Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 14, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MAY 14, .19361 Veterinarians Hold Bryant Included in Student Who's Who LINFIELD HEAD I Spenklnp iilso iast nii.'lil w;t Dr. i John Snapt', Eugene, who ivc'rrc jprc:cnt d;iy verld conditions in I the Ii(!ht of Christian trnchines I which he Kiiid have been too gen- Quarterly Meeting per capita leys frein fire in lfl!!S was $4.85. The figures for 1935 showed a reduction to $2.11. Even with better fire prevention woik, however, the nation reported 1,-570.1100 firrs in 1935 representing a lots of about $8110 a minute. Veterinarians from Oregon SAYS STUDENTS j orally ignored. Washington and Idaho, and from Camp 1'Ians Talked John E. Bryant, student body president of Albany college, was lifted in the 1936 edition of Wlip's Who among students in American universities, and colleges, accord as far east as Kansas City, Mo. Al tlie convention banquet the were in Albany today for the delegates (liscu;ccl the. Caseadia NOT RADICALS' quarterly conference of the North Hantist summer tami). where ing to announcement received Green Mountain Graduation Held west Veterinarians' association j women's house party will take I place July 14-17, a W. W. CI. house which convened all day. j Wednesday from H. Pettus Ran- The floral committee consisted of Mrs. Kate Croft, Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Harris. Interment was in the Pugh cemetery at Shedd. The Fisher-Braden funeral directors were in charge,. , .ATTEND CELEBRATION . Among the Albany people in Corvallis Tuesday to attend the 50th anniversary of the Eastern Star chapter in that city were: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stuart, Mrs. C. H. Murphy, Mrs. Kenneth Bloom, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olvis, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bassett, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Luper. Mrs. L. G. Lewelling, Mrs. W. H. Watson, Mrs. W. W. Dickson, Mrs. Wilfred Mandley, Mrs. George McBride, Mrs. E. C. Fisher, Mrs. O. P." Romaine, Mrs. Gilmore Hector, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Frank Shoemate and Mrs. Dayton Holloway. UUll, LUIlOl oi on- jjuuuiaiiuu.. Brvant is the son of John G. The morning was devoted to n clinic, held in the building at 2(i Broadulbin street, where operations and other matters pertaining to treatment of ailing animals Bryant of R. F. D. 4, Albany, and has spent his life here, attend Albany public schools before enter were demonstrated. ing college. Participating were Dr. W. H The recognition he received is Uieomb. (Special) Graduation exercises were held at Green Mountain school Thursday eve-nint!. Those completing the 8lh Rrado were Helrn Downing, Hilda Nolan and Dorothy Pepperline. Following is the proKram: Mu'.ic by Francis Downing; son?, "America." by audience; invocation. Rev. Lindley; song, "Long Ago," by Donna Cooper and Hiram Hern, in Lytic, stale veterinarian, Salem among the highest in student life, less than one-half of one pcr-cent Dr. Charles Seagruvcs, Oregon City; Dr. George Phelps and Dr of students being selected from each institution. He was the sole B. T. Sims, Oregon State college, the latter demonstrating a blood representative from Albany. Until the world accepts the party will be held July 2l)-2b: a terms laid down by Christ there! summer assembly is scheduled can be no end of war, Dr. Albert ; July 27-Aunust 7; a state Uantist G. Johnson, pastor of the Hinson I Young People's Union rally will be Memorial Baptist church, Portland, held August 7 and a Baptist Bible told the Baptists last night, In i conference will take place August preaching the sermon of the con- : 8 to IB inclusive, vention. I At yesterday's convention ses- Dr. Johnson characterized Chris- Ision Mrs. A. D. Huntley announced tians as "ambassadors" of God, au- j her resignation as director of C'hi-thorized to deliver only a message i nese mission work at Portland. She of reconciliation of God and the! will be replaced by Rev. Harold world, "but the ambasradors have j Backlund. stepped down from their high I Backlund, Uev. Paul Hoper. places and become diplomats," he Coqiiille: Kev. Stanley Carnils, said. ! Springfield; Rev. Le Roy Crossley, "The nations of the world are , Lebanon; Rev. Elmer Junker, Al-tryjng to gain n: selfish and un-ibany; Rev. Wilford Dawes, Med-righteous peace," Dr." Johnson as-! frj 111Ki r,.v. s. E. Gregg, of the serted, "o'blivious' to Hie fact that j University Park church, Portland. God has already made peace with ! wcro announced ps newcomers to the world through the death of his . (K. Oregon convention. Fon' i Speaking of Linficld college. Dr. transfusion; Dr. J. W. Shaw, Ore costume: pantomime, "And the Lump Went Out"; music, H. H. Hern and Miss Mary Hern; play. gon State college, who was in charge of the demonstrations, and Dr. G. F. Reid, Albany, and Dr. He entered Albany college in 1B32, and tfftcr holding numerous offices, became student body president for this yenr. He will be graduated with a B. A. degree in Juno. For Better nine uita "Alice Blue Gown"; reading, "Tho P. T. Tweed, Lebanon, who con House by tho bide or tlie Uoad, followed -by song -of same name; During his enrollment at the col ducted a small animul clinic and who assisted and co-operated in lege, he served as football manager address by School Superintendent all phases of the demonstration J. M. Bennett who presented tlie The veterinarians met this QQ8SB8 in 19.13; associate editor of the Orange Peal, campus newspaper, in .1934. and as manager in 1935; afternoon in the city hall, where diplomas to the graduates; song. "I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard." by Donna Chastine; song "Graduation Days." Dr. J. N. Nichols, rorest Grove. president of the Press club; treas president of the group, presided The session was devoted to ques ! Elnm J. Anderson, president of the To give your car new smoothness I McMinnvillo school, turned aside A basket dinner with a program of songs and readings and the MEALS OFTEN FAIL tions and answers and general I charges made at the men's council discussions.. urer cf the student body in 1935, jmd was president of the Kappa Kappa Phi fraternity this year. He is also a member of the Pir-ale Knights, the only honorary society for men on the campus, and at one time was elected master May pole was held Friday after Schilling BAKING POWDEn . . extra power! Try it today. session Tuesday that youth con noon. Hel::n Downing was May fcrenco resolutions passed March Bulldogs Enter 7 Queen and Hilda Nolan and Dorothy Pepperline attendants. 1 were communistic. Students Defended "On my way to Albany with Complimenting the class. Mrs. For State Tourney councilor of Takena chapter order of Dc Molay. Mary Lovett entertained with a four Linficld students I took up those resolutions point by point dinner at her home Wednesday evening. The guests included, Dorothy Pepperline. Hilda Nolan, COUEY KITES HELD Funeral services for Elinor An On the shoulders of seven men will rest Albany high's chances to plaeo in the stale track meet to be and found that every one of them has been advocated by the demo nette Couey, 14 year old daughter Helen Downing, Mary and Katn- cratic party, Mr. Anderson said. The Linficld president told the of Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Couey of Suver, who passed away May ryn Lovett and the hostess, Mrs. Lovclt. held at Hell field, Corvallis, Saturday. The seven won the right to enter the meet by placing first or 10 as a result of pneumonia, were Frances Downing entertained convention that when he saw the resolutions he thought they were WHITE IS RIGHT for the glorious summer season second in events at the district S with a dinner1 at her home Thursday at which the graduation class meet last Saturday. held from the United Presbyterian church of Shedd Tuesday. Rev. F. H. McMeekin, pastor, officiated. Pallbearers were How Outstanding among the seven were the. honored guests. Addi somewhat radical and suggested changes, but added that the youth conference "was intended to represent the thought of the young people without outside are Henderson, who set a now record in winning the MRU at the dis tional guests were Ferris and Mario Downing and Donna Chastine. - trict meet, and .Hutchinson,- who ard, Blaine and Eugene Thomas, Bill Ritchey, Edward Atwood and Carl Hanrisaker. Singers were Mrs. Emil Gobat, - Mrs. Walter Kerr and Mrs. Martin Conger. Dr. Anderson expressed belief lied an old record . in - the pole vault. " Others entering are Robertson in Democrat-Herald Want Ads. Rrine Hosults the javelin, Reynolds in the cen tury dash, Putnam in the pole vault, Gibson in the 220, and Hall in the broad jump- TO GIVE NEEDED INTERNAL EXERCISE AlL-Bran Relieves Common Constipation Meals that are low in "bulk" ar a common failing of the average American diet. Frequently, these meals result in irregular habits. Constipation due to Insufficient "bulk" is often a consequence. This condition causes discomfort, and may lead to headaches and loss of appetite Even serious disease muy develop. , . , , , Banish the dan nor of a diet low in "bulk" by eating Kellogg's All-Bban regularly. This delicious cereal 1b an abundant source of gentle "bulk." Within the body, it absorbs moisture and forms a soft mass, which exercises and strengthens intestinal muscles, and cleanses tho system. All-Bran also furnishes vitamin B and contains iron. Two tnblespoonfuls daily, with milk or cream, nro usually sufficient. If not relieved this way, consult your doctor. . -. - Row much pleananter to enjoy this natural food in place of pills and drugs. Serve All-Bran in some form each day, either as a cereal, or cooked into muffins, breads, etc Eat it regularly for regular habits. , AI.l-Bran is sold by all grocers. Huie by Kellogg in Battle Creek, Conattpatton du to (ntufflettnt "butk" Fire Deportment JJe flavor' Is Declared Asset A good fire department is an as faoriie of set to Its community and oavs for itself, Chief Oliver Butts of the Albany department said Tuesday wesiern nignt to tlie Albany Lions club. it pays not only through the re duced losses sustained from fir but in the lowered insurance rales which result from ifficient fire 1 homes! lighting and prevention service, he declared, ine Albany department lias been accorded merit awards pi.. of the National Fire Insurance aa ,w m -nm t Hating Bureau for the past two that Unflcld college is doing an excellent work in producing Christian graduates and invited comparison with other higher educational schools. "Scores of our young people arc ready and eayer to go out and win souls, if only the church will send them." the speaker declared. Dr. Anderson cited an 8-1 student vote in favor of compulsory daily chapi 1 attendance at Lin-field. "How many of your church members would vote compulsory attendance at church services once a week?" he asked. School Near Capacity Tho Linficld president pleaded for co-operation of the church in sending Christian students to the school. He reviewed progress ulong lines of physical expansion, athletic achievement and forensic excellence, and remarked that the student body is about as large now as accommodations will permit. Quality rather than quantity will be the impelling motive in seeking students for Linficld henceforth. Dr. Anderson said. A feature of yesterday after-neon's session was the description by Dr. A. C. Osterholm, medical missionary from the Belgian Congo in Africa, of the work being done along evangelistic lines in that area. Dr. Osterholm said of Africa, as Rrv. William C. Osgood did of India in addressing the Men's council Tue dav. that the door is open to unlimited evangelism in the African mission field. Dr. Osterholiu relat'd instances illustrating the value of medical services in promoting Christianity, particularly in regard to the war against sleeping sickness, a scourge among Af-ervi t"tiviv. 1 years in recognition or work keeping Albany's per ci.pita lire los: under fit) cents. Fire prevention is assuming an increasing iiiiporltmfc In the work of the departments and .'hows real results, said the chief. The national OFFER ENDS MAY 30th GROVES WILL PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS -Whatever you do or wherever you go this summer you'll always ' be correctly attired fn white shoes. Come in and see bur outstanding collection of fascinating new styles for summer. 'BTJWJIL. --; . ' - JU - 1 yyljr,,, an 11 LET KIDNEYS FLUSH OUT II 1 -Ittasfc, e.3l An Attractive 76 PIECE MARTHA WASHINGTON For Stain Representative, Republicans arc asked to Vole for Roshal M. 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