The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 26, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1924. IILL WfilT EVERETT SANDERS SPLENDID FEAT OFAMATIOi ly exhausted and was unable to speak, j viding him some comfortable cloth-To judge his age, one had only to j ing, and succeeded in getting him to look at him; his head was entirely i take a small amount of nourishment, bald and not a tooth was in his mouth j He is now gaining slowly in strength; to gnaw the bone of charity. Mr ..and ! but is not yet able to talk or tell Mrs. Somerville kindly took care of where he came from. He weighs him, and rendered 'first aid' by pro- eight pounds." MAKE HEFUMDS Secretary Mellon Wants Legal Ruling as to the Income Tax. A Combination of Fun, Facts and Foolosophy wn Flight Across the Country Made by Maughan in Less Than Day. f Conducted, Concocted and Confiscated !r I Til ,fT 7)T San Francisco. Lieut. Russell Maughan left New York at 2 :39 :30 o'clock the morning of June 23 and landed at San Francisco at 9:47:13 that evening. He had crossed the American continent between dawn and dusk. No other record in aviation approaches the 2,S30-mile race of the army aviator against the sun. It was more than two hours after sunset when the phine settled down to a perfect landing at Crissy field, and the last vestiges of daylight were fading from the western sky as his motor roared out of the east. Behind Schedule He Set. Lieutenant Maughan did not quite equal the schedule he had set for himself. He had hoped to arrive before sunset, 7:37, but terrific headwinds in the East and Middle West had held him back. Fog and headwinds also handicapped him on the last few hundred miles of his long trip. The young army officer a youth from Utah has proved two things. S ' fv J V I . tr OCECREAM TENDER AND TRUE. In the gloaming, oh, any darling, When the lights are dim and low, That your face is powder painted, How am I, sweetheart, to know? Twice this anonth IVe had to bundle Every coat that I possess To the cleaners won't you darling Love me more and powder less? 4 flp EXCESSIVE GALLANTRY. A driver with a bandage around his head stopped at one of the filling stations the other day. "Have an accident?" inquired a bystander. "Yes," said the bandaged person. It's safe and sane and delicious. Give the kiddies all they can eat. Have it for your picnics. The "0-Gee" is a handy, generous individal pack Representative Everett Sanders of Indiana, who has been named by Chairman Butler of the Republican national committee as director of the speakers' bureau for the Presidential campaign. age, Liet the "U-ee habit. Its healthful. ASK YOUR DEALER FOR SCULOSSER'S Made By fP COUI rvOCCD DnrTt ir-r-c A LIMB OF THE LAW. There was a little lawyer man Who gently smiled as he began Her dear husband's will to scan, And, thinking of his coming fee, He said to her quite tenderly, "You have a nice fat legacy." Next morning as he lay in bed, With plasters on his broken head, He wondered what on earth he'd said. f& V fl To realize that there were lots of dudes in the old days one has only to count the silk hats to be seen at a masquerade. PLOWING. "Now, tell me, what is the opposite of misery?" "Happiness!" said the class in unison. "And sadness?" she asked. "Gladness." "And the opposite of woe?" "Giddap!" shouted the enthusiastic class. POME. Oh, where are the sweet and simple girls Whom we knew in the yesteryear? Oh, we don't know where the sweet ones are, But the simple ones still are here. Washington. Bet ore making refunds to those who i ah; the full amount of their income tax on March 13 and are entitled to a 23 per cent reduction. Secretary Mellon has asked for a formal ruling from Controller General MoCarl as to the legality of the plan decided upon. Mr. ilcCarl, judging from rulings already given in the case of other funds tied up through failure of the second deficiency appropriation bill, is expected to approve the treasury's plan and refunds then will be mailed cut as soon as the necessary records can be prepared. How Refunds Will Be Made. Under the treasury plan the refunds will be paid out of general appropriations for tax refunds. The annual Treasury department appropriation bill carried an appropriation of $12,-000.000 for tax refunds. The first deficiency appropriation bill carried an additional appropriation of $103,000,-000 for tax refunds. Both of these amounts were made available Immediately. Of the $177,000,000 all but about $30,000,000 has already been raid out In settlement of disputed tax cases where tax payments were overcharged. Under the plan of the treasury the March 15 refunds will be made out of the $30,000,000 balance from the general tax refund appropriation. A gootrrJedi of "clerical work will be required in making the March 15 refund. The treasury has figured out that 1.050,000 persons paid their Income taxes In full on March 15. Inasmuch as the total tax refund Is $16,-140.000, it Is Indicated that most of the checks for refunds will be made cut for comparatively small amounts. The receipts of the treasury on Income taxes paid June 15 have amounted to about $375,000,000, which Is what had been estimated. Plymouth, Ind. HOLD FOUR SUSPECTS IN TRAIN ROBBERY "I tried to get my car to climb a tree down beyond Logansport." BIG PRICE One was that perfect manhood guiding perfect mechanism can accomplish the seemingly Impossible. The other and In this the air service is vitally Interested was the speed with which an air force can be mobilized at a distant point In case of a sudden enemy invasion. Made Flight Alone. The flight, made in 21 hours and 48 minutes, was all the more remarkable because Lieutenant Maughan flew alone, the first time a flight of this distance has been attempted by an Chicago. Spectacular police work In exposing the planning and staging of the Rondout (HI.) $2,075,000 mall robbery and running down four of the participants came to light simultaneously with the announcement that the crime was solved. Chief of Police Morgan A. Collins made public the names of all the conspirators, four of whom are now being sought. Chief Collins sent out a message to REDUCTION IN BABY CHICKS FROM High Grade Stock in Pure Breds "What for?" "Just to oblige a lady who was driving another car. She wanted to use all the road herself." Jfc at A SOFT AGE. Fighting is not what it used to be. In the good old days when men were men a contest at fisticuffs was unhampered by verbal exchanges. Two negro porters engaged in a heated argument about a certain colored "gal." The jcon- One reason why the old-time preacher threatened his flock with Hatchery located 1 mile west of Nap-panee also in Nappanee 3rd door south from square. Full line of poultry supplies and Conkey's chick feeds at the city plant. hell was because he didn't have much salary to lose. X MELLERDRAMMER. Unable to Find Body Chicks should be ordered in advance and the earlier you do 'so the better service we can give you. Send in by mail, by phone or call in person. Nd deposit required. The following prices are for chicks called for at hatchery. If sent to you by Post add Ic per chick. of Murdered Socialist aviator unaccompanied by an assistant or mechanician. The actual flying time, exclusive of time at stops, was IS hours and 16 minutes. The flight Is Lieutenant Maughan's third attempt at a dawn-to-dusk flight from ocean to ocean. Washington. Oongratul ations were sent by Major General Patrick, chief of the army air service, to Lieutenant Maughan immediately upon the completion of the transcontinental flight. In a message transmitetd to the lieutenant by the Associated Press.; General Patrick said : "Congratulations on the achievement of a wonderful feat. You have fulfilled every confidence I had In you. You have brought prestige to yourself, the army air service, and to America. Not only from a military but from a commercial standpoint this flight is epochal. I am proud of you. God bless you." police chiefs and sheriffs to arrest the following men: Ernest Fontana. Chicago man ; Samuel Grant, an escaped convict from Huntsvtlle Texas; "Blackie" Wilcox, first name unknown ; Max Greenberg, ex-leader of "Egan's Rats" of St. Louis, Mo. Those under arrest, actually participants, named by the chief are: Carlos Fontana, brother of Ernest; Willis New-ton, an ex-convict, the man who confessed; Joe Newton, a brother of Willis; William Newton, brother of the other two New tons. Platform Adopted by Farmer-Labor Party St. Paul. Recognition of soviet Russia, public ownership of mines and public utilities of all kinds, including water power and transportation lines, and of banks, with repeal of the federal reserve and national bank laws, are leading planks in the platform presented to the Farmer-Labor party con May 26 to June 10 June 16 to August 100 $10.00 per 100 S. C. White Leghorn $11.00 iper Rome. Search for the body of the murdered Socialist Matteottl continued, but there was little hope It will be found. Police believed the corpse may have been burned, as Americo Du-mini, former press attache of the ministry of interior and a confessed member of the murder band, told them he understood that was the plan of the men sent to dispose of it. S. C. Brown Leghorn 11.00 per S. C. Mottled Ancona 13.00 per Barred Plymouth Rock 13.00 per White Plymouth Rock 13.00 per White Wyandotte 13.00 per S. C. Buff Orpington 13.00 per S. C. Rhoade Island Red 13.00 per S. C. Black Minorca 13.00 per 100 10.00 per 100 100 12.00 per 100 100 12.00 per 100 100 12.00 per 100 100 12.00 per 100 100 12.00 per lf)0 100 12.00 per 100 100 12.00 per 100 Pnnrunrs confession caused a tre versation would always bring in something in this fashion : Sam: "Rastus, I's goin' to hit you so hahd on de haid your shirt tail will fly up like a window shade." H WHICH ARE YOU? At the suggestion of an inquirer, who has forgotten one of the lines, the following old Persian Proverb is resurrected from the scrap book: He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not is a fool shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is dull teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows is asleep w ake him. He who knows, and knows that he knows, ;s wise follow him. X S 4 MODERN MEDICS. They tell of a strange case in a small Missouri town. A man complained of pains in his heel. His physician removed his teeth, but the pains continued. They removed his tonsils ,and still the pains remained. . They operated for appendicitis, but without relief. As a final resort they removed his shoe, and the X-Ray revealed a long-embedded needle in his heel. V Man proposes but woman exposes. mendous sensation in Rome and throughout Italy. He told how the Nappanee, Ind. Standard Poultry Co., ACT I Algy met a bear. ACT II The bear was bulgy. ACT III The bulge was Algy. Curtain. PRECAUTION. It was 3 a. an., and the irate Quarried lady who had been waiting-awake all night at last heard uncertain footsteps on the stairs. "Are you sober?" she demanded sharply. "If you're Jimi-my w-w-wife," answered a cautious voice, "I mos' short'nly a.m." i E THE FLOWERY REPORTER. The following item from the Jameson, Mo., Ge,m tells' about a Good Samaritan act performed in that town. . "On Monday night a sti'anger made his appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Somerville, in a pitiful condition . He was barefooted and had not enough clothing to hide his nakedness. He appeared to be utter- slayers were hired by Cesare Rossi, FilHppo FilllppeV.i and Marinelli, all fcls'i in Faeist councils. There were four men besides Domini. They seized Matteotti, dra creed h!m Into an and stabbed Mm to death, lndin-r the body In a wood near Lake Vico. Later, he said, the body was removed from there. vention. Police power of the militia, the platform stages, should be used for the beno;-.t of workers and not to suppress strikes. The enactment of a law providing for an eight-hour day and another forbidding the employment of children under the age of sixteen are demanded. Compulsory education at government expense and a minimum wage law are demanded. TO Treasury Surplus May . Go Beyond $500,000,000 Washington. Treasury and budget bureau officials confirmed the estimate of $49S.0HUHK as the excess of receipts over expenditures for the current fiscal year, ending June SO, which was made public by Representative Madden (Rep., III.), chairman of the house committee on appropriations. It was indicated that both Secretary of the Treasury Mellon and Director of the Budget Lord believe the surplus actually will exceed $500,000,000. The daily treasury statement for June 20 shows that tax receipts on that day amounted to $33,000,000. The surplus for the fiscal year 1924 up to June 20 was $447,277,332.20. Further tax receipts will boost the surplus above the $500,000,000 mark before June 30. South Bend, Indiana For Summer Days Automobile Production for the Year Heavy Washington. If automobile production keeps up through 1024 on the basis cf the first five months there should be a total output fo 421,121 vehicles, or 2G3.SS2 more than during 1923. In the first five months of 1023 there were 1,493.514 passenger cars procured. This year, in the same period, 1.-S$.567, or 03,033 more, have been made ready for market. In that period in 1923 there were 139.004 trucks manufactured. This year, in the same time, 103,710 trucks have been turned out, or 4, 70G more. Complete Plans for War Bonus Payments Washington. The machinery to pay a gratuity to the men of the war finally Is ready to grind. In the War department SX especially trained clerks are at work. Within a few weeks this corps of S00 will be increased to 1,200 and later to 2,517. Actual payment of the bonus, Issuance of Insurance certificates, will start January 1, 1923. The War department warns veterans not to write into the department about applications just fill in as much as possible, especially the finger prints. Lowest Priced Mil li mm Cool Sweaters $2.95 Many new summer sweaters have just arrived in many new styles and colors. The slip-over is newest in ihe popular "Kid Boots" style with V-neck and cap slecevs. Sleeveless teat sweaters are cool and smart looking. Fabrics are wool, mohair, rayon (fiber si!k) and flannel. Colors rival the rainbow. Splendid values at $2.95. Report Big Damage to Russian Wheat Crop Washington. The State department has been informed that field mice have rracticaliy devastated the Russian j and leave it to the trained personnel to handle the rot. H Italians May Make Dash to North Pole Pisa, Italy. Italy proposes to make a single airplane dash to the North pole If the last minute efforts to resuscitate the Amundsen trans-polar flight fails. This is the tenor of a note which has boon served on Haakon Hammer. Captain Amundsen's associate, by officers of the Airplane Construction company of Pisa, who are holding the explorer's two planes for final payments of .S70.0X1 due on them. w at crop for this year and that Thev have been aid-d in their everts by American Slain by JuAknien in China Shanghai. A China press dispatch from Wanhsien says that an American named Hawley, manager of the Ar- Cv r.-'.t :.r. 2 rain. L.cicatior.s are t'.at. with Russian competition thus eliminated, the price cf African w-hcat is due for a rise. j nold company of Shanghai (Arnhold Sh uros, uas peon Kaieu iv junkmen Summer Silk Hos eer is Granite $1.85 Evenknit $1.85 With. Doers Trent and Rear ONLY $160 more than the Overland touring car the Overland Coupe-Sedan the world's foremost closed car value. All the unique exclusive features of a coupe and a sedan in one! Removable rear seat gives Kg loading space for anything and everything. Seats adjust backward and forward. Seats also make into a full-size bed in the car great for camping. Easy riding patented springs big power reliability record-breaking economy. Come in and see it. Overland is the only touring car with sliding gear transmission, priced under $500, . o. b. Toledo, Inspectors Find More of Rondout Mail Loot Chicago. With the finding of 44 letters, some of which contained checks on out-of-lown banks. In a sewer on the North side of St. Louis, Mo., post office inspectors believe they have located another portion of the $2,000,000 loot of the Rondout (111.) mail robbery. Reports Show Gains in Internal Revenue WasLinsru.n. Col loci Ions by the internal revenue bureau amounted to ?2,:vS3.714.05.4 between July 1 and May 31, 1924. This was an Increase of $211,703,177.24 over the collections for the same period the year before. Income taxes totaled ?1.5,3S9.SC1.93, while collections under the prohibition laws were $544,379.73. Evenknit is a light weight silk hose which has excellent wearing qualities. It is closely and evenly knit and well reinforced. Black and white, only, $1.85. Granite chiffon hose is sheer, yet durable. Reinforced lisle tops and feet. Colors peach, apricot, tangerine, flesh, dawn, champagne, banana, cinnamon, moonlight, gun metal and black. $1.85. engaged in agitation against the operation of steamships which they claim deprive them of their living. Offer to Sell Grain Plants to Farmers Chicago. Five big Chicago grain firms have offered to sell their plants to farmers. These concerns, handling" the bulk of grain shipments coming to Chicago markets, have presented a tentative plan to the American Farm Bureau federation, officials of the bureau announced, proposing the consolidation of these companies with the farmers' 5.0X) co-operative elevators Into nn organization to be owned and controlled by the growers themselves. Promoters regard the plan as a practical and important step toward aiding farmers In their great struggle to bring their prices up to a level with Industrial commodities. The firms Involved Include the Armour Grain company, Kosenbaum Grain Elevator corporation, Bartlett, Frur.Ier & Co., Rosenbaum Bros., and J. C. Shatter & Co. These companies handle more than a billion dollars worth of cash grain transactions Cordell Hull Breaks Down From Overwork New York. Cordell Hull, chairman of the Democratic national committee, Is under the care of physicians as the result of collapse twice from overwork and heart trouble. A physician said his condition was not serious, but cautioned him to be careful. All his engagements were canceled. For the Vacation Trip All kinds of luggage for your vacation trip trunks, bags, suitcases are reason- Dominican President Guest at White House Washington. Horacio Vasquez, President-elect of the Dominican republic, was President C"'lidge's guest of honor at a luncheon at the White House. Included among the guests were members of the cabinet and high officials of the army an navy. abry priced in W y man's Luggage Shop Sturdy Suitcases $L65 to $13.75 Well made and good looking are these fiber and leather suitcases. Good locks and snaps. Some with straps. $1.65 to $13.75. Dettbrenner & Rottmiiler BREMEN, INDIANA Oil Inquiry Jury Finishes Its Work Washington. The special federal grand jury which has been Investigating the transfer of oil leases by ex-Secretary Fall has completed Its inquiry and Is summing up to determine IX indictments will be returned. Storm Destroys Air Mail Planes at Omaha Omaha, Neb. Siv government air mail planes were wrecked here when a severe wind blew the roof off the hangar, resulting In a cave-in of the avails.

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