Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 15, 1936 · Page 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 8
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r PAGE EIGHT -3 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBARY," OREGOFJ1 FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1936 Huge Fighter Has Tiny Manager TOOV MARBLE PLAYING FOK KEEPS I FINE PITCHING I MARKS COAST j LOOP GAMES DODGERS TAKE PASTING FROM CARDS, 12T04 f'"s&:rj State Titlist te ci G M tc pi VI i ti It ol w fit p! Although he's an Inch under 5 feet In height, Pedro Quinones rears up at great big bruisers and says: "Well fight you and make you like It." Because the pugilistic "we" always means the fighter will do the fighting and Pedro's fighter Is 7 feet 4 Inches high. He's Elmer Rcichert, 18, and with Quinones Is a member of a CCC camp south of Klamath Palls, Ore. U rl a ti New York. May 15. The Brooklyn Dodgers took a terrific shel-'acking from the St. Louis Cards n the National lepue yesterday, 12-4. The cards shelled four pitchers for 16 b?sehits. The second place Giants kept up with the leaders as Carl Hubbell -hut out the champion Chicago Cubs 5 to 0 Pittsburgh's Pirates gnir.-.-rl an ven break in their series with I the Boston Bees by winning 5 to " 2. II was Ray Benge's first defeat of the season. Philadelphia at Cincinnati was postponed because of cold weather. In the American the league leading New York Yankees made it two out of three over the St. Louis Browns with a 6 to 1 drcision as Ruffing held the Brownies to four hits. Joe Di Maugio. rookie outfielder, led the Yonks' 15 hit attack with three doubles and a sin-gl". . Lefty Grove registered his sixth victory in seven starts as the Boston Bed Sox won out 3 to 1 over Detroit. The Chicago White Sox moved into fourth place ahead of the Tigers by beating out the Washington Senators 13 to 12 in a rous-in" slugging match. . Three-hit pitching by Dhsly Rhodes gave the Philadelphia Athletics a 4 to 0 shutout over "m Wun me Caiuonua women s siaie goli championship safely tucked away. Teggy Graham, 18. Los Angeles, fs readying herself for a try at the national women's title this year. Playing golf only four years. Pc'Tcy twice won the Southern California title. GUIDE DOUBTED Salt Lake .City. Although it is ' impossible for two persons lo write exactly the same, handwriting is not an index to character, personality or talent, B. ' Roland Lewis, professor and handwriting expert at the University of Utah, declares. CHURCH BUILT IN 16 HOURS ' .Melbourne. In 16 hours. 100 volunteer workers built a wooden i church, 30 by 22 feet, and a kindergarten school 22 by IB feet, at Black Rock, Melbourne. The volunteers were members of the Y. M. C. A. DAILY RAISE WORKERS' EFFICIENCY Kansas City (U.R) Increase your efficiency by eating five meals a day, suggests Dr. Howard W. Haggard, Yale professor of applied psychology who supports his suggestions with proof from three years of experimentation. Europeans understand the value of multiple meals and only in America and in the Orient are three meals or less the custom, he points out. Haggard recently outlined the experiments from which he drew his conclusions. Among them was an experiment in which 317 girl employes of a shoe factory were tested by the applied psychology laboratory at Yale. Efficiency lags during mid-morning and mid-afternoon had been noted and it was deduced that the body was burning less fuel during the slack periods. Those girls who went to work at 8 a.m. were given a mid-morn-meal of bananas and milk at 10:30. They ale their regular lunches at noon and at 3:30 again received bananas and milk. This diet promptly ended the mid-morning and mid-afternoon lags in efficiency, experimenters found. Final results snowed a 10 per cent increase in efficiency. Bananas were chosen because of their sugar content and because with their natural covering, the workers could eat them most conveniently. "The objection has been raised that five meals a day constitute overeating and overloads the stomach," Haggard said. "But the fact is that the workers consumed no more food in five meals than they did ordinarily in three. It is not the frequency of eating which overloads the stomach. Patients with weak stomachs because of gastric ailments are sometimes fed every two hours." KOAC Radio Program 4 Friday, May 15 5:00 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, music; 5:45, Vespers, led by Rev. Win. Schoeler; 6:00 Dinner Concert; 7:15, What Trust Companies Do; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:30, Battle of Bugs; 6:45, market and crop reports and weather forecast; 7:00, Agricultural Economics; 7:15, E. H. Wiegand "Care of Soft Fruits in Preparation for Canning; 7:30, music; 7:45, Oregonians and Their Hob-bies; 8:00, The Oregon State System of Higher Education, Genevieve Turnipseed, director of dormitories; 8:15, We Write A Story; 8:30, music; 9:00-9:15, United Press news. ' Saturday, May 1G 0 a. m., The Story Hour; 9:30, The Half Hour in Good .Taste "With Summer Coming Oil"; 10. Music; 10:15. Guarding Your Health; 10:30, The Junior Matinee; 11:30. The International Se?ne: 11:45, Music; 12, Noon Farm Hour 12:05, United Press News; 12:15. Agricultural Engineering Students : 12:40. Market and crup reports and weather forecast. 1 p. m.. Music; 1:15. The World Book Man; 1:30. Programs on Parade; 1:45, Music: 2, The British Isles Travelogue; 2:15, Music; 2:30. Romance Under the Water; 2:45, Music; 3, You and Your Radio; 3:15,. Music; 3:45, The Monitor Views the News; 4, Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girl-. 5 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:0, Music. 5:45, What the Educators Are Doing; 6, The Dinner Concert; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:30. New Publications; 6:45, Market and crop reports and weather forecast; 7:30. Mtisic; 7:45. Science News of the Week; 8. Music of the Masters; 9-9:15, United Press News. COLLECTS DOLLS OF WORLD Boston (U.Ri Mrs. Clara Fitts' Roxbury home is a little girl's paradise. She has more than 300 dolls representing many periods in history and gathered from all parts of the world. The dolls ranging in age from 100 years to a few months. Bv WILUAM5 FIVE MEALS FOUND TO By Henry Mclmore Unllrd I'rr.i 8lff CorrtipondVril Milwaukee, May 15. It is not often that I distrust my own eyes. But 1 did today when I walked on the Marquette university football field and, asking the whereabout of the varsity squad, was shown a group of 50 young men sprawled on a grassy bank, lustily engaged in singing "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket. "I didn't ask for the Glee club," ! I told Ted Carpenter ,the univer sity s publicity man. I asked where is the football team?" "That's it right over there," answered Carpenter, "and brother, ain't they hitting it up?" We walked closer, and as we approached, the men, all in football uniform, swung into the "Soldiers Chorus" from "Faust." They shook the goalposts with their vocal thunder as their leader, a heavy set gent in baseball pants, football shoes, dirty sweat shirt, and a One-eyed Connolly cap, urged them on with windmill arm movements. At the finish of the "Faust" number the leader introduced a Broadway guy in suede shoes and a polo coat. "This is so-and-so," he said," I "from the Hot Foot club downtown. He's gonna do us a number, and he's red-hod. Lissen lo him boys, and get his swing." Suede shoes whipped into "Goody-Goody" and . the team swayed and beat its feet to the rhythm.' "You're telling me this is the Marquette varsity?" I said to Mister Carpenter. "You're cruzy?" "Yeah?" he answered. "Wuit a minute and you'll see." That's all I had to do, for as suede shoes finished the leader, with an amazing change of tone and manner, barked: "Okay, boys. Now get out there and lemme see a scriinmuge that's rough, tough, and ornery." Five minutes later the "Glee club" boys, most of whom played but one game last year, were out ion the Marquette team which lost on the field blocking, running and tackling with savage vengeance. Then I met the leader John '(Turzun) Taylor, Marquette line couch, chief assistant to Head .Coach Frank Murray, and former Ail-American lineman at Ohio State. "How'd we start this singing business?" he asked right buck at my question. "Well, I'll tell you. We've been singing here for 14 I years. Cuach Murray started it, and we'll be singing as long as Marquette plays lootball. There s nothing like it for a football team. They say music soothes the savage breast and they're right. It does. There's nothing like singing to lake the tension ' off a football squad. We do our best numbers in the dressing room between halves. "Two or three verses of "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet' will do more lo relax an excited, nervous bunch of kinds than anything I know. And a good stirring song like the 'Soldiers Chorus' you just heard us singing, will pick 'em right up and send 'em out scrapping." It's a shame Tnrzan and Marquette have kept this singing football to themselves so long. What a sweet bit of change someone could have picked up by pitting the Four Horsemen, say, against the Rigoletto quartet form the Meropohtan. Wcbfcct Paddle to Win Over Cougars Pullman, Wash., May 15. .University of Oregon today moved on to Moscow to meet University of Idaho lifter evening up the W. S. C. series Thursday in a muddy baseball comedy which the Web-foots won, 14-1. Oregon walloped Lefty Marlowe's pitching for 10 runs in the first two innings after a late start due to a cloudburst. W. S. C. tried to stall for a rain-check or darkness call, but Oregon succeeded In keeping the game alive despite a 10-minute recess in the seventh when another shower drove the players from the field. The last three innings were played before empty stands. . R. 11. V.. Oregon 14 17 11 w. s. c. ............. I'd 8 Millard, lluclmum, and McLean; Marlowe. Sorenson, Sienko and Fields, Hooper. Democrat-Herald Want Ads. Urine Results. I I Three well-pitched games, topped by J. Millard Campbell's one-hitter against the league leading Onklands, featured play in the Pacific Coast lea"uc Thursday. Campbell, obtained recently by the San Francisco Seals from Los Angeles, miking his initial start or the O'Doulmen, set the Oaks down in order in every inning of th gams except the second, when with one out, Le Roy Anton sin-pled, stole second. Cnmoboll then walked Lodiuna and Hartje. but retired the side without being scored upon. - The Seals scored one in the second, two in the fifth a"d three in each the eighth and ninth, with the finel scorn 0 to 0. Next best performance was turned in by Den French, recently obtained on option by Portland frpm Detroit In the American league. The big right blinder let , San Diego down with three hits and no runs to win 5 lo 0. Big Paul Grei'ory lurn"d in his rventh win of the season for Seattle, against the Missions, 7 to 1, allowing but six hits. The Los Angeles-Sacramento ' game was postponed on account of a wet playing field in the capital city. LEAGUE STANDINGS ; Coast League. 8n tidings W. L. PC OnHnnd 31 IB .flflO Seattle 2(1 ?.l .553 Portlnnd .......... 32 70 .535 San Francisco n 22 .511 Missions . ,'. i,r 22 23 .489 San Diego ........ 21 ?5 .457 Sacramento 10 ?5 .4.12 Los Angeles 18 29 .358 National league Sl-mrtlng , W. L. Pet. St. Louis.. ... IS 8 .Of.2 New York 14 10 .583 Pittsburgh 13 10 .565 Chicago 12 12 .500 Cincinnati 12 14 .4(12 Boston 11 13 .45R Philadelphia 11 ID .407 Brooklyn 10 15 .400 ' American League SUmllnfs W. L. Pet. New York 19 8 .704 Boston 19 9 .079 Cleveland ...15 10 .600 Chicago . 11 10 .524 Detroit 12 13 .480 Washington 13 15 .484 Philadelphia ...... 0 15 .375 St. Louis 4 ','.2 .154 Now Playing! Coming Sunday Double Bill PLUS The Following "PIPPIN" Daily p.m. . . X tht Wink of mifhly 1 VMX' 1 1 I Wjtur Ffllt Itatiuil Plftflil Willi J V KOSS ALEXANDER f I - ANN DVORAK XI EHD'OGOOS After a year's absence from iniilnr battles, due to a physical collapse abroad in 1034, Alice Marble, left, has returned to the tennis wars. Recent winner of the Palm Springs, Calif.. 'women's title, Miss Marble will on-truin for the east following the Southern California championship. Eleanor Tcnnant, her coach, Is shown with the sun-klst star. THUNDER PETE TO MEET COLLEGIAN IN TONIGHT'S CARD A sweet wrestling bill is promised for tonight at 8:30 in the armory. Wrestlers, all good and three of them clean, arc slated to put one one of the finest exhibitions of the year. Thunder Pete returns from n three-weeks lay-off to meet a collegian, George Bennett, in the main event, Bennett is billed us a former student of the Oklahoma university. The semi-final pits Bonn Sherman, popular Pnrllnnder, against Herb Borgoson. liergcson is the only one of the riuarlet who seems lo have a preference for rough tactics. Harrisburg Loses To Holscy High 5-2 llarhhurg. May 15, (Special) Harrisburg high lost to Halsey high in the game here Tuesday af-UMiioon by a score of 5 lo 2. At 'he end of the ninth is was lied. 2-2. Then Ilalsey look three runs by two hits and passed balls, and the game was gone. The batteries were: Ilalsey, Farthing and Wmle; Banishing. Ilar-dislry and Fry. The Harrisburg girls also lust lo the II il-ey girls. Willamette Will Add to Grandstand Salem, Ore., May 15 Construction of a new grandstand provid-im: scaling accommodations for 4.'i(ltl additional ; p.Ttators and oth r improvi-menls for Sweet land field at Willamette university, costing $(10(10 were ununuiK'Cd lo-duv. The stand will be built at the south edge of the field, which will be widened 4(1 feet by diversion OREGON'S FAVORITE KNIGHTS PYTHIAS ENTER TEAM FOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE A last-minute entry rescued the unbalanced Softball league (today, and left everything m I readiness for the grand opening night at Central field next Mnn-!dav evening at 7:45. I The Knights of Pythias ente-' ed a squad into the league, President Al Trimble announced today. , The entrance gives the loop eight teams. All eight squads are to be on I hand for the opening under the lights next Monday. They will be iset into play by a drawing. Managers of the eight squads will draw lots to determine which four teams will engage in the two games of the evening, i Those not playing will be scheduled for later in the week. A large crowd is expected for , the ceremonies. The high school band will play as the teams as-isomble on the field and over 100 i athletes are expected to be in ! the display. BULLDOGS WIN AS RICHMOND KNOCKS IN NEEDED TALLIES Johnny Richmond crashed out a timely single yesterday in the I seventh inning of Albany high's i contest with the CCC team of Camp Arboretum to send the tying and winning runs across the rubber, 9 to 8. Going into the seventh. Albany was one run behind. Both Homer Greening and Jimmy Robertson drew walks from the wild Moler of the CCC team, and raced home when Richmond walloped his hit to right field. Chub Dragoo started on the mound for the Bulldogs, but yielded to Ernie Underwood in the sixth frame. Batteries: Arboretum Moler and Karhart; Albany Dragoo, Underwood and Roberlson. Husky Grid Varsity Beat Alumni Squad I Seattle, May 14. Weathering a j hit-race of deceptive laterals, .Washington varsity football team i defeated an all-star alumni squad j yesterday. 16-6. bringing to a close I the spring training season. AMERICAN WOMEN GOLFERS DO WELL IN TEST ROUNDS Soulhpnit. Eng., Mav 15 Mri. Frank Goldlhwaite of Fort Worth. Tex., playing par golf, led early finishers today in the first 18 holes of qualifying play in the British women's golf championship. The dark Texas matron, whose early showing abroard wasn't good enough to win her a starter's berth in last week's Curtis Cm) matches, went out over the tricky South-port and Ainsclale course in 3 and came home in 38 for a par 75. Mrs. Genua Collet! Vare .of Philadelphia, twice runner-up in this tournament, moved into second place, two blokes behind Mrs. Gi'ldthwaite with a 77, two strokes over par. The six-times American champion went out in 38 and came hone in 39. each ono over par. Three strokes behind Mrs. Goldlhwaite were Wanda Mnrean. English girl, the defending champion, and Bridg'-t. Newell, Derbyshire, both had 7l!s. Next, with a 7H. was P-t!v Ring of Minneapolis who faltered coming home lifter going out in 38, one over par. Bunched at 80 were J'hvlis Helen Wade, Bournemouth; Mrs. I. "una Cheney, Santa Monica and Marion Milcy. Lexington, Ky. Mrs. Maureen Oicutt Crews. Coral Gables. Fix. and Charlotte Glutting. South OriMije; N. J., hud Rl's. Mrs. Crews had trouble coming home after going out in 3!l. Mrs. Onal S. Hill of Kansas City, the last American to finish, moved into .the si'ine bracket at Patty Berg with a 7U. CRII'I'I.ES i.V.VT BEHIND Salem. Ore.. May 15 Leaving three men behind on the injured list, Willamette university tract squad left for Walla Walla for a dual meet with Whitman college today. Loss of .lohn K' llv, sprinter. Paul Stui'ges. half-miler and Wil-mer McDowell, broad jumper, will leave their respective departments vulnerable nod Couch Lcs Sparks said his outfit would be lucky to run up I'O point" against the strong Missionary squad. WIMM'ATS BEAT PILOTS Portland. Ore., May 15 - Lin-field college won from " Portland university baseball team yesterday, 3-2. Caiiin, Portland pitcher, struck out 10. Linfield 3 4 1 Portland 2 II 3 R. Helscr and Warrick; Carlin and Wieblcr. OUT OUH WAY' Iw 'stc JT1.!roo,! i i i i Older whisky like this is sure to taste mellower I Yet it actually costs im l less at 15 months ageing than it did at 12. What's more, Bottoms Up is gen uine Kentucky straight bourbon whisky made from a formula 65 years old I By BROWN-FORMAN Distillery Co. WRESTLING TONIGHT 8:30 p. m. Albany Armory Main F.vent, Best 2 out of 3 falls 2 hour limit. GEORGE BENNETT vs. THUNDER PETE Semi-final: Best 2 out of 3 falls 1 hour limit. l:EN SHERMAN vs. HERB BFIfGESON GOOD CURTAIN RAISER you Fns Less Than A Penny a Dav our Valuables Are M. HOWARD, Manager 'ClCfSl NATONAl (ANK - ' l; tJ BK , a m III! I I III Mf M EST lflIUckv 7M 1 Hi -. "'VI W'-.u I At Loutsviue m Kentucky THE GREATEST NAME IN WHISKY S attorns Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT WHISKY Write 1 lie VatiLundingliam Company for Illustrated Recipe Booklet, Bedell Building. Portland. Oregon. vl IfoJ iftT1 I PINT 111 iM40 No thief can sleal, no fire or flood destroy, no carelessness can misplace or lose your securities and other valuables once you have locked them in your private Safe Deposit Box in our steel and concrete vaults. IDEAL PAINT This is the ideal time of to paint. By now your building is well dried Weather is perfect for drying and there is a minimum of dust in the air. of a perfect job. Rasmussen's Pure Paints you can be sure of a perfect job. Rasmussen's rure Paints cols less than ordinary paints because they are easier to apply, cover more surface per gallon and require thinner coats. Let us send you a color card showing some of the attractive colors to choose from. Put your stocks, bonds, insurance papers, wills, mortgages and heirlooms in this' convenient, impregnable stronghold now. . . . Individual boxes less than lc a dav. " We had rW 10 DAYS f f J Til M THE J- " :mMhtX ' 25c jS VxW 7 p.m. C If you want to do your own painting, we'll gladly give you the benefit of our 50 years experience. If you want a first class piofessional job, it will be a pleasuic to give you an estimate. ALBANY BRANCH . The FIRST NATIONAL BANK F. C. DANNALS OF PORTLAND .-2r AMJ O.po.Hi n ,hl bn lnurl b Ih. f WS Or IHf tOCKItS- rrinal (murine CoroortUoa Phono 560-J $123 East Third Street J 1 .N1V.V. TfS THE KiDlMG RABiT 0) f im yi n vt we t He ii it cf s 'y o "

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