Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 9, 1936 · Page 15
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 15

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, May 9, 1936
Page 15
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Old -Fashioned Recipes Jelly-Making Is Made Easy Eyes For The Story The Dark Of A Dog Will Surprise You With Their Variety and Taste You Can "Dress Up" Simple Poods of Your Childhood and Enjoy Them More Than Ever By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor Ripe, red and ready fur jelly-making arc these tempting fresh strawberries. They can be combined readily with fresh pineapple into a delicious combination jam. pletely or grind about I quart fully ripe berries. Pare 1 medium fully ripe pineapple; cut fine or grind, using finest knife of foi-d chopper; or use 1 No. 2 can crushed pineapple. Combine fruits. Measure sugar and prepared fruit Into largo kettle, mix well, and bring to a full rolling boil over hottest fire. Stir constantly before and while boiling. Boil hard 3 minutes. Remove from fire and stir and skim by turns for Just 5 minutes to cool slightly, to prevent floating fruit. Pour quickly. Paraflln hot Jam at once. Makes about 9 glasses. cream whipped stiff. Chill and cut in squares. This may be used to Bpread on crackers for the cocktail hour or at meal time with lemon-flavored minced salmon on top of it. I daresay that all of us vividly recall the days that our mothers literally forced cod liver and castor oils down our throats. Scientists agree now that oils are vitally important but it took the housewife to discover means to feed It to all members of the family Incognito. The recipe is simplicity itself: just add Vi tablespoon of oil for each portion of boiled vegetables, when the vegetables are about half done. Everybody knows that vegetables are filled with oodles of vitamins and minerals that are so good for all of us. So, during these days, with just the addition of an egg, fish or some other protein food dish, vegetables will give you a complete, well-balanced diet. VEGETABLE LUNCHEON Chill and mix cooked carrots, hearts of artichokes, asparagus tips, string beans and peas with mayonnaise. Arrange on shredded lettuce and serve with hot biscuits. MITZI'S SALAD By buying the cooked meats for this salad at a delicatessen, and using any cold left-over or canned vegetables, it is possible to have a luncheon for a warm spring day with very little effort. If the flavor of onion is liked, add grated onion or onion juice to dressing. Cut up separately Into small cubes 2 tablespoons roast beef t tablespoons boiled ham 2 tablespoons' beef tongue t tablespoons chicken S tablespoons lamb 1 cup cold boiled potatoes or any other suitable vegetable t truffles finely minced boned anchovies Put the meats Into a salad bowl, separating each kind by boned anchovies. Fill center with tartar sauce or mayonnaise. Cover sauce with finely shredded lettuce. Sprinkle truffles over all. Send to table as It la, for this salad should be mixed together only Just before serving. TONGUE SALAD Cut into small pieces: tablespoons beef tongue t cooked potatoes ',4 apple cooked beet I cooked carrot - Filets of a boned herring Place in a bowl rubbed with a clove of garlic. Add 1 teaspoon of diluted mustard to a French dressing. Pour dressing over and mix well. Serve In a salad bowl and sprinkle with minced parsley. Border with cress or lettuce. Add powdered fruit pectin, mix well and continue stirring until mixture comes to a hard boll. At once pour in sugar, stirring constantly. (To reduce foaming. teaspoon butter mny be added.) Continue stirring, bring to a fuH rolling boil, and boil hard 1 minute. Remove from lire, skim, pour quickly. Paraflln hot Jam at once. Makes about 10 glasses. STRAWBERRY AND PINEAPPLE JAM 3'3 cups prepared truit 6'4 cups sugar '.is bottle fruit pectin. To prepare fruit, crush com Five Star Dish By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor Pectin Is One IngredientThat Assures Success By DORIS LOCKETT IN these days women can be married and live domestic lives without giving up their positions in the business world because a whole country is organized to minimize the weight of household chores. There was a time, not so long ago, when being a poor cook was excusable, but now with grocers' shelves loaded with half-prepared and new "sure" methods of preparing foods, even tho bride Is not excused. In the past no department ol cooking had less certainty of success than that of jelly-making. But times and ways have changed and by adhering strictly to the now well-established principles underlying Jelly making, one can ' be sure of satisfactory results. The one element absolutely Indispensable to success is pectin, which Is a substance much like starch in its composition and properties, and which causes fruit to Jell when it is cooked with the right amount of sugar, for the right length of time, at the right temperature. Pectin being essential, the fruit should be used when this is at its best As fruit ripens, the pectin approaches perfection, reaching it when the fruit is perfectly ripe. Strawberries are here again and, as usual, finding their way Into millions of preserving kettles. Literally, a small army of women chemists and housewives have actually tested the Jam and Jelly recipes given below. STRAWBERRY JELLY 4 cups berry juice 2 tablespoons lemon juice , 8 cups sugar 1 bottle fruit pectin. To prepare juice, crush thoroughly or grind about 3 quarts fully ripe berries. Place fruit In jelly cloth or bag and squeeze out juice. Squeeze and strain Juice from 1 medium lemon. Measure sugar and fruit Juices Into large saucepan and mix. Bring to a boll over hottest fire and at once add bottled fruit pectin, stirring constantly. Thon bring to a full rolling boll and boll hard 4 jilnute. Remove from fire, skim, pour quickly. Paraffin hot jelly at once. Makes about 13 glasses. STRAWBERRY JAM 4 cups piepartd fruit 6',i cupt sugar 1 box powdered fruit pectin. To prepare fruit, grind about 2 quarts fully ripe berries or crush completely one layer at a time so that each berry is reduced to a pulp. Measure sugar Into dry dish 'and set aside until needed. Measure prepared fruit Into a 5 or 6 quart kettle, filling up last cup or fraction of cup with water If necessary; place over hottest fire. Listen Youth! NO SHUT-EYE? FISH don't close their eyes when they sleep. They have no eyelids! Snakes are the same way. You may think they are staring right at you, and In reality they are fast asleep! LAZY The cuckoo lets other birds aise her children for her. Instead t building a nest of her own. she lays her egg In a nest, containing ec,gs similar to her own, and the poor birds who build the nest must fevl and care for the young cuckoo, who sometimes grows so large thrit he pushes the rightful bnhy birds out of their own nest! HIGH JUMP Gravity has only one-sixth a much force on the moon as it hm on earth. For Instance. If a -nui can Jump six feet here, ha wouli be able to Jump 38 feet on the moon. IMAGINE Beethoven wrote some of hie greatest music while stone Henf : LAND OWNERS The United States owns many possessions outside of the art us' slates of the union. Artong the'' are Alaska. Aleutian Islands. Br kcr Island. Canal Zone. Our 1 1 Hawaiian Islands Howland ' land, Midway. Wake and Johnston Islands. Porto Rico and the Vlaa Minds. o LT OF FLIES O b4:lns to Isy eggs In the middle of April. If every one of this single fly's offspring lived and bred naturally, by September there would be about 5800 MILLION Inserft. Norton: the whole trip, and I wanted to have full charge of this Journey, myself. It was my first BIG Job. Imagine my relief when he arranged for our tickets, checked Clare's handbag, and then told us goodbye. I noticed the other people filing out through the gates where the big motor buses were lined up waiting to be off with much chugging and rumbling. Believe me, we were both excited, though I tried to look very serious and business-like. I led Clare up to the steps of the car, and when she'd found the band rail, I climbed up and led her to the only empty seat. It was an aisle seat. A fat lady with a bird cage in her lap sat next to the window. I sat on the floor by Clare. The fat lady looked down at me and then at Clare. She said, "Is that dog allowed to travel in here with us people?" Clare hesitated for a moment. I know she had grown to think of me as a part of herself, and the surprise in her face showed she did not know how to answer. While she struggled for an answer, a young man across the aisle looked up from under the brim of his slouchy hat which he had pulled far over his eyes. "Sure, that's a Seeing-Eye dog. lady. They can travel anywhere you can," and then his face twisted into a sly grin as he added, "and get around a heck of a lot easier, maybe." The fat woman snorted and looked out of the window. Clare smiled shyly and patted my head I smiled at the lazy looking young man who had retired once mora under the brim of his hat. Then I put my chin on Clare's knee and closed my eyes ( I think oest that way). I was considering now different life was going to be tow. What strange people I was rolng to encounter out In the world that was so new to me . . . so dark to Clare. No, I take that back, I swore to myself right then that I was going to do everything in my power to make the world anything but dark for Clare. That was my job ... to help her to see! (Continued next week)" KEEP THESE IN MIND AVOID deep water unless you can swim, t Never walk on railroad tracks. Leave guns alone. Never ride your coaster In the streets. Don't rock the boat. Don't steal rides on cars. Keep away from electric wires. YOUNG RULER PETER THE GREAT came to the throne of Russia when he was but ten years of age. He had 'cen so much brutality and mur-dor forced upon his own fnmily that he was greatly affected. Peter was subject to convulsions. ii'-onied. Get him to a veterinarian at once, keep htm in complete ipolatlon. and very likely you can save him. FITS If a dog has a fit there are many reasons beside rabies that may be the cause. These are some of the common ailments that produce the strange actions we are prone to think of as fits: sunstroke, severe fright, teething. Intestinal parasites, or great pain of any kind. Rabies, as a rule, do not come upon the dog as a convulsion. This Is an Illness that takes several days to develop. Ordinarily a dog having a fit never bites. If he is left alone, he will leave you alone. In this state he is temporarily Insane, and for the time being does not recognize even his own master. Do not run from him. but just keep well out of his way until the attack has passed, and he recognizes you again. Send for a veterinarian at once. He will handle the dog properly and no doubt be able to relieve his suffering. If your pat does have a spell of fits, keep cool, keep out of his way, call a vet., and do not. above all things, start yelling, "mad dog!" By Paula Hilda, a Seeing-Eye dog, tells here the story of her eventtil lie. For three months she was (rained by a kindly teacher named Frank to lead some blind person through life. Hilda made an excellent record during her "school days" and happily awaited her new master. Imagine her surprise when that new master turned out to be a 16-year-old blind girl. Clare and Hilda became fast friends and were soon ready to face the world together . . . one pair of eyes between the two of them. Chapter 5 AT last the great day came, and Clare packed her bag as soon as we had our breakfast. She was excited, and she talked to me while we waited in the parlor of the big house. "I hope you'll like my home, Hilda," she said, and I thumped my tail on the floor, so she'd know that if she liked her home. I'd like it, too. "It's not such a big place, and my little brother is a noisy one." I looked at her and saw how she smiled with her mouth while s small frown drew her brows together. I decided then that perhaps she was remembering some troublesome hours that little brother had given her. "Mother and dad are just sweet, and I've a big brother, too." Then she sat very still and thoughtful when she said, "My big brother is a man grown . . . but we don't see him very often. He is so seldom at home." . , I was thinking about this big brother, who, perhaps, gave his sister as well as his father and mother cause for worry, when the door opened. Frank and the head lady and several others of our friends at the Foundation came In to tell Clare and me goodbye. Looking back on that dAy It seems strange now that I had no feeling of sadness at leaving. I'd had a happy life at the Foundation, and It was the only homo I had ever known. Still, Clare seemed glad to be starting the Journey, and I was glad when she was glad. Frank drove us in a car to the stage depot. For a minute I was afraid he was going to take us TAKE GAQL iVOR-PET IT IS a terrifying thing to hcai the cry "mad dog!" but when we look. hack over the years of our lives few of us. young or old. can really say we have ever seen a really mad dog. Cases of true rabies are very rare. Of course there have been cases, this we do not deny, but many such repoits have been the result of fear, panic snd a grent deal of Imagination. Many a poor slrk dog has been condemned to death because some hvsterical person has allowed his nervous system to throw him into a state of fever because of a dog bite. It is interesting to note that everyone Is not miareptibte to the disease. Many people have an Immunity to it a person is bitten by a rabies-infected dog he need not fear that his life Is definitely In danger. The Pasteur treatment, taken promptly. Is the answer to his worries Also It t Important that the patient dispel all fear or hysteria from his mind, for calmness and confidence will aid the treatment If your dog is unfortunate enough to be bitten by a rabies-Infected dog. do not think his life YOU thought you were grown up! Thought that the things of childhood were behind you but, oh! you are wrong! Terribly wrong, because you see the foods of your childhood are still the best foods you can have. Remember the old cookie jar where colored Mammy hid her choice cakes? And remember how you drank milk? Your taste has drifted far from such simple things, but you can still have these foods all dressed up. For example, Instead of despairing because milk no longer tempts you, just open a can of pineapple Juice and try it, half and half with milk or three parts of the juice to one of canned milk! You'll be amazed how good It will taste, and yet you'll be getting the fruit juice as well as the milk. Speaking of fruit Juice, you know of course that you can garnish it with mint for luncheon or dinner. Then, there is another way to get milk In the diet, and that is to have an oyster stew. That's made with cup of butter, 1 pint of oysters, 1 quart of milk, salt, pepper and a little paprika. Put it all in a pan and cook it. Bring it almost to the boiling point. MAMMY'S COOKIES V cupful butter cupful sugar 1 egg 2 cupfuls flour U teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 tablespoon milk 1 tablespoon of vanilla. The butter may be softened, or if shortening is used, It may be slightly heated and put In a mixing bowl to be creamed with the sugar. The egg, already beaten, with the milk, is to be added to this. The baking powder, salt and flour should have been sifted and can now be stirred into the sugar mixture. Perhaps you won't be able to work all the flour into it but what Is left may be used for the rolling pin and board. This is to be formed Into a soft dough and rolled on the board. Then the roll should be wrapped In wax paper and put in the refrigerator to chill awhile. Later the dough can be cut and baked In very hot oven about 87ft degreea by the oven thermometer. Nut meats can be pressed into them, candled cherries, raisins or bits of citron. HOME-MADE CHEESE Speaking of milk, you know, you can get much of its strength from a new kind of cheese made at home. Dissolve a tablespoon of granulated gelatin in ',i cup of cold water. Add V, cup hot water. When this Is cool put with it two tablespoons each of vinegar and sugar, 2 tablespoons of minced chives or 4 cup chopped celery. To this add M pint of sour I K FFATHFItf w bssssi mm BRAVE MOTHER MINK WHILE fighting a brush fire near the Eagle River, T. W. McNeil, of Colorado, tells us that he witnessed a scene he will long remember. Resting a bit from fire fighting, McNeil's attention was attracted by the sight of a mink carrying something in Its mouth and scurrying to the edge of a river. When It got there, it set the object down, and McNeil saw that It was a baby mink. The mother then hurried to the woods and soon returned with another baby. She put it, too, down by the water's edge, safe from the roaring flames. Back she scuttled, and soon she returned with a third little mink. Once more the brave little mother bounded back to her home for another of her babies. But this time fate was against her, A tree which was burning crashed to earth In the path of the mink, and her home was completely covered by the sparks which popped from the tree. McNeil rushed to the fallen tree and tried to free the doorway, but it was no use. The heat was too much for him. and he had to go back. Tha mother mlafc and her remaisis ckllesms probably napaed hf Mm lk the chtlsw BM of to tell tha tag children. ANrMALS WEAR GREEN You know, there are not many NOVELTY NIBBLES Cream together H cup butter or shortening cup sugar, add t egg and $ egg yolk. Seat well Sift together and cup sifted flour t and 14 teaspoons baking powder '4 teaspoon salt. Add to above along with S tablespoons milk and 1 teaspoon lemon extract. Mix well. Pat fairly thin In the bottom of 2 glass baking dishes, fairly good sized. Spread frosting over top and sprinkle with chopped nut meats or coconut. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 3ft0 degreea. Cool and cut In diamond shapes. For Frosting: Beat until stiff 2 egg whites. Add 1 cup brown sugar, teaspoon vanilla and cup chopped walnut meats. Blend carefully. Allow extras to remain In glass baking dish, covering well with wax paper. (This recipe is designed to be clipped and pasted on a 3 by 5 card and added to your recipe file.) Of The Week . rte. 4 tit ;pPcfc - it? 'Us I r c 1 HI ..... I ,,...'MMU IT E-ofi orf am m A fUR green animals in this world. That color belongs mostly to plants and Ireland. But there are a few. Different conditions cause this color in insects and birds and other wild life. Snails and worms of the sea have a certain pigment in them which produces the green color In their bodies. Insects that are green may have taken on this color due to their close association with plants. And other Insects might not really be green at all. The hue appears green because of light rays. Parrots and peacocks haven't green feathers. It's Just the light playing across them. Certain angles produce certain effects. At least, that's what Morry Tanenhaum tells us ANSWER TO A PRAYER This amusing story comes from "Our Dumb Animals" magazine It seems that a little girl was tadlv distressed because her brother had set a trap In which to catch birds. She knew that It was wrong, and at first she cried. But soon she stopped her walling The little girl was askad why ske harf stepped weeping, and she wvieua tent ske had keen pmy-Ibb tar tor brother to kecawai Rood boy. Then she prayed tkHI no birds would be caught in th trap. And finally she just went outside and Mcked the trap to smithereens. She saw to It that her brother caught no birds that day! i G

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