The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on July 24, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY. JULY 24, 1921. GILBERT O. NATIONS Soviet Divorces Granted in Five Minutes for $1.50 Cripple Can't "Put 'Em j Up"; Killed by Bandit Chicago. A gray-haired man lost 1 his life because he was unable to raise i ILISii ElEO By H'i JUMP LEOPOLD AND LOEB PLEAD FOR MERCY PERSIAN CAPITAL RULER BY TROOPS Murder of Yank Starts War on Humbug Miracles in Persia. Three to Die, Fourth Gets Life for Slaying Banket Paris, Ky. Robert Mullen of Newport, Ky.. the fourth man on trial charged with the murder of Frank Buchanan in an attempted robbery of the Clint onvllle bank. June 11, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life-Imprisonment. Mullen's three companions, Elmer Hall, Richard New-house and George Farrell, all of Newport, previously had been given the death sentence. i '! ;.-- 'VV . ! ! - V i f f " if- ' s . : . : ' - 5 Moscow. Soviet Russia oners far more advantages to persons seeking easy and quick divorces than perhaps any place in the world. Under a new-decree a divorce can be had within five minutes at a cost of $1.30, provided both parties agree. If. however, one objects, the case must be referred to the courts. Misconduct does not constitute a valid reason for the annulment of marital ties, but desertion, religious superstition, excessive religious piety, incompatibility of temperament and divergence in political views are held to be sufficient causes. Pope Bars Women Failing to Observe Dress Rules Home. ilore than 100 women have been refused permission to attend papal public audiences in the last few days owing to the failure to conform to the dress demanded by the pope. According to the papal orders the women must wear a high collar and their sleeves must extend to their wrists. Senator Wheeler, Democrat, Joins LaFollette's Party Washington. Burton K. Wheeler, Democratic senator from Montana, accepted the vice presidential "nomination" as running mate to LaFoIlette which was offered him by the Wisconsin insurgents' national committee. NO REST NO PEACE There's no peace and little resst for the one who suffers from a bad back, and distressing urinary disorders. Bremen people recommend Doan's Pills. lie guided by thei experience. Mrs. William Seiler, Grant St., Bremen, says: "I had a bad attack 'of ki ' ley trouble and my back pained so, I could hardly stoop. I couldn't kep on my feet for t.ny lemrth of time and would liave to sit down and rest every little while. I had pains in the top rnd back of my head and my kidneys didn't act regularly. I trot to hear about Poan's Tills and sent to Fisher Bios., Drujr Store for some. I used Doan's and they foon brought relief." Mrs. Seiler grave the above statement February 5, and on April 13, 1023, she added: "My faith in Doan's Pills is just as strong- as when I first endorsed them. Poan's have never failed to help me when needed." GOc, at all dealers. Foster-MOburn Co., ,Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. adv. Judge Gilbert O. Nations, professor at the American university, Washington, D. C, who has been nominated by the American party for the Presidency. $50,000,000 TAX SURPLUS IN SIGHT Washington. Acting Secretary of the Treasurv Oarard Winston, in ad- dressing the first meeting of the new board of tax appeals, announced that a revised estimate shows a surplus of ?r0.O in nnwnivt sit the end of the fiscal year 3023, recently com- year meneed. This is double the estimated Teheran. Teheran and its suburbs were put under martial law until such a time as the political situation becomes normal again. Agitators against law and order will meet capital punishment. The papers which have been inciting the movement against the government will be suppressed and no public meetings will be permitted. Nature of Crime Rare. One paper says the government should have come to this decision sooner and saved Persia from sliame due to the murder of MaJ. Robert Imbrie, United States vice consul, by a mob of anti-foreign fanatics. The nature of the crime is very rare in Persian history. A similar crime, committed more than a century ago practically enslaved Persia to Russia. The editor of another paper regards the crime of the mob as an act which will strengthen the government's hands in putting down priestcraft, with its Imnibug miracles. Persia, he says, will never forget Maj. Robert Imbrie and the work he unknowingly did for the future good of the country. Priestcraft Blamed. Evidence revealed shows that the two Americans were accused by leaders of the mob of having poisoned the "Sacred Fountain," causlrg the death of some women and children. A special man was put to work to propagate this Lie, and it was he who, while running after the carriage in which the Americans were escaping, told the shopkeepers this lie- and called them out to wreak vengeance. I Hughes Gives Pledge of Aid to Europeans London. Europe can count on the United States (1) in efforts toward further disarmament, (2) in support of institutions of international justice, (3) in co-operation for the promotion of peace in conformity with the pro-p-rnm of national Institutions for the ( promotion of public health and war on the drug traffic, and (4) assistance in rehabilitation through the Dawes plan, Secretary Hughes declared at an international dinner given in his honor bv the Pilgrims' society. his address :t the semi-annual budget ! t1ie-v shouU1 bo from !h,e Sf- meeting on June 30. and indicates that! If the sentence to Joliet , u is all likelihood of a deiicit has vanished. I Foible that later they nus U be ad-,T , ... ; bulged insane while in prison. In Young Killers Give Up Hope of Liberty in Guilty Plea. Chicago. Casting from them all hope of freedom as easily as they killed for a thrill, Nathan F. Leopold, Jr., and Richard A. Loeb risked their lives un the outcome of their last great experiment with human nature. Today they stand no farther from the gallows. The door behind them is closed. Chief Justice John R. Caverly of the Criminal court is the subject of the final dramatic experiment of their lives. Their pleas of "guilty" have placed their lives in his hands, Clarence S. Darrow, chief of counsel for the defense, formally pleaded his two clients sruiltv. Called to the bar, both youths said they realized j what that plea meant. j Means Prison or Death. j And it means that the trial must i have one of these results : A sentence of death. A sentence of life imprisonment in Joliet. A sentence of imprisonment of not less than 14 years and not more than 73. Alienists will take the stand for the defense. They will testify as to ' the mental condition and degree . of responsibility of the college honor men i . But the defense is not insanity. It to will 'consist of evidence intended mitigate the crime by showing: 1. That the murderers were not en t5re,-v responsible. '. mat tlieir youtu snouiu oe raiien into consideration, as one reason why that event they would be transferred to the Chester Asylum for Criminal Insane and upon recovering would be returned to Joliet to serve out their sentences. Morgan Agent Insists Allies Evacuate Ruhr London. The Daily Telegraph asserts that Thomas W. Lament of J. P. Morgan & Co. has presented an ulti- anything to do with the proposed loan to Germany without stronger guarantees. The guarantees, Lamont is declared to have said, must include the ?vacuation of the Ruhr. Spot Where Columbus Landed Now U. S. Park Ssn Juan. Porto Rico. Governor Car s 5 , . , . uie new ooara or tax appeals musi receipts from back taxes which were amounting to from $30,000,000 to $40.-000.OK1 per month up to the time of the passage of the revenue law when a slump took place on account of the change in system of handling disputed cases. The latest estimate of $30,000,000 as the 1923 fiscal year surplus does 1 : S : 1 not take account of the saving of $83,-; matum to the allied premiers, declar-000.000 'which President Coolidge has ! bng American bankers will not have asked departments to make below amounts appropriated for their expenditures during the year. Adding these two sums together, a surplus of $133,000,000 is a possibililty. Warren Warns Mexico Against New Uprising Mexico City. Gen. Plutarco Elias a crippled arm above his head in response to the command of a youthful bandit. Two bullets fired at such ! close range that they left black pow- j dor burns crashed into his face and forehead and the victim fell to the j floor dead. He was Frank II. Zabour, fifty-three years old. The shooting took place in the Uptown Social club. Olympic Tennis Finals Taken by Americans Paris. Yincent Richards and Miss j Helen Wills of America, won in the j finals of the men's and women's sin- j gles, respectively, in the Olympic games tournament at the Colouibes stadium before the largest crowd that has ever witnessed a tennis match in France. The victories clinched the tennis team championship honor for j Uncle Sam for the third successive time. fve Persons Die OS Car r T....J. Ti:Arr Breaks Through a Bridge Buena Yista, Colo. Five persons were killed near here when their automobile broke through a bridge and dropped 50 feet into the Arkansas river. They were Bryon Tipton, thirty-six; Miss Ruth Skeels, twenty-six; Billy Tipton, ten; Catherine Tipton, eight, and Jack Tipton, six, all of Florence, Colo. Mrs. Tipton was dan- gerously Injured, and an Infant was unhurt. Six Killings, in Chicago Within Twelve Hours Chicago. Henry Derrig, seventeen years old, killed his father, Henry Derrig, Sr., an ex-policeman, with a baseball bat. The killing, according to the boy and his mother, was In defense of the latter. Shortly afterward Rowland Campbell shot and killed an unidentified prowler in front of his place of business. These made six killings in Cook county within twelve hours. Danger of Smallpox Grows; 35 States Report Disease Washington. Apprehension over the growing number of smallpox cases throughout the country was expressed by Surgeon General ' Cum-mings of the public health service, who said the presence of the disease in 33 states threatened serious consequences unless state health officers exercised the greatest vigilance in vaccination and re-vaccination. 286,000,000 Bushel Drop in World's Wheat Output Washington. A reduction of 2S6,-000,000 bushels In the wheat production of eleven of the leading producing countries of the northern hemisphere, as compared with last year's crop, la Indicated In reports to the Department of Agriculture. These eleven countries, producing 64 per cent of the world crop, will have 1,913,000,000 bushels of wheat this year, as compared with 2,199,000,000 last year. v W Michigan 6 S 4 C A G EORGE WYMAN Market Advance Called Most Speci-.c-.ilar in Many Years. Chtca sro. Pro oticnlly $ 1 .(O.OO0,000 has been added to the ncrictiltural wealth of the United States as a result of the sensational advance in prain values in a little more than a month. At the same time many millions of dollars have aocrued to the farmers In the Canadian northwest, where wheat prices have jumped 42 cents a bushel, as against nearly 30 cents a bushel in the United States. This advance has brotight abont an emphatic reversal of conditions In agricultural districts and Is reflected In general business with a more cheerful tone everywhere. New Life in Speculation, Sir weeks ago speculative trading on the board of trade was around 20.CK,000 bushels a day. Wednesday it reached the Inchest since May 1, 1923, with an aggregate of more than 110.000.000 bushels of all grains, of which 60.000.00il bushels were wheat for future delivery. There has been no such revival In the grain trade for years In so short a time. Commission houses practically deserted a few months ago are now filled with Interested buyers who have become Impressed by the wonderful change in the world's wheat situation. Foreigners are said to have bought upward of 23,000.000 bushels of wheat futures , In Chicago and Winnipeg within a short time. July wheat, which sold at $1.03Ta ?n June 9, touched Sl.oOH Thursday, gaining 44 cents for the day, while Winnipeg was np to $1.40U. an advance of 44. cents, despite reports cf rains In sections where most needed. Big Jump in Corn. July corn has advanced from 7S cents to $1.13 in the same time and cash No. 2 yellow corn brought S1.16H In Chicago Thursday, the highest in several years, as corn is scarce in all terminal markets. Oats sold at G1H cents and are up 10 cents of late, and rye brought ST cents, a gain of 20 cents a bu-shel in the same time. United States Giant War Submarine Is Launched Portsmouth, X. 11. A submarine, twice as large as any built previously for the United States, was launched at the navy yard here. This big undersea f.ghter, to be known as the V-l. is the first of a fleet of nine. The vessel Is 341 feet 6 Inches over all, has a maximum breadth of 27 feet S5i inches, a surface speed of 21 knots and a speed of 9 knots submerged, and a surface .displacement of 2,164 tons. She Is so nearly self sustaining that she will not need the services of a mother ship when In port. The Y-l will carry seven officers and eighty men. Woman Has Duel to Death With Large Rattlesnake Anderson, S. C. The finding of the body of aa unidentified white woman, with a large rattlesnake clutched In her right hand, and the curved fangs of the reptile still fastened In her neck, is reported by a Seneca (S. C.) weekly newspaper. The woman's body was found near the North and South Carolina boundary line by a party of tourists. It Is stated. The tourists are said to have met two small chll-dn n in the road crying and were told that their mother had gone over a hill to pick huckleberries and had not returned. On investigation, the tourists found the woman's body and evidence of the death battle. , Deserter Killed Major Who Gave Him Auto Lift AshevIIIe, N. C -Maj. Samuel II. Mel.eary, missing army officer, was ki'.led bv Mortimer 11. King of Canton and a co-mr anion on 2, King con-' f.-sei to federal ml local officials. Tne u;..ive was n-' bery. After the iv. a r ul tsk.n Kir.: an. his com- pa -i-on into his -js lift they shot hh.i n deserter fr -n '. r t' give to death. them a ' King 1 ; the United States the Marine corps. Upset Cance Is Found ; Seven Children Missing llridgeport. Conn. A canoe in which seven Bridgeport children embarked from Jairfield Peach was picked up capsized two mites east of Middle Ground Light In the sound by the tug John Glen. The canoe was later Identified by its owner, George W. Mills. No trace cf the children has been found. Farmers May Take Over 36 Elevator Concerns Minneapolis. The holdings of 8 grain companies of the Northwest have been offered for sale to the American Farm Bureau federation. The offer was made to O. I'-. Bradfute. president of the organization, and one of the leaders in the new srrain-bandlinir company recently organized in Chicago. Forest Fires Continue to Burn on Pacific Coasi tn Franeisco.'era Washing ton. northern Idaho and California continue their more r le.-s utisuct ossful tattles against forest fires. $200,000 Electrical Storm Hits St. Louis; No Deathi St. Ixiuis, Mo. Damage estimated at approximately $2M000 was caused by a severe electrical storm here which disabled lG,0xj telephones and, 20.00U elect ri- li.Tht connections. The 54-mile wind destroyed thousands ol trees. The telephone system was interrupted more than in uay storm since the tornado of 1S'.), olliclal.- said. ths custom of counting by tens f o because cur sava're ancestor.-, being unskilled in mathematics, counted their fingers, scored by tens and thus founded the decimal system. Help Baby through the hot suuinu i with BABY COMFORTS and hear him coo while he happily counts his toes. Glyci rin SaMMisitoi-ics (lul'ar.t) Zinc Ste;r;itc Siu'ar of Milk Caster Oii Boric Aci! Five of 200 I'urctest prcpavations for health and hygiene. Every item the best that skill and care can produce. K00NTZ BROTHERS 72ie yoxci Drug Store h L'auuwHm wwhuw.1 J'r for a Growing City 6) T ATI y 6 CO. 4 vvT-" I. - i i Talles, who on the face of returns from j rowner ormailv accepted from the the recent election has been named j insular government the gift of the next President to succeed Obregon, ; tract of ,and near A&uadina -nere left his ranch at Nuevo Leon for Mex-, Shri8t0pher Columbus landed In 1402, Ico City. Ambassador Warren let it) :he onlv spot under tne American flag be known that any factional revolt j nhere djscoverer of America ever against the recent plebiscite would; set foot The KOvernment will de-find no sympathy, in the United States. fre, the tract as a park. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA COME AND SEE US Store Hours: 8:30 to 5:30. Saturday Evenings close 6 p. m. Announaing Two Big August Sales The Touring 9 August brings two important Sales Events -which mean much to Wyman customers. The historic Blanket Sale one of the oldest selling events of its kind will begin, as always, ou August 1st, i This year inaugurates the August Sale of Fur Trimmed Cloth Coats, which begins July 31st, one day ahead of the month. Runabout ... 3265 Demountable Rima u4 Staitar SSS extra Coupe - S525 Tudor Sedan - - S90 For dor Sedan - 685 Atl pricm f. a. k. Detroit Yom Vmw huy amy msJtt by making a imoli iM n-fa ymgin ami arranging rasy (rrmj for tK balance. Or -om can buy on the Ford Weekly Purchase Pian. The Ford dealer in your neighborhoo & vtll gladly explain both plant in detail. In the 21 years since its founding, on June 16th, 1903, the Ford Motor Company has contributed largely to the motorizing of modern life. Ten million Ford cars have quickened the pace of business, have brought convenience to day-by-day travel and healthful enjoyment to the American family. Economical manufacture on a large scale makes personal transportation available to all. August Sale of Kur Trimmed Coats Starting Thursday, July 31st These new winter coats, bought early in the market, were made by the manufacturers during the early season. They were therefore obtained at price concessions which will mean large savings to those who buy them. The coats are in new advance styles, made of new materials and trimmed with fine furs. .A v 1 i j'J 15 Detroit, Wyman's 64th Annual Sale of Sample Blankets ' Starts Friday, August 1st As is our annual custom, we have purchased the entire sample line -of blanket manufacturers and sell them during August to thrifty buyers. Sample Blankets at i4 to Yz less than regular prices SUE THE NEAREST AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER There is a large variety of cotton and wool blankets. Get your blankets for fall at these savings. You may depend on the traditional Wyman quality. A Growing Rug and Drapery Department UNIVERSAL L THE g'Tiiiiimraiff

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