The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 43
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 43

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 43
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CITY HALL . . Prominent Businessman To Address Convention Palm Beach Post, Thursday. Nov. 28, 1968-Cll Orange Producers Face New Squeeze HOOK-UP States. American Judicature Society. American Society of International Law. American and District of Columbia bar associations. He is a lifelong member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and is associated as director with the Metropolitan Boys' Police Club, Boy Scouts of America and a member of the Metropolitan Young Men's Christian Association. The public is invited to attend the banquet session. Tickets may be obtained from members of the Delta Delta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. V .3 ' LAKELAND (UPI) - The Florida Citrus Commission approved a special tax against orange growers Wednesday to provide funds to create a concentrate reserve to be used to develop secondary markets, primarily the school lunch programs. The tax and special marketing order are authorized under the 1967 orange stabilization act and will now be voted upon by growers and processors before it can go into effect. The vote will be conducted between Dec. 3 and Dec. 18, and, in order to pass, must gain approval of a majority of both growers and processors who represent a majority of the oranges grown and the concentrate packed. The special tax, which will be for a two-year period, is five cents per box on oranges used commercially. A 14-member committee, seven growers and seven processors, has been named to administer the program if it wins final approval. Grower membersof the committee are John F. Nelson, B. F. Wheeler Jr., Harry Heller, 0. R. Method, Robert Barben, Andrew Spada and Alfred Est-es. Processor members arc Ben Adams, James Bock, Austin Caruso, David Hamrick, Reid Jensen, Guy Gilliland, and Joe Washburn. Gov. Claude Kirk, in a letter read at Wednesday's meeting, endorsed the proposal and called it "a realistic, businesslike approach." U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman sent a telegram endorsing the measure, and promising USDA help to the industry. Under the plan, the administrative committee will use the special tax funds to buy up concentrate and then will use the product to open up the secondary markets through the stabilization of price and supply. In the past, the industry has participated in the school lunch programs during times of oversupply when the USDA purchased the surplus, but in years of undersupply the cost of the product went too high. It is hoped the use of the concentrate reserve plan will provide a supply of concentrate at a constant level, regardless of year-to-year changes in production and at a stable price. The board of director of Florida Citrus Mutual, a cooperative representing more than 15,.'.tX) growers, immediately gave its "enthusiastic endorsement" to the plan and promised to work for it Hook-up relays the aaswers hv city officials and departments heads to questions received at West Palm Heath City Hall or by letter, c-o this column at the Post-Times, over the past week This column is a regular lealure of the Thursday Post By PATRICIA PRESTON (J. I don't know exactly how to describe this but the other day I was driving along Sapo-dilla when two city men were (lagging down traffic and a garbage truck whi.ed by at a good speed across the intersection. The question is why was the truck going hack-wards across a heavily traveled street? It .Jim Mia Her had anything to say about it. the truck would not have hern going backwards. As it was. however, the drive shalt broke and. an air line broke, which rendered the truck hr.ikeless and goarlosv Shatter, with skill that is almost reaching legendary proportions in the public works department, suc-cesslullv steered the truck backwards downhill for more than two blocks at an estimated speed of :!." miles per hour with no damage to property or person The truck, alter crossing a sand lot which slowed the speed considerably, landed against a power pole, moved it a lew inches and was finally at rest. Shaffer was aided bv Police Still Probe False Bank Warning The state convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. will open here at 9 a.m. Friday at the Downtown Holiday Inn. Keynote speaker for the convention opening at 9 a.m. will be the Rev. S. A. Cousin of Miami, who formerly ministered to the Palm Beaches for a number of years. The Rev. Cousin has headed many churches in Florida, including churches in Daytona, Tampa and Orlando. After serving nine years as pastor of the Payne Chapel A. M E. Church in West Palm Beach, he transferred to the Greater Bethel A .M E. Church in Miami. The Rev. Cousin Ls now the presiding elder of the Miami District. A former president of the fraternity association will be guest speaker at the convention banquet beginning at 8 p.m. Friday. Delivering the main address will be attorney Belford V. Lawson Jr. of Washington, D C. Well known in business circles, Lawson is chairman of the board of Fair-Micco Inc., director of Madison National Bank, a member of the Metropolitan Washington Board of Trade, former president and now a director of the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce. As a practicing attorney, he is a member'of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United L nearlli Tusk LIEGE. Belgium 1AP1 -Pieces of tusk and tooth from what experts identified as a mammoth probably 12.000 or 13,000 years old have been found in a stone quarry at Chanxhe, The perilous journey JIM PlCKAKD AM) THE COUNTRY ROAD ttUNNKRS Fraturini; JOEY WAWE TRIO OKI I uonr, I HAH (i :tO Ok'rliob ' COUN: RY & WESTERN Ml'SIi For 'our Duncing & Us rutin Plmsurr III KS KM., AND SATl'KOAY NltiHTS LYON-NICKKLQI K IK HI A 207 Royal Poinciana - Serving Palm Beach since 1 950 luncheon Speciols daily except Sunday Roast Young Turkey (Lunch and Dinner) Baked Hickory Smoked Ham (Lunch and Dinner) Roast Round of Beef Lunch and Dinner) BELFORD V. LAWSON JR. message was relayed to all law enforcement agencies on the east coast of Palm Beach County either by telephone or teletype. After police had completed checks of area banks, all agencies reported that there had been no bank robbery and that everything appeared normal. A second call to police, when investigated, turned out to be a laundry delivering linen to one bank at a time different from the usual delivery hours and at the wrong doors. Local iAACP Plans Election The annual election of officers of the West Palm Beach Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will be held Dec. 13. it was announced Wednesday by Mrs. L. E. Buie. president. Polls will be open from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the New Bethel Baptist Church on 9th Street. A general membership meeting will be held at the church on Nov. 29 for the annual report of officers, the report of the nominating committee and election of a supervisory committee for the election. Members in good standing 30 days prior to this meeting or one held on Oct. 22 for the election of the nominating committee will be eligible to vote. Mrs. Buie announced. IT'S HAPPENING Ml SIC 7 I I IKS A W KI k stmj.m; hhm.i: 775 N. LAKE BLVD. NORTH PALM BEACH "Ml SIC MIEI.) ' IMS POPULAR GUY & DENNIS Dine 1 SMORGASBORD A GO GO i It wai already famoui o. the biggest belt-builet in town . . f but now the authentic Scandinavian Smorgasbord tun- cheon at the Colonnades Beach Hotel offers you even more M 30 A.M. lo 2: 1 S P.M. - 4 30 P.M. i PALM COAST PLAZA 7925 r3 m ww -""ten, -i LUNCH AND the two men. Klijia Huggias and James Davis, on the back of the truck Muggins and Davis ran ahead of the backward truck and flagged down traffic at two intersections. Henrietta and Sapodilla Avenues. The skill anil quick thinking of the three men are being noted now by Public Works Superintendent Keece Hickerton who is sending letters of com-mendation. Bickerton said Shatters talent of being able to steer such a straight course at a g iod clip backwards is aided bv his route. 25 percent of which he spends hacking in and out of alleys. Shaffer, by the way. is a skydiver in his oil hours and reports "Skydiving has nothing at all on this. H Why are my city taxes different from my county taxes? It's the same property and every time I go into to pay my taxes, it's the same old question with no answer. A A simple answer, former City Tax Collector William Keelesaid traced back to the fact that two different men are working on your bills. There's a county tax assessor and a city tax assessor and a county tax bill and a city tax bill. There has been much talk of merging the two offices, and this might be the slorv the next couple of years. At least it will prevent confusion from the citizen. This one to 8 00 P.M. - Daily and Sunday . i S. Dixie, W.P.B $139 BUFFET DINNER fy-y T. in the Palm Beach, Florida yit'ALYmM RESTAURANT question is probably the most asked and answered by the city tax collecting department which is now under Finance Director John D'Ippolito because ol the recent transfer of Keete (mm that of lice to the post of assistant auditorium manaeer Q. Why aren't there street numbers on street markers on South Dixie? There are no numbers on buildings either. It is very difficult to try and find a certain number when driving. A. The traffic engineering crew is working on the problem right now. Traffic Engineer Ronald Schutta reported. The men have already tried putting vertical black lettering on the pole but Schutta said it does not have enough reflecting value. They are now experimenting with white numbers on a green background. .Numbers are not put on the horizontal sign lor two reasons; not enough room and it defeats the purpose of having interchangeable signs Numbers on buildings are issued by the building department along with building permits. Before final inspection by the city, a prominent display of building numbers is required What happens alter inspection is speculation but it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain building numbers. Q. Why is there a "no parking" sig n on the north side of Southern Boulevard between Washington Road and Flagler Drive? The owner of that apartment building does not provide parking spaces for his guests' visitors. That space is off the highway and causes no inconvenience to traffic. A. Unfortunately the building was constructed before an amendment in the code which req uir es on e-a nd-a -ha 1 1 pa rki n g spaces per unit. The building meets the former specifications ol one pace per unit. Traffic Engineer Ronald Schutta said the parking in the grassed area before the building was banned because motorists were parking "in a haphazard manner" and interfering with the sale and efficient use of the road. The cars were creating traffic "blinds" by obstructing view. Schutta noted that there is ample parking across the street. Q. How did it happen that the entrance into the first municipal parking lot on North Olive Avenue is so dangerous? There must be a million places where it would be safer. Is the citv thinking about this? A It happened because it was designed that way nine years ago and the nearest thing to an explanation is that thought was the entrance should be on the busiest thor-oughlare Thoughts are no longer along those lines, but city officials do not have to assume responsibility or recall for events which occurred before their time. Today, there is strong proposal lor relocating the entrance to either Second Street or Narcissus and closing oil the Olive access. It is a matter which will probably be given consideration the next budget year Mayor David II. llradv noted the Olive entrance and its "W-degree turn" which olten blocks traffic How. Q. Motorists who travel South Flagler Drive are in for a big surprize when they reach the end of the line a series of loops with nowhere to go hut hack. Whv not a sign indicating I'.S. 1? Someone could get lost in that Gregory Road maze. A T rallie Engineer Ronald Schutta is now investigating a sign which will be compatible with a residential area and still let the motorist know that the (h ive ends at the canal. He hesitates to use a I'.S. 1 directional sign to an intersection with a traffic light. Probably the best sign, to be placed before Gregory Road, is a dead end sign, but it all depends on what sign will best blend in with the neighborhood delectables to choose from: more zesty appetizers, more huge platters of chilled meats and fowl, more sea food delicacies, more exciting casserole surprises, more salads, more tasty aspics, condiments and relishes. Yes, more of everything. Yet, and listen to this you can enjoy the whole shooting match including, oven-fresh bread and rolls, and dessert, along with a sensational view of the ocean, for only a dollar ninety five sents, any day at noon DELICIOUS FULL DINNER SPECIAL complete ROAST TURKEY DINNER OVER DRESSING tv monaay rnrougn rnuuy ... milDCE ? Colonnades Beach Hotel. Just tUUKSt Cftr i ever the cau. way on South DINNERS !l Monday through friaoy at Colonnades Beach Hotel. ever the cauwoy on tne rmiDce Just tUUKbt South Ocean Boulevard in Palm Shores, Singer Islai.l Ocean Boulevard in Palm f ueacn Beach And Pilgrims were suitably RETLFUGA t West Palm Beach Police late Wednesday continued their investigation into a phone call from an anonymous tipster shortly after noon Wednesday that a bank robbery was being committed somewhere in the West Palm Beach area. Although the tip ultimately proved to be a false alarm, police said they were still keeping watch on area banks for any possible disturbances. The caller, who rang up Desk Officer Cliff Brady at 12:19 p.m. Wednesday, merely stated: "Three men just walked in here with shotguns. This is a Florida National Bank.'' Within seconds, patrol cars were dispatched to all banks ;n West Pain- Beach and the By Adler & Harrison Complete the imerick by unscrambling the mystery words at end of each line was LUTAFFE z RUVEDDOE i A Bell McClnre Syndicate feature - lddle" book: P.O. Box 266, 196 pages of best puziles. -ouiv TO BROWN Dancing to -j( Frank Casler I riO NIGHTLY - 3 SHOWS -9-11-1 a.m. ftJM tir 0PEN .. 2 VEGS. SALAD DESSERT ROLL & BUTTER COFFEE OR TEA The food they With real thanks they WORPHESE W 'rLAVS rlAnO AINU? I SINGS IN 'HK I i Tor JlailneleiTa..: I (titftar .($6 ic&& i&tf I I OVERLOOKING THE OCEAN ? South on Singer Island For Reservations i & in Palm Beach Shores Call John H44-522I Since hardship had purchased each , FEALPLUT TM jinnrrinnnnnrro rrinnnnnnnriflTtr Ullllji in the course nf a dasluriii IOX IHAT ANSWER TO I Hie quarry pulled iilf a sink SUM YESTERDAY'S Wllh lhc Unnd hls SM" 1 " LIM-R-IDDLt llllllll ,lc spr 'W;IS ., beastly AITKOVr Send (I for "Fun With Lim - R Randallsrown, Md., 21133; at Walgreen's For Your H ""okl FUTCH Thanksgiving " V 4 4 ALL THE TRADITIONAL FOODS AND DESSERTS , 6.25 per person M.00 children under 10 5:00 P.M. 'til 10:00 P.M. Mdke your ccirlv reservations now 7O.Y;' H3 5-5761 JjmA-" CINDY EMBERS Dinners ROAST THURS-FRI-SAT TUES. thru SUN ujk DINNER SERVED from 7pm, 2 DRINK MIN. Mr PALM COAST PLAZA RIVIERA BEACH U.S. till I LANNY C'RKYl CaDt. Flovd Maior's m t JifcifflM M fflMTZrW til5AM- 44 Cocoanut Row, 'Ul(lJlllL SINGER ISLAND 848 9606 TURKEY DINNER or Baked Ham Includes: Cup of Soup or Chilled Juice Tossed Salad Bowl - Choice of Dressing Whipped Potatoes or Candied Yams Vegetable and Hot Rolls & Butter Coffee, Tea or Milk Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Topping in the SEAVIEW HOTEL . i .... t hiLl n in TRADITIONAL FEAST Apprtterrs Festive Fruit ( up li-t-d Tonmto .luiic Florida Shrimp Cockhiil I.fiO New F.nKlunil Chowder Manhattun Chowder Chicken Noodle Soup TKADITIONAI.I.V KOASTFI) VERMONT I t UK FY :i.50 Oyster Dressing, (Jihlet (iruvv, Candied Sweet Potato and ('ape Cod Cranberrien ItAKFI) Sl'f.AR Cl'HFl) COl NT KY II AM 3.M) Prune and Kuisin Sauce, Candied Sweet Potato KOAST I'KI.MK KIKS OF l!FFF N ATI HA I. (JKAVY t.itr. linked Potato, VeKetahle D'Jour HKOII.FI) HALF FLORIDA I.OItSTFR 'A. to) Stuffed With Crahmeat Dressing Vncrf utth alt nf thr nftiup Chef Salad w ith Choice of Dressing Puritan Pumpkin Pie Hot Apple Pie with Cracker liurrcl ChrcNP iirandied Mince Meat Pie A Selection of Ice Creams and Sherbets Coffee Tea Milk CIIII.DKFN S DINNER $2.50 Srmnp Ihnnit litim J p.m. In III p m. Olic r. ul I liiylcr liriilif hrve 1'iirkirijr, Children's Platter $1.00 FRESH BAKED PUMPKIN PIES FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING DINNER News Of Record CIVILSUIT 68 C -45.16 - l.ia Oreen by her lather Leslie A Green, and Leslie A Green, individually vs Larry Gladin, suit tor m excess ot 41. 000 (or miunes allegedly suffered in a traffic accident July 4, 1968 on North Dixie Htyhway near its intersection Seventh Ave., West Palm Beach FINAL CIVIL JUDGMENT 68 C .186 J - Teiaco Inc vs Louis Olcs vary Ir , Judgment for plaintiff MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS Kevin D Gibbony 19, and Diana L Mitchell, 18 bothof Boca Raton Stanley H Cole, 22, of Lantana, and Shirley A Sweet, 21, of West Palm Beach Wayne D Griflm. ??, of West Palm Beafh, and Nancv A WcDoweli, 22, of North Palm Beach Phillip B F-eatriprbay. 20, and Sharol E Mr Cullogh, 18. bothof Delray Beach Fred R Smith, 41, and Margaret N Tonms, 35, both of Lake Park George G Schurter. 30, ol Palm Springs, and Alda D Carroll, 21, of West Palm Beach Lloyd R Lylton Jr , 2t, of Boca Raton, and Marsha L Nitschke. 21, of Delray Beach DIVORCE SUITS FILED Doris Remhard vs Norman R Rein-hard Robert E Miller vs Shirley F Miller Barbara J Pncevs Paul Price LesiieG Knoof vi Lynda C Knopf Betty J Nierman vs M Murray Nier-man Mi r i dean Appoiioma vs Michael A Ap-pollonia FINAL DIVORCES GRANTED Martha Gibson vs Henry G Gibson Jr Ania Aksiia vs vamoAksila Foster H Cornman vs Carolyn D Cornman YvonneE Sellers vs Harry Sellers Gordon A Beniamm Jf vs. Carol Benjamin Deborah L Colcombe vs. Stanley J Jr. ...... r Belt"-: Palm " Ml PALM BEACH MALI DOWNTOWN CLEMATIS SERVED AT ALL STORES

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