Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 13, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
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Wednesday, May 13, 1936
Page 6
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, , OREGON .WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1936 PAGE SIX Dream of Tahiti Defying Death at Grand Coulee EMBASSY STYLE IN LONDON NEW ACREAGE NEED GUIDE IN U. S. NEW PHILIPPINE REGIME RUSHES ISIAND DEFENSE ms&ariinv j fV'$J$f f'4fiA FRIGIDAIRE mitt flu meter-miser' HURLEY'S PLUMBING SHOP 2nd anil Ferry Sts. - 1 Plionc 108 OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE j , IkNII I I All Ihc rftiors and risks, nnd none of Iho pleasures, of Alpine mountain eliinhiiitf nro Iho lot )f these American workers, as they Ko impertutbahlv about their task of carvins a steep blufT in. the colossal $393,000,000 Grand Coulee Dam project. With only: slender belts to prevent slips that would result in serious injury or death, they blast and drill on the vast project which is o convert a million acres of and, sagebrush country into n farm-garden of the northwest, besides improving navigation and providing power for. nearby regions. Berkeley, Cul. The depression upset and disproved many of the traditional beliefs of the American people. One of the strongest of these was the notion that farming could always be depended upon to furnish food and shelter. ;i This comfortable theory was exploded when more than a million farm families applied for relief in 1B34. We could no longer moralize and say the families were on relief because the bread winner was lazy. We had to recognize the fact that many families were one relief through no fault of their own. We caiot place the hlaine for the plight of these million farm families on relief and hundreds of thousands of others on the border line of subsistence on any single cause. It was the result of generations of farming on land not capable of furnishing a livelihood, Of low prices for farm products, of heavy debt Incurred when farming was more profitable, of farming on the one cash crop plan, and of natural catastrophes which have destroyed homes and farms. I Bare Living Not Enough Government relief could not offer the farmer any opportunity to plan the working out of a means of existence for himself. No one could consider the continuance of o system under which hundreds of thousands of families would be forced to maintain their standard of living on this low subsistence level. However, In extending government relief, there was .a murked difference between the results as applied to urban dwellers and to farmers. Where It has generally been recognized that it is cheaper to furnish urban unemployed with direct cash relief than to try and create work for them, the government has found that in the case of the farmer it is not only more practical but more economical to seek rehabilitation. The farmer also prefers this to direct relief. The Resettlement Administration has undertaken a program to furnish farmers with aid and guidance that they may become permanently self-supporting. To re-establish destitute and low-Income from families on a firm economic footing, we have undertaken to do three things: 1. To sec that the farmers have adequate land on which to farm. 2. To see that they have adequate equipment with which to carry on farming operations. 3. To see that they have adequate technical advice in farm management. Provide for Ioaiis i Loans are made for purchase of farm supplies, for renting of land, for repai.' of farm equipment and buildings and for subsistence. He-payment of these loans is partially assured by mortgages and liens on properly unci crops. Hut the principal assurance which the Ke-settlement Administration desires is the assurance that these families have a permanent basis of rehabilitation. Through a small loan which will be repaid and ngiirulUn al advice many a good farmer has been saved to continue the intelligent cultivation of his own farm. Knowing that many a needy farmer's budget could not he balanced because of one or both of these considerations, the nd- Former iionr.oNT.M. i 33 Ht iirpstdi'iit of the U. S. A. 12 Flork. .nser to IN A-P0'U'EjONLJF STRAIGHT BOURBOtt WHISKEY Idyll Shattered Tahiti, their wondei ful land ol dreams, became a land of disillusionment to Mr and Mrs. A. D Hogan, shown here as they arrived in San Finncisco on their way back to Pontine, Mich The llogans, with Mr and Mrs. Merrill 13 Walls, weie pnnci-pals in a double wedding, the four then leaving for the South Seas "It was a paradise, but cash is neccssaiv even in a paradise.' explained the llogans. armv will be augmented with conscripts serving 5 ', to 11 months terms, but at no tune will there be more than 30.000 men under aims The program contemplates a trained reserve of 290,000 men by July 4, 104G. The auspicious start of the Commonwealth has caused increased confidence with respect to the immediate picture. - The big- qufstion remains that of trade relations with the United States after complete independence 10 years hence. Campbell Pleads Guilty; Gets Life St. Paul, Mavl3. Il.-irrv Camp-bull tLdov pleaded liinUv to clKiruc:; ol kidnimini! and conspiracy to kidnap Ldwaid Q. Bremer, Jan. 17. l!i;M. v Federal Judge M. M. Juvce im-medialelv sentenced Campbell to life imprisonment ami an 1 Greater age means finer ?: quality you will marvel :j at the taste, of, this fine''" Kentucky whiskey. ' I Tl I STKA1CHT W"0 1 11 2 YEARS OLD 90 PROOF London. . The new United Slates embassy in London will be in an apartment house, the first ever to be accommodated in this manner. I Work will begin shortly on a I seven-story building in Grosvenor ; Square, and when it is completed I departments of the United States I government will occupy three I iloors. The United States will be only one of several tenants, but will have its own entrances, and the embassy will be separate from the rest of the building. The site is at Grosvenor street and Grosvenor Square, where the embassy is located now, and when the new building is completed early next year the American Consulate in Cavendish square will move there. For the first time the headquarters of American government branches in London, with the exception of the residence of the ambassador in the former home of J. P. Morgan at Prince's Gates, will be under one roof. These will include, in addition to the embassy and consulate, the chancery division of the embassy, the staffs of the naval, military and commercial attaches, the agricultural and treasury cashier sections, shipping board bureau and U. S. government dispatch agency. At present these departments are scattered widely over London, many eight or ten miles apart. Alter preliminary plans had been drawn for the new structure, which will have a red brick and Portland stone elevation relieved by pillars with Corinthian capitals, it was decided that additional space was needed, and the Duke of Portland's house at No. 3 Grosvenor square was acquired. Two American architects, John Russell Pope and Rosario Candela, prepared the designs for the build-ing. Election Supplies Taken to Precincts Sheriff Shelton and aides are engaged today in the task of distributing election supplies to Linn county's 54 precincts, preparatory to the primary election of next Friday. In this connection County Clerk Russell suggested today that voters east their ballots as early as possible to facilitate counting, for in that way can counting boards be assisted in effectively conducting their work. Should voters delay until the last few minutes before the poll? close, the clerk warned, the boards will be swamped and counting seriously hampered, witlr consequent delay in determination of results. HOUSE GETS FAKMNG TAG Rochester, Minn. Something new in the enforcement of traffic ordinances was attained here when C. R. Hanscom, motorcycle patrolman, tied a parking ticket on a saddle horse hitched to a telephone pole in a "no parking" zonlf. ; : brewing mCvtry luhetc' Hv RKUICI, S. MOOKE Umtc'd Press Stuff Corrcspondciii Manila. The Philippine Com-munwcalth uovernmcnt is nearly 6 ' months old and contrary to nine predictions it has suffered no economic or political upheaval, nor has it slipped into the orbit ol foreign powers. On the other hand affairs are moving forward in a manner to please the most optimistic. President Manuel L. Quezon, without rest after the busy and tirini! inauguration program plunged vigorously into his administration and already has accomplished many things toward stahhzing the new government, including: : 1. Inauguration of the national defense program. 2. Organization of a new appel late court. 3. Arrangements for ,. retiring outstanding bonded obligations of the Manila Railroad, government-owned corporation. 4. Maintenance of law and order, including suppression of banditry in Tayabas, removal of a number of officials for Inefficiency, corruption of the good of the service, and inauguration if a -nmnaiKn si"mst jueleng. prevalent form of lottery. 5. Reorganization of mimy of the departments and offices of the government. G. Steps to prevent profiteering in the rice shortage. Manv Lessor Gains . Other items of lesser importance might be listed. Rumors and threats of violence, frequently heard prior to inauguration, have subsided. The government's efforts to protect the public on rice prices, distribution of public works funds, steps for the purchase of additional friar lands for resale to tenants have served to quiet unrest. It is said Quezon is a dictator. However,' as one of his supporters put it, it is a "constitutional dictatorship." In others words, through his political skill, qualities of leadership and general popularity Quezon is able to exorcise his will without transgressing against any of the forms of democratic government. ISest Talent Put to Work In the reorganization of the government Quezon has asserted that the foremost considerations are integrity and ability. He has liiven evidence that he js a wore the country is facing a supreme test, and that he is eliminating other considerations to marshal the best talent possible. Launching of the national defense program led to the registration of all males 20 years old in the fust week of April. Irom these will be selected the first class of conscripts, who will begin training in 1UJ7. Cieii. Douglas MacArthur, heading the U. S. ainiy mission to the Philippines, and his stalf have worked out a program for a standing army of about 13.000. The 'air. fTic Choice, . Laf HOW LOOK FOR THE. LOCOMOTIVE BOTTLE JAMES CLARK DISTILUWC SI WmwN ministration is carrvmi on two services which are available U low-income farm families. The first is the farm debt adjustment service . which is de signed to relieve the condition of over-burdcnintf debt. Voluntary farm debt admstment committees arrange meetings between farm debtors and creditors, and they try to work out an equitable adjustment that is within the capacity of the larm debtor to paw. The second is the "community and eo-opetnlive service which is designed to supplement the farm-Jers income and at the same time '.supply those needs which he cannot id I oid by himselL ; IJCIITMNG ItOI) 2:10 MILLS I Los Angeles. The cttv now ; boast ot the lone.esl lifihttuiu' ! rittl m the world. It consists ot wires above, and below the steel towers ot the houlder dam power transmission line lei imnalinf; here and is expected to carry oil strokes ol liuhtmntf over a dis--taoee ot 2. Hi miles. n.w 1 1 ooi 1 srm n Pullman. Wash."-troit in the : United Slates annually remove about (i. 000.000,01)0 pounds ot plant 1 food Irom the soil, atineultuial experts at ashumton State col-; leie li;rve : iteternuned. Imosjoii however, removes about Ul times as iniieb; thev said. President M( w.e Stue turv of . . And. Is a fii'ftient radio - pl.). IVak. TolnHlT. Nit i To rrn'de. ; Muriur tmv. , "U I'HC, To prow ctpp. .Mx.vo. L Si TKDH IA I, t f 'H.N - Jl It K I Mover true It- : Mm k u. 1 (.4 till" Ml piitms. : i . 1 ,t Mustr;.t mUi . 4 llrsiilr. 5 Sun Ki. 6 KollowotJ iilnivi: 1 rattle trivt S Kxi'hinuiUi'a. !l rromise, 1" Til cjwt. Idiot. K.lptO'S D'-st. I.on tuotli. (.iitnliiK rnUi .ini-t. Poem. Ittuuaaiaii coins, .Wither. Suit. ' Sprite, Malt a rni. II ('.M:il. r AjMM.-r A TP 31.' Li I , : e. ! -I rn'VioiiH l'ulc iR E.N.C'H cTT) AHABvEawOClP:! iT HONEY MAKING LESS ARDUOUS FOR BEES NOW -. San Mateo, Cal, (U.R California bees hereafter will be spared any excessive fatie.ue m looking about for their supply ot raw materials for manufacturing honey. The policy adopled by Califor nia bee owners now is a migratory system of taking the bees to the raw material source itself. Kan -Mateo eountv. is experiencing the greatest mllux of bee own-j ers m its history. To date iM commercial raisers, bringing with hem more than 2.rU() colonies or hives, have established themselves about the peninsula. , '1 ho immediate, attraction is that it is the .season lor the euca-ivptus blossoms. The new tendency of taking the bees to the llowers instead ot let-ftmg the beese Imtse to search for ithem, lullils predictions here that the .system, ot -beo pasturaiie' eventually would develop m the ;ame decree as the old time western system ot range pasturage tor cattle. 1 he bee raisers expect to ytav here for about three months until the eucalyptus blossoms are exhausted and then move to some other part o! C alifnrnia where a fresh Mipplv ol some other kind til blossoms will insure t reding rounds lor another period. : t'AMiTs piuii: rKO!ni;i) "loledo. A campaign- to make students ''campus conscious is being conducted bv Waite high (school 111 iu i'tiort to beautify the school eround:-!. V f" 1 v 1 A "Oregon's- choice first. Tnen n Republican .'ti.tvoeatim: bus to nnd soun.l American pi'meiptos" Ben R. Litfin Publisher The Chronicle The Oiillcs, Orriion C.inJid.ito for Delcg.itc National Covction btat at Large VOTE 23 X The Oiegon Voter f.ivs: "Ben I. l ilfin. publisher of The Dalles Chronicle, has filixt fur delegate to the l:epublhi natiomil eon-veulion. It ttot.Qio half) to find a nun who is better equipiwsl by m-ntahty. cfarnetrr. party irv .uiy ani crt. ipi e; he is a !ir viie who has si;und judgment, a combination as excellent as It b umisuul.'l .. When the new 1 936 "Who's Who" Classified Business and Professional Directory comes off the press? Will your name be found in its pages. Many of the alert, representative business and professional peo- : pie of Albany and Linn County are already listed they are making if easy for the buyer to find their place of business by cooperating with The Demo-, crta-Herald in the publication of this new HO'S WHO Classified Business and Professional Directory CORP. . JERSEY CITY, N. J. YOU betically arranged, so that the information can be had at a tilanee. There will be no display advertising of any kind in the directory book. All type will be uniform, as to classification and name. These directory books will bo given a general FREE distribution. DAYS MORE IM:P EiP :0 I W I PIE IS SSL I 13 Forai of 14 Dwelling. 16 To be Indelitnl 17 Work of fkllt. 19 llnml'ful. 20 Miilen. SI Heathen Rml 53 Cravnt. 24 Mother. 25 Skillet. 27 North America 29 Exclamation, 31 To chatter. 33 To atenl. 34 Drone tiee. .16 DoineMlniled. 37 Shoves, 41 Sofn. 43 Type sliinilnrcl. 45 Illue Rrns. 46 Chum. 47 Like. 48 Preposition. 50 Accomplished. 62 Tumor. 53 Norlhenst. AiB T I MAi&iKitlttM'ClNIl EHB I !SkaA!T RiEjAJ50ll LiArrjfnA:i o'sirii 1 leHsr M O PflA;L a ClOjR iSiTjC AKe IVI I I I hi ViTbal. f.ti Flaxen lalirir 5S Mule nuceslor 0 lteelplent. CS Koldltn: Im I. It ThiwumI shet't f.4 He is a mining . 65 He win H'lmln- Ihtrninr ( durinK the V. trlil Wnr iioh directory is undertaken with the ohjeet of providing a reference guide to the business and , professional men and ".institutions ct the community. ; Upon completion publication will be made in the columns of The Albany Democrat-Herald. The directory will then be issued in book form, classified and alpha ONLY A FEW methods require ... JIU-BAKLEY malt So superior is the flaror of ALL-BARLEY Malt beers that many famous Old World brewing centers would not consider using any other grain for making beer. Bohemian Qub Bottle Beer has gained an env iable reputation for uniform quality because it is brewed according to rigid Bohemian standards... from All-Barley Malt. 1 '1 U t, 7 J J 1:1 In . , in a izi:::: i y. & a '- ST ot ji 'to 3i 55- 45 ; -1 WZ ST 3e r ) -7 MmIjO To have your name included in this representative work. If you have ot received an invitation to cooperate, or if your name is not listed in the telephone book as a business telephone, get in touch with the rectory department now BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. TELEPHONE 431 DIRECTORY DEPT. er Beer of Beer Drinkers The Albany Oemocrat-Herald

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