Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 14, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
Page 4
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!: i -.31 ' PAGE FOUR 1 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H E R A L D ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MAY 14; 1936 member what they talked a-bewt. Linda was too tired, upset and pressed a faint shudder of dis- POLLY and she answered, and didn't see the swift anger that flooded his cheeks with red. (To Be Continued) n 1 1 i i ! ; t ; ! gust. "Thanks awfully for doing the decent thing. I'm afraid I can't, nungry to answer that or anything else he said to her, but when they were nearing a town she turned to him. "Basil, I want to ask you one great favor. Please, will you turn off the main road and please, as long as you live, will you promise me never to tell one living soul about last night?" He laughed. "What a child you I are! ul course you have no need to worry. It was quite innocent. Now, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you marry me?" "Marry you!" Linda looked at him in surprise. She didn't like looking at him. His eyes were blurred and bleary. His beard was dark on his red cheeks. She sup- nt Tile DAnirt W e i&j J U M li IP. ' act II1IIUII 14 4 1C moBiimflGflzmE GENERAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION FAREWELL fight," she said. "But she might ask him what he thought it best to do." "Thereby showing a lot of sense for a ribbon clerk," he answered. "Now the point is, what would he say?" He looked about him thoughtfully, and Linda felt strangely relieved. She wasn't afraid of him anymore. "If he were a gentleman he wouldn't ask her to walk home. He would find shelter for her, and just because I'm a director and not a prizefighter doesn't mean that I can't do the same. What about these cabins?" "I'll take the ont with the roses' climbing over the door," Linda said with a gaiety siie did not feel. "We're all out of roses, but would and orchid bush interest you?" he asked, leading her to the nearest of the broken-down cabins. With a flashlight, they studied its exterior. It was not inviting. The windows were broken. Through the gapes that had been windows they saw the filth and debris within. Linda shivered and drew into the warm arms about her. "I'll sit in the car while you find two habitable cabins," she told him, dreading to be alone even in the cur in that overwhelming blackness' and freezing outdoors. He was gone 10 minutes and it seemed an hour. "There's only one," he reported, "with windows, .bunks, and a fuir amount of cleanliness and a hearth. May I share it with you?" Somewhere in the outer darkness a pentrating wail broke the silence while he waited for her answer. Frightened, she drew close to him. "You muy," she suid. "We will stay up till night und talk about the movies." "I used to be a boy scout," he said .among other nonsensical things, us he gathered twigs and started a fire. It was cold in the cubin, but gradually it grew warmer and Linda's eyes grew heavy with want of sleep. They talked. Later Linda couldn't re Over Barrett Bros. Store We have just installed the newest X-ray equipment, giving you the last word in improved dental service. , bhe only knew sh talked with a kind of desperation to keep from wondering what would happen next, either with Thome or with the people who would know that she spent the night with him. In Hollywood, it was no easier to ex plain such things than in Newtown. They were hungry, too, as the night wore on. The last thing Linda remembered before waking in the cold, dark dawn, was wishing she had some food. She stirred in her sleep because sne was cold. Her muscles were stiff. Her crepe frock was rum- pled and crushed. By the earlv. i " r T" " L " : Sl MI2 n't remember going to sleep, and opened her eyes wider and wider to find herself on a blanket-covered wooden bunk, her own coat thrown over her and Thome's coat across her stockinged feet. Across the room in the grey light she could make out the lines of Thome's sleeping figure. So she had gone to sleep and he had tucked her away! That was thoughtful, but then Linda realized that the new day was on its way. That would mean that her company would soon arrive. And find her there, sharing a cabin with Basil Thome! She couldn't be found there! Their motor was out of order and Thorne had told her it was 30 miles back to the last house. Linda threw aside the coats and stepped gingerly on the rough, cold floor. Through the windows she saw the sky getting lighter. Better for her to be lost, not to appear with the company than to try to explain her appearance under the circumstances. But could she get out alone? The roads even, in daylight, were unfamiliar. She slipped Into her shoes and approached Thorne. Shaking him, she cried, 'Basil, please wake up. Avoid False Teeth Dropping or Slipping You needn't tear tslle teeth dropping or slipping If you'll sprinkle a little Fee. eeth on your plates each morning. Gives all day comrort and teeth hold tight. Deodor-ixes. No gummy, puty taste or feeling. Get Fs.teeth (rum your druggist. Three ii.. sdv. Phone 137 I By Marie Blizard IIKKIV IIKHE TODAY IjINDA KOITKNK. 20 ye-nrs old. pretty. Is left pitmillmn by ii, nuiiM,.,, n-nin or ner rather. PRTKH OAK I UN Kit, newnpuper reporler, help her But a Joh writing noHety news. Linda Is In love with 1JIX CMUTEH, but ho VMI abroad to study sIiikIiik. When Peter asks I.lnda to marry hli.i "he HKr.-i.-n. but postpones the weddlnR. HON BIT HAHMO.V, film star, comes to Newtown, making a "personnal appearam-e" tour. She buys a si-enarlo written by Mmla. later l,imla Koes to Ilollvwn,.,! and. by exprenslnir ideas that are really Peter's, at-Ulres u repula- uoii inr noma- ablo to dlninvur new stars. Koon she Is a eelebrlty. ' arier comes to Hollywood to Bet Into films aa an aitor. Linda tries to help him. To nleaan III she Invites HASH, TllOltNi;. direc tor, to her home, although she illu. likes and distrusts Thorno. J'oler t.nrdlnui' writes a succeaHriil play and tomes to Hollywood. I.lmln sees him and they .quarrel. i norno drives her to a mountain resort where the company is lo bi- Bln work next day. Arrlvlnit. Ihev find the jdaro deserted. !OW (JO G. WITH TI1K SlOltV CHAPTER XX It wasn't only the niuht that made Linda shiver, though it was Ditteriy cold, penetrating even the warm soilness of her coal. Look ing at the dark cabins and the figure of Basil Thon.o. bunding over his motor, she shivered again. I m horribly sorrv." she said. plucking at his sleeve. "I've made a dreadful mistake. When I got nome late tonight my maid told me there were telephone messages but I was in such a hurry to get oui, i didn't look at them. They must? have told me there was a change of plans. I can't tell you how sorry I am about huvinn vou drive me so far to no purpose. As you sum, iney must have been unable to get here." Thome wus tinkering with some mechanicul gadget. "I'm sorry, too, Linda. Sorry for you, because it looks as though we aren't going to be able to get out of here. This feed line is disconnected some way. I don't know the first thing about engines or their make-up, but it doesn't look lo me as though I could do anything about it." Linda was getting a little des perate. "Basil, we've sot to tfet out. We con't stay here nil night!" Me lowered the hood and looked about him. "It might have been worse. At least there are cabins." He shivered. "Sure is cold in these mountains at night." Can t you do somct hinu?" she pleaded. "Con't you tie something up somewhere, so that we can get back to Hemct?" . He turned his coat collar tin and shrugged his massive should-ders. His smile was properly rue- 1U1. "Not a tiling with the car, I'm afraid. We might walk, but it must be nearly 30 miles to the last house, and there are mountain lions in those parts." He hadn't the least Idea whether there were or not, and Linda didn't know. The cold wus making her bones ache und the morning seemed very fur away, indeed. "The company will be out in the morning," he said. Linda's quick glance showed him that he hudn't helped much by that remark. He drew her toward him In n kind, big brotherly embrace. "What would a little ribbon clerk do if she found herself in a situation like this with a prizefighter?" he asked. Linda- permitted herself u very small smile. "I don't think she'd FRIDAY MORNING AT 9 a.m. MAY 15th BUY ONE AT YOUR GROCER'S FOR A DELICIOUS WEEK-END TREAT Dc MOSS' CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK J5 1 Si: s si: li i ! l i ! I : i i i I i i ! 1 i 5 K'i nady 5. We've got to get back. We would never be able to explain." And when he was awake and had shaken the sleep from his eyes, he loked about him. "Don't be stupid, my dear. Of course, we can explain. That's the only thing we can do. L,et s get a little more sleep and well talk about it later. He closed his eyes and drew the soiled blanket closer to his chin. Silently Linda watched him for a moment, and then, putting on her coat and tucking her hair under her hat, she opened the door softly and made her way out to the road. She thought she might have cried if she hadn't been angry. Linda may have walked two miles; she thought it must have been 20. The thin soles of her shoes were small protection against the hard road. The early morning air blew icy swirls against her, and her lips needed the soothing oil of a lipstick. She hadn't the least Idea where she was headed for or' what would happen when she made her arrival, and she didn't care. . - And then she heard the roar of motor, and Thome's white car sped down the road toward her. A stroke of ;luck, ' he said, coming to a stop. "Found a piece of wire and tied her up. Climb aboard. Princess." BEGINS Extraordinary Value! WASH FROCKS Easy to launder, fast color! Pi. que, shantungs, organdies, batistes. KonJo vat prints, li-hi. life Albany, Ore. 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Oaa yaar, la advanea , 11.00 is aaoatha, la advanea S.7I Oaa aaonth, la advanea .K Par oopy, on traitu and ncwaatanda ., .06 la ordcrlnrt changes of addrtaa abtertr ata ahrruld aWaya hr eld aa wall aa m Pnallabad Dally Exetpt Sunday Dm Dtmoerat-Harald Publlablnc Co., Ila a Iadapaadenfc Aitamooa Nawapapar ' M. C. If eseaeea Co Metes PfmUtlM. Natloaal Advar- ALL MUST BE PAID FOR ' The well-intentioned citizens of rtck-ribbed Maine are furnishing tlje best candid camera shot of the American system that we have seen in a long -time. It was up in Maine, you will remember, that . the government launched the Passamaquoddy pro ject a gigantic engineering en deavor to harness the' Bay of Fundy's tides for production of un limited power.. Millions already have been spent on Passamaquod dy, and a model city has been erected to house the engineers and thousands of workmen. ' ' (Here was to be created the first power plant- of its-kind In the world; that is, Jf funds continued tJ pour In for fts completion, But they haven't, and that. Is where Maine comes in. ! '' : Hardly had Congress refused to appropriate beyond July 1 for the vast project, when Maine voters set up a tremendous howl that echoed down the coast to Washington. At the same time delegations were: dispatched to- the nation's capital to obtain additional funds. : The heat, for that matter, still is being applied to Congress and the president. And when enough pressure has been exerted, Maine voters quite ' likely will turn homeward' with a promise in their pdekets of more millions for Passamaquoddy. But that, "to the country, is not the really important thing. The significant fact is-that other states are tarred by the same brush. Northern Florida right now -would be content, for instance, with no. less than . completion of . its . ' embryo canal, and the west wants more and more reclamation projects. Now the question for John Pub lic is .just this: How can the costs of government be reduced .when local interests perpetually and in exorably apply pressure for this particular community project or that bit of sectional spoils? ; For every one of such projects cut from budgets, of state legislatures and Congress, there are several delegations on hand to force the issue; and invariably the visl tors are armed with stacks of pcti tjons, signed by no less an, important person than Mr. Average Tax payer himself. ''Cut out any other project you like," these good citizens may ar gue, "but ours is vitul to the con Unued prosperity of the community." - I' And so the innocent community interest becomes a special soil of tested interest, posing a new drain on the national pockctbook. j And after a while Mr. Voter Wakes up tp learn that the services of government must be paid for. He finds that his community con'l Rave its costly improvements and J owe tuxtvj, too. .But .until he does barn, this,, he will go on pnying and paying, and he has little cause ior complaint. . ; Jl BEARCATS CLAIM TITLE t Portland, Ore., May 14. Willamette university claimed the unofficial intercollcgiato championship of Oregon today, after defeating Portland university a second time, 3-1, yesterday. It was Willamette's 14th win in 15 starts. It. It. E. Willamette 3 g 2 Portland 14 1 t Erickson and Wcisgerber; Hatch Snd Weibler. QUEEN'S BALL American Legion Hall LEBANON. OREGON Friday, May 15 . MUSIC BY The Jesters Orcheuss stf , Corvallis ' Selection of the Queen of the Strawberry Fair Made with-SWEETEX Mix the best' that .. - can be bought Two Sizes . . . 15c and 25c Try it just once and it will become one of your favorites. 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