Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 11, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
Page 5
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT. HERALD, "ALBANY, OREGON 'PAGE- FIVE" '--''MONDAY, MAY' 11; 1936 REMEMBER THAT HERE ARE OFFERS FOR EVERY PURSE, PERSON QR PURPOSE, M DEMOCRAT-HERALD WANT - ADS PULL BUSINESS FftC Help Wanted CUPPp SHKAKl.N'li, CALL I OI1LLI Tr(1.lx phone 2U-F-4 ( I NEW TODAY DEAD AyU WOKT1I1.I3SS HOHSKS and cows picked up free of charm anywhere. Phone collect t-t-P-H, Albany. If no answer. Phone U-K-1. Corvallls. niM-lf HOlilN or call at UI5 K. 2nd. mS-Jl GOING TO NAM PA. S2S K. Sth. C. C. Laurie. 11I9-12' OTApl EQUIPMENT -.KUllNl-O I vvr ture. 31 acres located on Krush Creek, all bottom land, crop all in. -very guxl buildings, a. very fine little place, 3 horsea. cow h. all equipment needed, all. furuiLuro needed. Total price only $.1750 move right In, JltYIXE U HOOD, Phone 300 - a30tf FOR sAI F HV OWNEU OiEAU-I UIV OHLL tjfl1 ltt0-acre farm, stocked & equipped, 4 miles from town near Santiam river. 60 acres in imps, most all tillable, abundance springs & running water, all ft-ncud & crossft-uced, 8 head cattle, good span mules, 26 head ewes & lambs, chickens, good McCor-mtck-Deerlng tractor, $1500 work machinery, fine crop wheat, oats & barley, tiood 6-room house, lighting system. 2 barns. , Price I7&00, no debt. II. M. Bowser. Rt. 1, Lebanon, Ore. - iu8-ll lAID 1,-011 USKD- FUltNl-UnOII ,,. etc. "Look .in your. : attic." Chas. Uohrbough & Son, 415 W. First St. il-tf TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted below are those prevailing at It o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are subject to chqngo. at any hour thereafter. . i . I.OC.tL URAIN M. Nendera 4k Co. WII.KAT: No. 1 white. 78c; red and mixed 76o busllel. HAItl.KV: lliuiHen, S2I.00 ton. OATS: White. No. 1. 118.01); a ray No. 1. $2.1.0(1; gray feed ,20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound) .10c Mullu.ll', par puund ...40c ii:ts K. Nebergall llrnt Co.) CA'I'I'I.K Hirers $5.504117.00 Hellers 4.50DI6.50 Hulls '1.505.00 Cows, beef 3-(KKu'5O0 Cows, cutters 1-50413-00 HOliS no to leu pounds jsr.ojfsoo Hid til 210 lioumls ........ 8,0(1 ri 11.00 210 to 250 pounds 7.50ki:8.50 250 to 350 pinimlR ........ 7. 60ti7. 75 250 pounds up 6. 750rO. 50 Sows 4.756rO.:S shi:i:p Lnnibs . . . I'wes Yearlings Live . Dressed . . .7.50Jf 8.50 . 2.0OW4.OO . 5.0006.00 .'. 7q 12c Put i. tiiv (Nivlft A Company No. 1 liens, 4 J to 0 lbs 18c No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs. , 18c No. h medium hens, over ',11 lbs 15c No. 1 'medium liens, under 3$ lbs. 15c Colored springs ....lSe No. 1 broilers, 1J to 2 lbs. 15c Uoosters 7c Stags 10c FOR nAI F nEAL .: ESTATE I Uii wall federal Land Bank Farms. All nuniiies In Western and Southern Oregon, c. A. Barnes, Field Salesman, 1163 Oak St., Eugene. Ore. ' alfi-nilb 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs . PI IQTOArt HATCHING TURKEY Bring eggs any day, any amt. Will accept vgga until Juno 10. Pacific Hatch ry, Tangent, Ore. Plume 6U1-J-L in'J-12 BEAUREGARD . "K" Still tU.ii. (.1iiv(rniufut lluirmiRli. brutl Ktiililln atulllui) will Htani) at llio Kn-U Spri'i)Er ilacn two inllt'H North or Sht'dil. Ssi vl. o feu 1 0.00 Fivil SprfiiKur. int!-l. WMITF l.HliHOKN UAHV (.'HK.-KS i i ii i u n(Ule8 ovrry day the ftrnt wcik in Mny. cinlrr from IhlB ml $10 per 100. Still plenty of Unit! to ralo a nira lot of . full lnypi'3. Kl'SSKIJ-R lLATl'HHHY. Phone .1K0, Col vii 1 1 In, Ore. aJOtf COR QAI F 175 COOI KWK8 1Jr"-u ami lambs, 0 nil. vast of HoHiiliurK. W. 1. Ulxon, Dixon. ville. Oru. 1116-I ! VAAMTFn '"i' cash old anil worlhti'Hs horRiM ami row. PnaO aliimala ph-knil up irev or charK anywli.r. t.nli! & Mimtwiinury, lJhone collt'ct 33-F-12, Oorvallln. mltr PACU POI1 OLD AND. WOHTll- lean horses and cows. Day old calves. I'h. H-K-.H;. Albany Cecil Montgomery. ml 4-1 f A I MOQT KVRItY TYPEt)PWl4lt - ' vce Is Incut lolled 111 the Want-uds, Itend the classtrkHl! 22 Wood and Coal WANTFD cusTosmns for (frill i lis ,,rty ,iry 4. ft." BaU wood at J2.50 per cord. C. C. Cam-cron, 220 W. lxt St., Phono 400. ALL KINDS ''sco5 "U5Ir ' Stewart. li:.2 W. 12th. in--.l7-S fiflDD wool PHICUD UlllHT UVJWL' v.,r.a in any lenitth. Lester Chllcoto, 1606 Snntinm ltd. Phone 731-11. j20-lf RIRHT WOOD TIJ 15 KlCiHT I1IUIII pri,.,,. Claude Wriuht. phone 2(if.-.l. CflK K. 6th St. inSO-tf Automobiles Wanted P AQLI KOIl YOl.'lt CAIt OU v-,"" eiiiilly. Warden's Car Market. 1'bauon. Phone l:l:ll. mri-.lri 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous TODAY'S BEST BUY "'"i baker Six Sedan. delivered. Ulchard tlariiKe, Corvaliis, ur Jack Calhoy. Albany,' Ph. .'.76-lt. m!i-12 WRFPlIMfJ 2 Bill SCHOOLS itiiLuniMUUnlll(,r J4 u) BrK,ka ft par M., planks fir barns, bridges, timber, 1x8 anil 1x6 sheeting, flooring, ceiling, aid. ing. can deliver. :trd & Madison Albany. ui7-n-8 21 For Rent FDR RFWT I1HI!N, NICliLV I Jl 111.11 I ,,,. 4.Pnn np, nt 115 W. Sill St. Call at 424 Lyon. m7-18 FOR RENTN,,'B ''L'"N' Ai"c I Ull I1LI1 I AlullJ, 8:;r w 7U, st FDR RFNT "ooji un- vm iii-ni f,irn- )tH Phone 547-11. . a31-tf ELLSWORTH,----': ture. Ph. 35.' 8iu EllKwurth.. afi-tf MEANWHILE, 1 MM -THERE'S A WFFk OPPOltTUNlTY. vice 20U-fainlly grocery route. I scud everything you need. Automobile given if you qualify. Details free. Albert Mills, 167 Moll-mouth, Cincinnati, O. mil CTrADY WOHK HOOD P.VY. O IlLrtU 1, ..,-n wnnteil to call on farmers in Linn county. Ne experience or capital needed. Write today. FCUST & THOMAS, 426 Third, St., Oakluml. California. 'mil PIDI OU WOMAN FOIt GHNKKAL U'-''S h,.usework. Call W. U. Mor-, gall. 1188 ,W. 10th. 1'hnnn 716-U liiS-ll 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WANTFD NATION OF SlilV-",ILUliuj.'m'hliw Call Red CrosB Office, 74-Y. m9-12 WOOL WANTED .Wh,Kh market value. M. Senders Co.. 1H7-30 PAQfARA U'VKK WAMTEIW-WS inonnna , lllo Illnrlc.l tor an unlimited tiuuntlty of dry or dreen Cascara Hark. Will highest cash prices.. Albany Har-Kaln House, 2nd ami linker, Vhonr 7D6. I al5-tf OLD UN1TKD STATES COINS bought at Dawson's Trug Slure. inatLtl 24 Personal .QTOMAPH I'UMllt. l'lA i'AINS. UIV"IMU" Indigestion victims, W-hy suffer? For tmlek relief gi't . a fteo Hitmpla of Pdgfc, a doctor's prescription at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. in5-J5 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified CASH PA,D FO,t ow HOLD, wnui dental crowns, bridges, fillings, old Jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. French & Son, Jewelers. d30tf PAINTING' WAU' ,'A'E"'NO. .... !, . , lU.torlor decorating inai s uitrerent. Phone 42 or 513-L. Wilbur Dawson & (-laire Snyder. m30-tr JEALOU5y,BUT; BIT TOO - SAY--- WHAT TW HELLO. Z NEVER WJEW YOU WERE PIQEOMS..,. MIDDLEA6ED XZZZXZ motherless home. Phone lil-F-13, M r. Shelur, Kt. 2. Albany mil COW FOR SALE-' -3 YU. OLD. Fresh. See Curl Hartley 'at Sanderson Bridge. mll-13 YDIINfi colTlM',': WANT" UOOMS UUIIUi or Hiniilt apartment In private home. Address Box 2103, c-o Democrat-Herald. mll-13 JUST BOUGHT tZ tools, dishes, etc. Thousands of Items to choose from. A few special items , priced low. electric range, roll top office desk. Star motor for power, 3 steel barrels with oil pumps, small gas pump, farmers plume, meter box, black walnut marble tup dresser and commode, Dayton computing scale and a lot more at lien T. Sndtoll's Auction Mkfc. 113 N. Br.oadalbiii St., Phone -76-H. mil FOR sAl F A,U'K -w c- c-run ottLt jjmv, lfi -,,; S()t Brickyard. mll-13 EXPERIENCED work. Room, boa I'd & wage. Apply lHfl'.ty. 9th; - : mll-13 LOST - IN ALBANY SAT. LEA-L-VsO ther fnliu case, zipper fastened, containing college papers & iwu'i-cpontU'tice. Pleace return to C. A. Wyman, 431 Ellsworth or to College office. Phone 121. mll-13 For Sale Real Estate W APRF farm FOR SAUK nuilU on Saliiuil HWy 5 milt's out: new 5 room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair; on main power line. Crops all In. A BARGAIN. See owner, Wm. 'McKlnleyv Rt. 1. Albany. Or ' . : . - a22-in2 Nurse FRIENDS J.'. MXI krJOWR.TWIDGE rrS A STRANGE THlhlG ABOUT ALL THOSE, COINS BEING UNDER THE FLOOR ....THERE. ! WASNTA NICKEL .DIME OR QUARTER AMONG THEM ! .- - TRUE CHARITY : . By HAROLD GRAY INClKckVO AMCoMFEsi?ONI I I WH VT EH 9 'H fcB W0' WE ST f GEE- MOSTf OH. . DON'T, - SI UNCLE JAlCK IMTO A CONFESSION- I I HAD TO BE GUESS MOST W I B NEVER Stf k H fOlKS DO A l THINK SO MU- 1 nil u i M""" vou re m people would m Hword 'bout Mi word about n, H thing that M there are lots I I WAS SURE A g- WHAT .J 1 , SO GOOD M FIGURE I'M Mffi I IT- THAT M ANNIE- THEV M .'BIG, THWb K OF FOLIOS WHO YOO WERtTTH' 1 jsa MADE YOU Wffm L-AND-KIND- i THE CRAV Wk WAS TH M NEED NEVER KNOW ffll BRAG 'BOUT IT Iffl GET THEIR PUN ONE WHOi PUT tlfM SO' SURE ,,. ... .. A Klrj&V ' Ji T,RT W e!KE. J"-!" K ALL OVER TOWN ttWl OUT OF GIVING, I fiWilM ymmkrf M &SKk " ' f La TRA D F COUVALLIS HOL'SB, to H UL trade for a rooI Albany ' op small acreage. This Ik n good Income property, close to the College. 10 ACHES, Improved with 6 room house, close to Albany. Price $1500. S CM. Dollarhide Co. mlltt PEDIGREED f", each. Carl H: Kean, Kt, 1, near Cottonwoods. mil EXP, RANCH H"JD M-JirZi. . 'Come & eo me. Have no trans-. porUUpn. Perry Fioide, Kt. 1. Alt' bany L mi. S. 13. CottonWooda off Sanderson, bridge road, ml 1-13 io choice;1-: f Kean, Ht. 1. . mil FOR RFNT fi-KooM - hopsk Jl ML.I1 I , (.ounty ,u.Iir A. bany. rjardfn and Rome fruit. JtSH Safley, Tangent, Phone 41-F-34. mil Pi FAR 1RO CANADA IN THIS LLLnn I OU uengough Ilsirlet With clear title and will pay cash . 'difference. IDAHO 4 ACHKS with half In alfalfa ami other half In Kraln. Owner lives here and want mnall acreage. 210 ACHK8 CUT OVER, land with road and stream for only '$7 per acres pay 2 down and balance 6. HPbKNDlD WEST ALBANY UKSI-dem-o one of our fine homes and for only $4000 terms if wanted. TUlPP A M.UKP11Y, Realtors. ' - nilllf Cipnn ACT QUICK $1800. 80 ip i ouvj n(.rpH of prBrle inml an v, under cultivation fair buildings, the best buy ever offered in Linn county. $1800 total price. Why rent? , IRVINJS U HOOD.1 Phone 300 V. ' '. aaotr 1 EXPERIENCED--- T,he Petersen's have consistently opt hatched all other incubators. Kpnco for rent. Ben A. Peters, (orvall)B. 1 ml. north Lewisburg, Westsido Hi way. mll-I3 MYRA NORTH, Special fREALI ZING MIS SUIT , vyiLL &E :' LOST, - OMCE . ' 'MYRA ' LEAteMS tUatjack IS BACK IKS HARUM, PR. PEVRIE5 Al I tMrl j TO TALK "-MVRA INTO ' FLyiMQ jMXW wiM.. TO PAKJS FRECKLES AND HIS . x wont IKJ THAT . to COURT wmH outhe bo is guilty, amd too have no evidewce: CASE, YOU CAN EWJOY HEARING HIM SENTENCED . CLIMB IN? TOLE$AR ALLEY OOP 'V v : j I L. i ' nr." iffls lll--C I Orphan C TEUi.Me.yOU'LL., GQiWlVrSA-'tKNOfVl I CAMMAKE VOU I HAPPY WEr44,VE SO MUCH IN" I 2 I . ' 47 T EVERYWHERE'; i -, gon loaf, 16c. Broker will pay-below ((uotatlonH, t lOffKH Produce exehtuiRe quola-tlnnn hptwct'ti dcnliTH; oxtra larffe,, Uc: HtnndardH, large, 17c; ex t ran. medium 17c: ntamtards, medium, 16c. Jobbing prlccR 2c higher, FHKNH FUH'I1 AppleH-rDtiUcioUH, extra, fancy, $I,mo-2 biix, do fancy. $1.56-1.50 box,; NuwtowiiH, xtra, fajmy. L70 ho; do fancy, iMii box; du rauoaiid. till, ratify, 85c box; do face and fill choice, C&e box; Spltzenhreff, extra; fancy, II,. 40 box; do . .combination $1.2lt box: Koine Reality, Jumble, Bftc Ih; WlneHapft, extra funcy, $1,66 box;, do fancy, $1.40 box.; do Jumble, extra, fancy, 3c Ut. Cantaloupe. California ntandard, $0: fancy, &; Jumbo 30, . 7.ft-7.60. urato. HananttH Bunch, B-Jc lb; hnnU". Oic lb. V . Strawberrlen . Klorln, 10-t.4 ,pr. 12ibnx i-uta., , .... . , .'. f-emtfl IV AitJou, $1.16 box. )ran:fl8 California nave la, fancy, $3.15-3.30: choice, $2.75-2.95; standard, $2.65 cane. (.irapiirruH Arleona, $1.802.40. rune; Florida. cnnn. ' - EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE . : ' NOTICE- is horoby given that thq undersigned has been by the County Court of Linn County. Oregon ,duly appointed executrix of the estate of Emma M. Watts, late of said County, deceased All persons having claims against the estate of said deceased, are hereby required to present the same, with the proper vouchers, to. the undersigned executrix at the office of her attorney EDWARD E. SOX in the First National Bank Building, in the city of Albany, Oregon, within six months from, the date of this notice. Dated and fkst published this 4th day of May, 1936. ERMA M. TENNISON, " ' " Executrix. . EDWARD E.. SOX, . Albany, Oregon,, , . Attorney for Executrix. May 4 11- 1 26- Jne 1 ALBANY i BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and protean sional people listed on this pago aro known as Albany's most ro-, liable business men nnd womod. Call on them today. Pleaso mention that you saw tbui ad, in the Democrat-Herald, , . , ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAJIAN '. Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AVTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st. & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 1 409 West Firtt St. Phor78- FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG, STORK- FOR, Overnight Film Servica ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS JL.' FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOWS. Day or Night Phone: M7-K . INSURANCE , . OWEN BEAM-ACfENCT Opposite P. O. Established 1911 . WM . RAIM INSimANCE. Money to Loan. Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AN.D CO.'-- ALWAYS IN the market tor eggs, poultry, vol, and cream; . WASHING MACH1N - OTTO KOOS, AMES ' HDHTE.-Maytag, Easy. Tltor. Wa.hera. WELL DRILLERS C. E, GQRDINIEJS. 4t SON. ; WeU Drillers "Wc solicit your Innuirios" ugenc, Oregon HERE, THERE AND m if. ifcv.i ICUUM All lrlcrM Are Uellvrrnl. Albnuy C'nNrn, Itrturjiril . . KxtriiN , IDl' HtnmlnrOH , . , . 17e ttxtra nirdluiu 1 6c Htnntlnrd inriltuin I3e Brow 11 h oxlriLH IDc llrty (xtniJi IGu IhuU'.rtf ration. 13o I'ullrlH 12c Pon woon 10c VIC A I. ' I.lvn flttc l.lrOHHCll . : 12c lli;!l"VMIIKAT A frfndo .26c U K.riu.n - .'26c C g: ratio t . .22c HI1KKI I.iunt.H .8.2r9.00 MHITLAM MAIIKKT I'nrtluiHl, urn., May 1 1. .FIthI and Ihlrrt uruiie lutLr uubua wr iul- viutot'd Jo It) durliiK tUu lutu HCHaiun of th) prodquu fixhuinr with sm-ond and fourth ifrndoft iiiit'hitiitrod. Thero wn no I'lmnKo In huttfirfftt buyiiiK prlt-oH. . , Krkh woro uiu'hnnfcufU sVvua uro Hriiroe and hlfflior. Ciiullflowur Ih KL-nru, firm and hlght'r. , Iuuioim uro Hhiirjtiy lilKimr. Arizunu Kraui'fruit Ik hlgliwr In spnt. ... New nolfitoott ar Mtrmifr to iiiffiir with old ntock fully Htndy. Old onkmH uro mnvhiK wall at latr price or In fact a Traction bottur In I,ncnt lettucu m . huIIIhk urouim 11.60 Cur a. AnnarautiH prlr wim forrod lowor with a llhoral Krtln In Hiipply und liurk of KhlpptiiK ordrrs. J'oinatut'H contlntio ri.rnuy prlcuct. rOH'IM.AKU IKH,KHAU; 111 ICKS riieMe are the prlce rotailerti pay whulciialcrH, except where othcrwlHe Ht a ted: 1 Hutter PrlntH, A grade, 2(ti: lb In parchment wrnppnr, 30c, lb In car-tiinn: H grade, parchment- wrapper lh, i nrtmiM 2'.k' lb Uultcrratw-tl'ortluiid delivery) A grade, dfllvered al leant t.wlci a weprt, 2H-21c lb; rinintry routt'ti, 2fl- 2 Hii Ih; H gradf, 2H2:u lb; ? grade at market. It grade cream for market-buying price hutterrat banlH, f3J,i lb. ('iMM'ee Soiling price to Portland retailem: Tillamook trlplclH, 20c lb; loaf, 21c lb. Tillamook Helling price to wholi-HaleH: trlplclH. IJto I Ik luaf, IMn lb. , KggH illiiy log price of wholoHal-vm; Kxt ro, lttf! do; HtaudrdN, 17c doz; tix-dJiiniri, 10e dfig,, do . niuillum flrHlH, I fie dux; undergrade, Km doit; polletN, I &n doz. Milk A graIo Portland dell very, 'thic lb. butterfat hawlH for 4 pfrneiiU Live poultry Portland delivery, buying prlue: Colored hena, over 4 IbH, IK-1 He lb; under 1$ iba, IH-1'j.: lb; Leghorn heiiH, over 21 Uh, 16-IIq; under 3 A Mh, 1 fi-lCo ; .U:Khorii broilera,"! to 11 IIih, Ili-I7i; Ih; ill. 1 Ibfj. up, Hi-17o lb; enlored HprlngH, i llm, and up 202 If lb: root tern, 8-9u lb: Pekio dut'kti, young, 13-17U lb; gceftc, 1 1- 12c lb. Live poultry Helling price by wholesaler: light hene, 16-17c; mo-ilium heiiH, 17-Uo lh; colored hens, IH-iyu lb; brollerM, C,v lb; RrlugH, l-22: lb; PclOn uckn, young, 21-Bl'c lb; do. colored, 12-I7c lb; capon h, over 7 Iba, 24-2.(! lb: gulneu, Imna, 50c each. Kabbltft-Pancy dreiied. 20-2lc lb. Turkey a (druHitod )--ijelllng price to retailer: No. 1 hen. 1S-20O lb; tonlH, 1S-20C per lb. . , I'OKTIAMJ I.IVKHTOCK I'ortlatid, Ore., May U. Hogs: 230Q. lower, (iond-cholce load lota moaUy $10. DrlVflnn $!.S6-$10. Hoine blda down to $9,75, ll.ea.viee anti light -light $9.50, Paoklng-rowh $7.76. t.'holre feeder plgn to $10.25. . Cattle: 2100, valves too, She stock opened 25c higher than week; ago, plainer quality considered. Steers Hteadjr-atrong. Vaers 60c-$l lower. Karly top fd steers $8.10. Karly bulk S7-7.7&. Kew grousers unsold. Bulk fed heifers, $6.75-7. 26. Copunon down to $5.50. Ixiw cutter and cutter cows $3-4.50, Common-medium $4.74-5.75. Pew fairly good beef cows $0. Horn held higher. Uulls mostly fu.25-5.76. IteeT btllle to $,60. Good-cholre vealera, $8.50-1. Common down t H- Whee: 1509.' Spring lambs steady. rtf kMMSi weak-25r lower. Good tri9 Kimn $10. Medium down to mi. e;o)d-f holee shorn lambs to $8. flood siern ewea $3.60-4, PUOIHCK K.CHAN(0 The following prices were named to be effecUve today: Tiuttei Oube extras, t7e; standards, 27c: prime firsts. 2fiAc: firsts, T. it. Cheese Oregon, triplets, 15c;. Ore- . JACK SURPRISES' DeVRIES By Thompson and Coll THAT SLICK. 4 DOC COMIM& OUT OF MVRA'5 TENTi-I SUPPQ5E IT'S . JUST'; 60OD OLD - - T I IT WOUUP BEONE WAY TO '6ETffiJ I I II AWAY FROM ALL THESE SAD WM T l.fl .. MEMORIES - IF OMLV- I OOULP W PLEASE, &E CERTAIM JACK REALLV IS. I J POCTOR-' . GONE 'iMTmtm llllliniwll POCTORjli; ' miMi III ' JACK LANE WHY FOMP J( ER... OF COUR'bri--OF Hill; I USE THEM FOR UUsT A FEW . MUMORED , 'feE"p im ' BACK OF-'-'. RA&HIONED. MyRAISTeMTl THAT BIRD'S A SMOOTH ONLY HALF- DOLLARS TIME WILL TELL ...... IF "YbO WANTED-TO. MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT; Oi- '-SHOULD HAV MIXED THOSE COINS UP A BIT ! BUT "YOU CAWT TELL r THAT rr r,-. , a . .. . ii THATS ( MR. KELLY, ISWT "yOU CAN'T T ' WHAT A THERE A LAW ACCUSE ME ) OH, UOT. COOK IS TO PUNISH of SUCH J vwel. JUST TOYING PEOPLE WHO AN ACT J WAlTAWD TO MAKE ,.) INTERFERE - jL c-Jl , THE COURT; X WITH THE ) ,' 1 ' X. BELIEVEl! WHEELS OF ;(' HCT ZjfTJ -- T.MfiiM off TfQ m r BY BLOSSER J BY HAMLIN ROLL OFF XXIR COUNTER INTO A CRACK IN THE FLOOR ' .' ' ' ' ' ' ' '-' TWO DOWN ALLEY OOP, HORPIFIED AT FINDING HIS PET DlrJOSAUC,OtiMy, HUNG BY THE NECK i GCABBED A LADDER AND RUSHED INJ TO CUT HIM DOWN -JUST AT THAT MOMEkJT A TOWER.IN& CEA&, WEAKEWED BY THE WEIGHT OF "tWE.' -GREAT B6AST GAVE WAy i 1X tf Wf MKflCt. mc T M IC u 1 ff. Off. J J

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