to Island Republican leaders who favor statehood for Puerto Rico." s" The outgoing governor noted that in a 1967 plebiscite "the people of Puerto Rico voted overwhelmingly for the Commonwealth status." "The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations will have serious difficulty in trying to explain to that body this very indiscreet decision made by the President," Hernandez added. Puerto Rico's Socialist party said the move represented an "intent to sabotage" a U.N. resolution passed in 1973 declaring that Puerto Rico had a right to self-determination. A spokesman for the Puerto Rico Independence party said Ford's recommendation was "an insult and a gift given in bad taste to the people of Puerto Rico." Last November Romero's pro-statehood New Progressive party captured 48.3 per cent of the vote. Hernandez and his Popular Democratic party, which favors commonwealth status, won 45.3 per cent. The Puerto Rico Independence party won 5 6 per cent and the Puerto Rico Socialist party, which also favors independence, got less than one per cent. Romero said he thought statehood "would speed up the process of distribution of wealth that is so necessary in Puerto Rico. "Immediately, all people over the age of 72 would get Social Security (which they don't receive now). Poor children would receive immediate benefits of over $100 million in education funds. The poor needy would receive over $100 million in Medicaid." Romero added Puerto Rico would be able to participate in revenue sharing, a federal program in which money is returned to the states for various projects. Puerto Ricans would have to pay federal income taxes but Romero said "75 per cent would not be paying federal income tax, they would IB he believes Congress will look "most sympathetically" on statehood. "Statehood is a perfectly legal aspiration for the people of Puerto Rico. President Ford has correctly read the results of the gubernatorial election," Javits said. Javits was vacationing in Puerto Rico and issued his statement through his Washington office. A proposal for statehood would go before Congress, which would consider guidelines for the proposed state government. If Congress passed the law, the proposed new state would draw up a constitution and there would likely be a referendum for affirmation of the statehood idea under that constitution, White House spokesmen said. Committee From Page ! 6PJS. mer prosecutor, said several hundred witnesses must be interviewed before doubts can be resolved in the Kennedy assassination. The pane) said all the recent publicity about misconduct by U.S. government agencies, foreign assassination attempts, concealed evidence, destruction of evidence and possible deliberate misinformation "have fostered among our citizens an ensuing lack of confidence hi government agencies." "The history of these assassinations has demonstrated that the passage of more time will only increase that concern and only a thorough and definitive inquiry at this time will resolve the growing doubts," it said. Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez (D-Tex.) said it was vital that the congressional investigation be conducted independently despite the extra cost. "We know that neither the FBI nor CIA cooperated fully with' the Warren Commission," he said. "And we know that the FBI director in 1968 had passionate feelings against Dr. Martin Luther King." MM. sonnel within the Soviet and Cuban embassies in Mexico City." To conduct an exhaustive study, the panel sought $6.5 million unusually high for a congressional investigation for its first year's work and said it could not predict when its job would be finished. In its final report for 1976, the committee noted that when James Earl Ray pleaded guilty in 1969 he disputed assertions by his lawyer and the prosecutor that no conspiracy existed to assassinate King. ' "The committee does not mean to imply that there was or was not a conspiracy, it merely indicates that this is one of the areas which requires further investigation, especially in view of the failure to obtain a full statement of involvement from Ray by the Tennessee authorities," the report said. Ray, serving a 99-year term, now says his attorneys enticed him to plead guilty for their own gain. The Supreme Court has refused to order a new trial. He has offered to testify before the committee. Chief Committee counsel Richard Sprague, a for NORTH PALM BEACH U.S. 1 & NORTHLAKE BLVD. TWIN CITY MALL WEST PALM BEACH 2501 OKEECHOBEE BLVD. SHOP WESTWARD CENTER

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