The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 19, 1924 · Page 3
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 3

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1924
Page 3
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1924. SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES 20 YEARS AGO t i ing to a ruling by the Bureau of Chemistry, cream thus labeled, if shipped interstate, must contain at least 30 per cent butter fat. Here's a Man Who Will Make You Laugh i 1 A Combination of Fun, Facts and Foolosophy Cream as Well as Milk Must be of Good Quality Because cream is sold in smaller quantities than milk is no reason why less care should be given by inspectors in insuring a safe supply of good quality, says the United States Department of Agriculture. It is just as desirable for cream to come from tuberculin-tested cows or be properly pasteurized ,or both, as that milk should. Heavy cream for whipping purposes is often sold raw and its quality should be above suspicion. Cream from old or returned milk of poor quality is not desirable. All cities need carefully denned grades for cream, according to the department, with a lixed minimum for light, table, or cofie cream, which is the usual ci-earn of commerce. The Federal standard for cream which goes into interstate or foreign commerce is 18 per cent but-terfat, and in different cities it varies usually from 18 to 20 per cent. Sometimes what is known as "double cream" is sold, and when that term is used the cream should contain twice as much fat as is required in ordinary cream, usually from 36 to 40 per cent of butter fat. "Whipping cream" may contain less butter fat than "double cream," but accord Vacation Time Shirts X I. 5 ivsv"" ST O Vs:,. In in uri&i. , WILLIE MACK WILLJE MACK, one of the most popular entertainers on the Chautauqua circuits, will be with The Black and White Male Chorus and Minstrels when that great musical organization comes to tho local Assembly. He is one of the end men in the minstrel show with which they will close their entertainment and he will have an active part in both programs, afternoon and evening. Last season he was with The Davies Opera Company having the principal comedy rola in the opera "Olivette." In the winter season he played successful vaudeville engagements in the larger cities. He is one of the youngest comedians in the profession, being but slightly over 20 years of age. Mack has a smile that is infectious. You are almost sure to smile every time he has something to say for he has a wonderful sense of humor and knows how to express it. He has a delightful bass-baritone voice and his vocal numbers are always repeatedly encored. Boys, Girls, Earn Chautauqua Money START NOW A nickle a day saved for 20 days before the Chautauqua opens wilt get your ticket. By starting 10 days ahead of the opening, a dime dally will make the dollar that will pay for the season ticket. Bremen Chautauqua July 9-13 Great Hunt Mr. ! Bug But 200 apple seeds a month is too much rent. Mrs. Bug I know, my dear, but we can eat the house when we leave. Everybody reads Enquirer want ads. "Eye Sight Insurance" You Insure Your Auto mobile, Piano, . Horn Health. Why not Your Eye Sight? "BURKE $7.50 and $8.50 Shell Glasses Complete, Examination included, $5- DR. J. BURKE Over 20 years in the same location. 230 South Michigan street SOUTH BEND, IND. Burke's Glasses Fit the Eye. The Touring Car c295 F. O. B. Detroit Demountable Rlto and Startar CSS axtra i iti if 'fc tft A iti rfi 11 A A A Items of Interest Reproduced from the Files of the Enquirer After the Lapse of a Generation. At the Republican convention last Saturday Henry Schlosser was nominated for township trutee and Ed. S. Laudeman for assessor. Thirty-five delegates to the county convention at Plymouth next Saturday were elected. A band of the "Flying Rollers," the peculiar religious sect that has made Benton Harbor its headquarters, arrived in South Bend this week on a proselyting tour. They have scattered in various directions, a large company going to Chicago to convert that wicked city. Their dress is peculiar, and they never shave or cut their hair, Edward Sausman and Miss Bertha Listenberger, former Bremen young people were married at South Bend, Sunday. ! The National and Branch Y. P. C. U. convention will be held at Winona, next week. Misses Ida Hushower and Delia Kitch are delegates from this place. H. M. Garver has purchased the interest of his brother Jacob in their livery and feed stable. Five husky game wardens were in town Monday. Their visits are discouraging to the fellows who are opposed to the protection of game and fish. Capt. Will Davis is a humane man, and dislikes above all things to see a horse abused. This fact led him into a dispute with a Bourbon fellow, Monday, that threatened to end in a shooting scrape, but will probably make the fellow remember to care for his horse in the future. Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Alvin O. Balsley and Miss Maude Laudeman. The ceremony will occur at their own home on South street, next Wednesday evening at 8. The irrepressible W. F. Schilt is building his flour mill over again. He has engaged Mr. Minke, an expert millwright of Elkhart, and will make many important changes, putting in several new and improved machines. Nothing but the best will satisfy him, and he never hesitates to discard a good machine for a better and more improved type, with the result that his mill has the reputation of being one of the best in the country. Mrs. Isaac Herriman died very suddenly at her home southwest of town, Sunday evening. She had been in her usual health, but that evening complained of feeling very badly, and her husband started to put her to bed, but she died before reaching it. She was the mother of Mrs. James Kirkpatrick, of Bremen, and was 68 years of age Funeral services were held at the Ewald school house yesterday after noon, attended by a very large con course of friends and neighbors. In terments were in the Ewald cemetery, Alvin Huff played with the Syracuse team at Columbia City Sunday. The 'Cuse boys lost by a score of 6 to Mrs. John Wahl died yesterday af ternoon at the home of her son, Jacob Beron, at Wyatt, of heart disease, aged about 70 years. Funeral service will be held in Immanuel Evangelical church tomorrow afternoon. S. A. Knobloch writes from Fair oaks that they have their dredging apparatus all set up and ready to begin business. They are boarding with Simon Hochstetler, who formerly lived between Bremen and Nap- panee. Clint Huff, director of the band, was at South Bend, Tuesday, and made a contract with the 4th of July man agement to furnish music for that date. Beyond a doubt, Bremenites who spend the fourth out of town, will "follow the band," and help South Bend to celebrate. It is well known that a number of men about town have been in the habit of netting and spearing at the Lake, in defiance of law, and depending upon the forbearance of their friends and neighbors to escape prosecution. While no one wants to see them suffer for their acts, they have only themselves to blame if they do get "up against it." Good For Weak Eyes The quick action of simple camphor, hydrastis, witchhazel, etc., as mixed in Lavoptik eye wash astonishes people. One small bottle helps any case weak, sore or strained eyes. Aluminum eye cup free. Fisher Bros, druggists. adv. For Vacation Days you will need an extra supply of Shirts and here they are in a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials. That they are exceptional values, a look at the selection will prove. GRACE UNITED BRETHREN Rev. A. F. Knepp, Fastor Sunday School, 9:30. I. Oliver Ffeiffer, Supt. Preaching: services, 10. SO. Junior Y. P. C. U. 10.S0 a. m. Senior Y. F. C. E. at 6:00 p. m. Preaching Services at 7:00 p. m. Mid-week Prayer Service on Wednes d3y. at 7:30 p. m. Official Board Meeting, first Monday esch month, 7:30 p. m. Invitations extended to all to attend these services. SATEM EVANGELICAL "X Prosperous Church in a Prosperous Community." D. Alfred Kaley, Fastor Sunday Services: 9.30 Bible School Claude E. Weiss, Supt. 10.30 Morning Worship. 6.30 Christian Endeavor. 7.30 Evening- Sermon. Week Day Services: Wednesday, Thursday. Monthly Services: 1st Monday Evening, Official Board Meeting 2nd Monday Evening, League Business Meeting 1st Thursday Afternoon, W. M. S. Meeting 2nd Wednesday Afternoon, Aid Meeting. 4th Wednesday Evening, Y. P. M. CMeeting. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Chas. C. Cripe, Pastor Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Milo Weaver, Supt. Sermon, 10.45. Teacher Training, 6.00 p. ra. Christian Workers, 7 p. m., Mrs. Chas. Cripe, President. Sermon, 7.45 p. m. Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, Wed. evening 7.30 p. m Aid Society each alternate Thursday. All are cordially invited. If you have no regular church home, come and worship with us. ST. PAUL'S EVAN. LUTHERAN Rev. W. T. VogeL Pastor. Services every Sunday morning at 10 ociock, alternating in German and English. English Sunday school at 11 ociock every Sunday morning. Services every Sunday evening at 7 ociock, alternating in German and English. Everybody is cordially invited. FIRST EVANGELICAL Rev. H. H. Senne, Pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.S0 a. m. Preaching Service, 10.30 a. m. Teacher Training class meets every Wednesday at 7.00 p. m. Women's Missionary Society meets every last Thursday in the month at 2.30 p. m. Official Board Meeting of the church every first Tuesday of the month at 7.30 p. m. THE WYATT GARAGE Clayton G. Enders, Prop. verhauling and Repairing-GIVE US A TRIAL tf CAL. L. STUCICMAN AUCTIONEER PHONE 535. NAPPANEE, IND. T7hy Suffer? Pain interferes -witK buwness, poils pleas- tire and wrecks tho human system i Hundreds of tKous cmds of sufferers find relief by taking 1 DIU niLESf Anti-Pain Pills Why don't you try them? Your druggist sells thesa at pre-war prices 25 dotes 25 cents. Economy pack age, 125 dotes $1.00, (af infill'1 Conducted, Concocted and m Y "l i Confiscated VyC. J V. 0 HIS CHANCE NEXT. A man who has had some experience as a public speaker was remarking the other evening how easy it is to say the wrong thing on the spur of the moment, and told about a pieacher whom he once knew. "There are some ungodly young men over in that corner having fun with the girls," announced the preacher solemnly as he paused in the middle of his sermon and pointed accusingly in the direction of the graceless youths. "When they get done," he continued, "perhaps they will give me a chance." And he could not understand why the congregation smiled. 9 flP V A long distance' contributor boils over with this little classic about the scandalmonger: "After God had finished making the rattlesnake, the toad and the vampire. He had some awful substance left with which he made the scandalmonger. A scandalmonger is a two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a water-sogged brain and a combination backbone made of jelly and glue. Where other men have their hearts he carries a tumor of decayed principles. When the scandalmonger comes down the street honest men turn their backs the angels weep tears in heaven and the devil shuts the gates of hell to keep him out." Exciting. Awful excitement on the milk train the other day near Berlinton. The engine blew several shrill blasts and the train came to a sudden, jolting stop. All the passengers stuck their heads out the windows. A few minutes later the train started again and as the brakeman came through one of the day coaches and a woman asked what was the matter he said nothing except the cow-catcher just had a calf. JUST ORDINARY. On his return home in the eve ning, Mary said to her father: "A strange .man was here today to see you papa." "Did he have a bill?" the father inquired. 'No, papa, just a plain nose like the rest of us." J pfr JJ NO SUCH LUCK. Bright the world would be and sunny Life's enjoyment it would double, Could one only borrow money With the ease one borrows trouble. A MILD FINISH. First Rounder: "My wife gave me a lot of hot coffee to help me get over Saturday night's festivities. How about yours?" Second Rounder: "Mine gave me a razzberry sundae." j S The old-fashioned man who used to boast he started in at a tender age as a bootblack, now has a son who has the old man beat a mile he's a bootlegger at nine. An Enlishman claims to have invented the "ray of death." That's old stuff just watch any woman look at another female when she finds she's got the same kind of a hat. 9fr 3fr TOME. Mr. Bogworthy rented a suite, In a building without any huite. He lived there for six months, But never kicked onths, For a surgeon had cut off his fuite. Then there is the simpleton who thinks that when he stops his Bub-sription to a newspaper he has also stopped the press. f Frank Koontz recalls once find ing a fellow lying in the street rear the curb. "How do you happen to be lying here?" Frank asked. "Az alright," the man explained, "I jush happened to walk between two lamp-posts and leaned against the wrong one." And Now In Closing Just think how cynical that guy must be who said the world's greatest battle song is "Here Connes The Bride." Ihe Dietrich Co. ANIMAL POME She monkeyed with him for a year, Although she said he was a deer. A little horse-play hitched the two, Now he's the goat; it's nothing gnu. f ifi Sfi FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. Two Rochester men met in Chicago the other day, relates the News of that town. One was just finishing up some business and the other had just arrived in the windy city and wanted to "step out" a little. "Stick around a 'day or two and let's have some fun," said the new arrival. "Naw, I can't; I've got to get home and look after my business." "Well, Ikisiness is dead now and you can as well stay as not," insisted the playful one. "Yes, I know business is dead, but I've got to go home and set up with the corpse." Sf S ijp HARD. One of our South Bend customers overheard two darkies talking. One said: "Ah's a tough boy. Ah's so tough dat de bahbah done use concentrated lye to soften niah beard an' sprinkle sand on raali face instead talcum.' "Am' tough a-tall, boy," said the other. "Ah's so bad Ah done had de plumbah fix a leaky valve in snah heart." E Ollie Hoople has figured out that the reason his pet Tom cat swallows a mouse head first is so ihe can use the tail for a toothpick. Cats are so cleanly. INEXPERIENCED. A Mishawaka tightwad got a hot shot from his wife when he reproved her for taking a counterfeit bill. "I don't see how you were dumb enough to let a man pass counterfeit money on you," he roared. "Well, you don't let me see real money often enough to know the difference," she hurled back at him. 3 3fc , I We know a woman who is going in to politics, but we caivt figure whether she's a conservative or a progres sive. She wears last year's hat, drives this rear's car, and lives on next year's income. MEANT WELL, ANYHOW. (A collection of clippings.) A reunion of the Ruanney family was held at the home of John Finch. Mrs. Martin Finch was the only one living that was present. Dwight Star and Herald. Every inch of space in Waterloo station was occupied by thousands of people. Chicago Tribune. For Sale: Pure bred milking Shorthorn bull, nine months old. Price $50. West Liberty Index. In attempting to get out of the way j Mrs. Stall fell, bruising her somewhat. Carey Times. Wanted: One lady in Estherville and one lady in Ringsted. Steady. C. W. Foster. Estherville Enterprise. Three hundred pairs of shoes for sale or exchange for Ford automobile. W. E. Darling's adv. in Mansfield, Ohio, News. Somebody step on this: "For Sale ?2 acres, a choice Illinois farm in Indiana." Want ad in Chicago Tribune. Notice I wish to say that I'm the proprietor of the ice cream parlor and that my customers will not be botheied in the future with children. Adv. in Prophets town Echo. 9fc 9 TODAY'S CHEERFUL THOUGHT. The less money you make, the bigger laugh you can have on the income tax collectors. WARNED. Sam, while walking in the woods late one afternoon, was surprised by a wildcat which proceeded to chase him to the top limbs of a large oak tree on the edge of a deep canyon. The wildcat was climbing as fast as Sam, and soon had forced him perilously near the decaying end of a long limb extending beyond the edge of the precipice. Sam decided it was time to remonstrate. "Wil'cat," he said impressively, "wilVat, does yo' make me go one inch fun! ah, yo' is gwine have to jump a long ways fo' yoh suppah!" Ford cars will carry millions on healthful, pleasant vacations this summer vacations that are inexpensive because of the low cost of maintenance of this reliable car. Everyone wants a car for the outdoor months. That means, of , course, an unusually heavy demand for Fords. To avoid delays Vl and disappointment list your order now. ' 'Z Detroit. Michigan WtMnabom$26S Coup$Sl TtUor Sedan $S9Q Fordor Sdn 6C5 . All prie ..!. Datrait ii 0EX THE NSAR9T AUTHORXXXO FORD DEALER II E UNIVERSAL CAR Trustee's Notice. As Trustee of German township I will transact official business at my office, the north room of the Hays law office in the. J. R. Dietrich block, Bremen, each Saturday. Remainder of time at my residence on W. Plymouth st., Bremen. Wm. A. Engel. T 1L 1 ou can buy tmB for thm Tha ForddaUr any modal by making a tmall f own-payment and mrranging asy balance. Or you can buy on th, t'-jrd Wmmkly Ptirchasm Plan. in your neighborhood tail I gladly tmplain both plana in detail

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