Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 13, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1936
Page 7
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i j-WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1936 iTHE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY. ORFGON '-. PAGE SEVEN EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS -FOR HOUSEKEEPER OR MERCHANT-USE CLASSIFIED ADS. ELLSWORTH A1"TS HKAT ! LLLOVVUIll II v,,1.lltllfr,i funil- FOR QAI F t'lANo. vii'Tuoi.A Tun OrtLL i,,.,,,,,,., ,,111.1 trill. 1101 Kniiliani Itonri. iiil:!-l(i FOR Al C MODKIIN NEWLY Tun OrtLL derorutld home. 1J lot well located at lO'.H V. Sth SI., Albany. Write M. 1 . Powers, SO ft W. 1st Ave. Kugene, Ore. ml2-lS . j UUIITC l.KlillOUN HAHY I'HU'KS "V " llali-lifi v.i'.v ilay Hi.' firsi luck in .May. iinlr Cmni this ail $10 per Kill. Sllll plrnly nf tinu- tn ralsi a liii-i' lot or fall Inynra. ISI'fSKl.l.'S HATCIIKKY. t'lionli :isn, I'nrxaUlN, lire. : n:uitf 'Oimh ( .... 1 u i1(-h: i-xtra larRe, ' Sv ; til nriii nlM. lui t?. 17-; xtraM. nofltimi 17c: rttniulnrilt. milhitn, 1 lie. Inbbiiiu; prlci- 2p lilehpr, Kitiisii i-itriT A HtN'-- 1 M llrhtiis, t'Xlm funr-v, $).n:.-3 box; .lo riimy, $ I .AA-I.SO box; N t w tow n m, c x t ni fa n iy , 1 1 . 7 0 box ; lo fam-y. $1.1.1 box; tin IWi. and fill, fancy, sr.c bix: do race and fill, 'holre, fi.'ic box; Spitzcnbr(?, extrn fancy , $l.-l() box ; do combination l.'i box; Hninc lii-atity, Jumble, 2jc, b: W'inc."aiH, extra fancy, $l.ri box; lit fancy, $1.-10 box; do jumble, extra fancy. 3c lb. t'antaloiiiM'S California Junibo ,16, t7. 2.1-7. 50 crate. ItanamiM lEundi, 5r lb; hamltt, C- lb. "Strawberries Florin, $1.2.1-1.50 per t'J-box crate. Myrtle I'olnt $2.50-2.7"i ; Canby $.:.M for 24 box crate. l'earn 1 Anjou. $1.15 liox. I.euions c 'alt forn ia. fancy $6.75-; 21 i-asc; I'lioii-e $.1 7'.-fi.0. PII9T0M "ATCIUXtS KOOM ouoiuivi for 2ml0 Turk,,v tlKKSi tiny time. Charter's incubators, J. Ij. MeFarland, , TntiKeni, Phone tilM-lt-1. mU-15-S TRAM FRQ ioon cskotuail-i nniLcno ,.rs n-n,y Sl0 & uv 12-in plow, $!). one-horse orchard plows, J2..'ii Up- New plow, steel cable, . to J in, eable clamps, choker honks, ite. Albany I'.arualn House, 2nd & Baker Sts. : ml:t-ir NAYINP TI1' ,s CO.M1NC NKV ntt I ru. sl,((.iai, ,j ,u.w rope, ISc lb. Also some good used hay rope. Fork carriers for huth wood - sted track. Carrier "forks, hay forks, and fork handles. Save money on ymir haying needs at Albany Bargain House, 2nd & Baker Sis. ml:!-l." 3 GREAT BUYS Late Model Curs That Present deal Values in Unused Transportation. liafi Chevrolet sport Sedan with IV Luxe Badio and healer. Low mileage and in perfect condition. Looks like new. At a great saving. 1 Hit. Standard (h vmlet Coach A car thai everybody wants because . it is so cheap to operate. Black inico finish. I'pholstery like new. A car you'll be proud to own. The price? Come and see how low. lli:J2 Ford coupe 4 cylinder motor. .lust reconditioned. Looks like new. Bargain price. Big line Cbevrolets, Model A Fords, I'on I iacs, etc coupes, couches & sedans. , Shop for used cars here. ( pen Sundays Albany Auto Company I'sed Car Corner 2nd & Kllsworth Sis. Phone 200 mi:t-15-S 1 For Sale Real Estate 47'A AflRF FA,!M FO,t sai.r HI 2 AL-HI: Kant inm 1 1 vy.. U tulles out: new 5 room house, new chicken house nil other outbuildings fair; on main power line. Crops all in. A BA It IA IN. See owner. Win. McKinley, lit. 1, Albany, or n22-m22 RATTLING LOST MAN'S WHITK Nl Will eh. Phone ..!'!-1;. J ('. Curry, ni l:i j LOST pomob siircpni'iio imhj, blind in iit vye. Nairn I'py". Kniest Cody, TniiKt-nt. mU-l.l-H WOMAN'S rtlcYOU- "olt SALK VVUIVinn O .,, KxeeJIeilt condition. Aililiwn Box 2125, c-o lem-ocrul-IIerald. ml.l-1'i WEEK END SPECIALS AIJ'IXA.VnKU KOIt ITSRD V'AUS HKNKWHO ntiil (11 A RANT KKl") '21 "-"ord Jlmlel A Sedan Clean throughout. :tl) Ford A 4-Onor. See this one.. Mil Fort! .Model A Sid. Coupe .New liaitit. Ml Ford Model A Roadster Xtw Motor. 'V Chev. Coupe A dandy. 2fl Jiodtfe 4-lnor Sedan New tires. '2't Ford M.'dt l A TmirlliB Kari- Jveen trunk. Several .Model T coupes and sedans that must be hhIiI. ritrrKs - riMTKS Two late rm d el II-'lit panel deliveries. '2ft Frd truck Very ood tires Ntoek I'aek. 'n Ford V-8 Lonjf .W.H. truck tir., u - tires, , OPK.V Sl'NDAYS . Alexander Motor (". 121 Lyon St. Albany, ore. Your Ford lealer ml:l-14-S TD A Hp OOI1VAIJ.IS llOUKH. to I lnui tnni(l for ft. K((0( Albany house or small lU'renRc. This Is a Kooil Income property, close to the College. 10 ACUI-.N, Improved with II room house, close to Albany. Price $1.11)0. C. M. Dollarhide Co. nil 111' GOOD "IIOKTB -wur tluernsey H Y K A It Ul N i) luernsey Bull for Hale. .Joe nirkey. j ml. N. Fry Station, Phone 2S-F-H. mi:t pipvpi r FOIt SALK, COOP CON-UIO r-ll ,imiini imniiro at Takena & Clackamas St., Albany. Ore. inl3' Little Orphan Anne And Other Comics PAPU l'Ott ' AN 1 1 WdliTII-li'sn horHt'M anil niws. Itay- iiUI i-alv.iH. I'll. 14-K lVtil Miml Kinni'ry. II Alliany. niM-tf Automobiles Wanted PAOU i''on You It e.w: mi ono" .iiully. Waiil.n s Car Mai-kft. I .tii ii tut. i'iiiini i:i:ii. nir-.iri 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous BOAT FOR SALE-;1:; rmvinir, finr fur rishlitK- 1-:! 'nla- linoia ml: MCpn ;.VS BANCKS. KLKCTB1C UOLU rilMKt.Si i tves, electric - gas plates,. lowest possible prices. It-built used ranges, large slock only f!'.7.rt up. Best puss I hie values at Albany Bargain House. 2nd & Baker. inl'-'-H 10 FT HAY ,1AKI': ,''"K SAL,: i u r 1 1 nrt 1 WMI,. in. A Ilia ii y. WRECKING,!,,,- IB M ILK up. Brh'ks $4 per M., planks for barns, bridges, Umber, 1 S and I Mi sheet tug, flouring, celling, siding. ( 'an deliver. Srd iV Madison, Albany. m7-i:t-s 14 Houses Wanted YD I I N (l WANT BOOMS I VJUMU sniln apartment n -private home. Ablress Box 210:1, i-o I h-mocrat -1 (era Id. nil 1 - I :t 21 For Rent FOR RENT-;1 NU'KI.Y room ant. at 115 W. nth St. Call 111 424 Lynn, ni7-1.1 FOR RENTN"'K vvns- Al"p I Ull 1ILI1 I A,ii,, 82r, w s, FOR RENT-4 s """N' l'N' I Ull IILM I furll .h,. C47-H. n2l-lf 5UDDEMLY, JACI THE NOTE ME TOOK FROM THE CARRIER PIGEOMb F;OOT l m w w v- mm if HAVE YOU KiO f VEP- AND I THAT IS A SELFISH 1 SUPPOSE f VOU ARE A , i I I MERCY? THINK I I FROM WHAT I I I ATTITUDE, MR. BOOT- YOU'D THINK I I HEARTLESS MISER- 1 NOPE- 1 A3 I or E HELPLESS I I READ IN THE I I WE, IN THIS GREAT II -o-" BUT I I HAVE NEVER RI AND YOO I NOPE- 11 I LITTLE ONES. II PAPERS WE'VE I I LAND, HAVE ENOUGH II THEN WE I HEARD OF YOU If PROBABLY I I I WHOSE PITIFUL I I STILL GOT A I I FOR ALL- AND YOU. U CAN'T ALL I I CONTRIBUTING A M NEVER WILL I MR 91 CRIES HWE A A FEW DESERVING 1 I I FEAR, ARE A M BE GOOD"- II PENNY TO ANY M HEAR j M I REACHED US (Mi CASES IN THIS I I VERY SELFISH MAN- ft Ml WORTHY CAUSE- Wi ABOUT IT- I I in jt FROM FAR-OFF fffi'A COUNTRY" i KjjRswr-r- 1! GOOD-BYE- PA J A FOR QAI F .UKAL KSTAT K I J "-l- Federal Land Bank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon, c. A. Barnes, Field Salesman, 11 ):) Oak St.. Kugene, Ore. alti-mH'i 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS ;r .T1. Slt'ivarl. Il."i2 W. lail'i. uiT-17-S nnnn w"" iut-i:i i:khit uuuu li.llvi.riil lii any Itrntith. l.t-stt-r I'lilli-ittf, lllOi; Salttlatn Ittl. 1'lniiif T:n-K. J20-tf RIRHT w""t tiii: kiciit l,lul 1 1 ,,. , ... Claiulf Wriuhl. ;i:r,..i. r,:ts i:. oth si. m20-tr 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs 1 nil ILL ,, hi.pHro North, w.-sl Poultry Itairy I'rtitl llft.t 4 'n. inl'J-14 FOR SALE"X." 1 ml. Si. mi i -1 .i cow for sale-j-,.;;:- Ilar-'lfy at saiiilirson MrlilKt'. in 1 1 -1 :i " EXPERIENCED The Petersen's have .consistently out hatched all other Incubators. Space 'for rent. Ben A. I'eters, Corvallls, I ml. uort h Lewishurg. Weslslde IHwny. lull-U H p A H ANI WOltTHLFSS IIOBSKS UL-nL,and cows picked up free of charge anywhere, Phone collect H-F-N, Albany. If no answer. Phone tl-F-4, Corvallls. ml4-tf A A WTFH MMn,LW and worthless hirses and rows. lead animals picked up fr f charge anywhere. Cale ; - Montgomery. Phone, collect :n-F-l2. Corvallls. mltf ALMOST y"v V TYI'K OF SKIl- meniitueil in the Want-als. Bead the classified THE CUP WU4AT TU' ? UE' VAMISMED COMPLETELV... WELL, UE CAN'T GET FAR -ILL CALL OUT TuE GUARD. OVERRULED THE CHANCE S,rVESTEP., IS L - " THERE AW WAY ) t -THWk ) HAVE OF J j ,TAW U IDENTIFYING nro COIN lOU J jj- ON THE H'ONOR I COUNTER ? ) L, "Sv!ii" ail. SI 800 ACT CjCB'K- ' 1 00, ti1-i.-l-.'s of prairfe lantl under cultivation fair buildings, the best buy ever offered in Ltnn county. $1KOO total price. Why rent'.' ikvini: l. noon, phone nno . n:iotf HAY FOR SALE-";",.?,!'; out. I. K. Onrdner. Malsey. nii:S-l."i" QTHPl KOI'tl'M 1'NT - FCItNI- o i uur ,tin. .,, ;li.rt.s m,,M(.tl (m Brush ('reek, all button) bind, crop all in, very wood buildings, a very fine little place, 2 horses. 2 rows, all euutpuieiit needed, all furniture needed. Total price only $:t7.1(i move riKht in. li:VI.'K 1.. iition, phone nan a30tf BOTTOM 1-AN,)S AliE K,on ehoice buys. 4 ft ai-res ea-h ami 71"0ii will handle with easy terms ii'i . One lays in Unit county east of Corvallls and would make an exceptionally Kood home. skvkhal (iooi hocsks to uent COOli lloMK KAST ALBANY nice Ineaiiun with 7 room residence and total priee only $i:t'.o. FA KM LI? ASK Ft Ht SALK, 7 nice dairy cows and everything complete with lease for ? HK.fl. TIMPP tit .VM'Bl'IIY, Itealtors. , mKltf FDR Al F 10,1 S-WK'' OL,, roosters. K. M, Awbrey, Tan- Kent, Ore. mU-iri FOR 9AI F TAK K Y(U' l run OrtLL 0utU.G. s-tiib spar-ton, new cnmlensers, pood tubes; nr II. C. Bnillola, local and UtuK distance In fine shape. 222 K. -Ith St. mKl-l.l USED .U'13 w,x,:hon,'y l A-N1 UOL.U 'up pj(.i you"f now. A lars' stock lo select from. Lawn mowers, trade In your old mower on one of our new liht running, high wheel, ball hearing mowers. Carded hose, we have a number of pieces of Rood used garden hose. New hose, fin ft. lengths, $!.:.'. Sprinklers, garden tools, etc. Albany Bargain House, 2nd & Baker. tiil3-U 6UT. MR. BOOT- THINK OF THE SUFFERING PEOPLE OF ftPHfcSlfV-THEV ARE CRVING FOR OOR MD- WOrJT VO0 GIVE. SAV FIVE DOLLARS' LIKE FRIENDS OOP IS ) CUT THEM tADDEB 1 thmuirli r a 1 1 DIDN'T I TO USE I 1 ' c II -r-r- 1 I 1 f If M NOT FIVE W CENTS ' M MiktV-M. ROUNDING DEVRIES CONJCEALED J H U S 12 Y ICK i'r.!in at tjolti's fnrni. halfway luow.'i'n Salt-ill ami Alhany. ml2-H-S CUCrp SIIMAISINII. CA1.1, IttllllN Ol I LL T 1V phalli' ;il.l.'. or fall al lllir. 10. 2nil. .; inS-JI CASH I'Alll Kill! irSI'.ll I'I'KNI- utile." Chas. 4lf. W. First Bohrbongh St. Son. jl-tf help: TMi: NMKDY. Jl IK HA LV A - Hon Anvy nflH frnltH, vt'Ki'taltli'H. rlrtthliiK. ft.'., to hili 11 y ii'0l In I'lm-ruf nry. rasi'M. MiiiK V ion. If yon want lo contribute. We hi t no lelfUhnm lint brhiir In what yon liav- t donatt' or droti (in n rani 11 ml we'll rail for It. mpt. Mt rt liailry. 104 Wi st :trd St Al tinny. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS I Hem quoted below are tltos pre-vuilinic at 11 o'rlock a. m. on day of initilicat ion, and art subject to chnnjic at any hour tlicreaftfr. I.OC'AI. ill Al . SeiiderN I n. Wbe-tt: Ni. I while, 77c; red and mixed 7"i bushel. MAIlliKY: Hansen. J2l.on Ion. OATS: White, No. 1, $1S00; k"' n. I, $2H. 01); Ki-ay feed $20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound ...30c Mohair, per pound J0c 411. t:. Neberutlll "lent o. SteefH . . ; $5.ri01rT.OO lieiiui-H t.r.o'hMi.r.o Hulls ,t.50ifj-Fi.OO 1,'ntVM, beef 3 (Ml 'ii . 100 i'owh, cutierH I.fi0ri .1.00 IHHiS l in to Mi pounds $s r.iKi s.oii HID to 210 pouiidH H.liOli !1.00 21(1 to 2.M) pounds 7.ri0r8f0 2ro to ;tr,o puumiH 7.r.(r(i v."r. "Ml pounds up '. . . 5.75i G.fiO SnVH 4.75 It 6.2.1 Nil i:i:i Lninhn . , , Kwes . . . . VearlhiKS Live DreHsed .$7.r.ou .s.r.o . 2.00.H 4.00 . 5.00trti.OO 7e lie ro 11. im INnlff A "oiiipiiii No. 1 bens, -I J to ti lbs No. 1 hens, over it lbs. . .... . 1 He No. 1 medium hens, over .1 lbs I in No. 1 medium hens, under lbn. 15c Colored sprlnuH I Xc No. 1 broilers. l to 2 lbs I fin itoostcrs , ; 7c StaKH ' ,m' All I'rlcr Are Drllvrretl Albnnr CnNt-M Hrliiriirtl KxtntH !!! SiandardH . 1 7c Kxtra nUMllum 'Hi Sliimlaril medliun lh' ItrowiiH extras , l!c I Urty extras ' llndelfrfluleH . . 1 1 !U' Pullets 12c I'ee wees lUc. vi:ai. Live i '.. ( H-etjHcd A Ki'iuli H K'ude t," ifi-ade LitmbH , III J'I'I'.H l'AT ..2fie . . aim 22c $8.2Ii(u9.00 I'Olt'M.A ti tlAIIKI-.T rorlliiud, (ire., May U No ehniiK" in butter or ihk prices today. St reliKth has been Ut:KeMted for potatoes of both new and old crop. Sales nl' Mew wlliltm are now up tfi :tc lb. old potatoes moving at former levels ami with it bi tter demand. AsiialHK'"" market Is down kcii-erully. Kurt her nd vance In the avnendo irli of 1.1 -il Tie irt lepoilcd. Lemons are ukmIii sharply higher. It e s I Calilorniii strawberries around $l.lfi for 12s. l-Olt'M.AM l.l KSTO K I'ortiand. Ore.. .May I A. IIokh: 2(io Slow. Mostly steady. Itulk dri veins f:'.r.0-0.7(i. Heavies $!t.2o. LIhIH IIkIKs ;i. 21-1). I 'a c K I II K HOWM $7.i'i0, l-'eed-er pik'S illotalile to $10. - Cattle: nno. cnlveM :t.1. Kupply lu- ItideH lie load mixed Canadian a 1 1 le. Very lilt le ilmic ( ieuerally uskhiK fully steady. I'evv medium steers hehl around 7-7.2.1 nr above. I'Vd licilei-H saleable around $U..Ml-7.a."i. Coiomon down lo $fi.r0. Low culler and cutter cows $:(-!., 10. l-ew butcher i'hH'N $1,70-.2.1. tiood beir ciiWH. $!;., In. Mulls $11-5.7 . ( lood-ehnlce venters $H. t10-10. Sheep: roo. Sieady. t lood trucked in spritiR lambs $10. Med in in down to $!i,2-1. Old crop lambH scarce, kooU shorn h Inds iii"table to $K. l-'cw Kood shorn ewes $.1..1U-1. foiti I, mi wnoi.KMAi.r. I'll nr. 'I'hese are the prices retailers pay wholesalers, except where otherwise slated: Itiuier I'rlpls. A Ki-nde, 2:ic Hi in iarchuinl wrapper, 30r lb In car-ions: It Kiude, parchment wrapper 2hc lb, cartons 21e lb. Itutterfal M'nrtlaiid delivery) A Krade, delivered at least twice it week. 2S-2He lb; country route,,, 2H-2c Ih; It Krade, 2S-2'Jc Ih; C Krade ut market. It Krade cream for market-buy inn price blltlerrat basis, liajc lb. CheeSeSellillK' price to i'ortiand retailers: Tillamook triplets. 2)c lb; loaf, L'lc lb. Tillamook selilntf price lo wholesales: triplets, 18c. lb: loaf, l!)c lb. Kkk liny Inn price nf wholeiml-ers: Kxlru, lite iloy.; Hlaudnrils, 17c dox; mediums, Km doz, do medium firsts, 1.1c cb-z: under fcnide, l&r doz; imllem, 1.1c dog. Milk A Krade I'ortiand detlvery, riHlc. lb. butterfat bnsls for 4 percent. Live poult t y 1'ort laud delivery, btiyinic price: Colored hens, over 4J lbs, Ot-l!ic lb; under U lbs. Ix-lUc lb; LeKhorn hens, over lbs, 16-17c; under .t lbs, 15-itie Ih; ieKhoru broilers, I to 1 lb, lfl-17c lb; do 1 lbs. up, I6-I7c Ih; colored nprlnics, 2 lbs, and up 20-21c lb; roosters, S-!!c lb: I'ekln ducks, younn, 1.1-l7o lb; Keese, ll-12c lb. Live poultry Hellltiff price by wlndesulers: IlKhl hens, Ill-I7e; medium hens, 17-lHc lb; colored hens, IN -Ho- b; broilers, 101c lb; aprinKs, lft-22e lb; 1'ekln ducks, youiK 2l-22c Ib; . colored, 12-17c lb; capons, over 7 Mis, S4-25o lb; guinea hens, ,10c each. ltnhbltnFfincy ftressrd. 20-21c Ih. Turkeys (dressed 1 Selling price to retailers: No. 1 hens, 13-20o lb; toiua, lH-20c per lb. imoiiii : -:( MNt:K The ffdlowliiK prices were named to be effective today: flutter Cube ex Iran, 27r: ntnnil-iirds, 27c; prime firsts, 2tijc; firsts, 2i.).'. I'll-.!.. Or.-.n Irliilln, l?: ilr.'-frun limr, in.-. Ilr.ikers will pay belun- quotuttun.t n HOME-MADE t nr.-. I'h. r,. S(15 Kllsworth nr.. 10 Help Wanrsd nnnn ,,'kan woman c COOK I1K- yeur. Urs- tatirant .xt. nut nt'ceHitary. Aiiply In pi'i-son aftir 2 i. ni. ltt'iint t'ur.. !i24 l.yon St. inl:'-is EXPERIENCED ,inr,,!: work. Uooin. Iioaril whki Apply 1 1 lis v. '.nil. nil l-H 11 Situations Wanted EXP, RANCH --" . Come - see me. Have no transportation. Perry Fields, Bt. 1, Albany, 1 ml. S. K. Cotlonwonds off 'andersitn bridge road. mll-Ll 10 Wanted, Miscellaneous WOOL WANTED WBhl..,i:X market value. M. Senders ". nicSO CASCARA mi ti ii H in i r ed qunnlKy of dry or green Cascara Bark. Will pay highest cash prices Albany Bargain House, 2nd and Baker, Phone 7!Mi. air.-tf OLD TNITI-Bi bought a STATUS COINS Dawson's Prug mnrl t f 24 Personal 9TDMAri-l ,!i,-i-:ii. has pains. O I UIVIAII uohho,, yu-lliint. why wnrri'r'.' l-'or qnli-k rt'lli'f K''l a t'ri't' sainplt' of I'iIku. n ilotor'H lir.'H.TlpI Ion at Kfi'il Uawstin's lirnjr Sliirr. inri-Jfi 16 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING' WAU' ''Al'i;i"Ni' ihat'i. ilirr.-i-i-iit, I'll. .no 42 or r.i:i-!.. AYill.iir liawson clalro Snytlor. PA9H 'A"1 1,'t,1! l"'" ioi.u, UAOII ,i,.ni frowns, l.rlilKi's. rilliiiKs, oltl Jt-wt-lry. wiili-h t'liHt'it, fit'. M. l-'i'.-ni-h & Son. .If w.'l.'ri.. il.tutr By HAROLD GRAY By Thompson and Coll BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN STARTLING INFORMATION MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse WE'5 A FOOL FOR. LUCKf THINK I'D HAVE 0 TMI5 i PLNE . JJe1 lir DUCKS AWAY A VETERAN PICK- WITH LANE'S ' GUM POURING LEAD INI Mi5 SHERIFF'S NOTICE OF SALE By virtue of an order issued out of the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, on the 4th day of May 1936, I will on Saturday the Cth day of June, 1036, at the hour of 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon thereof, ut the front door of the County Court House in the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, all the right, title and interest acquired by Linn County through foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property formerly owned by Thurston P. Hackleiuan, and described as follows, to-wit: Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6, in Block 8, Hackleman's 4lh Addition to the City of Albany, Linn Counr ty, Oregon. The said County Court has set a minimum price for which said property shall be sold at $50.00, plus the cost of advertising said sale, said purchase price to be paid in cash, or not less than 20 of the purchase price to be paid in cash and the remainder to be paid according to written agreement to be made between said Linn County, Oregon, and the purchaser, in equal annual installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, all deferred pay ments to bear interest from the date of sale at the role of 6 per annum, payable annually. HERBERT S HELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. May 6 13 20 27 NOTICE OF SHERIFF S SALE By virtue of on order issued out of the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, on the 25th day of April ,1S38, I will, on Saturduy the 6th dny of June, 1336, nt the hour of 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon thereof, nt the front door of the County Court House in the City of Albany, Linn County, Ore-Kon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, nil the right, title and interest acquired by Linn County through the foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in und to the property formerly owned by Hamilton Company and by Allen Fox, and described ns follows, to-wit: SV4 of S& of Section 16, Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, Also 1 W'A of Section 23, SE'i of Section 33, and SWA of Section 34, nil in Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, in Linn County, Oregon. The said County Court has set a minimum price for which said property shall be sold nt $3,021.55 plus the cost of advertising said sale, said purchase price to be paid in cash, or not less than 20'c of the purchase price in cash and the remainder lo be paid according to written agreement to be made between said Linn County Court and the purchaser, in equal anL mial installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, all deferred payments to bear interest from the date of sale at the rate of 0'. per annum, payable annually. : HERBERT SHELTON. Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. April 2l Miiv fl 13 9.0 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page nre known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nafl Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME, Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan. Farm Security VROMUCE svirr and co. always in thinirl.'t for eggs, pojlry, Tnai, anil cream. ' WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maytag, Easy, Thor, Washers WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER St SON Well Drillers "We solicit your Inquiries'' Eugene, Oregon L A CORNER 'OF THE RUINS, I SPRINGS TMR.U A CLEVERLY TRAP DOOR. fUR HOKIOR M 1 TWWI 1 HAVE 'OE THAT WILL CLEAR J " T-J DIRECTION, DR DEVR1E5! PODGES AMONG TME RUINS OF TWE BOMBED W05PITAL FRECKLES AND HIS ALLEY OOP HEY, FOOZy, ) TM AFBAIO OL' OUNCAMJNTER- puFTIMG A CCXJPT J SESSION IS A SERIOUS .THING? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS ft (Ti-.'.'S IS PREFOSTERCDSW- -( ri-r f-)QUK ANYONE KNOWS THAT( MR.TWIDGEj ) V1 1 A FIFTY-CENT PIECE TtXI ARE , IS ROUND AND HAS ) ouT OF J -f A MILLED EDGE! fORDER ! J . -j 1j 1 , v 'iiy7 'fc-tX- OBJECTIONS BEWEATH THE FLCCR Cr THE DRUG STORE WE FOUND CCHNS.A DOZEN FIFTY-CENT PIECES .' ONE OF "THEM , I AM SURE, WAS THE COIN THAT NUTTY LEFT AS PAYMENT FOR THAT i - . ht - -T- MEDI - CmCINEf GUZ JUMPS AT, -TtXJ THE LEFT j AKMAlWTTHiSA 1 POOS OL' ALLEY - LOOKS AS IF HE'S ALL H fl DOMT RECKON HE'LL ) r WASHED UP, THIS TIME -WELL, ANYWAY, ) BE WEEDING THIS HERE J 1 & HE AM OL' DiNNY PASSED s 7 CCOWM ANYMORE .' V. fmiJ ' OUT TOGETHER- theyV- " :5 CL OOP . CEADECN TH' DlCKEMS- POLES OUCK , SO . DEAD? J 1 CAKJT PEEL A.SCJJ WE CAM C2AG 'IM OF IMTE3iOG"T.C!MS.' . A OUTA THECE ,r .. ) y'TYA- JA sv lfef V 1 r 1 1916 Bt Sf '.CFwiCf l,C T M WTy U PIT ?T J 'A.

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