Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 11, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY. REGON MONDAY, MAY 11, 1936 THE CHAIN IDEA1 part Hi nnrpaiwrs of the phone calls intruded on her time at home and at the office. His Uwrtwi Statei arc being true o this trust. Whatever their editorial pol flowers were a charming daily re minder that she resented deeply. Kataaad af Albany. wrcaoo. pottottfea aa neoal-alaa aulL lfonbar United Fran . ; NEA Nm Sarvlea, XatablUM UU. BEHIND THE SCENES - IN -WASHINGTON BY RODNEY PUTCHER His insistent invitations, which she refused, putting him off graceful ".tV.-j;.. ly, were unsettling to her peace of - Editor, nad Publbktra , X. Jackaoa mod K. R. Croc mm. icies may be, the vast majority will keep their news columns uncolored and free from influence of opinion. There are some so-called newspapers, it is true, that, for the sake of gain from some profit-yielding mind. She had put herself in his debt to help Dix, and she knew UBSCWPTION RATES MEMVEBBD Y GABBIER - she could not drop him abruptly BY RODNEY. DUTCHER ., Initios. Here he was- on the lib- KM Wrrvlr Hmft rnrrfapondrnt Cral side. .. . i . rracU,M.nM . m ...i-i.J Inquiry develops, that Acheson And yet she knew that she must Om raar. In advance IB.S0 atanlha, la advaaaa 1.7 do it one day soon .Vno,uu,ut,- xi. ......v..- stm tmnks 0l nimseir as a iiDerai, And there was Dix. It didn' Om 1 th, hi advanca .......... ' BX MAIL even though he is outside the New Deal stable and battling some, of occur to her that when she was Uaa, aVaitoa. Marlon. Law and Lincoln couDtlaf. able constitutional right" of widows to work for $4, $5. or $6 a week to bring up their children is now before the U. S. Supreme Court. Judge Nathan I Miller, chief On yaw. la dranaa 1.0 its pet measures for big fees. Acheson was a Harvard Law School pupil of Dr. Felix Frankfurter and became a secretary to too tired to see him, he could find other things to do. Dix was necessary to her, and she must be to him. She found time to give him that she needed for her own rest. She found an accompanist movement, will suppress news or destroy it for the sake of keeping their readers ignorant of truth, but by and large the press of America is honest with its readers. Since the life of a democracy de-'1 pends upon the extent to which its constituents are informed, it is obvious that a fair, competitive, but free press is essential. By permitting their newspapers to become gagged the people of any nation sacrifice their own liberty. Justice Louis D. Brandcis. pioneer counsel for the United States Steel t crUsader for minimum wage legis- and a dramatic teacher for htm. corporation, put ine issue piop: lation. up to the court in his argument i "1 He was scrupulous about not permitting her to pay for either, but an anatfea. in adr.De. t.u Tbtao awntbf, In advanet ... ........ 1.26 6a aMOth, In advaaea Ut Mall Slaawhara-ta U. . A. Oaa ran la afraaaa M M is.staatfca. in adaaot t.lf On amta. In adranoa Ml Fr tmvf, oa traiaa and nvwattanda . . .06 , la FratriarT caaasca of addnaa aubaerft. an aaoald alara aiaa old aa wall aa now PaalkbMl Daily Eion Sundaya Taa Dtawerat-BaraM PobUialnt Co.. ha .m laaannrlinl Aftomoon. Nawapapor he used her apartment for his les sons and her company ior his audience. There was also Pete. Pete Gar diner did not ask for her time He didn't call her frequently on . M. a Mxanam Co.. National Adnr- the telephone and he never sent her flowers. But, none the less, he did occupy much of her thinking 1 KOAC Radio j Program ! aWpaaaaaaatwaa, against New York states minimum wage law for women and minors. This so-called right goes under the name of freedom of contract. Judge Miller argued persuasively that a great abridgement of human liberty would be perpetrated if the court were to uphold the New York law. Miller did not appear for the U. S. Steel Corporation, and you even had to look behind Mr. Joe Tipal-do the Brooklyn laundryman charged with paying, female employes less than $12.41 a week to learn how Miller got into the case.- - - The real fight and the cash time. Linda was annoyed with GREED CRIPPLES LEAGUE TJARDLY had your correspond-ent written that there were certain dangers in attaching a "brain trust" to a political organization before certain parties who meant no good by Chairman Fletcher and the Republican National Committee unearthed 1 a pamphlet from the pen' of"" Dr. Thomas Nixon Carver, head of the Republican brain trust's political economy division,' written 'privately for a group of business men. , Carver has a good word ior Hitler and - Mussolini ' and proposes to solve the unemployment problem by drastic curtailment of relief, sterilization of the "palpa-' bly unfit," use of birth control lo Pete. She couldn't have told her Monday. May 11 self why. Running into him at of 5:00. On the Campuses; 5:30, ficial functions, seeing him with music: 6:00. Science Stories; 6:15, I Events subsequent to birth of the League of Nations hove given opponents of U. -S. participation no a girl on his arm, finding him the center of interest at a table not Dinner Concert; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:45, ' market and far from her own, she was unrea crop rcoorts and weather forecast little justification for their stand 7:00. F. L. Ballard: 7:15, R. E. sonably resentful of him. He never did anything to cause her to feel that way. His manner was Notable is the conquest of Ethiopia Stephenson "Quick Tests for by. Italy, and the part the League always courteous and politely Phosphates;" 7:30, 4-H club meet ing; 8:00, With Oregon State En- played in it, or rather fulled pluy was being put up by hotel men, who didn't want minimum wages strange. discourage "mere biological urge," in It. She might have puzzled over it ginecrs Society of Automotive Engineers; 8:15, The Book of the established for chambermaids and-ljmitatjon o( marrjage to those ' -"-'- ' " HeB-eCKy long and arrived at a right and waitresses. quick conclusion, left to herself, Week Alexundcr Hull; u:3U, xne Dudes of the West; 0:00-9:15, j These events also render rather tunny the old complaint of League signatories 'that America's aloof but one bright day he telephoned United Press news. her and asked her if she'd "like to picnic, Linda would like very much to Tuesday, May 12 0:00 a.m., Homcmakers' Hour: picnic. It was a form of enter ness has crippled the league. , Admittedly the league is in a bad way. Admittedly, also, the United States has never climbed on the league bandwagon. Is the tainment so simple, . it hadn't 10:00 music; 10:15, Guarding Your Health; 10:30 music; 10:45 KOAC School of the Air, 10:45 German; reached any peak of popularity in who can afford to own and operate automobiles, and organization of propertied classes to promote such a program. ' Senator Joe Guffey Of Pennsylvania hopped to it when he heard about the pamphlet, described it as the probable Republican alternative to New Deal policies, and read art article about it into the Record. ' It looks as if the Democrats were going to use it as a campaign document. (Copyright, 1S36, NEA Service. Inc.;) fN the other side, upholding the law and charging no fee, was Dean Acheson, undersecretary of the Treasury until he was bounced by Roosevolt because he vigorously opposed phases of the president's gold policy. This seemed surprising, for ever since he was bounced, Acheson has been with a large corporation law firm here, fighting such New Deal projecis .as PWA power plants and Resettlement commu- her immediate set in Hollywood. 11:00 Out of the Zoo; 11:15, The second of these two facts respon It was simple, natural and Magic Casement, "The Pomegran something she had missed and not sible for the first? ate Seeds"; 11:30 The Story of known it. In Pete s car, they rode , It -was our own Secretary of Music. 11:45, music. 12:00. Noon Farm Hour: 12:05 out to the seashore. Not the smart seashore, but a deserted stretch of sand where they lay in the news; 12:15, Arthur King; 12:40 Market and crop reports and sun, dribbling sand between aim weuthcr forecast. bright girl, a woman of the world, "My Skin Was Full of 1:00 p.m. Music: 1:15, World less lingers, ana laming aoout Newtown and never of picture making. Linda felt nostalgia ior But on, on the verge of making was careful not to speak of Dix, and careful not to let their conversation approach the personal. Book Man: 1:20, Music; 1:30 Pro Pimples and Blemishes' FOLLY and FAREWELL the mistake of your life, you close grams on Parade; 1:45 Music; 2:00 your eyes to the things you must And she was pathetically relieved the home she had left two years before. Unexplicably, she longed Lesson in Spanish; 2:15 Music; i:iu Rural Life Review; 2:45 Know know to be true! . when 10 o'clock came, and her State Stimson who 'colled on the league for action some four or five years ago, when Japan was march-big into Manchukuo in defiance of a whole armful of treaties, j There was an ideal tor league action; here, too, the United States wm not only willing, but anxious, to co-operate. So what happened? a ! The French and the English, those high-aouled believers in the sanctity of treaties and the beauties of collective action against ag By Marie Blizard o for all things as they had been The mistake of my life?" Lin Your State. Says Verna Schltpp: "Since usinir Ad-lerika the pimplm are none. My skin is smooth and kIows with hualth." Adlerika washes BOTH bowels, rids you of poisona that cause a bad complexion. Foshay Ac Mason, DniKKtsts.--adv. . i. then, and caught herself up re other guests arrived. Dix was with them. He had brought the pianist she had insisted upon to 3:00 In the World of Women da raised her eyebrows very slightly. "You mean not accepting your proposal?" membering that now she had Dix, which made up for everything. "Combining Housework and En gineering Mrs. Lillian bilbreth There were silences between Linda By Althea Bruhl: 3:30 Music No," Pete answered shortly be -:.-1 iikiii: toimv I.INIA Itoru.N'U. an r(.ar nld. prflly, Ih lift iihiiiiHl nimllfBH by Urn xurtilen fliith i,r her fntlifiv PKTHU (IAIlllNi:i, . new8im)..r riipiirlnr. hclp her iti-t n Jiih writing miiil.'ly iirwa. I.lmln In In love with MX CAKTl-Jlt. hut hn ir,i.. 3:45 The Monitor Views the News tween tight lips. "I mean that you can't see what a fool this weak 4:00 Musical Stories; 4:30 Stories DR. CHAN LAM ' Chinese and Pete, and in them Linda's thoughts touched on the changes between them. She was glad Pete had stopped caring for her. She wanted to tell him, but the impulse was born too late. Carter boy is making of you, us for boys and girls. 6:00 On the Campuses: 5:30 mu- gressor states, simply couldn't be ing you to further his own ends, Hhriilul to muily HliiKiiiK. Wlii-ii bothered, They looked the other, sic; 6:45 Vespers, led by Rev. J. I'i'tt'r liNkH l.lncla In miirrv him trading on your..-. ... ' S. Burns; 6:00 Dinner Concert Thats quite enough, Pete. I Him URrwa, hut xMl iioutn the. wimMIiik-. Flicking his cigaret into the don't care to hear any more. Dix is a gentleman. He's not using me and he's not a weak boy. Unless 1ION10Y llAHSION, film star, 'iimna to Ni'WIiiwii, making it "liHi-Monual uiiiHtuniuoe" lour. Shi. Medicine Co. reined tea for - disorders- of liver, stomach, elands; sklo. & -urinary system of men. & women. Remedies for constipation, asthma, arthritis, sugar diabetes & rheu- air and watenmg tne arcn it described, Pete said, "Linda, I suppose you know I'm still in love with you?" It wasn't really a Ituyn a Nt'Oluirlo wrlltrii hy I.lmln. you apologize for those remarks, our friendship is at an end." l.llt.T l.lmlu limn l.i H.iIIvuoimI success had gone to his head. In the days that followed Gretchen's party Linda had heard much more about Gardiner. Gilda hadn't exaggerated when she said the girls were crazy about him. At least 10 of them asked her if she had seen him. That was enough to make any girl curious. She was so annoyed that she found herself thinking of it, even when she was with Dix. She was lunching with Dix when she first saw him, and it was she who was embarrassed. Pete came directly to her table and held out his hand. "Hello, Linda," he said, as though they hud met the duy before. , , "Hello, Pete," she said. "You remember Dix Carter, don't you?" "1 don't think we've met." They hadn't, but of couree he knew Dix's name, had heard Linda speak of him. "Will you sit down?" she asked, hoping he wouldn't. ' He didn't; he was with " some unil. hy fxpri-HHltifl; hli'ii that niv accompany him him. Pete did not appear early and .she was glad and relieved. She didn't want to force Dix on Thome's attention, so she waited until nearly midnight before she asked him to sing. Pete Gardiner, distinguished in his dinner jacket and as far apart from the others as he had thought her in those first days in Newtown, came in a few minutes later. Linda was truly glad to see him. She hadn't time then or freedom of thought to realize that he irked her and that the reason was that that something was different. That Pete treated her as though she were a stranger. Not as though he were in love with her, she would have said if she'd been honest with herself. But why should that matter when Dix's hour was here? She sat in the shadows, watching him, listening to him while he sang, watching Thome's face for the onee, inexpressive. Dix Pete did not apologize. The uarrel lasted all the way to rfiilly I'.-tiTH, ni..iilnH a ri'iMiia-llun for hcliiK nhli. to. illxcovor Linda couldn't help sighing. "I'm new Htar. Hnou Him Ih a eclchrltv. Y. T. Lnm. NVD. Naturopathic - l'iiysiclana r,Uitfilalra Room ! Linda's apartment, and when Pete Gardiner bowed her out of his car, he was bowing her out of his life. , - (To Be Continued) At n jinrty kIvhii hy llcniov llurnion, J.lndn inei'tH HASH, I IK HINi;. director. Attracted hv sorry. Pete. I didn't know . It simply won't work. You must always have .known . 1 . cared for someone else. Ho... .1. ;. .when t was engaged to you, it was only 6:30, Farm Hour 6:30 The Ag club; 6:45 Market and Crop reports and weather forecast: 7:00, G. R. Hyslop 'Canada Thistle Control"; 71:5, R. W. Mores "The Story that Dairy Herd Improvement Associations Tell". 7:30 The Citizen und His School "The Contribution of 4-11 clubs to Education", H. C. Seymour, State Club leader. 8:00 The Oregon State System of Higher Education Wayne L. Morse, Dean and Director of Law. 8:15, The World in Review, Dr. Victor P. Morris; 8:30 Oregon State College Cudet Bund. Capt. H. L. Heard, conducting; 8:45, Heading for enjoyment: "Great Books of the 1930's" Dr. Herbert E. Childs instructor in English, OSC. 8:00-8:15, United Press News. III in ur rirnt, hc Inter nvolils Iilin. IHx farter cmucH to Hollywood net Into fllniR iih nn actor. dfc j care for you . f. . . but not that !rL,:GRVuATE?. ? Wash. Camas, The Crown Ijllldlt Irieri to .help him. To plenne llx. Hhe overlookH her diHllkiuir "in -i "iventjiinn Theater B 1 d k -Cor. First and Broadalbfn fits., Albany. Office Hours: 2 p. m. to. 5 p. m. Tuesday and. Saturday oniy. Consultation, Blood Pressure and Urine Tests Free of N.D. charge. for IIuhII 'I'horne. InvilcH him to her home. I'eler (Inrdlner writes a nlnv Willamette Paper Mill recently "graduated" 108 emplyes from "graduated" 108 employes from which include 16 weeks of intensive study, in various, phases of paper manufacturing. I hut Ih i llroudwiiy HllcceHH.- Later way. Dix nadn t found nimseit out he has now, and he loves me. I love him. Then, too, Pete, I think you're having a sentimental hangover. I don't believe you feel the same way about me after all this time." "I'm a better judge of my own feelings, Linda. 1 do care for you he coincH lo llnllyu'nod. Goldie Chan, others hp had to get back to. Lin NOW (ill n WITH THK KTOIIY da looked over her shoulder and ' was singing magnificently. How saw Honey waiting for him. She i could he help but be impressed? Very nice party, Linda couldn't resist saying, "Come in CHAPTER XVII There was Dix, Thorne, and Thorne said, bending over her now Pete! hand and saying nothing at all vou the me ' . i came out tamp News ibont Dix. After that And Honey had "annexed" She bade u oviwtini in finH vnil pmiun him? Well, why not? Linda shruu- each of her guests goodnight, and in Vin.iititr tnn vnliioc vnti mnct j i "Hi .v.f....t, ......... Hy I. S. Kit-in finally there was only Dix i j developed. You think you're a way to. pointedly that pur Mr. Btimson was left 'way out on a limb, to his vast embarrassment. . The Japanese wont ahead with their program as unhampered by collective action as if the league bad never been invented. 1 A few years passed and Mussolini, sent his troops Into Ethiopia. This time .England suddenly awoke to the need for collective action fclhiopla being in the back yard of a private English preserve .and demanded action. . ! The French couldn't see II. They might need Mussolini, later on; so they approached the council bible with all the reluctance of u country bridegroom at a shotgun wedding, and the upshot was that Mussolini had his way. ' More recently, German troops marched into the Rhincland. This time it was France which suddenly discovored the sanctity of 'treaties and the need for International action, and the British who displayed a coy shyness In the matter. ' While the argument went on, the Germans kept on marching. As before, the result was a complete hick of action. ' It is against this background that European statesmen and publicists are beginning once more to accuse the United States of wrecking the league by refusing to play its proper part. It would be tragic if any American were fooled by this kind of talk. J The league has failed in its great opportunities because the English nd French have sought to use it, not as an instrument for keeping (lie peace, but as a means of advancing their own national policies. If the league is not what It might have been, they can blame their own selfishness. ged her shoulders in their beautiful white tailored coat. Did she expect to tie every man to her apron string? She certainly wasn't that kind of a girl, she hoped. tomorrow night, won't you? I'm having some people I'd like you to meet." She gave him the address and then could have bitten her tongue out. The next night was the Sunday she had arranged so that Dix might meet Thorne! She wanted all her wits about her, and now she" had blundered into asking Pete Gardiner. She was distrait at dinner. The food, fortunately, was superb. Raymond Ci Burkhart Democratic Candidate For xvCs-? County Judge Subject to May Primary 'Economical Business Administration of County Affairs With a Square Deal to All" (Paid advertisement) Pete left. , If Linda hadn't had a job that occupied most of her waking time, she might have filled it to its brimming edge thinking of the social problems presented by the three men in her life. Sr.;? r. . i.Lii.ii. tne unpinned the violet corsage wiuoniscraicniAppiy mis on her coat and left it in the dressing room. Violets always reminded her of Pete Gardiner and the first time he had brought them to her. soothinq ointment freely and) quick relief-as I do! i Resinol Each of them took a part of her Thorne liked gootl foods and good time. There were the constant re- wme. Linda gave linn both. She I minders of Rastl Thorne. His tele- Linda didn't mean to avoid see ing Pete. There was no reason why she should. On the other hand, she didn't intend lo look him up because thera was plenty of reason why he should come to sec her. They were still friends. Jt had been more than a year since they had written to each other. And then, when his play had been a success, she had sent him a telegram. She checked that with her secretary. Pete had been in Hollywood a week, Gilda He Lyse had said. Surely in a week he could have gotten in touch with her! Perhaps II Y arrangement -with the Amer-iean Express Company, covers may now be prepared for mailing on the new British liner, CJuecn Mary, scheduled to leave nn her maiden voyage, May 27. There still is time to send selt-addrcsscd covers to American Express Company, 6 Haymarket, London, England, with international money order for 5 cents n cover, There is no extra charge for the service, but covers must be in London by May 23. a d v Russia has made another departure in stamp design by preparing u set ot stamps illustrating little pranks, or boyish activities, that may be dangerous or destructive. It shows u boy flying a kilo near high voltage lines, children rifling a mailbox, and boys throwing stones at electrical insulators. The idea is to warn children against such practices, although it may work the other Way. The new stamp to be issued in connection with the opening of the Oregon territory will be in memory of the Rev. Henry und Eliza Spalding, and Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, who established missions in Idaho and Washington. The two women were the tit st of their sex, among the whites, to cross the Rocky ADVICE TO WOMEN 1 With 1 WOMEN who fc sutler from monthly pains, catarrhal drains, or headaches, side aches, and women of middle age who suffer (rom flashes, should try the tonic effect of Dr. I'ierce's Fa- vnrilt Prewn.itlon Mrv W. 11. Srfl of llumhoMt iL, llrllingham. Wish., wxl . "Som lime fo 1 frit ifiiibly Itiiuble mt had no tfrfnsth. I would become lirrd v ilv, it w an rttiKt (or me lo do anthitiK. Dr. Tierce' ioite !vrertipUon iaipioxttl my Rppelile ami built me up fc that I fell nnt In fact, 1 frit brttrr in every way, and houaewoiR hecune a ilr aurr in-Mrad of a butden." Buy now at drug utore. Nrw ie. tiblcti 50 tTinv liqwid Si rt' & SI Electric Refrigeration OMEN aay tj,at eff jcient refrigeration provider . thrift of a practical ..nature and - these thrifty housewives describe distinct economies that are effected in their homes by electric refrigeration. Foods are kept in good condition longer . . leftovers can be salvaged . . . quantity buying can be practiced . . . money can be saved at food sales of weekly "food specials." You as a thrifty, progressive housewife can own an electric refrigerator today. You will be agreeably surprised at bow little it costs to operate an electric refrigerator in your home. There is no installation cost and the easy monthly payment plan makes it possible to pay for your refrigerator with the economy electric Refrigeration will bring into your home. QUANTITY BUYING km FART THE PRESS PLAYS ' I regard the American newspaper as on the whole the most effective adult educational influence in the United States. J( our democracy is to survive, the whole voting public must be educated so as to use the rational, scientific mode of approach to all our problems, instead of the emotional, superstitious and "hunch" mode of approach. I Thus spoke Dr. Robert A. Milli-kan, Nobel prize winner, at a resent dinner in New York. I By this he meant that a democracy whose voters are guided by their interpretation! of the events Of today in the light of those of the gatt, and their respective influences upon current trends, are likely to have better government than will a nation that Is guided by scV-'StPWng. dcmaog.up who voluatc -1 ta-rVHRno Smo ttro voters mii6i aj atay i at kwt auiU ttWyg&g&v-tn. o .It Is the fiRa (f avntewers to Wrnl their rea-rs with Snpar-U$ aqfiunts of major happenings day dav Uk? occur. Fur the ... NO FOOD LOSS SPECIAL Our exerionce in permanent waving has qualified us to offer you fully guaranteed waves, complete with shampoo, finger wave and haircut. aW ?' "' 75c SAVE These waves i a r e soft, becoming, and we believe, with more curls than any ettwr avtwny in t h ij. rnmnlMI 1 iT 4hT mmvm ! Jf kn a", nn xalil. l. Inrlnrt... Ilin V aiOnVOpwi, iViantm Irrttanrnt Wave o r RSctt&tain States Power Company O 107 I.y 1 14 for Your AppolntniriiU O o Q 6- O O 0 o

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