The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on July 24, 1924 · Page 6
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 6

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1924
Page 6
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY. JULY 21, 1924. DR. R. C. DENISON PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Shonkwiler Bids. Phones: Office, 81; Residence 21 Bremen, Indiana. established by the Chamber of Commerce, through the kindness of the fair association is a very popular place these days, made so by the splendid place it affords for travellers. Not the least nice feature of the place is the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Vervais, who make their home there, are al NEIGHBORHOOD HEWS NOTES ---- F R O M Nappanee Advance-News, Bourbon News-Mirror, Culver Citizen, Milford Mail, Argos Reflector. a most enjoyable owning. Probably the most important item of business was brought before the Chamber by Mrs. C. Vonnegut when she asked that something be done in regard to the East Side road and announced that many cottagers were willing to make substantial contributions that this might be done. Mrs. Vonnegut made a convincing talk of the worthiness of the proposition and the Chamber showed its enthusiasm. A committee was ap- i .. ...:n u pulled two walks, hit and a sacrifice j fly scoring the first man then Swede Edgren erred in left and it looked as if they were going to be as easy as ' Plymouth for us. You note I say Ply- j mouth, not Rochester, but in the sec- j ond rack the score board popped up with three scores tieing us up and in , the third inning the same kid hung up three more on the old board aganst us. And boy it sure was hard pickin' from there on, but Ave picked one in the seventh and another in the eighth. ' Jack Hudson, 18 year old son of ; Claude Hudson of Mentone, was hurt , Monday afternoon when the motorcy- i cle he was riding collided with a tour- j ment in this place a against such a move, that is as far as getting signatures to the contract. There was no objection to the program of the past year, in fact it was the best yet put on, but those who are in the habit of pushing such things for the community have felt for some time that promoting an affair of this, nature was against the desires of the community, and it was like forcing them to take tickets. Then, too, the fates seem to be against the organization, for the time for holding the program seems never to be right. This, of course, is to be expected, for there never would come a time when it suited everyone. So, it now looks as if Bourbon would have no chautauqua next year. ways so considerate of the visitors j and always in a mood to assist them j in whatever way they can. This is not only appreciated by tle visitor, j but by the Chamber of Commerce, j NAPPANEE NEWS i have boon compelled to take a detour rf ronsidei-able lcivrth east past Th.? St. Joseph County Horseshoe B.lintertowlK The vo-ul has boon which hopes to make the place all the j , , ., , - ... ... inumt-u w linn win I'lcuan; n suu- used heavilv and is very rough. . , ., R. II. DRAPER. M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office in Listenberger Building West Plymouth St. Phones: Office, 35; Res, 80, Bremen. G. M. BUCK, Ph. G., M. D. Office in Nusbaum Block North Center St. Phones: Office 38; Res. 25. Bremen , . .,(. senpuon list, xo ue presentea 10 me Commuratv park is our civic center . , .i u, , i.; ... t k : county commissioners as evidence of this week during the rendition of the ' , . . , . ., i leajruo defeated Nappanee on its home grounds Saturday afternoon, by a mavjrm of 30 points in 15 matches. The final score being1 in favor of the South. Bend team, 13 to 2. the desire of the road and the wil chautauqua programs. The crowd more popular, and by this means make the impression that visitors have of the town and people a favorable one. Washington Jackson, wife and two children, who live at Portland, Oregon, lingness of the prooperty owners abut- last cvemne was conservatively esti- i Mr. and Mrs. Glen StautTer and son . , . t SQ0 showetl ting the road to help pay for it. ing car just south of Argos on the Michigan road. The vehicles came together in the fresh gravel while trying to pass each other but Jack is said to huve been well to the right. The young man was knocked off his Everybody reads Enquirer want ads John, and Joseph Hossler and family. an unusual interest in the event, and their guests, Mrs. Harney Har- j which Js fcound to glw with each MILFORD NOTES rmffton and daughter Mildred, of ! succeedinp day. The sale of tickets j Lemuel Dewart, aged 30 years, Waukesha, wre guests Sunday ot j Wednesday night reached a total of died at his ,KUne in Anderson, Satur- arrived at this place last week for a visit with their many friends, chief among whom are Andrew and Mrs. a .? - ran,. v vc .innn Li;i i vni7 n n. it . i tif j :i between 750 and S00, and it is ex- ; day afternoon about 1 oclock. machine, which was badly dilapidated, and was picked up in an unconscious Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shupp and daugh- nerteii that the crowds on rridav ana t t?.- t o ir.-..i.i t- xt.,.. E ateio raits ier, Mabel, and Miss lab- Saturday evenings wm far surpass j was in Milford Mondav to meet his cock, motored to Michigan eit , , thos:e evpr attendinK a chautauqua ; Avife and daUphter who were return-Chicago Heights, and Sieger, 111. At . propram here. Many of our citiZens inff home from Alarion, where she condition and taken to the home of Harry Alleman, his father's cousin. Doctors found him suffering from concussion of the brain and possible in u:l-v . Itr T , ,; are entertaining guests ana tne wk haJ visited her parents. Shupp's brother, Otis Gentzhorn and Peterson, south of this place. They came through in their Cadilac Eight, and averaged more than 300 miles per day. In one town they went through they observed this sign: "Speed limit 100 miles per hour Fords, do your damdest." They tell us that Gus Teterson and family, near whom they live, are well, happy, prosperous and in love with the west, which was not new to Gus, at least. The weather there had been such, Mr. Jackson tells us, as to cause farmers is being made the occasion of much ; j0i,n jr. Cooner. need 70. who re- ( ' family. Tne Tigers nosed out the Conns, 4 to 2, at the Elkhart Driving park Sunday before a crowd which taxed the capacity of the grand-stand. The teams previously had each won social activity. ..NATTANEE CONTINUED... The many friends of George Tep-ple, LaMar Wherly, LaMar Stoops, and Ross Zartman will be pleased to know that they are enjoying their sided with his sister, Mrs. Viola Cart, of New Taris, died last Thursday in the Goshen hospital, following an operation for tumor, July 3. Daniel Norris who suffered a light stroke of apoplexy several weeks ago is much improved at this time and is able to be out again. Mr. Norris says he mowed the lawn tie game ana now uie .-sap nue .t . t Gam Knox Ky. They re Ige of a five-game series. Tie choir and orchestra t port good eats, a good place to stay and everything going fine. George of the Pnrshyterian church rendered a most excellent musical program' Sundaj j Pepple and LaMar AYJierly are play- ; ronday for exercise, ins in the C. M. T. C. band of 105 j Irs; Kva i0aTt 74 years, S everansr instead of the usual even- , A 1... i 1. .a . pieces. in a competitive trjout a-; months and 1S davs and wjdow cf FORj Men, Women and Children Smartly fashioned in accord with the latest fashion decree, these Bathing , Suits o fT e r those who enjoy the beaches ample choice from which to select one .to please. Varied colors, several weights and weaves at prices less than you would expect in the quality shown. nc services. ine amnems oj uic ; thli -i.-ivionetists in the band. the late Joseph Hollar, died at her . . - : Aon- were excepuor,uiJ goou, .; George lepple was awarded second : home on West Emeline street, Mon- me vocai ana msiruiin'mui n v solos wove much enjoyed. Mr. aval Mrs. Ralph Miller returned chair as soloist. Lamar Wherly s , day t1jght at 1015 wocz following ability as a cornetist has also won i an"inness cf long duration, an honor position for him as one of , Miss jjuth ruev pleasantly enter-the soloists. The band has made sev- ' 1:1;n(,,i fourteen memhrrs of the Eta visit with r.iornintr from .vov.c.av ; Beta Pi Society at her. home Friday ternal injuries, but no bones were broken. Jacob Martin of this place went to Toledo, Ohio, Sunday, to complete the block of live Martin brothers back again under a common roof for a day. It all came about through the chance remark of a -mutual friend, a traveling man who told our townsman one day last week that his brother Walter Martin of So. Whitley had gone to Belle Center, Ohio, to visit his brother John. Now Jacob had planned to visit his brother Andrew at Goshen ami calling by phone to inquire whether he would be home Sunday found he had arranged to go to Toledo to visit his brother Nathan. Then Jacob got the bigger idea. He, too, would go to Toledo, where John and Walter would be sure to drive on Sunday, and the live brothers would get together for the first time in years. And everything worked out as Jacob had divined. It was a great day for all. Erastus Hess and son Charles left Thursday of last week for their long journey over the northern route for their home in Marysville, Califonia. They came here about a year ago in June and visited relatives and friends. They are going to visit several noted places enroute and a card written to Floyd Kamp, Mrs. Hess' grandson, states that they spent Saturday night with Charle? Hand and family in Rockford, 111., and Sunday night in Prairie Duchein, 111., near the Mississippi river and were in Brdgeport, Wis. when the card was mailed. eral trips, playing for league ball games at Louisville, polo games and dances. er piveuvs. 2lr. and 3Irs. Warren 3ctur-. in Goshen. Mrs. Miller was called to Goshen last week on account f the condition of her father, who had , fallen out of a cherry tree. He is get- j in along as well as can be expected. CULVER CLIPPINGS owning. The evening was spent in the playing of games, Miss Esther Haab winning the prize for the high rook score. Delightful refreshments were served by the hostess and committee in charge. The Ford sedan owned by Kenneth Bushong was stripped of five new Balloon tires, motometer and several smaller accessories, Saturday night while standing in the barn at his father's home on West Emeline street. Dons Irene, aged V months ana 10 j v-itn tiie exception of two places I .says, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hub- ; au teaching positions have been! ?rt Hartman, died Saturday at the : fiiled for tlie Union Township public j 1 A C -J . i to wish for rain. Mr. Jackson was a one time resident of near Etna Green, but he has not been here for something like 25 years. They had a great visit at the Peterson home, and they enjoyed it as much as did the Jacksons. Word came to the Mrs. Minard family last evening that Mrs. Orpha Minard Yager, of Spokane, Washington, had died of pneumonia that afternoon, at about 3 oclock. She had been very ill for. a few days. She was a former Bourbon girl and well and affectionately remembered as the daughter of O. A. and Mrs. Minard, the father having died some years ago. Leonard Miner was the victim of a run-away team of mules, one day last week and his father, Al Miner, sustained a bruised knee. They were using the mules Saturday when they became frightened and staxted to run. They managed to hook on a strand of telephone wire and this, fortunately, missed catching the young man, save to cut a gash in his forehead. "Them durn mules" have been guilty of such practice before and in the future they will be watched with a wicked eye. The collections for the deficit of the 1924 chautauqua have about all been made. The thought of another chautauqua was in the minds of a few, for 1025, but this thought was dispelled last week when Miss Miller, the representative of the Mutual-Morgan, came here at this instance of the bureau and attempted to close a contract for 1925. She found the senti (M and PA up -wot ot its granaparenis, .nr. ami sc100is for the coming year. The ilrs. Eli Warren, near Akron. Funer- piaces cf j. p. Behmer at the Burr i sei-vices were held Monday after- , Gak school and the place cf Warren -oon at 2 oclock from the United ' Heestand in the hisrh school remain The D ieitirich Co. i V V , r rZ C T Miner I . , , , A Studebaker car belonging to his ad bv the pastor. Lev. C J. Jlmci. riia,, ;s beine nromulsrated bv , r-,,- T, , , . , a,m i xv s, ,,ffK L P , It 1 father William Bushong, which was in the same barn, was stripped of a jii,i:im..n.... . ww. , j-ire cmei it. C7. uyra wnicn win, ; er Virginia, were the guests of Rev. .vl, aaonted. eradicate the nuis- ! few small parts. All bids for the construction of an ance in Culver and vicinity, of call- j ing central to find out the exact lo ; additional township school building md Mrs. Miner on Monday, also the wi of Mr. and Mrs. Miner who is enraged with the Big Four II. R. at War--aw for the summer and who will later go to Kansas City at which place will teach in the high school. His brother is with him for the week at ".Yarsaw. cation 01 a nre. .r. iru nas -, were rejected Saturday afternoon, by ranged a system of signals, one of ; tmstee Bert K Dausman and the ad-which will be blown for each tire : vigorv bo;ud The gealed bidg wcre and which will give the proxmnty of open;d at 2 oclock by the architect. the blaze. j The iowest md was considerably Tlie second week of the summer , , uT. uQ EAOLE . ?C JK ! uMszeg I ij ASWJ red band urr An important business change of pchools is drawing to a close and , ,w S1,r,nnnn. "Tuesday was the purchase by Orville fuus s the organization functioning: . .,.i k,m .Tlipp, of the Geyer Auto supply store, normaUy wkh midshipmen, cavalry. " t.n nnVer ad- n t. iiarket street, wnicn nas men and woodcrafters filling their j . . ... .. 1 1 t . w.U , . - . .1 VlSflllfnt U tilt? UUSlcc txxivi ttunouij e.?n managed b Oib Geyer. davg with the interesting exercises : , o , BOURBON BRIEFS Frank Brockway and his string of horses that he has been training at the fair grounds the past spring, and summer, are located at Decatur, Indiana, this week, at the fair. Mr. Brockway will likely be away much of the summer, now, as the fairs have begun arfd the races afford some opportunities for annexing some good purses with his racers. Each train that comes into Bourbon from the east might with propriety be called the "cherry special" for there are scores of Ft. Wayne people who come here to gather cherries. They come feeling full of "pep" and ladened with baskets for the fruit. At night they go away, "pep" left in the cherry orchard of C. M. Parks, or other places in town, but with baskets filled. The tourist camp at the fair ground, ..t. vni p, uj --""cu open to them. ihe presence 01 sev- -it!i Glen Geyer in the garage and ; enty.five officers of the 16Sth Inf. . uto repair shop on W. Market street, urigade during their two weeks of ras sold his interest in this business ! camp and a censiderable number of .a his partner, who will conduct the j other reserve officers who came for easiness at the same location. I tne contact camp over the week-end Nappanee experienced its first j have added to the multiplicity of ac- -air.'.ess Sunday of the summer last tivities about the academy. Sunday. A cool breeze swept the j a comDlete check-up has been A Star touring car driven by Fred W. Lott, in which Mrs. Lott, Mrs. Bell Pinkerton, Miss Eloise Tinker-ton and Miss Anna Rodibaugh were occupants, collided with a Ford touring car, late Sunday afternoon at the road crossing just south of the Clarence Coy home, southeast of Milford. Both -drivers stated that they did not see each other and came together with considerable force. Mrs. Belle Pinkerton was the only person injured in the accident, having her left shoulder blade broken. She was not thrown from the car and is somewhat puzzled as to just how she received injury. Good Land is the Cheapest Thing You Can Buy Today, and the Safest Investment WHY NOT BUY A FARM WORTH WHILE ? iaty during the morning and after- j made during. past week of the won. The day was partly cloudy. gtock in the Soiomon store with the Cause for- the continuous rams has 1 wpi,t;lM. of a i.r00 loss It was ascribed bv one Goshen radio eeri merchandise had found that some fan to the increased use ot ramo . le?n takcn from the boxes and the broadcasting into the air, thus "charg- j boxes placed back on the shelves, -ng" the atmosphere with electricity. Jn taking the merchandise, the rob-!aring the war, blame for heavy rain- , fcers p5cke(1 nothing but the best and :a!l was laid upon artillery fire in : -n case of phocs took no sizcs but what could easily be disposed of. Every possible clue has been followed to the limit with no results. Since a week's time has elapsed, it ARGOS ITEMS Harold E. Roberts and Miss Wilma Trump, both of this place, were united is hardly possible that Mr. Solomon j in marriage Saturday afternoon at 4 Europe. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Ringle returned ovne the first of the week from an jto trin along the western part of Michigan as far north as White Cloud. Ilr. ilhvj'e attended the furniture cx-ros:tier. while in Grand Rapids and ris i the Mutschler and Lamb Bros. k Gieo-.e displays. Mr. Ringle caujrht .ne c;o-vl sized fish for which the Michigan lakes are noted. Mr. and Mrs. Kirg-e had a most delightful time arid enjoyed every minute of their v. eek's trip. will ever recover any of the stoleo goods. Although it took some little police foico to do it, plans for drinking hootch on the local grounds by members of the Dembinsky Singing Society excursion last Sunday were foiled. Shortly after the arrival of the two special trains, two members I have a good 160 acre farm, 3 miles from Bremen, on main traveled gravel road, near school house. It could be made into a fine dairy farm. All crops grow big on the place. About 25 acres of mint ground, balance good for diversified farming. A pleasant home place with nine room house,- large bank barn, silo, windmill and outbuildings. Good fences, well drained and all in good repair. Terms will be made to the right man. Here is a real chance for. some young farmer to get a start. Now is the time to buy, while the price is low. Tho F.n-s reunion was held at Com- : 0f the party were led to the local trunk y park Sunday with 90 present, j lock-up to remain behind the bars picric dinner was served at noon, l;'d day This little proceedure rath-ifter which a short program wa er put a crimp in the plans of the Tnocred, and officers were elected j blinking members of the party for is follows: Resident Samuel Mast; 1 the day. Those who acted as entice president. Sherman Myers and forcers of the law to keep order last cretary, Mr. Carrie Robets. The Sunday were Sheriff Earl Bennett, next reunion will probably be held j p0lice Officer Reynolds, Deputy at th same place. Charles Buss and : sheriff Bogarlus, Special Tolice oclock at the Presbyterian manse in Plymouth by the pastor Rev. J. Dyers Biice, the ring ceremony being used. Hopes are being revived that Road Fifty west of Argos is to be put into good modern condition. A finer grade of crushed stone is being placed over the coarse material, over which our people have traveled so long, and the word now is that good gravel will be added next and the whole thoroly rolled and bound together with a tar preparation. Some very good roads have been made ' in this way and while they may not last as long as some hard surface types it is said they do not cost nearly as much. All in favor of a marked improvement in the condition of Road Fifty will say amen. Since our last mention of the Greys they have slipped from their winning streak by dropping two in a row. Why? Weil the first game Saturday with the So. Bend Independents was not so bad as the boys showed some real class against the old heads. They hit and fielded a nice game. Whiting was on the mound and built himself up on an easy level with New-kirk and Casner, who hurled for the Independents. The boys took advantage of the fracas from the first by scoring throe in the first half. Thev Children like Dr Miles' Laxative Tablets Don't struggle trying x to get your children to take bitter, evil tasting laxatives. Get a package of D1X. MILES' Laxative Tablets and the children will beg for them they taste so good. Adults and children find these tablets mild, sure and thorough. Your druggist sells them at pre-war prices -25 doses fjn-il; , I'loyd Gardener ami family lt;.; p :bert Buss and family of Tee-sr-ten attended the reunion. Hic-h water this spring and sum-ttkt ha considerably delayed the con-strccti- ii of the Dixie Highway bridge, about four miles south of Goshen. Fret! Cooper, Special Police Kemple and Marshall Murphy. It will be remembered that this same society had one of its members to drown last year. "The best meeting the organization has had," was the verdict of a See or write Sheeting on the north abutment ' large number of the members of the fas hen placed and excavation bo- Chamber of Commerce as they left IR Palmer House last Thursday There were thirty-live gath-around the table on which a It is not expected, however, j the o b rid vo will bo completed i nighl f-sre fall. The old bridge col- ' eied John F. Grise, remen r and carried with it! wonderful 1:1 it v, 1 fried chicken dianer was The dinner, speakers and essiori combined to make it !e r.nd driv.-r, C. O. Duke?, ' ?;"vved. into the river. Motorists business s

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