Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 9, 1936 · Page 13
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 13

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1936
Page 13
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Survey Shows That "High Hat' Girls Don't Get Husbands and you'll have different answers from each. But an analysis of their A survey shows that most men believe that mutual interests arc of primary importance to successful marriage. Somewhere among the various types sketched above, the individual man may find his ideal. types the artist has sketched above. Often, however, they'd like a little Incurable Romantics Are The Men And Their List of Requirements In a Wife Reads Like a Synopsis For the Creation of Super-woman Here's What They Want what she Is laughing about And to think when necessary and get some Intelligent results! (Ain't that something!) "Beauty Isn't necessary attractiveness is. Neatness and carefulness count, too. Not 'beautiful but dumb,' rather 'attractive and bright.' She should be a pal and a 'good egg.' " HERE Is one from a "mid-Victorian" man In middle age. He also wants something mora than beauty and does he hate jealousy) "Based on actual experience covering some 30-odd years and two marriages, I would say that what I like In a woman is true companionship based on the 'give and take' theory. into one person perhaps a super-woman! "wrong" (in the estimation of the males) with superior women. So I asked 12 different men in 12 different professions for the answers, and became so intrigued with the subject that 1 went about for days asking mere males what they liked In women until I became a veritable walking encyclopedia on the subject. What do you think I found? THAT men are incurable romantics and that they want something besides beauty! They actually want a woman who can make them feel that they are a cross between William Powell and Jack Dempsey and they want charm and gruriousncss Here is why the "superior" women go unwed. They know, too much and show It! If they were just a little smarter . they would know enough to conceal their knowledge! You'll agree, however, that It's very hard to fight professional battles In the commercial arena all day and be "all woman" after dinner In the firelight! Do men KNOW what they want? You be! they do! And how! Here, for instance, is one who still wants lu do the pursuing. He is young and handsome, and says. "I like a woman who is reasonably quiet (they are rare). She must not tell me that she likes me, or loves me. and she should (and docs) keep, me guessing." He added that he didn't want her to smoke or drink. But here, for instance, is the answer of a sophisticated business man, good looking, with Iron gray in his hair, age 38. with large income: "Personally. I like an intellectual and more especially is this true in the case of a woman. The beautiful but dumb creature has never interested me in the slightest. I don't happen to be married, but If and when I do, the woman in the case will have to be brilliant or else Went 3000 Miles Ask 10 men, or 100, what they seek in a wife, . answers will reveal they seek some one of the of each type combined Statistics Prove That College Girls Are Likely to Remain Single For Life By BILLIE HARSHBERGER nyO BE or not to be" married! Thai seems to be the great question of the day. but what can be done about the women who "have no choice in the matter," who stay unwed ? That is the real problem. University and college records show that from one-fourth to one-half of their women graduates die spinsters. Why? . If you ask me. after having spent sleepless nights pouring over statistics, I'd say it's because they're too "high hat" or unattractive. There is no shortage of white males in the United States. On the contrary there is an abundance of 'cm! At the ages of 20, the 1930 statistics show that there are 19,857.203 males and 19,500,992 females. This predominance of males increases until around the age of 40 there are 9,166,000 males and 8,734,000 females. So you see. there are in the final analysis nearly a half million more men than women! According to statistics, the average girl of ZO has a two-to-one chance of marrying within the next ten years. For the "girl" of 30, the odds are exactly reversed: her chance is only one in two. Thus it is that a large number of superior women are left without husbands, which brings us to the fact that there must be something Artist In Food legion, In white Kr caps and aprons with various experiences and highlights through long cooking careers. For some reason, however, a chef, no matter how clever, is usually Just another chef! But when he wears a black cap, has cooked for the Sultan of Turkey, prepared dinners for the Czar and Kaiser Wilhelm, and traveled 3000 miles for a secret recipe then he's a chef par excellence Indeed. Such a man is Paul Reiss, born In Saxony not too many years ago, and now in charge of the menus for the dining cars of one of the Pacific Coast's great railway systems. As a boy he studied under many of the famous chefs ' of Europe, completing his education in the art of creating special delicacies for visiting royalty. He is particularly proud of one dish which he went half-way across the world to find. Reiss and a friend, also a chef, at one time worked on great trans-ocean liners for different steamship companies. His friend made a remarkable chicken concoction which brought the praise of all who tasted it. Again and again Reiss asked for the recipe, but his friend refused to tell the ingredients. Reiss. by a process of elimination, decided that the recipe came from Ceylon, and promptly sailed to Colombo. His long jaunt ended in victory. By bribing the native cook of a Rajah, he procured the recipeCurried Chicken with Rice. Colombo! At one of the finest meals that Paul Reiss ever attended, he was the guest of a South Sea Island king, and the kings chefs did the cooking. The feast included palm-marrow, stewed parrot soup, whole roast pig stuffed wigi Kings and comes to to the women to be chaste. (7) She must learn to understand me and love me for my faults, not In spite of them. She must make my success her goal, that is, my success would bo hers. , She must overlook my eccentricities and meet me more than half way. She must think I am the only man In the world for her must be convinced of it. (8) She must be a good wife and model mother, as well as a pal and sweetheart. She must humor me, flatter me and baby me. She must be attractive. Beauty of body ia much more important than beauty of face. (10) She must be a good hostess, talented In social arts, dancing, etc. (11) She must be able to drink and smoke gracefully. (12) If she is conventional, she Is zero as far as I'm concerned. She must be broad and worldly, highly cultured, diplomatic, a thinker. The sweet Innocent girl Is 'bla' to me.". "What do you like in women?" I asked an Important executive and clubman. Knowing that he was famed for his selection of beautiful women, I was eager to hear what he said and here it Ib! "1 like women who don't try to wear the pants," and there was no smile on his face when he answered. "The trouble with women Is that they will be sweet and gracious when you first know them, but after the friendship extends to longer time, they start getting domineering." THERE, you sec, ia partly the reason that this man would not want an older woman who felt that she knew exactly what should be done. He wants to feel important! He also wants a woman who can wear soft trailing robes and look lovely a gracious, charming person not a "boss." . I was at the home of this man recently, at which time he entertained a half dozen publishers. Said one of the men to the host, "There is one girl In your office I sure like. She always mukes me feel important when I come in, and treats me as though I owned all the newspapers In the country. I never go there without thinking the world Isn't so bad after all." "Yes," Bpoke up another, "that's true, I've noticed that girl. After all, I guess wo never get too old to want to be flattered." Now "the girl" they spoke of is not a blushing, starry-eyed co-ed! On the contrary, she Is a married woman who is often tired and who very often comes to work without having that spick-and-span look so guaranteed to make women appealing. But every man likes her! From a very high type of man, a real gentleman, still in his :i0s, I received this answer: "Most every Individual feels within himself that a perfect love would bring the maximum of happiness on this mundane orbit. Hence, there is always interest In a try at marriage If the chanre for success is even, superior women being no exception, i Incidentally, I believe that you will find that most of the superior women are married.) 'Personally, the chief requisite for a woman to possess is an unwavering aland on life's fundamentals. Too many women change their standards to suit each occasion." HERE, you see, is a man who wants a superior type of woman, who stresses what might be termed spiritual qualities. Also, please note he believes in love! Now, from a youth, making his way In the world, heading a department of a large organi 'no dice.' There may be many men who don't feel 'comfortable' in the company of an Intellectually developed female. It Is my opinion, however, that the men who come under the category are not too 'hot' mentally themselves. I'm almost 40 and I think I know my way around. Ami the female intellectual doesn't scare me one bit. She's all the more preferable for her scholastic development. If you should ask me." But he Is still unwed! Figure that one out! NOW here is the answer of a fiction writer who wants something just short of perfection. "(1) She must be highly intellectual if she is to be more than a passing fancy to me. (2) She must have poise and sophistication. She may be naive, but broadminded without being vulgar. (3) She must be a good conversationalist, be able to talk on any subject intellectually, and be an authority on at least two subjects. (4) She must be an Individualist, an aesthete. She can be eccentric or even queer. (5 She must be capable of deep feeling, sensitive, proud, have a will of her own, yet tender and forgiving. (61 I do not like over-sexed women or promiscuity. Free love when both parties arc in love is perfectly natural and right. If contemplating marriage I would not demand or expect For A Recipe ish dolmas" to Prince Abdul Hamid, who was visiting in Alexandria, and the prince demanded the recipe, intending to serve it dally in his palace. Reiss explains that this dish is "simple, but tricky, made of fowl croquettes." ALL artists enjoy talking about their work, and Paul Reiss Is no exception to this rule. His study of dietetics has been thorough, and he knows Instantly the relative food values of various recipes. Food Is his life, and he likes to discuss it. The late Russian Czar praised his "stuffed filet of Salmon Romanoff." Lord Kitchener sent for him after tasting his "Filet of Beef a la Wellington," and expressed his appreciation of Reiss' skill. He is one of the few chefs who has not published a book of his favorite recipes. Recipe books are a tremendous temptation to chefs, but Reiss has disregarded this field of profit. A man who has sailed the seven seas to obtain the finest recipes from every country and city In the world, likes to keep hard-won information to himself. Many of his friends have urged him to put these famous recipes down in writing, but Reiss believes that the "best recipes must be kept in the head, not in a book. The tradition of the profession demands it." AT present Reiss is teaching other chcls in the culinary department of the railroad which employs him, explaining the methods he has learned of preparing special sauces, dressings, pastries and pies, which are now created in the kitchens of the commissary. "It Is," Reiss says, "perhaps the finest profession in the world, because someone Is pleased with what I do every day of my life. People get tired of everything else soon enough, but who gets tired of eating? No one! And the better the fooset before them the more they enjoy It. You can go without lots of things, but never without good food, eh?" - "The woman of today who la lucky enough to win a husband and wants to hold him, should guard against Jealousy, that 'green-eyed' monster which is the cause of so many spllt-ups. 1 like a woman who has the good sense to realize that her man knows more about the world and ' its people, etc., than she does. "I like a woman who appreciates what her man is doing for her, and when married, the home ho Is providing for her. Her function Is to make the homo a real one in every sense of the word, and be broadminded, but not to feel that she is confined to Its four walls. She must be ready and willing to share her man's joys and sorrows, his pleasures and pains, to encourage and cheer him along life's rugged pathway through which he must pass to win success and happiness for both." Here is perhaps the most balanced of all, from a young man, brilliantly educated, making a splendid income. But he, too, wants love! "A woman should be a real pal, homemakcr, and inspiring wife. Under the term "pal" I Include companionship, good scout, and most important of all a sincere and loving mate. The term 'homemakcr' refers to being a personage gifted In making a home that brings real homo comforts enjoyable to most men good food, Intelligently arranged home as to furnishings, and a reasonably neat and clean home (within the powers of the budget, of course). Under this same term of homemakcr might come the requirement of 'charming hostess,' or maybe we might say 'good hostess.' That always makes a home more enjoyable to a man to have his friends well received by his wife, (And this works both ways naturally!). And now the most Important requirement a sincere and loving wife. If true love exists between a couple, they are most fortunate and, carefully guarded, this couple should be tho happioat of all, regardless of money (within reason). A wife should be true to her husband or mate, as long as he has not given her cause to not be true, and make a sincere effort to find out his likes and dislikes. She should be inspiring to htm In work and play, and make an effort to know more about his work so as to help him In making decisions. She should bo able to understand, to a slight degree anyway, things about his business that will mako a business discussion intelligent to her, rather than a boro. She should encourage his education, and givo constructive criticism whenever necessary. In other words-bo an inspiration! "Back of it all a marriage should be a 50-50 proposition, and what is said hero can be reversed, too, so as to apply to the man. A successful marriage should be an equal partnership affair." NEVER could it be said now that the modern male doesn't appreciate a spiritual attitude in his Ideal. Here is one who definitely asked for It and got It! "Prior to my marriage 1 had a pretty definite Ideal of the girl who eventually became my wife. As I recall, the girl was to be attractive, affectionate, one of approximate equal education, one that knew something of and liked music, one who had some desire for a religious faith, one who liked home life and could adjust a financial budget to meet my earnings, one who liked people, and enjoyed social and athletic activities. "As I look back on It now, my opinion has not changed much. I believe an equal educational background very Important. Mutual Interest In the other nilngs mentioned keeps relationship between men and women on a most harmonious basis." PAGE FIVE S common folk have much in common when it food and they are unanimous when it comes culinary creations of Chef Paul Reiss, above. bananas, and a very delightful coconut dessert. Like all great chefs. Reiss likes to prepare special dishes for celebrities, and in the first hotels In London, Berlin, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, and Morocco, he has served potentates of almost every nation. Several years ago he served his famed "Turk zation, I receive this: , "Briefly. I like a woman to have something above the ears besides a permanent wave. Preferably not so brilliant that she loses her sense of humor. She must be able to laugh and know o o

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