The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on July 3, 1924 · Page 3
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 3

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1924
Page 3
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, JULY 3, 1924. 3 SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES OIL COMPANIES pavement, which cannot be later than 3100 B. C, was an accumulated deposit of 15 feet, representing at least 1500 to 2000 years' previous occupation, and therefore going back to about 5000 B. C. A complete sequence of pottery from the earliest Sumerian period down to Nebuchadnezzar has been established, and a series of fine copper implements has been found. The general result of the excavations brings into prominence the enormous extent of the ruins, which if grouped contiguously, would cover 120 acres, the very great antiquity of the site, and the priority of the Sumerians. HALED TO COURT A Combination of Fun, Facts and Foolosophy up of nearly 10,000 small pieces of Balkan oak, seasoned for ten years, and given resiliency ,toughness and imperviousness to atmospheric changes by a lengthy baking process. Smoothness of surface was attained by pressing with electric irons, and the necessary spring is imparted by a suspension system involving the use of thousands of steel springs and wires. Although strong enough to bear 250 tons, its resiliency is retained, and regular "tuning" keeps it sensitive. Floors laid on rubber and felt are comparatively common; but they have many disadvantages. Thin floors laid on a yielding foundation are very pleasant to the dancers while they are new, but they soon become worn in patches and may even become splintery . Parquet floors, highly polished and laid on a solid foundation, are very tiring after an hour's dancing, al liv II ill 1 V II I I J Conducted. Concocted and Confiscated THAT BLASTED LAMB AGAIN. Mary had a little lamb With sadness we relate; It made a lunch of her "step-ins" GRACE UNITED BRETHREN Rev. A. F. Knepp, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30. I. Oliver Ffeiffer, Supt. Preaching services, 10. SO. Junior Y. P. C. U. 10.S0 a. m. Senior Y. P. C. E. at 6:00 p. m. Preaching Services at 7:00 p. m. Mid-week Prayer Service on Wednes day, at 7:30 p. m. Official Board Meeting, first Monday each month, 7:30 p. m. Invitations extended to all to attend these services. SALEM EVANGELICAL "A Prosperous Church in a Prosperous Community." D. Alfred Kaley, Pastor Sunday Services: 9.S0 Bible School Claude E. Weiss, Supt. 10.S0 Morning Worship. 6. SO Christian Endeavor. 7.30 Evening Sermon. Week Day Services: Wednesday, Thursday. Monthly Services: 1st Monday Evening, Official Board Meeting 2nd Monday Evening, League Business Meeting 1st Thursday Afternoon, W. M. S. Meeting 2nd Wednesday Afternoon, Aid Meeting. 4th Wednesday Evening, Y. P. M. OMeeting. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Chas. C. Cripe, Pastor And then it got the gate. 9& Pfr ON THE WRONG SIDE. Someone resurrects the story of though they are not so hard on the I feet and leg muscles as the marble1 floors on which one dances in some the lone fisherman who had put in a full day on the banks of the Wabash fashionable places along the Riviera coast. river, just outside the Longcliff fence. Toward evening one of the inmates who had been watching hkn much Charge Important Concerns With Violating And-Trust Law. Chicago. A petition In equity filed here by direction of Attorney General Stone charges fifty of the most Important oil companies In the United States with violation of the Cherman antl-trut law and prays for an Injuno-tlor to restrain the companies from further violations. The complaint was forwarded by the attorney general to United States District Attorney Edwin Olson, who filed It In the Federal District court. Big Companies Named. The primary defendants named are the Standard Oil Companies of Indiana and New Jersey, the Standard Development company, the Texas company and the Gasoline Products company. Attorney General Stone charges thin the companies have combined to control production of gasoline by pooling of patent rights In violation of the anti-trust law. Complaint Is Serious. In substance, the complaint sets forth that the defendants are utilizing processes for "cracking" gasoline, thus greatly Increasing the output from a given quantity of stock. The bill alleges that the "cracking" process has been known for the last sixty years and that the original patents covering the Invention have long since expired. In spite of this, It is charged, the defendants have pooled patents on unimportant improvements and thus have been enabled to "extort huge sums from the manufacturers of gasoline In the guise of royalties and by means of certain restrictive covenants contained In license agreementa Washington. Additional legal proceedings directed at leading oil companies are In prospect, but no criminal action is In contemplation. It was stated at the Department of Justice, Attorney General Stone regards the suit started in the .Chicago federal SERVES HIM RIGHT. There was a rapacious old colonel, Who got wealth by means most in-folonel. When he came to his end Good St. Peter did send Him to dwell in perdition etolonel. v flP IT MAY WORK, AT THAT. Ray Brougher is passing on to fellow fishermen a recipe for fighting mosquitoes. He says he has tried it a couple of times, and is beginning to have some faith in it. The secret is to nib alum on your hands and face. When the mosquito starts to take a bite, the alum puckers its gazoopie so it can't sting:. Then it sits down in a damp place, tries to dig the pucker loose, catches it death of cold and dies of pneumonia, rj HOW DID SHE KNOW? The lights were turned low in the cozy library. She sat in the big arm-chair, her heart a-fiutter and her brain in a whirl. Bozo was to visit her that night. of the day stuck his face up to the iron fence: "What ye been doin' all day?" ask ed the inmate. "Fishin', " was the response. "Get anything?" asked the inmate. "Naw," replied the digusted fisherman, "not so much as a bite." "Say, pard, don't you belong Self -Supporting Students In Large Numbers About one-third of the (men students of Illinois Wesley an University are working their way through school, according to Prof. C. Elwin Van Sickle, who is in charge of the student employment bureau. Statistics gathered by v Professor Van Sickle from 175 educational institutions indicate that students supporting themselves average 44 per cent of the student body. Tufts College stood highest with 85 per cent of the men working, the University of Washington was second with 68 per cent, and the University of Chicago third with 60 per cent. y y SELF-EVIDENT. This recalled the time when a vis Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Milo itor at Longcliff pulled out his watch and compared it with a clock in one of the buildings. i And he would take her in his arms. "Is that clock right?" he asked one . Pernai3S thev would be married 2-Pi of the patients. ! Tll. in TT 1 1J i m i te T Weaver, Supt. Sermon, 10.45. Teacher Training, 6.00 p. m. Christian Workers, 7 p. m., Mrs. Chas. Cripe, President. Sermon, 7.45 p. m. Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, Wed. evening 7.S0 p. m.. Aid Society each alternate Thursday. All are cordially invited. If you have no regular church home, come and worship with us. no, repuea in- patient. xjo Bozo entered. his hair slicked back r. i j a i f ' x i ' 1 you fcuppoM; it xouia oe nere n k ; and his W tie on an elastic band. Scientific Interest in Excavations at Kish was I He advanced toward the table and re- moved three cigars from his vest ! pocket. Then he turned with out- S & Pfr THE FRIENDLY BEAR. Chinamen are not usually very stretched arms. courageous in the wild woods. The "Stou " she ?obbed "You have following, though, seems to show the j loved before." ST. PAUL'S EVAN. LUTHERAN Rev. W. T. Vogel, Pastor. ready wit of the race. Services every Sunday morning at 10 An old Chinaman, delivering laundry in a mining camp, heard a ' oclock, alternating in German and English. Here, men, are Two-Piece Suits that offer you a happy combination of style and comfort at a most reasonable price. Snappy models of light weight yet long-wearing fabrics, so well tailored that they will hold their shape under the hardest sort of service. $12 to $25 court, dealing with the pooling of patent rights for "cracking processes," as hitting at only one phase of the gasoline situation. Mr. Stone expects to confer within the next week or two with a committee of attorneys general of various Interested states. The question of whether the dissolution ' of the Standard Oil company, as provided by court decree, has been completely carried out will be one of the matters under consideration. noise and espied a huge brown bear sniffing his tracks in the newly fall English Sunday school at 11 oclock every Sunday morning. en snow. Services every Sunday evening at "Hu!" he gasped. "You likee my 7 oclock, alternating in German and tlacks, I makee some more." In a letter to the London Times of January 22, Professor Langdon, writing from Mesopotamia, gives an account of the results to date of this season's excavations at Kish. Among an amount of pearl and limestone inlaid work discovered in a mound constructed entirely of' plano-convex bricks, characteristic of the oldest Sumerian architecture, was a rectangular tablet of slate which shows a king of Kish smiting his Sumerian enemies. Their closely shaven heads, cheeks and upper lips, but long beards, indicate a date earlier than Ur-La-gash, c. 3100 B. C. Taken with other pearl heads found here, this disposes of the theory that the Semites occupied Kish in the prehistoric period. The discovery north of Inghara of two large Sumerian buildings in a state of complete preservation has made possible the preparation of the only known plan of a large Sumerian palace. Below the plano-covex brick 3 pfr 3$ HIP, HIP, HOORAY! A friend of our says he can't say English. Everybody is cordially invited. FIRST EVANGELICAL Rev. H. H. Serine, Pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Preaching Service, 10.30 a. m. how much Florenz Ziegfield has "glorified the American girl" but he knows he has done a good job of exposing her. X 3F t IT ALWAYS DID. Today is the tomorrow You worried about yesterday. And it's bark was worse Than it's bite. WTasn'tit? LITTLE STORY FOR TODAY. A Pittsburg lawyer was conducting a case in court not long ago and one of the witnesses, a negro, confessed that at the time of his arrest he was engaged in a crap game. Immediately the lawyer said: "Now, sir, I want you to tell the jury just how you deal craps." "Wass dat?" askel the witness, rolling his eyes. "Address the jury, sir," thundered the lawyer, "and tell them just how you deal craps." "Lenvme outen heah!" cried the witness uneasily. "Fust thing I know this gemman gwine to ask me how to drink a sandwich." flP MAN OVERBOARD! A negro went fishing. He hooked a big catfish which pulled him Teacher Training class meets every Wednesday at 7.00 p. m. The Dietrich Co. V A REAL SURPRISER. From the south part of the state Women's Missionary Society meets every last Thursday in the month More Rondout Loot Recovered at Tulsa? Chicago. Postal Inspectors received word from Tulsa, Okla that money believed to be part of the loot of the Rondout (III.) $2,000,000 mall robbery had been recovered there. Two women and three men were arrested and 246 $20 bills found in the house raided. Mrs. Dolly Oglesby, thirty-nine, one of the prisoners. Is said to be a sister of the three Newton Brothers now under arrest and Indictment for the robbery. The house was filled with rifles, revolvers, flashlights and explosives, Tulsa police reported. comes a story of a farmer who, after having driven to town with a load at 2.30 p. m. of potatoes, decided to surprise his Official Board Meeting of the church' every first Tuesday of the month at wife by dressing up. So he bought a suit of clothes, new 7.30 p. m. THE YVYATT GARAGE underwear, a hat, a pair of shoes, and U 9 E TO" IE? IB put thorn under the seat. On his way home he stopped at the river, took off all his old clothes and threw them in. Then he looked under the seat Clayton G. Enders, Prop. Nature, Not Owner of Overhauling and Repairing-GIVE US A TRLAL for his new outfit. Everythinsr was tf Vinegar, Real Culprit gone. Sale He thought for a moment, then he Ely Clearance climbed into his wagon, cracked his whip and said, "Gid-ep, I'm goin t' CAL. L. STUCKMAN AUCTIONEER s'prise her anyhow by heck!" PHONE 535. NAPPANEE, IND. Omaha, Neb. If nature turns vinegar Into alcohol it Is not the fault of the owner of the liquid and he cannot be punished as a moonshiner, the Nebraska Supreme court decided. George Simmons of Fillmore county claimed he was making vinegar from a recipe given him by his mother-in-law and that he was not responsible because the concoction happened to turn Into alcohol Instead of vinegar. The Supreme court decided Simmons was right. FORCE OF HABIT. We know a fellow who jumps ev NOW ON overboard. As he crawled back into the boat he said, philosophically: "What I wanna know is dis: Is dis nigger fishin' or is dis fish nig-gerin'?" x LOST OUT. While up in Chicago one time, Moe Lowenstine was approached by a real down-and-outer who wanted "a quarter to get a bite to eat." "What is your profesison?" asked ery time he hears an automobile horn. His wife eloped with a chauffeur, and he's afraid the chauffeur may brine: her back. EGGS TOO J Moe. "Well," the man said, "I used to be an organist." "And why did you quit?" continued Moe. ."Well," he said, "the monkey died." 3 3 3 y y "Twenty days for vagrancy, lock him up, Dan," said a Judge in a nearby city. "But your honor," said the prisoner at the bar, "I am not as corrupt ?s Swift, as dissipated as Poe, as depraved as Byron, or as pervert as" "Hush, that will do." Inspectors Find More of Rondout Mail Loot Chicago. With the finding of 44 letters, some of which contained checks on out-of-town banks. In a sewer on the North side of St. Louis, Mo, post office Inspectors believe they have located another portion of the $2,000,000 loot of the Rondout (IlL) mall robbery. Mti tjuu y ta t hutch N tet1-ta1 Jora vrHen you vi CE..NOL. Does tha work thoroughly, instantly. No tain a or apota. Sold By KOONTZ BROS.. DRUGGISTS CENOL AGENCY Fire Destroys Steamer People from the first day of this sale started taking advantage of the low prices. Many times people have asked "why is it we can buy furniture for so much less in this store than we can elsewhere?" Here are some of the reasons: Our store has no rents to pay. Believes in quick sales and small profits. Advertises strongly through the merchandise it sells. Has no commission men in the store. Has no collectors, and we are satisfied with the accounts. Our salesroom, workroom and warehouse are all under one roof. Our Guarantee is something real and worth while. It goes with every article sold in this store. It endures as long as you use and enjoy the furniture. Selling only the best in quality, we are able and glad to cover our sales with this guarantee and to assure all that every article is right today, will be tomorrow, and years to come. Should there ever be occasion for complaint, you will find us ready and eatrer to rectifv the trouble. Costumers com-plete satisfaction is our desire and unless every transaction is exactly to your liking, we have missed our merchandising aim. BIG DISCOUNTS DURING MONTH, OF JULY an Large Warehouse Jacksonville. Fire destroyed a large warehouse occupied by the Quaker Oats company, the Booth Fisheries and St. John River Boat line. The steam COGITATIONS OF A CULVERITE Dear J. K. G.: A friend was telling me of his road experience during the storm. Sezze, "I met a in a Ford " "Of course," I interrupted, "how could it be anything else ?" Angels wept in sympahty last Sunday at the sepctacle of colored brothers at democratic headquarters handing around glasses of ice water. Last year the cherry tree in my back yard bore the promise crop of thirteen cherries. This year, intensive cultivation increased the crop 100 percent. To any unsuccessful fruit grower who may have become ship Magnolia tied to a nearby dock was destroyed. New Dance Club Will , Have An Ebony Floor said the Judge, "get the names of those other fellows, Dan, and bring them in. They're a bad lot." SCREW LOOSE SOMEWHERE. For several minutes the young man did not speak. His heart was too full. It was enough for him to know that this glorious creature loved him; that she had promised to be his wife. With a new and delightful sense of ownership he feasted his eyes upon her beauty and realized that henceforth it would be his privilege to provide for her welfare and happiness. His good fortune seemed incredible. Finally he whispered, tenderly, "How did it happen, darlinir, that such a bright shining angel as yourself fell in love with a dull, stupid fellow like me?" "Goodness knows," he murmured, absently. "1 must have a screw loose somewhere." In a big dance club which is pro jected the dance floor is to be of :bony the first of its kind. It will be amaz discouraged with unprofitable results, ingly decorative, but its qualities for dancing have yet to be tested. The perfect dance floor is a prob I will be glad to furnish, without charge, my methods of horticulture. Uncle Art. al Y 3fi And Now In Closing We just want to say that we don't believe this stuff they're passing a- le,m. Engineers and timber experts have produced some curiously complex : J AX r If II H U K K and original structures for ballrooms in Britain and the United States, ac pencils round about the ten millionth Ford. "THE HOME OF UNUSUAL FURNITURE" vOr ' ff PENCIL CCSKtPANY cording to the London Mail. TMll PMTA U A dodired twice that W. PLYMOUTH ST. BREMEN, IND We know wove man v. The neai'cst approach to the ideal is laid in a London hotel. It is made

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