Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 15, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-M FRAUD, ALBANY, ORFGON PAGF SFVFN HELP WANTED ADS ARE READ BY FOLKS OF BOTH ABILITY AND RELIABILITY For Sale Used Cars NEW TODAY boston 21:17, i'-o Democrat -1 1 era Id. mH-lrt' TFAM WKfHKi:ON MAHBH, ON K I unlvi M1IS (-ilt W(tl nillt(.neti( wti :;;fii Him. K. Fiteh. HarrisburK. Ore. Iiil5-18a TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS choice llKlilwelKht driveina 10.75. Heavies '.l-!l 25. I.lKht lights $9.25. rackiiiK sows S7.50, Feeder pigs to 110 or above. Sheep: 1200 Including 1072 direct Sternly. Court trucked In aprlna lambs llti to $111. .Medium $11. tjiiod born ewes IS 50-4. NOTTcETTOCREblTORS"' Situations Wanted HOUSEWORK but Sat. Kxp. worker. Call 1237 Washington St. ml4-Hi 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous GOOSEBERRIES wrk: n. 1. Macl.auhllii Co. !lth & Halter Sts., Alhnn.v. Ore. niH-lll-S WOOL WANTED-"'; market value. M. Senders & Co. ni7-30 pAOpARA hai:k wantkh-wk , an unlimited quantity of dry or Kreen Cascnra Bark. Will pny highest cash prices. Albany Bar-Knln House, 2nd ami Baker, Phone 7!Mi. ftlfi-tf Pil n PNITI'ID STATUS COINS VJL-L' botiKht at Dnwson's Drim Store. marltf 24 Personal sTflMAPH '''': ,iAS pains. O I UMrtt-n nncsllon victims, why suffer? For tpili'k relief Ret a free sample of 1'iIku, a iIoctur'H prescription at Fred luiwson's liruir Store. tno-Jfi 8 Lost, Strayed, or Stolen I ''oi.ici'l siii:piii:i!I Hon, LUO 1 Mind III one eye. Name "Happy". F.rncst Cody, Tangent. iul:l-l5-s 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING' WALL PAPKUINtl, Interior decorating that's different. Phone 42 or MH-L. Wilbur I awsoti ,i Claire Snyder. . inltO-tf CASH I'AIl) FOK OLl HOLD. denial crowiia, lirldKefl, filliiiKS, old Jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. French & Son, Jewelers. daotr OUprp KHKAKl.V'll, CA1.I, Truax, Phone 2I1-F-4 at 1.115 I!. 2nd. HOI11N "or call 1118-Jl PACU PAID Foil HKKll FCIINI-unoil t,,,.,,, etc. "Look In your alllc." Chas. Uohrhoittth Son, 415 W. First SI. )l-tr By HAROLD GRAY ll 3 GREAT BUYS Late Model Cars That Present Great Values in Unused Transportation. 19S5 Chevrolet Sport Sedan with De Luxe Kadto and heater. Low mfle-ntre and hi perfect condition. Looks like new. At a i?reat sav-Ibff- 'K Standard Chevrolet Couch A ar that everybody wants because ll Is so cheap lo operate. Hlnck Dueo finish. I'pholstery like new. A ear you'll be proud to own. The price? Cotne and see how low. 9V2 Ford coupe 4 cylinder motor. Just reconditioned. Looks like new. Bargain price. HifT line Chevrolet. .Model A Fords, Ponthu-H, ele. coupes, coaches & Sedans. Shop for used cars here.. Open Sundays Alhtiny Aulo Company I'sed 'ar Corner 2nd & KltNWorth Sts. Phone 200 mia-15-S 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous WRFPklNH - Hlu scikk)ls vv MLUrvinw Lumber $4 up. Urlcks H per .M.. plunks for burns, bridKes, timber. lS and lxG siieetlnn. fhntrinK", eeilluir, fid-I n Ki C n deli ve r. ll rd fc M ml i ho n , Alhmiy. iiil4-20-S katahdin--:: ZZZ. C. B. Settlemier, lit. 1, Box 25, Tangent, tire. inl4-16 WOMAN'S B""Y,''-: '"OK SA,-K VVUIVinilO cheap. F.Ncellent condition. Address lto' 2l2.ri, i'-(i Pi'lll-ocrnt-llerald. mi:i-lfi pi A Mn, moufp.n styi.k, with I ImKU bench, only $145.00. SS.00 down S'i.00 month, If ynti wish to purchase this piano wrlle Immediately to The Schwan Piano Co. 417. S V 12th Ave., Portland, Ore. ml4-lfi' HAVING TIM K IS co.MINilNMCW nrt T I IN u roIli, ,.,.,.,,, .v j nw rope, ISe lb. Also some Bond used hay rope. Fork earriers for both wood Si steel track. Carrier forks, hay. forks, and fork handles. Save m:iey oil your haying needs al Albany Hurtfuin House, 2nd & Baker Sts. mi:t-iri WOMEN FOR cai r mo 5-ivk. oi.n 'iLL Vt. i. i . .etthi.rn riuster.s, I la. K. M. Awlirey. Thii-pi-nt. Ore. mia-15 A'UTr I.KCHOltN 1!AI1Y CHICKS Will It Hatches every day the first week In .May. Order from ihis ad J10 .r lao. SI HI plenty of tlimi tn raise a ni.-e hit nf fall layers. KCSSKI.l.S HATCHHIIY, Phone- -ISO. Corvallls. Ore. notf WANTFn1,AT ohI) Tl',!KKY 1 pmilts, Iniiulre North west Poultry & Hairy Prodaets l'n. 11112-14 nnnn s,n,T- y r a n r. t n c. "JUUU (il,,.ns,,y imn rr slp j,. Hirkey. tni. .N. l-ry Station. Phone 2S-F-14. nilU-1.", CASH 'K,R- ANn WOH'I'H- less horseH anil enws. liay-o!d lalves. Ph.. H-F-H Alliany. Ceell .Montgomery. niM-tf WANTED Fon f,AS-f"'' "n,,ILU and worthless horses anil enws. Head animals picked tip free of charsre anywhere. Cale - Monttjoniery, Phone onlleel :i:i-F-I2. Corvallls. inltf 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS T"e liric Stewart. 11.12 W. 12th. m7-l7-s rsnnn wood prickii kioht UUUU Pellvered III any lenpth. Lester Chlleole, lfiafi SantlIim P,d. Phone -734-11.. . j2(l-tr RIHHT wocm tub iirniiT IIIUI I I price. Claude Wrlitht. nhone 2fii:-.l. firtS R. Ilth St. ni2tl-tf Hay, Grain, Feed HAY FOR SALE-,:i;t;,.rQt:;fLft- ..,1 t t? ,!...liee ll!,lu..v o,!-!-!', Automobiles Wanted f"AC FOK YOUH CAIt OH onJ" eiiulty. Warden's Car Market, Lehunon, Phone 1 u:i I . mu-Jfi LITTLE UHITF '-K'nlOKN "HHKS FliU 1 11 1 sitl.- .May 211 i 21. Mi' null. Phi nc ",-F-:il. ..J.-nkx' Hiicb-ry. Tanniul. lire. m I ;.-ao p ATT I C PASTl'IiK, "Si- PHI! .Mil. ILL , i,,,.Sl. Mallow. I'nr-vallls. III. 2. Phillip Hj-K-S. ml. I TUDfr HOO.M Kl'li.N. AIT. port ""'LL Mil, lalll Salem Apis.. 213 Firry St. in IS-IS ARF Vnil ovi;i!stih'ki:ii on "rit. TUU ,,,,,... A Fr.s.,H ,,,, will fhnl a good niarke. fur yuil. OOfl APRF FARM, IIIiiH lillAriK zju ftinc ,,lirk laml ni,.lv ,. rated and real ranrh with jusr fair lrnirivtintiil. Only $40 mt nrr. 1.AIK1K STOCK KANTH one of ImsI In this country ami can be luul at a ar-ririi-. INtMJIH PIIOPKIVTY, one of Al-tiany'tt fluent properties whnwinj; Ktuxi interest on your money. Kor In VesdiM'Dls wurtti while see TrtlJM1 MfllPHV, ltealtors. mMtf WANT AIHANY HOMK (Hi St'ii- Wnlil lM.,ant havo extra (rood farm well improved with pond, land and owner wishes lo retire on small m-reajfe or in towi. .Six Itooni lifsidenee, no hetti-r lorn-lion in Alhany and offered for few ilays for only $2700 with terms flOOfi cash and halanev 77. SOU Aere Stock ItiUieh only $10 per aere. Tripp & Mnrplry, Itealtors. $1800" -ACT Ql ICK--J 1 n00. SO neres of prairie land all under I'll 1) i vat ion fair build injfs. the best buy ever 'offered in Linn county. $ls0 total price. Why rent ? ' IUVIXI-: L. HOOD, Phone .mo a-llnf n i i in l ivjm Btrk. Uny the I. inn I'oanty Fair llronnds with all liuililinits and 30 acres of land for holding sloi-k while wailinir to load, at Ihe price of farm land, and very easy terms. ! III Al'UliS n.N HH1HWAV near tiniili Improved for only $21511. . c. ,M. Doilarhiile Co.. niHtfl Little Orphan Anne And Other Comics A N T S NOW Midy. Walker Fl.iral Ci Ph. 33T-R. 11114-10 TRAiLERs-,::r:;:Ki:7,iA 1 2-1 tt plow, JH. One-horse orchard plows, $2.50 & up. New plow, ttteel cable, n to tn. cable olamps, choker hooks, etc. Albany Bargain House. 2nd & Baker Sts. mlll-l.'i FOR At F PIANO, MCTROLA I UM OALL heater, auto tent, ltiit Sautlnm Hoad. inLI-ld NOpn 1CK BOXKS ONLY $1 AND UOLU U(v pjp yours now. A lnrt?e stock to Keleel from. Lawn niow- . ers. trade in your old mower on one of our new liKht rimuiuft, hlsh wheel, hall hearlnn: mowers, tlar- ' den hose, we have n number of pieces of Kood used ttnrden hose. ' New hose, 50 ft. leliKths, (1.95. Sprinklers, Krilcn tools, etc. Albany BarKtln House', 2ml & Baker. 1 mi:t-H. rri D QAI F T A K K Y o v k run OALQ ,.hn(l.e. s-tnbe Spar-ton, new condensers, kxmI tubes: or l. C. liadiola, Iim-uI and Iouk distance In fine shape. 222 10. 4th St. niU-15 21 For Rent FOR RFNT--1 Fi iixisii-run n l in i ,,,, K(.t.piUlr p..rch. cM'c, washer, Karnife. 140 No. Oak. ml4-Hi FOR RENT" i HOO.M l.'N apts. Phone ELLSWORTH ture. Ph. 35. 805 F.llsworth. all-tf 14 Houses Wanted WANTED er 11 O O 11 11 room house helween now and June 15. Phone 54S. niK-lS 10 Help Wanted RFRRY l'"'KI':KS WANTKl) J. 11 DLfin I t'urraii, licomli. Ore Phone Lelmuon 47-F-4. ml4-li nnnn ,,'kan woman cook hh- UUUU mcen sn 45 years. Itcs-laurant exp. not necessary. Apply In person after 2 p. im Oepot CalV. 24 I. yon St. IU12-U PASSAGE, DOCTOR, f WE TIME ASPARAGUS 7 AW, LIVE BEIN' WHAT DO I CARE? ROBE- HUH! CAUSE I IN TH' COUNTRY- WELL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, by an order : of the County Court of the State of Oregon, for the County of Linti, duly made and entered on the 27th day of April, 1936, was appointed Administrator with the Will Annexed of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of HAN NAH R. TILLOTSON, Deceased, and that he has duly qualified as such Administrator. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to persent the same, duly verified, as required by law, to him at the law offices of Edward E. Sox in the First National Bank Building, in the City of Albany, in Linn County, Oregon, within six months of the date of this notice. Duted and first published this 1st day of May, 1936. JOHN A. HELTZEL, as Administrator with the Will-Annexed of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of HANNAH R. TILLOTSON, Deceased. ' Date of First Publication: May 1, 1936. Date of Last Publication: May 29, 193ti. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE OF "F1NAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Executor of the Es-' tate of Henry A. Vollstedt, deceased, has filed its final account as such executor in the office of ' the County Clerk of Linn County, Oregon, and the Court has set Monday, June 1, 1936, at ten o'clock A. M. as the time and the . County Court room of said Coun ty as the place for the hearing of objections of said final account, if any there be, and lor the final settlement of said estate. Any and all persons having, ob jections to said final account are hereby notified to- present the same at said time and dace. uaveo ana iirsi puousnea mis 1st day of May, 1936. Tart? irrrjQT cavimhc niwv nr ALBANY, OREGON Executor. ' - "-" "--.... Albany, Oregon, Attorney for Executor. May 1 8 IS 22 29 m i tuun i i luuiu ur LINN COUNTY. OREGON In Oir Matter of the Estate) of ) Flora A. Mason, deceased.) In Probate Notice is hereby given that on' the 8th day of May, 1936, the undersigned was appointed executor of the last Will, Testament and Estate of the above named de ceased, and has qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby, notified to present the same, verified according to law, to the undersigned at the office of Foshay St Mason, Albany, Oregon, within six months from tie date of this notice. Blrst published May 8, 1938. ROCKEY E. MASON Executor. MnyB-15-22-20 June 5 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR LINN COUNTY. NELLIE HART HARRIS, ) Plnintiir.) vs. ' ) R. F. PRATT, as Administra-) tor of the Estate of Margaret)- Hurt Miller, Deceased, and) GEORGE E. MILLER. ) Defendants.) SUMMONS TO: R. F. PRATT, as Admin istrator of the Estate of Margaret Hart Miller, Deceased, end GEORGE E. MILLER, defendants. IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF OREGON, You are hereby required to appear and answer the Complaint filed against you in the above entitled suit within four weeks from the date of the Iirst publication of this Summons, and you are hereby notified that if you fail to so appear and answer within the said period of time; default will be entered against you for want of answer, and that the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief prayed for in her Complaint herein, as follows, to wit: 1. That sne oe aecreea wr dc the owner of the fee simple title of the real premises described as - " - . ( 0H THrxrJKS- I WrT COULdTY THOTT LET HER V.'--r.i; A OH mMwi J ,SK HER "x LITTLE GO B&CK - BSv - - (to plav-M(Jrube-J WW -KX-' XpBfrf- -T K FARM' J . - " ' B ! NOTHIN ) l" J 1 "v""" ' pji:' r'-J I AND HER ) ' WtNTintlNU IZ DEI I CK I n IAIN I r-- A SMALL-TOWN SMARTY- 1' STOCK FL!iNl - loeated Itrush Creek, all hotlom land, erop nil In, very pood luiildiiiKs. a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 cowh, all equipment needtw). all furniture neeiled.. Total-prire only $:!"."0 move rijrht In. . IUV1NK li, HOOli, Phone 30fl a:i0tf For Sate Real Estate WnilQF (,u Itl'llJHNC LOT KfH! run onLX Allmiiy s ,.,(v ,()tH outside city limit m, fine location Tucimui, Wash. K. C. Coff. N. Albany, ml 4-1, 47 V APRF KAUM KOU alk miles out: new ii room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair: on main power line, t'rops alt in. A UAIMAIN. See owner. Win. McK in ley, lit. 1, Albany. Ov n22-m22 FOR 9AI F NorrciiN nrwly run OttLL iUH-r:uvii home, 1 .', lot well located at lOfM W. 8th St.. A Ibany. Write M. I Powers, SO". W. 1st Ave. Kujrene, ore. mt2-IS FOR 9AI F lilvAL I'ISTATK OrtLL ,.V(,,.rjl , a(I(I Hiink Farms. AM counties in. Western ami Southern Oregon. (. A. Humes, Field Salesman, 11(13 Oak St., RiiKcne. Ore. irKi-mlii 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs . PIIQTnM HATClllNll HOO.M LUO I uivi rr ,,, Tm.k(,y ,.KKSi any time. Charter's inctlliators, J. 1.. .Mi-Fartand,: : Taniient, Phone r.ii4-ii-4. inl:i-i:,-s 200 WHITE i.f.i:iioi:n pri,- lets. Holly s wks. old. 5"n' each. Lester Banlt, TnliKent. Ore. mU-lli DFAD AN" wol!T111-l:SS lltlltSKK LJLmL' ami cows picked up free of charite anywhere. Phone colled H-F-H, Albany. If no answer, Phone ll-F-4. Corvallls. niH-lf FRIENDS Your honor, couldwt IT BE A COINCIDENCE THAT A COIN OF THAT DATE WAS AMONG THE ONES VE FOUND UNDER THE FLOOR f DINMY- N POOS DIM MY -' S SPEA TIME, J DlNMy ' ,1 SCHOOL'S" OUT ERLVV' t LOT O' TIME TO GET ' ' hoJe Jri work in th- GRDE4- BUT I GUESS 1 ! I VE GOT SPRING FEVER OR SOMETHIN' OH- J.Wl " wait must we f 1 LEAVE ;'TH'S? - I I LUtJ Prtcu quoted below an those prevailing- at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are lubject to chart tie nt any hour thereafter. IOC A I. (illAIV M. KenilerH ft Co. Wheat: No. 1 while. 77c; red and mixed 7.rie hushel. HAH1.KY: Hansen, I2l.nt ton. OATS: While. No. 1. $18.0(1; Kray So. 1, 123.1111; sray feed 20.00 tun. WOOL Wool, per pound 30c Mohair, per pound 40c MKAT (. i:. krriKll Went Co.) I'ATTI.K Sleers li.nfl4T7.00 lleirers 4.,'ilMrO.riO lllllla ... 3. 505. 00 Cows, heef 3.0O1;5.00 Cows. Ollttel'8 1.504iS.OO IKXiS 140 lo UIO pounds . . . .S.50i'S.OO ltm lii 210 pounds n.chi 'ii :i no 210 In 250 pounds 7.50 III 8.50 250 to :I50 tiollllds 7.50r7.75 2511 pounds up 5.75410.50 Sown 4.75 W 11.25 l.amliH ... .S7.ullVtl.50 . 2.004.110 . 5.0O41 11. 1)0 7c lie F v es . . , . Yearlltms l.lve Dressed . . I'lll I.THV (Mwlfl A 4iiniiimy t No. 1 hens, 4 to II lhs. Die No. 1 hens, liver 0 lbs IHc No. 1 medium hens, over Uih 15c No. 1 medium hens, tinder 111 Ilia. 15c Colored sprlnus ISc No. 1 broilers, In 2 lbs .15c Itoosters ' J ...... .7c Si a its v. . . . . . . ....... .10c i:r.f;s All I'riern Arr llellvevnl Albnnf fnntiN HIHrnel Kxtran Slunilarda Kxtru iiieillum Standurtl inedluin Hruwna extras Dirty extraa ...... CnderKradeH Puiltiis Pee wees , , v ion. l.lve DrcHstd HIHTKHKir ... 19c . . 17c . . I lie . .l:ic . . PJc . . 1 lie ..ISO . .120 . ,10c .SV4e ..lie A Brniln 2o It Klude 25c C vrmt 22r NlfKF.P l.nmlm J8.25 0 9.00 I'Oltll.AMI ntltKK.T Portland, Ore., .May 15. There was no chilliKc In butler prieejl or general trade conditions for the day .Malt Iltlnues to reflect seasonable Increase but storage' demand It tailing care of arrivals. While huyera continue to freely offer lib' tloxell for quality eggs to producei'H, and' return cases, the official selling price on heat cuga 10- mains al INc dozen. Strawberries from Canity sold around $3.50 to retailers. Imperial ciltilaloupen in good di uiaml. orauKeH and lemons are both hlgller In the Hunt ll bill little changed here as yet. Asparagus markcl is more active nt low prices. J'etiH are stronger with best Hay wards moving around $2.50 bag. Dalles lelluce of fancy ttliallly is selling up to $1.75 crutu. : OIITI.AMI I.IVKHTOI'K Porlland, ore., .May 15. Hogs: 200 Including 147 dll I. Sleady. liood NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL BONDS School District No. 5 Linn County. Oregon. Notice is hereby given that the Bourd of Directors of School District No. 5, of Linn County, Ore gon, will receive sealed bids until seven o clock P. M. on the 2nd day of June, 1936, at Ihe High School Building in the City of Albany, Oregon, for the Goneral Obligation Bonds of suld School District in the sum of Thirty Thousand and no100 ($30,000) Dollars, said bonds to be issuud for the purpose of providing funds with which to remodel the Senior High School Building and to construct additions thereto, to construct a new Maple School Building, to build an addition to the New Madison School Building and to equip and furnish each of said buildings with school equipment and school fur nishings, haul bonds are to be duted June 1, 1936, to be in denominations of $1000.00 each, to bear Interest at a rate not to ex ceed six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually, principal and interest payable at the office or the County Treasurer of Linn County, Oregon, and will mature as fol lows: Numbers Maturity Dute Amount land 2xJune 1, 193R, $2000.00 3 and 4 June 1, 1939, $2000.00 5 and 6 June 1, 1940, $2000.00 7 and 8 June 1, 1941, $2000.00 9 and 10 June 1, 1942, $2000.00 11 and 12 June 1, 1943, $2000.00 13 and 14 June 1, 1944, $2000.00 15 and 16 June 1, 194T), $2000.00 17 and 18 June 1, 1946, $2000.00 19 and 20 June 1, 1947. $2000.00 21 and 22 June 1, 1948, $2000.00 23 and 24 June 1, 1949, $2000.00 25 and 20 June 1, 1950, $2000.00 27 and 28 June 1, 19B1, $2000.00 29 and 30 June 1, 1952, $2000.00 All bids shall be addressed and delivered to the undersigned Clerk of the School Board of School District No. 5, at Albany, Oregon, on or before seven o'clock P. M. on June 2. 1936, and shall be accom panied by the certified check of each bidder in a sum not less man 2 Mi percent of the amount of such bid. The legal opinion of Messrs, Teal, Winfree, McCulloch, Shuler and Kelly, attorneys at Law, Portland, Oregon, as to the legality of such bond issue will be lurnisnca the successful bidder. The Board of Directors of said School District No. 5 hereby rc serves the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the Board of Dlrec tors of School District No. 5, Linn County. Oregon. Duted and first published this 14th day of May, 1930. D. H. BRENNEMAN, t.'lork. School District No. 5, Linn County, Oregon. Address: Albany, Oregon j A HURRIED EXIT MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse WELL, IP VOU MUST KMOW...TMIS A BOMBi I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU SMEAKEP ME THRU THE BACK OF MV TENT AND THEN DOWN THIS QUEER PROOF TUMMEL. I HAD BUILT SHORTLY AFTER. I CAME HERE - IN..ER..INJ CASE OF EMERGEMCV- IT LEADS TO A POIMT ABOUT TWO MILES OUTSiDE THE CITY- COME, IT beats me, sergeant HOW THAT birp COULP EVAPORATE SO . THOROUGHLY -RIGHT UWDER, OUR NOSES, AMP WITH MISS NORTH! MEANIMG TO WARM MYRA OF PEVRIES' why NOW,MVRA- JUST TRUST ME - IT'S FOR YOUR OWN By Thompson and Coll BUT WHiv IS THIS PLACE? WHERE ARE WE GOING ? tn HAVEN'T FOR TALK SAFETY BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN VINDICATION TREACHERY, JACK RUSHES TO HER. TEMT, OSJLY TO FIND IT EMPTY 7 IF MR-TWIDGE1 STILL IS SKEFTCAL)vrtXJR HONOR, CAN GIVE FURTHER IDENTIFICATION ! THERE'S A SCRATCH ON THE TOP SIDE OF THE COIN THAT LOOKS LIKE . .1 .J THE LETTER V : v. NORMALCY j MOW - WE MUST HUR.RY" FRECKLES AND HIS jii,: :". fl!;,;!:,' I GUESS YOU- WERE RIGHT ABOUT "THE COIN I rtiU LEFT, YOUNG MAM.... HERE IT IS....A FIFTY- CENT PIECE DATED 1878 !! ALLEY OOP C'WOU, BOYS -WE'VE Vv'OCK. TO DO SEAC- DOWN h'ASD' ALL I ii -'"" Jy i HERE IT IS f ) rnn NATURE FURNISHED , WOULD YOU !Zr- "WE MATERIAL. AND CARE TO ) i! 7GA YOU GAVE THE j EXAMINE J h CURT E r ) (T, MR. )S .FO?L J OPPORTUNITY' TWIDGE V pyK - ' V" vk'l ill' CERTAINLY, IT COULD BE A COINCIDENCE..., BUT- A COIN THAT OLD IS RARE .' ALL THE OTHERS WERE MINTED AFTER iqoo; H BACK TO follows: i Beginning at the Northeast corner of the D. L. C. of Jas. M. Coon and wife, claim 49,' in Township 13, Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian, thence South 58.60 chains, thence West 41.48 chains, thence North 58.60 chains, thence East 41.46 chains to the place of beginning, containing 242.90 acres, in Linn. County, Oregon, and all thereof, subject only to the rights of the Administrator herein, the just and valid claims against the estate of Margaret Hart Miller, and the expenses of administration, and upon the closing of said estate the administrator be directed to release said property and all thereof unto the plaintiff. 2. That the administrator and all other persons be immediately restrained from selling, disposing of or otherwise incumbering the property in question, except subject to the rights of the plaintiff, during the pendency of this suit 3. For such other and further relief as to the Court shall seem equitable. This Summons Is published by Order of the Honorable L. G. L!-welling, Judge of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, in tho Albany Democrat-Herald once each week for four successive weeks, and the date of the first publication is the 1st day of May, 1936. IMMEL & EVANS Attorneys for Plaintiff. First National Bank Bldg. Eugena, Oregon. 9 May 1 8 IS 32 38 Wr: -!RHjI CONGLOMERATION? TH' GRAND WIZERS 5PEU- ( tE ' nf$COM& 8ACKTOWOCMAL.' ) .vA-s gl LCT (fa " May 14-21-28

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