The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on July 31, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
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Thursday, July 31, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER- THURSDAY, JULY 31, 1924. A. W. HENDERSON woodworking, applied chemistry, and printing. MARYLAMD MOB TAHS YDUHE GIRL 'J.S.SEBDSSTBDHB !TE TO TEHEHAf REBELS DRIVEN FROM Si PAULO Ford Sales Increases 15 Pet.; Lincolns Gain 42 Pet. Detroit, Mich. Excluding Sundays and holidays and figuring full operation for 24 hours each day, the Ford Motor company made and sold nearly 5 cars, including Fords, trucks, tractors and Lincolns, every minute of the first six months of this year, establishing a new high record. Total sales of all uuits during tl)e period was 1,074,227. Of this number 1,020,-078 was of Ford cars and trucks, an increase over the same period a year ago of 15 per cent, and 4,015 was of Lincolns, an increase of 42 per cent. Tractor sales were at about the same rate as a year ago, the total being make for success or failure in this pioneer development toward the new-day of democracy in industry. "A good illustration," he writes, "of the sound sense and business judgment exercised by a straight workers committee in charge of the management 'of company houses is supplied by the minutes of a housing committee, one of the subcommittees of a workman's board. "These workers exhibit no disposition to throw away company money. Profit-sharing is a part of the plan in this mill and forms a strong incentive to economy. Careful, but just, they have, in fact, managed the property intrusted to them conservatively, restricting decorations, making tenants meet the company halfway, standardizing rents, removing favoritism! The president of this company, after three years' experience in the matter, 'made the following public statement in regard to workmen's management of company housing: i " 'The various functions connected with the management of the company housing are performed more efficiently by the board of operatives than they in i'. - - 'v i' High-school courses enrolled nearly i 10,000 students, English standing first among the subjects taught with 2.S12 students, physical education second, with 2,280, and mathematics third, with 1,611. Beside academic subjects and physical education, the high-school courses included such subjects as vocal music, orchestra, radio, journalism, commercial art, and dramatics. Work don3 in the evening high school is credited toward a high-school diploma. Altogether. 52.6S2 students attended the evening j courses, more than half of them men. ! Windiest Zone Found in Northern part of U. S. The windiest zone in the northern hemisphere embraces the northern United States and southern Canada. The windiest months are those of late autumn, winter and very early spring. August has the lowest average wind velocity, March and early April the highest. Wind is the flow of air-from an area of high pressure slantwise to an area of low pressure. The greater 1 the contrast of pressure between the masses of air over two adjacent regions, the swifter and stronger will the wind blow. Pressure differences are largely dependent upon temperature contrasts. In summer the temperature contrast between high and low latitudes is relatively small; in winter it is great, for while the snow covered north gets colder and colder in low latitudes there is little temperature variation through the year. Therefore, the pressue gradient, to use the term of meteorology, is gentle in summer and steep in winter. The gradient may be likened to a slope of land. The air pushes down the gradient from high pressure to low as water flows down a vaiiabje slope. The steeper the slope the greater the velocity, whether it be air or water. Therefore, because the gradient is steeper in the cold month the fiercer are the winds. There is, however, a curious difference between the flow of a stream of water and that of the air. The water flows down the slope, the air along it, owing to the rotation of the earth on its axis. Points to Good Done By Workers' Councils About a thousand American factories have adopted one form or another of employee representation. The minutes of the boards and committees of these factories on which employees have representatives give us our first chance to pull industrial democracy down out of the cloudland of theory into the field of deportable fact. James Meyers, wrho has observed at first hand the development of industrial democracy, examines the minutes of a number of factories in his article, "Democracy in American Factories," in the Century Magazine. He says this article "is designated to furnish a brief close-up of some of the actual activities of workers' councils, throwing into high relief a few of the practical principles and methods which Federals Take City After Severe Fighting; Whippet Tanks Big Factor. Buenos Aires. After 23 days of almost continuous lighting the Brazilian rebel forces evacuated the city of Sao Paulo under pressure of the government besieging army, which Is now in possession of the entire city. This information is contained in oilicial announcement made by the Brazilian war office. The rJtels fled In special trains toward the interior and are being pursued- Their only avenues of escape are to the west and the northwest, and the government asserts that Its troops in these regions already are in positions to deal with them. The withdrawal of the rebels from Sao Paulo followed severe fighting inside the city on Sunday. The rebels appear to have made a desperate effort to hold back the government advance, but failed. Infantry Follows Tanks. At daybreak Monday the federal forces brought whippet tanks Into play against the rebels. The rebels already had begun their evacuation when this assault was made. The federals took numerous prisoners, but the rebel leaders, including Gen, Isidoro Lopez, escaped. It is reported that the rebel major Miguel Costa failed to escape and committed suicide. When the federals took possession of the city at noon the governor, Carlos Campos, who had been deposed by the rebels, resumed his office. Official reports received here from Brazil describe the inhabitants of the battered state capital as having greeted the federal forces with rejoicing. All Americans Safe. Washington. Withdrawal of the revolutionary forces from Sat) Paulo and the occupation of that city by Brazilian government forces was announced In advices received by the State department. The department's advices were based upon dispatches from the admiral commanding the Brazilian naval forces, which said all Americans in Sao Paulo were found to be safe. Sle Yoting Lady I -? Across tle Way I The young lady across the way says basketball is the great winter game, and the Inside baseball she reads sc much about doesn't seem to be making much headway. (3) by McC'u'-e N'l-paper Syndicate.) . C. C. Suspends Date. on Train Control Order Washington. The Interstate Commerce commission modified its automatic train control order by suspending indefinitely the effective date of that order. The case Involves 42 roads named to Install automatic train control devices by February 1, 1926. At the same time the commission's original order, which required 4D roads to install devices by January 1, 1925, was modified so as to permit the use of the permissive or manual control feature in connection with automatic devices. Farmers Reject Chicago Grain Marketing Plan Des Moines, Iowa. The National Farmers Grain Dealers association, in which 5,000 grain elevators in the Middle West hold memberships, refused to Indorse the recently organized Grain Marketing company of Chicago. The association declared it would continue to withhold Its indorsement until the grain merger's organization plans were modified to provide that all stock must be held by farmers' elevator companies and not by individuals. hicago Bandits Cow 20 Hotel Clerks and Guests Chicago. Four young men entered the lobby of Hotel Hayes, an exclusive residential hostelry, pulled revolvers, threatened clerks and guests, and dashed out with four cash boxes containing $2,500. The bandits escaped in an auto, but were picked up by a flivver squad, as speeders, after a chase, during which several bullets were fired. The money was recovered and one of the alleged robbers was arrested. The others made a getaway. Important Work Done by Chicago Evening Schools Chicago's public evening schools enrolled more than 50,000 persons in the past school year. These schools offer courses divided into six groups: English for the foreign-born; elementary-school subjects, high-school subjects, home economics, commercial subjects, and industrial subjects. The most popular classes were those for the foreign-born, which enrolled 11,-791 persons, more than one-third of them women. Commercial classes enrolled the next greatest number, 10,260. More than half the students in the commercial group were women, most of whom studied stenography and typewriting. The home economics courses, which included cooking, plain sewing, trade dressmaking, and trade millinery, were attended by nearly 6,000 women. About 9,000 men and 300 women were registered in the industrial courses. Automobile engineering was the most popular of the industrial subjects, enrolling 2,520 men and 36 women. Mechanical drawing and electricity attracted more than 1,000 students each. Other well-attended courses were machine-shop work, with it year in and year It pays from a ser vice standpoint to have good furniture. It pays, also, to have beautiful, harmonious furniture the kind that you don't tire of; for it MAKES your home. Demands Immediate Arrest and Imprisonment of Imbrie Slayers. Washington. Diplomatic relations between the United it!tes and IVrsia may be broken at any moment it was learned at the State department. The department, iu language which, while diplomatic, left no doubt of this nation's intentions, informed the Persian government that it did not intend to stand by without action on the murder of Maj. Robert Imbrie, American vice consul, who was assassinated by a street mob. The note was forwarded through the American minister ia Teheran-Demands Immediate Punishment. The note, it is understood, demands the immediate apprehension and punishment of those who committed the assault upon Major Imbrie. and the assault upon his companion, Mellin Seymour, another American. It also insists that proper punishment be accorded to those officials or public servants who were present and failed to take steps to prevent the outrage. In this category are included members of the police and certain soldiers, some of the latter of whom are understood to have participated in the attack. Indemnity Also Required. In addition to the punishment of the guilty persons and their accessories, and reparation or indemnity for the widow of Major Imbrie, voluntarily suggested by the Persian government In a recent dispatch delivered to the State department by the Persian embassy here, the United States government demands remuneration for the expenses of an American warship which will be sent to Persia to bring back the body of the deceased vice consul. A guard of honor to be furnished by Persia is also demanded for the body whil it remains in Persia, and it is demanded that the Persian authorities show their respect for the dead American crucial and their condemnation of the attack upon him by participating in the core-monies attendant cpon the removal of the body. Hundreds Dead, Say New Reports on India Flood Calcutta. New normal monsoon and disaster in ; to South India reports on the ab-whieh carried flood ;pl a'iing proportions were received here. Railways are was hed out, bridges sul- merged and Imp: cut off from the tea and coffee p!o thousands of hous Several hundreds lost. sable, huge tracts outside world, many stations ruined, and es were swept away, of lives have been $24,000,000 in Panama Canal Tolls in One Year New York. The tenth fiscal year of operation of the Tanama canal, which ended June SO, broke all previous records, according to the dfflcial publication, the Panama Canal Record. During the 12 months 5,543 ocean-going ships passed through. Total tolls were $24,201,402, a monthly average of $2,024,201. The total cargo was 27,21 S,02S long tons, a monthly average of 2.26S.244 tons. Yanks Get Lion's Share of Olympic Prizes; Games End Colombes. The eighth Olympic games. In which the United States scored a triumph, came to a formal close Sunday afternoon In the Ccl-rmbe stadium, where representatives of forty-five nations from all parts of the globe fought the main battle for athletic supremacy. Niney-eight of the SCI Olympic medals awarded went to the United StnTe. France was see-on ! with G4. Swe n, 44; Groat Brit-sin, 41; Finiand. :U ; with others trail- Nezo Monoplcrze Test Hurls Four to Their Death I.. Anceles, ( E.V.r..-it istart'; ; i r. mTv-T-':;-to the uroitnd port he-re hue : r;n ? V-i ' ! t i 1 -n i r..o::d P.oh her. i'"-.:r er-tiS were .':-l when the new Ca . i fo r n i a era h ed a commercial air i::y Rfu-r beginning t. They were s-:-".er and bui'der: hi v-ife, th-:r ear-old sen, and P,ui s Cri-th. was piloting the craft. Laying Plans to Harness the U. S. Water Giants Wn-hinrton. K-iaMishment of large centralized steam electric plants at strategic points, development - of large hydroelectric projects and extension of Interconnection anions the different systems an? advocated in a report made public by the engineering subcommittee of the northeast superpower committee, headed by Secretary of C !:::.) re I i oover. Say Five More Brazilian Cities Are Now Besieged Buenos Aires. Revolution has be-run to brink out all over Brazil according t: reports received here from Uruc.iay. Although the federal government ha- anno'ii.ied that with the ex- 1 tio'.: of s. .. l'aiilo, the entire nation Is upprt'.::g the governmental triors, it l known that five cities have been placed ia a state of &iege. Jealous Wife Admits Leading Crowd in Assault on Young Woman. Frederick, Md. Charged with the tarring and feathering of pretty twenty-one-year-old Dorothy Grandon, eight men and one woman have been bound over to the grand jury under bond of 52,000 each. Dorothy, an unusually attractive girl with brown eyes and bobbed brown hair, was stripped and tarred by a mob of between 50 and GO persons, most of them men, on the highway near Middletown, Mfi. The woman who was arrested, Mrs, Mary Shank, boldly admitted that she had led the mob, had beaten the Grandon girl, and had poured on the tar and feathers, because she said the girl had been "going with her husband. Girl Also Held. Dorothy Grandon, her body still covered with tar was bound over under $500 bond as a material witness. Fifty more business men, merchants and citizens of ilyersville, face arrest as members of the mob. Sheriff Al-baugh of Frederick county, after questioning the girl at the home of James Whip, a farmer, announced that warrants would be sworn out. Whip was threatened with death because he rescued the girl from the mob. With J. O. Shepley, a Myers-ville merchant, -Whip was attracted by the girl's screams. Ilis home is near the scene of the assault. The two men ran up the road, fought their way through the mob and found the girl covered with tar. Body Covered With Bruises. Whip secured a sheet, wrapped It around her nude body, and carried her to his home. A doctor found her body covered with bruises. Mr. and Mrs. only 'remove part tar from the xlcxlm-s body. of the Retailers Will Meet in St. Louis on August 4 St Louis, Mo. A program of practical discussions, which will be almost entirely of an educational nature, has been completed for the annual convention of the American Retailers' association, which opens in this city August 4. The convention will continue to August 11, inclusive. The association now boasts a membership of approximately 2.S00 retailers in all lines of business from cities and towns In forty-one states. Under the convention plans, as made public Friday, these retailers will be urged to bring their sales problems with them to be discussed by the convention in open forum. Man Attacks Mrs. Imbrie as the Police Stand By London. Mrs, Robert Imbrie, wife of the American vice consul who was beaten to death by a Persian mob. has also been attacked and Insulted In Persia, according to a dispatch from Teheran to the London Times. While Persian police stood by and made no attempt to Interfere, Mrs. Imbrie Is declared to have been attacked by a young man who then spat upon her and tore the veil of , mourning from her face as she rode in an automobile with a physician attached to the American mission. The youth then threw gravel at the occupants of the car. Airs. Ferguson Second in Texas Primary Battle Dallas. Texas. After having held second place in the Democratic race for the nomination for governor the greater part of the day, Lynch Davidson slipped back to third place, Mrs. Miriam Ferguson again going Into second. The totals for the three leaders are: Robertson, lv3.:?."9; Mrs, Fergu- son, 120.005; Davidson, 117,210. Rob- ertson and Mrs. Ferguson will enter a second primary in August to deter-! mine the Democratic nomination. Embezzlement Increases TJ C Rprtnrt " " tePort ZIlOWS New York. Embezzlement is in creasing rapidly in the United States, according to William B. Joyce, chair man of the National Surety company, and In 1024 he estimates it will cost the American people not less than $125,000,000. Embezzlement losses to be paid this year by surety companies, he declared, would exceed those of any previous year. Coolidge Proves Expert at Digging for Church Washington. President Coolidge turned the first three spadefuls ol earth for the llamline Methodist Episcopal church here. Only the first sradeful was on the President's program, but he did his work so well that he was prevailed upon to turn two more before surrendering the spade to the church officials. Fire 600 Times to Stop Rum Launch and Crew New York. After a ten-mile chase a government launch overtook and captured a converted submarine chaser the Williams IS with S00 cases of high quality liquor. Several men were arrested. The officers fired more than f0 rounds of ammunition from their oiacLiae gun. were previously performed by the management, according to our experience, owing to the fact that much more time and thought is given to-each individual quest, than the management could possibly give to it. There is more satisfaction in the village and the property is managed economically.' " Kansas City Hubby Admires Traffic Cop A Kansas City man stood on the corner and watched his wife in the family car undergo a run-in with the traffic patrolman. As the cop whittled her down and made her drive up to the curb and li.-ten to a lecture, her meekness ,to the husband, was a marvelous sight to behold. "How dt es he do it? How does he do it'"' muttered the Kansas City man in admiration, and walked away shaking his head in wonder. ILACKWTKIIIG I now have help in my blacksmith shop for heavy work, such as tire setting, and can give you good service and the best work in this line. First class horse shoeing is our specialty. Prompt service. H. RAKAFF W. Tlymouth St. & Rottmiller INDIANA GHT J "J; Arthur Y. Henderson, who has been appointed by Attorney General Stone as special prosecutor of rum smugglers. An augmented and armed coast guard will make war on the liquor runners along the wast, and Mr. Henderson's job will be to direct legal action against them after they are captured. PLANES SMUGGLE IN ALIENS AND LIQUOR New York. A letter from a youth on the rum runner Rusk to his parents ' m Scotland, intercepted by customs authorities when they captured a n,o- tor boat loaded with 2O0 cases ol j nquiT, rexeaieu uiai snips loauetl WitD druis and aliens have joined the i whisky fleet off the coast. The captured letter also disclosed that a seaplane makes six trips daily out to the rum runner Rusk, bringing in IS cases of whisky on each trip. The letter will be sent to the authorities at Washington. Robert Wylie. Jr., was writing to his parents in Glasgow. The letter was found on Captain Mnstreet, skipper ol the motor launch P.essie B., which was seizexl after a ten-mile chase off Rock-away beach. Captain Mastreet had been to the Rusk and had purchased the 200 cases found on his boat. He was to mail the letter for young Wylie. The letter. In part, follows: -S. S. Rusk. Dear Parents: This Is a very exciting life out here. There are two boat loads of Chinese, Italians, Greeks,' and so forth, all waiting to be smuggled Into the states. There are also a couple of steamers loaded with heroin, morphine and cocaine, all ol which is being smuggled In every day. "We have a seaplane which comes out every day and takes 19 cases each trip. It makes an average of six trips a day. I'll have to close now as there are some customers alongside that 1 most attend to. Gene Tunney Knocks Oat Carpentier in Fifteenth New York. Gene Tunney, American light heavyweight champion, scored a technical knockout over Georges Carpentier of France in the last round of a fifteen-round match at Polo grounds. Carpentier was unable to continue after coming tip for the fifteenth round. A blow which Carpentier's handlers said was low, at the termination of the fourteenth round, sent Carpentier to the mat writhing n pain, but Referee Andy Grifin refused to call the blow a foul, and ordered Carpentier to continue when the bell sounded for the fifteenth. The Frenchman came out, but sank to the floor, unable to f continue. Treasury Rapidly Paying Bach Income Tax Refund Washington. The treasury is mak- ing rapid progress in refunding over-! payments on taxes resulting from the 25 per cent reduction granted by con- ' gress on this years payments. Almost ! one-third of the tote! cf $16,000,(fc!0 has already been returned. Acting Secretary Winston said that checks aggregating more than $5,X),000 had been mailed, or were ready for mailing. Brazilians Aid Yanks to Leave Zone of Revolt Washington. The American embassy at Rio de Janeiro informed the State department in a telegram dated July 24, that the revolutionary situation in Sao Taulo had not appreciably changed. American lives are In no apparent danger, but the president of the state of Sao Pulo has agreed "to facilitate departure of American citizens wishing to leave Sao Paulo." Gasoline Sold at 9 Cents by Burlington (Iowa) Co. Buriington, Iowa. Gasoline was being sold from the wagon at 9 cents a gallon by one company in Burlington today. It is expected that prices at the filling stations may drop to H cents, although none was for sale below 13 cents so far. The 13-cent price has held steady for more than six weeks. I i Furniture and the home- Nothing else you buy is quite as important as the furniture in your Still altfoung Car The Willys-Knight is a car you can keep and enjoy for years. A touring car with all the thrill of 42 horsepower ; a car you can drive 50 miles and more an hour, hour after hour without over-heating without loss of power without engine trouble without carbon cleaning widiout ever needing valve grinding. The Willys-Knight sleeve-valve engine is the most powerful engine of its size ever built and the quietest and the only type of engine in the world that actually improves with use. It is common for Willys -Knight owners to report 50,000 miles and more without spending a cent for repairs on the engine. home. You live out. WILLI KNI $11.95 MERSMAN DINING AND LIBRARY TABLES are thoroughly good in quality They help build just the kind of home atmosphere we speak cf. Come in and let us show you these tables. HUFF'S "THE HOME OF UNUSUAL FURNITURE" Dettbrenner BREMEN,

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