Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 12, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
Page 5
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I TUESDAY; MAY 12, 1936 TMI AttAfVr 0MaeAT.'rtKKD. HIMWT, OREGON PAGE f IVE FARMER JONES MEETS FARMER BROWN THRU THE CLASSIFIED WANT ADS. Automobile Wanted CAD OA) C MOIKKN KEWLYi rUTI OnLU decorated home. Hi i Haiiuiiits Hunch, 51c lb; hands, il-61c lb. I NEW TODAY Bl'TTKHFAT TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS EXPERIENCED The Petersen's have coiisiKiently ou thatched all other Incubators. Space for rent. Ben A. Peters, Corvallis. 1 ml. north Lewhtlmrg. Westsitte Hiway. ml 1-1. j WANTED-I?AY '-n Tl RKET t ! . . poulut. Inquire North- ? s west Poultry A Dairy Products Co. t. i . - . ' mlI-14 irt fr hay rakk pou sAbK I i nice, Rt. 8, Albany. ml2-14" f finhn ('LEAX WOMAN COOK HR- UUUU tv,fPn 30 & 45 years. Rest-V taurarit exp. not neceesary. Apply i i. In person after 2 p. m. Depot Cafe, c .924 I.ynH St. ' . I1112-1S Ijotn GAS RANGES, EMSCTitlC ranges, ofl stoves, electrir ' plates, lowest possible prices. Rebuilt used ranges, In rue J stork only !.75 up. Best possible rvalues at Albany Bargain House. 2nd & Baker. nil2-H DVERTISE " 1 reacted by these little for-sale aria. W K PA Y highest market value. M. Senders A Co. m7-30 1 PAO-PARA BAItK WANTED W K an unlimited qtntntlty of dry or green Cnscara Rark. Will pay I highest cash prices. Albany Bargain House, 2nd and Uaker, Phone 76. nl6-tf OLD UNITED STATES COINS bought at Dawson's Drug Store. marltf 24 Personal TOMAPH ''-'l'. A8 PAINS, OlUIVIrtbn inrtitmn victims, , why stlffer? For oulck relief get n free sample of t'dgrt, a doctor's prescrlptlttn at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. mR-JR 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified PJCU PAID FOR OLD COLD. no11 dental crowns, bridges, ' fillings, old Jewelry, watch cases, ' etc. F. M. French & Son, Jewelers. d30tf PAINTIMP,. WAI.I. PAPERINtl, ikmiimiu M,cror decorating that's different. Phone 42 or 613-U Wilbur Dawson & Claire Snyder. m30-tf CUrpp HHEARIXO, CALL ROBIN Ol ILL.I Truax, Phono 2U-F-4 or cull at 1315 E. 2nd. m8-Jl GOING TO NAM PA- H FOR Call 82 K. Rih. C, C. Laurie. mS-lS PAQI-I PAID FOR USED F1MINI trtre, etc. "Ioh In your attic. Chns. Rohrbough ik Son 4 Hi W. First St. Jl-tf TUpqC WANT-ADS ARE LITTLE I 1IL.OL. B(.rvuntH will to work for for you at extremely low "wages,' Call on them frequently. HELP THB NKBI,Y- rilK KALVA-IL.L.1 ton Army needs fruits, vegetables, clothing, etc., to help needy people In emergency cases. Money too, If you want to contribute. We have no telephone but bring in what you have to donate : ur drop us a card and we'll call for it. Cuut, Hert Hallcy, 104 West 3rd St., Albany. . WOOL WANTEQ TDAnp CORVALi,IS HOL'SB, to I'MU trade Yor a good Albany tiouse or small acreage. Thin is a 4 good Income property, close to the College. 10 ACHES. Improved with room f house, close to Albany. Price $1500. I C. M. Dollarhlde Co. mlltt lot well located at 1094 W. 8th St.. Albany. Write M. D. Powers. 80S W. 1st Ave. Eugene. Ore. ml2-lfi WF HAVF SEVERAl- VERY PINE M L I I r v i rjtngm tHwinix in addition to the ones mentioned in our regular ads. Mountain States Power Co. m2 $00 CASH TALKS IT IS only nee- canary to pay this sum down on u good 160 ueres improved mid all pond dark land. ANOTI1 Kit FINE BlT 240 acres along hills all for pasture with t renin and road. Only 11000 pay $4K0 cash ami get long time 6. IDEAL POULTRY RANCH no better buy In Oregon. Wood buildings with electricity. Total price $3000 and $1000 will handle. AVE HAVE real buys today. TRIPP & MURPHY, Realtors. ml2tf BOAT FOR SALE-L,saV;5y- rowing-, fine for fishing. 1230 Calii-poofa St. ml2-H 1 For Sale Real Estate 47 1A APRF FARM FOR SALE miles out: new G room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair; on main power line. Crops all In. A BARGAIN. See owner. Wm. McKlnley, Rt. 1, Albany, Or a22-m2 FHR Q A I p RBAL ESTATE run OrtLL pieral Land Rank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A. Barnes, Fluid Salesman, 11K3 Oak St.. Eugene. Ore. alG-mlC 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs FOR SALE-n J mi. Brie kyard. mil- COW FOR SALE-Ue0 Barcley at Sanderson Bridge. mll-13 PI IQTHM HATCHING TITRKRY uuo I uivi VKgHt 4(.; lUn 2tl Bring eggs any day, any nmt. Will accept eggs until June 10. Pacific Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. Phone OUl-.I-l. m9-12 1 WANlTFn BRONZE turkey . I -u eggs from small flocks. ' 112 per 10 Phone 601-J-l B. O. -" Newport. ml 2 i tlBflfY ACT QUICK $1800. 80 , T; acres of prairie land all VS Under cultivation fair bullillnKs, ! I he best buy ever offered in I,lnn 1. i county. $1800 total price. Why rent? ; 1 ; IRVl.NK 1,. HOOD, Phone 300 h: f ' . ' - a30tf BEAUREGARD ; Stallion, floverninent thoroiiKh-bred saddle stallion will stand ut the Fred Hprenger place two miles North of Shrdd. Service fee (10.00 Fred Sprenger. mt-12' UL)Tr I.EOHOUN BABY CHICKS VVnilu Untches every day the first week In May. Order from this ad 110 per 100. Still plenty of time to raise a nice lot of fall layers. Ul'HHKM.'K IIATCHKRY, Phone 080, Corvallis, Ore, a30tf WANTFT) FOH CASH O Ml "n"luu nnd worthless horses nnd cows. animals picked up free of charge anywhere. (Tale Montgomery, Phone collect 33-P-12, Corvallis. mltf pACU FOR OI,D AND WORTII-vnoil MM horse and cows, nay- old calves. Ph. 14-K-U Albany Cecil Montgomery. mH-tf A I MD9T "VERY TYPK OF SBR-rL.lviuo I VC1, g n,fntioned In the Want-ads. Read the classified! rjCAf) AND WORTI1M5S8 HORSES ulnu and cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect H-F-H, Altinny. If no answer, Phone 1I-F-4, Corvallis. ml4-(f 22 Wood and Coal WANTFn C-T'RTOMEKft FOR vvnniLU I)llr,,y llry 4-rt. slab : wood at J2.50 per cord. C. C. Cameron, 220 W. 1st St., Phone 400. n9-12 ALL KINDS TseeERU!,R Stewart, 1152 W. 12th. m--.H-S (nOnn WOOD PRICED RIGHT uwu Delivered in nny length. Lester Chllcote, 1600 Snutiam Rd. Phone 734-R. J20-tf PIOUT WOOD TUB RK1HT iiiuiii ,.!(.,, Claude Wright, phone 2Cti-J, 038 K. 0th St. mi'0-tf THEY ALSO LANE'S . PLANS Prices quoted below are those prevailing at 11 o'clock a, m. on day of publication, and are subject to change at any hour thereafter. I.OCA1. OltAlX 31. Sender A Co. WHEAT: Nit. 1 white, 78r; red and mixed 70c bushel. BAULKY: Hunsen, 2I.OO ton. OATS: White, No. 1, IS.00; gray No. 1, 2:i.on, gray feed $20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound 30e Mohair, per pound 40c MR A T.I 1. I-.. Nrbenmll Meat Co.) CATTI.R Steers ICT.07.00 Heifers 4.60C50 Hulls 3.50tfK.OO Cows, beef 3.006,00 Cows, cutters 1.C0 jT 3.00 IIOC.M 140 to K.O pounds is.r.ofrs.oo 1 410 to 210 pounds S.OlMi 9.00 210 to IT.O pounds 7.&0tl$ r0 L'.'iO to :0 pounds 7.Oir7.tfi 2r0 pounds up 5.7!ii CM) Sows 4.75 (Ji 6.'2l hki:i Lnmbs IT.KOft RTifl Kwus 2.1MMM.0O Yearllugs 5.004(0.00 VKAI, Live ; 7e Dressetl 12c POl'l.THV (Ntviri A Company) No. 1 hens, 4J to 0 lbs 1 He No. I hens, over 6 lbs. .......... 1 8c No. 1 medium hens, over l lbs IJic No. 1 medium hens, under i lbs. 1 tie Colored springs ic No. 1 broilers, l to 2 lbs 1 Tic ItouHters , 7c Stags 10c V.tUiH All Prlcru Are llellteretl Albany Casrs Hrturnrd -. Extras , 19c Standards 17c Extra medium ltic Standiird medluiu 13c Hrowim extras 19c Dirty extras ICc Undergiudcs 13c Pullets 13u Peo wees 10c vi;ai. Live RM,c By HAROLD GRAY REALLY EAgil TH MONEY FORHIcA TO RAISE. DESERVE JUST A kLIIli CREDIT TOO. EH? By Thompson and Coll IF ONLY I KMEW A BIT MOP" r HM-M f ANb MAYBE I TH' FOLKS WHO HOME-MADE 'J " Coin's farm, halfway between Salem and Albany. - -ml2-14-S TflPK EQUIPMENT -I yOf (ure. 31 acres loc, FUHKI- located on Brush Creek, all bottom lnml, rop all in. very good buildings, very fine little place, 2 horses, t cows, nil equipment needed, nil furniture net-ded. Total price only $37 move right in. IKVINR L. HOOD, Phone Him 30tf 1 I f I SEE THAT S .Zr ( mq kiiKirrtkT ( HE HASN'T ANY BUT HE'S A 7 VEAH? BIRD AROUND . IM Z&f Cu9 wiSSrk E BUSINESS RIGHT FINE MAN- ri w' U!, , I .1 ' ALL TH' TIME- I f WHY EHJ? . WHAT F Now. HE S U0ST ULWAVS RwSING uWmsp0!!, R ' I lrrlia WHO IS HE. JHJS If (HIS BUSINESS. SEVERAL GOOD MONEY FOR th'Mone ,: llllie ANYWAY? J MR 1 BUSINESSES- THIS CAUSE OR TPHJ- ' , - I f NINCOM- II EagSU li ALWAYS SEEMS THAT CHARITY- fr EBSii" Orphan , TrSs W'nffl l KSLTJ WTrwM OH, FR6M TH' BUSINESS MEM, TH' FARMERS, ANVBODY AT ALL-HE CAM GET MOMEV FROM ANY ONE- HE CERTAINLY DESERVES A LOT. OF CREDIT s 1 I I MKim 'V Ti n - .1. , . r .'jr I I u II II II i i v fACU FOR YOUR CAR OR VnOM eQulty, Warden's Car Market. Imitation. Phone 1:131. m5-J5 7 ' For Sale, Miscellaneous TODAY'S BEST BUY - baker Six Sedan. 11,028 delivered. Richard Oarage. Corvallis, or Jack Cathey. Albany, Ph. 6T6-H. m9-12' WRFPklNR 5 11U1 SCHOOLS Y HI-VtMIIVJ, ,Mb(,P iA llp Brick, S4 per M., planks for barn's, bridges, timber, 1x8 nnd 1x6 sheeting, flooring, celling, siding. Can deliver. 3rd A: .Madison, Albany. m7-13-S 21 For Rent' FOR RFNTMOPK"N' NK'EI furn. 4-room airt. a l.Y att. at US W. Sib St. Call at 424 I.yon. m7-lt FOR RENTNU'K KlTUN- APT- I Jl IIL.I1 I A(ui,s. 8o5 W- ?lh st. motr FOR RPMT- i room UN I 11 MUI1 I urll nuts,. Phone a!l-tr ELLSWORTH A1"rs HKAT' LLLOVVUn I n OVeP8,urfed furn. tore. Ph. 3!. 805 Ellsworth. nC-tf 14 Houses Wanted Yfll NIR ''''l,l'K WANT ROOMS 1UUI1U nr mn npnrtment In private home. Address Hot 2103, c-o lemocrnt-Herald. mll-13 10 Help Wanted EXPERIENCED Wfirk. Room, board & wage. Apply 1 1 tig W. 9th. mll-13 1 1 Situations Wanted EXP, RANCH "rk.D yiL. Come & see me. Have no trans portatlon. Perry Fields, Kt. 1, Al : bany, 1 ml. S. E. Cottouwoods off Sanderson bridge road. lnll-13 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WANTFD DONATION OF KUW-ItnuiLUin, machine. Call Red Cross Office, 74-Y. SERVE ARE THWARTED THIS COifTT HEREBY CO'MITo MXJ TO . THE STATE BEFDRMATORY UNTIL YOU HAVE YES, REACHED 7f4 NEWS A I FflTpy . i 1 ' ' " '' A grade B grade .....26c , . , . .25c 22c ...IS.259.00 C grade . . Uiinhs . . . I'OnTt.AM) MAIIKK.T Portland, Ore., May 12. First Oregon strawberries of the season arrived today from .Myrtle Point section, sold around $2. 50 and $2.75 for 24s. Butter cube extras dropped half a cent. Eggs were unchnnged. Slight price lotou-s In asparagus. Sales generally top at $).4(-l..r.O pyramid. , Oranges, lemons nnd grapefruit are advancing. tlond radishes are scarce nnd higher. Apple trading just fair. Shortage of Columbia river salmon. cheese sternly at late decline nunt-td by Tillamook. POHTI.WK 1.1VI'.STI'K rnrlluml, ore, Muy 12. Hoks: 100. slow. Alinut sleiifly. riidcrtnufl weak on hciivy wcIkHIs. lioml-clMilce liKht- wcIkM clrlvclns iti to $!.r,. IlcKvicr wclKhts linsolfl. Keff llRlit HkIhs 111.25. I'llckliiK sows 7. 60-7. "5. Keeil or plKs to $10.6. t'ftttlo: fiO, civlvcs 10. Active. Fully steady, flood fed steers iiuotalile to IN nnd aliove. Ked lielfers around S7.7n-7.26. Coitiniot)-nicllnni down to J5.&0. liw cutter nnd cutter cows :(-4.f.0. Mulls Sr.-5.7&. (Sood cliolcs venlers 9-10. SI i: 1:101) IncludliiK S7 direct Steady, tiood 70-KU Hi siirltiK luuilia 110. tiootl shorn Inmlis salealilc to IS. Clipped ewes $3.60-4.50. OIITI.AMI WIIOI.ICNAI.I-. IIK'CS 1 nese are tne prices retnllers pay h'hnleMalers, except where otherwise tnted: Hotter Prints. A itiade. 2Hc III In parchment wrapper. .Hie Hi in enr olls: 11 grade, parchment wrapper :c Hi. cartons 29c Hi. till I Inl I ,.. In ,1 ,1.,1 A crude, delivered nt lenst twice, a veek, 28-Ssc lb; country routes, 25-Hu lh: II irrilde. 2.1-2lc Hi: C irriulo nt market. II urilflo creum fne iniieUnt .Ituvlmr price hulterfat basis, 6:lju lb. i lleese MelllllU' ur ce to I'ort and retnllers: Tlllamnolc triplets, 20c lb: kiltf, am lb. Tllluinook si'IIIiik price 10 wholesales: triplets, lc lb: lour, lllc lb. KKK Huylnir price of wholesal ers: Hxlru. lllc dos: stamlnnls. 17n lox: mediums lite d,, rin t,,n.ii,,. firsts, I fin do: under isnlde, 15o dox; ,llliieis, llic lioz. Milk- A Ki-ade Portland delivery, iHAe Hi. Iiutlert'at basis for 4 percent. Live poultry Portland delivery, my Inir price: Colt I hens, over 41 lis, IK-lilc lb; uudur 44 lbs, m-l!lc b: Jieirhurn hens, over !ti lbs. is.i7e- under lbs, Ui-lllc lb; heithorn iriiniTs, 1 to 14 10s, lti-iic lb; uo 11 lis. up, Ill-I7c lb; colored springs, 2 lis, nnd up 20-2lo Hi; roosters, s-9c lit Pekill flueks. vnlmir. I.l?n 11,. Ifiiese, ll-12ii Hi. 1, Vft llOllltl'V Melllnir nrlen 1,w .wholesalers: lliflit hens, l(l-I7c; iub- iiiuni liens, 17-Ie lb; oolored hens, IH-llIc lb; broilers. IClc lb: siii'liiiru IS-22C lb: I'eklu ducks, v tir. Sl.ttc lb; do. colored. I2-I7c lb: eiiiii, over 7 lbs. 24-2r,i n, miinui, i,una fiOo each. Kulibltii Fancy drnsseil. 20-2lc lb. Turkeys (dressed) .Sell I nit price In retailers: No. I bens. n. loins, 1S-20C. per lb. piiodi'Ck kxi ii n;i: The following prices wern nnmed to be effective today: Mutter Cube extras, 27c: stand ards, 27c; prime firsts, 26Jc; firsts, Cheese Oregon triplets. 15c: Ore gon lonf, I6e. Mrokers will pay jc urn,,. illillll HOIS. Kffgs Produce exchange quotations between dculora; extra large, lie; stuudards, large, 17c: extras, medium 17c; standurds. inedluin. 16c. .lobbing prices 2c higher. KIIKNII PHI' IT Apples Delicious, extra fnncv. J 1.1.5-2 box; do fancy, $1.66-1.60 box; Newtowns, extra fancy, $1.70 box; do fancy, $1.46 box; do face and fill, runcy, 5c box; dn race and fill, choice, 66c box; Kpltzeubreg, extru fancy, $.4n box; do combination $1.25 box; Home Ucuilty, Jumble, 2Jc lb; Wliiesaim, extra rancy, $1.05 box; ilo fancy, $1.40 box; do Jumble, extra fancy, 2c lb. Cantaloupes (Tall Torn in standard. $6; fancy, $5: Jumbo 311, $7.25-7.60 crate. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the Slate of Oregon for Linn County as administrator of the estate of Edgar A. Trulovc, deceased, and has qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent arc hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administrator at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bunk Building. in the Cily of Albany, Linn Coun ty, state or Oregon. Dated and first published this zuin aay or April, man. ELMER MILLER. Administrator of the Estate of Edgar A. Trulove, Deceased. CLARK S. KENDALL and MARKS & MeMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys for Administrator. Apr. 28 May 8-12-19-26 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly ap pointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, administrator of the estate of Macy Harrison, deceased, and has qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said deced ent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administrator at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building in the City of Albany, Linn Coun ty. State of Oregon. Dated and first published this 28th day of April, I9.')(S. ED S. BOWERS. Administrator of the Estate of Macy Harrison, Deceased CLARK S. KENDALL and MARKS & MeMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys for Administrator. .Strawberries Florin, $1. 25-1. 50 per 12-box crate. Myrtle Point 12.50- to: t'anby J.1.50 for 21 box crate. Pears II Anjoti, $1.16 box. Oranges California navels, fancy, $.1.15-1.10; choice, $2.;5-2.6; stand-, ards. $2.65 case. I lirapefruit Arizona, $l.K0-2.40 case: Florida, $5.25-6.011. Ijemons California, funcy, $6.25-6.75 case; choice $5.25-6. ense. I'ltlOSH KiKT.tlll,lSI '. Potatoes laical, $1,110-2 per cent-: al; Klumnth, $2.35 ceutnl; ScappnosQ. Netted tlems, $2-2.16 cental; Deschutes Neted tlems, $2.25-2.36 cental. Celery California, $1-3.60 crate; hearts, $2 doc. bunches. Peas California, $2-2.25 60-lb sack. Spinach 40-50o orange box., onions Oregon, $1-1.25 per 100 lbs. Tomatoes lndio, $1.75-2.25 luff. -lettuce Uical 3s $1.50 crate: Halloas, $2.25-2.60 crate, California, $1.50-1.75 crate. Sweet potatoes California, $2 per 50-lb crate; southern yams, $1.95 crate. Cauliflower ltoseburg, ( ) crate; California $1.50-1.75 crate. Ithubarb Field grown, 35-40c apple box. Cucumbers 1-rficnl, hothouse, $1-1.50 doz. New potatoes Texas, $1.05-1.75 per 60-lb bag; Shafter, $3 cental. Asparagus .Mid-Columbia, $1.50-1.75 per ;l0-lli pyramid; llerniistoll, 6c lb; Vaklinu, $1.65-1.75 per 30-lb pyramid. New onions California lierniudna, 7Sc per lug. . MentH mid I'rovlsliiusi Country incatH Selling price to retailers: country killed bogs, best butchers, under 150 lbs, 13-13n lb; vculers, No. I, l:il-14c lb; light and thill, ll-12c lb: heavy, U-I2c lb; cutter cows, K-loc lb; lambs, old, 18c lb; spring laiiibs, 18-liic lb; ewes, 6-0u lb. Hacon 20-26c lb. Hams 2D-30U lb; picnic, 21-!2c lb. ltrd Tierce basis, 1 1 je lb. HIII'M AMI WtlOl, Ilops NoMilual: 11135 Kuggles C lb; Clusters, 6-CJu lb. Wool 11136 contracts, nominal; Willnniette valley, medium, 30o lb; coarse ami braid, 2c lb; eastern Oregon, 2U-2-V lb; southern Idaho 25c lb. Sweet Home Holds Graduation Events Sweet Home. (Special) The third annual commencement ol the eighth grade of. the Union high school district was held Fri day evening, May 8, at the gymnasium. There were 54 graduates in the class from ten districts. At 8 o'clock, the following program was given: piano solo, Everett Uaugherty; invocation, Rev. Harry . Benton; greetings, M. R. Thompson; music, Sweet Home grade school sttudents; address, "Put ting Reality Into Life," Dr. Robert J. Divan; quartet, Everett Daugh erty, Gordon Corner, Beverley Wray, John Turbyne; awarding diplomas, Supt. J. M. Bennett; benediction, Rev. John Rltter-meyer. . i ,i. . . . , ,.. Baccalaureate services tor . the eighth grade graduates of the Sweet Home school were held at the Evangelical church Sunday evening. The following Was the program: congregational singing led by Emil Bellstrom, Everett Dougherty, pianist: processional. Lelia Morehead; solo, Asa Smith; prayer and scripture reading, Rev. Sam Kimball; sermon, "The Building of Life," Rev. John Rit- tcrmeyer; trio, Mrs. Leon Blank-enship, Miss Turbyne, Mrs. Wat- kins; benediction, Hev. Kimoail, The class roll included Helen Suhre, Winifred Walker, Billy Warden, Lawrence Moe, Dorothy Vaughn, Dorothy McClure, Betty McClure, Eugene Hipp, Erik Hipp, Fred Miner, Lorraine Carroll, Ruth Dickinson, Lee Moore, Or lando Russell, Alvin Chritton, Woodrow McGlothern, Mabel Walker, Everett Smith and Hilda Beckel. ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page ore known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & MeMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 18 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE - OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1011 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, - Money to Loan. Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE, MaytagJEasyJThor!Vfashrs WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER St SON Well Drillers " ' "We solicit your inquiries)4 ' Eugene, Oregon . J MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse ,i rijn ' .JrJCjr UNTIL 1 FIND OUT ; I; I It MM I BACK, OR I'LL 1 1 WHILE INI II I IJABOUT PR.PEVRIES...MI3 '-vl &ACKGROUMD.,. MAYBE LIStEM, LAME, RUN AWP PLAY 50LPIER,lF,YOU BUT LET r- VSUP BE WISE TO 60 IW x'ylTO PARIS ...AMC AMD JACK SEIZES TVIE WOTC(EUT HA ll I fT trr BkNAKS HIS HOLD AND PASHES. jpi GOOD OLD FRECK ' r jf JUST A MINUTE, THE COURT WULD LIKE TO EXERCISE CLEMENCY IN THIS CASE, BUT SENTIMENT l" VITUPH.IAUn TMEM-WWO KUOWS ? BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN AN AWFUL J V -' ' WOULDN T BE f ' ' ' THEY'VE ' '' MUST NOT INTERFERE WHERE JUSTICE IS PARAMOUNT SYLVESTER, ARE OJ ( Y - READY FDR YOUR YOUR 150 VOL) USE PIOEONS FOR EXPERIMENTS, EW, DOC? WOULD THEY BE 6ERM , FRECKLES AND HIS MUCH AS THE COURT REGRETS IT, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SHOW THAT SYLVESTER COOK ENTERED ' THAT DRUG STORE WITH HONEST INTENT.' ALLEY OOP GRAY HAlCS MY EYE ) you RE (X.0 EMOUGH TO KNOW eETTSCrJ TTRY A STUNT LIKE THA" YOU OL POOL &CZ SETTLES H!6 SCOCS WiTM h.Tlkif, OtMvjv. -rc r,LT Ci CARRIERS, SP ALOM6 MUST, SENTENCE? HONOR ALUNc FRIENDS THE COIN HE CLAIMS TO-HAVE LEFT, IW PAYMENT FOR THE MEDICINE HE TOOK, HAS (-JOT BEEN H produced .' rr WAS HIS SOLE ALIBI 1.' HO. TH' TIME YA &IT OUTA THERE. YOU'LL KNOW EKiC'JC-l I " KEEP YEG NOSE OUTAT' -r IC l A TI TmE CjCJD WZ.B2. POC HYPNO- V.HICH CAUSED C-UZ MUCH f.'tN- O- S T"QJME TQ ALLEY 00 . .J VSC" Az. N- 1 inn, nr1 -mi iff inr " " " " f" SHOCIKNG KlO-BUT ALLEY OOP AN' DlMNY WWf v SAY-HAS m WfJLflO fsouNPEO as ip rr came C V CvPAT J tBOU SOMEWHERE ,f-V-3C ABOUND TH' PALACE .' ) jbC hoykavsOv;.' ) - - -r tVl; VWHAT WAS "V LamythimG IHAPPEkJED .HAVE JUS HAD ACCIOENT.' I SURPRISED IF I TO TH (LACe? BOTH BEEN KILLED J J -K llAL AssiJ'Si AKO TME LOr-S j-T? ciitw t wc stuvicf . inc T m sec u a pt off .q Apr 28 May 5-12-19-26

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