The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 1968 · Page 41
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 41

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1968
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

Tree Yield Deficit Predicted Palm Baicfc Pott, Thwcfcy, Nov. a, lKS-Ct iVb Fooling Don Knotts Does Bedroom Scene With Anne Francis A have been a good check, but I said no. I couldn't have looked my little girl in the eye if I did it." When Shopping I'se P-T Classified i. , - -y" By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (NEA) -The camera moved in closer, focusing on the couple sleeping on the heart-shaped bed. The girl, delectable in a shor-tie nightgown, was beauteous Anne Francis. The boy was Don Knotts. Don Knotts? Yes - Don Knotts. The broomsticlc-shaped comedian, the nervous wreck who walks like a man, the vertical quiv- r.r r er. He's gone romantic in his new film, "The Love God." Of course, it's all in fun. One look at the set proves it. Take the bed heart-shaped, with a red velvet headboard festooned with hearts and bearing two gold cupids rampant. A brassiere dangles from one of the cupids. Smack i the middle of the headboard is a big black sign labeled "Scoreboard," divided in 14 innings. Knotts wakes up slowly, stretches and his hand touches the soft, silky shoulder of the girl in the next pillow. Knotts does one of his takes and everybody breaks up. This story is his own idea, and Nat Hiken took it from there. It's about a publisher of a bird-watching magazine who is conned into becoming well, Hugh Hefner better look to his laurels. Hiken is directing, too, and this is his first feature film. He had never worked with Knotts before and is lavish in his praise of the comedian. "He's sxh a great actor," Hiken says. "You could do 'Hamlet' with him." When the scene was over, Anne threw a robe over her little nightgown and said she doesn't mind this kind of bedroom scene it was actually very modest and done strictly for laughs but draws the line at some things offered her. "I turned down one at MGM," she says, "because it meant stripping. It would WASHINGTON IAP) -American forests will fail to supply increased demands for timber within the next generation, witnesses warned a Senate subcommittee hearing. Congress has been "penny wise and pound foolish" for not giving federal timber management agencies enough money to increase harvests on a sustained yield basis, said Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore.. chairman of the Senate small Business Subcommittee. Lumber industry spokesmen said top priority should be given to inceasing timber yields from national forests. But Edward P. Cliff, Forest Service chief, argued that three-fourths of the nation's timber comes from private lands and the same efforts to boost productivity should be started there. "In all forest regions," Cliff said, "supplies of timber could be substantially increased by such measures as planting, thinning, stand .3 ' Thcaters Today "TWO OF IS" MICHEL SIMON LUCE FABI0LE A GREAT 10VE STORY t MAUI Sv: HUM M 4 V U .". kr BURTONS LEAVE - Elizabeth Taylor International Airport Monday night. The and her husband Richard Burton talk to Burtons arrived in Hollywood last week newsmen briefly before boarding an Air to attend the funeral of Miss Taylor's France plane for Paris at Los Angeles father, Francis Taylor. Hijackings Thwart Officials i-'iii'nii'i inn OPEN 1139 -v I ; v I s"Vith Six You (Tut BOCA RATON "Lady In Cement" 2 00. 3:55, 5:55, 7 55, 9 50. CAREFREE "West Side Story," 2:20, 5:20, J: 30. COLONY "The Two of Us," 7:25, 9:20. FLORIDA "2001: A Space Odyssey." 2:00, 5 00, 30 LAKE "Gone With the Wind," 2:00, 8:00. LL8 00. LOEWS CINEMA 70 "Lady In Cement," 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10.00. LOEW'S CINEMA BOYNTON "Parent Trap," 7 00, 9:20. PLAZA "Coogan's Bluff," 1:00, 3 10, 5:20, 7:35, 9.50. PLAYBOY "Lust Weekend," 2 00, 4:00, 6 00. 8 00, 10:00, "Sexpert,"3:00, 5 00,7:00,9:00. RIVIERA "With Six You Get Eggroll," 7-25, 9 40. BEACH (DRIVEIN) "Speedway," 7:00, "Wild In The Street." 9 00, "Born Losers," 10:30, "Hell's Angels on Wheels," 12.20. BOULEVARD (DRIVE IN) "Stranger Returns," 7:00, "King Kong Escapes,"8:50, "Kona Coast." 10.35. OELRAY(ORIVE-IN) "Thunder ball," 7:00, 11:00, "From Russia With Love."9 40. SKYDROME (DRIVE-IN) "Ugly Ones," 7.00, 10:45, "The Secret War of Harry Frlgg," 00 WASHINGTON (APi - The typical reaction to each new report of an airplane hijacking could be: "That's incredible. Why doesn't someone do something about it?" The airlines, the federal government, aiicraft crews and others would reply: "We're tryin- e we're trying hard. But after all is said and done just what can we do'.'" h is 4ri IDorisvDiiviHrian Keith If Unlike other classics ?fli' WL Xl .; 'West Side Story' r tV 1 &f N ' grows younger! Kf' I jf i W II m It 4k-- WnhoFW -i!.ESTS,DEST0Rr k Pifl"i jfY - NATALIE WOOD wffnUI.'fy RICHARD BEYMER RIJSS TAMBLYN i;! , 1 m IjMTTTTTl RITA MORENO -GEORGE CHAKIRIS 11 &iaif PANAVI3I0N" if----- yillfr TECHNIC0'0R, Jff David I). Thomas, acting administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, calls the situation frustrating. He noted to a reporter that the criminals involved in most airplane hijackings go to Cuba, where they are beyond the reach of U.S. law. Furthermore, the nature of their crime is so dangerous as to inhibit resistance. The airlines have advised their crews 8 and the crew members heartily agree -that it's better to obey the hijacker's head-f or Havana command than to risk gunplay that might inflict death or injury, or that might start a tire, cripple a plane, or bring about high-altitude explosive decompression of the aircraft. Thomas said the FAA has conlerred on possible solutions with a number of agencies and organizations, including the State Department and the FBI. with little or no success. "We are really scratching for ideas." he said. Also continually checking on the skvjacking probelm is the aviation subcommittee of the House Commerce Commute, which wrote the 11 law making aircralt piracy a crime punishable by death. A staff member said the subcommittee can be expected to look into the recent upsurge in hijackings when the new Congress convenes. Season Service Set At Temple Emanu-EI PALM BEACH - Temple Emanu-EI. 266 Sunrise Ave., will open its full season services at 8:30 p.m. Friday. Rabbi Max M. Landman and the robed choir will conduct the service. Meet me at . . . MY A l AIM Mi;T Cocktail Lounge The most relaxing atmosphere for particular people Featuring Betty Rowland Nightly Bobby Price and His Society Combo Friday and Saturday Nights Cocktail Hours 4 To 7 P.M. Open 1 P.M. To 5 A.M. 823 Belvedere Rd. Ph. 833-9219 GENERAL CINEMA CORPORATION MOVIE AUDIENCE GUIDE l lie Idllnuiin! r.iniiK (Ic.liitiii! inn III (lie Mnlinn I'nt'ire A-im.u iwi t Ami-rn a ap-j!,.s t... Iilni r I. Ayt iiitir ii !. l:'t,x .iml ii. iii-mi; r-ui .i it pn l.iu ftinc in Ihis lien -hiht tu l r u ;t i n t llif iit'liltl); .mil! tint m!h this nt-ii Mstt-m Unlink .itiiln.lH .ipfn'iir in miitii,utl thtdlt'i a'K I, " i: t t-tl h.r icni-ral audiences. M Suut'sltid lor ,M at u re uudieni rH '"annual ill-, return is aim-eiti U - ReHtrk-li-d. I'i-imuiv umler 1 , cut liil'nltled unle-s at lompaniell III iarellt ur adult ituardian. Pemom under IH mil admitted. I I ROCKING CHAIR THEATRE . 1 fmmmm ; m 1"MM I.UAST l' A,' A I) b . ft PAlM UMLll 1 3 r "1 rrrrri-'t f V 20ik Cf ntury-Foj mams FRANK SINATRA Two-record sets at special low prices. t ';V, MiUv-s14' 'law . rj in Hir imiri ur nit noun mmn T ; j 11 ADULT ';S5oXSorvVi i 1 KGP 1 hits i ,H4iVyW.i r S 4 S888Ma JBWd i 1 r Jkgps YssM o:::Z 3 color action hi rs !1- "STRANGER RETURNS" 2- "KING KONG ESCAPES" 3- "KONA COAST" llJrir, 3 COLOR ACTION HITS I RAdUEL WELCH RUN I AIM PA1 r.n. JLL KAZAN HflNRY mm T. : " All-Time Hit Song jftfm9mm - - TheAndy f i DAN BLuCKER PLUS COLOR SHORT iiH .,:r,?Mn , 4 in Color Swop Shop Sundoy iMMHr,:rn, 4 1 co sWop shop w mUi m.i$Xm Kaund ( r- "lCVC TO CICUIM CUM" i I S TO?? i 0,Music f FlUmHHHIIIIIIUilllilllIWi I Mil' IIIIM Hll.ilillHIIH'liH l III 1 1 1 1 i III11 M What makes them perfect gifts is that they're alive. Feelings and emotions went into them great performances by great artists. They'll give listening pleasure to whoever gets them. And that's what the living gift of music is all about. On Columbia Records $447 each GPset "Speedway" . ' , ,, Cell's Angels "WsSd in the S!ree!$7 0;, Whels" i H Ui f:i NOW THRU SAT! i B Ik flTL . I J if Ever I Would V ' a WSfrStjf ATINHS-WED.SAT.SUN. 1 i 2 AGENT 007 - SEAN CONNERY HITS '7HUNDERBALL' Klow m K4li l88SS8S.S E .1 AnayWiili. in J special lreCord "The Ugly Ones" SKichard Wyler 4(71 m 1 ., l'kl 9 (VSrVV ' f ,' T vVVSrV'i.v'S I 1 -uiieLiiuiiui uie inusi ueauuiui souks Thoma.M.han 1118 Ugfy Uaes" ' 1 KXXUli- XXXJwS? f I he's ever done. Includes "People," Paul Nwmnn . . - ... 1 KX5wvw?V wwWJ t I "Autumn Leaves," "Try to Remember." I B syi,ia Koxino ihe Secret War of Harry rr.-gg B matinee &- y- XXXJW l-; I . r,'T3r.SBaBr ! EVERY B irW5 I-'' 1 r lGP4. gffiMGALA HOLIDAY PROGRAMS, GP 3 mmm AIR CONDITIONED I 967-2500 1 " f I'MmM ! i oms- Ic JOHN DEAN i 'ST SHOV . jcWcWQ ttiP So wayne marun jerry lewis ol iSS f wcVwX Pianwin Deluxe 2 Record Girl Sat fay Conniff Two All-Time Great Albums CLINT EASTWOOD scoo on a manhunt for a killer in Manhattan In One Great Package world or am I RflllCtUUtH' ' "1 WWW'. 'MX&f&VWlj I :i I iWTni TOomraTri R Corner lake Worth & Doi Roods - laU Worth i vSoSblxt SSSSt P ' il"w: TMirruu wen.A I'KHViii j wkh $jmy" " 1' ii lpN including JoytotheWorld ItCameUpontheMidnizhtClear Try to Remember Silent Niht. HolyNieht mor& inearidouwui ruur omne moon ttiver Hello. Dolly! K:J , O' v -ftj L-lsl Rf- "T888o& ' The Empress of Soul in memorable - 11 That warm, wonderful Conniff sound In two great albums. One is a delightful collection of favorite Christmas carols, and the other features biggest hits of P' 1 L . r ' vm Ii . .it- the past tew years. T iX piJ wrosraiDimsiK mm foffi'lf&sn-l LEEJ.COBB in color Delu2-Rcord Gift Sat Johnny Mathis Two All-Time Great Albums In One Great Package -Vj PIUS ssr "JAZZ FESTIVAL" JOHNNY MATHIS l U'-t.i 1 i 1 1 JOHNNY,. MATMIS SWARM J Pemy f f Faith ft f W JT STEREOPHONIC SOt'ND A ME TRO- OiOd STEREOPHONIC A I dazz ma i . . if. I ..: : ..fct'-. triD bevond r the stars! V!) J incrudTng: Tenderly My Funny ValentineEmbraceableYbu nneniramnLOve, i HMSeiniTou;nnai mil rWHr HHHHHHHl-Vi, SCH-T-kJ, ' WT' KtW' . . .JVV, r i-t ' -XiiIiiWii'HiIm EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT 3 SHOWS DAILY 2 00-5 00-8:30 P.M. While We re Young I'm Glad There Ii You I've Grown Ar cmtnmed to Her Fare UTI AM MOT ffftflvn If? I OPEN FROM 1:00 P.M. umb'O (R) Col. SPECIAL CHILBREM I SIUOIM PDICES "All SHOWS TODAY M.J5- PALM BEACH COUNTY'S LARGEST RECORD DEPARTMENTS S i In not snm vpli-ntr...TIif nmsl in.niiilinnl itirfnn- incr! EMS -1 1.- (I.I1K(,.1'!K MMI-.MJ H.ll , j um.mR) (ii.iiiI(11ii.iam) 1 SHOWS DAIIY 2:00-8:00 P.M. M TORTURE GARDEN STARTS FRIDAY H HORROR PROGRAM .-t j 1 16 SOUTH OLIVE AVE. PHONE 832-3695 836 NORTHLAKE BLVD., LAKE PARK PHONE 848-2555 SO. OUVI STORI OKN MON. HI Til 9 LAKI PAIK OPEN Fl. Til 9 r ,f. J-Jf -. , J BOX OFFICI OPIN FAOM TOO t M ' Jl'lif i ll il 111 niv l in ADM. CHUDHEN 75'

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