Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 16, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1936
Page 7
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i SATURDAY, MAY 16, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON -WHITE ELEPHANTS TODAY WANT AD- TOMORROW CASH THE NEXT DAY Dressed ' 12c . M'TTKHFAT j TUDCC UOOM Fl'KX. Al'T. KOII inntl ,t.t( bath. Salem Apts., 215 Ferry St. ml5-lS NEWTODAY LL.nU Hnd t.lixvs picked Up free of char ire anywhere. Phone collect 1 4-F-M. A I tinny. If no answer. Phone 11-F-4. Corvallls. ml4-tf TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS cows usually $5.50 down. ood beef enws to $6. young t-owa to $6.64). ' Bulla $5-6, cuttery klnda down to 1 $4.50. Oood to choice veaiera $8, ) early to $10. ' Sheep: Weeks' receipt 4850. tmpared one week aso, spring j lamhs steady, older classes weak to 2.1c lower with plainer quality ac- counting for 50c reduction In topi (imitations: bulk trmnl HpriiiR lambs $10, common to medium $8.50-9.50; Rood shorn lambs $K, common down i to $5.50: Kod shorn ewes $3.50-4, WANTED Kuu ,ASI-0l',, Mni,,LL and worthless horses and cows. Dead animals picked up free of charge anywhere. Cale & Montgomery. . Phone collect 33-F-12. Corvnllis. mitf 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS Tn Stewart, 11.". V. 12lh. in i -I7-S GOOD n woiM I i : 1 1 - i i;uiht ellvereil In any length. I,ester Chlleote, 1 C0(i Sunt lain Hd. l'hone 734-lt. J20-tf RIGHT WOOD TUB KlllHT price. CMnude Wright, phone 2CCI-.I. tins K. cith St. in2ll-tf Automobiles Wanted PJCU KOII VUHIV CAR OH UMOll ,(Uity. Wardon s Car Market. Lebanon, l'hone l:t:(1. inTi-jr 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous WRECKING sf ul!.' iVri'et, 4 per M., , . planks for burns, bridges, tin'iber, IxK and lxti sheet 1 1) floor! UK eel I i UK, flld-iiiK. Can deliver., 3rd Hi Mudison, Albany. . ml4-20.s KATAHDiNTi!:;';:.:: C. It. Settleiule 'raliKi'tit, tire. H..X 2r,, liiM-10 WOMAN'S l,"'Yfl'l': AI-'': vuivinn u ,.!,,,,,. Kxn-rient condition. Aildri-Hs Hox 2 1 2m, i--o nem-ocral-Herald. nil:l-15 ASPARAGUS ' Floral Co. I'll. ii:i7-lt. luH-111 FDR QAI F piano. vicTiitii.A run ortLL i,eil,(.r, , , t,. lli'il Sun 1 1 am Itoad. ml:l-lli 21 For Rent FDR RFNT-1 ","V1S fhunish- I VJIl IlLIII w, (.PI,K preh. elee. washer, KaraKe. 14a No. oak. ; UlU-ld Personal ST0MAPH l''--'KR. 'AS PAINS. O I UIVIAn t,t)lKUHtl..l. victims, why suffer? For nnlck relief net a free sample of I'dtia, a doctor's ,MeHriptiou at Fred Dawson's Drill? Store. mf-jri 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING WAIib 1 ,k,is- I nin I interior decoratiliK that'H different. Phone 42 or Mtf-1. Wilbur Dawson & Claire Snyder. CASH foh oi.n ciOi.p. crowns, bridges, filllntrs, old jewelry, watch eases, etc. F. .M. French & Son, Jewelers. d.llltf CUfCp SllKAItl.Vi;, CAM. ol IL1-r Truax, Phone 21I-F-4 IIOHIN or call niS-Jl at 1315 K. 2nd. pACU PAID r'OR t';si:i) FUUNI v w ' tore, etc. "Look , In your Cltus. & Sou, 4 Hi W. First St. Jl-tf NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice" is hereby given that Hie undersigned have been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County executrix and executor, respectively, of the will and estate of W. H. Howard, deceased, and have qualified. All persons ' having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned executrix and executor- at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building, in the city of Albany, Linn! County, Oregon,, i ' ' Dated and first published this 18th day of April, 1936. , MABEL HOWARD - ' ARTHUR K. McMAHAN Executrix and Executor of the Will and Estate of W. H. Howard, . Deceased MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys for Executrix and Executor. A18 25 May 2 0 16 A WHILE MAKE 24 WLL, Prices quoted fee low nre those pre-vailiiiK at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are vubjecL to chaniie at any hour thereafter. I.OCAI, GHAIN M. Sender A Co. Whtlit: No. white, 7e: red nnd mixed 7"c bushel. RAHl.RY: Hansen, $21.00 ton. OATS: White. No. 1, J1S.00; Kray No. 1, f2.1.0U; Kiay feed $20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound ...SOc Mohair, per pound 40c Mil A IS (l. I!. NrberKnH Meat Co.) 4' ATT MS Steers .$5,507.00 lleirers 4.r0'irti.&i Hulls H.MMrG.OO Cows, beef a.OOS.UO Cows, eultei-H ... i. 5O(ff3.00 II042H H0 to Din pounds . , DiO tn 210 pounds . , 210 to lif.O pounds 'i'.iH to 3TiU poutitls , , LTiO pounds up . , . , SoWH , , , . , ,$s.riO(Ts.oo . s.oo'ii o.oy . 7.:.ows.fio . ".niilr 7.7ft . r,.7Mt fi.Mt . 4,75(1.2:. .f".r.iitif H,ro . li.OOfcl 4.0U . SOOrtiOO 7c lie sm:i:i' LaiulN . . lOwes . . , Yearlings Uve .... Drertsed lOl I.TUV Svlft A 'oitiptiny No. 1 hens. 4J to I! lbs 1 Sc No. 1 hens, over 0 lbs, ......... .ISc No, 1 medium hens, over 3A lbs 1 fit-No. 1 inedlum hens, under l lbs, ISc Ctdored Kprliiics . , , .18c No. 1 broilers, i to 2 lbs. ...... 1 &c Uoosters .7r .Statfs . . 10i: i;;;h All IVWm Are delivered Albany (.'aft Ueliirnml Kxtras Standards .... ttxtra medium ........... SiHiidard medium Hrowiis extruH , Dirty extras I'liderKradcH I'llllfLN . lJee Weea . . VIC A l 'Uve .10t: .17: .Vfle .13c .10n . 1 He .12c .10c ,8M,e By HAROLD GRAY PATTI F ''AS'l'l'ltK. TSo 1'Elt XIO. 1 1 Ll- J. Iteese Mallow, Corvallls. lit. 2, l'hone lx-F-:i. . lull FOR RENT & 6 HOOM l,JI- 1 UM 1 ' 1 ruin. upta. Phone 47-It. aSl-tf Fl I SW0RTH AHTS I,EATj ture Ph. SS. 805 Kllsworth. Rll-tf 14 Houses Wanted WANTFD TO "BNT-OOOD nuern G or 6 room house between now Phone !i4R. and June 15. ml 4-10 10 Help Wanted BERRY 1'"'KKlls want i:i j. ti. I curran, IjAcotnh, Ore. . l'hone Lebanon 47-F-4. nlH-ltl RflDn ''-;an WOMAN COOK HK-vJUUU ,wrrn 30 & ,15 y,urB. Ues- laurant exp. not necessary. Apply in person utter 2 p. in. liepot Cafe. H24 I. yon St. 1U12-18 11 Situations Wanted HOUSEWORK Ty hut Sat. Kxp. worker. Call 1237 Washington Ht. ml4-Di 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous GOOSEBERRIES -A: It. I. Macl,aug;hlln ft Co. illh &. Kakrr Sts.. Albany. Ore. inH-lti-S WOOL WANTED - market value. M, Senders A I'a - CASCARA HA UK V A NT K D W K an unlimited iitantity of iry or preen ( Mascara Hark. Will puy hlKhent i-ush prices. Albany "HftV-Kalu House, 2nd and HHker. Phone 7ltC. a!5-tr OLD I'NITKD STATUS COINS bought at Dnwsnu'M lrtiK Store. marltf ONCE IN MARRIED ,-oi;p'K T WANA,iK nmillllLU rami. ArniiiK1 !- toiritiiit-nt Tltiirsdav.. Mhv Jl. Ail-3 dress liitx J 1 TO, -c-o 1 icmcHTiit-Her-? i(hl. ml , "ULL tor 'Usi'rt one nutiuti $lo. Beroitd house rrbis sir'ft from ,f DctintKou's stir'. Kaniile Itransoii. 'rj iiclo, ironoii.-f m 1 ti WANT ALJ3ANY ' noME Oil Sl'B-JtrUN i urhnnv have fxtru (rom, 'j farm well hriproved with t'k1 5 lam and owner winln-s in ntirt - on small acreage or in town. 6iX Room Hcsidt'iicp, no better lora-1 lion in Albany and offered for few da vm for mily $2700 with terms cash and balance 7. 'M Acre Stuck: Kani'li only $10 per acre. Tripp A .Murjihy, Realtors. - wnnn '-ft. wutly DRY slabwood. $2. 50 ner eord ; dellveitd. ( Cinm-ron, 22 W. jsl Sr., I'hotlG 400 or 703-1 lillB $1800- T Qt'll'K- JISOll. fill nores of prairie land all 'X under cultivation fair Imtldiii.s, 4 the besi buy ever offered in Unn ': eounty. $1 KoO total price. Why rent? I HU'INK I HOOD, riione :too i a:totf BEE HIVES " SALK (HH)li .Mrs. Cray, 704 Thurston, l'hone 306-V. mlO-lS ITTfllTinM llHAl.lOI'.S IN I.IVH U I LIN I lUII sl,.k. y ,hel ' Linn County I'air Crounds witli 4 ail huildiiiKs and 30 nor en of land j? for holding' stock while waiting to bad, at the price of farm land, and very e;isy terms. So Al'KI-IS ON Ilir.HWAY near LM- anon improved for only $2150. A ('. Jlollarhide Co. in 1 -It f OIWLf t(r(1 ;J1 noroH loented on ; Hrnsh Creek, all bottom iMtd. '4 crop alt In, very pood buildings,, a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 co"H, all equipment needed, all . furniture needed. Total price only $:i"So move .rlht in. 1HVINI-: I j. HOCH, l'hone 00 : , J nHotr Little OrpKan Anne And. Other Comics LITTLE ALCHEMIST SI'KOIAL' the public know about It. I'se a Want-ud. WF HAVF KVK,tA- VElY r,N,: i in v u rMllffe siKn ials in addition to the ones mentioned in our regular ads. Mountain States Power Co. m2 For Sale Real Estate 4.7'2ACRE Bill SAUK Hwy., 5 miles out": new .1 room house, new chicken house nil other outbuilding fair: on main liower line. Crops all in. A HAIiiiAlK. See owner. Wm. .Melvluley, lit. !.' Albany. Or- a22-m22 FDR Al F m"1":i:n sbuxv I Ull OrALL. ,ieeoniteil home, H lot well located nt 1094 W. 8th St.". Albany. Write .M. I. Powers, Son W. 1st Ave. Hugcuc. lire. ml2-lft FDR 9AI F "KAI KSTATK- I VII unLL Federal Land Hank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A. Barnes, Field Salesman, 1 1 C:i Oak St.. Kugene. nn. ulti-nilil 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs TFAM I'KIK'UHimN M.WtlM, O.N1-: :l.",mi lbs. It. Fitch, Hurrisliurg, lire. niU-18 WHITF I.KillloIlN C'lllrKS FOIt Phone f.-I-:il, Jeiiks Tangent, Ore. llHtehery, mlfi-O 200 WHITE 'K,5H(,llN ,,ru- Will I l ,t,tSi Hollywood. 8 wks. old, 55c eat'h. Lester Hnult, TaiiKent, Ore. mH-Di RONTON TKItltlHU, U Ylt. UUOIUM ol(, j,0 Address lln 2137, c-o Denioi-rnt-Ilerald, ml 4-1 B WHITF I'l',:IloltN liAHY CHICKS VV 111! U Hatches every day the first week in May. Order from this ad $10 per 100. Still plenty of time to raise n nb-e lot of fall layers. Ur KSKMS HATCH KIIY, l'hone 3Sti, Corvallls. Ore. aSOtf pACU FOll OLD AND WOltTH-OnOI I j(1K4 , ,.,. 8 nn) ,.,,vs. Day- old calves. Ph. 14-F-Cecil Mini I iro mery. , Albany, ml 4-t r WONDER IF EVER' BODY sort o 'mgineo stories, WHILE THEY'RE WORKIN' M.ONE THIS WY- STORIEP IHf W.WAYS MAKE THEM POP'LAR. AND SUCCESSFUL- FRIENDS COST OF THE IF Yflll AKK 1H,Nt; A Si' ir i uu , 4lf Bt4.vil.e IV M GOIN' TO - MY DREAMS INTO ' it's what's called dav-dreamin', i s pose-it's fun, but it'd be Awful easy to just keep on dreamin' all SOMEBODY MAKES ONE O' THEIR BEST DREAMS COME TRUE-- THEN EVER BODY SAYS THAT BIRD HAD A THAT BIRD HAD A ': IDEAS- YESSIR- I M GOIN' SOMEWHERE- I'LL .,,TSAYS WA ' V GREAT IDEA- HM-M-M--- h GREAT IDEA- HM-M-M--. i THROUGH LIFE, I BETCHA- SHOW 'EM ALL, I WILL- Kmun 4 B irrade 25c C ffrade 22c KIIKKI I.nmbH $8.2699.00 FOHTLAM) 1IAHKKT i'ortland, ore. May 16. den era My steady tone Is continued In the market for butter. lineal make is show-In ht less than aeasonable increaHe while demand for stornK' 1h heavy. There was no ehantce whatever in the tremmtl fR market situation for the weekend. Prices were the same as they have been for a week. Very fancy ouallty strawberries are arrlvlntc from the Cnnby section with general picking operutlons to start In the Hanks sector within n f e w d a y s. Sa 1 es of Ca nby at oc k around $3.50 for 24n. .Market for potatoes contlmies to reflect a Kr''"tly strenKthened tone and especially for old crop with new nd valid uk In California. Considerable trouble with tuber moth In reported there. I'OHTI.AM) IJVKSTOt k Hurt laud, Ore., May Dl. lloifs: Week's receipts 3300: Compared one week ni?o market mostly &0e lower; early top drive-ins and toad lots $1(1, late bulk and top I70-2I;1 lbs $!i.75, medium grades iloWll to $0.51): 225-21MI His. $0-l.25, few early to $11.50 and above. 325 lbs. and up downward to $S.5tl. 125-ltiO lbs turtrHy $ii-n.25, few to $ii.5o nnd better. 1'acUliiK siiws lai'Kcly $7.50. suuKith sorts to $S, heavy roui;h klndH down to $7. Hood to choice feeder piK $!. 50-1 0.25. Cattle: Week's m receipts 2700. Calves 370. Compared one week niro market uneven, Hteers tilout steady, she stock unevenly steady to 25c ItfRher but climliiK undertime decidedly weak. Hulls around 25c higher, veal- ers $l-$1.5ll lower. Hulk fed steers $7-7.75. few $7.S5-X.IO, conunon down-ward to $5.50. Fed heifers InrKcly $tl.5o-7.25, common down to $5.50, cuttery lots to $4. Low cutter and cutter cows $3-4. ilti, common to medium grndes $4.75-6.50, dairy type NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON, FOR THE COUNTY OF LINN. No. 17456 UNIVERSAL BOND & ) MORTGAGE CORPORATION) a corporation, ) PlnlntiK.) vs. ) J. R. CARTWRIGHT, n wid-) owcr VIVIAN CARTWRIGHT,) and HAZEL CAP.TVRIGHT.) his wife; MARGARET A. ) THOMAS, Executrix of the es-) tntc of J. B. ASHENFELTER,) deceased; STATE INDUS- ) TRIAL ACCIDENT COM- ) MISSION OF OREGON, ) Defendants.) By virtue of an execution, Judg ment order, decree and order of sale Issued out of the above en titled Court in the above entitled cause, to me directed and dated the 24th day of April, 1938, upon a judgment rendered and entered in said Court and cause on the 20th day of April, 1936, in favor of the above named plaintiff, Uni versal Bond Be Mortgage Corpor ation, a corporation, and- against the above named defendant, J. R. Cartwright, for the sum of $5,- 172.34 -and accrued Interest in the sum of $1,552,96, together with interest on said $5,172.34 nt the rate of Ten (lO'.'i) per cent per annum from the 20th day of October 1935, until paid; and the further sum of $15.00 together with interest thereon at the rate of Ten (10) per cent per annum from the lfltli day of November, 1935; and the further sum of $376.25 with interest thereon at the rate of 6 per annum from 20lh day of April, 1936; and for the further sum of $14.25 costs and dis bursements and tlie costs of and upon this writ commanding me to make sale of the following real property situated in the County of Linn, State of Oregon, to-wit: Lot Numbered Twelve (12), in Block Numbered Six (6), in the city of lLurrisburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, according to the official plat thereof on file and of record in the office of the County Clerk of said county and state, saving and excepting therefrom that part of said Lot 12 described as follows: The first story of that certain building located on the portion of said lot described as follows, commencing at the northeast corner of said Lot 12, Block 6, in the City of Har- risburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, and running thence West on the North line of said lot Thirty (30) feet and Three (3) inches to the center of the stairway in a brick building now situated on said land. thence south parallel with the East line of said lot Sixty-five (65) feet Three (3) inches, thence East parallel with the North line of said Lot Thirty (30) feet three inches to the East line of said lot; thence North to the place of beginning; together with the perpetual casement in and to the West half of the West wall of said building. Now, therefore, by virtue of said execution, judgment order, decree and order of sale, and in compliance with the commands of said writ, I will, on Friday, the 29th day of May, 1936, at one o'clock P. M. at the front door of the County Court House In Al bany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction (subject to redemption) to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest which the above named defendants and each and all of them in the above entitled suit had on the 15th day of Oc tober, 1929, the date of the mortgage herein foreclosed, or since that date had or now have in and to the above described property or any prt thereof, to satisfy said execution, judgment order and decree, costs sand accruing costs. Dated Aprir24th, 1936. First Publication, April 25th, 1936. Last Publication, May 23, 1936 HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. STRENUOUS MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse innioii uown to yt. , , IM1UTLAV1) WIIOI.KNAI.K PUICKH Tht'sn are the iirlces retultarn liay : wlioleifttirx, I'xtM'iit where otherwlne Hinted : llnlter PrlntH, A crailo, 29c lb In lmn-hinetit vrniiper, 30c lb In cartons: H icrurie, pnrrhnipnt wrupner . kc in, c-nrtonH zmj in. Mmtnrrnt (I'nrtlund delivery) A Krnile, delivered lit leant twice 4 i i-eek, 2S-29C 11,; country routes, 26-8u III. H tirade, 2K-2c Hi; C grade at market. 1 ; H Krude cream for market-buying price butterfnl hauls, fi.1lc lb. l heeee Selllnu' price to Portlnnu ' ri-talli-m; Tillamook triplets, 20c lb; louf, 21c lb. Tillamook Belling price , to wholesales: triplels, 18c. lb: louf, : 19c lb. . Kkkh Tlttying price of wholesal ers: Kxtru, ltle dos; standards, I7c dox; mediums. He do2, do medium firsts, l&e dox: under grade, 16c dox; ' pullets, llic dox. Milk A Krude Portland delivery, Ac lb. buttcrfnt basis for 4 percent. ' Live poultry I'ortland delivery, buying price: Colored hens, over i lbs, . IK. 19c lb; under 41 lbs, 18-Uo 1 lb; Leghorn hens, over .11 lbs, 1G-I7c; under :ij lbs, lli-He lb; Leghorn brullers, 1 to 1 lbs, 10-17c lb; do 11 lbs. up, 111.17c lb; colored springs, 2 lbs, and up 20-21C lb; roosters, 8-9c . Ih: Pekln ducks, young, 1.1-17c lb; geese, lt-12c Hi. Live poultry .Selling price tiy ' wholesalers: Unlit hens. 10-l7e: me dium hens, 17-18c lb; colored' liens, is-l'JC in: broilers, Kile lb; springs, 18-22c lb; Pekln ducks, young, 21-22c lb; do. colored, 12-17c Ih; capons, j over 7 lbs, 24-2&C lb; guinea hens, (iUc euch. Jtabblts Fancy dressed. 20-21c lb. ' Turkeys tdressed) Selling price to retailers: No, 1 hens, 19-20c lb;T loins, lS-20i: per lb. piioih;;k rxciiakrr -The following prices were named lu be effective today: Hutter t'ube extras, 27n; stand- ards 27c;. prime tirsts, 26ju; fu-ntn, ' SOjC. Cheese Oregon triplet?. I Re: Ore- ' gon loaf, 16c. Brokers will pay c below nuolallons. Kggs Produce exchange quotations between dealers; extra large, 18c: standards, large, 17c: extras, j medium lc; standards, medium, ltttv .lobbing prices 2c higher. PIIKNII KHI'IT Apples Delicious, extra fnncy, tl.KC-2 hox: do fnncy,' ll.C5-1.60 box; , Newtowns, extru fancy, $1.70 box; do fancy, I1.4& hox: do face nnd fill, fancy, 8iic tmx; do face and fill, choice, 65c box; gpltxcnhreg, extra fancy, $1.40 box; tin combination : $1.25 box; Home ltenuty, Jumble, 2c lb; WlueHiips, extra fancy, $1.66 box; do fancy, $1.40 box; do Jumble, extra . fancy, 3c lb. Cantaloupes f'allfiirula Jumbo 36, $7.25-7.60 crate. Hanauus Uuncb, 51c lb; hauda, 6- ' 6j'c-Hj?"',''w" " "" - . - .SU-uwuqrrles Florin, $1.40-1.50 per- 12-box .'rate; candy $3.00 Tor, 24 . crate. Peara-rlV Anjotl. $1.15 box. Liemous California, fancy $8,76-7.25 case; choice $5.75-6.60. ' 1 Oranges California navels, fancy, -'t $:l.l5-3.:0; choice, $2.76-2.95; standards, $2.66 case. : in p.-r in 1 1 Arixona, $1.80-2.40 cjise; Florida, $$.26-11.00. FIIICNII VKtSKTAIII.KN I'olatiies Local, $1.90-2 per cental: Klamuth, $2.36 cental; Hcappoose Netted Ileum. $2-2.15 cental; Uel-i-liiilcH Neted (ienis, $2.26-2 :16 cental. Celery California, $3-3.50 crate; . hearts, $2 dox. bunches. ; eas callfornlu, $2.35-2.60 60-lb suck. .splnnrli 40-60c orange box, , onions Oregon, $1-1.25 per 100 ; lbs. ( Toiuutoes lndio, $1.75-2.25 lug. . ittui-e i.ocul 3s $1.50 crate: Sa- 1 1 1I ii m, $2.25-2.50 crate; Cnliriirnla, ' $1.60-1.76 crate. Sweet potatoes California, $2 per , 50-lb crate; southern yams, $1.86 ' crate. Cauliflower Uoseburg, t ) crate; Callforulu $1.50-1.75 crule. Ithubarh Field grown, 35-40o apple box. - cuctiiuiiers Local, noinouse, si- 1.50 dnx. New iMilatoes Shal c.ntul. $j!l j ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and profess sional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN , Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank BIdg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sis., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan, Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES - HDWK. Maytag, Easy, Thor, Washer MEASURES BESIPES, IF YOU ARE 5UKE OF VOUR INFOP-II I NWION, WE 5HOULD NOT I CAN 1 ri PERHAPS THIS WILL PEPRIVE I I I I YOU. OF SEE YOU'EE NOTIFY THE EMPEEORI KEASOMABLE, y'LiiTm w"' i Kl BUT, POCTOR .... WE I ME THE NEAJ!NQ VERY , CAN'T LEAVC,NOW, IF I OF THIS MVTEs?0L)5 WELL- THERE'S TO BE A w HASTE'I I SINCE BATTLE-, WE'LL BE I " J YOU REFUSE MEEPEP IM HARUM Immf- TTT AT OMCE m GOING Y yB ie IRRITATE-P BY MVEA'5 0UE5TIOU5 ABOUT LEAVING HAEUM BY THE 5ECCET TUWNEL FRECKLES AND HIS By Thompson and Coll BY BLOSSER THAT SEEMS SUFFICIENT. TO COVER THE COST OF THE MEDICINE, MR.TWIDGE, AND TO ASSURE YOU A NEAT PROFIT .' CASE nitskyiicrcrc-rv ml : BY HAMLIN BUT, JUS' LETTHAT sUJj TKY Cji I I IKJ THIS CROWM BACK, - YOUR RE-ASOKJ f t I V ' v J 1ffJ6 r M A "JtflviCt inc y 7 V MLHj I K7 Cji I I IM IHI! y L CROWM BACK, - FREE! Your honor, even tho this boy did leave a. coin in paymecwt for the medicine; he took, it was GOIMQTO BE THE COIN HE LEFT WAS DATED 1878 , AND IF YOU WILL LOOK IN THIS COIN COLLECTORS BOOK, YOU WILL SEE PROOF THAT THE COIN IS WORTH MANY TIMES A DOLLAR v - HMM J, NOT SUFFICIENT TO COVER THE VOUR, V ), MR.TWIDGE 1 EXACTLY.... HC3NOB. 1 JTJ ruS VALUES "IWE 1 AND COOK MAY I J S'oJVS. MEDICINE J LEFT ONLY SAY A C )' T WAS F'FTY V FEW IN N , J REMOVED ' CENTS ! WORDS? A CASE:' vT'' FROM HIS fyZZ SHELVES AT J- ONrLLARj GUZ PREPARES FOR WAR Mi - v -v V ( ALLEY OOP GIVEN ALLEY CLIFFSIPE DISASTER. VICTIMS RECOVER COP AMD DIM MY, UP FOR DEAD, SUFFER tit S ' I ONLY MINOC IklJURIES. iiLtV rL Astonished Moovians h Delirious With Jotj. HEY, 0UZ -1 GOT GREAT ) NICE, EH -YEAH ! ) NEWS FOE YUH .' COP f 1 A I NT THAT r- WASWT KILLED - -v. v wicE - , JUS STUNNED-' HE IS? A rtfj HE'S ALL BIGHT-f WELL, NOW ( T ' Vlr AN' DINMY r AiNT THAT ) - M V , April 25 May Z JO JM o

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