The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on July 10, 1924 · Page 3
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 3

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1924
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

w THE BREMEN ENQUIRES. THURSDAY, JULY 10, 1924. SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES Only When He Talked THIRD PITY IS 20 YEARS AGO "THE HARDEST WORKED ORGAN OF YOUR BODY n 13 your Eyes The Optometrist knows this This is Why Your Eyes is Always of Deep Concern to Him. Don't Neglect Your Eyes. "BURKE." A Combination of Fun, Facts and Foolosophy ic Teacher of Grammar Your Enfliaa Is bad. Are you making such mistakes all the time? Pupil I I guess I make 'em only when I talk. Why That Lame Back? That imorning lameness those sharp pains when bending or lifting, make work a burden and rest impossible. Don't be handicapped by a bad back look to your kidneys. You will make no mistake by following this Bremen resident's example. Chas. E. Arch, tinner, Montgomery street, says: "A cold settled on my kidneys and I suffered with my hack a great deal. There was a soreness and dull ache in the small of my back, especially in the morning and this made it hard for me to stoop and just as hard to straighten. The action of my kidneys was irregular, also. I used Doan's Pills from Fisher Bros.' Drug Store and they were the right remedy for me. Doan's relieved the backaches and regulated my kidneys." Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Pills the same that Mr. Arch had. Foster-Milbourn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. adv C3 0 D D T - 1 1 1 K I J ; I IN FIELD Progressives Indorse LaFol-lette Who Will Pick His Running Mate. Cleveland, Ohio. Senator Robert M. LaFollette was indorsed for President as an Independent Progressive, upon his. own platform, by the national convention of the conference for progressive political action, which adjourned sine die Saturday. The selection of a vice presidential candidate for his running mate was referred to the national committee of the conference, in co-operation with the LaFollette for President committee, headed by R, T. Rawlelgh of Free-port, I1L LaFollette's wishes will be followed in the selection. Find Ruse for a Platform. Not being able to adopt a platform, the resolutions committee contented Itself with reporting a "program of public service," which is practically a rewrite of the LaFollette platform with a few changes, such as resolutions sympathizing with Ireland's fight for independence, authorizing the sending of food by our government to starving Germany and protesting against the "plan of President Coolidge for holding a mobilization day on September 12." The latter resolution was added on mortlon of Delegate Max Swlren, member of the Liberal club at the University of Chicago, a follower of the "youth movement," and a friend of Nathan Leopold, who Is awaiting trial for the Franks murder. "No More War." The "youth" delegates throughout the two days' session displayed a large red flag from the balcony, on which was inscribed "No more war." No G. O. P. convention or Democrat gathering of other days could hope for as smoothly running a steam roller as was operated at this conference by the railroad shop crafts through the gavel of Chairman William H. Johnston, International president of the machinists' union and former bass drummer for the Salvation Army. It has been seen by the credentials committee that none of the Communists at the SL Paul convention gained seats In this gathering, lest the red tinge might hurt the LaFollette candidacy, and Johnston's gavel took care of any other Incipient outbreaks from Socialists, New York garment workers, or other radicals from the floor. DR. S. B. SHONKWILER PAINLESS EXTRACTION with Block Anesthesia or Nitrous Oxid-Oxygen. Dental X-Ray and Oral Surgery Phone 86 Shonkwiler Bldg. W. Plymouth nt. Everybody reads Enquirer want ads. It now it pays. BE DM HOE $7.50 and $8.50 Shell Glasses Complete, Examination included, DR. J. BURKE Over 20 years in the same location. 230 South Michigan street SOUTH BEND, IND. Burke's Glasses Fit the Ee. DR. R. C. DENISON PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Shonkwiler Bldg. Phones: Office, 81; Residence 21 Bremen, Indiana. JONAS A. MILLER AUCTIONEER NAPPANEE, INDIANA Phone R 154 , Call At My Expense Q 0 n a o D D D D D D D 113 MSM ' aie it in ca en E3 ga ca ca ess 3 2.958 85c - $ 1 .S5 - $ GRACE UNITED BRETHREN Rev. A- F. Knepp, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30. I. Oliver Pfeiffer, Supt. Preaching services, 10. SO. Junior Y. P. C. U. 10 JO a. m. Senior Y. P. C. E. at 6:00 p. nu Preaching Services at 7:00 p. m. Mid-week Prayer Service on Wednes day, at 7:30 p. m. Official Board Meeting, first Monday each month, 7:30 p. m. Invitations extended to all to attend these services. SALEM EVANGELICAL "A Prosperous Church in a Prosperous Community." D. Alfred Kaley, Pastor Sunday Services: 9.30 Bible School Claude E. Weiss, Supt. 10.30 Morning Worship. 6.30 Christian Endeavor. 7.30 Evening Sermon. Week Day Services: Wednesday, Thursday. Monthly Services: 1st Monday Evening, Official Board Meeting 2nd Monday Evening, League Business Meeting 1st Thursday Afternoon, W. M. S. Meeting 2nd Wednesday Afternoon, Aid Meeting." 4th Wednesday Evening, Y. P. M. C-Meeting. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Chas. C. Cripe, Pastor Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Milo Weaver, Supt. Sermon, 10.45. Teacher Training, 6.00 p. m. Christian Workers, 7 p. m., Mrs. Chas. Cripe, President. Sermon, 7.45 p. m. Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, Wed. evening 7.S0 p. m.. Aid Society each alternate Thursday. All are cordially invited. If you have no regular church home, come and worship with us. ST. PAUL'S EVAN. LUTHERAN Rev. W. T. VogeL Pastor. Services every Sunday morning at 10 oclock, alternating in German and English. English Sunday school at 11 oclock every Sunday morning. Services every Sunday evening at 7 clock, alternating in German and English. Everybody is cordially invited. FIRST EVANGELICAL Rev. H. H. Senne, Pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Preaching Service, 10.30 a. m. Teacher Training class meets every Wednesday at 7.00 p. m. Women's Missionary Society meets every last Thursday in. the month at 2.30 p. m. Official Board Meeting of the church every first Tuesday of the month at 7.30 p. m. THE WYATT GARAGE Clayton G. Enders, Prop. Overhauling and Repairing GIVE USA TRIAL tf CAL. L. STUCKMAN AUCTIONEER PHONE 533. NAPPANEE, IND. WITH n POACH DESTROYER You can rid your home of roaches and keep them away permanently by its use. Kills roaches in 3 to 5 minutes. Sold By KOONTZ BROS., DRUGGISTS CEXOL AGENCY Roaches ' jiVii Coococted and Cocficated 0 J POME. The ocean wearily exclaimed, "Incessantly I go; I wonder that I don't get corns Upon my undertow!" A NEW ARRIVAL. Last week's stories concerning insane asylums induces a reader to send this in: Governor (on secret inspection trip) "Open the gate, please." Gate Keeper (asylum) "Whatcha want?" Governor "I want to come in." Gate Keeper "Sorry, sir but it's against the rules." Governor "But, I'm the governor of this state." Gate Keeper "Come right in you should have told ane that at first. You'll find Napoleon, Christopher Columbus and George Washington right over there. They've been waiting for you." THEY CATCH IT YOUNG. Friend wife clips this from a paper and quietly leaves it where we would find it: Illustrating that old saying "by their 'works they shall be . known," two children were playing together the other day. "Come on, Bobby, let's play house," suggested four-year-old Betty to her twin. "All right," he agreed, "you get the broom and be the mother, and I'll get the newspaper and be the father." S Most of the society buds whose pictures are printed in the papers seem to be demonstrating silk hose. Let those who want to, do it. But careful observation has brought us to the conclusion that it takes more than the removal of the major portion of a lady's crowning glory to bring her back within hailing distance of 5'outh. r. & Hold a dollar bill close in front of your face and you blind your eyes to everything else beyond. 9fr TURNING THE TABLES. An Irish witness was being ex amined as to his knowledge of a shooting affair. "Did you see the shot fired?" the magistrate asked. No, sorr, I only heard it," was the evasive reply. 'The evidence is not satisfactory," replied the magistrate sternly. 'Stand down!" The witness turned round to leave the box and directly his back was turned he laubhed derisively. The magistrate, indignant at this contempt of court, called him back and asked him how he dared to laugh in court. "Did you see me laugh, your honor," queried the offender. "No sir, but I heard you," was the irate reply. "That evidence tory," said Tat. erybody laughed is not satisfac-And this time ev-except the anagis- trate. p& 3fi J And Now In Closing Let us tell you of a young lady we heard of at the lake last Sunday. She was so dumb that she thought garter snakes grew on the limbs of the trees. r D D D D a D D n n 0 D D D D D D D DURING THIS SENSATIONAL ! TREMENDOUS ! Klingel's Ladies Shoe Shop Closimg Opt Sale of finest footwear for men, women, and children 8000 pairs of brand new stock sacrificed, as we are installing an entirely different line in our new store. Sale starts 9.00 Thursday morning, July 10 at Muessel Store Room, ground floor, 1 1 3 North Main Street, next to Oliver Hotel, four doors from the corner of Washington and Main streets SOUTH BEND GET IN ON THESE VALUES. Item of Interest Reproduced from the Files of the Enquirer After the Lapse of Generation. Enjoying the festivites of the glorious fourth with a party of friends, Charles Keyser, a young man living one mile north-west of town was ac-cidently drowned at the Lake of the Woods, Monday while in bathing. Mr. Keyser in company with a crowd of young people from this place drove to the Lake Monday, intending to have a little picnic and to observe the fourth in general. The merry-makers spent the ' greater part of the morning in gathering lilies and in wading. Young Keyser became seized with cramps and only through the timely assistance of onlookers was he saved. At noon hour a luncheon was served in the Wise grove and the young man jokingly remarked, "that he thought his companions would have an opportunity of attending his funeral," referring to his morning's experience. About one oclock Keyser and Harry and Joyce Evans deicided to take a- boat ride and enjoy a swim. The boys were diving and enjoying the usual swimming pranks when all of a sudden, Keyser who had been lying in the boat fell out backwards and before his companions could realize his situation sank from their sight, although Harry Evans made a desperate effort to save him but being much lighter in weight was forced to let go, in fear of endangering his own life. The sad news was quickly spread and dragging parties were soon on the scene to recover the body. Dr. C. C. Bondurant, of this place picked up the lifeless form at about 4 oclock, the body being in the water three hours. The lake at this place is about 12 feet deep. This is very near the same spot where a man by the name of Loaney lost his life a few years ago while duck hunting. Keyser being the second victim in the history of the Lake of the Woods. " Postmaster Ranstead, Herman Wahl, Otto Fries, and Charles Scott spent the Fourth fishing on the Kankakee. S. A. Knoblock, John Bechtel, Jacob Mutti, Albert Boss, and John Macklin came from their ditching on the Kankakee, to spend the Fourth. Dallas M. Hayes returned last week from a sight-seeing town in Colorado and other parts of the west. Rev. D. T. Williams arrived in New York this week on the steamer St. Paul, and will occupy his pulpit at the Congregational church next Sunday. While visiting at Marion last week Louis Lytle was severely injured by colliding with a horse and buggy while riding a bicycle. He met the rig suddenly, and in trying to avoid it the handle bars turned and he was thrown under the horse, getting several severe cuts and bruises. Ernest Mochel, Ervin Gass, Will Helmlinger and Clarence Carbiener at tended a ball game at Syracuse, yes terday. Dave Hess struck the town yesterday afternoon, and it was not long until a "rough house" was on at the hotel, with dishes flying through the air, making it decidedly interesting for the guests. No arrests. Master Walter Bondurant rode to Plymouth on his Shetland pony one day this week to visit friends. Strengthens Weak Eyes Old fashioned camphor, witchhazel, hydrastis, etc., as mixed in Lavoptik eye wash, strengthens eyes and re lieves any case weak, strained or sore eyes. Acts surprisingly quick. Aluminum eye cup free. (Fisher Bros., Druggists.) Trustee's Notice. As Trustee of German township I will transact official business at my office, in the Union State Bank, Bremen, each Saturday. Remainder of time at my residence on W. Plymouth st., Bremen. Win. A. Engel A Sanitary, Up-To-Date Shop where you can get the very best quality of FRESH and CURED MEATS at all times. Wholesome roasts, juicy steaks, tender young poultry, cold meats for the hot days everything in our line is here for you. Weight FAIR PRICES A man will put in the entire day hunting a place where they are biting, but if he drops his collar button he will be a raving madman if he hunts for it thirty seconds and fails to find it. IT TAKES GRIT. It takes grit to do these things: (1) to be patient and keep your temper; (2) to improve your mind and keep your body fit; (3) to save money; (4) to tell the truth, and to mind your own business; (5) to keep your mind clean, your body clean and your soul clean; (6) to do what you don't want to do, because you ought to do it, which means discipline; (7) to be loyal to your principles, to your wife, to your husband, to your friends and to your country; (8) to say "I don't know" and not to pretend to know; (9) to do your own thinking, and (10) not to worry nor be afraid. It takes grit to do these things, but nobody ever got anything of any account without grit. By Dr. Frank Crane. it, M M ' The old bachelor, declares an observer, is a prune in the human orchard; the spinster is a dried peach. 5f f FAST BLACK. Sam was a porter in a large hotel. One day he approached his employer with a request for a position for his brother down in Tennessee. Having secured it, in due time the brother arrived. He was several shades darker than Sam, and his employer remarked: "Sarn, your brother is rather dark, isn't he?" "He sure am," replied Sam. "He's so black dat down home in Tennessee de ligtnin' bugs follow him aroun' all day, 'cause they think it's night." CJ" When The Men Begin To Lay. (From Alliance, Ohio Review) County Agent C. E. Rowland is planning an egg-laying contest for men of the county. Plans will be formulated in a short time. i s For the natural history class: Flies cannot see in the winter time because they leave their specs behind in the summer time. The height of optimism is chang ing your socks from one foot to the other so that the toes will not fit the holes. Geography lesson: Sandy Hook, is not a Scotchman. v GARAGE CHATTER. Air Pump "You look hollow chest ed and thin. What seems to be the trouble?" Inner Tube (wearily) "Income Tax." pfi 3fc 3fc SANITARY PROBLEM Bristol, Vt., Herald. A public bath-house in this village would be of immense value to those who have no bath privileges in their homes. Verv few tenements have baths, which makes it necessary for occupants to utilize a sponge or the family wash-tub, or, annually, on some hot day in summer, go to some secluded spot in the liver and soak or scrub off the accumulations of the year. 3fc We just heard of one girl who has lost her bathing suit can't find it at all. Maybe a moth ate it. LAZY. Hennery Rader knows the laziest man in the world. He says this bird bought a Lizzie so he wouldn't have to shake the ashes off his cigar. THE SYNTHETIC AGE. This is an age of substitution and camouflage. Beer has no kick in it. Gin and whisky is made on the premises. The girls complexions are bought by the box. Songs have no tunes. Poetry no rhyme. Stores no business. Newspapers no advertising and precious little news. HONEST MAN. There was a preacher, so it is said, that recently made the following announcement from his pulpit: "Brethren, the janitor and I will hold our regular prayer meeting next Wednes uiy Uear TET lE1 H3 NOW ON I IJ K K ' met People from the first day of this sale start- ed taking advantage of the low prices. Many times people have asked "why is it we can buy furniture for so much less in this store than we can elsewhere?" Here are some of the reasons: Our store has no rents to pay. Believes in quick sales and small profits. Advertises strongly through the merchandise it sells. Has no commission men in the store. Has no collectors, and we are satisfied with the accounts. Our salesroom, workroom and warehouse are all under one roof. Our Guarantee is something real and worth while. It goes wTith every article sold in this store. It endures as long as you use and enjoy the furniture. Selling only the best in quality, we are able and glad to cover our sales with this guarantee and to assure all that every article is right today,, will be tomorrow, and years to come. Should there ever be occasion for complaint, you will find us ready and eager to rectify the trouble. Costumers complete satisfaction is our desire and unless every transaction is exactly to your liking, we have missed our merchandising aim. BIG DISCOUNTS DURING MONTH OF JULY BREMEN MEAT MARKET Wm. E. Walter, Proprietor I "THE HOME OF UNUSUAL FURNITURE" GOOD MEAT Honest W. PLYMOUTH ST. BREMEN, IND day night as usual."

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