The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 19, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1924. PROF. M. O. HUDSON WILL THRILL WITH HIS LECTURE BIG PRICE REDUCTION U. S. REPLY 0?! WAY 10 TOKYO IN BABY CHICKS FROM High Grade Stock in Pure Breds Text of Answer to Exclusion Protest Net Formally Given Out. FORTY-EIGHT HERD 0W BATTLESHIP Disaster on Mississippi Is Worst in United States Naval History. San Tedro, Cal. The finger of evidence pointed still more definitely at lack of air pressure as the cause, or at least one of the causes, of the explosion aboard the U. S. S. Mississippi, when 4S men were killed. Walter C. Ebel, turret captain of turret No. 3 of the Mississippi, corroborated the evidence of Francis Ma-jewskl, plueman in turret No. 2, where the blast occurred, that the air pressure to clean out the gun barrels between the shots and to close the gun The reply of the Washington. Hatchery located 1 mile west of Nap-panee also in Nappanee 3rd door south from square. Full line of poultry supplies and Conkey's chick feeds at the city plant. WiMmbIm mm " ii iii mil iiiiiiniiimiimii hi i m breeches was weak. " The result of this, according to gun Washington govt-rnmeiit to tlu protest made by Japan against the Japanese exclusion section of the new iuumsra-tlen law was senon its way to Tokyc by Ambassador Hanihara, who re ceived It from Secretary Hughes. The text was withheld from publication until simultaneous announcement be made in Tokyo and Wash. Ington. American newspapers were asked to refrain as a patriotic iluty from attempting any forecast or description of the note In advance of Its being officially made public. Note Sent In Sections. Officials of the Japanese embassy were set at work translating the document Into diplomatic code as soon as Ambassador Hanihara returned to the embassy from his visit to the State department, and the note was started over the cables In sections. While no announcement was made at the embassy or State department, It was learned from responsible sources that Ambassador Hanihara would depart from Washington "on leave" about Chicks should be ordered in advance and the earlier you do so the better service we can give you. Send in by mail, by phone or call in person. No deposit required. The following prices are for chicks called for at hatchery. If sent to you by Post add lc per chick. i May 26 to June 10 June 16 to August S. C. White Leghorn $11.00 per 100 $10.00 per 100 S. C. Brown Leghorn 11.00 per 100 10.00 per 100 S. C. Mottled Ancona 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 Barred Plymouth Rock 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 White Plymouth Rock 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 White Wyandotte 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Buff Orpington 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Rhoade Island Red 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Black Minorca 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 Standard Poultry Co., Nanee- Prof. Manley O. Hudson of Harvard university, photographed as he was about to sail for Europe to take up his duties as a secretary of the League of Nations, nery experts, might have been to leave flaming or smoldering particles In the gun barrel which would Ignite the new charges of TNT as they were rammed home. San Pedro. Cal. The lives of three WILL CARRY OUT THE BONUS LAW OBJECTS officers and forty-five enlisted men have been snuffed out aboard the dreadnaught Mississippi In the navy's greatest peacetime disaster which brought to a tragic climax a week of sham battles and target practice. Washington. President Coolidge Instructed Director nines of the Veterans bureau to turn over to the War and Navy departments $2,071,500 to help defray the costs of carrying out the bonus law. The President's prompt action In obtaining funds after the failure of con Aboard the hospital ship Relief lay No Ambition CAPTAIN KILROY HARRIS the dead, killed by a premature explosion In the Mississippi's No. 2 turret, and the Injured were aboard the New Mexico, flagship of division No. 4 of the battle fleet, while members of a naval board of inquiry prepared gress to pass the bill providing the necessary appropriation makes It possible for the government departments to go ahead with their plans, unhampered by money shortage. to open investigation. Passenger Liner Periled. It was a fiareback from one of the July 12 or 15. His departure ostensibly will be to make an official report to his government. It was reiterated he has neither resigned nor been recalled. Tokyo. The Japanese boycott of American wares Is ending rapidly and many persons previously advocating this method of reprisal for the Japanese exclusion measure adopted by congress are now opposing It. A mass meeting at Yokohama resolved not to buy American cotton or to sell silk to the United States. This resolution, however. Is being jeered as extremely impracticable. Captain Harris has had many exciting experiences during his explorations and travels. These scenes arc brought TlYidly before bis audlencs through his masterful ; powers as a speaker. The Aborigines of Australia will actually live before your yery eyes as he describes them in their native haunts and customs. You will be amused, instructed, inspired and giT-en a broader outlook on life when you have heard Captain Harris i& "Through Unknown Australia." WHEN a man has traveled thousands of miles In a little known land he generally has a thrilling story to tell. When he has had adventure after adventure during his travels, his etory bristles with excitement. Such a story Is brought back by Captain KHroy Harris from Australia where he spent many months in travel afoot and on horseback. He will tell his story in his lecture on the second day of our Chautauqua. It will be illustrated with slides made from photographs taken by himself. In a letter to Secretary of War Weeks President Coolidge again em guns that shot death In flames and poisonous gases back Into the turret phasized his belief that the provisions of the bonus act should be carried through Its open breech. A second out as speedily and efficiently as gun, the breech locked, let loose In the harbor here as the Mississippi steamed home with Its dead and In jured from the drill grounds and Madden Sees Surplus hurled a steel projectile dansrerouslv near to an outbound passenger liner. BREMEN CHAUTAUQUA 5 DAYS JULY 9 to 13 He I could go on dancing this way forever. She Goodness. Don't you ever expect to be able to really dance? of $50,000,000 in 1925 Washington. The bonus bill will be Just how the fatal explosion oc curred is as yet undetermined. pered. Vertical lines run up their forehead as the result of "screwing" their eyes. Thus is a "cross" face build of a face whether the furtiveness increases to an appearance of craftiness and cunning. Again, there are thousands of quite sweet-tempered folk who look ill-tem-made. It may be argued that what a man is in character, and not what he seems to be facially, is what counts. But that applies only to those who know him. When we meet a stranger our first judgment of him, our decision whether we shall like him or not, depends to a very great extent pn his facial appearance. ' I That is not to say that plainness, or even ugliness, if not of the repellant type, will make us give an adverse verdict, for charm of manner or speech may frequently cancel these things. But if the stranger looks at us furtively, just because he ought to be wearing glasses, and isn't, or, because of the same omission, looks ill-tempered, what then? We don't take to him. Our judgment is wrong of course; but he has asked for it. The very obvious moral is if you need glasses, get them and wear them. In these days we cannot afford to handicap ourselves by letting our faces be our misfortune. What we look like does really count. taken care of without a deficit and Partial List of Dead. A partial list of the dead compiled AMERICA Many Honest Citizens Have Criminal Faces unofficially follows: there probably will be nn excess of $50,000,000 at the end of the fiscal year 1323, acoordirg to figures compiled by Representative Madden of Illinois. The surplus for 1024 will be upwards of $500,000,000 Representative Madden Lieut. Thonnn 7!Allra tn-.ntv.ll,. Long- Beach. Ca.1.; Enslarn Marcus Er in, Jr.. twenty-five hnttleahfn Minnta. sippi; Ensign William q. McCrea, twenty-three, battleshln New Mexico: predicts. FOB EEHM1V Thirty-four Banks Make Arrangements to Loan - Chrtstenson, seaman, first class; Lawrence Henry Willis, seaman, first class; Vernon Brumfteld. coxswain: Andrew The figures which will be made pub Lives and Property Wiped Oat by Storm St. Taul, Minn. At least 14 persons are reported dead and more than a score Injured as the result of tornadoes, windstorms and heavy hail and rain in the Northwest. Eight persons were reported dead at Bijou Hills, Brule county, two at White Lake, Aurora county, one at Pierre, and one at Blunt In South la-kota. Glad Valley, in Ziebach county. South Dakota, was reported virtually wiped out when a tornado struck over a territory of 50 miles square and caused probably a score of Injuries and property damage which may exceed $100,000. At Mitchell four persons were In lic shortly, show that congress re Stone Chosen as Head of the Brotherhoods Cleveland, Ohio. Warren S. Stone, grand chief engineer of the Hrother-hood of Locomotive Engineers, was elected president of all brotherhood activities, Including banking, insurance and the labor organization, at sessions of the triennial convention here of the brotherhood and Its insurance organizations. Under the reorganization plan, adopt ed by a two-thirds vote amending the constitution, two vice presidents, a secretary and a grand chief engineer will head departments under Mr. Stone's supervision. Rubin Kinney, seaman, second class; Albert Iaralo. teaman, second class; duced appropriations considerably be low the budget estimates and that Brigrham Foster Smith, g-unner's mate, first class; Leslie Malone, gunner's mate, first class; Doyle Shaw, seaman, first class; Edward Homer Huffman, revenues will be much greater than originally estimated. The Increased Have you a criminal face? Of course you haven't, you exclaim indignantly. Yet thousands of absolutely respectable, law-abiding citizens have developed, or are developing criminal faces, remarks London Answers. How? Because with defective eyesight they shirk wearing glasses. Minus glasses, anyone with impaired vision screws his or her eyes up and peers. That's to get a focus; but the effect is to create an appearance of furtiveness, and it depends on the $25,000,000. New York. American bankers have seaman, first class; John Albert Mc-Cormick, seaman, second class; Stanley revenue Is based on the payment of In terest on the British debt, which was completed negotiations for granting Joseph Skrnas, boatswain's mate; Albert Leonard Lawson. seaman. first class; Fred Graham Ever, seaman, sec made In cash Instead of bonds. ond class; William Howard ara, a credit of $25,000,000 to the German gold discount bank, organized by Dr. HJalmar Schacht, extending an Initial It Is understood that treasury officials expect a greater surplus In the quartermaster. third class; James Thomas Wood, fireman, first class; George Allen Byers, boatswain's mate. year 1925 than in preceding years. advance of $5,000,000 made six weeks ago. jured, one perhaps fatally, and prop-ertv damage was estimated at several nrst class; James uurvard Holllday, seaman, first class; Philip Cunningrham, seaman, first class; Wallace Waltham hundred thousand dollars. Yale University Heads The International Acceptance bank. which negotiated the loan, announced that all the banks constituting the orig Rockefeller Makes Gift Confined to Hospital New Haven. Conn Yale's two hundred and twenty-third commencement inal syndicate. Including leading Institutions of New York, Boston, Chi was begun with President James Row of $500,000 to Yale Cambridge. Mass. John D. Rockefeller. Jr.. has given $500,000 to the division of fine arts of Harvard uni cago and Philadelphia, were interested land Angell and Prof. Clarence W, in the new credlL Mendell, chairman of he athletic Wu man's The group has been widened to em board of control. In hospital. versity in honor of President Emer brace 34 banks In the main centers of the United States. Doctor Angell has be 'n suffering Enlargement of the original credit. itus Charles William Eliot. Mr. Rockefeller's $500,000 was given as a purt of $2,000,000 desired for the erection and endowment of the new Fcgg art museum at the university. It brings It was Indicated, was due partly to us South Bend, Indiana delay in flotation of the International loan to Germany, although Increasing several months with a s'lght organic weakness, and was taktn to Johns nopklns hospital, Baltimore, when his physician. Dr. Clyde Demlng of this city became ill with scarlet fever. It is believed Doctor Angell will be able to resume his duties at the university advances to Doctor Schachfa bank has the total subscription thus far to with in $350,000 of the amount desired. Keyes. boatswain s mate, second class; Frederick William Zacharias, seaman, first class; William Georgre Cook, seaman, first class; Stephen Beto. seaman, first class; Frank Iec Kolonskl, seaman, first class; Bartholomew David Klnley. seaman, second class; C C Caldwell, seaman, first class; Joseph Berir. enarlneer, second class; Geortre Eugene Mag-ill, seaman, first Class; William F. Lubo. seaman. second class; Peter A. Flynn. seaman, first class; Howard A. Walkup, seaman, first class; Frank B, King-, seaman, first class; John D. Sharkey, seaman, first class; Clarence T. Bourgreots. seaman, first class; Floyd B. Kimball, seaman, first class; Claude N. Sullivan, seaman, second class; Andrew J. Sloan, fireman, second class; Rodnev L. Anderson, seaman, first class: Floyd A. Raymond, seaman, first class; Paul Green, chief reoman; Cederlc Kerr, seaman, second class; Bradford W. Smith, seaman, first class; Ted Carlyle Reagan, seaman, second Mass; Normsn Lee Barbee. coxswain; Forbes Carlton Hopkins, seaman, first class; Homer Sylvester Brldg-es, Worst In Navy's History. Admiral Pratt, who in. the absence of Admiral S. A. Robinson, Is in command of the battle fleet, said that the disaster was the worst In the history of the navy. Other tragedies In which great loss of life occurred, he said, were to the U. S. S. Missouri In 1905, to the Kearsarge In 1905, and in the Honda (Cal.) destroyer wrecks last September. Klansman Accused of Murder Not Guilty Ebensburg, Pa. Klansman Samuel Evans was found not guilty here of the murder of Frank Miasco of Lilly, Pa., during the rioting in that town on April 5, where the klan had gone to parade. By this failure to obtain a conviction even on a manslaughter count, it Is deemed unlikely that the commonwealth can obtain convictions against the 17 remaining Ku Kluxers and 12 Lilly residents who are locked up In the Jail here on murder Indictments. Republicans Ratify Committee Officers Cleveland, Ohio. William V, Hodges of Denver, Colo., was elected .treasurer of the Republican national committee. President Coolldge's selection of William M. Butler of Massachusetts to be national chairman was ratified. Ralph Williams of Oregon was re-elected vice chairman. Two new vice chairmen were added. Charles D. Hllles of New York and Mrs. A. T. Uert of Louisville, Ky. Roy O. West of Chicago was elected secretary. been contemplated. before the fall term begins. Japanese in New York The syndicate will rediscount German dollar trade bills running no longer than 90 days, payable In dollars In New York. These bills. In addition to two commercial names, must Protest Exclusion Act New Tork. Several hundred Jap Will Not Negotiate With Jap Government bear the Indorsement of a German bank anese business and professional men and students, meeting in the Nippon club, adopted a resolution severely con Washington. The State department and of a German gold discount bank. demning anti-American agitation In Summer Domestics In the Daylight Basement Camping blankets sheets pillow cases dress ginghamsdomestics particularly useful for summer camping trips or at home, are here low priced and of good quality. English Army Blankets $3.50 Gray and tan English Army Blankets are ideal for camping or tourists. Weight, about 4J2 pounds, size 60 x 90 inches. About 85 wool. All new and perfect blankets. An exceptional value at $3.50 each. announced it would enter Into no negotiations with the Japanese government that would have the effect of Japan as manifested by the recent nullifying any provision of the Japa demonstration In the Imperial hotel, Tokyo, and Ivy proposals to boycott nese exclusion section of the new im American goods end to expel mission migration law. aries. Ten Reported Dead in Diplomatic-Consular Services Combined Washington. The recently passed Roger bill reorganizing the consular and diplomatic services of the United States was definitely put Into effect when President Coolidge Issued an Executive order creating a foreign service personnel board. Under the provisions of the bill the diplomatic and consular services are combined and will be under the control of the foreign service personnel board. Wheat Shortage for New Zealand Predicted Wellington, N. Z. In the course of Albion College Gets Large Sum of Money Albion, Mich. That Albion college will receive about $lO0.0t from the the estate of Mrs. Madelon Louise Tumor. Kalamazoo recluse, who died about ten days :-., whs announced to the'. end former students of the college while t!.. y were gathered at the annual ii:;;.r.i banquet. a review of the trade outlook. Prime Minister Massey forecasts a wheat scarcity in this country. "We are 3,-000.000 bushels behind In wheat pro Fear Missing Deputy Has Been Assassinated Rome. The kidnaping cf Deputy Matteottl, Socialist leader, who was spirited away some days ago, has assumed grave proportions. Premier Mussolini said in a speech that he would order summary justice for the guilty. If found, should the chamber desire. No trace of Matteottl has been found, and It Is feared generally that he has been assassinated. duction." he said. "and. nlthouerh South Dakota Storm Mitchell, S. D. Ten persons are reported killed and more than a score injured In the most severe windstorm that has struck this section of South Dakota In a quarter of a century. Eight of one family are reported killed near Bijou Hills, caught in the collapse of their farm home. Two others are reported killed just outside of White Lake. Scores were Injured by flying debris and falling glass. Hundreds of farm buildings were blown down. Live stock suffered severely. In Mitchell hundreds of trees were uprooted. Damage will total several hundred thousand dollars. Dress Ginghams 18c New dress ginghams in a large selection of checks, plaids and plain colors. A splendid quality' and soft finish, fast colors. Very low priced at 18c a yard. Genuine Manchester Chambray 10c 27-inch genuine Manchester Charabray with a linen finish, is in plain, fast, summer colors pink, blue, gray, tan, heliotrope and green. 10c a yard. regret the necessity, we will have to go outside for wheat." Liquid Oxygen Used as Remedy for Cancer Atlantic City. Liquid oxygeu has been used as a cure for cancer by a California doctor, L. E. Bedortha of Denver told the Gas Products association convention. "The liquid oxygen freezes the affected parts and the cure Is rapid," be said. Deaths From Cancer Husband of Rogers Heiress Without Money Berlin. Count I.udwlg Saira von Hoocstraeten. husband of the $40,000,-000 Rogers heir ss. Miss Mllliceut, lg broke. The Informant admits the count had some money when he came to Berlin, but "he snt It." Rich and Poor Show Large Increase New York. Mortality from cancer continued to Increase at an alarming rate during 1923. The number of annual deaths from the disease In the continental United States probably now Is about 110,000, compared with 75,000 ten years ago, according to an article by Frederick L. Hoffman, consulting statistician of a leading life Insurance France and Belgium Renew Agreements Duespeldorf. The French and Belgian governments renewed their agreements with the Ruhr and Rhtneland Industrialists In re sard to deliveries In kind on account of reparations. The agreements expired, but will vontinue In effect until .Tune 30. company. Frederick Trowbridge Found Dead in Bed San Francisco. Frederick Trow-trhVe of t'hicao, vice president of the American Aniline Products company, was found V;ii in his bed at a hotel. He was joars old. Seamless Sheets Attractively Priced High grade seamless sheets of excellent quality have a tape edge and pure finish. 63 x 90 inch Sheet at $1.10 72 x 90 inch Sheet at $1.15 SI x 90 inch Sheet at $1.25 81 x 90 inch Sheet at $1.10 81 x 99 inch Sheet at $135 Wear-Well Pillow Cases 25c 45 x 36 inch Pillow Cases made of Wear-Well sheeting with wide hems are unusual values at 25c each. Shop in the Daylight J3asernent for Domestics Luggage and Toys New York Bandit Gang Gets Haul of $125,000 Famous Criminologist Dies in Los Angeles Los Angvies. Ernst Bryant Hoag, fifty-three, noted as one of the world's greatest psychologists and criminologists for the last 20 years, died suddenly at the University club. For the last two years Dr. Hong had been bacteriologist at the California Institute of Technology. Virginia Democrats to Support Glass Norfolk, Va. Instructions for Virginia's delegation to the Democratic national convention to support Senator Carter Glass for Presidential nominee so long as his name is before the body were adopted unanimously by the Democratic state convention. New York. Ten automobile bandits Russian Government waylaid a customs truck on the out Lends Planes to Persia skirts of Greenwich Village, kidnaped Moscow. The IVrsian government the driver, terrorized a score of spec Six Rear Admirals to Be Added to U. S. Navy Washington. Six now admirals were recommended h. the report of the navy election l.oarO. was approved by I 'resident Cool'd-e. Twenty commanders wire r-o-tuu.vadcd for promotion to captain. tators and escaped with 29 packages of imported jewelry and watches of an estimated value of $123,000. The track driver was taken prls- has received two airplanes constructed In Russian f a- u. !-s. The machines made the 2."j mile frmn Knzell to Teheran in n h.utr and forty-five nii:i- Lady Patient Doctor, my appetite has grown very poor. Doctor That's because you've allowed your food to become too rich. , uuit oy me 'annus, in released alter they had gone a few blocks. uies. a i ! gatiu ring ot otucU-Is greeted theia.

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