Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 11, 1936 · Page 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
Page 3
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THE' ALBANY DEMOGRAT-H ERALD 'ALBANY," OREGON1 PAGE THREES MONDAY, MAY 11, 1936 cmisolation prize. Mis. William called on W. H. McLain Saturday. U. S Woman Slain at Addis Ababa Henry Obermeyer. last Thursday afternoon. High bridge scores went to Mrs. Jess Gale and low to LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS Niylor, Mrs. Amos Notziger and Mrs. E. T. Stiles assisted. Mrs. Delia Wilson entertained the members of the Wednesday ; are with their grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. R. M. Miller near here. Mr. and Mrs.' Norrfs Smith of Noti, Lane county, came down to see Mrs. Smith's father, L. C. Hughes, who is ill and confined to his home. .--.. after she leaves the Corvallis hospital. ...... Mrs. Russell Githens was an invited guests at an afternoon party at the home of Mrs. George Githens at Riverside one day last week. V. W. Smith, a well known farmer of the Willamette district in South Benton county, was a business caller in Peoria last Tuesday. Shirley and Donald Graves ar Embroidery club at the home oflGeusts were Mrs. Hugh Riehard-her aunt. Mrs. A. B: Custav, Wed- ' son and Mrs. Clara Viking, nesday afternoon. Mrs. Elizabeth! Mrs. D. O. Woodworth and Mrs. Truax and Mrs Robert Fay assist-;l. od. The next meeting of this clubi will be at the home of Mrs, H. '- Warren in' Albany in two weeks, i Visitors present were Mrs. Holmes . and Miss Charlotte Hulshof. " KnOX Butte Knox Butte. - The Sunshine j rived recently from Alaska where they have spent the winter with their fnthor. I.vmnn Grave". They I " JUDGE L. H. Of .Tuilpe McMahan this graft wherever he found it. the grafters and the public circle met Thursday with Mrs.'"" ' """,'" :,;rV" .. .,1: T rings without any help and he has never asked for quarter. No other official has ever been so fearless and tlP . if 'r"; y tit v : : 'WtWl George Elkins with 25 present., The guests were Miss Rlullor and Miss Frances Plagman. The next Miss Frances Plagman. The next . -,, , .., od ., ,u as hostess. Thursday, May 14 the Sunshine i .U.SU...V v " " ''TP' ' T1."1'! cue t ii t .. -ii ....... grange hall for all day to sew for the Sheler children whose I i I , I none his accomplished so much for the people. The only way to get good government is to support those few official", who prove to be sincere in the work of reform. The complaint is vociferously made that Judge Mc Mahan is always in a row with other officials and wants A Vin inlni-iUtnrt in 'this work Mr- nd MlS' J' E' J'lks a,,d ,y v . r. wo,kiMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hulbert jiCTJf Monmoiilh called last Sunday near Upper to run everything. The jduge's rows have been confined to those who graft taxpayers money. He showed by grand jury investigations the by the highway commission. was reduced $295,000 a year. He exposed the junketing trips of ?tate officials to the and county officials were eling expenses. He openly 'shameless graft. He caused a reduction to eight cents A stray bullet hied bv the drunken, blood-mad mob that pillaged Addis Ababa killed Mrs. A. R. Sladin. of Loma, Calif., wife of a medical missionary, as she slept in the American Legation. She is pictured with her" husband, whom she accompanied on his work of mercy at Dessyo, northern headquarters of the defeated Ethiopian army. a mile; then to six cents a a mile in the state and four No longer do county commissioners put in 175 days a year "inspecting roads" at lars a day. No county commissioner now drives to Port Orval Bates of Shelburn won two of the jumping prizes at Scio at the May Day exercises. Relatives of the Herman Holm family from Salem and Silveiton visited them Sunday. Mi's. Lee George of Albany and her daughter, Mrs. Cary Gooch. and family of Creswell, called on Shelburn friends Sunday. Sunday callers at the H. O. Shilling home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. James Hay and Mr. and Mrs. John Richard of Silveiton. Mrs. Anna Hirons of Eugene visited Shelburn friends this wees John Wolfe, who had a severe attack of pneumonia during the winter, is not improving very fast. His sister, Mrs. Cora bulli, is still with him. Mrs. Margaret ICelley of the Holt neighborhood has been hired to teach the Shelburn school the com ing school year. She has taught the Queener school the last year. Harrv Sturm is to teacn in i,eoa- non next year. Mrs. Norma wells is to teacn ,u Lacomb next year. She did net teach last year. Mrs. Bess Ransom and mvs Jesse Nichols attended the last Federated Womens club meeting at Aumsvilla. The O. D. O. club met at tne home of Mrs. Josephine Morgan last Wednesday. Mrs. Mary Cannon and son, Jo seph Bennett, went with Mr. and Mrs. Will Watson to Aumsvuie last Sunday to attend a district meeting of the Oregon Friends church. Several residing in the eastern part of this community are assisting in trying to reorganize a Sunday school at the Mt. Pleasant church. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Leffler attended the Eastern Star convention held in Albany last week. Suver Suver Miss Elinor Couey was taken to the Albany general hos pital last Tuesday where she has been treated for pneumonia. At present she is slowly improving. . O. E. Atwood left from Albany last Tuesday evening for his old home at Kinsey, Kansas, to visit his mother, who is seriously ill John Olthoff of Pratuno, was a Sunday dinner guest at the Rnlnh Kester home. Mrs. Ed. Harmon and Mrs. Nelson Anderson of Buena Vista were hostesses for a shower and social afternoon for their niece, Mrs. Steve Benedict, at her home here Thursday. Present were Mrs, Harlev Prather, Mrs. Leland Pra- ther. Mrs. Emma Anderson, Mrs, Ed. Harmon, Mrs. Nelson Anderson and Mrs. Ed. Prather, all of Buena Vista, Mrs. Charles Benedict of Fir Grove, Mrs. Martin Conger, Mrs. E .B. Gobat and Mrs. Steve Benedict Miss Doris Conger of Corvallis spent the week-end with her pat ents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Con ger. Mrs. O. A. Rice spent the week end with her daughter, Azalia Rice, at the J. F. Torgoson home. Mrs. Rice is keeping house for C. E. Stellmacher at Wells. Miss Lucile Chastain, whose parents live on the Lena Riddcrs farm, returned home last i hurs day from the Albany general hos pital where she had been for the land and charges the county Chloris Alexander. Mrs. Charles Alexander, Mrs. George Anderson i and daughter Edith and Mrs. A i D. Gregory attended this feature Mrs. 'C. C. Elliott of Triangle 'Lake spent several days this week Mrs. George Koos. Guest prize went to Mrs. Hugh Richardson. F. Smith visited at the home of Mr. and Mis. J. E. Jenks the past week, Marvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. l Johnson, underwent a mastoid operation, at the Deaconess hos- ipital last Thursday. He is report- ed to be improving. M' J"h" J""J."', "h Tj' Hnv - '. " . -. Mrs. J. E. Jenks, Mrs. D. O. ' " ' ' ' . ' '. . ' ' Woodworth, Mrs, L. F. Smith and Irene Forster and Crystal Ross spent the week end in Salem. Mrs. Clara Viking of Merrill, Mis. viitiu v miiiu in im-i i in, ii,ilv (,.i,,H in tm-I is visiting friends in Tan- Tangent grade school defeated Riverside grade school 4 to 2 in a kiUenball game played here last j Thursday afternoon. This entitles the graders to the championship of western Linn county B league kittenball clubs. . Mrs. M. E. Forster and daughter, Camille, spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robbins in Portland. Peoria Peoria. George Bayne drove to Halsey Friday evening and accompanied his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Working-er, and family to Eugene where they attended the circus. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bradshaw last week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abraham are the proud grandparents. Mrs. Bradshaw has been with her par-enK- and is lo come here again Every day, Kellogg's Corn Flakes aro satcn by many millions of people all over America. No oilier ready-to-cat cereal in tlie world enjoys such popularity, because no oilier offers such crispness, llavor and pemiino value. Ask your grocer for, Kcllogg's unit get tho best. Nothing takes the place of CORN FLAKES 1WW, U. J. lUjiwida Tb. U WlaalM-tteiaM, M. 0. his car when the round commissioner now goes to day there as director in A Jefferson 'Jefferson. Forty-five members of various Rebekah lodges were present in the lodge rooms for the special meeting of Mt. Jefferson Rebekah lodge, and for the official visitation of Cora E. Hcnton, state president. Representatives from the lodges at Albany, Lyons, Stayton, Hillsboro and Jefferson were present. The new members admitted to membership were Patty Barnes. Thelma Sheppard, and Bessie Porter. Mrs. J. R. McKee and daughter. Mrs. Verna Carroll and son Joe. motored to Wheatland Thursday afternoon for a visit at the home of Mrs. McKee's mother, Mrs. Amelia Magness. Hart & Coin .local realtors report the sale of Harry Thorpe's 10 acre tract in the Talbot district to James Grizzel. Grizzel came to Jefferson from Virginia about a year ago. . James Blackwell received word this week of the death and burial of his brother-in-law. Harry F. Thompson, at Oakland. Cal., Mr. Thompson died suddenly while at work for the Southern Pacific company where he has been employed for 30 years. He spent his early life in Jefferson and was married to Alice Blackwell before moving to California. He was a brother-in-law of James Blackwell of Jefferson and a brother of Mrs. Frank Reeves of Salem. The widow and two daughters survive. The home of Mrs. D. C. Buchner was attractive with bouquets of spring flowers for the surprise shower honoring Mrs. Frank Bla-zek and Mrs. Lincoln Waterman Wednesday afternoon, for which Mrs. Harry McKee. Mrs. Verna Carroll and, Mrs. Buchner were hostesses. ' .Two tables of pinochle and one table of bridge were in play during the afternoon, with Mrs. J. G. Fon taine winning high score prize m bridge, and Mrs. Leon Boyer high score in pinochle. ' The two-act comedy-mystery play, "Polly Wants a Cracker," Was presented by the junior class Wednesday night at the Masonic hall to a fair sized audience. Through the untiring efforts of Miss Josephine Getchell and Mr Lever, coaches, the play was well presented. Proceeds of the play are to be used to help finance the junior-senior banquet. In the cast were James Anderson. Marjorie Cole, Burton Thurston, Lois Miller Russell, Miller, Marcia Smith and Jiathryn Foster, Miss Jaunitu Holt entertained with several piano selections' during intermission. The play' was presented in the community hall in Marion Friday night.! f Mr. and, Mrs. W. B. Roberts of Baker 'who were guests Wednes- flayi and Thursday at the home of Robert's 'cousin, Mrs. , Sullic G. yahdy, 'left' Friday 'for Viewport for a JwQ days' stay at the beach. Shelburn Shelburn. Mr. and Mrs. T. M Russell. Mrs. Howard and son Al- fred and family of Tower Grovel then charges the county $5 for attendance in court, "mileage to Donald and return, fifty miles at ten cents a mile $5, dinner fifty cents," total to the county $10.50, and then collects five dollars from the-association for services as director, a total for the days work of $15.50. No longer does a sheriff get $7 a week for boarding prisoners when the law allows only $4.50 a week. visiting at the home of her sister..! her daughter, Mrs. George Rod-Mrs. Thomas Fallow. Mrs. Clyde; man of Redmond, Ore. Steidel and son Dickie of Albany. Mr. Sells of Indiana is visiting visited at the Farlow .home Thurs-' his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. dav afternoon. I Byron Gaffner, and his son, Mrs. Laura J. Blume spent sev- Donald, who has been with his eral davs in Eugene visiting with grandparents for some time, friends the past week. , Mrs. Cyrus, and Max drove to ,. . . Burntwood last Saturday and Henry Dungan of Albany visit-!with Mr. nnct Mrs. Rohnold Cyrus ed with Charles Alexander Wed- . ,i, h . n, ni past two weeks following a major operation. Anriv Rafilev of Portland visit- ed at the home of his brother, O. J. Bagley, Monday. Willis Allen took his aunt, Mrs. Minnie James, to Independence Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gentemann were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and 'Mrs. Dean Allen. E. G. Harris attended a meeting of the county committee on soil conservation at Dallas last Thursday. Mrs. Eva Lamphcrc and son "Buddy" of Lebanon spent the week-end with her son, Jesse Lampheer and wife. Mrs. Annie Brown spent Wednesday afternoon visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Eunice Flick- inger. Tyler Johnson is assisting Ed. DeArmond this week' witli his And so Mr. Keyes' campaign manager, Mr. Carson, nesday afternoon. He recently sold a snort humor story to Oregon Farmer magazine. ex-county commissioners, Mr. Trindle, some state officials and ex-state officials, ex-sheriffs and all who have Thursday. as a guest he ftat of the week M,- rvm.' r-onsin. Miss Leta Mrs. Cyrus' cousin, Miss Leta Strader of Vancouver, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plagman and Francis Moe. Mrs. Alford and family and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Plagman and sons spent last Sunday picnicking at Waterloo park celebrating the 76th birthday of Mrs. Minnie Plagman, mother of Mrs. Alford and the Plagman men. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cyrus and Miss stiacler caned on relatives and friends in Lebanon and Scio last Sunday. Miss Mattie Burkhart is visiting r The Knox Butte. East Knox BlUe (md central Santiam soft- I ball team played the Lakeview The county bridge under con- i struction west of the Knox Butte school was completed this week Tangent Tangent. The Tangent Bridge club met at the home of Mrs. Schilling epper The luxury of good pepper is anyone's. It costs no rnoro. Cwrtskt, I , i so used the public funds or ine pupus oi tne iviiiiersDurgUoam .lt Lukovicw rriday and lost school enjoyed a May Day party at 8 to 4 Judge McMahan, misrepresent what he has done and join in trying to defeat him will not disturb officers by their raids upon public funds. And it can be said of Judge McMahan that he is son and out of season fights to protect the taxpayers. Every voter who wants good government will support larm work. J" iw...n...jr mLuuu.nin. Mrs. I. G. Arehart received 500 I N- Barnes was awarded the babv chicks from the hatchery i Prlze f"" wearing the funniest cos-Monday ' ,llme "t tne Woodcraft fun meeting W. J.' Kerr hauled two loads i Monday evening. Ho was dressed of sheep in to Portland this week. I as.''L'ttle Lord Fauntleroy." Mrs. A. D. Gregory attended the MI'll i . I Mother's Day celebration at Ore- IVlUlerSDUrg Ron state college as a guest of her : Millersburg Mrs. H. J. Far- I son, Stanley, who is a senior there, well, of Portland, returned home i She returned home Sunday eve- him. A vote against him is taxes. Judge McMahan The round trip from X V ', """"V""' " ""j mis u ,s - 1 ".' "'"" 'ning Charles Alexander and Cecil Montgomery and son Clyde drove to Eugene Friday to visit the Al G. Barnes circus there. The Dover Social club met at the home of Mrs. F. N. Barnes Thursday afternoon with eighteen members and five visitors present. The hours sped by with many games I and a contest in which' Mrs Charles Weiss won first prize and Mrs. Amos Nofziger was voted the' and Judge McMahan s mileage claim has never exceed ed $1.30. or less than two SURVIVES 2-8TORY FALL Vancouver, B. C- Maxie Klop-fer, 2, fell from a second-story window here and laughed. Doctors 'said he didn't get even so much as a scratch. r McMAHAN - ' v can be said: he has fouarht He has stood alone between funds. He has fought the great waste of public funds As a result the overhead East at state expense. State getting ten cents a mile trav branded the mileage a mile and finally to four cents and a half in the county. ten cents a mile and five dol ten dollars for the use of trip fare is two dollars. No Donald and puts in the entire fire relief association and hope to use them denounce and elect a man they know ofticial interference with the only official who in sea a vote to encourage higher Cuts Courts Costs Salem to Albany is 54 miles and a half cents a mile. Since one dollar lor the round trip, officer uses his car he con charge of the equity depart in Linn County, the bailiff It saved Linn and Marion unnecessary and . burdensome expenses. Judge McMahan has always given to those in need and dis tress a much larger share of his annual salary than his annual salary reduction would have amounted to. He has preferred to have ALL of this money benefit these unfortunate lei' low citizens rather than to have a large proportion of it eaten up by state and county over head and administrative costs as would have been the cose with his money paid into the state through his acceptance of the salary cut. The ways and means commit tee would not give Judge Mc Mahan an opportunity to ap pear before it. Evidently It did not want rum to mane slate. ments and give facts and figures which would be widely published, lt takes rare moral courage for an office holder to alone take the stand Judge Mc. Mahan did in this matter, but it was a good thing for the im- poverished men, women and children who were helped in their distress. party like Judge McMahan control the voters. are always for the top dog and we Reprinted from The Capital Press stage fares have been reduced during the last several vears he has charged but or less than two cents a mile. This, too, when if he charged tho mileage collected by others he would have collected, for each round trip $5.40. Judge McMahan's J uesday alter spending several days visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Pugh. 1 Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Reynolds attended the wedding of Edna Warren and Everett Terliune in Albany Tuesday morning. Ardys Alexander and Peggy Gergory appeared in a tap dancing number at the West Linn music festival at Riverside community hall Friday afternoon. They were accompanied at the piano by contention is that when an charge only the fare charged by stage companies. This is the law and any charge in excess of the regular fare is draft. Judge McMahan took ment, discharged the bailiff in Marinn County, and conducted that court for nine vears without a bailiff. Counties; a large sum of money. AS TO SALARY REDUCTION CAMELS Busy Americans Find Smoking Camels a Ploasant Aid That Helps Digestion to Proceed Smoothly Increases Alkalinity! In the cumpaign ugainst Judge McMiihan criticism is made of the fact that he refused to accept u reduction in his siilary. He did refuse, as has been said, but he gave his reasons. To the Joint ways and means committee he sent a letter explaining his position. He wrote that there is waste, extravagance and too often graft in many departments of the public service; that there are probably three office holders where not over two are needed. He suggested that if the committee wanted proof of his allegations of waste, extravagance und graft he would appear before the committee and prove his statements to be true. He alleged that in one department alone over $3,000,000 had been wunlonly wasted within the last ten years. Judge McMahan further advised the ways and means committee that he preferred to use his money to help alleviate the Impoverished condition of the people rather than have It used by the state to pay salaries of useless office holders and other The "leaders' of neither -mm --gjljffl t23pJ', pw'Vi ' llnyffl'j! Many annoyances of our daily lives gestion, increase tho flow of digestive 7"' ' ' illl rush, worry, noise, mental strain slow fluids.. .alkaline digestive fluids. jtflRp; nf , . Cl ' 1W7 iS-:r'S5! down the flow of the digestive fluids From Camel's costlier tobaccos yon Vlu.. tftLLfr f 1 '&lrM S Pfv so necessary to good digestion. get uncqiialcd mildness. Smoke Camels j V y3y ifiLry jLy-y 1 k IO Scienceandcommonexpcricnccagrcc for a comforting for well-being ,'lat Sm'''n'! " "amC' St"nU'ilte5 ' ncr 5ct ya "'sht! I LIGHTNING SPEED of ptlile Mrs. I.thcl Arnold f,ibert) depends jsreaily on digestion. I smukc Camels with and after meals, " says Mrs. Arnold. To both he is what is called "a disturbing factor" and the "leaders" of both parties agree that he ought to be suppressed. The only trouble about suppressing him is that he just can t be suppressed. The reason for this is than most of the rank and file of both political parties like thi way of exposing graft. Every time he has been ( a candidate he was nominated by both political parties, The "leaders could not O. D. C LAO WELL describes operating; a pneumatic Sii'A yS&L f'S?, Jr W$'' 3 j drill. "This battering ram is tough on the digestion," ,!S4sr3 m&- jfC '"' he says. "I just smoke Camels,' and Camels set me right." j" V 1 f I 'jf' w ""' The record does disclose that Judge McMahan has been trying is to stop graft. All the men who profited by graft are fighting htm. The voter now has a choice. He can fight alongside the grafters or he can endorse the effort made to stop graft. . It is complained of Judge McMahan, "He is too much for the under dog." If we had more public officials who have sympathy for the under dog we would have fewer under dogs. The trouble is we have too many men who have, also, too many top dogs. 664 JUMPS tho record of Joo Crane (aim). He says: ' Camels let mc riglitl It s just natural fur me to turn to Camels for digestion s sake." Jjtfp? J. ; AT THE MAYFAIR ROOM of the Hook-Caililbc Hotel in Detroit, f!m V-' j- "rL M I Camels arc a natural tunipIciiiL-iii npvifi.-vi dinin. Paul tihvf '''r"'i J 'y-'JiW If I ("Sh'f says: "A glance around our tables proves that those who mjpCJ l 11 (f I appreciate quality have made Camel cigarettes their first caatW JL Salem, Oregon. A Vote for Judge L. H. McMahan i a Vote to Continue Efficiency on the Bench and Protection for the People of Linn and Marion Counties. VOTE FOR Lo H. McMAHAN CANDIDATE FOR RE-ELECTION FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE FOR LINN AND MARION COUNTIES . . (Paid advertisement) " " ' Camels aie made from liner, MORE Gostlier'Jofidc METHOD USED. The evidence obtained by scientists definitely establishes the fact that smoking a Camel increases the flow of tbe digestive fluids. The importance of this in facilitating digestion is a matter of common knowledge. Q . .- a f accosi EXPENSIVE TOBACCOSQ.. Turkish and Domestic. ..than any other popular brand.

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